Constance Tan was the victim in A Stab in the Dark (Case #32 of World Edition).


Lion Dot Holdings

Lion Dot Holdings, Constance's finance company.

Constance was the CEO of a finance company. She had short black hair parted to the left, dark brown eyes, and at the time of her death was wearing a white dress underneath a midnight blue jacket with a name tag. She also wore pearl jewelry and lipstick.

Murder details

Constance was found on the observation deck with a stab wound in her stomach. According to Angela, the victim suffered a stab wound to the abdomen. It hit the aorta, and Constance bled out in minutes. She managed to find traces of durian on the victim's clothes, but there was no trace in her stomach. This meant the killer ate durian.

After examining the bay gardens, Carmen and the player managed to find a parang. It was sent off to Jonah and he confirmed it was the murder weapon. He pointed out that the parang is typically used in a martial art known as silat. If the killer had that parang, that meant the killer practiced silat.

Relationship with suspects

Constance was business competitors with her boyfriend, Anbu Devanesan, who said that they made their relationship work in spite of it. Constance had confronted Anbu's lawyer, Michelle Zuria, and claimed that she lacked ethics due to the clients she had defended in the past. Before she dated Anbu, Constance was secretly dating volcanologist Ruby Armstrong (who she met in university) but broke it off for Anbu, who was more fitting of her public image. Poolboy Brian Chua, who had caught Ruby and Constance kissing, was blackmailing Constance for money as she desperately wanted to keep it secret before she ended their relationship. Constance's deputy, Darren Hong, was jealous of her position and was angry at her for getting the job as CEO despite him working longer for the company.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Anbu.

After Anbu denied involvement, Elliot came in with the finally-decrypted device proving that Anbu was laundering SOMBRA's money in Singapore. Anbu revealed afterward that he stabbed Constance with a parang because she discovered his job in SOMBRA. Anbu then abducted Elliot and escaped.

Shortly after rescuing Elliot in the docks and placing Anbu under arrest, the team shipped him to court, where Judge Adaku sentenced Anbu to life in jail for the murder of Constance Tan, money laundering for SOMBRA, the abduction of a police officer, and failure to cooperate with the authorities.

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