Brad Price (1987–2018) was the victim in Cross My Heart (Case #4 of The Conspiracy).


Brad was the 31-year-old business owner of Kale & Fries, located in Fairview Mall. He had short blond hair combed to the left, green eyes, and faint traces of a mustache and stubble. He wore a pink sweater with a green dolphin emblem and a blue sweater around his neck over a white collared shirt.

Murder details

Brad was found in Fairview Mall with an arrow in his heart. According to Martine, the killer never touched the body since they shot the arrow with accurate precision into the center of the victim's heart, which proved that the killer was a skilled archer.

A bow found on the crime scene inside a handbag was soon sent to Rita. Rita confirmed it as the murder weapon before sending it to Amir, who detected a melanin-activating substance on it. The same substance was soon identified as the main ingredient for special tanning lotions used in indoor tanning. This proved the killer went indoor tanning.

Relationship with suspects

In high school, Brad and his friends had bullied massage therapist Megan Lucas because of her love for archery and her looks, but Megan had gotten over it. Brad also had a feud with balloon vendor Ace Boome because the victim believed that Ace's balloon kiosk was blocking the view of his own, Kale & Fries, even trying to get Ace kicked out. Brad also had a relationship with his girlfriend Brooke Long and later to be revealed, also with flower vendor Javier Morales without telling either of them of the other relationship. Brad had also killed his oldest friend, Tristan Collins's service dog with his car and never apologized or went to the funeral despite the invitation Tristan made for him.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Megan.

Upon admitting to the murder, Megan said that Brad had almost killed her. He invited her to a party when they were in senior year. There, he dared her to jump into the pool because everyone was going to do it. Wanting to fit in, Megan jumped into the pool, not knowing that it was drained empty a few days earlier. She was then hospitalized for six months, ruining her plans of going to medical school. Angry at him for ruining her life, Megan struck Brad with an arrow through the heart, hoping that people would think it was a murder due to love. Judge Powell sentenced her to 7 years in prison for the crime.

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