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Gloria Hayes: <Name>, the emergence of Xerda wasn't the only surprise after the recent earthquake in Grimsborough...
Gloria: Apparently, an ancient species of fish was also awakened from hibernation! And the recent flood carried it from the ruins straight into Maple Heights!
Gloria: According to Martine's research, the fish we caught is harmless... but then why did the Xerdans call them "Demon Fish"?
Jones: Well, the fish aren't the only thing on our plate! What about the revelation that the thing that crashed in the forest a year ago wasn't a satellite, after all?
Jones: It was a meteorite! But DreamLife lied to everyone about it! They claimed it was their satellite so they could build a dome over it and keep it hidden from everybody else!
Gloria: I know! But we need to figure out a way to look into this without arousing DreamLife's suspicions. We cannot risk them getting rid of evidence!
Gloria: Either way, we've got another case to solve now, <Name>! The manager of the "Happy Paws" dog shelter has called to report a murder!
Jones: A dog shelter? I thought that was a place for fluffy cuddles, not violent crime!
Gloria: Well, I doubt it will be fluffy cuddles for us, <Name>! Let's head to the dog shelter and find out what's going on!

Chapter 1

Investigate Happy Paws Shelter.
Gloria: <Name>, this is one fancy dog shelter! You know you're in Maple Heights when even rescue dogs are kept in golden cages!
Gloria: The only thing ruining the extravagant vibe is this dead woman in the foyer!
Gloria: Look at her broken nose and bloody face... And you're right, those are strangulation marks on her neck! What the heck happened here-
Carlos: <Rank> <Name>, you're here! Gracias a Dios!
Carlos: I only left the reception for one segundo! I was out in the yard, and when I came back...
Carlos: There was Señorita Farrell... dead!
Gloria: So this lady's name was Ms Farrell. And I'm guessing you're the shelter manager. Please sit down, we'll speak to you in a minute!
(Carlos leaves.)
Gloria: <Name>, I see you've already fetched us a clue: a flyer advertising a meetup for dog owners! And look, that's our victim!
Gloria: I agree, we should run this other woman through our database! Then we'll have a second witness who knew our victim!
Gloria: <Name>, let's sniff out the killer's scent and get on their trail!

Ask the dog shelter's manager what he saw.
Gloria: Mr Cachorro, are you feeling better? Please tell us exactly what happened here.
Carlos (sweating): <Rank> <Name>, I only go out to call my dog food supplier for ten minutos... When I come back, I see Señorita Farrell, dead on the floor!
Gloria: And there was no one else around? What about a CCTV camera?
Carlos: No cameras here, <Rank> <Name>! Only good customers, no need for security!
Carlos: Like Señorita Farrell, she was very nice lady. And she had mucho amor for puppies! I thought she was perfect for Cupcake!
Carlos: She wasn't as rich as the celebrities of Maple Heights, but she had good job! She was the Mayor's assistant!
Gloria: Ms Farrell worked for the Mayor? That's useful to know, Mr Cachorro! Thank you!
(Carlos leaves.)
Gloria: <Name>, I haven't had a chance to meet the Mayor since I've come to Grimsborough. But if our victim worked for her, then we should go to City Hall!

Investigate Mayor's Office.
Gloria: <Name>, I've read up on the Mayor a bit. I learned that Martha Price first ran for Mayor during your first stay in Grimsborough!
Gloria: However, Ms Price doesn't seem to be here now... And her assistant can't help us, given that she's dead!
Gloria: Good idea, the Mayor's agenda should tell us where she is! Let's open it!
Gloria: And that handbag has the victim's initials! Ms Farrell must've been in a hurry to the dog shelter if she left her bag here. Let's see what we find inside!
Gloria: As for that broken pendant, I'm sure restoring it will be child's play for you, <Name>!

Examine Broken Pendant.
Gloria: <Name>, this heart-shaped pendant belonged to the victim! Her name is engraved on it...
Gloria: But the other name has rubbed off. Can you decipher the faded letters?

Examine Faded Name.
Gloria: <Name>, the other name on Penny's pendant is a certain Benjamin.
Gloria: This Benjamin was clearly in a relationship with our victim... his name must be among her emergency contacts. I'll have him brought to the station!

Notify Benjamin Fetcher of his girlfriend's death.
Benjamin: <Rank> <Name>, why am I at the police station? They told me it was about Penny. She's fine, right?
Gloria: We're very sorry, Mr Fetcher, but Penny's dead. She was murdered.
Benjamin: What? No, that can't be! Not Penny!
Benjamin: Who would wish my sweet Penny harm? She was perfect, she-
Gloria: Mr Fetcher, have you noticed anything unusual around Penny lately? Any detail that comes to mind?
Benjamin: I... I've been so busy with the flood, <Rank> <Name>. I work for animal control, you see. I hadn't even seen Penny in a week.
Benjamin: If only I'd known it was Penny who needed saving, I would never have left her side!

Examine Mayor's Agenda.
Gloria: Nice job, <Name>, you got the Mayor's agenda open! Let's have a look at her schedule!
Gloria: It says here that Ms Price is at a meeting downtown. We can catch her there!

Inform the Mayor of her assistant's murder.
Martha: <Rank> <Name>, it's a pleasure to see you again after all these years!
Martha (holding her phone): We should really sit down and discuss all the changes that happened in Grimsborough while you were away. Let me ask my assistant to-
Gloria: Ms Price, unfortunately, your assistant won't be able to arrange this meeting. Ms Farrell was murdered earlier today.
Martha: Penny is dead? Oh no! So that's why she wasn't answering my calls!
Martha: This is the worst possible time for me to lose my assistant! I can't afford any more disruption while Grimsborough's battling this flood, and those fish!
Martha: Of course, it's a tragedy for Penny's family too. I didn't know much about her personal life... But the City is behind them at this difficult time!

Examine Victim's Handbag.
Gloria: <Name>, you found a picture in our victim's handbag... But it's been turned into a threat!
Gloria: Look, someone glued a plastic dog collar on top of her head: "You'll feel the noose tighten around your neck soon!"
Gloria: Given the fact that Ms Farrell was strangled at the dog shelter, this was clearly a threat from the killer!
Gloria: You're right, there seems to be some blue substance in the corner. Let's get Rupert to have a look at it!

Analyze Threat.
Gloria: Rupert, any news about this death threat we found in our victim's bag?
Rupert: Yes, <Name>, I've examined those blue particles on the paper under the microscope.
Rupert: I detected a soluble compound of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Elements that are commonly found in commercial fertilizers used for gardening!
Gloria: So, someone handled this photograph after doing a spot of gardening?
Rupert: Yes, and it wasn't your victim! Ms Farrell lived in a flat on the 5th floor with no garden.
Rupert: And if the fertilizer on the photo didn't come from the victim's fingers... it must've come from your killer's!
Gloria: So the killer has a green thumb! Well, <Name>'s going to nip their murderous habit in the bud!

Examine Unknown Woman.
Gloria: <Name>, this lady posing on the dog owners' meetup poster with our victim is a certain Celine Dernier!
Gloria: Wait, I know her! Celine Dernier was a famous Ivywood movie star in her youth... And wasn't she in a horrible plane crash a few years back?
Gloria: But our records say she moved to Grimsborough, and she's been living in Maple Heights ever since.
Gloria: Well, Ms Dernier clearly knew our victim from the Happy Paws shelter. Let's pay her a visit!

Ask Celine Dernier if she knew the victim.
Celine (holding Plopsie): You look familiar, <Rank> <Name>... But if you're from the press, I'm done giving interviews today.
Gloria: Ms Dernier, we're not journalists. There was a murder at the dog shelter, and-
Celine (holding Plopsie): The dog shelter? That's where I got Plopsie! Just look at him! Isn't he adorable?
Celine (holding Plopsie): Would you believe his previous owner was a murderess? When she was sent to jail, poor Plopsie had nowhere to go! That's when I adopted him!
Gloria: Speaking of murders... a young woman called Penny Farrell was killed at the Happy Paws shelter. Did you know her well?
Celine (holding Plopsie): Penny Farrell? Ah, yes, she had a yappy little maltese called Cupcake.
Celine (holding Plopsie): We posed together for the meetup flyer because the manager thought we had the cutest dogs. But I barely talked to the girl.
Celine (holding Plopsie): I'm sorry that she was murdered... But I don't think I can help you, <Rank> <Name>. And now it's time for Plopsie's bath. Say goodbye, Plopsie!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: Oh là là, Rita's just told me another disastrous dating story! I'm starting to think she'd be happier without a man!
Gloria: I don't know about that, Martine... But could we get an update on the girl who got killed at the puppy shelter?
Martine: Well, the cause of death was ligature strangulation, as you can see from these bruises on the victim's neck. Keep an eye out for a rope or a string, <Name>.
Martine: Prior to that, the victim was punched in the face, which must've caused her to lose consciousness.
Gloria: Quite a violent death for such a young and pretty woman! Someone clearly had it in for her!
Martine: Well, I also found something on the victim's wrist. Analysis revealed it was a soy protein concentrate used in vegan meat substitutes.
Martine: Except the victim was still digesting the steak she'd had for dinner, <Name>. Which means it's the killer who left the soy protein on the victim's wrist! They're vegan!
Gloria: Our killer is a vegan? I guess we'll have to tell the cooks about that when we ship them off to prison!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: <Name>, we were hoping to find out more about that strange fish that appeared in Grimsborough with the recent flood...
Gloria: ... but we had to put this fishy investigation on hold to visit a dog shelter, where one of the customers was murdered!
Gloria: So far, it looks like Penny Farrell led an ordinary life: she worked for the Mayor, had a loving boyfriend-
Celine: <Rank> <Name>! Thank goodness you're here!
Gloria: Ms Dernier? What is the matter?
Celine: It's Plopsie! He was kidnapped!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, that strange fish that escaped into Grimsborough from the Xerdan ruins isn't the only mystery in Maple Heights...
Gloria: We also found a young woman strangled in a dog shelter!
Gloria: Penny Farrell seems to have led an ordinary life: she had a job, a boyfriend, a dog-
Celine: <Rank> <Name>! Thank goodness you're here!
Gloria: Ms Dernier? What is the matter?
Celine: It's Plopsie! He was kidnapped from the dog walking park!
Gloria: Your dog was kidnapped? Ms Dernier, we're homicide detectives, we don't have time for missing dogs when-
Celine: What if I told you I often saw your victim in that park too? Would you go and look for Plopsie then?
Gloria: Our victim went to the dog walking park? Alright, Ms Dernier, we'll have a look. We'll let you know if we find Plopsie!

Investigate Dog Walking Park.
Gloria: Whoa, look at those waterfalls, <Name>! Jones had told me about them but I didn't realize they were so huge!
Gloria: Thankfully the park doesn't seem to have suffered much from the flood. Alright, I guess we should at least try to find Plopsie.
Gloria: Plopsie! Plopsie!
(Gloria stands, speechless.)
Gloria: Well, I can't see Plopsie, but maybe that broken flying disk will give us a clue where he's disappeared to!
Gloria: One thing is certain: coming to this park has paid off! You've found the victim's wallet, <Name>! Let's have a look inside!
Gloria: And that blood-stained tissue is definitely suspicious! Let's collect a sample for the lab!

Examine Blood-Stained Tissue.
Gloria: <Name>, this might sound grim, but I hope the blood from this tissue is the victim's! Let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Blood.
Rupert (with Amir): Amir, I finally figured out why the fume extractor was making that weird noise. Your gym membership card was stuck in the fan.
Amir: Are you insinuating I'm unfit, Rupert? I'm hurt.
Rupert: Well, not to be smug, but when I was your age, my mates and I would run all the way from the Horse's Head to-
Gloria: Sorry to interrupt, but can you guys brief us about this blood sample <Name> collected from a discarded tissue?
Rupert: That is what's sparked our discussion, <Name>! But first things first: The blood sample was a match with your victim.
Gloria: So this tissue definitely belonged to the killer! They must've wiped their hands with it after the murder!
Amir: Yes, and there's more! The sample contained another substance: a muscle relaxant cream that's used by runners!
Gloria: So the killer runs? Well, they won't run far with <Name> on their trail!
Gloria: But for now, we may have run out of clues, <Name>. What do you suggest we do next?
Gloria: You want to have another look at the Mayor's Office? Alright, we know our victim worked there. Let's go!

Investigate Coffee Table.
Gloria: <Name>, this complaint form was filled in by our victim! But it's a duplicate, and the writing is barely visible. Can you recover it?
Gloria: And that's Ms Farrell's laptop! I'm sure the Mayor understands that we need access to her assisant's computer. Let's crack the password!

Examine Victim's Laptop.
Gloria: <Name>, now that you've unlocked the victim's laptop, let's send it to Cathy and see what she finds!

Analyze Victim's Laptop.
Cathy (holding Sammy): Sorry, <Name>, I'm having a babysitting emergency. Alex forgot to tell me he had a doctor's appointment...
Cathy (holding Sammy): But let me tell you what I found on your victim's work laptop!
Cathy (holding Sammy): I admit it puzzled me at first. There was a file on the hard drive named "Economy and Finance"... But when I opened it, I found dog videos downloaded from TrendVid!
Cathy (holding Sammy): At first, I thought it was a sophisticated firewall protocol... But then I checked Penny's browsing history, and found dozens of blogs and videos about dogs, accessed from work!
Gloria: Are you saying the Mayor's assistant was slacking off TrendVid while at work? Well, as a taxpayer, I'm not best pleased with that...
Cathy (holding Sammy): Nor was Ms Price! Especially after Penny missed a deadline to apply for a special government grant for flood relief!
Cathy (holding Sammy): The Mayor was furious! She sent an email to Penny, threatening that there'd be "consequences"!
Gloria: Consequences? Alright, <Name>, we'd better ask the Mayor what exactly she had in mind!

Talk to the Mayor about the victim neglecting her duties.
Gloria: Ms Price, your assistant's computer has been seized as evidence. And it transpired you were unhappy with her work.
Martha: You could say that again! Penny barely got ANY work done! All she cared about was dog videos!
Martha: Look, I don't begrudge my employees a few minutes of browsing... I sometimes check out vegan recipes during a boring presentation too. We all need our sanity break.
Martha: But I draw the line at missing government deadlines because of puppy procrastination!
Martha: Penny's negligence cost Grimsborough much-needed relief funds! And God knows what it would cost ME if the press got wind of it!
Gloria: Ms Price, we understand your frustration... But I hope you dealt with it in a professional manner and not by violence!

Examine Faded Complaint Form.
Gloria: <Name>, Penny's complaint was against the Happy Paws shelter, and its manager, Carlos Cachorro!
Gloria: Apparently, Mr Cachorro "failed to ensure the dogs in his care receive the required vaccinations"! The shelter could be fined or even closed for this negligence!
Gloria: You're right, it looks like our victim threatened to ruin Mr Cachorro's business! We need to have another word with him!

Question Carlos Cachorro about the victim's complaint.
Carlos: <Rank> <Name>, have you come back to adopt a puppy? I have an adorable-
Gloria: Mr Cachorro, you didn't tell us the truth about Penny Farrell! She filed a complaint against you for neglecting to vaccinate your dogs!
Carlos (sweating): Ay, la madre! You found out about that, <Rank> <Name>!
Carlos (sweating): Look, I didn't neglect those vaccines! I just... forgot about them! It was an honest mistake!
Carlos: Señorita Penny said I didn't care about the health of my animals, but it's not true! I love animals, I'm vegan! And I take them out of their cages every day and run with them!
Carlos: If the shelter was closed, where would the puppies go? I thought Señorita Penny loved puppies too! But maybe she just loved complaint forms!
Gloria: Mr Cachorro, you clearly made a mistake. I hope you didn't make a second one by killing Penny to cover it up!

Examine Broken Flying Disk.
Gloria (holding a flying disk): <Name>, this flying disk has Plopsie's picture on it! It must've belonged to Ms Dernier's dog-
(Plopsie runs to Gloria and bites the flying disk)
Plopsie: Grrrrr...
Gloria (holding the flying disk with Plopsie): <Name>, I think we've successfully located Plopsie. Let's give him back to Ms Dernier!

Give Plopsie back to Celine Dernier.
Celine (holding Plopsie): <Rank> <Name>, you've found him! You saved my Plopsie!
Celine (holding Plopsie): Seriously though, the police should do something about these kidnappings! Plopsie isn't the first pup to be snatched!
Gloria: Snatched? Ms Dernier, I think Plopsie was just playing and wandered off-
Celine (holding Plopsie): You sound just like Ms Farrell! She was also very condescending when I mentioned these unexplained disappearances at the dog owners' meeting!
Celine (holding Plopsie): I'd expected a City Hall employee to take dog safety seriously! She placated me by saying she'd look into it, but she never did anything!
Gloria: So you were angry with Ms Farrell because she didn't believe you?
Celine (holding Plopsie): It's water under the bridge now that the poor girl's dead. The important thing is that Plopsie is safe!
Celine (holding Plopsie): But I must go home now and do some gardening. Mr Cachorro promised to help me plant shrubbery around Plopsie's dog house. Good day, Officers!
(Celine leaves.)
Gloria: Hmm, Ms Dernier sounds a bit paranoid... Let's hope her concern for Plopsie's safety didn't make her do anything foolish to Penny Farrell!

Examine Victim's Wallet.
Gloria: <Name>, the victim had a professional dog walker's business card in her wallet!
Gloria: This Kitty Young must've worked for Penny! Let's see what she can tell us about her!

Ask Kitty Young about the victim.
Kitty: Hello, Officers! Do your police dogs get enough exercise? I can take them for a run any time!
Gloria: Ms Young, we're here on a murder investigation. Was Penny Farrell one of your clients?
Kitty (holding Cupcake): Yeah, she's Cupcake's owner, I've got her dog right here! Are you saying Penny was... murdered?
Gloria: Unfortunately, yes. What can you tell us about Ms Farrell?
Kitty (holding Cupcake): Well, Penny wasn't super wealthy, like some other Maple Heights residents. She had an office job, that's why she needed me to walk Cupcake!
Kitty (holding Cupcake and some vegan dog treats): I guess Cupcake can stay with me tonight. I've just baked some vegan dog treats, with home-grown ingredients! I owe it to Penny to look after her dog in these circumstances!
Gloria: That's very kind of you. And if there are other ways you can help our investigation, we'll let you know!

Later, in the office...
Gloria: <Name>, when we first spoke to Penny Farrell's acquaintances, they all said such a kind-hearted woman couldn't have any enemies...
Gloria: But now it looks like her obsessive love for dogs may have aggravated a few people!
Gloria: Her boss, Mayor Price, wasn't impressed that her assistant spent her working hours looking at dog videos...
Gloria: And Penny also filed a complaint against the dog shelter's manager for missing out on vaccinations-
Rita (holding crying Sammy): <Name>, drop everything! I need backup!
Rita (holding crying Sammy): I think I've broken this tiny human! It won't stop crying!

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, when we first spoke to Penny Farrell's acquaintances, they all said such a kind-hearted woman couldn't have any enemies...
Gloria: But now it looks like her obsessive love for dogs may have aggravated a few people-
Rita (holding crying Sammy): <Name>, this tiny human won't stop crying! And he smells! I need backup!
Gloria: Oh dear! What happened, did Cathy have to rush out?
Rita (holding crying Sammy): She said she'd be back "soon", and handed a child to me! That was an hour ago! What am I going to do?
Gloria: Rita, I think Sammy just needs his diaper changed!
Rita (holding crying Sammy): "Just" his diaper... are you kidding me? I haven't been trained for this!
Rita (holding crying Sammy): Alright, maybe Martine can help me survive this ordeal. I'm clearly getting no moral support here.
(Rita leaves.)
Gloria: Oh dear!
Gloria: Sorry, <Name>, I'm just amused by the image of Rita trying to change a diaper!
Gloria: Between us, though, I shouldn't judge. Carter's much more fun since he's been out of his diapers!
Gloria: But you're right, <Name>, we have an investigation to finish. What do you say we return to the dog walking park for fresh clues? Great, let's go!

Investigate Doggie Playground.
Gloria: <Name>, that gift was for our victim! Let's open it and see what's inside!
Gloria: And that doggie jumper looks familiar... Penny's dog wore it on the poster we found earlier!
Gloria: You're right, <Name>! Penny's name is also written on the jumper! We'd better vacuum up those crumbs to read the rest!
Gloria: <Name>, they say every dog has its day... I'm sure these clues will be our lucky break!

Examine Dog Jumper.
Gloria: <Name>, vacuuming up those crumbs from the Cupcake's jumper revealed the message to Penny: "call of the dogs or you'll regret it!"
Gloria: "You'll regret it"? Clearly, our victim got into a fight with someone! But who?
Gloria: I agree, <Name>, a look at those crumbs under the microscope should tell us who wrote this message!

Examine Crumbs.
Gloria: <Name>, the crumbs you collected from Cupcake's jumper are dog treats! And not just any kind, but vegan ones!
Gloria: You're right, that dog walker, Kitty Young mentioned she baked vegan dog treats for her clients' dogs!
Gloria: Alright, if Kitty wrote that angry message to our victim, we'd better have another word with her!

Question Kitty Young about her angry message to the victim.
Gloria: Ms Young, we found you message to Penny. Apparently, the two of you had a fight! Which you didn't mention last time we spoke to you!
Kitty: Alright, <Rank> <Name>... Now that you found out, I have no reason to pretend I like Penny anymore!
Kitty: She kept complaining about how I treated her precious Cupcake! Did she exercise enough, was she hydrated enough, was she warm enough...
Kitty: I'm used to rich people being fussy about their pets... but Penny tried to tell me how to do MY job! Well, I'm the one here with YEARS of dog-training experience!
Gloria: Wow, it looks like Penny really hurt your professional pride! I didn't think dog walking was such an emotional minefield!
Kitty: Oh, well this is Maple Heights, after all. But I just go for a run when I need to calm down...
Kitty: I sometimes see Penny's boyfriend running as well... I guess she tried HIS patience too!
Gloria: Well, I do hope it worked, and you didn't need more drastic measures to let off steam!

Examine Gift Box.
Gloria (holding a rat): Eeek! <Name>, there was a live rat in that gift box!
Gloria (sweating): Alright, I have no idea why anyone would send a rat to our victim, but I'm happy to pass it on to our lab guys to find out!

Analyze Rat.
Amir: <Name>, what a cute rat you sent me! I can't wait to introduce him to Rupert!
Gloria: I'm glad to know you've made friends with the evidence, Amir, but is there a chance you could tell us who sent this rat to Penny Farrell?
Amir: Sure! I've run some tests on Ratty, and I've found human DNA on his fur! It matches one of your suspects: Benjamin Fetcher!
Gloria: Benjamin Fetcher? He was Penny's boyfriend!
Gloria: I don't know about you, <Name>, but a rat in a box doesn't spell romance to me! I say we ask Mr Fetcher exactly what this gift was about!

Question Benjamin Fetcher about sending a rat to the victim.
Gloria: Mr Fetcher, why did you threaten your girlfriend with a live rat?
Benjamin: What? <Rank> <Name>, the rat wasn't a threat! It was a gift!
Gloria: A... gift? You'll have to explain that, Mr Fetcher.
Benjamin: I wanted to show Penny I wasn't against ALL pets! I just didn't want her to adopt that dog! I was trying to convince her to return Cupcake to the shelter and keep the rat instead!
Benjamin: Penny and I didn't even have a garden! I had to grow my tomatoes in tiny posts at my office! But dogs need exercise! Adopting Cupcake was irresponsible!
Benjamin: I thought a rat would be a good compromise! But Penny threw me out, together with the rat! She even threw my vegan cookbook after me!
Gloria: So... Penny broke up with you?
Benjamin: Yes, and look where it got her! If she'd been reasonable and listened to me, she'd still be alive!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: <Name>, how do we turn this shaggy-dog story of a case into something else that makes sense?
Gloria: It looks like our quiet victim's life was actually full of drama! She kicked her boyfriend out, she aggravated her dog-walker...
Gloria: What we still don't know is who strangled her in the dog shelter!
Gloria: You think we'll sniff out the truth at the crime scene? Alright, let's go back to Happy Paws!

Investigate Dog Shelter Floor.
Gloria: <Name>, how did that GritFit get lost and broken here, at the dog shelter? Isn't it a device for runners?
Gloria: You're right, we know our killer is a runner!
Gloria: Which means this GritFit could have gotten broken during the fight with the victim! I agree, we should crack the password
Gloria: I see you want to go through the trash can too! We'll be snapping at the killer's heels soon, I know it!

Examine Trash Can.
Gloria: <Name>, is that dog leash you found in the trash stained with blood?
Gloria: You're right, our victim could've been strangled with this leash! Let's send it to the lab straight away!

Analyze Dog Leash.
Gloria: Rupert, any news about that blood-stained dog leash <Name> found in the trash?
Rupert: That dog leash is your murder weapon, <Name>! I found skin cells on it that match the victim!
Rupert: I also took a closer look at the leather strap, and found traces of a sterile non-iodized saline solution made for cleaning gold jewelry!
Rupert: The substance was found near the two ends of the leash, <Name>, which is where the killer grabbed it to strangle the victim!
Gloria: Well, this the killer's last chance to flaunt their gold jewelry, before they go to prison!

Examine Damaged GritFit.
Gloria: <Name>, now that you've unlocked the GritFit, Cathy might be able to retrieve data from it!

Analyze Unlocked GritFit.
Cathy: <Name>, I hear Rita had a traumatic experience babysitting Sammy. I'll have to make it up to her, but I don't know if she'd like a spa day...
Gloria: Send Rita paintballing instead, and give the spa tickets to me!
Gloria: But first, let's deal with this GritFit. We suspect it's the killer's.
Cathy: And you are right! I thought I saw some specks of blood under the broken screen, and Amir confirmed it: it was your victim's blood!
Gloria: Nice one! Were you able to retrieve any of the killer's personal stats from the device?
Cathy: Unfortunately, the chip was damaged. The only thing I could access was data from the killer's last few runs.
Cathy: But with some calculations based on their average speed, distance, and calorie consumption, I managed to extrapolate that the killer's weight is 150 lbs!
Gloria: Well, knowing the killer's weight is definitely a weight off OUR shoulders!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: <Name>, we've been chasing our tail for long enough, but now I'm paw-sitive that we have all the evidence to arrest Penny Farrell's killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Kitty Young, you're under arrest for Penny Farrell's murder!
Kitty: What are you talking about? I didn't kill Penny, I worked for her!
Gloria: You strangled her with a dog leash! You threw it in the trash, but <Rank> <Name> found it!
Kitty: You found a dog leash, so now you're trying to pin a murder on me because I'm a dog walker? That's pathetic!
Gloria: We have plenty more proof! Like your broken GritFit we found at the crime scene!
Kitty (sweating): You're barking up the wrong tree, <Rank> <Name>! I told you, I didn't do it!
Gloria: Stop lying, Kitty! Just tell us why you did it!
Gloria: Was it really because Penny criticized the way you work? Girl, you care an awful lot about dog walking, don't you?
Kitty: I didn't kill Penny because she was a know-it-all! I killed her because she threatened to turn me in!
(Kitty sweats, embarrassed.)
Gloria: Penny threatened to have you arrested? For what?
Kitty: You think I'm stupid enough to tell you?
Gloria: You're already looking at a murder conviction! Don't make it worse by not cooperating!
Kitty: Alright, you win. Well, Maple Heights is an expensive neighborhood, and dog-walking doesn't pay much. But most people here are loaded... there's money to be made if you know how.
Kitty: So I came up with a scheme to... occasionally steal a dog from the neighborhood.
Gloria: You were stealing dogs? So it's true! There really was a dog-kidnapper in Maple Heights! And it was you!
Kitty: I never hurt the dogs, <Rank> <Name>! I just waited until the owners offered a reward... then gave the dog back and pocketed the money!
Kitty: But Penny figured it out, and got all sanctimonious about it! She confronted me at the shelter and threatened to report me to the police. That was when my temper got the better of me!
Kitty: I didn't mean to kill her, <Rank> <Name>, but our fight got out of hand!
Gloria: Got out of hand? You strangled her with a dog leash in cold blood! Ms Young, you're under arrest!

Judge Powell: Kitty Young, you stand trial for the murder of Penny Farrell. How do you plead?
Kitty: Guilty, Your Honor. I strangled Penny because she couldn't keep her nose out of my business!
Judge Powell: Well, it says here your "business" wasn't limited to dog walking... You were also stealing dogs from the neighborhood!
Kitty: Everybody else in Maple Heights is loaded! Why can't I make some money too?
Judge Powell: You should've come up with a better idea to make money! You're sentenced to 15 years for Penny Farrell's murder!
Kitty (sweating): 15 years?! I can't believe this! I wish I'd never messed with stupid dogs and their crazy dog owners!

Jones: <Name>, I've heard you solved another murder brilliantly! And look who's popped by for a visit!
Zoe (holding Astrid) (with Jones): Hello, <Rank> <Name>! Astrid would like to thank you too! In the name of all dogs you've saved from the horrible ordeal of being kidnapped!
Jones: Yes, the parks of Maple Heights are safe again! And with Zoe and Astrid by my side, I can't remember when I had a happier time!
Gloria: I'm really glad to hear that, Jones!
Gloria: And now that the dogs are safe, <Name>, we should go back to looking into that Xerdan "Demon Fish".
Gloria: I know the specimen caught by Martine wasn't dangerous, but something called Demon Fish can't be completely harmless!
Gloria: Glad to see you agree! Let's grab some coffee, <Name>, because our shift isn't over yet!

Demons Among Us (2/6)

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, well done solving another murder in Maple Heights!
Gloria: And now we should look into that Demon Fish that escaped from Xerda, and spread throughout the flooded streets.
Gloria: Although I'm not sure what we can do! Martine says the Demon Fish specimen she examined wasn't dangerous, but-
Benjamin: <Rank> <Name>! There's an emergency! It's about that fish!
Gloria: You mean the "Demon Fish"? <Rank> <Name> will see you in the interrogation room straight away, Mr Fetcher!
Rita: Uhm, <Name>, I see you're busy, but can I also talk to you once you're done? There's something I'd love your help with...
Gloria: <Name>, I think Jones is still around, maybe he can talk to Rita with you? I'll wait with Mr Fetcher in the interrogation room!

Ask Mr Fetcher about the fish emergency.
Benjamin: <Rank> <Name>, there's something weird going on with that new fish species that escaped from the Xerdan ruins!
Benjamin: A man came to see me in my office to complain about that fish! He said he'd caught one, and shortly after touching it with his bare hands, he got sick! He said he couldn't breathe!
Gloria: A man almost died because he touched that fish? Did the hospital figure out what caused this?
Benjamin: No, the hospital was stumped!
Benjamin: <Rank> <Name>, animal control in Maple Heights usually just means rescuing cats from trees... I'm not an expert on ancient fish! I can't figure this out on my own!
Gloria: That's alright, Mr Fetcher. But we'd really need to see the fish this man touched!
Benjamin: Oh, that's easy enough! He brought that fish to me in a jar... Although I... I hurried here so fast, I think I left it in the park!
Gloria: In the park, you say? <Rank> <Name> will investigate immediately! We'd better find it before anyone else touches it!

Investigate Dog Walking Park.
Gloria: <Name>, this must be Mr Fetcher's jar, but look, the Demon Fish is missing!
Gloria: You're right, all we can do is gather a sample of the water left in the jar! Let's hope it'll explain how that supposedly harmless fish brought a man to respiratory failure!

Examine Empty Jar.
Gloria: Alright, <Name>, hopefully, the water sample from this jar will be enough for Martine to tell us what's going on with the Demon Fish!

Analyze Water Sample.
Martine: <Name>, I have bad news. The water sample you took from the jar confirmed that the Demon Fish is potentially deadly!
Gloria: But how can that be? You had a look at one of these fish before and you said they were harmless!
Martine: I know... That's because I wasn't looking at the right speciment! But the DNA I found in that water paints a different picture.
Martine: You see, the fish I examined last time was male. But the fish that was kept in that jar was female. And not only that... it was about to lay eggs!
Martine: And here's the thing: to keep their eggs safe, female Demon Fish produce a powerful neurotoxin that can paralyze any predator that threatens them.
Gloria: So you're saying only female Demon Fish produce this neurotoxin when they're fertile? That's why the male specimen was harmless?
Martine: Exactement! But there's worse. The man who said this toxin caused him to have a respiratory failure... he's not the only one.
Martine: The Maple Heights hospital confirmed they'd seen multiple patients present with severe respiratory failure... sometimes leading to death! And they'd all mentioned coming into contact with the Demon Fish!
Gloria: So, what you're saying is... female Demon Fish can kill people? We need to do something about this!
Martine: They seem to have spread out from the middle of the Grimsborough river, right between Old Town and Maple Heights! But I still don't know how they got there!
Gloria: <Name>'s right, maybe the Mayor can help with that! Either way, we need to update her on the situation. Let's go!

Report to Mayor Price about the dangers of the demon fish.
Martha: <Rank> <Name>, you've solved my assistant's murder... Now tell me you've made some progress with that Demon Fish crisis?
Gloria: Actually, that's why we're here. I'm afraid we have bad news. The fish is exactly dangerous as we feared it might be.
Gloria: New evidence shows that female produces a powerful neurotoxin that can be lethal to humans.
Martha: I knew it! The population must be kept safe! And <Rank> <Name>, I need you to figure out exactly how this fish infested the waters of Maple Heights!
Gloria: That's also why we're here. We've determined the point where the fish first appeared. It was in the middle of the river, between Old Town and Maple Heights.
Martha: Really? Hmmm... there was a recent incident in that area. Something to do with the sewer system...
Martha: Penny had filed a report about it... But she's dead, and I have no idea where she put it!
Gloria: Ms Price, if there's the slightest chance it might explain how the Demon Fish got into Maple Heights, we must look into it!
Martha: I authorized you to search everywhere in my office, <Rank> <Name>! And help yourself to some refreshments too!

Investigate Mayor's Office.
Gloria: <Name>, the sticker on this filing cabinet says "Incident Reports"! And the Mayor mentioned an incident that might explain how the Demon Fish got into Maple Heights!
Gloria: Alright, see if you can open the locked drawer!

Examine Filing Cabinet.
Gloria: <Name>, this document you found in the filing cabinet is called "Incident in Grimsborough's Waterways, Sector AQ17."
Gloria: The Mayor thought this might explain the Demon Fish infestation in Maple Heights! We'd better get the file to Cathy!

Analyze Incident Report.
Cathy: <Name>, I know how the Demon Fish got into the Grimsborough river!
Cathy: The report you sent me shows that the day the fish was spotted for the first time, there was an explosion in the sewers under the Grimsborough river!
Gloria: So you're saying the explosion under the river is what released the fish from the underwater Xerdan cave where they hibernated for centuries?
Cathy: Exactly. I compared the map of the sewers and the maps we have of Xerda, and the explosion happened right next to one of the caves, creating an opening onto the sewer system!
Cathy: But here's where things get strange. The explosion was classed as an act of vandalism.
Gloria: Vandalism? You mean someone blew up that sewer wall on purpose? Does the report say who?
Cathy: No evidence could be retrieved from the water. But it's safe to say, this can't be a coincidence! Someone wanted that fish to be released!
Gloria: I can't believe this! How did they even know the fish was there? And did they know female Demon Fish can kill people?
Gloria: You're right, <Name>, we need to talk to the Mayor again! She needs to know about this!

Tell the Mayor about our suspicions.
Gloria: Mayor Price, it has become clear that someone purposefully helped the fish break into the Grimsborough river! The infestation was intentional!
Martha: You're telling me someone unleashed deadly fish on the people of Grimsborough? Who are they? They must be arrested!
Gloria: They will be, once we figure out who's responsible. But until we do, the population must be kept safe!
Martha: Of course. I will see to it that citywide safety measures are rolled out. Everyone will be told to stay away from that fish!
Martha: <Rank> <Name>, I want you to stay vigilant and report any new development. I will authorize all the funds you need for this operation!

See what Rita wants to talk about.
Rita: <Name>, I'm sorry to trouble you with personal matter, but-
Jones: You can tell us anything you want, Rita!
Rita: Well, Martine suggested I take a step back from dating... And try and have a relationship with a... smaller living thing first. Like a puppy.
Jones: A puppy? You're getting a dog?
Rita: Well, I hope so! That's why I was wondering if <Name> could come to the dog shelter with me?
Jones: I think it's an excellent idea, Rita! Astrid really changed my life for the better-
Zoe (holding a sandwich): Hello again, <Rank> <Name>! Sorry to interrupt, but I forgot to give David his sandwich!
Zoe: But I heard you talking about puppies! <Name>, do you mind if I come with you?
Jones (holding a sandwich): Sounds like a great plan! Then I can eat my sandwich while you, <Name> and Rita go and see puppies in the shelter!
Rita: Great! Zoe and I will wait for you outside, <Name>!
(Rita leaves.)
Jones: <Name>, before you go with them, I just wanted to say something...
Jones: You know Zoe's still haunted by flashbacks of her mysterious disappearance... Not to mention she somehow remembers Marconi, even though he says he's never seen her before...
Jones: It hasn't been easy for her these past weeks... but she's trying hard to get her life back on track.
Jones: Anyway, thank you for taking her to the puppy shelter. I'm sure helping Rita find a puppy will take Zoe's mind off her nightmares! You're the best, <Name>!

At the dog shelter...
Carlos: <Rank> <Name>, you're back! And you have new friends with you!
Zoe: Hello, Mr Cachorro! You've got a lovely place here!
Carlos: Oh, you're so amable! I nearly lost this shelter because of a silly mistake! I hope I can make it up to you, <Rank> <Name>!
Rita: Well, I'm looking for a puppy to adopt. Preferably one that won't get scared of gunshots.
Carlos: Oh, Señorita, I believe I have the perfect dog for you: a Doberman puppy!
Carlos: He's very playful! He's always hiding in a basket! You'll have to find him!

Investigate Happy Paws Shelter.
Rita: <Name>, Mr Cachorro said the puppy I should adopt was good at hiding... You think he might be under these cushions? Alright, let's have a look!

Examine Basket.
Rita (holding a puppy): <Name>, look! Here he is! The puppy really was hiding in the basket!
Rita (holding the puppy): Oh my goodness, he's so soft and tiny!
Rita (holding the puppy) (sweating): But I'm not used to handling delicate things... What if I break it?
Zoe: I'm sure you won't! You'll be great friends, look, he already trusts you!
Carlos: Señorita, before you take this puppy home, you should check if he's got all the vaccinations! I may have missed a few!
Carlos: Good point, Mr Cachorro. I think <Name>'s colleagues in the lab can take care of that!
Rita (holding the puppy): <Name>, you think Rupert could do a health check on my pup?
Rita (holding the puppy): Alright, but he'd better be gentle with him, or he'll live to regret it!

Analyze Rita's Puppy.
Rupert: <Name>, I've run a bunch of health checks on Rita's new pup. He's perfectly healthy!
Rita (holding the puppy): Great! That means he's ready to come home with me!
Rita (holding Hector): <Name>, I've decided to call him Hector, after that famous Latin American crime lord. Because he'll grow up to be fierce and invincible!
Zoe: Congratulations, Rita! Hector will totally change your life, like Astrid changed mine!
Zoe: No more lying in bed on Saturday mornings... all your furniture is going to be chewed on... your shoes will be forever disappearing...
Rita (holding Hector): Hah, that still sounds better than my forays into dating. Anyway, thanks for your help, guys! I'm off to take Hector on his first walk!
(Rita leaves.)
Zoe: <Name>, thanks for letting me tag along! If you have a minute, I'd like to talk to you and David before I go.

Accompany Zoe to talk to Jones.
Jones: Hey darling! Did you have fun at the puppy shelter with <Name> and Rita?
Zoe: Yes, it was great! And it gave me an idea I wanted to discuss with you.
Zoe: You know, I'm tired of being constantly anxious because of what happened to me.
Zoe: I know I'm not ready to return to my regular job yet, but being around animals cheers me up so much!
Zoe: I talked to Mr Cachorro at the Happy Paws shelter, and he said he could use a volunteer! What do you think, <Name>?
Jones: I think it's an amazing idea! Working with dogs will do you a world of good! Don't you agree, <Name>?
Zoe: I'm glad you agree! And <Name>, come and see me at my new job any time you want to cuddle a puppy! And until then, take these!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: <Name>, it seems like every day on the job brings a new troubling discovery!
Gloria: First, we learned that DreamLife lied to everyone about what really crashed in the forest a year ago! It wasn't a satellite but a meteorite...
Gloria: ... but DreamLife is still keeping the meteorite hidden under a dome! To what end, no one knows... And so far, we haven't-
Chief Parker: <Name>, I've just been told of your new discovery! I understand the Demon Fish isn't as harmless as we previously believed
Gloria: Well, it turns out only the males are harmless. The females produce a lethal neurotoxin when they're carrying the eggs!
Gloria: What's worse, we know the fish was released into the Grimsborough river on purpose!
Gloria: The Mayor promised to help us keep everyone safe from the fish, but with the recent flood, the infestation will be hard to contain!
Martine: Which is why Rupert and I have started working on an antidote to the Demon Fish's neurotoxin!
Gloria: That's the first bit of good news today!
Chief Parker: <Name>, we have a lot on our plate, but Grimsborough is counting on us! And the first thing we must do is figure out who released that fish!

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