Cengiz (initially appearing as Cengiz (Arab: جنكيز) and Zephora (Arab: صفورة)) was a suspect in the murder investigation of Vizier Ibrahim in Pride Comes Before the Fall (Case #14 of Travel in Time).


Cengiz is the 12-year-old handler of Zephora, the victim's pet parrot. He has brown eyes, as well as messy black hair underneath a blue fez. He wears a white shirt colored light green down the center and a short blue-and-gold vest over it. He is often seen with Zephora on his left shoulder, which has green, orange, and yellow feathers. It is known that Cengiz and Zephora eat stuffed melon.

Height 5'2"
Age 12
Weight 96 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Cengiz became a suspect after Nebet and the player followed Zephora, who was repeating "Kill the vizier!", to the imperial baths. At the baths, the team saw Zephora reunite with Cengiz, where they spoke with him in order to determine if Zephora had witnessed the murder. Zephora recalled the events of the murder, but said that she would "Keep secret" who the killer was. Cengiz then informed the team that the victim often came to the baths, prompting Nebet and the player to investigate the area.

Cengiz was spoken to again about Zephora getting hurt sometime after his initial interrogation. After Zephora claimed that "Cengiz innocent", Cengiz revealed that he had left Zephora for a bit in her cage to steal some stuffed melon from the palace. During that time, he suggested that someone had tried to silence Zephora and apologized for leaving her unattended.

Cengiz was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Serap for Ibrahim's murder.


  • Cengiz bears a resemblance to Aladdin, a character from the popular Disney movie of the same name.
    • Furthermore, Zephora, the parrot, also resembles Iago, the parrot of Jafar, another character from the aforementioned film.

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