Coleen Truman was the victim in Easy Prey (Case #7 of Pacific Bay).



Bay Area Bank, Coleen's bank.

Coleen was an Ocean Shore banker who represented the Bay Area Bank and sported reading glasses, a standard businesswoman suit with a slightly unbuttoned dress shirt, and had a Bay Area Bank name tag affixed to her business coat. Coleen also sported short blonde hair and green eyes and wore earrings on her ears.

Murder details

Amy and the player found Coleen shot in the stomach in the Gator Land park. They sent her body to Roxie, who deduced that the bullet came from a hunting rifle. She also remarked that with a shot from far away hitting with such precision, the killer had to have practiced rifle shooting.

Later, the team found the rifle in the bedroom of an abandoned cabin. After registering it as the murder weapon, they sent a pink substance they found on the rifle to Yann, who identified it as a wart-treating cream transferred onto the rifle when the killer held it close to their face while shooting. This meant that the killer had warts.

Relationship with suspects


Gator Land, the park Coleen wanted to demolish.

Coleen was planning to destroy the abandoned Gator Land park and establish a Kauf Mart mall on it. She lied to Bayou construction worker Steve Bundy, saying that the bank was planning to refurbish it. Vanessa Kimmel had made a gris-gris doll of Coleen to protect her from all the people in the Bayou she had made angry in the hopes that Coleen would take her to the city, but Coleen ripped the doll and called her a loser. Meanwhile, Coleen bribed Bayou cop Harvey Fitchner to protect her from the enemies she was making. One of her enemies was Alec Howard, from whom Coleen tried to buy Gator Land for one dollar. Another was steamboat driver Shelly Dulard, who Coleen made fun of for her weight and her lifestyle.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Steve.

Upon admitting to the murder, Steve revealed that he knew of Coleen's plans to destroy Kauf Mart before the team told them of it. When he tried to tell her to leave the Bayou alone, she zapped him with a stun gun. Knowing that she was not going to stop, Steve decided to kill her with a rifle bullet to the stomach. Judge Dante sentenced him to life in prison for the murder.

In the aftermath of the trial, Amy informed the player that Bay Area Bank had successfully bought Gator Land from Alec.

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