Cordelia Putnam was the killer of herbalist Aubrey Miller in The Witching Hour (Case #43 of Mysteries of the Past).


Cordelia is a 33-year-old Grim Chapel local. She has short brown hair adorned with two white flowers. She dons a light pink flower patterned shawl over her white dress. She also wears red nail polish and a pair of white earrings. It is known that Cordelia knows how to tie knots, reads Malleus Maleficarum and uses hazel water.

Height 5'8"
Age 33
Weight 153 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Cordelia became a suspect after Maddie and the player discovered a fertility elixir prescribed to her. Cordelia said that she was one of Aubrey's clients and that Aubrey was supposed to be her midwife. When asked if anyone wanted to harm Aubrey since she was allegedly a witch, Cordelia vehemently denied that Aubrey was a witch and that the rumors were from listless people.

Cordelia was spoken to again about a tray of creepy biscuits she had gifted the victim. When asked if they were a threat, she said that those biscuits were traditionally made when someone lost a family member and that she shared them with Aubrey. She then revealed that she had suffered multiple miscarriages and she was desperate to have a baby. She then explained that Aubrey had stopped stopped giving her fertility treatments because it was getting dangerous for Cordelia's health to suffer as many miscarriages as she had.

In the end, Cordelia was revealed to be Aubrey's killer. She had been going to Aubrey for fertility treatment after she suffered many miscarriages. When she heard of the rumor of Aubrey being a witch, she then believed that she cursed her, causing her many miscarriages. Enraged, Cordelia confronted Aubrey, bashed her head with a stone, tied her to a dunking bar, drowned her, and wrote "WITCH" on her chest. Judge Lawson sentenced her to 25 years in prison.


  • Cordelia's last name may have been based on Ann Putnam, a witness at the Salem witch trials.

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