Characters play a key role in Criminal Case. They may or may not have a serious impact in the game. This page lists characters that appear or are mentioned at least once during the events of Criminal Case.


  • Main characters: Characters who have a major role in the game; they consist of specialty police personnel of the Grimsborough Police Department, the Pacific Bay Police Department, the Bureau, the Concordian Flying Squad and the Temporal Crimes Division.
  • Recurring characters: Characters who appear in multiple cases and/or districts in the game relative to other characters in the season.
  • Supporting characters: Characters who are usually key figures in the game; they consist of—
    • Victims, or characters who are slain for reasons that must be exposed in each individual case.
    • Suspects, or characters who are suspected of either the murder of the case's victim or any shady crime as the police force sees as being fit.
    • Killers, or characters who are liable for the murder of the case's victim, and usually have a motive for the crime.
    • Quasi-suspects, or characters who are not suspects in the main investigation chapters of the case, but take a star to converse with in the Additional Investigation of said case, often to gain more leads.
  • Minor characters: Characters who play a short role in the game. They can be supporting characters in a limited role and/or characters related to either a main character, a victim/suspect, or a public service, and their appearance may or may not impact the game in a heavy fashion.

Main characters

Grimsborough Police Department

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Pacific Bay Police Department

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The Bureau

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Concordian Flying Squad

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T.I.M.E. Temporal Crimes Division

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Recurring characters

Supporting characters




Minor characters

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