Agent Bucky Johnson (1940–2020) was a suspect in the murder investigations of spy Billy Snapshot in Gone in 30 Seconds (Case #7 of Travel in Time) and S.A.R.A. engineer Thomas Segan in Houston, We Have a Problem (Case #8 of Travel in Time) before appearing as a quasi-suspect in Crime and Punishment (Case #10 of Travel in Time). Fifty-one years later, he appeared again as a suspect in the murder investigations of paranormal TrendVidder Ronnie Hawk in Niagara Fallen (Case #22 of Supernatural Investigations) and convicted archaeology professor Theresa Rosenthal in The Third Degree (Case #25 of Supernatural Investigations). In To the Lighthouse (Case #27 of Supernatural Investigations), he was found murdered.


Bucky was an 80-year-old FBI consultant with black eyes.

In his first suspect appearance, Bucky was a 29-year-old FBI agent with short blond hair. He disguised himself as a newsagent. He was seen wearing a dark blue shirt underneath a dark orange vest and a gray cap. Additionally, Bucky was seen holding a stack of newspapers. It is known that Bucky ate tomato soup, smoked hand-rolled cigarettes and saw Starshine the Musical.

In his second suspect appearance, Bucky ditched his disguise and instead wore a formal white shirt with a navy blue tie and a gray tie clip under a black suit jacket. It is discovered that he was fit, drank Moonbeam and wore army boots.

In his third suspect appearance, Bucky, now 80 years of age, wore a formal navy blue shirt with a black tie underneath a black coat with a gold and black FBI badge on his left lapel. In addition, his hair grayed and was swept up. He also sported profound wrinkles and a long scar on the right side of his forehead. It is revealed that he took a falls boat tour, drank Niagara Falls cocktail and had high blood pressure.

In his fourth suspect appearance, it is noted that he had access to experimental truth serum and rode a bicycle.

Height 6'2"
Age 29/80
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes black
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Gone in 30 Seconds

Bucky became a suspect after he alerted Jack and the player to a man collapsing in front of his newsstand in Grand Central Station, which turned out to be a murder. He told the team that Billy had come to his newsstand every morning to get a newspaper, and that he worked as an artist under Sandy Lemko at the Workshop. This prompted Jack and the player to investigate the art studio.

Bucky was spoken to again about his champagne gift to the victim. He explained that Billy had invited him to a party. Initially thinking the party to be amazing, Bucky realized that he had only been invited to the party to be a made a fool of as he had gotten drunk and been stolen from. Upon realizing this, he stormed out of the party.

Bucky was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Ellie Argent for Billy's murder.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Bucky became a suspect again after Zara and the player found his FBI badge, identifying him as a federal agent. Retrieving his badge from the team, he explained that he was undercover when they last met. When asked if he knew the victim, he denied knowing him and told the team that he was more interested in protecting Segan's work than Segan himself.

Bucky was spoken to again about the victim's insulting cartoon of him. Wanting to get the team off of his back, he admitted to thinking that Segan was colluding with the Soviets as he had seen him drinking vodka. Despite Zara suggesting that he took a vacation, Bucky told the team that he was very close to proving Segan's connection to the Soviets.

Bucky was found to be innocent again after the team incarcerated Mark Hamilton for Segan's murder. Zara and the player handed Hamilton over to Bucky, who branded the disgraced astronaut as a murderer, a coward and a traitor. After telling that the FBI would handle the case, he told the team to forget about the investigation so that the papers would not get ahold of the story.

Crime and Punishment

After arresting Lev Romanov's killer, Marina and the player explained their idea to stop the nuclear crisis to Bucky. Marina told Bucky that if they were to transmit fake messages of peace to both sides, tensions would die down between the two sides. Bucky agreed to try out Marina's plan as he had already run out of options.

After Marina and the player found a code machine and programmed the fake messages, they returned to Bucky. After he expressed his doubts, he allowed the team to transmit their messages. It was later revealed that the fake messages had caused both sides to back down, ending the nuclear threat.

Niagara Fallen

Fifty-one years later, Bucky became a suspect for the third time after Luke and the player discovered (per FBI Agent George Mathison) that he was tracking the victim. He revealed that a few cases he had worked in the 1960s had sparked his interest in the supernatural, prompting him to transfer to the FBI's paranormal division. He revealed that Ronnie had always been on his radar as unexplained paranormal activity followed him wherever he went. He then told the team that he had no idea who had killed Ronnie.

Bucky was spoken to again about his orders to "take care of the Ronnie Hawk problem". He informed the team that Ronnie had become a liability to the FBI and a danger to national security, occasionally discovering paranormal phenomena that should not be shared. However, Bucky denied killing Ronnie, claiming that he had only intended to end his TrendVidding career.

Bucky was found to be innocent for the third time after the team incarcerated Wendall Goh for Ronnie's murder. Later, Hope and the player asked Bucky if he knew anything about The Pilgrim. He told them that the name rang a bell and was from a decade-old cold case. However, he had misplaced his briefcase at the abandoned cabin, prompting Hope and the player to reinvestigate the cabin.

The Third Degree

Bucky became a suspect once again after George and the player found his baseball cap in the control room. He told the team that he had heard the commotion around her "suicide", although he had not been in the interrogation room when it had happened. He revealed that he had hoped to ask her about the cursed amulet she had used to accidentally kill archaeology student Dan Quang, although he had not been part of the interrogation.

Bucky was spoken to again about him deleting files from the security camera on the observation deck. He claimed that it had been a mistake as he had accidentally cleared the camera's memory when he tried to review the footage. He begged the team not to tell anyone about his mistake and swore that he had not tried to cover up evidence from Theresa's "suicide".

Bucky was found to be innocent once again after the team incarcerated Reggie Pratt for Theresa's murder. Later, he spoke with Gwen and the player after he heard a recording of a demon's voice. He told the team that he had left the recording in the control room and gave them FBI disguises to get into the building.

Murder details

Bucky's body was found electrocuted to death in the aquarium room of crimelord Dr Daemon's mansion. Gwen and the player observed that the sharks in the aquarium by Bucky's body were all dead. From the burn marks on his body, Ben confirmed that Bucky had been electrocuted at a high enough voltage to kill anything in the vicinity, explaining why the sharks in the aquarium were dead. The marks indicated that the murder weapon was an electroshock gun; since there was nothing on the market which could emit such a high voltage, Ben inferred that the killer needed to pimp up the gun themselves. This allowed Ben to conclude that the killer knew electronics.

Later, Gwen and the player found an electroshock gun underneath a pile of leaves at the pier. Chief Arrow confirmed that the gun was the murder weapon and noted that he had found strands of black hair caught in one of the joints. This led Chief Arrow to conclude that the killer had black hair.

Relationship with suspects

Bucky had angered crimelord Dr. Daemon by removing his name from the FBI's Most Wanted list, publicly claiming that he was "not that evil". He had also rejected a plea from Seth Daemon, Dr Daemon's son, to join the FBI, believing Seth to be a layabout. Housekeeper Edwina Pickles had caught Bucky sneaking around the mansion and forced him to remove his dirty shoes. Drug dealer Martin Fuller had made a deal with Bucky; in exchange for information on crimelords, Bucky would give Martin a new identity in witness protection. However, Bucky double-crossed Martin. FBI Agent George Mathison suspected that Bucky was a demon and confronted him after finding a mask of Bucky's face.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Edwina, whose real identity was the demon Edwinata.

During the confrontation, Edwinata revealed that she stationed in the mansion to ensure the safe arrival of the demons through the lighthouse. Bucky discovered her true identity, however, and so she silenced him so she could continue living in the mansion and not in the Netherworld. Edwinata then promptly teleported away.


  • Bucky is one of the characters to physically appear in two seasons of the game.
  • Bucky is one of the non-main characters to physically appear in two different regions in Supernatural Investigations.
  • Bucky is one of the characters to appear as a suspect four times.
    • He is also one of the characters to appear as a suspect in two consecutive cases in Travel in Time.
  • In Gone in 30 Seconds and Houston, We Have a Problem's sticker albums, it is noted in both cases' suspect list stickers that Bucky is 6'1" when he appeared as 6'2" in his profile. This is most likely a developer oversight.

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