Claudia Pulchra was the killer of her mother, noblewoman Flavia Pulchra, in When in Rome (Case #3 of Travel in Time).


Claudia is a 17-year-old Vestal Virgin and the daughter of the victim with green eyes, brown hair tied into braids under a red infula and vittaes, a beauty spot under her left eye and another one on her right cheek. She is seen wearing a white stola with shoulder straps and red lining, along with a red belt. It is known that Claudia drinks Pompeian wine, uses body oil and reads Catullus.

Height 5'7"
Age 17
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Claudia became a suspect after Jack and the player found his bulla and identified her as the victim's daughter. Jack told her that her mother had been murdered, making her wonder who could have committed such a terrible act. She then told the team that she knew of no one who would wish Flavia harm.

Claudia was spoken to again about her anger toward her mother. She confessed to the team that she never wanted to be a priestess and that she had only been forced to become a Vestal Virgin by her mother. She complained about the restrictions that came with her title and told the team that her mother never cared for her.

In the end, it was proven that Claudia was Flavia's killer. Claudia had already hated her mother for forcing her to become a Vestal. During her confession, she admitted that Great Consul Octavian had sympathized with her and promised to marry her and break her free of her priestess life if she killed her mother. The team then took her to Octavian, who banished her from Rome, betraying her.


  • Claudia’s last name, Pulchra, translates to "Beautiful" in English.
  • As Claudia turns out to be the killer of her mother at the climax of her murder investigation, she is one of the killers in Travel in Time to commit domestic homicide.
  • Outside the Criminal Case universe, Claudia Pulchra was a Patrician woman of Ancient Rome who lived during the reigns of the Roman emperors Octavian and Tiberius.

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