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Gloria Hayes: <Name>, I thought Grimsborough would feel like a quaint little town compared to Chicago...
Gloria: But now we're dealing with a serial killer!
Gloria: Someone is out there killing people with a lethal mix of amlodipine and Rocket Cow, disguising the murders as sudden cardiac arrests, and we've got no idea when they might strike next!
Gloria: The Rocket Cow Killer, as the press will no doubt call them, has stolen a shipment of amlodipine and already killed at least eleven people!
Gloria: And who knows how much higher that number might go once Martine's done combing through the hospital's medical files!
Chief Parker: <Name>! Have you seen Jones? I've been looking for him everywhere!
Gloria: We haven't seen him anywhere, Chief, I'm sorry.
Chief Parker: I bet he's hiding to escape patrol duty! Valentine's Day and a serial killer on the loose... I can't afford him slacking off!
Chief Parker: Not to mention... a body's been found at the mall! It's not the serial killer, but it's Valentine's Day and we can't have a killer on the loose with the crowds at the mall!
Chief Parker: Fairview Mall will be opening in a couple of hours, with thousands of people hurrying to get the perfect present for their beloved, and Jones is hiding when I need him on this case!
Gloria: Chief, don't worry! We got this case, don't we, <Name>? And if we go now, we can make sure it's taken care of before the mall opens!
Chief Parker: Excellent! <Name>, I count on you to be quick and keep everyone at the mall safe! I do NOT want another murder on Valentine's Day!

Chapter 1

Investigate Mall.
Gloria Hayes: Oh no, <Name>! The Chief was right! This man's been murdered!
Gloria: The mall hasn't even opened yet for Valentine's Day and we already have a casualty on our hands... this doesn't bode well for the day!
Gloria: You're right, at least he's not a victim of the Rocket Cow Killer. An arrow through the heart has got nothing to do with amlodipine, even though it stopped his heart just as effectively!
Gloria: The victim's name tag says: Brad Price. He appears to be the owner of that kale shop over there.
Gloria: These pink pieces look like trash, but if you think they can lead us somewhere...
Gloria: And maybe that leather bag will give us something good, if you can work your magic on its lock.
Gloria: Alright, <Name>! With the mall due to open shortly and business owners opening shop, we need to focus on catching this killer cupid! Let's get this show on the road!

Examine Ripped Pink Pieces.
Gloria: <Name>, that heart-shaped balloon you just restored says: "Boome's Balloons Valentine's Day Sale."
Gloria: This must be the promo sign for that balloon kiosk over there! Ironic to advertise a balloon sale... on a balloon.
Gloria: This "Boome" person wasn't at his kiosk when we got here, but they might have been in the mall. I agree, we'd better have a talk with Mr Boome!

Ask Ace Boome if he saw anything suspicious.
Ace: Roses are red! Violets are blue! It's Valentine's day! So buy a balloon!
Gloria: Mr... Boome, I take it? We'd like to ask you some questions about Brad Price. He was murdered two feet away from your kiosk.
Ace: Brad was murdered?! Just like him to go ruin Valentine's Day!
Gloria: It seems like his Valentine's Day was worse than yours. I take it you knew him?
Ace: Well... Brad was... how can I put this gently... a bit of a bonehead. He thought his poop didn't stink.
Ace: He blamed my kiosk for his lack of clients, crying that my balloons were blocking the path to his spot. It's not my fault nobody wants to eat kale. It's nasty!
Ace: Soon enough, someone started bursting my balloons! I couldn't prove it was Brad, but I'm no fool! I know it was him!
Ace: And here I thought all those massages Brad was getting at the wellness center would calm him down. Millennials, figures!
Gloria: Wait, did you say the victim used to get massages at the wellness center? <Name>, we should head over there and go check things out!

Investigate Wellness Center.
Gloria: <Name>, this sure is a swanky place. I'd feel relaxed if I could afford a little bodywork here.
Gloria: But back to work! That tablet might be useful... if you can figure out its password!
Gloria: And that spa basket has our victim's name on it. I bet searching through it will tell us more about him!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Gloria: Perfect, <Name>, this tablet shows the wellness center's appointments! Our victim's last appointment is bound to be in here!
Gloria (holding the tablet): Hmmm... let's have a look...
Gloria: Ah, found it! It says our victim just had an appointment yesterday with a certain "Megan Lucas."
Gloria: Well, <Name>, we know Ms Lucas works here, so let's go have a word with her!

Talk to Megan Lucas about the victim.
Megan: Hi, welcome to the Fairview Massage Wellness Center. I'm massage therapist Megan Lucas. How can I help you?
Gloria (presenting her badge): Ms Lucas, we're with the Grimsborough PD. We'd like to ask you some questions about one of your clients, Brad Price.
Megan: Ah, yes, Mr Price. He's one of my regular clients. Comes here every week. He's not due back in for another few days.
Gloria: Actually, Mr Price won't be coming back in at all. He's dead.
Megan: Dead?! But... how? That's dreadful!
Megan: I'd like to help, but we wouldn't really talk much, just the usual pleasantries. Mr Price mostly kept to himself, typing on his cellphone.
Gloria: Thanks for your help, Ms Lucas. We'll come back should we have any other questions.

Examine Victim's Basket.
Gloria: <Name>, did you just find two tickets to the Fairview Lacrosse Championship in the victim's spa basket? That's going to be a good game!
Gloria: Now, we just need to find out who our victim was taking to the game. I'll get your dusting kit!

Examine Lacrosse Tickets.
Gloria: So our victim bought those Lacrosse tickets for himself and a certain Tristan Collins...
Gloria: Those are good seats, <Name>! This Tristan must've been close to the victim! We should have a talk with him!

Ask Tristan Collins about the victim.
Gloria: Mr Collins, thanks for seeing us. We'd like to ask you some questions about Brad Price.
Tristan: Uh... sure. Is Brad alright?
Gloria: Actually, he's not. He's been murdered!
Tristan: Murdered? That's... that's horrible!
Tristan: Man, Brad was my oldest friend. We'd known each other since we were six years old. He was like family...
Gloria: We're very sorry for your loss. Did he have any enemies, anyone who'd want him dead?
Tristan: Not that I can think of. Brad was a good guy. He was the only one that accepted me when everyone else thought I was a nerd.
Tristan: He even helped me get past my depression. I hit pretty low... To think that he's gone... Gosh, I hope I don't fall into another funk...

Examine Leather Bag.
Gloria: Bullseye, <Name>! There was a bow in that bag!
Gloria: How much do you wanna bet this bow is what the killer used to shoot the deadly arrow at the victim? Let's get this to Rita right away!

Analyze Bow.
Rita: <Name>, the bow you sent me certainly packs a punch! It would easily send an arrow right through your victim's chest plate and into his heart!
Rita: This bow is undoubtedly the murder weapon!
Rita: Knowing the killer manipulated the bow in order to get their murderous shot off, I sent the weapon over to Amir in the lab... and he's got some info for you.
Gloria: Alright, let's see what he's got to say!
Amir: Hello, <Name>! Glad I can be of service here.
Amir: So regarding the murder weapon... I found a trace of a melanin-activating substance on it, like the kind present in tanning lotions.
Amir: I traced the particular molecular composition of this melanin-activating element and discovered that it's the main ingredient for the special lotions used in indoor tanning.
Amir: Which means that, since they left that lotion on the bow, your killer goes indoor tanning!
Gloria: Well, <Name> will be sure to tan our killer's hide once they've been caught for murder!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: Bonjour, <Name>, it's lovely to see you today. And thank you for that Valentine's "gift" you sent... You know how to treat a lady coroner.
Gloria: Well, personally, I prefer chocolates over dead bodies, but to each their own!
Martine: You've got to admit Mr Price looked rather dashing before getting that arrow. Mais enfin, that's beside the point, allow me to fill you in on his death.
Martine: As you know, Mr Price was hit with an arrow to the heart. Unfortunately, that also means the killer never touched the body.
Martine: On the other hand, the precision of the shot indicates the killer has impeccable aim. The arrow pierced the exact center of his heart. My guess is your killer is a skilled archer.
Gloria: So our killer knows archery, huh? <Name>, the killer thinks they're swift as an arrow, but they don't have a shot against you!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: <Name>, although I'm relieved we're not dealing with another victim from the Rocket Cow Killer, we still got to figure out this murder, fast!
Gloria: We found Brad Price, killed by an arrow through his heart. Tragic... but I guess that's the way the heart-shaped cookie crumbles.
Gloria: That certainly doesn't bode well for the message of love we're used to having on Valentine's Day...
Gloria: And with the exception of Mr Boome, who wasn't fond of the victim and his balloon-bursting ways, everyone seems to paint a heartfelt picture of him.
Javier: <Rank> <Name>? Is <Rank> <Name> here?
Gloria: Yes, <Rank> <Name> is here. Can we help you?
Javier (holding a present): Great! I'm from Fairview Flowers... and I've got a delivery for <Rank> <Name>!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, although I'm relieved we're not dealing with another victim from the serial killer, we still gotta figure out this new murder, fast.
Gloria: We found local business-owner, Brad Price, killed by an arrow shot straight through his chest. I guess that's the way the heart-shaped cookie crumbles...
Gloria: And it certainly doesn't bode well for the message of love we're used to having on Valentine's Day...
Javier: <Rank> <Name>? Is <Rank> <Name> here?
Gloria: Yes, <Rank> <Name> is here. Can we help you?
Javier (holding a present): Great! I'm from Fairview Flowers... and I've got a delivery for <Rank> <Name>!
(Javier plays the harmonica.)
Javier (singing): "We're so happy you're on the team... working with you is like a dream... take these flowers as my way... to say "You're fantastic" on Valentine's Day"
Javier: Sent from P.I. Ramirez!
Gloria: Ramirez sent you flowers, <Name>? He sure is full of surprises!
Gloria: But we ought to get back to work. The murder of Brad Price won't solve itself. We've got to go back out there and get some more leads!
Javier: Wait, <Rank> <Name>, did you say... Brad Price? I know him!
Gloria: You know our victim?! Well, hold up, flower guy! We've got some questions for you!

Question Javier Morales about the victim.
Gloria: So Mr Morales, how do you know our murder victim, Brad Price?
Javier: I can't believe Mr Price's dead! Ay Dios mio!
Javier: This is so sad! Mr Price was a loyal client and a nice guy. He always knew just the right flowers to buy.
Javier: He was the only one who really appreciated my arrangements. He called them art!
Gloria: Is there anything else you could tell us about him?
Javier: Besides the fact he always commented on my flawless indoor tans, that's all I can think of...
Javier: Oh wait! There is something. Someone ordered a dozen black roses for him this morning through our website, but Mr Price hadn't picked them up. They're still at the shop.
Gloria: A dozen black roses, huh? That sounds ominous enough. <Name>, let's go to the flower shop and check that out!

Investigate Flower Shop.
Gloria: <Name>, those must be the black roses that Mr Morales mentioned!
Gloria: The card has our victim's name on it, but the rest of the message is faded. We need to find out what it says!
Gloria: And you think this cute little box might have something to do with our investigation? Let's unlock it to see what's inside!

Examine Bouquet.
Gloria: Well, I'll be! The note on the bouquet of roses addressed to our victim says: "You're heartless and you deserve my arrow!"
Gloria: ... And there's a drawing of a heart pierced by an arrow on it!
Gloria: Considering how our victim died, there's no doubt this threat came from the killer!
Gloria: We need to get this bouquet to Cathy, I agree! Maybe she can track down the buyer!

Analyze Killer's Note.
Cathy: Well, <Name>, getting info wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. Your killer used a VPN and encrypted their info when buying the flowers, which means, I couldn't access their IP...
Gloria: IP? VPN? Is there anything you've found that can be explained in simple English?
Cathy: Sorry, Gloria. Just some web lingo. I'll translate next time.
Cathy: Anyway, while I was reviewing the bouquet's online purchasing details, I noticed the killer used a promo code!
Cathy: It was a discount offered by a national smoothie chain which specializes in green smoothies!
Gloria: I'm not sure I get where you're going with this...
Cathy: If your killer had a promo code from this brand, it's because they drink green smoothies!
Gloria: Well, the killer sure will be green around the gills when <Name> arrests them for their smoothie-drinking ways!
Gloria: And I agree, seeing that our killer takes good care of themselves, maybe we should have another look at the wellness center!

Investigate Fountains.
Gloria: <Name>, if you think searching that mint tray can help us find our killer, I'll follow your lead!
Gloria: Ripped things are always suspicious in my book. Let's put this one back together!

Examine Torn Photo.
Gloria: Look at that photo, <Name>! That's our victim in it... as a teenager. He hasn't changed one bit!
Gloria: And judging by that photo, he was a bully! Look at that girl! She looks like she's in a lot of pain! We'd better find out who she is!

Examine Unknown Girl.
Gloria: <Name>, the girl in the photo with our victim is the massage therapist, Megan Lucas!
Gloria: She acted like she barely knew him, but judging from this photo, he must have made an impression on her in high school! I agree, we need to talk to Megan!

Question Megan about the photo of her and the victim.
Megan (holding a green smoothie): <Rank> <Name>, welcome back to Fairview Wellness Center. Can I interest you in a green smoothie?
Gloria (holding the old photo): No, thank you, Ms Lucas. We're actually interested in knowing more about your relationship with the victim.
Megan: Take that picture away! I don't want to think back on those times!
Megan: Brad and his friends bullied me all throughout high school! They'd throw food at me, shove me in lockers, call me Megan Mucus... the works!
Megan: Just because I took archery lessons, wore braces and had pimples doesn't mean I deserved all that!
Gloria: Man, that sounds rough. Kids can be cruel sometimes.
Megan: It was. But after high school, I fixed my teeth and got an indoor tanning membership. And blossomed into the Megan I am now.
Megan: Brad didn't even recognize me. He had no idea I was the same person he tortured all those years ago. And I was okay with that. It's water under the bridge now.
Gloria: Water under the bridge can still run choppy, Ms Lucas. Sometimes choppy enough to murder!

Examine Mint Tray.
Gloria: <Name>, did you just find a USB key in the Center's mint tray?
Gloria: And the key has Kale & Fries written on it! That's the name of our victim's shop, it was on his badge!
Gloria: I agree, we must send this USB key over to Cathy, see what she can find on it!

Analyze USB Key.
Cathy: Hey, <Name>... you haven't seen Bongey Bear lying around anywhere, have you?
Gloria: Bongey... what?
Cathy: Sammy's favorite stuffed animal. Alex can't find it anywhere and Sammy's not sleeping without it! I need to find it!
Gloria: Sorry, Cathy. Wish I could help. But all I got for you is a murder investigation that needs to be solved asap.
Cathy: Right. The investigation... So, no surprise... but that USB key you sent me belonged to Mr Price. It was the usual collection of business documents, contracts, etc...
Cathy: However, I did find something of interest... It looks like Mr Price was planning on expanding. He'd recently signed a lease for a second plot in the mall.
Cathy: The only thing is, that plot belonged to one of your suspects: Ace Boome! It's where he has his balloon kiosk!
Gloria: Well, I'll be... We knew Mr Boome and Mr Price had a business rivalry, but we didn't know it went as far as land-grabbing.
Gloria: Mr Boome mustn't have been thrilled with Mr Price's cutthroat move. We need to go interrogate him once more!

Question Ace Boome about the victim stealing his plot.
Gloria: Mr Boome, you failed to tell us that your dispute with Mr Price went beyond burst balloons...
Ace (sweating): Ah, man! I knew that'd come up!
Ace: I'm not the one who went looking for a fight! All I wanted was do my Balloon Bow Archery Show, sell my balloons, make a little money!
Ace: It was that fool who wanted me gone! And when popping my balloons didn't do it, he brought out the big guns!
Ace: I worked real hard to get that kiosk. All my life savings went into it! Balloons are my life... and that man wanted to destroy it all! He deserved everything that was coming to him... and more!
Gloria: Well, Mr Boome, from the looks of it now, with Mr Price gone you won't need to give up your space anymore. Convenient timing, wouldn't you say?

Examine Rose Box.
Gloria: Aw, <Name>, the box has two wedding rings in it! Well, that sure brings back memories...
Gloria: And one of these rings does belong to our victim! Nice hunch, <Name>!
Gloria: The second ring bears the name Brooke. This must be our victim's fiancée. Wonder if she knows what happened to him...
Gloria: Finding her contact info shouldn't be that hard, <Name>. But I always hate breaking the news... I guess we need to go find Brooke.

Inform Brooke Long that her fiancé has been murdered.
Brooke (glancing at her watch): Officer, I'm sorry, can we make this quick? I'm on my way to my indoor tanning appointment and I don't want to be late! A healthy glow doesn't wait for anyone!
Gloria (holding the rose box): I'm afraid tanning's going to have to wait. We found these rings and-
Brooke: OH MY GOD! Are those wedding bands for me?! Did Brad get them?
Brooke: Brad's finally going to marry me! I'm so happy!! I have to call my mom!
Gloria (sweating): You might want to hold off on that for a moment. You see... I'm afraid your fiancé has been murdered. We're trying to find his killer.
Brooke: Wait... what? Brad's... dead?!
Brooke: No! That can't be!
Brooke (crying): Brad was my one true love! The one I vowed my life to since we met our freshman year of college!
Gloria: We're very sorry for your loss, Ms Long. We know this isn't easy...
Brooke (crying): This should've been the happiest day of my life, knowing that he was finally going to make it official. But now he's dead! Oh, <Rank> <Name>, how will I survive the pain?

Later, at the flower shop...
Gloria: <Name>, it's Valentine's Day and instead of overeating little sugary hearts with tacky messages on them, we're busy tracking down the whereabouts of a murderous cupid!
Gloria: We found business-owner Brad Price dead with an arrow piercing his heart!
Gloria: Unfortunately, our list of suspects is as varied as an assortment of chocolates in a heart-shaped box!
Gloria: Megan Lucas, the massage therapist, told a tale of high school bullying by the victim that would make anyone's warm heart grow stone cold.
Gloria: But flower arranger Javier Morales spoke only of the victim's kind words and sharp eye for art.
Gloria: And of course, there's Brooke Long, who was devastated to find out that her fiancé was murdered on the same day he planned to prove his everlasting love to her.
Gloria: Not, it's all about-
(A flower bouquet is thrown in Gloria's face.)
(An argument is heard in the distance.)
Gloria: Did someone just throw flowers at me? What in the world is going on?!

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, it's Valentine's Day and instead of overeating little sugary hearts with tacky messages on them, we're busy tracking down a murderous cupid.
Gloria: We found business-owner Brad Price dead with an arrow piercing his heart!
Gloria: Now, it's all about-
(A flower bouquet is thrown in Gloria's face.)
(An argument is heard in the distance.)
Brooke (disheveled, holding a green smoothie): Javier, how could you?! Brad was MY man! My one true love!
Javier (disheveled): Yeah, well, Brad was mine too. We were in love! Real love!
Javier: And he was going to kick you to the curb, honey!
Brooke: What?! You... you... homewrecker!
(Brooke throws her green smoothie in Javier's face.)
Javier: You'll pay for this! This is a Dulce & Cabanna shirt you just threw smoothie on!
Brooke: A last season Dulce & Cabanna shirt! Cheapskate!
Gloria: Whoa... whoa... everybody, calm down!
Gloria: Now, what's going on here?
Brooke: Brad was cheating on me with this... gigolo! I'm devastated!
Javier: Me! Me! Me! What about MY feelings?!
Javier: You know what, I can't handle this! I'm going to my happy place!
Brooke: Good! Maybe you'll find a new shirt there too... one in season!
(Javier leaves.)
Gloria: Wait, Mr Morales! Mr Morales!
Gloria: Dang it, <Name>, he's gone! But you, Ms Long... we need to talk to you!

Confront Brooke about her fight with Javier.
Gloria: Ms Long, what's the story with Brad being unfaithful?
Brooke (disheveled): After you told me the news, I logged into Brad's Friendnet to update his status to "dead"... but then I saw the private conversations he had with that flower guy!
Brooke: They were sending sweet messages... and exchanging risquée photos!
Brooke: I couldn't believe it! Brad was cheating on me... with HIM!
Gloria: We understand this must be quite a shock-
Brooke: A shock?! That doesn't even come close to it!
Brooke (crying): I waited ten years for that man to marry me! I gave him the best years of my life!
Brooke (crying): Only to find out he's been having an affair with a flower guy! And on Valentine's Day, no less!
Brooke: No wonder Brad had given me so many darn bouquets!

Gloria: Dang, <Name>, that was intense. At leave, I never had any problems like that with my ex...
Gloria: But I agree! We need to question Mr Morales, too!
Gloria: He stormed off, but maybe we'll find something at the flower shop that will lead us to him!

Investigate Store Front.
Gloria: <Name>, this looks like a loyalty card for a juice bar. And on it reads: "Welcome to your happy place!"
Gloria: Oh, you're right, <Name>! Mr Morales mentioned going to his "happy place". I thought he meant that figuratively... but apparently, it's a real place.
Gloria: Unfortunately, this loyalty card doesn't have the shop name on it. Maybe this purple stain can help? Let's collect a sample of it!
Gloria: And if you think there's anything we can find in that trash can, I won't stop you from looking!

Examine Loyalty Card.
Gloria: Let's get that sample you collected from the loyalty under the microscope! Hopefully, it'll help us track Javier down!

Examine Purple Sample.
Gloria: <Name>, the stain on the card is an electrolyte mix... you know, a solution to keep the body hydrated!
Gloria: But this particular sample is a juice made of acai berry, coconut water and magnesium. That rings a bell...
Gloria: Wait a minute, <Name>! Those are the ingredients of the Booty Blaster! It's a special blend made at my favorite juice bar!
Gloria: <Name>, I know exactly where Mr Morales is! Let's go talk to him!

Question Javier about his relationship with the victim.
Javier (holding a green smoothie): Oh, you found me, <Rank> <Name>... Drowning my sorrows in this green smoothie...
Gloria: Mr Morales, what exactly was the nature of your relationship with Brad Price?
Javier: As you know, we were in love! We were going to run away to San Francisco together.
Javier: It all started with his first bouquet. We'd strike up a conversation, laugh... eventually, it became flirty.
Javier: It was so dreamy! He even invited me to a romantic archery getaway together...
Gloria: And you had no idea he was engaged?
Javier: No! It wasn't til after that I found out... and when I did I was like, it's me or the other one!
Javier: He promised he'd leave her and be with me, but he just strung me along like he did with her. He didn't deserve me love!
Gloria: Well, Mr Morales, I hope you didn't decide that the victim deserved an arrow instead, or your next getaway will be jail!

Examine Trash Can.
Gloria: What the... <Name>, did you just find a small wooden coffin in that trash can?
Gloria: And it has our victim's name on it! That's creepy!
Gloria: And look, inside the coffin is a chrysanthemum and a message: "See you at the funeral!"
Gloria: <Name>, we need to find out who sent this coffin to our victim! Maybe Cathy can tell us!

Analyze Open Coffin.
Cathy (holding a teddy bear): <Name>! I found Bongey Bear! I'm so relieved! I'll be able to sleep tonight!
Gloria: I'm happy for you! Carter has a stuffed rabbit he still sleeps with! It's all beat up too. And he'd be mortified if he knew I told you!
Cathy: I bet he would! But I'm sure you are more interested in what I've found out about that coffin <Name> sent me!
Cathy: I started by looking up any recent deaths in the victim's family, but there weren't any associated with neither him, nor your suspects.
Cathy: But then I found a recent article about a fatal accident involving your victim... and a dog!
Gloria: A dog?
Cathy: Yes! Apparently, your victim ran over a psychiatric service dog!
Cathy: Such dogs help people with psychiatric disabilities by providing emotional comfort. They can also help their owners remember to take their medicine.
Cathy: Anyway, that particular dog was registered to one of your suspects... Tristan Collins!
Gloria: So our victim killed his best friend's service dog? That's pretty rough. I agree, <Name>, we'd better talk to Tristan again.

Question Tristan about the death of his service dog.
Gloria: Mr Collins, why didn't you tell us the victim had run over your service dog?
Tristan: His name was Kenobi! And he wasn't just a service dog, he was my friend!
(Tristan puts his hand to his forehead.)
Tristan: Depression's been a major battle in my life. I've had to work hard to overcome it.
Tristan: I tried everything. Tanning bed luminotherapy, drinking a green smoothie a day, hoping it would work...
Tristan: But things didn't start looking up until I got Kenobi. He offered me a comforting presence and protected me from negative energy. He was the best thing that happened to me.
Tristan: We had such a great time together. He even loved retrieving my arrows after archery practice.
Gloria: But then Brad killed your dog...
Tristan: Yeah! And not only did he not apologize, he didn't even come to his funeral, despite the special coffin invitation I made him!
Tristan: I thought Brad was my best friend, but he never cared about anyone but himself!

Back at the precinct...
Gloria: <Name>, we are close to finding our Valentine's Day killer, and nothing says "I love you" like a pair of cold, metal bracelets!
Gloria: We still have to figure out their motive, though. Could it be a love triangle gone wrong?
Gloria: An old wound reopened for revenge? Or a business dispute gone lethal?
Gloria: You're right, <Name>, the only way to find out is to return to the crime scene! It's on!

Investigate Balloon Stand.
Gloria: <Name>, this tanning lotion says it's made especially for indoor tanning!
Gloria: We know our killer goes indoor tanning! This bottle could belong to them!
Gloria: The lid has a strange powder all over it. Let's collect a sample of it!
Gloria: And what's the pile of straps and buckles? Let's put it together, shall we?
Gloria: We're almost there, <Name>! This killer with a heart of stone will be ours before the end of Valentine's day!

Examine Tanning Lotion.
Gloria: No time to lose, <Name>! Let's send that sample of the powder from the tanning lotion to Amir!

Analyze Yellow Powder.
Amir: Hey, <Name>! Can you remind me to pick up flowers for my beau? Just hope he doesn't get jealous if I go to Javier's shop...
Gloria: Javier's handsome, but your boyfriend shouldn't be too worried... Jasper's a looker!
Amir: He is, isn't he?
Amir: Oh sorry, <Name>. That sample you found reminded me of the flowers... because the powder on the bottle is pollen!
Amir: Firstly, there were traces of green smoothie in the sample, which leaves no doubt the lotion belonged to your killer!
Amir: Secondly, the pollen on the bottle was from a red rose!
Amir: My guess is the rose must've been on the killer's clothes for pollen to end up on the lotion, which means the killer is wearing a red rose!
Gloria: <Name>, the killer will soon be feeling the thorn of the law now that we know that they wear a rose!

Examine Broken Plastic.
Gloria: This looks like some sort of bracelet... <Name>, let's see if Rupert can give us more information on it!

Analyze Strange Bracelet.
Rupert: Ah <Name>, there's no time to lose, so I'll be quick! The doofer you sent me is an arm guard, used to protect the forearm when shooting bows!
Rupert: But this one is cheap as chips, it shattered when the bowstring slapped it after launching the arrow!
Gloria: Oh... so that's what it was! Well, considering we found this "doofer" at the scene of the crime, it clearly belongs to our killer! Is that all you found, Rupert?
Rupert: Tosh, of course not! I'm chuffed to say that on the straps, I found a strange solution! A mix of isopropyl alcohol and water, the perfect blend for an eyeglass lense cleaner solution!
Rupert: With this, I can affirm that your killer wears spectacles!
Gloria: So our killer wears glasses? Well, I bet they won't see <Name> coming to arrest them!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: <Name>, a crazed cupid killed our victim with an arrow straight through the heart... but our heart won't miss a beat as we arrest them for murder!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Ms Lucas, you're under arrest for the murder of Brad Price!
Megan: Is this some kind of joke? I didn't kill Mr Price. He was my client!
Gloria: He was your "heartless client" to whom you sent a bouquet of black roses! Your green smoothie coupon was easy to track down!
Megan: I have no idea what you are talking about! Everyone in Fairview drinks green smoothies!
Gloria: But not everyone is clumsy enough to leave indoor tanning lotion all over the bow they used as a murder weapon!
Megan: Ha! I haven't practiced archery since high school!
Gloria: High school... About the time you started wearing glasses? We found your eyeglass cleaning solution all over the arm guard you used when shooting your arrow!
Gloria: We know you killed Brad, Ms Lucas! Surely, it can't be about the high school bullying!
Megan: You keep saying "bullying" as if it was nothing! But Brad almost KILLED me!
Gloria: Killed you? How? When?
Megan: One night senior year, Brad invited me to a party. I was really excited. I thought he was trying to bury the hatchet.
Megan: Once I got there, he offered me a drink and then dared me to jump into the neighbor's pool. He told me everyone was going to do it.
Megan: So I took off my glasses and ran over to the pool, jumping in without any hesitation. I just wanted to be cool like everyone else!
Megan: But what no one knew was that the pool had been drained a few days earlier! I dropped 6 feet into cold, hard concrete!
Gloria: You jumped into an empty pool? Dear lord...
Megan: That "prank" nearly killed me! I was in the hospital for 6 months and went through years of painful physical therapy!
Megan: It completely derailed my plans! It ruined my dreams of going to med school and becoming a doctor!
Megan: And you know what the worst part is? He ended up being my client and didn't even remember me!
Megan: So I patiently waited to get my revenge. And then decided to strike on Valentine's Day. I figured an arrow through the heart would lead people to think it was all about love.
Megan: But it wasn't! I HATED him! He ruined my life, but to him it meant nothing! I'll NEVER forgive him for that!
Gloria: Well, I agree you've suffered, Ms Lucas, but <Rank> <Name> cannot overlook the fact that you killed a man! I'm sorry, but you're under arrest for the murder of Brad Price!

Judge Powell: Megan Lucas, you stand accused of the murder of Mr Brad Price... on Valentine's Day, of all days! How do you plead?
Megan (crying): Guilty, Your Honor. He ruined my life, so I ended his!
Judge Powell: Ms Lucas, I've read your file. I'm sorry for what you endured as a teenager... The youth can be cruel and unforgiving.
Judge Powell: However, regardless if I sympathize, I still can't condone murder. This Court hereby sentences you to 7 years in jail!
Megan: See?! Just like I said, Brad ruined my entire life!

Gloria: Megan's story about what Brad did to her gave me chills, <Name>.
Gloria: Obviously murder was not the answer, but being bullied almost killed her!
Gloria: This kind of situation makes me worried about Carter! High school can be rough...
Gloria: But you're right, <Name>, we haven't a second longer to spend on this...
Gloria: The Rocket Cow Killer may not have struck today, but who knows what might happen tomorrow! We need to get on their trail, <Name>! We still have work to do!

Old Friends, New Beginnings (4/6)

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, I'm glad we caught Brad Price's killer. Even if Brad did have a heart of stone, justice had to be served.
Gloria: And now that we've taken care of that case, we have a serial killer on the loose we've got to handle!
Gloria: Someone out there's killing people with a lethal mix of amlodipine and Rocket Cow, and so far we've got no lead!
Gabriel: Actually, <Name>, I might have found one!
Gabriel: I've been looking into the files of the victims Martine has complied and one of them, a woman by the name of Barbara Litzke, used to work at the Fairview Flower Shop!
Gabriel: I was thinking you and I could go there, <Name>, and ask Mr Morales if he can tell us anything that'd help understand why she was targeted by the serial killer!
Gloria: Well, if you're taking Gabriel, <Name>, I'm taking my afternoon off. Carter was actually hoping to take me out for Valentine's Day, isn't that adorable?
(Gabriel and Gloria leave.)
Rita: Um, <Name>, when you have time... I need help with something... womanly.
Martine: Did I hear the word "womanly"? That sounds like my domain, <Name>! I'll come with you to help out Rita when you're done questioning Javier!

Ask Javier for more information about Barbara Litzke.
Javier: <Rank> <Name>, you're back? Do you need help picking flowers for that special someone? I'll give you a discount!
Gabriel: Thanks, Mr Morales, but we're here on more pressing matters. We found out that a Barbara Litzke used to work here. Can you tell us anything about her?
Javier: Barbara? Of course! She was great. Lots of energy. She always had a wild story to tell of her days backpacking around the world.
Javier: It was tragic that happened. She became ill so suddenly... and then she was gone.
Gabriel: We suspect that someone helped precipitate her death and we're trying to figure out exactly what happened to her.
Javier: Are you saying there's been another murder?!
Javier: Well... I don't know much, but her stuff's still lying around. You're welcome to look through anything that might help!
Gabriel: Thank you for your cooperation. <Name>, we should have a look around the shop!
Javier: Good luck, <Rank> <Name>! And here's a little Valentine's gift as a thank you!

Investigate Flower Shop.
Gabriel: Jackpot, <Name>! This is Barbara Litzke's agenda! Let's unlock the clasp and peek inside!

Examine Locked Agenda.
Gabriel: <Name>, the latest entry in Barbara Litzke's agenda is this scribbled note!
Gabriel: It reads: "Reminder - Thursday 4th, 8pm, election meeting. Bring cupcakes!"
Gabriel: And there's a list of names... Emma Tank and David O'Connell... those names sound familiar...
Gabriel: You're right, <Name>! Those are two other victims of the Rocket Cow Killer!
Gabriel: So these three victims knew one another! But what's that election the note is talking about?
Gabriel: You're right, we should send this agenda to Cathy! If anyone can find out, it's her!

Analyze Notes in Agenda.
Cathy: Gabriel, glad to see you outside of our coffee breaks! I've brought the Kona Blend for this afternoon!
Gabriel: Great! I've brought some fair trade chocolate. It's the perfect pairing!
Cathy: <Name>, feel free to join us sometime! But for now, that list you sent me is a real breakthrough in your serial killer case!
Cathy: I think I've found what all the victims have in common! You see, the election is for the parent association from Fairview High school.
Cathy: Knowing that, I cross-referenced the serial killer's victims' names with the school records...
Cathy: ...and it turns out, all the victims have children who go to Fairview High!
Gabriel: So the Rocket Cow Killer is targeting parents from Fairview High?!
Cathy: Exactly! I haven't pinpointed why yet, but I suppose this is more like your area of expertise, Gabriel.
Gabriel: Hm, there might be some childhood trauma at play here. As we've seen with your most recent killer, <Name>, some wounds can mark a person forever...
Gabriel: But for now, parents must be warned! We should talk to Principal Wilcox, <Name>!

Warn Principal Wilcox about the serial killer.
Rosamund (blushing): <Rank> <Name>, if this is about the school mascot and chihuahua incident, it's been handled! I know people were upset, but-
Gabriel: That's not why we're here, Ms Wilcox. We just found out there's a serial killer targeting parents of your students!
Rosamund: What?! A serial killer targeting parents? Is this why we've had this series of unfortunate events happen?
Gabriel: I'm afraid so. And our priority is to warn every parent so they can protect themselves!
Rosamund: Of course! I'll contact the PTA immediately and issue a warning, make sure every parent knows about this!
Rosamund: <Rank> <Name>, please take this money. It's the proceeds from our latest bake sale. Keep my students' parents safe!

See what Rita wants.
Rita: <Name>, I'm gonna give it to you straight. I've got a date.
Martine: A date? Oooh la la, Rita. You sly woman! Tell us all about them!
Rita: I met this guy at the mall. Marcus something. Said he works at the Massage Wellness Center. He made me laugh.
Martine: That sounds like quite an accomplishment. So, do you need help preparing for your date?
Rita: No, I need you to do a little recon on him. Make sure he's not a weirdo! 'Cause with my track record of disastrous relationships, I can never be too safe.
Rita: I need to figure out his last name, but I don't want him to recognize me. Could you go to the Massage Wellness Center and find out?
Martine: Bien sûr, Rita! <Name> and I will be happy to play spy for you! On we go to the massage center!

Investigate Wellness Center.
Martine (wearing a jacket): No one's around, everyone must be busy...
Martine: Ah d'accord, <Name>, you think these pieces of wood might give us the name of Rita's date? I'll get the glue!

Examine Broken Wood.
Martine (wearing a jacket): <Name>, that's an employee of the month plaque... and it has the photo of a man named Marcus Cannon. This must be the guy Rita mentioned!
Martine: He's cute... Let's send this plaque to Cathy so she can do the background check on him!

Analyze Employee Award Plaque.
Cathy: <Name>, this Marcus Cannon guy is a cutie. I mean, not as cute as my hubby, but cute nonetheless.
Martine: I know! Rita said she met him at the mall! I wonder if that's where all the good men hide out...
Cathy: He does seem like a real catch. He's got no criminal record, barely any traffic tickets. He even won Fairview Man of the Year three years in a row.
Martine: Fairview Man of the Year? Having won my share of beauty pageants, I can tell you that it's not just about looks, but also intellect and poise!
Cathy: He also runs the local Big Brother program and volunteers at a soup kitchen every Sunday.
Cathy: He does have a couple of overdue books from the library, but besides that, he's perfect.
Martine: Impressive! Rita's got no reason not to go on this date. Let's go tell her the news, <Name>!

Tell Rita the good news about her date.
Rita: <Name>, I can't go on this date. Everything you told me... this guy's too perfect. He's got to be hiding something...
Martine: That's just nerves talking. Come now, what are you going to wear on your date?
Rita: I thought I'd wear this...
Martine: Absolument pas! You need a dress!
Martine: Let's go to the mall, and <Name> will help you pick something darling!
Rita: Alright, but let's grab a bite to eat before we shop. I don't do malls on an empty stomach.

Investigate Mall.
Martine (wearing a jacket): This is exactly what Rita needs, <Name>! A rack of Valentine's Day clothing on sale! Let's browse through it!

Examine Clothing Rack.
Martine (wearing a jacket): Oooh, Rita, this dress <Name> found on sale for you is perfect!
Rita (sweating): Uh, are you sure?
Martine: Yes, I am. Now, go put it on and I'll help you with your makeup! You'll look perfect for Marcus!

Meet Marcus Cannon.
Martine: Oooh la la, Rita, you look fantastic! That dress is to die for!
Rita (wearing a dress): I feel like a streetwalking clown...
Martine: Don't be silly! You're perfect for your date. He's-
Rita (sweating): Guys! Shh! He's here!
Marcus: Rita? Is that you? You look magnificent!
Rita: Oh, uhm thank you, Marcus. So do you. This is <Rank> <Name> and Martine.
Martine: Bonjour, Marcus. We'll just be on our way now! You two kids have fun!
(Martine leaves.)
Rita (sweating): Uhm, alright, so...
Marcus: Shall we, my lady?
Rita (blushing): Well, here goes nothing...

Back at the precinct...
Martine: Well, this Marcus fellow seems like a catch. And Rita looked fantastic! Some of my best work...
Gloria: Never mind that! <Name>, I just heard the Rocket Cow Killer is targeting people at Fairview High School! Is that true?
Gabriel: I'm afraid so. They're targeting parents of kids who go to the high school, to be precise.
Gloria: <Name>, my son goes there! What if that maniac decides to kill students next?! I can't bear to think of him getting hurt!
Gabriel: I doubt our serial killer would change targets. You see, killing parents denotes a severe psychosis linked to childhood years and-
Gloria: I'm not taking any chances, Gabriel! I'm pulling Carter out of school until we've caught this serial killer, and that's final!
(Gloria leaves.)
Gabriel: Poor Gloria... At least, now we know what we're up against. Hopefully, the principal will have issued a warning to all the parents!
Chief Parker: Warnings are good, but we must go further. <Name>, I'm putting all police resources on this case! We need to find this Rocket Cow Killer before they strike again!

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