Cynthia Lane was the killer of housewife Elaine Seabrook in Hell Is Other People (Case #2 of The Conspiracy).


Cynthia is the 53-year-old neighbor of the victim. She has long red hair, and dons a pink blouse under an orange-checked sweater. Additionally, she sports a pearl necklace and earrings and a watch. She is also seen carrying a green diary planner. It is known that Cynthia eats steak, drives an SUV and likes gardening.

Height 5'6"
Age 53
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes green
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

Cynthia was first talked to when Gloria and the player found her plate welcoming the victim to the neighborhood. Cynthia said that she was in charge of neighborhood events, necessary hard work for the good of the community. Cynthia expressed shock at a murder in such a neighborhood and said that she could not help as she did not know Elaine well enough.

Later, the team found Cynthia's cake for Elaine, whose icing was actually dog poop. Cynthia said that she had invited Elaine to one of her monthly neighborhood dinners. However, instead of treating it like an honor and privilege, Elaine merely drank all the wine available and got drunk by the early evening and threw up in Cynthia's flower beds. Because of her drunken state, the dinner became a disaster.

In the climax of the investigation, Cynthia was revealed to be Elaine's killer. During the arrest, Cynthia admitted she killed Elaine for throwing up on her prized peonies. She said that she was tending to them well all years for Fairview's Best Kept Garden Competition. She then expressed her irrational desire to win the competition. Infuriated at Elaine sabotaging her chances of winning, Cynthia nailed her down to her fence with a nail gun. In court, Judge Powell sentenced Cynthia to 20 years in prison with access to psychological counseling, as she deemed her emotionally distressed.


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