Claire Bell, acting as a minor character in Criminal Case, appeared in a flashback during the events of Ashes to Ashes (Case #55 of Grimsborough).


Claire was a Pilgrim woman who lived in the 1600s in colonial Grimsborough and sported a pilgrim woman's suit. Claire sported the same hairstyle her descendant Constance Bell has.

Events of Criminal Case

Claire only had a brief appearance and/or mention in the team's investigation of Tess Goodwin's murder, and that was moments before the execution of Mary Goodwin.

Morgan Goodwin rushed to the police station fearing for her life since she would be killed the same way Tess was due to Morgan knowing about the real reason why Mary was killed, and mentioned about Mary receiving help from Claire moments before her execution, but the team told Morgan to remain in the police station to prevent the Crimson Order from offing her since Morgan could hold secrets the team needed to help them arrest the Crimson Order. Alas the team went to Constance to inquire about Mary receiving help from Claire.

Mary thanked Claire for coming to Mary's aid moments before her execution even though it was dangerous but Claire knew that the Crimson Order was about to kill Mary as authorities. So in order to ensure the Crimson Order's guilt was revealed when the time was right, Mary told Claire to do a favor and retrieve Mary's notes in the docks. When Claire found it, she preserved it safely to prevent the Crimson Order from taking wind of Claire's involvement with Mary Goodwin. Four centuries passed, and when the team consulted Constance about Claire tendering to Mary moments before the execution, Constance handed Mary's notes (the same ones Claire held on to alongside generations of the Bell family) to the team, so this way Jones and the player could continue investigating further to expose the Crimson Order's grand guilt.

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