Brooke Chase was a suspect in the murder investigation of stock trader Samuel Rye in Blood on the Trading Floor (Case #12 of Grimsborough).


Brooke is an irritable 52-year old manager of Greene Casino, close to the Stock Exchange where the victim was murdered. She works for Alden Greene and is the boss of Kate Murphy. She has whitening blond hair which curls up at the end. She wears a light blue shirt underneath a cornflower blue blazer with the Greene Casino logo and a light blue handkerchief in her left pocket. She also wears a diamond necklace and a pair of glasses. It is known that Brooke uses dental floss and face cream.

Height 5'5"
Age 52
Weight 132 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Jones and the player first spoke to Brooke after investigating the scene where Samuel Rye was murdered. She suggested that they should talk to Jack Ryan. After analyzing a surveillance camera of the casino, they discovered that Brooke was yelling at the victim and that she had threatened him with a samurai sword. When the team asked her why she did it, she said that Samuel was drunk and he was causing problems. She also said that she did not threaten him with a samurai sword, but was holding an umbrella. She later came back to the team to inform them that when she opened the casino, she noticed that the samurai was back in its place and blood was dripping from it. After Harry Krane was arrested for the murder, Brooke was proven innocent.

Brooke appeared in the Additional Investigation of the case when she thought that the victim's blood was on the samurai, but upon analysis, it was proven that the blood belonged to the samurai.

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