Coin icon.png

Coins are in-game currency that the player can use in Criminal Case.

The coin bar

Screenshot of the coin bar.

The coin bar is located at the top-right corner of the screen (beside the cash bar), and is represented by a counter as the amount of coins in hand.


The player can use coins to do the following things:

Obtaining coins

The player can earn coins by:

  • investigating a crime scene;
  • receiving lucky finds from a Police Pet;
  • receiving through the Daily Bonus;
  • collecting coins from friends' timelines (1,000 per claim; the quota is 3 times a day);
  • purchasing them with cash;
  • claiming coin-related Daily Gifts from the Criminal Case App Page on Facebook;
  • completing certain parts of a case;
  • receiving a certain amount of coins as a reward in the Additional Investigation of a case;
  • exchanging 2 stars after finishing an Additional Investigation;
  • random teammate bonus (only in Criminal Case: Travel in Time).


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