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A mortally wounded Dan Broke after being stabbed by Bulldog, causing a murder investigation to commence.

Cases (sometimes also referred to as "Episodes") are the mission structures of Criminal Case.


In Criminal Case, every time a murder occurs, a murder case must be filed in the police force database.

A case, or an episode, always begins with a short cutscene. In this cutscene, the player finds out about a murder from the chief of police or a witness, and heads to the scene of the murder with their partner. Alternatively, the player and their partner head to a location, only to find out that a murder has happened there. Either way, the detectives find clues in the murder location, leading to them searching other crime scenes, finding more clues, interrogating different suspects, and carefully analyzing evidence to finally incriminate the killer. In rare cases, the first crime scene searched does not contain the victim's body but the investigation eventually leads to them discovering the murder and/or the body.

Criminal Case features 56 cases in Grimsborough, 59 in Pacific Bay (not counting Welcome to Pacific Bay), 56 in the World Edition (not counting The Murder of Amanda Love), 60 in Mysteries of the Past (not counting The Murder of Mrs Stanbury) and 60 in The Conspiracy (not counting The Dead and the Beautiful), 31 in Travel in Time. There are 30 more cases planned for Supernatural Investigations, with twenty of them currently being playable.

Cases in Grimsborough (Season 1)

Industrial Area

Financial Center

Historical Center


Maple Heights


Cases in Pacific Bay (Season 2)

Ocean Shore

Bayou Bleu

Inner City

Jazz Town

White Peaks

Ivywood Hills

Rhine Canyon

Innovation Valley

Paradise City

The Wastes


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Cases in World Edition (Season 3)


Sahara Region


South Asia

East Asia



South America

North America


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Cases in Mysteries of the Past (Season 4)

New Haven

Elysium Fields

Century Mile

Sinner's End

Coyote Gorge

Crimson Banks

Wolf Street

Grim Chapel

Ivory Hill

Capitol Peak


Main article: The Murder of Mrs Stanbury

Cases in The Conspiracy (Season 5)


Money Mile

The Greens

Old Town

Maple Heights

Misty Grove


Spring Fields




Main article: The Dead and the Beautiful

Cases in Travel in Time (Season 6)

Ancient Times

The 1960s


Altered Present

Age of Sail

Medieval Asia

The End

Cases in Supernatural Investigations (Season 7)



The Rockies



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