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David Jones: <Name>, we're already up to our elbows in ancient underground cities and bizarre cults... who knows what's coming next!
Jones: Speaking of which, I hope Gabriel's alright! He managed to infiltrate The Higher Truth, giving us a chance to finally learn more about them!
Jones: Cults are highy unpredictable at the best of times, so our profiler's undercover skills had better be up to the task... otherwise he might end up in a world of trouble!
Amir: Or worse, dead - like the body that's just been found on Church Street!
Jones: Wait, I know that street! It got hit pretty bad by the earthquake and there's still lava running through it! Now there's a dead body too?
Jones: Come on, <Name>, we'd better get to Church Street, on the double!

Chapter 1

Investigate Church Street.
David Jones: Careful where you step, <Name> - there's lava everywhere!
Jones: I was thinking this guy was lucky not to have fallen into it, but it looks like he didn't fare much better - his chest's been slashed open!
Jones: Oh, but we know this dude! It's that comic book artist we met while investigating the murder of Karen Boulder!
Jones: Marcus had started building up quite a fanbase recently bcause of his Xerda-inspired Miracle Girl character.
Jones: I guess he won't be drawing anymore.
Jones: But back to the body. Those slash marks look like bear claws, except I've never seen a bear wipe its bloody hands with a handkerchief... <Name>, we've got a killer on the loose!
Jones: I agree, our first port of call should be getting a sample of the blood on the hanky!
Jones: You also found the victim's backpack. We should definitely take a look inside!
Jones: <Name>, the bad guy never gets away in a comic, and we've got to make sure our killer doesn't either!

Examine Victim's Backpack.
Jones: <Name>, what's so interesting about the travel mug you found in the victim's backpack?
Jones: Ah, I see - it's got a picture of the victim on it! But who's the grinning dude next to him?
Jones: They seem pretty close, I agree. Let'se see if we can figure out the man's identity in our archives!

Examine Mystery Man.
Jones: <Name>, the mystery guy with the victim on the mug is one Haruki Kato.
Jones: We'd better inform Mr Kato of Marcus' death. And hopefully he'll be able to provide us with a lead to help us catch the murderer!

Ask Haruki Kato about his relationship with the victim.
Haruki: Hmmm... I wonder who'd win in a fight between an intergalactic chuggleworm and a Martian sand mole...
Jones: Ahem... Mr Kato?
Haruki: Oh, hello! Where did you guys teleport from?
Jones: Um... we came from the police station?
Jones: Mr Kato, I'm afraid we have some sad news. Marcus Butler has been murdered. We believed you knew him?
Haruki: Marcus? Marcus is dead? This can't be!
Haruki: Marcus and I have been the ultimately geekboy duo since high school! Who am I gonna discuss time travel paradoxes with now?
Haruki: Oh, I'm just gonna have to eat away my sorrows. I'd better go buy some more strawberry candy.
Jones: I'm truly sorry for your loss, Mr Kato, but did you notice anything strange about Marcus recently?
Haruki: Nothing that I can't think of! Marcus pretty much spent all his time holded up in his studio drawing comics, as always!
Jones: You'd say Marcus had a studio? <Name>, we'd better check it out!

Investigate Comic Artist Studio.
Jones: <Name>, there's some pretty awesome drawings in this studio. Our victim was seriously talented!
Jones: But back to business. I agree, this fancy box looks out of place - let's get it open and see what's hidden inside.
Jones: And putting these torn pieces of paper back together should be child's play for you, <Name>!

Examine Torn Letter.
Jones: Wow, <Name>, this letter to the victim is pretty gushing!
Jones: Listen to this: "Marcus you've transformed my whole existence!"... "Miracle Girl is the most awesomest superhero eva!"... "I love her even more than my guitar!"
Jones: The letter's signed "Olive Powell"... Why does that name ring a bell?
Jones: Wait a second! Isn't Olive the name of Judge Powell's daughter?
Jones: <Name>, it looks like Olive's pretty obsessed with the victim and his comic book creation, Miracle Girl. We'd better have a chat with her!

Talk to Olive Powell about her fan obsession with the victim.
Olive: If you're here to see my mom, <Rank> <Name>, she's not here!
Jones: Actually Olive, we're here to talk to you. Marcus, the comic book artist, has been murdered-
Olive: Whaaat? Marcus is DEAD?!
Olive: Seriously, why is my life one continuous tragedy?
Jones: Hmm, I think maybe Marcus has had a more tragic day, seeing he's been murdered and all...
Olive: Marcus? Forget him! All I care about is Miracle Girl!
Olive (crying): But now he's dead, who's gonna write more comics about the coolest superhero that ever lived? Oh, why does my life suck so bad?

Examine Locked Box.
Jones: Well, <Name>, that is one expensive watch Marcus has got there!
Jones: It's inscription indicates it was a gift from his father.
Jones: How lucky! The most I ever get from my dad is a six-pack of beers on my birthday!
Jones: I'm sorry, <Name>! You're right, we'd better find the poor man and give him the news of his son's passing.

Inform William Butler of his son's death.
William: <Rank> <Name>, I know why you're here. I've already been informed about my son.
Jones: Mr Butler, we promise to do everything in our power to bring Marcus' killer to justice!
Jones: Now, I know this is a hard time, but is there anything you can tell us about your son that might be help us in our investigation?
William: I'm afraid not. Marcus never got into trouble. He was just the sweetest and most talented boy you could imagine!
William: My darling son had waited so long to receive the creative recognition he'd always hoped for. How tragic that he had to die just after people finally began to appreciate his work.
William (crying): Oh, <Rank> <Name>, what am I going to do without my boy?

Examine Bloody Handkerchief.
Jones: Let's get this blood sample you lifted from the handkerchief straight into the lab, <Name>!

Analyze Blood.
Rupert (with Amir): <Name>, your latest victim got me reminiscing about my favorite childhood comic. It was about Rollo and Ginger - the Queen's naughtiest corgis!
Amir: You used to read comic books, Rupes? When was that - the 1800s?
Jones: Um guys, before you go off on a tangent, do you have anything to tell us about the blood sample from the handkerchief?
Rupert: Well, first off, the blood belongs to your victim, which means your killer did indeed use the handkerchief to wipe the blood off themselves!
Rupert: Also, mixed in with the blood were traces of peppermint liquer, vodka, and coconut water... the main ingredients of the delicious incredible Bulk cocktail!
Rupert: Martine confirmed that the victim did not have this cocktail in his system, which means it's your killer who enjoys this superhero-themed beverage!
Jones: <Name>, our killer definitely won't be feeling like a superhero when we throw them in a jail cell!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: <Name>, you'll be glad to hear that I know exactly what weapon your killer used to murder the victim, and where they got it from!
Jones: Great! Martine! Tell us everything you know.
Martine: First off, it was immediately obvious that your killer used some kind of multi-pronged device to claw at your victim's chest! And I found particles of a metal alloy in the wounds...
Martine: ... an alloy which proves the killer used a toy replica of a White Bear claw, which they'd sharpened into a weapon deadly enough to fatally wound the victim!
Jones: White Bear - isn't that the superhero who attacks his enemies using resrictable claws?
Martine: The very same one, Jones! And this particular claw model has only been on sale once - at the last GrimCon, Grimsborough's annual comic book festival!
Martine: This tells us that your killer visited the last GrimCon!
Jones: Well, the killer's festivating days will soon be over, if <Name>'s got anything to do with it!

Back at the precinct...
Jones: <Name>, it's not every day that we find someone with their insides slashed to pieces by a sharpened toy claw!
Jones: Marcus Butler was an up-and-coming book artist, and seemed to be loved by family, friends and fans alike. So why did someone murder him?
Jones: We met the victim's best friend, who seems devastated to have lost his geeky counterpart, and his father, who was as upset about losing his son as you'd expect.
Jones: Then there's the Judge's daughter, who's crazy about Miracle Girl, the victim's most famous creation.
Amir: Did you just say Miracle Girl, <Name>? 
Amir: Because she's here to see you!

Chapter 2

David Jones: <Name>, I can't say I've ever had to deal with a victim who was slashed to death by a sharpened toy claw!
Jones: So far, I don't see any plausible motive among our current suspects for murdering comic book artist Marcus Butler in such a gruesome way...
Jones: But then you never-
Amir: Er... <Name>? You got a minute?
Jones: What's up Amir?
Amir: Miracle Girl is here. She wants to talk to you!
Jones: Miracle Girl? But that's a fictional superhero made up by our victim. She doesn't exist in real life!
Amir: Yeah, well, real or not, she's waiting for you in the interrogation room!

Meet Miracle Girl.
Miracle Girl: Hail, Human! I am Miracle Girl!
Jones: Er, say wh-
Miracle Girl: I was forged from the sacred magma of the ancients, and I hereby swear on the mighty glory of Xerda to avenge the heinous slaying of my cherished man comrade!
Jones: Man comrade?
Miracle Girl: Yes! You know him by the name of Marcus!
Jones: And how do YOU know Marcus?
Miracle Girl: Marcus and I spent many an evening in the tavern of The Kraken, contemplating how to save the universe from mortal peril!
Miracle Girl: I must admit, I also enjoyed relaxing with a glass of the establishment's most flavorsome Incredible Bulk beverage after a day of fighting crime!
Jones: Ok, well, thank you for coming in, Miss... er... Miracle Girl! But please leave all the avenging murder business to us, won't you?

Jones: What the heck was that Miracle Girl woman on about, <Name>?
Jones: You're right. That Kraken tavern she mentioned - we'd better take a look around it!

Investigate The Kraken.
Jones: <Name>, this is a Miracle Girl comic book, and it's been slashed - just like our victim's stomach!
Jones: I'll bet Marcus' killer practiced their murderous slashes on this book using their White Bear claw...
Jones: ... in which case we need to get a sample of that stain on it!
Jones: And yes, it looks like the victim won this coupon after coming first in a quiz! Let's work out the name of the person who issued it to him!

Examine Slashed Comic Book.
Jones: <Name>, let's hope Rupert can discover something about the killer from the blue substance they left on the defaced comic book!

Analyze Blue Substance.
Rupert: <Name>, the latest sample you sent through should stand as a reminder to all of us to spend enough time outdoors!
Jones: Why'd you say that, Rupert?
Rupert: Well, I tested the blue substance <Name> extracted from the comic book that the killer defaced, and it turned out to be cholecalciferol supplements!
Jones: Cholecalci - what?
Rupert: Oh, sorry! You may know cholecalciferol better as Vitamin D, which is needed to keep your muscles and bones healthy. The best source of it is the sun!
Rupert: However, it looks like your killer isn't getting enough sunshine, which is why they're in need of an artificial Vitamin D boost!
Jones: Well, the sun certainly won't be shining in the maximum security penitentiary we'll be throwing the killer in, will it, <Name>?
Jones: But for now, what'd you say we pay the victim's studio another visit?

Investigate Comic Artist Desk.
Jones: <Name>, this has got to be the victim's phone - we found it in his studio, after all. Let's unlock it!
Jones: And we'd better put this broken picture frame back together just in case!

Examine Locked Phone.
Jones: <Name>, your hunch was right - this is the victim's phone! If there are any leads lurking in it, Cathy'll be sure to weed them out!

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Cathy: Well, <Name>, it seems your victim had enemies as well as fans!
Cathy: I found a bunch of texts on his phone sent from an anonymous number, saying things like: "Marcus, you suck!" and "You're more scuzzy than the gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe!"
Jones: Alright, this could be a lead! Did you manage to track that anonymous number down?
Cathy: Well, it took a while, but I was finally able to break the number-blocking software that the sender used...
Cathy: ... And it turns out these messages came from Olive Powell!
Jones: Woah! Are you saying the Judge's daughter sent these texts?!
Cathy: Yeah... I tell you, I'm not looking forward to the day my Sammy becomes a teenager!
Jones: <Name>, these insulting messages are a far cry from the gushing fan letter Olive sent to the victim! We'd better ask her what led to her change of heart!

Confront Olive about the insulting text messages she sent to the victim.
Olive: Ugh, what do you want now, <Rank> <Name>? I'm busy!
Jones: Olive, we'd like you to explain why you sent nasty messages to Marcus!
Olive: What? I never did that! Why do I always get blamed for everything?
Jones: Olive, we have special software that confirmed the texts came from your phone!
(Olive sweats, embarrassed.)
Olive: Alright, fine. I did send the messages to Marcus, but he deserved them - and more!
Jones: Why? We thought you loved him and his work!
Olive: I found out Marcus was gonna kill of Miracle Girl!
Olive (crying): <Rank> <Name>, I've been going to GrimCon for years, and Miracle Girl was the only superhero that ever spoke to my soul! I couldn't imagine my life without her!
Olive: That's why I got mega-angry and wrote Marcus those texts. And I regret NOTHING!
Jones: Well, Olive, you'll regret a hell of a lot if we find out you did more than just send irate messages to Marcus!

Examine Broken Frame.
Jones: <Name>, this is a certificate of adoption for the victim!
Jones: So William Butler adopted our victim when he was a child. I wonder if this affected their relationship in any way. Let's ask him!

Ask William Butler about being the victim's adoptive father.
William: Oh, hello again, <Rank> <Name>! I was about to pop out to buy more Vitamin D pills. All the stress from my son's death is making my bones ache.
Jones: Mr Butler, we know Marcus wasn't your biological son. Why didn't you tell us?
William: Because it made no difference whether he was my adopted or biological son... at least not to me!
William: But I wish Marcus had seen it that way...
Jones: Are you saying Marcus didn't consider you his real dad?
William: Apparently not! You see, I recently found out Marcus was trying to find his biological father! He said he needed to know where he came from.
William: I didn't understand why he'd want to bother looking for him, when he had a perfectly good father already... me!
William: How could my son do that to me, after EVERYTHING I sacrificed for him?! Why wasn't I enough for him?
Jones: Mr Butler, you seem to be harboring a lot of rage... let's hope it didn't lead you to harm your son!

Examine Torn Coupon.
Jones: So, <Name>, a T. Wanjiku gave this coupon to the victim! They must work here.
Jones: Let's speak to this T. Wanjiku!

Ask Tamu Wanjiku if she knew the victim.
Tamu (holding Incredible Bulk cocktails): Welcome to The Kraken! Can I tempt you with the Incredible Bulk, one of my favorite cocktails? I use coconut water from my motherland of Mazunda to make it extra delicious!
Jones: So you're the bartender here, Miss Wanjiku? We'd like to ask you about one of your customers - a comic book artist called Marcus.
Tamu: Ah yes, Marcus, one of our regulars! I've known he was destined to be famous the moment I saw his work displayed in his tiny stall at the last GrimCon!
Jones: Well, Miss Wanjiku, I'm sorry to tell you that Marcus was found murdered earlier today!
Tamu: Murdered? How unfortunate.
Jones: Do you know if Marcus had any enemies?
Tamu: Hmm, Marcus seemed a good-humored lad who was liked by all!
Tamu: The worst I saw the boy do was get drunk and break one of my chairs, but I made sure he learned NEVER to do that again!

Back at the precinct...
Jones: <Name>, this case is becoming strangẻ than fiction by the minute!
Jones: Our list of suspects in the murder of Marcus Butler now includes an irate teenager, a disgruntled father...
Jones: ... And a wannabe superhero, who identifies with Miracle Girl so much that she thinks she actually IS the victim's comic book creation!
Judge Powell (with Olive): <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: Judge Powell?
Olive: Moooooom, I told you-
Judge Powell: Quiet, Olive! <Rank> <Name>, I must speak with you right away!

Chapter 3

David Jones: <Name>, what with wannabe superheroes and cranky teenagers, this case is becoming stranger than fiction by the minute!
Jones: And we still can't be sure who actually murdered Marcus Butler with a sharpened toy claw!
Judge Powell: <Rank> <Name>, please tell me it isn't true!
Jones: Judge Powell?
Olive: Moooooom, I told you-
Judge Powell: Quiet, Olive! <Rank> <Name>, is my daughter really a suspect in your latest murder investigation? Did you find insulting messages sent from her to your victim?
Jones: I'm afraid so, Judge, but-
Judge Powell: OLIVE WILHELMINA POWELL! I did not raise you to behave so ABHORRENTLY! And don't think I don't know about those Incredible Bulk cocktails you drank the other day!
Olive: Mom, I can expl-
Judge Powell: <Rank> <Name>, I authorize you to do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of Olive's involvement in your investigation!
Judge Powell: Let's go, Olive!
Jones: Oof, <Name>, remind me never to get on the wrong side of Judge Powell...
Jones: ... and to avoid that, we'd better find Marcus' killer, and fast! Let's make another sweep of the Kraken!

Investigate Pub Tables.
Jones: <Name>, that t-shirt says "Boycott Miracle Girl: The Movie" on it! I didn't even know they were making a film of the superhero!
Jones: More importantly, this incendiary t-shirt could be a slight against our victim! Le's see if those pink particles can tell us who owns it!
Jones: And based on those photos, this faded newspaper article is also about Marcus and Miracle Girl. We should recover the text to find out more!
Jones: We'd also better put that broken statue back together! Quick, <Name>, our time is running out to catch our supervillain!

Examine Faded Newspaper.
Jones: <Name>, the headline of this article is "Comic book creator mocks real-life Miracle Girl"!
Jones: It then quotes our victim saying things like "She's no superhero!" and "How dare she descerate the sanctity of my vision!"
Jones: It's clear the victim wasn't a fan of the Miracle Girl we met. But she led us to believe they were "comrades!" We'd better go get the truth from her!

Talk to Miracle Girl about the victim mocking her.
Miracle Girl: Humans! I knew you would return in search of my superlative assistance!
Jones: Actually, we're here for the truth, Miracle Girl! We know what Marcus really thought of you. Surely you can't have been happy about it?
(Miracle Girl stands, speechless.)
Miracle Girl: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, Marcus was just awful!
Miracle Girl: I was so excited to show him my transformation, but he just laughed in my face and said I could NEVER be Miracle Girl, because I was too skinny, and my hair wasn't thick enough!
Miracle Girl: I did everything I could to prove him wrong. I even started taking vitamin D supplements to get stronger, but it wasn't enough for him!
Miracle Girl: I'd helped promote Marcus when he was just a nobody at the last GrimCon - but even this counted for nothing when he got famous!
Jones: Well, Marcus' behavior to you was deplorable, but I'm afraid it won't count as a defense if we find out you murdered him!

Examine T-shirt.
Jones: Let's examine these pink particles you picked up from the t-shirt in more detail, <Name>!

Examine Pink Particles.
Jones: <Name>, these pink particles on the t-shirt are all the ingredients you'd find in strawberry candy!
Jones: You're right, <Name> - Haruki Kato mentioned going to buy a strawberry confection when we spoke to him!
Jones: Does that mean Haruki's the one inciting people to boycott Miracle Girl: The Movie? Let's ask him!

Confront Haruki about his incendiary t-shirt.
Jones: Haruki, we thought Marcus was your best friend. Why would you want people to boycott a film about his most famous superhero creation?
Haruki: Because Marcus totally sold out with this dumb blockbuster piece of junk!
Haruki: A few days ago, some Hollywood director came to Marcus, offering him big bucks to sign the rights to Miracle Girl: The Movie.
Haruki: But part of the deal was that they could change the story however they wanted. And Marcus agreed!
Jones: Well, I don't see anything wrong with-
Haruki: Didn't Marcus remember how people were laughing at the last GrimCon about what they did in Transmutators 9? Didn't he have any creative integrity or pride in him at all?
Haruki: Marcus was an embarrassment to artists everywhere!
Haruki: Now, please excuse me, <Rank> <Name>, I need to get an Incredible Bulk down me before I fall completely into a black hole of despair!

Examine Broken Statue.
Jones: This is a sculpture of a fish.... and it's got the victim's name scrawled across it!
Jones: Normally, I'd suggest we send the fish to Gabriel, but he's busy pretending to be a Child of the Higher Truth! Let's hope Ramirez can help instead!

Analyze Fish Statue.
Ramirez: <Name>, you're lucky I like fishing! That's why I instantly recognized what you sent in as a sculpture of a catfish!
Ramirez: But I had no idea why someone would write a person's name on a catfish! So, I decided to see if there were any traditions associated with this particular aquatic species...
Ramirez: ... And it turns out that in Mazunda, people believe you can curse someone by writing their name on a catfish sculpture and then breaking it!
Jones: So what you're saying is that someone was trying to put a Mazundan curse on our victim?
Jones: Wait a second, <Name> - didn't that Kraken bartender tell us she was from Mazunda?
Jones: Tamu Wanjiku also told us the victim broke one of her chairs when he was drunk, but surely she wouldn't have wanted to curse him just for that?!
Jones: <Name>, we need to find out exactly what Miss Wanjiku's been playing at!

Ask Tamu Wanjiku why she put a curse on the victim.
Jones: Miss Wanjiku, why did you try to put a curse on Marcus?
Tamu (sweating): How did you find out about that?!
Jones: We make it our business to find out everything! Now, explain!
Tamu: Alright! Look, the thing is, Marcus had a crush on me!
Tamu: At first, it was rather amusing... He'd get dog-eyed and tongue-tied around me, a bit like a forlorn little puppy...
Tamu: But then, the boy got all cocky on his newfound fame and tried to grope me! He's lucky a curse is all I gave him!
Tamu: Just talking about it again is making me peakish. You haven't seen that little Haruki fellow, have you? I need a hit of his Vitamin D tablets!
Jones: Please don't try and change the subject, Miss Wanjiku, and let's hope for your sake that we don't find out you cursed Marcus to death!

Later, in the breakroom...
Jones: Right, <Name>, let's take a quick break and recap what we've learned so far in the murder of Marcus Butler!
Jones: Marcus was mauled to death with a sharpened toy claw... but why, and by whom?
Jones: We now know that fame seemed to have gone to the victim's head, leading him to mock Miracle Girl to her face and to the press...
Jones: ... And to make unwanted advances on Tamu Wanjiku!
Jones: Then we've got the victim's adoptive dad, who was upset that his son was intent on finding his biological father, and a best friend who was furious he'd sacrificed his creative integrity for cash!
Jones: All we need are a couple more clues to decide which one of our suspects is the true culprit!
Jones: I agree, we'd better take another look at the scene of the crime, just in case we missed something the first time round! Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Uprooted Tree.
Jones: <Name>, you found a bloody claw! This has GOT to be the murder weapon!
Jones: We need to get a sample of that pale stain on the claw strap as quick as we can!
Jones: And I agree, if the killer was dumb enough to dispose of their murder weapon here, then they may also have tried to discard more evidence in that trash can. It's time to get our hands dirty!
Jones: <Name>, we're so close to nabbing our killer, I just know it!

Examine Trash Can.
Jones: <Name>, there was a bloodstained visitor wristband for last year's GrimCon Festival in the trash can!
Jones: Our victim wouldn't have needed a visitor's pass for GrimCon since he was one of the exhibitors...
Jones: ... which means this wristband has to belong to our killer! Let's get it straight to the lab rats!

Analyze GrimCon Wristband.
Jones: Amir, our time is running out to find out who killed Marcus Butler! Can the GrimCon wristband <Name> sent you help us catch them?
Amir: I hope so! Upon examining the wristband, I noticed a minuscule shred of cotton caught on the button. The killer must have snagged it on an item of clothing!
Amir: And although it was a teeny tiny scrap, I have a snazzy machine that was able to reconstruct the pattern on the material...
Amir: It revealed that your killer is wearing a star print fabric!
Jones: Well, <Name>, our killer won't be feeling like much of a star when you've got them in handcuffs!

Examine White Bear Claw.
Jones: Let's get the substance you got off the killer's deadly claw straight to the lab, <Name>!

Analyze Translucent Substance.
Rupert: <Name>, your killer must have been a tad nervous when they committed their dastardly deed...
Jones: What makes you say that, Rupert?
Rupert: Because the liquid you took from their claw was sweat!
Rupert: The DNA didn't match the victim's, which means this sweat must have come from your perspiring perpetrator!
Rupert: And what's more, the DNA indicated that your killer has brown eyes!
Jones: Well, brown or not, all eyes will be on our sweaty killer when they're awaiting their sentence in the courtroom!

After completing all the tasks...
Jones: <Name>, we have all the evidence we need to arrest Marcus Butler's killer. Let's go get 'em!

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: Haruki Kato, you're under arrest for the murder of Marcus Butler!
Haruki: Me, kill my best friend?! What parallel universe are you living in, <Rank> <Name>?
Jones: WE are living in a world where we found traces of your favorite incredible Bulk cocktail on the handkerchief you used to wipe yourself after killing Marcus!
Haruki: You've got it all wrong, <Rank> <Name> - my hands are clean!
Jones: What a nice star print t-shirt you've got there... Did you notice you ripped it while pulling your bloody GrimCon wristband off?
Haruki: Oh, come on - star patterns are greek chic... everyone's wearing them these days!
Jones: Starting to sweat, Haruki? Funny, you also left sweat all over the sharpened White Bear Claw you used to slash Marcus to death!
Jones: Y'know, there's one thing I don't understand. The street was filled with lava, so why didn't you just dump the body and your murder weapon into it?
Haruki: I... hadn't thought of it...
(Haruki stands, speechless.)
Haruki: Alright, I did it! I killed Marcus! I had to... for The Higher Truth!
Jones: You're a member of The Higher Truth?!
Jones: So that cult's now encouraging people to commit murder? Is there nothing-
Haruki: Of course not! The Higher Truth is as pure as the virgin snow on a secluded mountain ledge!
Haruki: But unfortunately, even the spiritually superior have material needs to fulfill while still imprisoned on this godforsaken planet...
Haruki: ... Which is why I was required to donate a hefty sum of money to advance to the next level, and truly bask in the light of the one and only Truth!
Jones: Ah yes, we've heard how much the cult loves money...
Haruki: Marcus had ranked in the dollars after selling the film rights to Miracle Girl, so I asked him to help me. But he held onto his cash tighter than a leprechaun to his pot of gold!
Haruki: I realized the only way I was going to get a hold of that money was by killing him! So, I prepared my attack, beginning by sharpening my White Bear claw.
Haruki: I knew Marcus used to go to Church Street for creative inspiration, so I grabbed the claw, followed him there, and slashed his stomach to shreds!
Haruki: As soon as he took his last mortal breath, I grabbed his keys from his pocket, ran to the studio, and took all the cash I could get my hands on!
Jones: Was it really that easy to slash your best friend to death?
Haruki: <Rank> <Name>, there is something of far more importance at play than the trivial notion of a "best friend", and Marcus should have understood this!
Haruki: He should have understood that I was doing it for the greatest purpose of all - The Higher Truth!
Jones (presenting his badge): Well, Mr Kato, you're only purpose now will be defending yourself in the courtroom. You're under arrest!

Judge Powell: Haruki Kato, I hear you killed your best friend for money...
Haruki: I did it to bask in the light of The Higher Truth!
Judge Powell: Mr Kato, I have enough on my plate to deal with at home without having to put up your cult-inspired claptrap!
Judge Powell: Now, you have the right to worship whatever you want, but you NEVER have the right to kill another human being!
Judge Powell: And for that reason, the Court sentences you to 19 years in prison for the murder of Marcus Butler!
Haruki: Imprison my mortal body if you wish - as long as I have the enlightened ones in my heart, my soul will be free!

Chief Parker: <Name>, well done putting Marcus Butler's murderer behind bars!
Chief Parker: It seems these so-called Children of the Higher Truth are becoming to indoctrinated, they're now resorting to murder simply to reach the next level in the cult!
Jones: It really makes you worry about Gabriel, doesn't it? He's thrown himself right into the snake pit by pretending to be a devout follower of "The Enlightened One"!
Jones: I really hope we receive word from him soon!

The Moment of Truth (4/6)

Chief Diane Parker: <Name>, I'm starting to get concerned about Gabriel!
Chief Parker: We haven't heard from him since his phone call saying he'd infiltrated The Higher Truth by pretending to be one of their followers!
Jones: I agree, he said he'd be in touch with information he'd discovered about the cult, but for now we know nothing!
Rita: <Name>, I just saw Gabriel!
Jones: What! Where?
Rita: On Church Street! Gabriel was with a bunch of those Higher Truth wackos. They were chanting and moaning away in some kind of cult seance!
Rita: Gabriel spotted me and signaled. I think he was trying to tell me he'd left something there for us!
Jones: In that case, <Name> and I had better check Church Street to see what he left behind!
Gloria: Wait, <Name>, before you leave.... I need your help!
Gloria: Carter... Carter's disappeared!
Jones: Carter's disappeared?! Okay, Gloria, you need to tell <Name> and me everything. Church Street can wait!

Ask Gloria what happened to Carter.
Gloria (sweating): <Name>, I'm going out of my mind! Where could Carter be? He's never disappeared on me before!
Jones: Gloria, take a deep breath and tell us exactly what happened!
Gloria: Well, the Judge came to the precinct earlier with her daughter. She said Olive had to make up for her actions against Marcus.
Gloria: So, I suggested Olive babysit Carter for the afternoon.
Gloria: But they should have been back ages ago and Olive isn't answering her phone!
Gloria: The kids say they were going to the Kraken to play board games, so I called the pub... Apparently they left an hour ago!
Jones: I see, Gloria, I know you're worried, but please try to calm down. Carter's not alone and I'm sure both kids are fine!
Jones: Why don't you and <Name> go check out the bar? Even if they're no longer there, you might still find a clue as to their whereabouts!

Investigate The Kraken.
Gloria: <Name>, did you find anything? Do you know where Carter's gone?
Gloria: Oh, good idea - we know the kids came here to play board games... If we're lucky, they'll have left a useful clue in the box!

Examine Board Game Box.
Gloria: <Name>, you found Olive's diary in that board game box!
Gloria: Now, I know that one should never break the sanctity of a teenage girl's journal, but these are desperate circumstances! Let's send it to Ramirez!

Analyze Olive's Diary.
Gloria: Ramirez, please tell me you found something in Olive's diary that can help us locate Carter!
Ramirez: Well, in between a bunch of song lyrics, questionable poetry, and mutterings about boys, I found an entry about taking the "Ninja Hamster child" to the "Inner Sanctum of the Fallen Tree"!
Gloria: The Ninja Hamster is Carter's favorite cartoon character! Olive has to be referring to him!
Gloria: But I have no idea what the Inner Sanctum of the whatchamacallit Tree is about!
Ramirez: Neither did I, but I did some digging and it turns out it's a place in Xerda, that ancient underground city!
Gloria: My kid's been hanging out in the ruins?! That can't be safe - anything could happen to him out there!
Ramirez: Best not to jump to conclusions just yet! Here, <Name>, I've drawn you a map to their exact location in Xerda!
Gloria: Thank you, Ramirez! <Name>, let's hope Carter and Olive are still there!
Ramirez: By the way, <Name>, when you see Olive, you should tell her that that boy who keeps throwing paper airplanes at her doesn't hate her - he just has a big crush on her!

Later, by the Inner Sanctum of the Fallen Tree...
Gloria: According to Ramirez's map, this is the place Olive mentioned in her diary, <Name>!
Gloria: Carteeeeeeeeeeeeer! Oliiive! WHERE ARE YOU?
Miracle Girl: Hail, <Rank> <Name>!
Gloria: Miracle Girl?
Miracle Girl: Yes, it is I! Might you be on the quest to unearth a duo of undersized Humans?
Gloria: If you mean two children, then we'll need to speak with you right away, Miracle Girl!

Ask Miracle Girl about the missing children.
Gloria: Now, Miracle Girl - tell us everything you know about the two children you mentioned!
Miracle Girl: Earlier, I was surveilling the surroundings with my super-strength eyes, when I perceived two mini-earthlings clambering over the ruins down yonder!
Miracle Girl: I was concerned that they might have been in troublesome circumstances, so I ran to save them!
Miracle Girl: But when I explained to the diminutive manchildren that I would be returning to them to the safe bosoms of their families, they escaped!
Gloria: Oh no, so the children aren't here anymore! Where could they have got to now?
Miracle Girl: I have you let down, <Rank> <Name>. But perhaps I can redeem myself by telling you I overheard the stubby micro-people conversing about the studio of Marcus!
Gloria: Marcus' studio! Could this be where they went next? We'd better head there right away!
Miracle Girl: Here, <Rank> <Name>, take these special energy herbs. They'll give you a superhuman boost to aid you in your momentous quest!

Investigate Comic Artist Studio.
Gloria: Drats, <Name>! No Carter or Olive in sight!
Gloria: But you did find a comic strip with a character saying "Carter, GO!". Did the kids draw this?
Gloria: Let's retrieve the rest of that strip, pronto!

Examine Faded Drawing.
Gloria: I can't believe it, <Name>! Here I am, pulling my hair out, and the kids have been drawing comic book versions of themselves!
Gloria: I have to admit it's pretty cute, but sti-
Carter (with Olive): Oh hi, Mom!
Gloria: Carter, Olive! There you are! Are you alright?
Carter: Yeah! We've been having so much fun!
Gloria: So, you're fine. In that case, we're going to have a SERIOUS discussion, young man!

Find out what Carter and Olive have been up to.
Carter: Mom, I've had the most AWESOME time! Can Olive babysit again? Pleeeeease?
Gloria: Carter, Olive, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! You were supposed to be back at the precinct hours ago!
Olive: I'm so sorry, Mrs Hayes! We just got so carried away pretending to be Miracle Girl and chasing bad guys in the Xerdan ruins!
Olive: And then Carter said he wanted us to draw the next Miracle Girl adventure, starring us! So I took him to Marcus' studio. 
Gloria: So, what you're saying is that you both went running amok on unsafe ancient ruins, and then broke into a dead man's studio just so you could have some fun?!
(Carter and Olive stand, speechless.)
Gloria: Carter, you are going to be grounded for a VERY long time. And Olive, rest assured that I'm going to be having a very candid word with your mother!
Carter: We're really sorry, Mom. But, look - we made this for <Rank> <Name>. Are we forgiven now?

Investigate Church Street.
Jones: <Name>, this box has The Higher Truth symbol on it. Could Gabriel have left this for us?
Jones: Let's open the box and find out!

Examine Higher Truth Box.
Jones: Hmm, there's a bunch of papers in that box, <Name>, and each one's got a bizarre message on it!
Jones: Look at the first one, "The jibbly squibbler cares not for the sleepy wolf..." Sounds like a load of mumbo jumbo to me!
Jones: You're right, <Name> - the notes may be gibberish, but they don't sound like the usual cult nonsense...
Jones: ... which means this must be what Gabriel left for us! Did the clever dude write us messages in code? Let's get it to Cathy, quick!

Analyze Coded Messages.
Cathy: <Name>, you were right! Gabriel did write the notes you found on Church Street!
Jones: Great! How were you able to tell, Cathy?
Cathy: Gabriel and I chat all the time about our favorite codes, which is why I instantly recognized the one he used in his supposedly crazy messages!
Cathy: For instance, "jibbly" means "event", "squibbler" is cult, and so on and so forth.
Cathy: Anyway, according to Gabriel, the cult is actually a series of concentric circles. You start out in the outermost circle...
Cathy: ... and if you're very devout - or very rich - you move progressively closer to the innermost circle, where Steven Crowe awaits!
Cathy: Gabriel's already managed to get to the third level, which means he is now privy to some interesting information, including mention of a "big event" that's about to go down in The Higher Truth!
Cathy: But he says he needs more time to get to a level where he can find out more about what this event is actually about!
Jones: So, something big's about to go down? This sounds ominous! I wish we could find out more about what the cult is planning!
Jones: Oh, you're right, <Name> - Marcus' killer, Haruki Kato, is a member of The Higher Truth. If he's in a higher circle than Gabriel then he might have more information about the big event. We need to interrogate him!

Question Haruki about The Higher Truth event.
Jones: Haruki, we know The Higher Truth is about to do something big, and you're going to tell us exactly what it is!
Haruki: Ohhhhh yes, something spectacular is coming our way, <Rank> <Name>!
Haruki: But I have no idea what it is...
Jones: Don't lie to us, Haruki!
Haruki: I'm telling the truth! Only the Highest of the High know what is to come!
Haruki: The only thing the rest of us underlings were told was that it is going to be GLORIOUS!
Haruki: I can't believe I'll be stuck in this prison cell instead of being a part of it!
Jones: Haruki, you're actions are to blame for you being stuck in this prison cell! And talking of which, we're taking back the money you stole from your victim!

Jones: Well, <Name>. I guess this explains why Gabriel hasn't been able to find anything - only Steven Crowe and his close entourage know what the cult's got planned!
Jones: I guess we can only hope Gabriel gets some answers soon, <Name>!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: <Name>, I'm still so furious with Carter! And so is his dad, who's going to make sure he stays grounded until he makes up for what he did!
Judge Powell: Officer Hayes, I heard my daughter went AWOL with your son. I cannot apologize enough for her wayward behavior!
Judge Powell: Rest assured, she'll have learned her lesson by the time I'm done with her!
Gloria: Thank you, Judge Powell. But, look, in the end, Carter was alright, and I get the impression Olive meant well and was just trying to entertain him in her own unique way!
Judge Powell: Olive is a unique... handful, that's for sure! I shall be keeping a very close eye on her from now on!
(Judge Powell leaves.)
Gloria: Well, that's the wayward children sorted! Now, <Name>, have you got any news on Gabriel?
Jones: Yes, he left us a message saying The Higher Truth has "something big" planned, but we don't know what it is yet!
Jones: <Name>, I know we're still hoping Gabriel will figure it out, but we'd better be ready to step in at a moment's notice! Whatever the cult's got planned, it won't be good!

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