You committed matricide to protect your dynasty? That makes absolutely no sense!
—Clémentine Lebrun

Judge Clémentine Lebrun is a recurring character featured in Season 8 of Criminal Case. She also made a quasi-suspect appearance in Murder à la Mode (Case #2 of City of Romance) and minor appearances in Beastly Behavior (Case #7 of City of Romance) and Slay it with Flowers (Case #15 of City of Romance) outside her role as a judge.


Lebrun is a 42-year-old Paris judge and Hugo's ex-wife. She has blue eyes, dirty blonde hair tied back in a bun and a mole to the right of her nose. She wears a standard judge's robe with a white ruffled collar. She sports gold-rimmed half-moon spectacles and pink lipstick. She is occasionally seen holding a brown gavel in her right hand.

Height 5'7"
Age 42
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Murder à la Mode

After arresting Sébastien Lefebvre's killer, Hugo told Carrie and the player that the woman he was divorcing was Judge Lebrun and that he had lost the divorce papers that he was supposed to fill out and deliver to her that day. After finding the papers and consulting with High Commissioner Delacroix, Hugo and the player gave the divorce papers to Judge Lebrun. She was pleasantly surprised that Hugo had gotten the papers together in time and told him that the divorce did not mean that they could not be friends. She then told Hugo that she would see him in court.

Beastly Behavior

After arresting Jackson Peacock's killer, Enzo and the player went with Émile to meet his date under the online username "LawGirl21" at Oh La Vache café. To their shock, they found out that LawGirl21 was, in fact, Judge Lebrun, Hugo's ex-wife. With the revelation, the two then ended their relationships out of respect for Hugo. After Émile reported to Hugo about this, Hugo was saddened at the fact that Clémentine had moved on from him so soon.


Name Case Sentence
Alexis Cardinot Corpse Chic 27 years in jail
Juliette Segal Murder à la Mode 35 years in jail
Candy Wu Making the Cut 15 years in jail
Louis d'Anjou Party Like It's 1699 Life in jail
Simone Lemaitre Death by Design 35 years in jail
Jacques Lelarge The Show Must Go On 40 years in jail
Kiki Kloss Beastly Behavior 12 years in jail
Didier Soucy Dressed to Be Killed 20 years in jail with mandatory psychological counseling
Kasongo Badu Die in the Sky 15 years in jail
Howard Stacy Juggling With Death 37 years in jail
Mark Hammerstein A Priceless Murder 25 years in jail
Marcel Clapet Inglorious Batard 15 years in jail
Mélodie Laurence Queen of Hearts 23 years in jail with mandatory psychiatric evaluation
Noémie Leprince Out with a Bang 8 years in jail
Nicole Abitbol Slay it with Flowers 50 years in jail
Roland Nanty Early Checkout 16 years in jail
Eleonora Macaron It All Comes to a Head Life in jail


The player may choose Judge Lebrun to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any case in City of Romance) and provide hint bonuses. She is available as a 5-hint partner. (This feature is only available in the mobile variant of Criminal Case)


  • Per her and Hugo's divorce papers, Judge Lebrun's birthday falls on July 3rd 1978.

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