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Different users have access to different functions of the Criminal Case Wiki. While anyone can do most things on the site (including but not limited to reading and editing), the staff has access to a few additional functions which help to perform maintenance and security tasks.


The purpose of this wiki's staff is to help users and to protect and enhance the wiki to its best. This is to ensure that this wiki remains as the best source of information about Criminal Case on the Internet.

Members of the staff are not, in any way, superior to other users, but they have access to restricted technical features to keep the wiki clean and free of vandalism. This also helps in events such as community discussions and interactions. They still have all of the responsibilities that any other regular user has—in addition to a staff member's more-exclusive responsibilities.



Bureaucrats are senior editors. As well as being full administrators, they have management abilities where they can grant limited user rights. They have the ability to promote and revoke rollback, moderator and administrator rights as well as appointing new bureaucrats. While they cannot directly revoke another user's bureaucrat status, they can revoke their own.

Bureaucrat Image.png Reg Boy
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Bureaucrat Image.png Tuxedo!
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Administrators are trusted editors, equipped with the tools to keep the wiki running smoothly. They can issue blocks to troublesome editors, revert vandalism using the rollback tool, and delete and move pages. They are authorized to use the tools at their disposal to deal with issues facing the wiki to the best of their ability.

Administrator Image.png MaxShadows
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Administrator Image.png Tuttifrutticha...
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Administrator Image.png CoolCCMystery
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Content moderators

Content moderators are users who have additional tools available to moderate the wiki's content. These tools are:

  • Deleting and moving protected pages.
  • Deleting and moving files.
  • Undeleting pages and files.
  • Reverting edits using the rollback tool.
  • Reuploading files.
  • Protecting and unprotecting pages.
Mod Logo.png TheBlackBlur
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Discussions moderators

Discussions moderators are responsible for activity in all forum threads. They keep forums a safe place and can delete, edit, move, highlight, and lock threads. Additionally, they are able to:

  • Delete blog comments.
  • Edit and delete article comments.
Mod Logo.png JackofallCCtr...
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Bots are special accounts that are used to make automatic edits in a short period of time.

Bot Image.png Reg Bot
Operated by: Reg Boy


  • The local staff is not to be confused with Fandom staff members, who happen to have full access to all of Fandom. They will be shown in Special:Listusers/staff on any wiki. Use Special:Contact to contact Fandom staff.