Cornelia Trent was the killer of author Wilfred Turnscrew in Anatomy of a Murder (Case #24 of Grimsborough).


Cornelia is a 46-year-old museum curator with unruly graying black hair. She wears a white shirt with yellow circle-patterned collars underneath a patterned black and white blazer with a badge of a dinosaur badge on it. She also wears brown half-moon glasses. It is known that Cornelia loves theater, has sewing skills and suffers from heartburn.

Height 5'5"
Age 46
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Cornelia was the curator of the local Grimsborough museum where a famous writer named Wilfred Turnscrew was taxidermised and put on display. When Jones and the player were searching the local Grimsborough museum, they found a torn photo. After piecing it back together, they learned that it was a pamphlet of the museum exhibition with the curator, Cornelia's name on it. Seeing this, the team quickly went to Cornelia to ask her questions about the exhibition.


The Doctor Faustus book.

Later, the team again went to Cornelia to know if she had any extra information. When asked about it, Cornelia replied that she did not have any other information about the murder. She told the team that museums were meant to be a place of calm and respect, not of such savagery. Cornelia also said that she was being very stressed by all this, and as a result, she was suffering from bad heartburn, which had stopped her from going to see her favourite play, Doctor Faustus

At the end of the case, it was proven that Cornelia was the murderer of Wilfred after all the evidence pointed towards her. Before being arrested, Cornelia explained to the team why she had killed the famous writer. She said that the people had stopped coming to the museum since they were more interested in Wilfred's books. Without visitors, she had to sell museum badges for money and to keep the museum alive. At last, she could not take it anymore, and after watching Wilfred get beaten up by James Savage, Cornelia took the opportunity and killed the writer with a skinning knife, then taxidermised him, and put him on display to get everyone's attention back to the museum.

Cornelia was sentenced to life in jail for the murder of Wilfred.


  • In her "arrest" image, Cornelia wears a completely different jacket, lacks grey highlights in her hair, and her glasses are stuck to her shirt.

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