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Chief Andrea Marquez: We have to move quickly, <Name>! A certain Merv Waylon apparently has precious information about the upcoming heist! We need to intercept him and get him talking!
Chief Marquez: But watch out, <Name>. Waylon is a gun trader, and he's also a known con man. When he sees you coming, he'll most probably try to run. So you need to act fast!
Chief Marquez: He's checked into a seedy motel in town. Amy will join you there. Now go and catch Waylon before he can make a run for it!

Chapter 1

Investigate Motel Balcony.
Amy Young: On no, <Name>, you found Merv Waylon... but he's dead! He's been skewered by knives!
Amy: We got here too late, <Name>! Now that Merv Waylon's dead, we've lost our chance to use him as an informant on the heist!
Amy: But you're right, there's still hope that Roxie can get him talking! I'll send the body for autopsy right away!
Amy: You found a briefcase which has our victim's name on it! Good eye, <Name>! Ready to rummage through it?
Amy: And you say this door hanger was on the victim's motel room? This could be huge lead, but you'll have to retrieve the faded parts first!

Examine Victim's Briefcase.
Amy: Nice catch, <Name>! This matchbox you found in the victim's briefcase has a message written on it!
Amy: The message reads: "Merv, meet me here" Hmm, it seems a certain Louis wanted to meet the victim here at the Gold Saucer motel.
Amy: What's that, <Name>? You think this message was written by Louis De Rico, a con man you met during a previous murder investigation?
Amy: Well, by the sound of it, I wouldn't be surprised if that Louis was involved in this investigation as well. Let's go ask him why he wanted to meet with the victim!

Ask Louis De Rico about meeting with the victim.
Amy: Mr De Rico, <Rank> <Name> found this matchbox you gave to Merv Waylon. You asked him to come to the motel, where we found him. Dead.
Louis: Merv's dead? That's unfortunate. Reliable suppliers are so hard to find, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: Suppliers? What kind of supplies did you need from the victim, Mr De Rico?
Louis: Ah, all kinds. Merv could get you anything. Fur coats for my lady friends, caviar, tickets for the best shows in town. He was handy that way.
Amy: Are you sure you didn't need him to supply you for an upcoming heist instead, by any chance?
Louis: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, my days of crime are long gone. You know I've changed. Everything I do these days is legal and non-violent. Call it a midlife crisis, if you want.
Louis: But Merv was all about violence, money and guns. The last time I saw him, he was getting ready for the big gun convention. That's where I'd go looking for his killer!

Amy: I don't know about you, <Name>, but I don't believe a word of what this De Rico guy says. I think he was giving us the runaround with that gun convention talk!
Amy: I can't even believe they'd have actual gun conventions here! I guess anything's possible in Paradise City!
Amy: Oh, you think the convention is a solid lead? Merv probably came to town for it? Well then, we should go check it out right now!

Investigate Convention Stand.
Amy: So this is the gun convention the victim supposedly attended... All this weaponry is intimidating, and it's crazy that anybody can buy guns just like groceries.
Amy: I see you're already onto something, <Name>! You think something could be hidden inside this crate of weapons?
Amy: And what do you intend to do with these scraps, recycle them?
Amy: I'm joking, I know you never pick up anything without good reason. I'm ready to be impressed by your restoring skills once again, <Name>!

Examine Crate of Weapons.
Amy: You always have the best hunches, <Name>! You found a picture of the victim hidden among those weapons!
Amy: Waylon is next to a woman... She's holding a bunch of cash in her hand, while Merv looks annoyed...
Amy: We need to find that woman! You're right, <Name>, we should run her face through the database to identify her!

Examine Unknown Woman
Amy: Nicely done <Name>, you identified the woman standing next to the victim in that picture you found at the gun convention! Her name is Mary-Lou Waylon.
Amy: According to the file, Mary-Lou is the victim's sister! I would have never guessed, they look so different!
Amy: Anyway, you're right, we need to go talk to this Mary-Lou. Lead the way, <Name>!

Inform Mary-Lou Waylon about her brother’s death.
Amy: Miss Waylon, I'm sorry to bring bad news about your brother. But <Rank> <Name> found him murdered earlier today.
Mary-Lou: Merv's dead? But... who's going to pay my cable TV bills now?
Mary-Lou: <Rank> <Name>, I have three children by four different fathers, none of whom pay any child support! My brother was the only decent guy in my life!
Amy: Your brother supported you financially, Miss Waylon? That's very generous of him... Do you know how he made his money?
Mary-Lou: Oh, I... didn't ask too many questions, <Rank> <Name>. Merv had a bit of a temper... I didn't want to push my luck.

Examine Broken Pieces
Amy: What a... peculiar statue you restored, <Name>! It looks like a tiny warrior!
Amy: And there's a label that reads, "For Merv"! Who would give such a gift to the victim? It looks so menacing!
Amy: You couldn't be more right, <Name>! For everything weird, Russell can provide a clear explanation. He's so amazing... I mean professionally, of course!
Amy: Sorry, <Name>... let's just send the creepy statue to Russell!

Analyze Wooden Statue
Russell: <Name>, that statue you brought me is a true ancient masterpiece! It's specific to the Mayakan tribe in Africa.
Russell: And according to Mayakan tribal tradition, this statue signifies a business agreement.
Amy: How can a warrior figure, brandishing knives, represent a business agreement, Russell?
Russell: You have to know the tribal tradition to understand it. I asked Hannah to track down the only man currently in Paradise City who is from the Mayakan region. He goes by the name of Papa Quansah.
Russell: Watch out, <Name>, from what I could uncover about him, he seems to be a warlord in his country. Very fascinating, but obviously dangerous.
Amy: Since the statue was addressed to Merv, they were obviously in business together. But how did our victim get mixed up with an African warlord in the first place?
Amy: I agree <Name>, there's no point theorizing just yet. We first need to find Papa Quansah and question him!

Talk to Papa Quansah about the statue he gave to the victim.
Amy: Mr Quansah, it would appear that you're visiting Paradise City for business?
Quansah: Absolutely! Paradise City's annual gun convention is not to be missed!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> found a statue that you gave to Merv Waylon. It seems you had a business agreement together?
Papa: Merv lost my statue?! That's a very bad omen, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: Actually, Mr Waylon was found murdered this morning. Which could be a bad omen for you, if you don't get talking!
Papa: Murdered?! ...I gave that statue to Merv as a token of my trust. He was my go-between for a deal. But now it looks like the deal's been called off.
Amy: A deal? Was Mr Waylon selling firearms to you? What did you offer him in return?
Papa: A natural resource that is abundant in my country: diamonds! Precious stones for guns - simple! But I need to find a new dealer now!
Amy: You'd be better off finding a lawyer if you get caught smuggling guns. And if you deal went sour and you killed Merv, nothing will save you from prison!

Amy: Well, this Papa guy definitely didn't try to hide the fact that he's a warlord in need of guns.
Amy: And it's obvious Merv didn't care who he sold his guns to, as long as he got money for it. To be honest, I'm not sad he's dead, <Name>...

Examine Door Hanger.
Amy: Way to go, <Name>, you revealed the message on that motel door hanger you found at the crime scene. What does it say?
Amy: The message reads: "I got dealt a better hand, Merv." Could the killer have left this as a calling card?
Amy: I'm with you <Name>, we had better send this message to Russell so he can tell us what it's all about!

Analyze Message.
Russell: Do you enjoy card games, <Name>? You shouldn't be surprised that you found drawings of cards on that door hanger, we're in Paradise City after all!
Amy: We get that these are playing cards, Russell, but do they have a particular meaning?
Russell: The meaning's clear. There are two cards drawn, an ace and a 10, with the message: "I got a dealt a better hand, Merv." In other words, the winning hand!
Russell: You see, in terms of numbers, these are two cards equal 21: this is the best hand you can get in blackjack. It's unbeatable!
Russell: Your killer wanted to boast that no matter how Merv played it, he would have lost. And they got that message across the only way they knew how: with violence and blackjack!
Amy: Thanks for this Russell! Now we that know the killer plays blackjack, it's time to show them who owns the game around here, right, <Name>?

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Before getting to the obvious, I'd first like to comment on the mysterious: it seems your victim was tortured a great deal before dying.
Roxie: Merv Waylon was burnt numerous times, cut, beaten... you name it, he endured it!
Amy: That's brutal alright, but why would you say it's "mysterious"?
Roxie: Because your victim must have been screaming in agony! Everybody at the motel would have heard it!
Amy: Oh right! So that means he WASN'T tortured at the motel, otherwise someone would have done something! But where was he tortured, then?
Roxie: I'm still trying to figure that out... I will get back to you on that, promise.
Roxie: But until then, let's talk about the obvious: your victim was perforated by half dozen knives, all thrown from a distance.
Roxie: The first two knives pinned Merv's hands to the wall. The last knife put him out of his misery when it expertly punctured his heart. That's your murder weapon!
Roxie: And let me tell you, for the killer to have thrown those knives so expertly from a distance, they must be very skilled! This was no lucky shot!
Amy: So the killer is an expert at throwing knives! That should help us cut through the case, <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, our meeting with Merv Waylon at the motel was supposed to give us some answers about the big heist...
Amy: ... but instead, we found Merv pinned to a wall! It looks like the killer beat us to it this time!
Amy: To recap: the victim's sister, Mary-Lou Waylon, was only interested in her brother's money. But did she benefit from his murder? Too early to tell.
Amy: Louis De Rico claims he had a business meeting with the victim... but he wouldn't reveal the details. We suspect it's to do with the heist, but of course Louis denies it.
Amy: And there's Papa Quansah, a warlord from Africa, who had a "diamonds for guns" agreement with the victim. I know, just when you think it couldn't get any more sinister.
Roxie: <Name>! You're not gonna believe this! I found out where Merv was tortured!

Chapter 2

Roxie Sparks: <Name>! listen to this! Merv did turn out to be an informant after all: he revealed everything to me!
Amy: What? How could Merv have revealed his secrets to you? He's dead!
Roxie: I wouldn't be interested in his secrets if he was alive! No, I'm talking about his murder, <Name>, and what I found on this body after I took a second look!
Roxie: I told you before that Merv had been tortured somewhere else, before the killer pinned him to the motel room wall. And now I know where it happened!
Roxie: I examined the victim's lungs and found signs of lead poising. It is usually caused by exposure to dust and fumes in very old buildings.
Roxie: But the time of the lead poisoning matched the time of death, so the victim could only have been exposed to lead in the place where he was tortured!
Roxie: I called the City Hall to check if any buildings in Paradise City still have lead as a component, and it turns out there's only one: the basement of the Mennagio casino!
Amy: So our victim was tortured in the basement of the Mennagio?! There's not a second to lose, <Name>, let's go there!

Investigate Basement.
Amy: This place give me the chills, <Name>! Just think, Merv was sitting right here when the killer tortured him!
Amy: At least this surveillance camera might contain useful footage. You'll just have to unlock it first!
Amy: And maybe this device got broken during the killer torture session. We should try to repair it, you're right!

Examine CCTV.
Amy: Alright, <Name>, you unlocked this surveillance camera from Mennagio's basement in no time! Come on, let's send it to Hannah!

Analyze CCTV Footage.
Amy: So Hannah, are you done watching the footage from the surveillance camera <Name> found in the casino basement?
Hannah: Yup, and although the footage doesn't show your victim being tortured, it does show Merv entering the basement with a woman.
Amy: A woman? Could she... Could she be the one who tortured and killed Merv?!
Hannah: That's for <Name> to find out. The video only shows them speaking for a while, before they both leave. Later on, the camera stops filming, which must correspond to the time the killer came back with your victim.
Hannah: Anyway, I can least tell you the woman's name: it's Eugenia Hestentrope, the owner of the Mennagio casino!
Amy: Eugenia Hestentrope? <Name> knows her well, she's come to ask us for help before!
Amy: But it looks like the tables are about to turn! If Eugenia met Merv in the exact same basement where he was tortured, we need to find out what they talked about! Let's interrogate her!

Ask Eugenia Hestentrope about her conversation with the victim.
Eugenia: <Rank> <Name>, to what do I owe this pleasure? Have you made any progress in stopping the heist of the century?
Amy: Sadly not. The informant who was meant to help us crack the heist has been found murdered.
Eugenia: Oh. That's unfortunate.
Amy: Indeed. And what's unfortunate for you is that <Rank> <Name> discovered you talked to Merv Waylon shortly before he was killed.
Eugenia: Merv's dead? ... Well, he was a lowlife con man, not the kind I wanted in my establishment! So when he came to my casino wanting to gamble, I tried to convince to him to leave.
Amy: By taking him down to the basement to talk?
Eugenia: Obviously I wouldn't be caught dead being seen talking to Merv - it's bad for business - so I took him to the most isolated place in the building.
Amy: You seem to have an answer for everything, Eugenia. But be warned, <Rank> <Name> is skilled at finding out the truth!

Examine Broken Device.
Amy: Ugh, that old turntable you just restored is covered in blood! No, I don't want to take a closer look, let's just send it to Yann, please!

Analyze Turntable.
Yann: The turntable you sent me was covered in the victim's blood, <Name>! It soaked through it, rendering it useless.
Amy: Er, I doubt anybody would want to use the turntable after that blood bath, anyway. But what was it doing in that basement?
Yann: Well... As insane as it sounds, the killer clearly enjoyed some music while torturing Merv! I guess they wanted to add some atmosphere.
Amy: Ugh, how gruesome! What kind of sick being would choose a soundtrack to go with their torture session?!
Yann: I don't know, but whoever they are, they love their country music! The vinyl on the turntable is an old country classic.
Amy: Our killer listens to country music? Well, they won't be singing once <Name>'s done with them!

Later on, at the station...
Amy: Well, <Name>, I thought the Mennagio's basement would crack this investigation open, but I'm left with even more questions! What should our next move be?
Amy: You're right. Merv could have been murdered because of his shady dealings, so it makes sense to check out the gun convention again. Let's go!

Investigate Convention Stand.
Amy: Good eye, <Name>. I'm confident this torn book will tell us something of use once you're done restoring it!
Amy: You're right, this document was issued by the Gold Saucer Inn... that's the name of the motel our victim died at! Most of the content is faded. Do you think you could do something about it?
Amy: Yuck, another trash can? I know that whenever you sift through one, a clue magically appears, but do we have to go through this every time, <Name>?

Examine Torn Book.
Amy: Well done, <Name>, that torn book you pieced back together is obviously the victim's diary!
Amy: And it says here Merv had a meeting with... Sheikh Abdullah bin Faisal? Am I pronouncing that right?
Amy: Oh, you know this man, <Name>? You've met Sheikh Faisal in a previous investigation?
Amy: Well, from the looks of it, the victim met him too! We'd better go question this Sheikh, you're right!

Talk to Sheikh Faisal about the meeting he had with the victim.
Faisal: Salaam, <Rank> <Name>, arey ou here to play poker with me again?
Amy: All bets are off, Mr Faisal. Merv Waylon was found dead, shortly after you met with him.
Faisal: Ah, the sun has set too soon on poor Merv...
Faisal: We met during a blackjack tournament. I learned he was a weapons dealer and he expressed an interest in breaking into the Middle Eastern market.
Faisal: I liked the fellow, very American, he reminded me of the country songs I love so much.
Faisal: So I agreed to meet with him and answer some questions about my country's way of doing business.
Faisal: But Merv didn't really care about learning more about my country. All he cared about was our money!

Examine Motel Note.
Amy: Way to go <Name>, the contents you revealed on this notice show that Mary-Lou, the victim's sister, was evicted from the motel where we found him!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, it doesn't make sense: Mary-Lou said she didn't have any money problems thanks to her brother giving her money.
Amy: But this notice proves Mary-Lou did have problems. And the fact that Merv ended up dead at the exact same motel she got kicked out of... Well, that's a nice murder motive right there! Let's go see her!

Ask Mary-Lou Waylon why she was evicted from the motel.
Amy: Mary-Lou, <Rank> <Name> found this eviction notice that says you were kicked out of the motel because you couldn't pay. I thought your brother gave you money?
Mary-Lou (sweating): I... Okay, you got me. Melvin stopped giving me money weeks ago!
Mary-Lou: I got evicted from the motel and now I live in this rat trap! Even country songs sound happier than what I'm going through!
Mary-Lou (crying): When he stopped paying for me, I turned to blackjack to make some cash... But instead of making money, I got deep with a loan shark!
Amy: But I guess now that your brother is dead, you get to inherit all his money. Am I right?
Mary-Lou: Exactly! I guess luck is on my side after all! No more debts - no more worries!
Amy: Mary-Lou, if you killed Merv for his money, you've got a whole load of bigger problems coming your way!

Examine Trash Can.
Amy (queasy and sweating): This has just escalated from gross to full out nauseating! Did you just find a severed finger in a trash can?!
Amy: I know we find dead bodies every day, but finding a severed body part like this is almost more troubling! You're right, I'll send it over to Roxie right away!

Analyze Bloody Finger.
Roxie: What a treat, <Name>, this is like performing two autopsies in just one case! That finger you brought me used to belong to Merv Waylon!
Amy (queasy and sweating): Please Roxie, how can you be so excited by this?
Roxie: Because this is a beautiful mystery! When I first autopsied the body, I just thought the finger was cut off during the torture session...
Roxie: But studying the actual finger packed quite a surprise! See, it decomposed at a natural rate since it wasn't attached to any living tissue.
Amy: What are you saying, Roxie?
Roxie: Merv's finger was actually cut off TWO DAYS before his murder! Way before he was even tortured! So I don't get why he didn't report this to the police...
Amy: Maybe Merv didn't report this to the police because it would raise a lot more questions about his shady deals...
Roxie: Whatever the reason, the person who cut off Waylon's finger used a diamond knife! I found pure African diamond powder at the base of the cut!
Amy: African diamonds? That rings a bell, <Name>! Let's go see if Papa Quansah can help us solve the mystery of Merv's missing finger!

Question Papa Quansah about the victim's severed finger.
Amy: Mr Quansah, <Rank> <Name>'s discovered Merv Waylon's missing finger... which had been cut off with a diamond knife!
Quansah: You found Merv's finger? That's disgusting!
Amy: You're not answering the question! Did you cut it off?
Quansah: I'm here to play blackjack and do business, <Rank> <Name>! I didn't cut off Merv's finger...
Quansah: Merv honored our business agreement by cutting off his finger himself!
Amy: Do you really expect us to believe that Merv cut off his own finger? Besides, we thought you were here to get guns, not body parts.
Quansah: I was! But Merv tried to cheat me and gave me water pistols instead! He was hoping I wouldn't find out until I got back to Africa!
Quansah: But I'm no fool, I checked the shipment. And when I finally caught him and asked for my diamonds back, he refused... So I asked that he repay me by cutting off a finger using my throwing knife.
Quansah: That man wanted to keep them diamonds so badly that he cut off his own finger! Ha-ha, the things you Americans will do for money, very funny! Just like in your country songs!
Amy: I'm not sure I believe a word you're saying, but either way, we're placing you in custody for now, Mr Quansah!

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, this investigation is so twisted, I wonder if we'll ever get to the bottom of it!
Amy: Let's see: Papa Quansah was angry with the victim because Merv sold him water pistols instead of real guns.
Amy: Can you believe he denies he chopped off Merv's finger? He pretends Merv did it himself!
Amy: Mary-Lou also had a beef with Merv: she was evicted from her motel room because Merv stopped giving her money. But could she have killed her own brother?
Hannah: <Name>! I've discovered one of your suspects lied about their identity! You have a con artist on your hands!

Chapter 3

Hannah Choi: <Name>! I've discovered one of your suspects is lying about their true identity! You have a con artist on your hands!
Amy: Erm, that could be any of them, Hannah. What did you discover, exactly?
Hannah: It's the Sheikh, <Name>! Sheikh Faisal is not from the Middle East! He's just an actor who was born in Pacific Bay!
Hannah: I discovered it by accident. I was watching a compilation of failed Ivywood auditions... when I suddenly spotted your Sheikh as a young man auditioning for an advert!
Amy: So Faisal is just some failed actor?! But then why is he going around pretending to be royalty from the Middle East?
Amy: And if he lied about that... What else is he lying about?!
Amy: I agree, <Name>, we need to question Faisal! No more acting - this time it's for real!
Amy: And you're right, we should also go back to the Mennagio's basement. That's where our victim was tortured, it may yield more answers!

Expose Sheikh Faisal as an impostor.
Amy: Time to drop the act, Mr Faisal! We know you're not a real Sheikh, you're just a failed actor from Ivywood!
Faisal: What is this nonsense about?! The king of Sultanistan will be furious to hear you're doubting the identity of his delegate, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: The real king of Sultanistan would have you beheaded for this fraud, mister! Be grateful you only have <Rank> <Name> to answer to! Or do you want us to let the real king know about this?
Faisal: No, please don't!
Faisal (sweating): ... I admit it. I'm not the real Sheikh... but I'm as good as the real thing! I've spent years working on my Arabic accent, and even learned Middle Eastern knife throwing!
Faisal: I do it because it's good for business! People respect a foreign millionaire! They aren't afraid of... advancing some money to someone who's already rich.
Amy: And you thought you could get some money out of Merv too, didn't you?
Faisal: Yes... but I didn't realize Merv was a con man too! I guess that's how he knew I was a fake!
Amy: Merv found you out? Is that why you killed him, so he couldn't expose you?
Faisal: It would have been awful for business, but I didn't kill him! I may be a fraud, but I'm not a murderer!
Amy: I've got to say, your acting isn't so convincing anymore. If you did kill Merv, you can be sure <Rank> <Name> will arrest you before the final curtain!

Investigate Basement Shelves.
Amy: Way to go, <Name>, you found the victim's phone! Do you mind unlocking it? I'm such a duffer at this.
Amy (sweating): But are these the... items that were used to torture Merv? How gruesome! Do we... Do we really have to search through them? God knows what we'll find!

Examine Locked Phone.
Amy: Deft hand, <Name>! Now that you've unlocked the victim's phone, Hannah will be able to process it! I'm confident she'll come up with something that will help us nab the killer!

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Hannah: Okay, I'm done processing the data from the victim's phone, <Name>.
Hannah: I found a bunch of messages between the victim and Louis De Rico. They talked about a secretive "undertaking." They argued about the infrastructure and security details.
Amy: Louis De Rico? <Name>, what if this undertaking is the upcoming heist?
Amy: Let's go grill Louis about this! He'll probably lie to our faces again, but we still need to try!

Ask Louis De Rico about his dealings with the victim.
Louis: "She came from Kentucky, in a busted pickup truck..."
Amy: Nice tune, Louis. It'll keep you busy in prison! We know you and Merv were scheming, judging from the texts you sent to each other. Is it the big heist we're talking about?
Louis: Come on, you're still stuck on this "heist" conspiracy thing? I'll tell you the truth, the "undertaking" is just a blackjack tournament I organize every year, that's all!
Amy: Oh, really? Why were you discussing security, then?
Louis: Look, lady, I don't mean to be rude, but it's man stuff, alright? Like a stag party: card games, lap dances, brandy, throwing knives... We don't want the girls to find out, that's all!
Louis: Anyway, it all fell through because of Merv! The guy couldn't keep his mouth shut! And I have no use for a man who can't keep a secret!
Amy: So you tortured and killed him because he betrayed a secret gentleman's party?!
Louis: I'm too busy for small time revenge, <Rank> <Name>. I have bigger fish to fry. Merv had it coming, but I had nothing to do with his death.

Amy: <Name>, I agree. Not even Frank would buy Louis' story about a secret party! I'm sure the "undertaking" was more than that, but how can we prove it?
Amy: You're right, the only thing we can do is keep investigating. The clock is ticking!

Examine Torture Items.
Amy: Phew! I'm glad you're done searching through this box, <Name>! Just the thought of these tools being used to torture the victim... It makes my blood cold!
Amy: I wonder how this bulletproof vest ended up in that box, though...
Amy: You're right, there's a faded message pinned to the bulletproof vest. If this is linked to the killer, we need to retrieve it!

Examine Bulletproof Vest.
Amy: <Name>, the message on the bulletproof vest was written by our victim!
Amy: The message reads, "You're gonna need this, Eugenia!" Why would Merv threaten Eugenia Hestentrope?
Amy: Whatever his reasons, Merv's the one who ended up dead! Come on, <Name>, let's go question Eugenia about this!

Ask Eugenia Hestentrope why the victim gave her the bulletproof vest.
Amy: Eugenia, <Rank> <Name> found this bulletproof vest that Merv sent you, with a threat that you would need it. What was this all about?
Eugenia: Merv's the first person who told me that people were plotting a heist targeting my casino. He offered me his protection, but obviously, knowing his criminal record, I refused.
Eugenia: He was furious. He thought he had an ace up his sleeve, but if he'd ever bothered to play blackjack, he would have known the house always wins!
Amy: Except Merv really did have important intel about the heist. Did you torture him in your basement to get the information out of him?!
Eugenia: You think I'd be stupid enough to torture someone in my own casino? Please.
Amy: But you didn't think <Rank> <Name> would find out about that? You thought we'd assume the murder had taken place at the motel, where you displayed his body as a warning to other criminals!
Eugenia: That's a beautiful image - ad a good idea - but sadly, I can't take credit for it because I didn't do it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a casino to run!

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, we're almost there! One last effort and we'll have Merv Waylon's killer cornered!
Amy: You know I'll follow you anywhere, <Name>! And if you say we should go back to the crime scene where we found Merv, then let's hit the road!

Investigate Room Entrance.
Amy: So what did you find, <Name>? Don't be coy, I know you always spot clues that other people would have overlooked!
Amy: A pile of magazines? ...Well, like I said, I'd have overlooked that. Let's have a look through it and see what's hiding underneath!
Amy: I agree, this briefcase doesn't look like vacation luggage. Quick, we need to unlock it!

Examine Pile of Magazines.
Amy: You hit the jackpot once again, <Name>! The practice target you found among the magazines might have belonged to the killer!
Amy: After all, they must have practiced a lot to get so good at knife throwing. Let's send the target to the lab and see what Yann can come up with! We're close, I can feel it!

Analyze Practice Target.
Yann: <Name>, this practice target was definitely used by your killer, the straight tears match the knives that were found on your victim!
Yann: The tears also helped me determine the velocity of the knives the killer threw at Merv Waylon, and the curve of-
Amy: Yann, that's impressive but... we already know that whoever killed Merv was a natural at throwing knives. Can you tell us anything we don't know?
Yann: Well, there was no residue on the target, but the logo on the top left corner proved useful.
Yann: Turns out this target was part of a "gift package" handed out to VIP guests at the gun convention. These guests were also given special badges!
Amy: So that means our killer must be wearing a gun convention badge! They'll be an easy target now, <Name>!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Amy: Wow, look at that! This briefcase you just opened is full of throwing knives! This must belong to the killer!
Amy: You're right, <Name>! The briefcase is covered in some kind of dust! Quick, we need to collect a sample - it could tell us something about the killer!

Examine Briefcase.
Amy: Excellent, <Name>! Now you've collected a sample of the yellow powder in the killer's briefcase, we can send it to the lab! This might be the missing piece of the puzzle!

Analyze Yellow Powder.
Yann: I'm done looking at that powder you collected from the killer's knife collection, <Name>.
Yann: In the powder, I found traces of club soda, dish soap and a natural compound which has an atomic number of 79.
Amy: Atomic what? Is this some kind of nuclear bomb?!
Yann: No, Amy. Atomic numbers indicate the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. In this instance, I was talking about gold.
Yann: As for the traces of club soda and dish soap, they're often used to clean gold jewelry, which the killer must therefore wear!
Yann: Gold jewelry quickly discolors if worn close to the skin, and therefore needs regular cleaning. So I'm guessing the jewelry in question is a gold chain.
Amy: So our killer wears a gold chain? Well, we'll soon replace it with a ball and chain! We've almost got them, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Amy: This is it, <Name>! You've compiled enough evidence to arrest Merv Waylon's killer! Let's go call their bluff!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Time to lay the cards on the table, Faisal! We know you killed Merv Waylon!
Faisal: How dare you accuse me of murder, you peasants! I have diplomatic immunity, you can't arrest me!
Amy: Um... We know you're not a Sheikh, but an actor, remember?
Faisal: Oh! Yes, that's true... sorry. I've spent so long perfecting my act that it's become second nature.
Amy: Well, some of the clues you left at the crime scenes gave us glimpses into your real self! Like your death threat on the door hanger, disguised as a blackjack challenge...
Faisal: Playing blackjack isn't against the law, <Rank> <Name>! What's next, sending me to prison because I like country music?
Amy: Funny you should mention that... You listened to one of your favorite records while you tortured Merv in the Mennagio's basement, we've got proof! What kind of demented person would do such a thing?
Faisal (sweating): Not me! I wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone torture someone!
Amy: Mr Faisal, there's no use denying it! We've got your practice target and <Rank> <Name> even found your knife set!
Amy: What did you want from Merv that was worth torturing and killing him for? Was it only because he threatened to expose your Sheikh con?
Faisal: Ha! Of course not! It was because of the diamonds!
Faisal (sweating): ... Oh, drats, I said too much, didn't I? Alright, <Rank> <Name>'s got me already, so I might as well tell you everything...
Faisal: As soon as Papa Quansah landed in Paradise City, I knew my lucky day had come! He was a perfect target for my Middle Eastern gun magnate scam!
Faisal: But that weasel Waylon got there first! That guy had no integrity, poaching his fellow con man's client!
Amy: So, Merv Waylon got his hands on Papa Quansah's diamonds before you did... and then you tried to get the diamonds from Merv by torturing him?
Faisal: Yes. But Merv was stronger than I anticipated... He chose death rather than confessing where the diamonds were!
Amy: Well, the good news is that you won't need any diamonds in prison, Mr Faisal. You're under arrest for Merv Waylon's murder!

Honorable Dante: Mr Faisal, you stand trial for the torture and murder of Merv Waylon.
Honorable Dante: But, according to the coroner's report, you are innocent of cutting off his finger. Was that an accidental oversight?
Faisal: I just wanted to know where he hid the diamonds, Your Honor! I didn't count his fingers!
Faisal: Look, all I wanted in life was to be an actor! When it didn't work our, I became a con man instead. I was good at being a fake Sheikh! I had a real flair for it! I put in the work, the research...
Faisal: Not like that slimeball Waylon, who had no talent! When I found out he managed to cheat Papa Quansah out of his diamonds, I swore I'd make him pay!
Honorable Dante: Well, Mr Faisal, maybe the role of a convicted killer will suit you better. This Court hereby sentences you to 30 years in jail. All rise!

Amy: <Name>, well done for putting another criminal behind bars!
Amy: It seems like everybody in Paradise City is pretending to be someone else: fake Sheikhs, con men, scamming and plotting everywhere...
Amy: But you're right: we still have unfinished business to attend to! The heist of the century might already be underway! Let's head back to the station, there's no time to lose!

The Big Heist: Part 4

Hannah Choi: <Name>, this document you found contains details of the big heist!
Hannah: It's clearly a highly organized operation, but the masterminds are still missing information, like the access code of a vault.
Hannah: It's also clear they're planning to recruit a team of five people, and will need a lot of equipment, including gas masks...
Frank: So now we have definite proof that the heist is under way... But we still don't have names!

Back to the present...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, good job on arresting the killer but we've still got that upcoming heist to worry about: we need to find out where it's going to happen, and fast!
Chief Marquez: Merv was meant to be our informant before he got murdered. But you and I can still go to the Gun Convention and see if we can find any clues to help us, you're right.
Chief Marquez: I also want you to sweep the casino basement with Amy, try and put this cut-off finger story to rest. We cannot keep Papa Quansah in custody for cutting off Merv's fingers unless we've got proof!

Investigate Basement.
Amy: Good job, <Name>, this knife looks exactly like the knife Roxie said was used to cut off Merv's finger!
Amy: Let's dust the knife for fingerprints and hope we find the proof we need to solve this gruesome mystery!

Examine Knife.
Amy: You've revealed a perfect set of fingerprints, <Name>! Let's send this to Hannah: she'll be able to tell us who cut off Merv's finger in no time!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: <Name>, the fingerprints you revealed on that knife told me the weirdest story! See, they belong to Merv Waylon himself!
Amy: So he really cut off his own finger so he wouldn't have to give the diamonds back to Papa Quansah?!
Hannah: Yes, the way the fingerprints are placed on the handle makes it clear: Merv inflicted this wound on himself... I guess diamonds were more valuable to Merv than a finger.
Amy: <Name> is right, that means Papa Quansah is innocent... at least, innocent of this crime! We should go release him from custody!

Release Papa Quansah from custody.
Quansah: Ha! So you see now, <Rank> <Name>, I never touched Merv, nor cut off his finger. He's the one who duped me, and then had to turn it into some huge drama!
Amy: Mr Quansah, we're letting you go today, but if <Rank> <Name> ever finds any proof you smuggled diamonds or anything else through our borders, we'll be back for you!
Quansah: Don't worry, I'll be discreet as ever... You won't here from me again!
Amy: It's not about being discreet, it's about respecting the law!
Quansah: Yes, I know your laws! Like I said, you won't hear from me. For now, <Rank> <Name>, the Mayakan always reward those who help them. This is for you!

Investigate Convention Hall.
Chief Marquez: Nice catch, <Name>, I hadn't noticed this briefcase! I looks promising, but you will need to unlock it for us to see what's inside!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Chief Marquez: Well done opening that briefcase, <Name>, though I was hoping it would contain more than this single sheet of paper...
Chief Marquez: Wait! You're right, this list... "Jackhammer, police radio, explosives, gas masks..." This sounds like the preparations for a criminal operation!
Chief Marquez: I agree, the mention of a police radio is especially worrying. Whoever made this list intends to spy on us, to stay ahead of our every move!
Chief Marquez: But for now, we're still one step ahead of them! Let's send this list to Hannah and see what she can find!

Analyze List of Items.
Hannah: Alright, <Name>, I had a look at the list you sent me, and while I couldn't find out much more about the list itself, I did find something else.
Hannah: Someone purchased five gasmasks and a jackhammer very recently in Paradise City, and both items are on your list!
Chief Marquez: Five gas masks? <Name>, did you discover earlier that the heist team would be composed of five people? This has to be for them!
Hannah: Not to mention - you're going to love this - that the buyer of said gas masks was none other than Louis De Rico!
Chief Marquez: Louis? This time we have him, <Name>, he's definitely involved in all this! Let's confront him, I'm sure we can make him talk!

Talk to Louis about the upcoming heist.
Chief Marquez: Louis, we've found your little heist planning list! This time you can't escape, it's time to confess!
Louis: Come on, Chief Marquez, you can't seriously believe that a simple list proves anything?
Chief Marquez: But it makes you highly suspicious, and we found proof you already purchased half of the items on that list yourself!
Louis: So what if I want to purchase some gas masks or a jackhammer, <Rank> <Name>? Maybe I'm working on a friend's house...
Louis: I don't see how giving my patronage to local shops is the police's business. I think you're just desperate to find something against me. Chief Marquez.
Louis: I'm disappointed, <Rank> <Name>, I expected better from you. You probably need a little break. Go have a good burger, it's on me!

Later, at the station...
Chief Marquez: Louis can play the smooth act all he wants, <Name>, we both know he's behind this heist, and we're close to finally proving it, thanks to you!
Chief Marquez: But there's not much we can do right now... I fear we may need to let them move further along with their plan, so we can get another chance of catching them red-handed!
Chief Marquez: Let's pause the investigation for a while. The motel has asked us to clean up the crime scene and move our gear out.
Chief Marquez: Take Amy with you and go back to the motel. Make sure there's nothing left there that could be of interest to us!

Investigate Motel Balcony.
Amy: Alright, <Name>, I don't think there's anything left here... Why did you pick this basket up?
Amy: You think there might be something hidden among those motel goodies? Really? Well, you should go through the contents then!

Examine Motel Basket.
Amy: What's this torn paper you found inside the motel basket, <Name>? And how did it end up in there?
Amy: You're right, the best way to find out what this torn paper says is to piece it back together! I'll let you do the honors!

Examine Torn Document.
Amy: Great job, <Name>! So the torn paper you found at the motel is actually the blueprint of a building!
Amy: And someone scribbled all over it... I don't get what any of this means, but it sounds important! I agree, let's send this blueprint to Hannah!

Analyze Blueprint.
Hannah: <Name>! The blueprint you found at the motel is actually the blueprint of the Mennagio!
Amy: Eugenia's casino? <Name>'s right, this must belong to the heist team! She's always been sure they would target the Mennagio!
Hannah: And she couldn't have been more right. See the red circle on the map? It's the casino's vault, where all the money is kept!
Hannah: They've taken note of all the security equipment, and even drew the safest path to follow for the heist!
Amy: <Name>, we have to warn Eugenia! She was right, her casino is the target!

Warn Eugenia about the heist's target.
Eugenia: Didn't I tell you before, <Rank> <Name>? I KNEW my casino was threatened by these thieves! I just knew it!
Amy: You were right, Mrs Hestentrope, and they seem very well prepared. This blueprint shows they know exactly how your security system works, and how to get around it!
Eugenia: Don't worry, now that I know about heir plans, I can make sure they don't get too far in, but just far enough for you to arrest them!
Eugenia: Make sure you catch them, <Rank> <Name>! And here is a little help for the police department, to make sure you have all the necessary means!

Later, at the station...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, thanks to your work we finally have proof the heist team is going to target the Mennagio casino!
Chief Marquez: You'll team up with Frank and intercept the heist team before they break into the vault! Catch them red-handed!
Frank: We're on it! C'mon, <Name>, let's get into tactical gear! We've got master criminals to arrest!

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