Casper Rove was the victim in Checkmate (Case #14 of Mysteries of the Past).


Casper was a world-renowned chess player. He had short black hair and green eyes underneath a pair of glasses with brown frames, and donned a white shirt with an orange sweater vest with a plaid pattern at the time of his death.

Murder details

Casper was found in a film set with a bullet wound in the heart. Per Dick, the killer ended Casper's life by shooting a bishop from some sort of propulsion device, per the chess piece he extracted from his body. Since the bishop contained traces of espresso, Dick deduced that the killer drank espresso.

At the Exhibition entrance, Isaac and the player found a propulsion device. Per Rose, it was the murder weapon since it had three more bishops inside. As the device made a very loud noise when blasted, Rose deduced that the killer had a hearing loss.

Relationship with suspects

Casper, a world-renowned chess player, was close friends with Isaac, a fellow chess player. Casper was at the World Exhibition to play against the Chessmaton, an automaton that could play chess. The Chessmaton's creator, inventor Celine Georges, caught Casper observing the Chessmaton prior to the match, prompting her to reprogram the automaton. Casper's interference prompted inventor Stanley Spark to back out of a bet he had placed on the chess match for the Chessmaton to win.

Casper was the student of chess master Bron Sklar. However, Bron lacked faith in Casper and believed that he would lose his match against the Chessmaton after he learned that Casper's girlfriend, Colette Eckhardt, had been the one to design his championship winning move. Casper also befriended orphan Jude Jenkins and allowed the orphan to sneak into the World Exhibition. However, a play fight between the two of them at the film set led Jude to believe he was involved in Casper's murder.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Bron.

After denying involvement, Bron admitted to the murder. Bron was jealous of his student's success and wanted to play against Celine Georges' chess-playing automaton, so he threatened Casper. Angry at Casper's taunting, Bron shot his heart with a bishop using the propulsion device. Judge Takakura then sentenced him to 25 years in prison.


  • Casper's name is an obvious reference to Garry Kasparov, a Russian chess grandmaster considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time.

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