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Isaac Bontemps: <Rank> <Name>, the World Exhibition will be opening soon! I hope we can put the unpleasantness of the last murder behind us and enjoy the day.
Isaac: The theme of exhibition's first day is hobbies and entertainment! One of the inventors has created an anthropomorphic self-operating machine that plays chess!
Isaac: I am proud to say that my friend, Casper Rove, who happens to be youngest chess master in the world, was invited to play against it!
Isaac: It's hard to believe that Rove will be going up against the first ever machine to play chess., the Chessmaton... And he and I have been playing chess games through letters for years!
Isaac: Surely, a machine would could never beat a human in chess, but either way it will be an historic day, and no mistake!
Evie: <Name>, there's been another murder at the World Exhibition! They need you right now!
Isaac: Another murder?!
Evie: Yes, a body has been found on the movie set there! You must hurry!

Chapter 1

Investigate Movie Set.
Isaac Bontemps: Oh no! Is this Casper? He's been shot straight through the heart!
Isaac: Casper Rove, my friend, the world's youngest chess master... I cannot believe that anyone would want to hurt him...
Isaac: Have you found anything that could explain why or how this happened?
Isaac: The bloody paper must be clue, I agree! We need to retrieve the faded text on it!
Isaac: And you're right, <Name>! Anything we find at this stage could be helpful. Could you piece this broken copper plate back together?
Isaac: Anything to find out who did this to my young friend...

Examine Metal Pieces.
Isaac: Why this metal plaque you pieced together is a patent sign for the Chessmaton! That's the invention which has to was set to play a chess match with Casper!
Isaac: The plaque says a certain Celine Georges owns the right to the chessmaton. e must ask her now this ended up on our crime scene!

Ask Celine Georges why her patent was on the crime scene.
Isaac: Miss Celine Georges? We found the patent sign for your Chessmaton next to the body of Casper Rove! Do you have any idea how it arrived here?
Celine: The BODY of Casper Rove? He's dead?! C'est terrible!
Celine: Who will play chess against my creation now? Only the best player in the world would do and he's dead!
Isaac: Your concern is touching, Miss Georges, but you haven't answered our question. How did your patent end up in the crime scene?
Celine: I have been working on that film set frequently, it's full of my inventions!
Celine: Voyons, if you think I'm the suspect, you can have a look around my booth. I've got nothing to hide!
Isaac: We shall do exactly that. <Name>, let's have a look around this booth!

Investigate Automaton Booth.
Isaac: Quite right, <Name>! This initials on this bag are Casper Rove's!
Isaac: My poor friend. I never thought his belongings would become clues for us rummage through... But it must be done!
Isaac: What is this note you found? It says: "Casper - Either way, YOU LOSE!" That's clear threat!
Isaac: I say, you're right! Perhaps the logo on the paper might give us the name of the sender! Let's have a look at our archives!

Examine Logo.
Isaac: The logo on the threat to Casper belongs to the inventor Stanley Spark! Excellent work, <Name>!
Isaac: I've heard of this Spark characters... He owns Spark Industries! He's half inventor, half ruthless businessman, or so say the papers...
Isaac: <Name>, let us us find out why this Stanley Spark would threaten my friend!

Question Stanley Spark about his threat to the victim.
Isaac: Mr Spark, <Rank> <Name> has found an unsettling note that you wrote to Casper Rove... You are aware that he was murdered today?
Stanley: Yes, it is very sad too see such a young life gone early, through one day human chess players will be obsolete anyway...
Isaac: What a strange notion! Why, pray tell, would you ever think of such a thing?!
Stanley: Machines are the future, old chap! Soon, humans won't need to worry about such foolishness!
Isaac: Chess? Foolish? It is one of the highest intellectual pursuits a human can undertake!
Stanley: Humans can attain far loftier goals than shuttling little pieces of wood around a board! And with the help of machines, might I add!
Stanley: Besides, there is no way on this earth that Casper Rove could have beat that automaton! Its mind is pure logic!
Stanley: And, even if he did beat this machine, one day a machine will beat human at this game,. At all games! Either way, he loses! That note was to be sure Casper knew it!
Isaac: I am sorry that you hold this noble game, and you fellow human beings, in such a low esteem, Mr Spark!

Examine Locked Journal.
Isaac: How sad to be looking through Casper's satchel. When I think that I shall never receive another chess puzzle from him...
Isaac: Quite right, <Name>! I must stay focused. Who is the woman in the photograph you found in his bag? I shall read the back of the photo.
Isaac: Her name is Colette Eckhardt and she wrote: "Casper, you are my champion! See you at the expo! Forever yours..."
Isaac: "Forever yours," this Colette says... That does hint at some lever of attraction between these two young people... Funny, Casper never mentioned her!
Isaac: Either way, this message makes it clear Miss Eckhardt is here at the exhibition!

Ask Colette Eckhardt about her note to the victim.
Isaac: Miss Eckhardt, we were looking through the belongings of Casper Rove and found your photograph-
Colette: Looking through his belongings? How dare you?!
Isaac: My dear, we're investigating his murder. This is part of the procedure if we are to find his killer...
Colette: Casper? He was murdered?!
Colette: Whatever shall I do without my champion? He was my reason for living!
Isaac: You will carry on with dignity and grace, which is all any of us can do...

Examine Bloody Paper.
Isaac: The faded paper you dusted was an equation! Is the solution to that scribbled equation "Death", <Name>? No wonder it was covered in blood!
Isaac: I suggest that we take this mathematical dilemma to Charlie. Perhaps he'll understand it...

Analyze Formula.
Charles: Well, <Name>, the equation you "solved" with your dusting kit wouldn't normally have "death" as a solution...
Charles: Usually, the solution is R, which stands for the horizontal range of a projectile...
Isaac: The horizontal range of a projectile... and Casper was shot! <Name>, this is proof that we're onto the killer!
Charles: And they used science to plan their murder! Physic, to be exact!
Isaac: A killer who knows their physic... They may think they're smart, <Name>, but we're smarter! They'll need quite a lot of horizontal range to escape you!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick: Hello, <Name>, Isaac, I am sorry that you found your friend in this state... I have done my best to get as much information as I could to help...
Dick: The cause of death is going to sound weird, but... Your friend died from a bishop piece to the heart.
Isaac: A bishop piece? Are you saying someone used it as a bullet?
Dick: No. The velocity needed to send a chess piece through skin, fat and muscle greatly exceeds anything a gun could have archived!
Dick: This had to have been a special propulsion devise, perhaps something an inventor has cooked up for the exhibition!
Isaac: Noted! We will keep a vigilant eye for any propulsive inventions...
Dick: And you may want to keep an eye open for anyone who seems particularly alert!
Dick: The bishop piece I extracted from Casper Rove's heart held traces of epresso grinds!
Dick: Your killer enjoys strong Italian coffee!
Dick: <Name>, a case of the caffeine jitters will be the least of the killer's worries now!

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: Casper Rove... such a brilliant mind, and gone so young...
Isaac: Some miscreant shot him right in the heart with a bishop chess piece! The very thought!
Isaac: I understand Miss Eckhardt' headache... But you are quite right, <Name>! I must not be swayed by sentimentality. We have been fooled by doting ladies in the past past.
Isaac: As for those inventors, Stanley Spark and Celine Georges, we ought to keep close eye on them. Claiming that machines might replace humans as chess masters... Balderdash!
Evie: <Name>! Are you ready to go to the World Exhibition opening?
Isaac: They're going forward with the opening ceremony? But we're in the middle of a murder investigation!

Chapter 2

Isaac Bontemps: Casper Rove... such a dear friend and brilliant mind, gone so young. Killed by a bishop chess piece to the heart!
Isaac: This was supposed to be such an exciting day for Casper! He was to be the first human to play chess against a machine, but look where it got him...
Evie: <Name>, are you ready to go to the World Exhibition opening?
Isaac: What?! They're going forward with the opening ceremony?! But we're in the middle of a murder investigation!
Isaac: <Name>, we need to go back to the exhibition straight away!

At the World Exhibition entrance...
Cornelius (holding a pair of giant scissors): ...And so it is with great pleasure that I declare this World Exhibition-
Isaac: Sir, please stop! We have an active murder investigation underway! You cannot open the exhibition!
Cornelius: I thought the case was solved! Why isn't it solved?
Isaac: We haven't got all the evidence we need to find the killer yet! And we'll never be able to solve the murder if you open the exhibition to the public!
Cornelius: That is disappointing! The people of Concordia are so looking forward to the exhibition. I refuse to make them wait much longer!
Isaac: Never fear, Mayor, with <Rank> <Name> on this case, the Concordian Flying Squad will not let you or this city down!
Isaac: We shall get back on the case right away, starting with a closer look at the entrance to the exhibition!

Investigate Exhibition Entrance.
Isaac: <Name>, please tell me you found something around the entrance that can help us find Casper's killer!
Isaac: You're right, that locked crate seems out of place. Can you crack that lock?
Isaac: This appears to be a torn advertisement of some sort. From what I have seen so far, trusting your instincts pays off, <Name>! You can piece together this puzzle!
Isaac: We will make headway in this case and find Casper's killer, or my name isn't Isaac Bontemps!

Examine Locked Crate.
Isaac: What on earth is the device you found in that crate? It appears to be a cross between a cannon and a telescope!
Isaac: I agree, we should take this device to Rose post-haste!

Analyze Strange Device.
Rose: Oh, <Name>, it's you. I almost didn't hear you come in!
Rose: In fact, I haven't heard much of anything since I tested the device you discovered in that crate! Did it ever go off with a bang!
Isaac: With a bang? Could this be what the killer used to shoot Casper?
Rose: Without a doubt, this is your murder weapon! Before I could test this propulsion device, I had to remove three other bishop chess pieces from the chamber!
Rose: So not only is there a chess set in Concordia with no bishops... but the killer will have significant hearing loss!
Isaac: We shall keep an ear out, so to speak, for a killer who is hard of hearing!
Isaac: And you're quite right, <Name>! This device reminds me of the contraptions we've seen in the automaton booth! We should have another look there!

Investigate Automaton Stall.
Isaac: <Name>, this locked journal has a king chess piece on its cover! It could hold useful information for the case. Please open it quickly!
Isaac: That's a very strange contraption... And it's covered with some kind of brown dust. Perhaps a sample will help us figure out what this is!
Isaac: And... while I agree that this child's drawing is in an unusual place, I'm not sure what you're hoping to uncover with your dusting kit! Still, let us have a closer look!

Examine Steel Cylinder.
Isaac: Lifting a sample of that brown powder from the metal cylinder has uncovered Celine Georges' name!
Isaac: This contraption must belong to Miss Georges... but I confess I fail to see what makes this suspicious.
Isaac: You're right, <Name>. Now that we have a sample of that powder, we ought to have a closer look at it.

Examine Dark Powder.
Isaac: So the brown powder on Celine Georges' cylinder was espresso!
Isaac: This doesn't tell us the purpose of this contraption, but it does tell us its owner drinks espresso, like our killer!
Isaac: I agree, <Name>! It's time to talk to Celine Georges again!

Interrogate Miss Georges about the metal cylinder.
Isaac: Miss Georges, may we have a word?
Isaac: Miss Georges?
Celine: Oh my goodness! I didn't hear you! Must be all those years working with metal!
Isaac: Speaking of working with metal, this cylinder is one of your inventions, I suppose?
Celine: Yes... It's part of the Chessmaton. It's the cylinder which reads the programming sheets that tell the automaton the angles and range of its motions. Physics stuff!
Isaac: And why is it not currently in the Chessmaton?
Celine: Because I caught Casper having a look at it, trying to figure out how my machine would react during the chess game!
Celine: I knew he couldn't understand any of it, but I decided to change the patterns all the same. I couldn't afford for my chessmaton to lose just because Casper had cheated!
Celine: This had to be a fair competition! My reputation is on the line!
Isaac: I understand your concerns about this match, but if you killed Casper Rove to protect your reputation, you'll have far bigger problems!

Examine Locked Journal.
Isaac: You unlocked the journal! What was inside?
Isaac: Why, these are chess moves! This is the endgame Casper used to become a world champion!
Isaac: But this is not his handwriting... And it seems to be a study of a potential match, not notes of an existing game...
Isaac: And what is this note? "Casper + Colette" This doesn't seem to have anything to do with chess... Perhaps Miss Eckhardt will know!

Ask Miss Eckhardt about the chess journal.
Isaac: Miss Eckhardt, we found some chess notes with a little message: "Casper + Colette"...
Colette: I'm sorry, could you repeat that?
Isaac: I said, we found a note saying "Casper + Colette" in a book of chess plays...
Colette: Casper wrote this? So he really did love me!
Isaac: My dear girl, I know Casper's handwriting... This message was not written by him. I believe you wrote it.
Isaac: Did you create this match? Is this your work?
Colette: Why, of course not! That's Casper's journal! That's all his genius!
Isaac: Miss Eckhardt, I do not know why you would try to hide your authorship of such an elegant endgame!
Colette: Bron Sklar didn't think it was very elegant when I showed it to him after he invited me out for espresso before the world championship...
Isaac: Never mind Mr Sklar! You gave this endgame to Casper and it made him a champion! Didn't you feel even just a little upset that he took your work and won?
Colette: Oh no! Not at all. It was better for everyone that Casper be the champion in my place!
Isaac: That is selfless, to say the least. But, perhaps, the sacrifice was more of a burden than you had bargained for, Miss Eckhardt...

Examine Child's Drawing.
Isaac: A child drew a naive little picture of himself and Casper! The child's name is Jude... How did he even know Casper?
Jude: We played together. Casper was my friend...
Isaac: Oh, hallo! Are you the Jude from this drawing? You know, Casper was my friend, too. If you don't mind, we'd love to talk to you about him.

Question Jude Jenkins about his friendship.
Isaac: So, young man, you say that Casper Rove was your friend?
Jude: Yes! I met him at the park and he taught me to play chess! It was the first time a grown-up took an interest in me!
Isaac: What do you mean? Surely your parents talk to you?
Jude: They died in the big fire... Since then, I've been on my own...
Jude: Sometimes it's lonely. I almost started thinking I was turning invisible...
Isaac: Why, that's heartbreaking, Jude...
Jude: But then Casper asked me if I wanted to learn to play chess! He sneaked me into the exhibition. I was going to watch him play the automaton!
Jude: Except that he's gone now... I guess I'll go back to being invisible... Will you find who killed him, <Rank> <Name>?
Isaac: Yes, we will! Thank you for your help, Jude. And remember, you are not invisible to us!

Examine Torn Poster.
Isaac: Why, the man in that poster is Bron Sklar, the famous chess master!
Isaac: What do you mean, you've never heard of him? That man is a national treasure! And he's right here in Concordia, probably to watch Casper play!
Isaac: We must go speak with Mr Sklar at once. He could have more information about Casper's last moments!

Ask Bron Sklar about the victim.
Isaac: Mr Sklar, may I say what an honor it is to meet you. I only wish it could have been under different circumstances...
Bron: I know... My heart is filled with sadness. Casper was my pupil, you know...
Bron: I was looking forward to seeing the student surpass his master... Now, that day will never come. I will miss our challenges and our conversations...
Isaac: When did you last speak to Casper?
Bron: Last night. I invited him to a physics talk to cool his nerves before the big match, but he said he needed an early night.
Bron: I approved, of course. Even though the Chessmaton could never beat a human, the match was real and every opponent must be treated with respect.
Isaac: Casper learned much from you, Mr Sklar. We shall contact you again if the necessity arises.

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: I don't know, <Name>... Someone shot my friend, Casper Rover, right in the heart with a bishop chess piece, and we're no closer to finding the killer!
Isaac: It pains me to admit he might've given Miss Georges a motive to kill him by unsportingly snooping around the Chessmaton.
Isaac: And it appears that Miss Eckhardt should be world chess champion as she gave Casper the move that secured his title!
Isaac: Perhaps I did not know Casper as well as I thought I did...
Celine: <Rank> <Name>, I demand that you return my property to me immediately!
Isaac: Your property, Miss Georges? The Chessmaton is not here...
Celine: My projectile launcher! Someone saw you remove it from the exhibition grounds!
Isaac: You're talking about that propulsion device <Rank> <Name> found? Are you saying you built the murder weapon?!

Chapter 3

Isaac Bontemps: Oh, <Name>... someone shot my friend, Casper Rove, right in the heart with a bishop chess piece, and we're no closer to finding the killer!
Isaac: It pains me to admit he might've given Miss Georges a motive to kill him by unsportingly snooping around the Chessmaton.
Celine: <Rank> <Name>, I demand that you return my property to me immediately!
Isaac: Your property, Miss Georges? The Chessmaton is not here...
Celine: My projectile launcher! Someone saw you remove it from the exhibition grounds!
Isaac: You're talking about that propulsion device <Name> found? Are you saying you built the murder weapon?!
Celine: I didn't build a killing machine! I built a launcher that someone ELSE used as a murder weapon!
Isaac: In that case, what was the launcher's original purpose?
Celine: I created it for a visual effect in the film being produced at the exhibition! I never thought it would be used in any other way!
Isaac: We have yet to prove that, Miss Georges! And until we do, we must ask that you stay clear of the film set!
(Celine leaves.)
Isaac: Quite right, <Name>! If the killer got the weapon from the film set, then we must go there again!

Investigate Movie Stage.
Isaac: This paper you found reads: "B to e7#!" This is the final move from the Immortal Game played by Anderssen vs. Kieseritzky in London in 1851!
Isaac: Perhaps your dusting kit could reveal the rest of the message on the paper!
Isaac: And this safe doesn't seem to be part of the film set. Please put your unlocking skills to the test again!
Isaac: I agree, <Name>! Something important may be hidden in this box of film equipment!
Isaac: I know the opening of the World Exhibition is important, but this case is personal to me... We must capture Casper's killer!

Examine Faded Paper.
Isaac: AHA! The full message you uncovered reads: "Be bold, Casper! B to e7#! Regards, Bron."
Isaac: So the master was suggesting chess moves to his pupil, Casper...
Isaac: It seems that Mr Sklar was not so sure that his student would surpass him... We must ask for an explanation!

Question Mr Sklar about his note to the victim.
Isaac: Mr Sklar, <Rank> <Name> found a note you wrote to Casper Rove, reminding him of the 1851 Immortal Game in London and-
Bron: Goodness me, this ringing in my ears! I can barely hear a thing! What are you saying?
Isaac: We found a note you wrote to Casper telling him-
Bron: Oh, the note! I only wanted to help him. He could never have beat the automaton on his own...
Isaac: We thought you had faith in your pupil, Mr Sklar... He was to outshine you, was he not?
Bron: I did have faith, until I learned that some flibbertigibbet gave him his championship winning moves!
Isaac: I see. Well, I still had faith in him. And I have faith that we shall find his killer, whosoever they may be! Good day, sir!

Examine Safe.
Isaac: There was a ledger inside that safe! Let us see what's inside!
Isaac: The ledger is filled with coded numbers and names... I'm afraid I have no idea what this all means!
Isaac: But look! Spark's name is on the list! <Name>, we had better decipher this code post-haste!

Examine Coded Message.
Isaac: What do these numbers you deciphered next to Spark's name mean, I wonder... Our Evelyn will know, and no mistake! Let's hurry them over to her!

Analyze Set of Numbers.
Evie: The numbers you drew from this ledger told quite a story, <Name>!
Evie: The ledger clearly belonged to a bookie. It held bets for the Chessmaton match!
Isaac: People were betting on chess?! Is there no honor left?
Evie: I don't know... but Stanley Spark bet 3,000 Concordian shillings on the Chessmaton against all odds!
Isaac: That's a huge bet... but we already know that Spark thought the machine would win.
Evie: I wouldn't be so sure! The ledger shows that Spark cancelled his bet against Casper at the last minute!
Isaac: That's strange... In the odds that the Chessmaton won, Spark stood to win quite a lot. Why would he cancel?
Isaac: I agree, <Name>! We must interrogate Mr Spark at once about why he cancelled his bet!

Ask Mr Spark why he cancelled his wager against the victim.
Isaac: Mr Spark, <Rank> <Name> discovered a ledger that held some interesting information about a cancelled bet against Casper Rove.
Stanley: So I had money on the Chessmaton! I have never minced my words. I think that machine can best any human player!
Isaac: No, we're talking about how you CANCELLED the bet!
Stanley: I'm sorry? Cancelled? Ever since that combustion engine accident three years ago, my hearing comes and goes...
Stanley: Quite right, though, I DID cancel that bet!
Stanley: I was at the exhibition espresso bar, you see... And I overheard Casper may have gained an unfair advantage over the Chessmaton...
Stanley: You don't have to know the equation for uniform motion to know that the bet was no longer a safe one...
Isaac: You stood to win a lot of money, Mr Spark. Did you make Casper pay for his interference?
Stanley: Never! I cancelled my bet and moved on! I'm a genius inventor, not a madman! Who has time for revenge?

Examine Film Equipment.
Isaac: That cap doesn't feel like it belongs in this box of film equipment, <Name>.
Isaac: Oh dear, that cap belongs to Jude...
Isaac: He was at the crime scene, the poor lad... I hope he did not see anything too gruesome... We must ask young Jude why he was on the film set!

Ask Jude why he was at the crime scene.
Isaac: Hello again, young man. <Rank> <Name> and I have a few more questions for you...
Jude: Oh, you found my cap! I thought I'd lost it for good!
Isaac: Yes, Jude, we did find your cap, but it was on the film set where Casper was murdered. You never said you went there.
Jude: Um... oh... I didn't tell you... We were playing all around the exhibition after he sneaked me in...
Jude: And there was a box full of fun things from the film set. There were hats and wigs and... and swords...
Jude: And... and... we pretended to fight with the swords and I pretended to stab him in the heart...
Jude (crying): But the sword was fake, I swear! I didn't kill him!
Isaac: Oh Jude, don't be afraid... We know you didn't kill Casper with the fake sword...
Isaac: Thank you for your time. And take heart, <Rank> <Name> will find Casper's killer!

Later, at the entrance...
Isaac: <Name>, we are so close! But we still don't have enough to solve this murder!
Isaac: I feel like I'm letting Casper down...
Isaac: And with the Mayor so keen on opening the exhibition, our time is running short!
Isaac: If we cannot catch this killer soon, not only will I have failed my friend, but we'll have failed the city as well!
Isaac: But you're right, <Name>, I cannot give up so easily! We found the murder weapon right here, at the entrance. Perhaps there are more clues to finally catch this killer!

Investigate Direction Panel.
Isaac: Capital idea, <Name>! A look through the rubbish bin at the entrance would not go amiss! The killer may have tried to dispose of something there!
Isaac: And what is this open chess set doing here?
Isaac: My word! The bishops are all missing!
Isaac: Yes, <Name>, I remember! Not only did Dick find a bishop in Casper's chest, but Rose also found three more inside the murder weapon!
Isaac: This means that this chess set must belong to Casper's killer!
Isaac: And there's a strange substance where the bishops used to be! Please collect a sample as fast as you can, <Name>!

Examine Chess Set.
Isaac: Excellent work, <Name>! Now let us get the sample you collected from the killer's chess set to Viola, on the double!

Analyze Dark Substance.
Viola: "Of armies on the chequer'd field array'd... And guiltless war in pleasing form display'd..."
Isaac: "When two bold kings contend with vain alarms... In ivory this, and that in ebon arms..." Yes, Sir William Jones was quite the poet!
Isaac: I suppose you're quoting this because of the chess set, but what about the substance <Name> collected from it?
Viola: The substance is a lubricant for metal parts, like machinery... It's mostly lard-based, but with some coal mixed in...
Viola: The killer must have used the lubricant on the propulsion device.
Viola: And considering the stain on the chess set, your messy killer definitely sports a hefty oil stain on their clothes!
Isaac: So we're looking for a killer with a visible oil stain! Well, <Name>, that narrows down our list of suspects!

Examine Trash Can.
Isaac: What is this lovely piece of engraved metal that you located in the trash?
Isaac: Between this portrait of the father of the Laws of Motion and the spattered blood... I agree, this must belong to our killer!
Isaac: Let's get his piece of metal to Viola immediately and learn more about it!

Analyze Metallic Circle.
Viola: Hello, <Name>! This masterpiece of metal engraving gave me several bits of salient information!
Viola: Firstly, the blood that had verily seeped into the etchings did indeed belong to the victim!
Viola: Secondly, notice the hinge on the side of the piece of metal... It was a pocket watch cover!
Isaac: So our killer is wearing a pocket watch without a cover! Well, <Name>, one of the suspects has most certainly run out of time!

After completing all the tasks...
Isaac: Thanks to you, <Name>, we have all the evidence we need to put Casper's killer behind bars! Let us not waste a moment!

Take care of the killer now!
Isaac: Bron Sklar, you are under arrest! How could you murder your own pupil?
Bron: What on earth did you just say? Did I hear you correctly?
Isaac: My case in point! Casper's killer ruined their hearing when they shot the bishop chess piece into his heart!
Bron: I'm an old man... my hearing isn't what it once was... Are you accusing me of killing Casper? Nonsense!
Isaac: The oil stain on your clothing betrays you, Sklar! You also left oil on the chess set from which you removed the bishop pieces to shoot at him!
Bron: This is madness! You know that I tried to help him! I wouldn't hurt him!
Isaac: Then explain why the victim's blood was all over the cover of your pocket watch!
Bron: ......
Bron: So you found it. Blast! I thought for certain that no one would ever look through that rubbish bin!
Bron: Fine. I DID kill Casper. He was not worthy of the honor being bestowed upon him!
Isaac: How do you mean?! Casper Rove was a world chess champion! A master!
Bron: Casper was completely incapable of playing on his own when he was under pressure! It should have been ME playing that automaton! I am the REAL world chess champion!
Isaac: So you killed him because you were jealous of his success? How petty! How infantile! How pathetic!
Bron: I only wanted to threaten him, at first. Force him to bow out and let me play the Chessmaton.
Bron: But he was so sure of himself... And he had no right to be!
Bron: He kept saying that I was too old for this sort of thing! That my glory days were behind me!
Isaac: And so you shot him, using the very chess pieces that had brought you together!
Bron: That boy didn't even have the sense to run away from the blast! I hit him right in the heart!
Isaac: And you killed my friend! You're under arrest!

Judge Takakura: Well, what do we have here? Mr Bron Sklar, you are before the Court accused of having killed chess master Casper Rove!
Bron: I was the chess master, not him!
Judge Takakura: So your superiority complex drove you to shoot a bishop chess piece into his heart?
Judge Takakura: It is precisely because of people like you that I am counting the days until my retirement...
Judge Takakura: For the murder of Casper Rove, this Court hereby sentences you to 25 years in prison! I do wonder if they will even let you have access to chess pieces there...
Bron: No matter! I will simply play matches in my MIND! I was the chess genius, I tell you! ME!

At the entrance to the World Exhibition...
Isaac: How sad, <Name>... to think a true friend was murdered because his mentor turned out to be a foolish, small-minded killer!
Isaac: It will be some time before I feel ready for a match again...
Cornelius: <Rank> <Name>, congratulations on closing this case in an orderly and swift fashion. I am most impressed!
Cornelius: Now let us see what this exhibition has to show for itself!
Cornelius (holding a pair of giant scissors): Citizens of Concordia, it is my greatest pleasure to declare the World Exhibition open!

The Gears of Change (2/6)

At the World Exhibition...
Isaac Bontemps: Now that the World Exhibition is open, what should we go see first, <Name>?
Charles: There are so many inventions! I wouldn't even know where to begin!
Celine: <Rank> <Name>, I was looking for you! I need your help! Could you please come to the automaton booth with me?
Katherine: Wait, <Rank> <Name>! I'm in a jam! I need your help, too!
Celine: Excuse me? I doubt you have the same time constraints that I have!
Katherine: And I doubt your concerns are half as interesting as mine!
Isaac: Ladies, please! Calm yourselves! What is going on?
Isaac: Surely we can help you both. Miss Georges, we'll be with you in a moment, and I'm sure young Charlie can assist <Rank> <Name> with Miss Woolf!

Ask Katherine Woolf why she needs our help.
Katherine: So... <Rank> <Name>... are you any good at finding things?
Charles: Any good? <Rank> <Name> is practically a champion!
Katherine: Excellent! The World Exhibition organizers wanted to show a film reel to the press about the inventions on display during the exhibition...
Katherine: But I overheard one of them say that the reel has been misplaced!
Katherine: If I find it before any of the other newshounds, I'll have a leg up! Especially on Stanley Spark... he's so secretive...
Charles: We'd be glad to help! Besides, I've been dying to know more about the upcoming inventions!
Katherine: They said the film reel had last been seen on the film set... and I don't have access...
Charles: Not a problem! Let's inspect the film set for this missing reel, <Name>! We're bound to find it!

Investigate Movie Set.
Charles: Excellent work, <Name>! The film reel could very well be in that locked trunk! You'll have it open in no time!

Examine Locked Trunk.
Charles: Hmm... this film reel from that trunk is unmarked! That's a smart way to lose an important item! I shall get it back to the lab to see if it's THE film reel Miss Woolf needs.

Analyze Film Reel.
Charles: Oh, <Name>! I've had a look at this film reel and I can confirm that this is the very one that Miss Woolf needs!
Charles: There are all these inventors... and inventions and... I'll just show you!

Film reel starts...
(The text "Greta Gundwood back with her new invention!" is shown on the screen.)
(Greta is seen holding a framed photo.)
Charles: That's Greta Gundwood and her new invention, <Name>! You can't see it here, but the photo's in color, isn't that incredible?!
(The text "Orville West, exhibiting the Steampack!" is shown on the screen.)
(Orville is seen with a diagram of the Steampack.)
Charles: Orville West claims his Steampack can send him flying! Man becoming a bird, I wonder if that's really possible...
(The text "Stanley Spark with his Fantastical Suit!" is shown on the screen.)
(Stanley is seen holding a rolled-up diagram of the Exo-Suit.)
Charles: And that's the invention I'm most looking forward to! Stanley Spark and his Fantastical Suit!
(The text "Celine Georges and the Chessmaton!" is shown on the screen.)
(Celine is shown winking, standing with the Chessmaton.)
Charles: And that's Celine Georges and her Chessmaton, but you already know about that, <Name>!

Film reel ends...
Charles: All these great inventors... I hope my invention has the ghost of a chance...
Charles: Especially when I'm up against this so-called "Fantastical Suit" from Stanley Spark!
Charles: I wish the movie had shown more of his design, so I knew what to expect!
Charles: Sorry to carry on about Spark so much... You're absolutely right, <Name>! I should stop nattering so we can give this film reel to Miss Woolf!

Tell Katherine that the film reel has been found.
Charles: Hello Miss Woolf! <Rank> <Name> found the film reel you were looking for!
Katherine: Excellent news! So how about handing it over?
Charles: Not before you tell me everything you know about the other inventions... I'd like to know what I'm up against!
Katherine: I'm afraid your guess is as good as mine. Everyone keeps things pretty under wraps...
Katherine: Talking about inventions... I'm most excited about yours! The "DNA" machine, isn't that what you call it?
Katherine: What say we go get a bite to grab a little energy before heading into the exhibition? You could give me an exclusive interview! Care to join us, <Rank> <Name>?

Ask Miss Georges how we can help her.
Celine: <Rank> <Name>, this is a catastrophe! The World Exhibition organizers are insisting that the chess match go on!
Celine: But someone broke the Chessmaton! There's a part missing and I haven't been able to find it anywhere...
Celine: Can you please help me? I'm running out of time!
Isaac: We can certainly try! <Rank> <Name> has a knack for this sort of thing! It's bound to be around the booth somewhere!

Investigate Automaton Booth.
Isaac: You think this broken gear might be what Miss Georges is after? Your hunches are seldom wrong. Can you piece it back together <Name>?

Examine Broken Gear.
Isaac: This gear looks as good as new, <Name>! It appears to be some kind of a flat gear...
Isaac: Now let's just hope this is what Miss Georges needs to complete the Chessmaton!

Give Miss Georges the reassembled part.
Isaac: Miss Georges, <Rank> <Name> found some broken metal and pieced it together! Is this the missing part?
Celine: You found it!
Isaac: Does that mean the automaton will be ready for the match?
Celine (repairing the Chessmaton): Let me just... make a few... adjustments...
Celine: ......
(The Chessmaton begins to work.)
Celine: And VOILÀ!
Isaac: Why, this machine is simply astounding!
Celine: I cannot thank you enough! Please take a reward for your trouble! I will not take no for an answer!

A few moments later...
Maddie: Ha! <Name>! Fancy meeting you here! Are you excited about the exhibition? I'm raring to go!
Celine: Oh, <Rank> <Name>! So glad I caught you! Before you go, I have a special request for Mr Isaac Bontemps...
Celine: The Chessmaton is ready for its match, but I haven't been able to find a chess player to equal the late Casper Rove.
Celine: I can't play against it myself, or people might think it's all trickery! But Casper always spoke highly of Mr Bontemps' skills! Could you ask him to play?
Maddie: Leave it to us, Miss Georges! We'll convince Bontemps to play your Chessmaton!

Convince Bontemps to play the Chessmaton.
Maddie: Well, if it isn't the man of the hour? Bontemps, you can save the day! You must help Miss Georges by playing her Chessmaton in Casper Rove's place!
Isaac: Play the automaton? I don't know, <Name>... It has been ages since I played a match in person against a human, let alone an automaton...
Maddie: Bontemps, if you do not step in and do your best, Casper will have lost his life in vain!
Isaac: No, this is simply impossible! I... I'm afraid I cannot play without my gris-gris! My good luck charm is gone!
Maddie: Your gris-gris? I did not peg you for a superstitious man, Isaac!
Isaac: I last had it here at the exhibition entrance, but I can't find it!
Isaac: Please help me, <Name>! And take this, for good luck in your search!

Investigate Direction Panel.
Isaac: <Name>, you may think this hunt for my good luck charm is a waste of time... but I do very much appreciate your help!
Isaac: If your instinct says it could be in this canvas bag, then please look through it! There's no time to waste!

Examine Canvas Bag.
Isaac: That's it! That's my gris-gris!
Isaac (holding his gris-gris): I know I seem foolish with this superstitious behavior... but I've had this gris-gris since I was a little boy in New Orleans...
Isaac: It has brought me luck in every exam and investigation ever since!
Isaac: But can it really help me beat an automaton at chess? What is I lose? I'd be the laughing stock of Concordia!
Isaac: No, <Name>, you're quite right! I must do this for Casper! He would want me to restore the dignity of chess after his heinous murder!
Isaac: Alright, <Name>! Let us go win this match!

The chess match begins...
(Isaac and the Chessmaton play chess.)
(The Chessmaton is seen holding a white pawn.)
Chess Match Commentator: "The Chessmaton is advancing a pawn... to d4..."
(Isaac is seen holding a black knight.)
Chess Match Commentator: "Bontemps advances a knight to f6..."
Chess Match Commentator: "The Chessmaton is taking a moment to..., well, I don't know if think is the right word... ah, bishop to g5!"
(Isaac is seen holding a black pawn.)
Chess Match Commentator: "Bontemps has cleared a path for his queen by moving that pawn to c6..."
Chess Match Commentator: "Can machinery be flustered? Or is it just overheating? I believe the Chessmaton has lost this match by moving that pawn to e3."
(Isaac is seen holding a black queen.)
Chess Match Commentator: "Yes! Bontemps moves his queen and the Chessmaton's king is out of service!"
Chess Match Commentator: "Isaac Bontemps has beaten the Chessmaton!"
Maddie: <Name>, Bontemps won!
Celine: Oh well, back to the drawing board...

Later, on the airship...
Charles: Congratulations, Bontemps! You made short shrift of that Chessmaton, I dare say!
Isaac: Thank you very much, but I never would have been able to beat that machine if <Name> hadn't been there to help me!
Isaac: Now onward and upward! The next theme of the exhibition is transportation!
Charles: Transportation?! That means Orville West will be unveiling his Steampack! I can hardly contain my excitement! <Name>, let's go!

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