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Washington State, USA, 2019...
Chief Jacob Arrow: <Name>, good to see you on our team of supernatural hunters!
Chief Arrow: I wish we had time for proper introductions, but there's been a vampire attack at a Seattle cemetery!
Gwen: A vampire attack? Perfect for <Name>'s first real job, if you ask me!
Chief Arrow: Exactly. <Name>, Gwen here is a good hunter - she'll partner up with you for this investigation!
Gwen: Happy to do it! Let's hit the graveyard, <Name>, we've got a vamp to chase down!

Chapter 1

Investigate Creepy Cemetery.
Gwen Harper: Oh man, that poor girl! That's a vampire attack alright! Look at those fang punctures on her neck, <Name>!
Gwen: The vamp who killed her has clearly fled the scene. But the good news is, we got here before the police did, so we can investigate in peace!
Gwen: Police generally aren't happy when we hunters snoop around murders. But they - like most people - don't know that the supernatural is real...
Gwen: And since they think vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and other creatures are just myths, they can't solve supernatural crimes.
Gwen: They often chalk up supernatural deaths to drug overdoses or whatever. But WE know the truth and only we can bring justice to the victims.
Gwen: Our team is what stands between innocent people and the forces of darkness!
Gwen: Later, we'll need to exchange stories about how we all ended up in the supernatural-hunting life. But now, we've got a murder to solve!
Gwen (searching through her tablet): <Name>, according to our facial recognition app, the victim is one Lucy Winters, a recent high school graduate.
Gwen: Our team medic, Ben, will autopsy the body.
Gwen: And this hanky looks blood-stained! But also like there's other stuff mixed in? Let's take a sample.
Gwen: And that walking stick is real ornate. The crest on it looks familiar, but I can't place it. Let's run it through our database.
Gwen: <Name>, we're on the trail of a bloodthirsty vamp - and we won't stop until we've got them by the fangs!

Examine Stained Handkerchief.
Gwen: <Name>, now we've got the stuff off that handkerchief, let's get it to our chemist, Priya!

Analyze Strange Substance.
Priya: <Name>, you're looking a lot more confident on your first big supernatural investigation than I did!
Priya: A part of me is still amazed that vampires, ghosts, and all sorts of creatures are real! And live alongside us, without us knowing!
Priya: Almost the most amazing thing to me is that most creatures, including vampires, can look like ordinary humans... until they show their true face.
Gwen: I've always known all that. My family are supernatural hunters, so I've grown up in the life.
Priya: Well, most people don't! And as you know, Gwen, my own discovery of the supernatural was... quite traumatic...
Priya: But moving on, <Name>! The sample from the stained hanky did show traces of your victim's blood, but not just that.
Priya: Mixed in with the blood were tomato juice, vodka, spices... in short, the ingredients of the Bloody Mary cocktail!
Priya: Your vamp must've had a Bloody Mary earlier in the evening. Wiping their mouth after the murder, they left traces of the drink on the hanky.
Gwen: The vamp should've stuck to cocktails instead of drinking human blood! As it is, <Name>, they'll have to face justice!

Examine Crest.
Gwen: This crest on this walking stick belongs to Dr Aculus! Of course, <Name>! That's why it was so familiar!
Gwen: Dr Aculus is a vampire, the leader of the US coven. He's actually like over five centuries old, and came over from Europe at some point.
Gwen: Heh, <Name>, you might wonder why Dr Aculus is still alive if we know that he's a vampire! But it's actually more complicated.
Gwen: The thing is, not all vamps are by default evil, you know? They have a choice whether or not to kill. Some choose violence, some choose peace.
Gwen: The same goes for all supernatural creatures. Some didn't ask to be turned - like certain werewolves. There's a lot of moral gray area.
Gwen: Our team only goes after the creatures that we know are evil and causing harm. Dr Aculus has been a hardcore advocate for peace.
Gwen: But now a girl is dead, and we know this ancient vamp was right there! He'd better have a good explanation, <Name>!

Talk to Dr Aculus about his presence on the crime scene.
Aculus: Ah, young Gwendolyn! How charming to see you again, and with a new companion. This is a social call, I hope?
Gwen: Not about to be paying social calls to vampires, especially not on a night when one of you has committed murder!
Aculus: Murder? What are these terrible tidings? Who has perished?
Gwen: A young girl, by the name of Lucy Winters.
Aculus: She is not known to me. And surely you're not accusing ME of this heinous deed? After the toil I've put into negotiating peace with your charming chief?
Aculus: My coven only drinks ethically sourced blood from pre-approved blood drives, and we donate some of the proceeds to hospitals.
Aculus: I personally have abided by every rule your enchanting chief has set. I am grieved to hear that some vampire would dare break the peace.
Aculus: But then, the youth of today! In the 15th century, people respected their elders. But now young 100-year-old vampires can have no self-control!
Gwen: "Young 100-year-old"- you know what, never mind. If you weren't committing murder, why WERE you out there? We found your walking stick!
Aculus: A vampire seeks the serenity of graves. But tonight my walk was short, for that awful "night club" at the crypt made intolerable noise.
Gwen: Hold on, there was a party in one of the crypts? Then we'd better go investigate!

Investigate Crypt Party.
Gwen: Dr Aculus wasn't kidding about a night club! Who has parties at crypts, <Name>? Extra edgy youth, I guess.
Gwen: But come to think of it... the party might explain why our victim was out here, and in that nice getup!
Gwen: Anyway, back to the clues - great, that's a poster promoting the musician playing here. Decrypting their torn-off name will give us a lead.
Gwen: And we should search through that drinks tray, as well. You never know what we might find!

Examine Concert Poster.
Gwen: The musician playing here tonight was one DJ Blood. Of course someone with that stage name would pick a crypt as a gig venue...
Gwen: I guess when we interview him we should pretend we're journalists. We can't say we're supernatural hunters, but reporters will make sense to him.
Gwen: With that in mind, <Name>, let's ask DJ Blood if he's seen our victim!

Ask DJ Blood if he knew the victim.
Gwen: DJ Blood? We're, uh, reporters for the... the Sound and Hound, and we were hoping to interview you about your performance here tonight.
Blood: Ah, you've covering my gig? It was wild, man. The crypt gives the exact right vibe for my songs. So meaningful. All that... death, and stuff.
Gwen: Speaking of death, one Lucy Winters was found killed just outside, at the cemetery.
Blood: What?! Really?
Blood: Lucy Winters was a fan, man! Are you sure she didn't, like, just die of feelings? Musical ecstasy can do that to people, you know.
Gwen: No, she definitely died of murder. I mean, how well did you know her?
Blood: As well as I know any loyal fan. She came to a lot of my gigs. Seemed to really get what my music is about, y'know? The transcendent message.
Blood (singing): Too bad about her death. I'll write a song about it. It'll go like, "Anguish and pain / her life went down the drain"...
Gwen: That's... beautiful. We'll leave you to it.

Examine Drinks Tray.
Gwen: There was a torn-up photo lurking in the drinks tray! Nice, <Name>, it could be a clue! Let's put it back together!

Examine Torn Photo.
Gwen: Look, <Name>, that's our victim in the picture! And there's another girl with her... They look friendly.
Gwen: Apparently, the girl's name is Mina. We should ask her about the victim!
Gwen: Except we can't just rock up to Mina and start talking about vampires. Let's pretend we're just partygoers wondering what's going on!

Tell Mina Reynolds about her friend's murder.
Gwen: Hey, crazy party tonight, right? Also, did you hear? Apparently, some girl named Lucy Winters was found dead outside.
Mina: Lucy's been found... What? No, no, no. Being dead isn't what she does! She was at the party just earlier!
Gwen: Sounds like she went up to the cemetery at some point and was killed there. Oh man, did you know her well?
Mina: Yes! Oh no, it can't have happened to Luce! She was my best friend! We were close like... like people who're really close!
Mina: Coming to this party was Lucy's idea! She has the best ideas! Though obviously coming here was a best idea, 'cause she's dead now!
Gwen: This picture is of the two of you, right? We found it. How come it was torn up?
Mina (crying): I don't... I don't know anything! Luce-Luce and I lost each other in the crowd... I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Ben: <Name>! So great to have you with us! I guess Jake gave you the introductory speech?
Gwen: Nope. We landed this vampire case, and there wasn't enough time to sit down and talk.
Ben: Funnily, <Name>, vampires were how our team began 25 years ago. At first, it was just Jake and me, best buds hitting the road.
Ben: A vampire killed Jake's wife, see. That's how he and I found out they existed. We've been hunting dark creatures and saving people ever since. That's also how Jake lost his arm...
Gwen: Yep, and along the way the team grew to include me and others, and it was all very heartwarming, except for the part with the gruesome murders.
Ben: On that note, your victim is, as you expected, totally drained of blood. Going by rigor mortis, she was murdered at midnight.
Ben: Before biting the girl, the vamp tore off her necklace - there are marks where the chain pulled. So be on the lookout for that piece of jewelry.
Ben: I also found some saliva left on the bite. The markers in it indicated that your vamp is allergic to garlic!
Ben: It's not actually a thing for all vamps, you know. But the majority hates it, and your killer does too.
Gwen: Great! <Name>, our murderous vamp's aversion to garlic will soon be the least of their problems!

Later, at the ceremony...
Gwen: Well, <Name>, this has been quite an investigation to sink our teeth into!
Gwen: A young woman was drained of blood by a vampire at this cemetery at midnight.
Gwen: We've placed the vampire coven leader on the scene, but he claims to be a totally innocent 500-year-old, just taking his old bones for a walk.
Gwen: Dr Aculus has a point, in a way. It's surprising a vamp would dare kill, knowing that supernatural hunters are just around the corner.
Gwen: In their youth, the chief and our medic Ben hunted vamps nearly to extinction, and vamps have been on their best behavior since.
Gwen: I mean, they're vampires, so their best is not, like, amazing. But lately they've been sticking to ethically sourced blood, and no one died.
Gwen: I guess someone just felt extra bitey, and-
Eric: And I just heard! Death has claimed my beloved!
Eric (holding a knife to his throat): My life is meaningless without her! I wish I could end it right now!

Chapter 2

Gwen Harper: <Name>, this has been quite an investigation to sink our teeth into!
Gwen: A young woman was drained of blood by a vampire at this cemetery at midnight.
Gwen: The victim was out here in the first place because of a party at a crypt, 'cause that's apparently a thing.
Gwen: Given that vampires can look exactly like normal humans until they show their true face, literally anyone might be the culprit.
Gwen: We need to know which vamp would dare-
Eric: I just heard! Death has claimed my beloved!
Eric (holding a knife to his throat): My life is meaningless without her! I wish I could end it right now!
Gwen: Whoa, hold up! Put down that knife and let's talk calmly, alright? Like, start by explaining who you are.
Eric: My name is Eric, but Lucy called me her "forbidden love"! And now she's dead, so she'll speak the words to me no more!
Gwen: Oh, no! How sad! Tragic love stories always go to my heart!
Eric: I've heard some reporters were asking about her death. Was it you?
Gwen: Yes, Eric, and it would be very helpful if you could tell <Name> and me more about Lucy!

Question Eric Zwart about his relationship with the victim.
Eric: <Name>, Lucy was the love of my life! How, oh how can I possibly go on without her?!
Gwen: I can't imagine what you're going through! It's so hard for me to hear of love torn apart! Had you been together long?
Eric: Not long. But our devotion was so deep and forbidden! I'm older than Lucy. And my family didn't approve of our love. But I didn't care!
Eric: She was so pure, so sweet! We held hands in the moonlight and read poetry. Just last week we had our first kiss at her favorite spot, the Stone Giant statue.
Eric: Tonight I hoped for a rendezvous at the crypt... but I drank one Bloody Mary after another in vain, and never saw my love appear!
Gwen: Wait, you're saying you were both at the club, but didn't run into each other?
Eric: Such was our tragic fate. And now she's dead! And I can never know happiness again!
Gwen: You have all of my sympathy, Eric. And you mentioned a statue she liked? <Name> and I had better investigate it!

Investigate Stone Giant.
Gwen: <Name>, I'm a bit surprised that this creepy giant statue was Lucy's favorite place in town. I guess it says something about her...
Gwen: Anyway, that's clearly her bag! Her ID is peeking out of it! But what's it doing here?
Gwen: No teenage girl would chuck her bag like this. D'you think the vamp brought it here after the murder? Let's look through it for clues!
Gwen: And... hold on, is that cake depicting a girl, brown-haired like our victim, with blood gushing out of her neck?!
Gwen: We'd better gather up a sample of those flakes on the cake's packaging to see who made this gruesome gateau!

Examine Cake.
Gwen: Alright, <Name>, let's put the flakes from this cake under the microscope and learn who wished the victim harm!

Examine Purple Flakes.
Gwen: The flakes from that aggressive cake were apparently from purple nail polish...
Gwen: Well spotted, <Name>, the shade exactly matches the varnish that Mina was wearing!
Gwen: So the victim's best friend is the one who made this cake showing her death? Way to spit at the sacred bonds of friendship! Let's ask Mina about this!

Talk to Mina Reynolds about her threat against the victim.
Gwen: Mina, so if you were such good friends with Lucy, how come you made a cake depicting her death?
Mina (blushing and sweating): Oh no! You found it, <Name>, and now you're looking at me with that judgy face!
Mina: Look, Lucy and I had a fight. She kept saying that vampires were real, and making fun of ME when I tried stopping the crazy-talkiness!
Mina: I was like, girl, I'm allergic to garlic - does it make me a vamp now? And she said I was dumb. Like, hello?!
Mina: So I told her I hoped she'd get eaten by her vampires! And made her that cake!
Mina: But now - now I heard she WAS killed by an actual, real vampire?! With the fangs and the blood and the menacing swoopage?
Gwen: Where did you hear that?
Mina: I don't know, people at the club were talking! Not the point! Point is - I didn't REALLY want her to die! Not like that, not like anything!
Mina: This party was supposed to be fun, <Name>! Not all death-y and vampire-y and nightmare-inducing!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Gwen: <Name>, that note seems like the most interesting thing in the victim's handbag!
Gwen: It goes, "Hope withering fled, and mercy sighed farewell. Meet me at the cemetery at midnight!"
Gwen: Midnight at the cemetery? That's the time and place of the murder! This note must be from the killer vamp, luring Lucy out there!
Gwen: But what's that about hope and mercy? Maybe Felix can tell us. He's our occult expert and culture dude. Let's send him the note!

Analyze Killer's Note.
Felix: Yo, <Name>, what's up? Been looking forward to seeing you, the hot new recruit joining the team!
Felix: I guess I should fill you in on me, like, what my deal is and how I came to be in this supernatural-hunting life.
Gwen: Only if you want to, dude.
Felix: It's a short story. Was a college student, but then a lizard monster came along, chomped on me. Boom, I can never walk again and have to figure out what the heck happened.
Felix: So I hit the books in a new way, studied all this occult stuff, then the chief found me. And lucky he was, 'cause I'm like the BEST at this now.
Gwen: Well, hotshot, what do you have on the killer's note that we sent you? All that about hope fleeing and mercy sighing?
Felix: That was on the culture side, not so much the occult. The hope withering situation is a quote from one dusty poet - Lord Byron.
Felix: Byron was a 19th-century British bad boy sorta dude. Wrote lots of Gothic drama stuff. Your killer clearly feels his vibe.
Gwen: So a murderous vampire reads dramatic poetry? Sounds fitting, <Name>!
Gwen: Granted, this case hasn't been short on drama, with crypt parties and all. And on that note - we should visit the place again!

Investigate DJ Turntables.
(A bat flies around Gwen's head.)
Gwen (shielding herself): Is that... a bat?! Urgh, <Name>, get it off me! I hate bats!
Gwen (holding the bat): Urgh. The flying menace is contained.
Gwen (holding the bat): But you're right, it's wearing a medallion. That's not normal bat behavior. Is the creature someone's pet?
Gwen (holding the bat): Vampires have an affinity with them, as you probably know. Revealing the name on this medallion will give us the bat's master!
Gwen: And good call, let's unlock this video camera and see if it's recorded anything interesting from the party our victim attended!

Examine Medallion.
Gwen: The bat apparently belongs to one Roxanne Vega. Given it was here, she might've attended the party...
Gwen: So we'd better find this lady with the suspiciously vampire-ish pet, <Name>, and interview her like the reporters we pretend to be!

Talk to Roxanne Vega about the murder.
Gwen: Miss Vega? We'd like to ask a few questions about the party tonight. As you might know, one of the attendees died.
Roxanne: Yes, I heard. Unfortunate. I didn't know the girl, but it's quite selfish of her to die just as we were having such a fun time.
Roxanne: You, though... You look unusually attractive for reporters. Can I invite you for a nice Bloody Mary, whatever your names are?
Gwen: Oh, uh, I'm Gwen, and that's <Name>, but we're not, um, we - we can't drink on the job. Thanks for the offer, though.
Gwen: We actually found your pet, which is pretty unusual, so we were wondering what the story is with that. Given how the victim died-
Roxanne: Oh, how precious! Do you mean you're buying into the ridiculous rumors that he girl was killed by a vampire? Do you suspect me of being one?
Roxanne: Sometimes a bat is just a bat, <Name>. And a crypt is just a fun place for a party.
Roxanne: I've been called a "vamp" before, but the men who said it enjoyed themselves in the end. And so could you, if you change your mind about that drink.

Examine Video Camera.
Gwen: Great, <Name>, let's get the video camera to our tech expert, Hope! She's an enigmatic cookie... but I hope you'll like her!

Analyze Unlocked Camera.
Hope: <Name>! Excellent, we meet at last. Great to make your acquaintance.
Hope: I hear you have a background in law enforcement. That will certainly be useful in our pursuits.
Gwen: "Pursuits"... you do have a way with words, Hopey.
Hope: Call me Hopey again, Gwen, and your pillows will start mysteriously emitting electricity the moment your head touches them.
Gwen: Don't mind us, <Name>. Hope and I totally get along. We share an RV and everything.
Hope: You say it like it's a good thing for such incompatible personalities to be cooped up together.
Gwen: Tough love, I get it! Anyway, I HOPE, haha, that you've got stuff on that video camera for us? Has it recorded anything from the party?
Hope: Actually, what will interest you is an excerpt from before the party, when DJ Blood gave an interview. See for yourselves...

Start of footage...
Ezra: So, DJ Blood, you have a pretty rabid fan base.
Blood: I don't like to badmouth my fans, but - yeah, things can get intense. The music, it disturbs something in their souls, you know?
Ezra: Is it true you had to get a restraining order against a fan? According to our sources, it was some girl named Lucy who-
Blood: Oh, that, well, I don't much like talking about it. Let me instead tell you about my new album, "Agonizing Symphonies"...

End of footage...
Gwen: Oh wow, let me get this straight: our victim was such a zealous fan of DJ Blood that he got a restraining order against her?
Hope: Indeed. And I can confirm that the order exists. I've hacked my way to it in the police archives.
Gwen: DJ Blood said he didn't like talking about the incident, and he sure didn't mention it to us - but now we'll have to make him sing!

Question DJ Blood about his restraining order against the victim.
Blood (singing): "Like a delicious Bloody Mary... She wore a robe of spice and death!"
Gwen: Uh, DJ Blood? Sorry to interrupt, but we've got to talk to you about Lucy Winters.
Blood: The song I'm composing is about her! I'll call it "Bloody Lucy." What do you think, <Name>? Deep, isn't it?
Gwen: We think it's pretty odd of you to be making music about a girl against whom you filed a restraining order recently!
Blood: I always sublimate my suffering into art. I wrote a song about my garlic allergy once, too. Music traverses this plane of torment.
Gwen: Alright, but tell us the truth about what happened between you and Lucy. She was too intense a fan, I take it?
Blood: Well, the girl did send me a lot of letters. And followed me places. And then broke into my house. After that, I took action.
Blood: But I knew she couldn't help herself. I write the sort of sound that really shakes people up. It spoke too loud to her, man.
Blood: It's like Byron said: music's in all things. Everything comes down to music, including her going crazy town on me. I didn't blame her.

Later, at the base...
Chief Arrow: Gwen, where are you and <Name> in the investigation? Have you found the murdering vampire yet?
Gwen: Nope. We've found a lady who has a bat for a pet, though, so that's unusual...
Gwen: And we've met the victim's boyfriend. He seems horribly cut up about her death, the poor thing.
Chief Arrow: Gwen, we've talked about cases like this. Anyone of these suspects could secretly be a vampire. Nobody's a 'poor thing' until proven innocent.
Gwen: I guess. Oh, and we've also learned that our victim was convinced vampires were real...
Gwen: ... to the point of falling out with her best friend over it. Which makes me wonder if she really knew something.
Hope: Maybe she did, but we have a bigger problem now! A whole crowd of people at the cemetery are shouting about vampires!
Hope: We're about to have a mass panic on our hands!

Chapter 3

Chief Jacob Arrow: Gwen, where are you and <Name> in the investigation? Have you found the murdering vampire yet?
Gwen: Nope. I guess literally anyone among our suspects might be a vamp hiding their true face.
Hope: We have a bigger problem! A whole crowd of people at the cemetery are shouting about vampires!
Hope: We'll have a mass panic on our hands - and that will surely attract the police!
Gwen: Oh, no! We can't have the cops asking what we're doing, nosing around this murder!
Chief Arrow: Gwen, <Name>, go to the cemetery immediately! You have to calm these people down, or we'll have trouble!

Soon after, at the cemetery...
Crowd: Vampires! Vampires are real! We're all gonna die!
Crowd: A girl already died, they say! We could be next!
Gwen: Hey, hey, nobody's going to die!
Gwen: Look, it's true there's been an unfortunate... incident tonight, and it's being investigated, but there's nothing supernatural about it!
Crowd: How do YOU know? And who the heck are you?
Gwen: You want to know who we are? We're, uh... we're rational people! Like you! We all know that vampires don't exist, right?
Crowd: I guess... we haven't actually seen any vampires...
Gwen: And you won't! 'Cause vampires aren't real. Now, let's all stop making a ruckus at the cemetery! It's disrespectful, if nothing else!
Crowd (blushing): Oh, um... alright...
(Crowd leaves.)
Gwen: Phew, <Name>, they're gone. You know, I always feel bad about lying to civilians about supernatural stuff...
Gwen: But you saw how panicked they were! And it was only a matter of time before someone called the police, and then we'd be in hot water.
Gwen: Anyway, good point, we should check that the crowd hasn't trampled any remaining evidence of the murder! Let's look around!

Investigate Decrepit Tombstones.
Gwen: Is that a... tiny coffin with the victim's initials on it?! We'd better unlock it to see what's inside!
Gwen: And that plush toy heart is so romantic! You're right, there's a note attached to it - let's reveal what it's about!
Gwen: And while we're at it, let's also fix this torn-up portrait. It looks vaguely like it's the victim on it...
Gwen: Let's get started, <Name>! At least one of these clues is bound to shed light on the murder. We can't let a killer vampire roam free!

Examine Plush Heart.
Gwen: <Name>, the note on that plush heart says, "Stop sending me gifts, Eric! We're done!"
Gwen: Hold on, Eric? That's our victim's boyfriend! Or... he said he was her boyfriend. Sounds like they're actually broken up.
Gwen: He lied to us, and about something as important as love! But of course he could be lying about bigger things, if HE's the vampire we're after.
Gwen: One thing is clear: we must talk to Eric again!

Talk to Eric Zwart about the victim breaking up with him.
Eric: Ah, kind reporters, it's you again. Good of you to check on me. But my life is still not worth living without my love.
Gwen: Yeah, about that... isn't it true that you two were no longer together?
Eric: Ah, so you know the truth, <Name>! My humiliation is complete!
Eric: Yes, despite the flames of devotion burning in my chest, Lucy spurned me. Like Byron says: "I only know we loved in vain"!
Eric: I was ready to battle fate for her, to defy my family, to make every sacrifice... but she said she got "bored" with me. Bored! Of our epic love!
Eric: By the end, she looked at me as if I was something as awfully toxic as garlic!
Gwen: But you weren't ready to give up, were you? You sent her gifts even after she'd broken up with you.
Eric: I knew that, whatever she said, deep inside Lucy loved me. It was only a matter of time till I made her see it. I'd never quit trying.
Gwen: Oh man, you sound like every creepy boyfriend my friends have told me to ditch. I just hope you didn't escalate all the way to murder.

Examine Torn Portrait.
Gwen: This portrait IS of the victim, <Name>! Who on earth would keep an oil painting of her, and why?
Gwen (looking at her tablet): It's got a word written on it: "Amenintare." Let me look that up...
Gwen: Oh! "Amenintare" means "threat" in Romanian! And we know one undead person for whom Romania is an ancestral land!
Gwen: Also, Dr Aculus would absolutely keep a portrait of his enemy instead of a photo. His grasp of modern technology really isn't that great.
Gwen: Earlier, Dr Aculus made it sound like he didn't even know the victim. He'd better explain what's going on here!

Question Dr Aculus about the victim's portrait.
Aculus: <Name>, young Gwendolyn, I was just reflecting on the nature of humanity. It is so beautiful... and fragile.
Gwen: Ominous to hear you brooding about that, given our latest discoveries! In what way was Lucy Winters a threat to you?
Aculus: So it has come to this. I grieve that any action of mine could bring your suspicion on me, my hunter friends.
Aculus: Here is the story: the young maiden somehow learned that we, vampires, were real. Her gaze penetrated the shadows in which we hide.
Gwen: Wait, how do you know she knew?
Aculus: No mater how I knew. It was enough that she found out. A human who divines our secret is a danger to us, for we do not wish to be seen.
Gwen: Convenient for you, then, that this danger was silenced!
Aculus: No. I already told you. This death benefits no one, and imperils us vampires by bringing your keen eye on us. Violence breeds violence, my friends!
Aculus: Now, I shall leave you to seek the comfort of a restorative Bloody Mary. This night has left me weary.

Examine Mini Coffin.
Gwen: <Name>, the plot thickens! The tiny coffin with the victim's initials on it contains some white powder.
Gwen: Priya will tell us what the powder is, and then maybe something will make sense!

Analyze Mysterious Powder.
Priya: You know, Gwen, some days I miss working for a pharmaceutical company.
Gwen: I bet you miss the paychecks! <Name>, Priya was a high-flying chemist before giving it up to chase after monsters and sleep in an RV like a hippie.
Priya: It's true that the lifestyle isn't the easiest to get used to. But I only meant that I miss my old state-of-the-art labs...
Priya: ... which would've been useful when I was checking out the powder you sent me!
Gwen: Why, did it turn out to be tricksy?
Priya: You could say that. I quickly identified that the powder was a drug of some sort, but narrowing it down took time.
Priya: I've managed it, though! The stuff is Euphoria, a party drug that's popular lately! Taking it gives you a hit of energy...
Priya: ... but once you crash, you'll be weak and lethargic. Which is, of course, dangerous, since anyone could take advantage of you then.
Gwen: Great. Any idea of how our victim got mixed up with this drug?
Priya: I would assume that she was given or sold some. And I can tell you who the distributor is!
Priya: You see, Euphoria has been appearing at parties all along the West Coast... and it's linked to Roxanne Vega's name!
Gwen: Hold on, our shady potentially-vamp lady was pedaling drugs to the victim? We'll need a good long talk with her about that!

Confront Roxanne Vega about dealing drugs to the victim.
Roxanne: Changed your mind about me tempting you for a drink, <Name>? Go on, it's on me.
Gwen: On you... like these drugs were? Or did you make Lucy pay for them?
Roxanne: Drugs? Why are you asking me about drugs, <Name>? Is it also for that "article" you are writing? You never said what paper you worked for.
Gwen: You must've forgotten. Anyway, our research linked you to the drugs and as such the girl who died tonight, so-
Roxanne: Ah yes, that girl you're so interested in. I'll grant you she was a sad, Byronic beauty, but she didn't look like she was enjoying the club very much.
Roxanne: Rest assured, if I were to offer her drugs... which of course I didn't... it would only be to liven her up.
Roxanne: And if I had provided her with the narcotics, I'd be sure to be there for the comedown, when she'd be so vulnerable and sweet...
Gwen: Way to sound like a predator!
Roxanne: Predator? I'll take that as a compliment. I like sweet things. You can print that in your article. Just don't mention my garlic allergy.
Roxanne: And if you want to keep a closer eye on me for your "research"... Well, I'd only enjoy that.

Later, at the base...
Gwen: Well, <Name>, our victim had a busy life before a vamp ended it for her.
Gwen: Apparently, she really had, somehow, learned that vampires were real. Even Dr Aculus was convinced of it - and didn't like it.
Gwen: With the supernatural excitement in her life, maybe it's not surprising that she found her boyfriend boring and ditched him.
Gwen: And she may have turned to party drugs... or maybe they were pushed on her by someone who wanted to take advantage of her.
Gwen: One of our suspects is the vampire who killed her, even if we don't know why. But the answers aren't far!
Gwen: Let's return to the place where we know the killer's dumped evidence before - the Stone Giant! It's time to wrap this up!

Investigate Sitting Area.
Gwen: <Name>, that candle has blood on it! And it totally looks like it was taken from the crime scene!
Gwen: Let's take a sample from this waxy clue and hope the killer's left some traces on it!
Gwen: And good eye, something could've been thrown in that flower pot! We'd better look through it.
Gwen: <Name>, we're closing in on our murderous vamp - and they won't like the stakes!

Examine Flower Pot.
Gwen: There was a necklace amid those roses, <Name>! And it matches the earrings the victim was wearing!
Gwen: You're right, Ben told us to be on the lookout for a necklace. This must be the one! Let's send it to him!

Analyze Necklace.
Ben: I have to ask, <Name> - have you and Gwen stopped even for a moment in the investigation to take a nap or something? Night shifts are hard on the body!
Gwen: This isn't the time for naps, Ben! We're-
Ben: None of you are taking care of yourselves on this team. Bad diet, no sleep, injuries, you name it... my hands are always full with you lot.
Gwen: Speaking of injuries, was this the necklace the vamp tore off the victim before chomping down on her?
Ben: Uh. Fine. Yes, it was. Bits of the girl's skin are still on it.
Ben: Also, there were leather fragments caught between the links in the necklace. Your victim didn't wear any, so your killer must!
Gwen: Great! We're really getting somewhere! Our leather-clad killer vamp won't know what hit them!

Examine Bloody Candle.
Gwen: Let's send this blood sample from the candle to Priya, <Name>, and waste no time in vein... I mean, vain!

Analyze Blood.
Priya (on the phone): ... No, Mamma, I haven't tried your curry recipe yet! Why? Well, um, I don't have time to cook, and-
Priya: Ah, Mamma, my coworkers are here, I have to go!
Priya: Sorry about that, <Name>. My mom likes to check up on me often. Very often.
Gwen: Hey, at least she cares.
Priya: Yes, but it's awkward, lying to my family about everything. They think I'm still at my pharma job...
Priya: Whereas here I am, roving around the country in campers with the rest of the team, solving supernatural crimes!
Gwen: Yeah, uh, your family not knowing is tough. Listen, family aside, can we talk about the blood sample we sent you?
Priya: Of course! Sorry, I know you're in a hurry. The blood matches your victim, but that's not all I've got for you.
Priya: There was a second set of DNA left in the sample - and it belongs to a man! Which you can be sure your killer is!
Gwen: So the vampire who killed our victim was a man? He'll have to face the consequences like one, too!

After completing all the tasks...
Gwen (holding a wooden stake): Alright, <Name>, let's go unmask the vamp who murdered Lucy Winters! Stakes at the ready!

Take care of the killer now!
Gwen (holding a wooden stake): DJ Blood, we're guessing the "blood" in your name is literal! 'Cause you're the vampire who killed Lucy Winters!
Blood: Wow, you guys are suddenly... scary looking... what's with the wooden stick?
Gwen: Don't pretend you don't know, "Blood"! Do we need to spell it out for you? Your ruse is done. You may as well show us your fangs.
Blood (sweating): Fangs? I don't have any. Why would I? But you... I'm guessing you're not really reporters, are you?
Gwen: No, we're supernatural hunters, and we're done with you and your evasions!
Gwen: We know you lured Lucy out to the cemetery at midnight with a note...
Gwen: And then you tore away her necklace and bit into her veins! You sucked her blood out like the monster you are!
Gwen: That girl was your fan, and she trusted you! And you-
(Blood reveals his true face.)
Blood: And I could get no peace from her! You want the truth, <Name>? Fine, here it is. I did bite her... but she asked to be turned!
Gwen: So your real face comes out! And she... what? Lucy wanted to become a vampire?
Blood: Yes! Look, that day when the girl broke into my house like a crazy fan, she saw me drinking blood! She realized what I was!
Blood: Ever since then, she'd been hounding me to turn her. She had this weird romantic idea about what vampires are.
Blood: Obviously, I said no. First off, Dr Aculus would have my head if I agreed. Secondly, she didn't know what she was getting into.
Blood: Being a vamp isn't all fun, man! Hunters everywhere, blood hard to get, and my music career suffers from me only ever playing gigs at night.
Blood: I tried to explain to Lucy: it's not gonna happen. But the girl was like a broken record. Threatened to kill herself if I didn't do it!
Gwen: So what, you bit her out of the goodness of your heart?
Blood: Well, yeah, I agreed to turn her. I explained to her that I'd need to drink a little of her blood, and then she'd have some of mine.
Blood: Except... the moment my tongue tasted her blood... It was heaven, <Name>! She was so tender, so sweet... I just... I kept sucking!
Blood: My first time having fresh human blood in so long! I drained her dry... but I didn't mean to! I just couldn't stop!
Gwen: And that's exactly why you shouldn't have started in the first place! And now we'll take you to Dr Aculus to decide your fate!

Aculus: What is this, <Name>?! Are you saying that this young fledgling is the one who committed the awful murder tonight?
Blood (sweating): I didn't mean to, sire! Please believe me! The girl asked to be turned... and once I tasted her blood, I couldn't stop drinking!
Aculus: I warned you! I told you that you were rash and intemperate! You shouldn't have left my protection if you couldn't control yourself, William!
Blood: My name isn't William anymore, it's DJ B-
Aculus: I shan't utter that moniker. You'll always be William to me - a young vampire who rejects guidance when he most needs it!
Aculus: And now you'll have to pay the price! I'm sending you to Europe, to my ancestral castle. My keeper will house you in the dungeons...
Aculus: You can forget freedom for the next fifty years at least! You'll learn to control yourself! And no more of "DJ Blood" or this distasteful music!
Blood: No! You can't take my music from me! I'll serve out the fifty years, but I'll keep singing!

Later, at the base...
Chief Arrow: <Name>, congratulations on your first big supernatural investigation well wrapped up!
Chief Arrow: Dr Aculus just met with me, all apologies about the "awful conduct" of his underling. Assures me it won't happen again.
Gwen: Is he, like, sincere?
Chief Arrow: As sincere as vampires ever are. Dr Aculus clearly wasn't happy we found the killer before he did. Likes minimal hunter involvement, that one.
Gwen: Well, I like minimal vampire involvement! And now that we're done with these bloodsuckers, how about we celebrate our victory, <Name>?

A Taste of Blood (1/5)

Chief Jacob Arrow: <Name>, you handled yourself really well on you first big supernatural investigation.
Gwen: It's all in a day's work, Chief!
Gwen: And now that the work's done... <Name>, I just HAVE to tell you about this super hot guy that I saw!
Chief Arrow: You and your romances, Gwen. Be sure they don't lead you into trouble.
Priya: Ah, actually, before you two go, I was hoping to talk to <Name> about... something... an important something...
Priya: Really, we should've had this conversation earlier, but I didn't know how to start. Now there are no more excuses to delay.
Chief Arrow: I know what you want to tell <Name>, Priya, and I'll come with you to explain. And then you can have your fun, Gwen.

Talk to Gwen about her crush.
Gwen: <Name>, so while we were investigating the case, I happened to see this hunky guy. He was striking! So dark and cool!
Gwen: I didn't mention anything at the time, 'cause we had a job to do. But now I really want to find him!
Gwen: I've had quite a few, uh, bad romances before, and it's pretty hard to connect with people when you're always on the move like we are...
Gwen: But I'm not giving up on love! I believe in it! And this guy could be The One at last.
Gwen: I saw him at the crypt club - hopefully he's still there! I'll front the money for the cab!

Investigate Crypt Party.
Gwen: Ooh, <Name>, I recognize this skull badge! My Hottie McDreamboat was wearing it!
Gwen: Maybe if we pick up some of those particles on it we'll know more about him!

Examine Skull Badge.
Gwen: Let's get the particles from the unidentified hunk's badge to Ben, seeing as Priya's busy. Ben's always a softie about helping out!

Analyze Particles.
Ben: Gwen, girl, have you considered taking up hobbies that don't involve dating? Like, knitting would be fun, maybe?
Gwen: What? No! Where is this coming from? And have you checked the particles from the badge my unknown but very hot man wore?
Ben: I, uh, have, but maybe we can forget the whole thing, and-
Gwen: Uh-oh. You've found out something bad, haven't you? What were those particles?
Ben: I'm afraid the stuff was skin cells... belonging to one Roxanne Vega!
Gwen: Roxanne?! That sexy lady who might or might not be a vampire? If she touched the badge, could she be involved with my man?
Ben: He's not your man yet, Gwen. But he might be hers.
Gwen: I'd better know once and for all! Let's ask Roxanne about the man of my dreams!

Ask Roxanne Vega if she's dating Gwen's crush.
Gwen: Hey again, Roxanne. So... not that I want to pry into your affairs, but... are you seeing anyone at the moment?
Roxanne: My, my! Is this a come-on? Should I take this as your attempt to ask me out?
Gwen: Oh no! I mean, this is totally business and stuff. Just, we're looking for the owner of this badge, and it seems you know him, so-
Roxanne: Of course I know him, that's Pierce Cromwell. He'll be glad to know you found his silly trinket.
Gwen: Pierce! <Name>, that's such a strong, manly name...
Roxanne: Wait, you... do you have a crush on him? And you thought I was dating him, didn't you? Oh, my! I haven't laughed this hard in ages!
Roxanne: I assure you, my cute redhead, Piercey-boy is all yours! And tell you what, I'll set you up on a date with him!
Gwen: You'd do that? Thank you, Roxanne! Here, let me get you and <Name> some munchies for your help!

Some time later...
Gwen: <Name>, I know Roxanne is a slippery customer... but she can't be all bad, because she really did give my number to Pierce!
Gwen: He's already texted me for a date! We're meeting at the cemetery soon!
Gwen: Yeah, I know, one meeting there didn't go well tonight. But this will be totally different!
Gwen: Still, I'd better ask you to come with me to the cemetery just in case. Only until we see Pierce! I'm sure he'll be a sweetie!

Investigate Creepy Cemetery.
Gwen: No sign of Pierce yet, <Name>... but look, that's a box with my name on it! Could he have left it? Let's open it!

Examine Gift for Gwen.
Gwen: Aww, <Name>, there's a beautiful orchid left for me inside that box! How romantic! A bit weird, but romantic!
Pierce: I'm glad you liked it. It felt right for our first meeting.
Gwen: Pierce! Oh, it's you!
Pierce: Yes, it's me. And you're even lovelier than I imagined, Gwen. Are you ready for our date?
Gwen: Oh, yes! <Name>, thanks for making sure I was safe. Pierce and I can take it from here!

Hear what Priya wants to announce.
Priya: <Name>, so... if we're going to work together, there's something you should know about me. I don't know how to say it...
Chief Arrow: Say it like it is, Priya. Beating around the bush does no good.
Priya: The truth is, <Name>... I'm a werewolf.
Priya: Remember how I mentioned my introduction to the supernatural was traumatic? That's because I got bitten one night when walking home late.
Priya: Some half-animal, half-man thing attacked me. A brave person appeared and saved me from death... I later learned it was Ben.
Priya: Even though he explained about werewolves, I didn't believe him until the next full moon came. Then, I transformed into an awful beast!
Priya: I didn't know what to do... and then Jacob here came by and kindly invited me to join the team. I thought about it for a while, and now here I am.
Chief Arrow: And good thing you are. Don't think it was some pity invitation, Priya. We needed a chemist, and you're a darn good one.
Chief Arrow: So you're a werewolf. It's not the end of the world. We keep you secured on full moons, that's all.
Priya: You're so pragmatic, Chief. It helps. And... I'm glad you know the truth about me now, <Name>.
Chief Arrow: I see we're getting into mushy sentiment. You two can do that without me.
(Chief Arrow leaves.)
Priya: That's our chief. But he's a good man, underneath the gruffness. And... actually, I did want to talk to you about one more thing, <Name>.
Priya: I'm a bit worried about Mina, that girl from your murder case. She found out that vampires are real because one murdered her friend...
Priya: That's a terrible way to be inducted into the supernatural. I know a thing or two about that, and I hoped to speak to her, see how she's coping.
Priya: We agreed to meet by the Stone Giant. Would you maybe like to come along?

Investigate Stone Giant.
Priya: I don't see Mina anywhere... We're a bit tardy to the meeting, but surely she'd have waited a few minutes?
Priya: Oh, well caught, <Name>! That broken phone looks pink and girly. Could it be hers? Let's put it back together!

Examine Broken Phone.
Priya: That phone has a picture of Mina on the lock screen! So it is hers! Oh dear, <Name>! What could've happened?
Priya: Maybe Hope can tell us if we send the phone to her!

Analyze Mina's Phone.
Priya: Hope, have you had time to look at Mina's phone? Any clue why it ended up broken - or where she is now?
Hope: Well, the phone mostly contained the records of a painfully ordinary girl's life. All petty dramas and school worries.
Hope: But the last photograph on the phone's camera was telling! It must've been taken accidentally when the device fell or was torn from her hands...
Hope: And the only thing you can see on the image, <Name>, is a pair of glowing vampire eyes!
Priya: Oh no! Do you mean that a vampire has attacked Mina?
Hope: It does appear so. There have been no reports of victims matching her description... but she's missing and I can't locate her anywhere.
Priya: This is the second vampire attack of the night! But the perpetrator of the first crime is in custody...
Priya: And Dr Aculus swore it wouldn't happen again!
Hope: Oh, well, if a VAMPIRE said so, it must be true. Come on, Priya. We can't trust him.
Priya: Not everyone supernatural is automatically evil! I have to believe that!
Hope: My apologies, I didn't mean to offend your... werewolf sensibilities. Just - Dr Aculus will always protect his own, you know.
Priya: I guess so. Anyway, <Name>, there's nothing to do but confront him directly.

Confront Dr Aculus about Mina's disappearance.
Aculus: I am astonished at your news that a vampire is responsible for the disappearance of a young girl, <Name>. Simply astonished.
Priya: I want to believe that you had nothing to do with this, Dr Aculus. But it's getting hard to trust you.
Priya: It would already be helpful if you gave us the list of all known vampires. You're surely aware of their identities.
Aculus: To give you their names would be to betray them most grievously, and this I cannot do. Your charming chief already knows this.
Aculus: But I pledge my help to you, and will do what I can to find the girl. Please take this as a token of my entirely benign intentions.

Priya: His "entirely benign intentions," my foot! Talking to Dr Aculus got us nowhere. Maybe he really is involved in Mina's disappearance somehow...
Priya: Either way, fingers crossed that Hope will find a new lead for us. She's pulled off tech miracles before - we'll just have to wait, <Name>!

Later, at the base...
Gwen: <Name>, my date with Pierce was everything I dreamed of! He was so... swoon-worthy! And funny!
Priya: I'm glad you had a good time, Gwen, but, um. Aren't you getting a bit too invested, too fast? Again?
Gwen: No, no, this time won't be like all the others. Pierce and I are meant to be, I can feel it!
Priya: If you say so. Well, meanwhile, we've got vampire trouble again. It seems Mina Reynolds was attacked by one!
Chief Arrow: Vampires are playing with fire if they think they can cross us again!
Chief Arrow: Do you have any leads on the girl?
Hope: We do now! I traced the signal from her phone to her smartwatch. The ping came from a forest in Oregon! That's where Mina is!
Chief Arrow: Then we must go find her! Pack your things, team, we're going to Oregon!

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