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Gloria Hayes: Well, <Name>, our time in The Greens sure has been enlightening so far!
Gloria: I honestly don't know whether to admire the locals' sense of innovation, or shake my head at the ridiculousness of some of it.
Gloria: Just this morning, I ordered a coffee and was given the espresso, water and milk in separate cups! Apparently, it was a "deconstructed" latte!
Jones: I'm afraid we've got more pressing matters than bad coffee, Gloria.
Gloria: Yes of course, I'm sorry. How is Zoe? Have you found anything out about why she remembers Marconi but nothing else?
Jones: No, and nor do we have any more leads about what DreamLife's up to with that satellite they've got him guarding in the forest, either!
Gloria: Ah yes, I heard about that. DreamLife's sure keeping a tight lock on this. I wonder what's so special about that satellite of theirs...
Jones: Me too. But anyway, I was actually coming to tell you that you've got a case! A dead body's been found at a community beehive!
Jones: Archibald Ashworth called it in. D'you remember him, <Name>? He's that crazy old coot obsessed with bees, we met him during your first stay here!
Gloria: Then I guess this investigation is going to bring back memories, <Name>! There's no time to waste, let's head over to that community beehive!

Chapter 1

Investigate Rooftop Beehives.
Archibald Ashworth: <Rank> <Name>, thank goodness you're here! I'm the one who called you - I need you to take care of that corpse at once!
Archibald: My poor bees were being crushed to death underneath Beckett's body! I need to inspect the damage immediately!
Gloria: Mr Ashworth, a man is dead! That's our priority - not your bees! Now, you say you knew the victim?
Archibald: Yes, yes. His name was Beckett Blanton. He was an entrepreneur or some newfangled thing like that. Now, can I please check on my bees?
Gloria: Not just yet, Mr Ashworth. Please, step to one side while <Rank> <Name> examines the crime scene. We'll be with you shortly.
(Archibald leaves.)
Gloria: <Name>, this man has more bee stings than I can count! But how the heck did he end up falling onto that beehive?
Gloria: You're right, the damage on that beehive is too extensive for Beckett to have simply fallen on it...
Gloria: ... He must've been pushed, and with quite some force! We've got another murder on our hands, <Name>!
Gloria: And as always, you're ahead of the curve! Let's put that torn paper you found back together before we speak to Mr Ashworth!

Talk to Archibald Ashworth about the murder.
Archibald: <Rank> <Name>, it breaks my heart to think of all those bees perishing! What a needless loss of life!
Archibald: Mr Blanton's demise is sad too, of course. But bees! What incredible creatures! Did you know that one in three bites of the food that we eat is derived from plants pollinated by bees, young lady?
Gloria: I did not-
Archibald: And that's not all they're good for! No! Their honey has a multitude of uses! For example, I use it to condition my leather bicycle saddle, but you can even put it in skincare!
Archibald: That's what that Beckett chap did. He owned a company which makes skincare products using honey...
Archibald: "Beckett's Bumblebees," he called it! I didn't have the heart to tell the fool that bumblebees don't produce honey!
Gloria: So Beckett came here to buy the honey that you collect?
Archibald: Yes, and he used to visit the coworking café downstairs, too. People take their laptops there to work over coffee and snacks. I don't see the appeal, but the young'uns seem to love it!
Gloria: We see. Thank you for your time, Mr Ashworth. We'll be sure to head downstairs and check this coworking café out!

Investigate Coworking Space.
Gloria: <Name>, I can understand why the victim came here to work. It's way nicer than our office!
Gloria (holding a cat): Oh, hello there, kitty! Who do you belong to?
Gloria: Good point, <Name>, he's got a collar on, but the owner's name is faded. Let's see if we can retrieve it!
Gloria: And that backpack has Beckett's name on it, well spotted. We should crack that lock and have a look inside!

Examine Cat.
Gloria (checking her phone): So, this cat belongs to a Mr Theo Zane!
Gloria: I bet this Mr Zane is worried about his furry feline, <Name>. Let's return the cat to him... With any luck, he might also have known our victim!

Return the cat to Theo Zane.
Theo: Welcome to the Hustle & Guzzle coworking café, where your ideas are powered by unlimited free coffee!
Gloria: We actually just wanted to return your cat, Mr Zane. It was roaming around-
Theo: Ah, Bartholomew and I run this place together! Or rather, I do the work and he lounges around like he owns the joint!
Gloria: You're the owner of the café? Then you must've met a Mr Beckett Blanton!
Theo: Oh, Beckett's in here all the time! You don't get to have a mega successful start-up like his without putting in the hours, <Rank> <Name>!
Gloria: I'm afraid he won't be putting any more hours in. Beckett's been murdered!
Theo: Beckett's been murdered?! Man, that sucks!
Theo: I wish I could help your investigation, <Rank> <Name>, but I had no idea Beckett was in any kinda trouble. Guess you never really know your customers, huh?

Examine Backpack.
Gloria: Now that you've got Beckett's backpack open, let's take a quick look inside!

Examine Victim's Backpack.
Gloria: <Name>, this pot of face cream you found in the victim's backpack must be one of his products. And look, there's a message on it!
Gloria: It says, "To Mom, because you need it!" Dang, talk about snarky!
Gloria: <Name>, I guess it's time for my least favorite part of the job. We need to inform Beckett's mother of his death!

Inform Carol Blanton of her son's murder.
Gloria: Mrs Blanton, I'm afraid we have the sad duty of informing you that your son has been murdered.
Carol: Surely you... you must be mistaken! Are you sure it's him?
Gloria: I'm afraid there's no mistake, but we're doing all we can to solve his murder. Can you think of anybody who might've wanted to harm Beckett?
Carol (crying): No! Everybody loved Beckett! Though, of course, nobody loved him more than me. I couldn't have been prouder of my son, <Rank> <Name>.
Carol: I know he had a cheeky side, but I can't imagine it would've gotten him into real trouble!
Carol: At least he'll live on through his wonderful company. He achieved so much in his short life!
Carol: Please, <Rank> <Name>, promise me you'll catch whoever did this to my boy!

Examine Torn Paper.
Gloria: This paper says, "Beckett, We need to talk!! Meet me by the beehives at midday."
Gloria: <Name>, this is a message to our victim!
Gloria: And whoever it was told him to meet them here, right where he was murdered! There's no question about it, this came from our killer!
Gloria: There's nothing to indicate their identity, though. Let's hope Gabriel can make something of this note!

Analyze Angry Message.
Gabriel: <Name>, have you heard of "mindfulness"? It's all about being in the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or living for the future. It can improve your mental well-being!
Gabriel: There are lots of different ways to achieve this: meditation, yoga, arts and crafts lke coloring-
Gloria: Gabriel, what are you getting at? That I need to be more Zen?
Gabriel: Oh, no! You misunderstand me, Gloria! You see, the note you sent me was written with colored pencils...
Gloria: So someone lured Beckett to his death with a note written in colored pencil, huh? That's a new one!
Gabriel: Indeed! The use of colored pencils, given that the author was clearly an adult, got me thinking...
Gabriel: And I realized that the texture of the pencils was familiar! They're sold exclusively as part of a set with the "Color Your Mind" coloring book!
Gabriel: I used to prescribe "Color Your Mind" to my patients who suffered with stress, and your killer must enjoy relaxing with the coloring book, too!
Gloria: So, our killer owns a copy of the "Color Your Mind" coloring book! They'll sure need it once they're behind bars, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: You know, <Name>, your victim's name is weirdly familiar somehow, but I can't place where I know it from...
Martine: Never mind, no doubt it'll come back to me later!
Gloria: Okay... So, in the meantime, did you find anything on the body?
Martine: Well, first of all, I can tell you that bees were definitely your murder weapon!
Martine: On average, an adult with no specific allergies can tolerate around 1,000 bee stings... But your vicitm suffered closer to 3,000! That's enough bee venom to fell a horse!
Martine: But while the stings were certainly the cause of death, the bruising on his face is consistent with a being hit by a wooden object!
Martine: And that's not all, During the struggle, your killer clearly grabbed the victim's clothes because they left traces of their kombucha on them!
Gloria: Kom-what now, Martine?
Martine: Kombucha! It's a type of fermented tea claimed to have health benefits. But there was none in your victim's stomach, so it must have come from your killer!
Gloria: So, our killer drinks kombucha! Well, <Name>, I can promise that prison won't be their cup of tea!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: <Name>, let's go over what we've learned so far.
Gloria: Young entrepreneur, Beckett Blanton, died after somebody pushed him straight into a hive full of bees!
Gloria: Archibald Ashworth reported the murder, but he was more concerned about the fate of his bees than of Beckett, though that seems par for the course with him...
Gloria: ... While Beckett's mother was a picture of devastation! She only had words of praise for her son, as did the coworking café owner, Theo Zane.
Gloria: If we're going to solve this murder, we need to dig deeper into the victim's business, you're right, <Name>!
Martine: Then I might have just the lead you need, <Name>!
Martine: Remember how I told you the victim's name sounded familiar? Well, I finally placed it!
Martine: And I know exactly where you should go next!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, let's go over what we've learned so far.
Gloria: Young entrepreneur, Beckett Blanton, died after somebody pushed him straight into a hive full of bees...
Gloria: But we've yet to find evidence that anyone had even the slightest disliking for him!
Martine: Then I might have just the lead you need, <Name>!
Martine: Remember how I told you the victim's name sounded familiar? Well, I finally placed it!
Martine: I attended one of Beckett's Do It Yourself skincare sessions, where he taught people how to make their own products! He held them twice a week at his workshop! I can take you there!
Gloria: Who knows who Beckett might've crossed paths with at his workshop, <Name>? Let's check it out at once!

Investigate Skincare Workshop.
Gloria: So this is where the victim held his DIY skincare workshops, <Name>! What a cute little place!
Gloria: And it looks like he had at least one happy customer! Look at this testimonial... "Now that I've discovered Beckett's Bumblebees, I'll never go back to using normal products!"
Gloria: And this woman even called the victim "adorable"! It sounds like she knew Beckett well... Maybe we could find her in our database, <Name>?
Gloria: As for the victim's computer, if you can crack his password, it might provide us with a wealth of new info!

Examine Victim's Computer.
Gloria: <Name>, you've cracked the password on Beckett's computer! If there's anything of use on here, Cathy will be the one to find it!

Analyze Computer Files.
Cathy: Y'know, <Name>, I have to say your victim's computer was a bit of a disappointment. I usually love it when you send me people's devices...
Cathy: The process of examining somebody's digital life, unraveling their secrets... It's always been a passion of mine!
Cathy: But unfortunately, either your victim didn't have any secrets, or he was smart enough not to keep them on his computer!
Gloria: So you didn't find anything to help us? That's a first!
Cathy: Oh, I still found you a new lead! It turns out Beckett wasn't running his company alone: a certain Prisha Chandra ran the financial side of the business!
Gloria: I knew we could count on you, Cathy! <Name>, we'd better speak with Miss Chandra right away!

Talk to Prisha Chandra about the victim's business.
Prisha: Hello there, Officers! You must be here because you're interested in revamping your skincare routine?
Prisha (holding some skincare products): Well, you've come to the right woman! Beckett's Bumblebees has products for all skin types! Would you say your skin is dry, combination or oily?
Gloria: We're actually here to ask you some questions about your business partner. He's been murdered!
Prisha: Beckett's been murdered?!
Prisha: Surely he... he can't be dead! How is that possible?
Gloria: Did Beckett ever show any signs of being in trouble, Miss Chandra? Did you have rivals in the industry, perhaps?
Prisha: None at all! Killing him would've been useless, anyway. Beckett's Bumblebees is so well established, it'll continue with or without Beckett!
Prisha: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of things to take care of. I usually spend some time with my Color Your Mind book and a glass of kombucha in the mornings, but now I've got a company to run all by myself!

Gloria: Well, <Name>, we've dug deeper into our victim's professional life, but it hasn't been enough for us to solve this murder!
Gloria: You think it's worth taking another look around this café for clues? Then let's do it!

Investigate Lounge Area.
Gloria: <Name>, that's a picture of our victim, but somebody scrawled "Murderer!" underneath it!
Gloria: This plaque was awarded to Beckett for being entrepreneur of the year, but clearly somebody thought Beckett deserved jail time rather than an award!
Gloria: You're right, we'd better collect a sample of that black substancce on the plaque if we're to shed some light on our accuser's identity, <Name>!
Gloria: And that tiny broken SD card is going to be a pain to put back together, but whatever it contains could be a vital lead!
Gloria: But as for looking through that trash can? You're on your own there!

Examine Broken SD Card.
Gloria: According to the label, this SD card contains security footage from this very café!
Gloria: We know Beckett spent a lot of time here, so with any luck, the CCTV might've captured something useful on this SD card! Let's get it to the lab!

Analyze Security Footage.
Alex: Hello, <Name>! Cathy's just popped out to take baby Sammy to get his shots, so I'm standing in for her!
Alex (sweating): I would have taken him myself, but I'm kinda scared of needles...
Gloria: Ha! Aren't you a little old for that, Alex? Anyway, did you find anything on that SD card <Name> sent you?
Alex: Did I ever! The SD card contained footage of Beckett... and I think you're going to want to take a look, <Name>!

Start of footage...
Carol: Beckett, don't you dare turn your back on me!
Beckett: Get off my case, Mom! I only took a couple of thousand, what's the big deal?
Carol: What's the big deal?! That was the entirety of my savings!
Beckett: Look, Mom. Just consider it an investment, okay? I'll pay you back someday!
Carol: Someday? It's been two years, you little-

End of footage...
Alex: Yeah, I think you get the gist of where that was going, <Name>!
Gloria: <Name>, when we spoke to Beckett's mother earlier, she failed to mention that she'd argued with her son just before his murder!
Gloria: The dispute was clearly about money... and it's pretty clear Beckett had stolen from her!
Gloria: There's only one way to get to the bottom of this - we need to speak to Beckett's mother!

Confront Carol Blanton about her son's theft.
Carol (holding a teapot of kombucha): Hello again, <Rank> <Name>. Can I offer you some kombucha? I was just about to pour myself a glass.
Gloria: We'll pass. Mrs Blanton, you conveniently forgot to mention your argument with your son when we spoke to you earlier. He owed you money?
Carol (sweating): Oh, I should have known you'd find out about that...
Carol: The truth is, I was ashamed of Beckett's behavior. Ever since he was a kid, he'd dreamed of starting his own business and making it big. And I encouraged it!
Carol: But next thing I knew, my savings account had been emptied. He didn't even ask to borrow the money, <Rank> <Name>!
Carol: Beckett swore he'd pay it back as soon as the company started making money. But I never saw a penny of it!
Carol: I tried so hard to forgive him! But no amount of time spent on my Color Your Mind books could quell my anger!

Examine Entrepreneur Plaque.
Gloria: Putting that substance you collected from Beckett's plaque under the microscope should help us discover who called him a murderer, <Name>!

Examine Dark Powder.
Gloria: So that substance you collected from Beckett's plaque is ash from something called a bee smoker!
Gloria: More specifically, it's ash from burned pine needles and burlap. Weird, that combination rings a bell somehow...
Gloria: Oh, I know! I saw it in a book Carter was reading for biology class. Beekeepers burn pine needles and burlap to create smoke which calms honey bees while they harvest the hive!
Gloria: We've only met one individual who works with bees, <Name>, but why would he have called Beckett a murderer? Let's ask Mr Ashworth at once!

Ask Archibald Ashworth why he called the victim a murderer.
Gloria: Mr Ashworth, can you explain why you scrawled "Murderer!" on Beckett Blanton's plaque?
Archibald: Because that's what he was! He was killing the BEES!
Gloria: ... I'm not sure I understand. Why would he kill the very creatures he needed for his work?
Archibald: Because he was bumbling idiot who understood nothing about bees and their well-being! All he cared about was getting as much honey as he could!
Archibald: You see, during the colder months, bees need the honey they produce to live on, and that means you can't harvest as much.
Archibald: But Beckett went behind my back, <Rank> <Name>! He harvested all their honey and gave them high fructose corn syrup to live off instead!
Archibald: But corn syrup is as bad for bees as it is for you or me! My bees were dying because of him! No wonder they took their revenge!
Gloria: Their revenge... I see. Well, let's hope you didn't help them get it, Mr Ashworth!

Examine Trash Can.
Gloria: Dang, <Name>, that brush you found in the trash is covered in blood!
Gloria: We know that Beckett was beaten with a wooden implement before the murder... Could this be it?
Gloria: Rupert will be able to confirm our suspicions, <Name>! Let's send the brush to him!

Analyze Bloody Brush.
Rupert: <Name>, did you know that this brush you sent me is an integral part of beekeeping?
Rupert: Beekeepers use it to gently brush the bees off a honeycomb when they need to inspect it!
Gloria: That's... fascinating, Rupert. But what about the blood on it?
Rupert: Well, I can confirm that the blood on this brush is indeed your victim's!
Gloria: So your hunch was right, <Name>! This is the wooden object that Beckett was beaten with!
Rupert: Indeed. And what's more, I found something on the handle of the brush - a small quantity of oil!
Rupert: But this was no ordinary oil, <Name>, it was the kind used to lubricate a bike chain! Your killer must ride a bike!
Gloria: So, our killer rides a bike, do they? They're in for a bumpy ride with you on their case, <Name>!
Gloria: And good thinking, Mr Ashworth mentioned using honey to condition his bicycle saddle when we spoke to him! I'll add it to his profile!

Examine Framed Testimonial.
Gloria: The author of this glowing testimonial about Beckett's Bumblebees is a Miss Daisy Woods. Let's see what she can tell us about the victim, <Name>!

Ask Daisy Woods how well she knew the victim.
Gloria: Miss Woods, we found a testimonial in which you spoke highly of Beckett's Bumblebees. You seem to be quite the fan of the brand!
Daisy: Yes, I heard that the founder's dead. It's such a pity!
Daisy: Beckett's Bumblebees was a godsend for my skin! Their products were almost as good for my complexion as the kombucha I drink!
Daisy: And the workshops were just wonderful! With Beckett's help, I was able to make my own skincare products! And all with entirely natural ingredients!
Gloria: And how well did you get to know Beckett during these workshops?
Daisy: Enough to have complete confidence in his products! It's a tragedy really... Where will I go to make my own skincare now?

Later, at the station...
Gloria: <Name>, we're still no closer to finding whoever pushed Beckett into that beehive!
Gloria: We encountered Daisy Woods, a happy customer of Beckett's Bumblebees, and the victim's business partner, who appeared overwhelmed by the news of his death and her newfound responsibilities...
Gloria: Beckett had no shortage of enemies, though. Archibald Ashworth was furious because he was overworking the bees....
Gloria: ... While his mother resented him for stealing her money to found his business!
Chief Parker: <Name>, I've been looking for you everywhere!
Chief Parker: We've just had word of a break-in at one of our crime scenes!

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, we're still no closer to finding whoever pushed Beckett into that beehive!
Gloria: Could the murder be linked to the business he built from scratch? Or was the motive more personal? Either way, we need new leads!
Chief Parker: <Name>, I've been looking for you!
Chief Parker: We've just had word of a break-in at the Beckett's Bumblebees workshop!
Gloria: Somebody's tampering with one of our crime scenes? <Name>, we need to go stop them!

A short while later, at the workshop...
Daisy (holding a flower pot): ARGHHHHH!!!
Gloria: What the-
(Daisy angrily breaks the flower pot.)
(Daisy leaves.)
Gloria: Miss Woods, stop right there! Just what do you think you're doing?
Daisy: I'm trashing this place, that's what! And you can't stop me!
Gloria: Think again! We're gonna have a talk, Miss Woods!

Confront Daisy Woods about trashing the workshop.
Gloria: Miss Woods, when we spoke to you earlier, you were singing Beckett's praises...
Gloria: Yet here you are, trashing his workshop!
Daisy: I'd have done it before if I could! When I heard Beckett was dead, I knew I had to make sure that his company didn't live on!
Gloria: The company whose products you claimed to swear by?
Daisy: I was too scared to tell you before in case you thought that I killed Beckett... But one day, I was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with mercury poisoning!
Daisy: I'd gotten so weak, I couldn't even hold the pencil for my coloring book, let alone ride my bike! And I'm sure it was because of Beckett's products!
Gloria: You think Beckett's products poisoned you? Do you have proof?
Daisy: All the tests came back negative. But I KNOW the mercury came from his products, I'm sure of it! Beckett's Bumblebees must be shut down for good!
Gloria: Let's hope you didn't decide the first step to shutting the company down was killing it's founder! We're going to take another look around - you'd better pray you didn't damage any evidence!

Investigate Workshop Kitchen.
Gloria: <Name>, that phone looks like it belongs back in the 80s!
Gloria: What is it with these kids getting nostalgia for things that existed before they were even born?
Gloria: Hmm, you're right, this one seems to have an answering machine built in. Can you crack the code, <Name>?
Gloria: As for those pieces of paper, putting them back together might just give us the breakthrough we need!

Examine Torn Booklet.
Gloria: This booklet says, "Romantic coupons for Lovey Doveys"... These must be those cheesy things where you promise to do stuff for your partner, like serving them breakfast in bed.
Gloria: And it was Beckett who gifted them to someone!
Gloria: If Beckett was in a relationship, this is the first we've heard of it, <Name>! You'd better recover the other name, quick!

Examine Faded Coupons.
Gloria: <Name>, these romantic coupons were given by our victim to none other than Prisha Chandra!
Gloria: When we questioned her earlier, she said that their relationship was purely professional...
Gloria: But clearly, Prisha was lying! Let's ask her why!

Ask Prisha Chandra whether she was involved with the victim.
Gloria: Miss Chandra, why did you fail to mention that you and Beckett were a couple when we spoke to you earlier?
Prisha: Because we weren't! Beckett and I slept together one time, and that was the end of it.
Prisha: Or at least, it should have been. Instead, he got it into his head that we should be a real couple!
Prisha: I told him that I didn't want to mix business with pleasure, but he wouldn't give up.
Prisha: He seemed to think that if he behaved like he was my boyfriend, he could win me over! It became unbearable!
Prisha: His latest thing was those stupid coupons. I refused to accept them, so Beckett snuck them into my bike bag!
Prisha: Beckett just didn't understand that I'm not the type to be tied down, <Rank> <Name>! I'm a free spirit!
Gloria: Well, let's just hope that your desire to be free of Beckett's affections didn't lead you to kill him, Miss Chandra!

Examine Vintage Telephone.
Gloria: Darn it, <Name>! All of the messages on the victim's answering machine have been deleted!
Gloria: Good point, Cathy might be able to recover the deleted messages! Let's get the answering machine to her at once!

Analyze Victim's Answering Machine.
Cathy (holding Sammy): Hello again, <Name>! I'm back from the doctor's. You'll have to excuse baby Sammy, he's a little grumpy after getting his shots!
Gloria: Poor thing! I remember taking Carter to get his shots all too well. He scrowled at me all day after!
Gloria: But tell us, did you manage to recover the messages from the victim's answering machine?
Cathy: Luckily for you, messages are stored for up to 24 hours before being permanently deleted! I managed to recover 31 messages in total - all from one Theo Zane! He was begging the victim not to sue him!
Gloria: Beckett wanted to sue Theo? What on earth for?
Cathy: The messages didn't say. But Mr Zane sure sounded desperate to smooth things over!
Gloria: <Name>, we'd better ask Theo what their dispute was about at once!

Ask Theo Zane why the victim wanted to sue him.
Theo: <Rank> <Name>, I'm afraid this isn't a good time. I'm just about to take my bike to the repair shop!
Gloria: That'll have to wait, Mr Zane. Why did you fail to tell us that Beckett Blanton was about to sue you?
Theo: ... How did you find out about that, <Rank> <Name>?
Theo: Well, I guess there's no point hiding it from you anymore. Beckett wanted to sue me for negligence!
Theo: We built an amazing, supportive community here at Hustle & Guzzle, <Rank> <Name>. Our customers treat this place like their second home!
Theo: But some of them forget that they're not at home! Beckett left his belongings unattended while he went to grab a coffee and some energy balls...
Theo: Then he came to me saying his stuff had gone! I asked him if it was possible he'd just misplaced it and he went mad!
Theo: He threatened to throw my kombucha in my face then said he was going to sue me because I spent more time coloring my Color Your Mind book than supervising the café!
Theo: I was so scared I'd lose everything, <Rank> <Name>! I haven't been able to sleep in days!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: Well, <Name>, some of our suspects have definitely changed their tune about Beckett!
Gloria: Daisy Woods claims the victim's products made her so sick that she had to be hospitalized...
Gloria: While Theo Zane was desperate to stop the victim from launching legal action against him!
Gloria: There's no shortage of suspects with a motive to kill, but who ultimately did the deed, <Name>?
Gloria: Good thinking, if we're to catch this killer, we should look for more clues at the scene of the murder! Let's go!

Investigate Community Planters.
(Bees are seen buzzing around.)
Gloria: Uh, <Name>, is it just me or are there way more bees buzzing around than there were earlier?
Gloria: And why did you pick that squashed honeycomb up?! 
Gloria: Oh you're right! This honeycomb must've snapped off the hive which got broken during Beckett's struggle with his killer!
Gloria: That means those fibers clearly must've gotten trapped in the honeycomb during the murder... and with any luck, they might've come from our killer!
Gloria: And if you think a clue might be lurking in that crate of beekeeping equipment, there's not a moment to lose! We need to look through it!
Gloria: Those bees don't look too happy about us rummaging around through, <Name>. We'd better go back to the station, and quickly!

Examine Beekeeping Equipment.
Gloria: <Name>, I swear I can still hear buzzing in my ears!
Gloria: But what's that bottle you found among that beekeeping equipment?
Gloria: Oh, you're right! It's a bottle of kombucha, that fermented tea our killer drinks!
Gloria: With any luck, this might belong to them! Rupert will know for sure - let's send the bottle to him!

Analyze Bottle of Kombucha.
Rupert (playing in the VR headset): Yes, Your Majesty, I understand the task you have bestowed upon me!
Gloria: Uh, Rupert?
Rupert: For Queen and Country, I shall go forthwith!
Gloria: RUPERT!!!
Rupert: Oh! <Name>! I didn't see you there...
Gloria: Rupert, we're up against the clock here! Don't tell me you've been playing with your VR headset instead of looking at that bottle <Name> sent you?
Rupert: Of course not! I'm nothing if not professional, <Name>...
Rupert: ... Which is why I can tell you that there were traces of bike chain oil on the kombucha bottle, the same type which I found on the bee brush used to attack your victim!
Gloria: This means there's no doubt about it, <Name>! This bottle of kombucha belongs to our killer!
Rupert: Precisely! But that's not all. You see, mixed in with the oil, I found something else - traces of lens cleaner! Your killer must wear glasses!
Gloria: So, our killer is sporting glasses, eh? They'll make a spectacle of themselves once they're in front of the judge, <Name>!

Examine Honeycomb.
Gloria: <Name>, let's get those fibers you collected from that honeycomb to the lab, quick!

Analyze Fibers.
Gloria: Amir, what have you got for us on those fibers <Name> collected from the honeycomb? Did they belong to our killer?
Amir: They most certainly did, <Name>! Though I gotta say, they took a little more analysis than usual!
Amir: You see, the dye used to color the fibers wasn't your typical industrial-strength clothes dye. It's the kind used to dye clothes at home!
Amir: What's more, the pattern on the fibers didn't seem to follow any known motif...
Amir: And then I realized! If you put the unusual pattern and use of home dye together, it can only mean one thing...
Amir: Your killer has to be wearing tie-dye clothes!
Gloria: So, our killer is wearing a tie-dye print! They'll be swapping it for an orange jumpsuit soon enough, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: <Name>, this is it. You've finally collected enough evidence to arrest Beckett Blanton's killer. Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Prisha Chandra, you're under arrest for Beckett Blanton's murder. Why'd you do it? Because you wanted complete control of the business?
Gloria: Or was it just because Beckett was bothering you after your one-night stand?
Prisha: What are you on about, <Rank> <Name>? Beckett and I were a team! I wouldn't have killed him!
Gloria: Yet you did lure him to the roof, didn't you? Writing a note with colored pencil was original, I have to say.
Prisha: Note? What note? I only use colored pencils for my Color Your Mind book.
Gloria: Come on, drop the act. We found the brush you used to beat Beckett with! You left your bike oil all over it!
Prisha (sweating): Beat Beckett? I wouldn't beat anyone up!
Gloria: Give it up, Prisha! We've got everything: your kombucha bottle, your lens cleaner... You've made too many mistakes to wriggle out of this!
Prisha: Fine, I did it! I killed him! But it was an accident, <Rank> <Name>, you have to believe me!
Prisha: I only sent that note to Beckett because I wanted to talk to him. But we argued, and I started hitting him...
Prisha (crying): But I hit him too hard! He stumbled and fell straight onto that beehive! The bees came swarming out and I panicked! I ran away and left him there!
Prisha: I didn't even know he was dead until you came to question me, <Rank> <Name>!
Gloria: Wait, I don't understand. What did you and Beckett argue about?!
Prisha (sweating): Well, I might've lied to you when I said I'd only slept with Beckett once...
Prisha: We fooled around from time to time. But it was never anything serious! At least, not for me.
Prisha: But one day, I realized Beckett had replaced my contraceptive pill with a placebo!
Prisha: He was so hell-bent on forcing me into a relationship that he was trying to get me pregnant!
Prisha: I was horrified when I realized what he had done... I felt so violated!
Prisha (crying): Beckett took away my right to choose what happened to my body, <Rank> <Name>. I never would've slept with him if I'd known what he was doing!
Gloria: Mr Blanton's actions were despicable indeed, Miss Chandra, and I understand your anger. But I'm afraid we have no choice but to arrest you for killing him!

Judge Powell: Miss Chandra, you appear before this Court charged with the manslaughter of Beckett Blanton. How do you plead?
Prisha: Not guilty, Your Honor. I might not have wanted to bring a life into this world, but I didn't mean to take Beckett's, either!
Judge Powell: Yes, I see here that the victim hoped tricking you into an unplanned pregnancy would result in a relationship. That must've caused you serious emotional distress indeed.
Judge Powell: Taking this into account, as well as the unpremeditated nature of your actions, this Court hereby sentences you to five years in prison, with eligibility for parole in two.
Prisha (crying): I'm so sorry for what happened, Your Honor. I truly never wanted to kill him!

Gloria: What a tragic case, <Name>! I can't imagine how a person could be so desperate to be in a relationship that they'd trick someone into an unplanned pregnancy!
Gloria: Beckett took away Prisha's freedom to make decisions for herself, reducing her to little more than an object!
Gloria: This makes me all the more determined to make sure Carter grows up knowing what a healthy relationship looks like-
Chief Parker: <Name>, I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's an Archibald Ashworth here! He says he needs to speak to you urgently!

Is This Just Fantasy? (4/6)

Gloria Hayes: Well, that's another case under our belts, <Name>. I do hope our next investigation won't be so tragic!
Amir (reading the newspaper): Hey, <Name>! Have you seen the news? Apparently the earthquake uncovered an ancient city hidden right here in Grimsborough! How cool is that?
Chief Parker: Ah, I see you've heard about the excavation going on in the Old Town. It's all quite exciting. As he's a historian, my husband has been called in to consult!
Chief Parker: However, I'm afraid we have more pressing matters than a city that's been buried for centuries, <Name>. There's an Archibald Ashworth here. He says he needs to speak to you urgently!
Amir: Before you rush off, <Name>, I was hoping you'd come to the coworking café with me.
Amir: I understand some of the VR players go there and I'd like to talk to them. I'm trying to figure out what's got Rupert so hooked!
Gloria: Well, what do you want to do first, <Name>? See what Mr Ashworth wants or go to the café with Amir?

See what Archibald Ashworth wants.
Gloria: Mr Ashworth, I sure do hope you're not here to report another murder...
Archibald: No! Something worse! There's a lady harassing my bees!
Gloria: I'm... not quite sure I understand.
Archibald: What is there to understand? There's a woman bothering my bees, and she says she's a police officer from the Grimsborough PD!
Gloria: She says she's a police officer? I think that's highly unlikely-
Archibald: My bees have suffered enough emotional distress for one day, <Rank> <Name>! You need to get over there and sort her out!
Archibald: And here, take this beekeeping outfit. I don't want my poor babies being blamed if one of you gets stung! Now go stop that woman messing with my hives!

Investigate Rooftop Beehives.
Gloria: <Name>, there's no sign of that supposed police officer Mr Ashworth said was bothering his bees! Do you think he might've finally lost his mind?
Gloria: Oh, but you're right! This is a police issue gun! What the heck is it doing up here?
Gloria: <Name>, let's have a look at the gun's serial number. We need to figure out who dropped it here!

Examine Gun.
Gloria: So, the serial number on the gun is 58 047 62...
Gloria: Those first two numbers correspond to the Grimsborough PD code, <Name>! This firearm definitely belongs to one of our own!
Gloria (checking her phone): Let me pull up the precinct's records and check...
Gloria (holding her phone): <Name>, this gun belongs to Rita!
Gloria: Why on earth would Rita have been up here harassing Archibald Ashworth's bees? Let's ask her!

Ask Rita what she was doing at the beehives.
Gloria: Rita, we found your gun at the community beehive after Mr Ashworth complained that an officer had been harassing his bees. What the heck were you doing there?
Rita (sweating): Oh... Thanks for bringing it back, <Name>.
Rita: I went to the beehives because I wanted to break up with Marcus, that guy I met at the mall.
Gloria: ... What does breaking up with Marcus have to do with bees?
Rita: Well, Marcus is nice and all, but things are moving too quickly! He keeps talking about sharing a sock drawer and I'm just not ready for that level of commitment!
Rita: So I have to end things. That's why I went to the beehive! Marcus always calls me honey and I thought it'd make a good breakup gift...
Rita: As for the gun, I took it to protect myself against the bees. It wasn't much use, though... I pumped a few warning shots into the air but they didn't back off, so I dropped it and ran!
Martine: Rita, I couldn't help but overhear. What were you going to do with the honey? Tape a "We're through" note onto the jar?!
Rita: Well... yes.
Martine: Oh, cherie, cherie, you're going about this all wrong! <Name>, how about we help poor Rita?
Martine: Rita, give me your phone. All I need is a few hours and I'll have ended things with Marcus for you in the nicest possible way!
Rita (giving her phone to Martine): Well, okay, I guess. Here's my phone... I'll buy <Name> and Gloria a drink while we wait!

Analyze Rita's Cellphone.
Martine: Ah, Rita, you're just in time!
Rita: Did you manage to break things off with Marcus?
Martine: Mais oui, you see, the trick to ending a relationship on good terms is making the guy think that there's no alternative but to break it off.
Martine: So I told Marcus that he was a great guy, but that you'd realized you wanted to rejoin the army! He thinks you're being deployed to Timbuktu next week!
Rita: You told him I was going back to the army? And he bought it?
Martine: Bien sur! Trust me, it's the last you'll hear of him... As long as you stay far away from his workplace, that is!
Rita: Thanks a lot, Martine. This has all been so stressful... I'm gonna go polish my gun to help me relax! See you later, <Name>!

Investigate Coworking Space.
Amir: Excuse me, Ma'am?
(Annie, wearing a VR headset, is unconscious.)
Amir: Ma'am? Can you hear me?
(Annie is still unconscious.)
Amir: <Name>, she's not responding!
Amir: Wait, you say you know this woman? Oh, right! She was a suspect in Ronald Rooney's murder! Wasn't she like a super fan of his or something?
Amir: She really doesn't look well, <Name>. We need to get her medical help, and quick! Martine will know what to do!

Analyze Annie Schmidt.
Martine: <Name>, please do me a favor in the future and only send me dead bodies... Live ones talk more than I would appreciate.
Amir: Does that mean Miss Schmidt is feeling better, Martine?
Martine: Well, she's weak and malnourished. And her blood pressure is worryingly low. I'm pretty sure she hasn't eaten in days, and all thanks to that game she keeps going on about!
Martine: But as I said, she's got no problem talking. Just don't push her too much, <Name>.

Talk to Annie Schmidt.
Annie: Oh, <Rank> <Name>... Are you the one who brought me here? Can I have my VR headset back?
Amir: Uh, firstly, you're welcome. Secondly, how did you end up in such a state, Annie? Our coroner tells us you haven't eaten in days!
Annie: There's no need to worry about me, I'm fine! I might've been skipping a few meals here and there, but it's not like I can't afford to lose the weight!
Annie: In DreamLife VR, I'm way skinnier and prettier... I'm even dating my idol, Ronald Rooney! Everything is just perfect!
Annie: I can forget all the pesky day-to-day stuff I have to do! I even forgot to take my meds today, which I shouldn't have done. But I can just go fetch them from the café-
Amir: You're not going anywhere in your current condition, Annie! <Rank> <Name> and I will go back to the café for your medication, and we'll grab something for you to eat while we're at it!

Investigate Lounge Area.
Amir: <Name>, I can't believe Annie's so into this VR game that she's stopped eating, and taking her medication!
Amir: What if Rupert gets like that? Gloria told me she caught him playing during work hours earlier!
Amir: I like this VR thing less and less, <Name>. But you're right, for now, we'd better make sure these pills are Annie's! Let's recover what was written on the box!

Examine Medication Box.
Amir: This is it, <Name>! This is the medicine Annie Schmidt left here!
Amir: We'd better get these pills back to her at once!

Give Annie Schmidt her medication back.
Annie: Thanks, <Rank> <Name>! I feel much better now I've taken my medication!
Amir: Just promise us you won't let yourself get into that state again, okay? Perhaps you should give the VR a break!
Annie: Oh, I don't think there's any need to go to such drastic lengths...
Annie: I'll just set up the game so that Juniper reminds me when to take my medication! See you around, <Rank> <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Amir: <Name>, you'll never believe it. I told Rupert about that episode with Annie Schmidt and he just brushed it off!
Amir: The game is making people forget to eat or take their medication! That's not something to be dismissed!
Rupert: You're overreacting, Amir. Just because one person took their obsession with the game to unreasonable lengths doesn't mean all VR players do!
Rupert: All people are doing is living out their fantasies for a few hours a day. Who could begrudge them that?
Rita: Yeah, especially when real life is so hard! Honestly, <Name>, who could've imagined that breaking up with someone could be so difficult?
Martine: Um, speaking of which... Marcus is here to see you!
Rita: Oh, God! Marcus is here? <Name>, cover for me while I escape through the fire exit-
Martine: Rita, take a deep breath. Marcus is probably just here to return your stuff! Now, go talk to him!

See what Marcus Cannon wants.
Rita: Marcus, what are you doing here? Did you not get that message I sent you?
Marcus: I did, and that's why I'm here.
Marcus: I just came by to let you know that I respect your decision, even though I'm disappointed that it means the end for us.
Marcus: To be honest, I'd figured you were missing the army when you screamed at me to drop down and give you twenty after I overcooked the dinner that one time.
Marcus: Anyway, I just wanted to say goodbye in person. It was nice knowing you, Rita. Stay safe out there!
(Rita starts sweating.)
Rita: Thank you, Marcus. I wish you all the best.

A short while later...
Rita: Well, <Name>, that wasn't quite as terrible as I expected!
Rita: Perhaps I'm finally getting better at this whole relationship thing!
Gloria: We've all got our strengths and weaknesses, Rita!
Gloria: As for me, I'm starting to be concerned about that VR game! I heard Annie Schmidt's become totally addicted to it, and I worry that others might do the same!
Gloria: What's more, we know hardly anything about DreamLife, the company behind it... or what they're doing with that satellite they're keeping hidden in the forest! We need to keep an eye on them, <Name>!

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