• Kevin-The-Skeleton

    I'm assuming you know who Kamol is but if you don't, he's a user that uploads playthroughs of Criminal Case. His main channel is simply called Kamol Yawachai and had over 600,000 subs from what I know but he had to make a new one since that one was no longer eligible for monetization. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he'll be monetizing anything since I just discovered that his main channel has been suspended for "spam and misleading content" (apparently if one of your channels is terminated, you can't access the others). I've been following Kamol for around three years and the only thing remotely close to "spam" is linking songs and the artists who made them (most of which were copyright-free so I guess shouting people out is a crime i…

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  • ILoveLeroux85
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  • LanceTheYouTuber
    Hello! I'm LanceTheYouTuber, you can call me Lance! I love drawing, art, etc.! And I also... to edit characters in a crazy way >:)
    *covers mouth*
    Now, here are the edited characters! Enjoy and have a good time!
    Note: This is just for entertainment purposes only, and more characters will come.
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  • CoolCCMystery

    After the work of Louisgustavo on the previous season's summary, I decided to make my own for The Conspiracy season. Without further ado, here's the summary of The Conspiracy that begins from the first case of the season to the season finale! Thanks to Louis and Hasuro for offering their help!

    • A year prior, a mysterious satellite fell from the sky into the Grimsborough forest.
    • In the present, the player was reunited with their old friends, GPD senior detective David Jones, tech expert Cathy Turner with her husband Alex Turner and their son Sammy Turner. Soon after, Chief Diane Parker welcomed the player back to Grimsborough.
    • After Chief Parker allowed Jones to take the player to the zoo, they soon found the body of their former coroner and zo…

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  • Batman129

    Season 5 case reviews

    March 8, 2019 by Batman129

    Here I will review all 60 cases in the conspiracy. I will also do this with travel in time but I may not do this with past seasons unless people like my cases reviews and want to see more. I will also do a blog post rating the killers and victims of season 5. Also I won’t use any reasons like “oh a character I liked died in it”. There will also be a delay during cases 13-24

    Snake in the grass ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Alright here is the first tearjerker of the season

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  • Yayeet18


    March 6, 2019 by Yayeet18
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  • MechanicalRainbows

    Ad Astra Timeline

    February 11, 2019 by MechanicalRainbows

    1992 - Rozetta is created by Denise Daniels as a test subject. However, Rozetta is considered a failed experiment and their realtionship is frayed

    2006 - Rozetta attends Grimsborough University at the age of 14 and creates Ad Astra with 4 other students.  This group is supervised by teacher, Kevin Charles.

    2008~2010 - Rozetta Piere founds Dreamlife

    2017 - Rozetta Piere inspires 5 students to start a new incarnation of Ad Astra

    2017 - A meteroite falls on Grimsborough and Dreamlife builds a dome around it to perform human experiments

    2018 - Christian is arrested as the killer of Meera Kat in the case "The Art of Murder". However, this murder is not related to Ad Astra

    2018 - Rozetta Piere spreads VR glasses to brainwash people throughout the Gree…

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  • Skyline97

    I found Criminal Case only randomly back when Ace was almost finished with Pacific Bay, and I immediately got interested in the fandom, and binge-watched the 1st and 2nd seasons of Criminal Case immediately. Heck, I even joined this wiki back when MOTP was lit.I also played and finshed all 4 apps without paying money. Sadly I'm not the same person who discovered Criminal Case nowadays for a few reasons.

    1. I'm not that interested for the later seasons because they are pretty repitive in formula.

    2. There's now a huge division between those who don't want leaks, and those who watch leaks and intentionally leak on YouTube and on this wiki too, which basically destroyed the mystery of this game.

    So I decided to reluctantly leave this wiki becaus…

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  • ElNightmareVindicator

    I see that there are a lot of funny stuff here in Criminal Case and I enjoy making random memes. Some of the memes include fandom activity

    No Leaks are included in this blog, although there are memes that are about leaks

    No characters were harmed in the making of this blog post

    This is a mediocre blog because this is actually my first fandom blog

    You may take them out but please, do not claim ownership of any of these

    NOTE: I may sometimes post memes that belong to other people. If you see in the description of a photo that says "Credits (username)". It means it was requested by another user to me to post it on my blog post OR I asked permission from them to post it. NEVER CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THESE WORKS!!!! If you want to take them out please …

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  • MechanicalRainbows

    So I made a list of about 40 suspects for this card game. Ill explain the rules in a later post. Note: the suspects will not include main characters, characters who first appeared as a victim and anyone not featured in the conspiracy. These suspects are not final and will likely change later so if you want a certain character in the game, comment.

    1. Rozetta Pierre

    2. Joe Warren

    3. Louis Leroux

    4. Christian Bateman

    5. Julia Brine

    6. Brock Perry

    7. Mia Loukas

    8. Jasper Everett

    9. Dr Katherine Kelly

    10. Jenna Mcfry

    11. Kai Gruber

    12. Paticia P. Harris

    13. Tony Marconi

    14. Phillip Hoover

    15. Emilio Fuller

    16. Savannah Blake

    17. Maylin Park

    18. Mandy Pregodich

    19. Donna Walker

    20. Margaret Littlewood

    21. Megu Hashiro

    22. Tim Cooper

    23. Danny Gibbs

    24. Greg Gibbs

    25. J…

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  • MechanicalRainbows

    I am a huge fan of board games and card games. IDK just collecting games is satisfying to me. Then, I was thinking about Criminal Case and thought how cool would it be to have a criminal case card game. So I was thinking that if cards were designed, there would be a download link provided where people could print the cards (If they wanted to). I'm not really invisioning a trading card game. More of a classic card game. So here is my question to you

    1. Do you have any ideas for the card game?

    2. What characters would you want to see?

    3. Would you want to help work on this project?

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  • Justadudewithapc


    My name is Jaddy, and I used to be a big fan of criminal case, however, I took a brake from the franchise at like the beginning of the Sahara Edition part of World Edition, and kinda forgot about the franchise. And then I decided that I should re-visit the game and make a YouTube let's play of it.

    Now I went back to the Facebook version (link). And not only do I have questions, but I have complaints.

    1. First of all, why is the PC version of the game using the same UI as the Mobile version?
    2. Second, why is the PC/Facebook version running at a speed slower then a snail through peanut butter who is walking the wrong way?
    3. Third, why is the seasons separated? Who over at PS thought that was a good idea? Can I still acsess the seasons through th…
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  • Ta142point

    Character Reveal

    January 12, 2019 by Ta142point
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  • HayleyRose432

    I'm doing a guide about this game on Wattpad because I wanted to, and I like doing guidebooks on wattpad. Besides once you put this book in your library, you can read it without wifi or internet. My profile is Hayley McCloughan if you guys want to check it out Warttpad is totally free. So not paying for the app or signing in to it.

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  • KianisKoolFx

    Hi there, I'm sure most of you know who i am but in case you don't my name's Kian Lynch and I Co-Run Pitchingace88 with Trevor. I used to be an avid member of this wiki and was even a discussions moderator on it but as time went by I not only lost interest in the game but in the fandom and wiki itself. Not saying anyone's to blame. However Jack recently made a post and it inspired me to make one final message to this wiki, in some way a warning. The game's fandom has been overrun by toxicity from all sides, including my own. I labeled a lot of my hate videos as "critical commentary" when I was way too aggressive in said video to call it that, and am somewhat ashamed of some of my previous actions. That being said, I do think the fandom has…

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  • JackofallCCtrades17

    Hello, my name is Jack, a long time player of Criminal Case since the earlier days of Pacific Bay, and a mainstay in the community for 3 going on 4 years now. Today was a day that shacked the CC community as a whole, Louis Leroux was revealed as the killer of Zoe Kusama, an event that has brought out the worst in people. Some were mad at Louis for what he did, others mad at Powell for the 'undeserved life sentence', and at this point, I've had it. This community is going downhill, and I'm not gonna let it go that way without letting everyone know what I really feel.

    First off, the leaks business. I have had it with these insufferable people who leak future cases just for fun!!! Its gotten to the point where we're not allowed to make predici…

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  • Tuxedo!

    Hello, I'm actually hosting the ceremony this time around! Welcome to the

    Ever since the nominations last November and the voting last December, things have taken a wild ride. I'm sure we've all had a very turbulent 2018, and now we're going to celebrate the year that's passed! This time, actually in early 2019! Wow! What a surprise.

    Anyway, time to stop talking, I know what y'all are here for. Without further ado, here are your winners!

    68 votes
    18 votes
    16 votes

    64 votes
    18 votes
    12 votes

    55 votes
    14 votes
    11 votes

    60 votes
    17 votes
    15 votes

    51 votes
    13 votes
    12 votes

    62 votes
    17 votes
    15 votes

    54 votes
    24 votes
    17 votes

    40 votes
    18 votes
    17 votes
    17 votes

    71 votes
    19 votes
    7 votes

    49 votes
    21 votes
    14 votes

    56 votes
    26 votes
    15 votes

    76 votes
    17 votes
    8 votes

    56 votes
    25 votes…

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  • MechanicalRainbows

    Ok so this is my first Criminal Case theory. This Theory suggests that Shortly after World Edition the Main Character dies and enters their own fantasy. So, this is probably me just overlooking into everything but I thought this was fun so yeah. The first peice of evidence that The Conspiracy only exists inside the players mind is the inspiration from other cases. The MC inspired Dreamlife from Meteor Systems, Rosamund from Freddie, The Higher Truth from The Utopian Cult, Walter inspired William, Barb Inspired Mallory Banks etc...) Because the player is in a death or dream like illusion most of the elements of The Conspiracy are taken from other experiences throughout their life. Another example is how many returning characters not from Se…

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  • Andrewszl

    Harry Landry and Isaac Weston killed in self-defense.

    Isabella Fairchild and Shawna Knox killed their stalkers.

    Gloria Fernandez and Fiona Cummings blamed their respective spouses for their sons' demise.

    Any more?

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  • Tuxedo!

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  • Tuxedo!

    Good morning! It's your favorite bureaucrat, here to present you the

    We're officially halfway through Spring Fields! Can't wait to see what happens next. I'm sure most of y'all have because of the leaks but whatever. ANYWAY! It's been a good 45 cases in The Conspiracy so far, and we have 15 more to go. And with that milestone, we're here to start with the wiki awards! In the fifth edition of these awards, we award users, cases, characters, and others for achievements in the year.

    This year, if the pacing goes correctly, we won't be finishing Season 5 until March. We can't wait that long, so our award period is going to be a bit early in the season! And so here's a fun little factoid: 2014 hosted the Grimsborough finale, 2015 the Pacific Bay …

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  • TheBeautifulNarcissist666

    This blog post was recommended by”مستخدم ابن المجهول”, it is basically just a post where you can says your opinions have my OCs, hehe..

    This page is for anyone who is planning to do fanmade cases, it contains characters which anyone is allowed to use for their fanfics.

    NOTE: All these characters are actually made by me, I am not leaking any future characters, if you don’t believe me, well are a bish, and I hope you burn in hell (just kidding).


    NOTE: Any appealing unique patterns such as the zigzags in Lucretia’s clothings, or …

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  • Andrewszl


    All cases in Industrial Area, Financial Centre, Historical Centre, University; Blood and Glory, Troubled Waters, The Scent of Death, A Shot of Beauty, Drive, Swing, Die, One Wedding and a Funeral and Good Girls Don't Die in Maple Heights.

    Pacific Bay:

    All cases in Ocean Shore and Bayou Bleu, Heartless in Inner City.

    World Edition:

    All cases in Europe; Murder by Proxy and Death in the Desert in Sahara Region.

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  • Llouw11

    Needing Help

    October 5, 2018 by Llouw11

    Need help. The table on my profile has broken and vanished and i have no idea how to restore it

    It got wiped when the wiki was updated somehow

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  • Ta142point


    September 19, 2018 by Ta142point
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  • RoseyLaly28

    Back after a year.

    September 9, 2018 by RoseyLaly28

    Yay Im back.

    I recently made up my mind that I'll continue to edit since I stopped during mid 2017 (when I was 14) due to some personal reasons. I'll help the wiki in the best way I can :)

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  • AJ Hsieh

    Software Update on Facebook

    September 6, 2018 by AJ Hsieh

    There's a new update on all the games on Facebook.  

    The software update is now mobile version now on Facebook Computers for the Criminal Case Games.  You can earn new rewards on Daily Spins.  Get ready for something new.

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  • Justin Lawson 0228

    I hope everyone respects each other, Even if someone likes a nasty character, still respect others !

    Don't make troubles and hate things !

    (Right ! especially you ! Judge xxx !)

    If I have something bad or troublesome !

    Please tell me how to do it and please forgive me !

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  • RedBullDrifter

    Just Checking In

    August 16, 2018 by RedBullDrifter

    Hey everyone. It's Razor. How are you all? How's the wikia server? It's been a while since I got removed from that. To be honest, I miss talking to all of you. I miss the days where we could sit there and talk about anything all day. It's very hard having no active server remaining. All the servers I have left are either silent or abandoned. It's not like the days where we could have fun with each other, teasing each other and laughing and cringing at my jokes. It feels really different. I just really wish the time would come where I would be able to join again and catch up with all of you. It's like seeing a long lost friend, you know? I know we had great memories together and all, but I think it's time for me to move on, which will be ver…

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  • Hasuro Haku

    My fanarts ;)

    July 24, 2018 by Hasuro Haku

    After thinking several times, I decided to create this blog to put all my fanarts in instead of putting them in my page =)) And I will put my future artworks in this blog.

    All of them are drawn by me. If you saw them, you can leave your opinions so that I can find my weak points in drawing and I can improve my drawing. Thanks ^.^

    Enjoy them ;) And please do not take out without permission, if you want to take them out, please leave a message in my message wall.

    P/s: I'm BAD BAD BAD VERY BAD at colouring so most of my drawings are not coloured or black-white coloured. I'm really sorry =))

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  • Alliecatcasey

    We have had our fair share of favorite killers and victims, but I'm curious to know who your favorite suspect (excluding killers and victims) and why? 

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  • Mrswilliams12

    About Admin!

    July 16, 2018 by Mrswilliams12


    Playing video games (watch them).

    My dudz -Not numbered-





    Acid ; Father

    Jordan ; Also father


    Razor ; brother

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  • Leavegirl

    Note: This is a fan made setting,not part of canon.

    Ok,here’s my ideas.

    Superman——->Amazing Girl,Real name Cynthia Rayman


    Cynthia is a 27-years-old CCN reporter with blue eyes and long straight black hair and she ties them all up in a bun during work.She wear a pair of oversized glasses,a gold star shaped necklace,light make up,red lipstick and Sky blue nail polish.She wears a dark blue shirt and black skirt.She also wears black shockings and black high-heels.


    Cynthia works as a reporter in CCN.She is the adoptive daughter of Jonathan and Julia Rayman.The late owners of Rayman Company.She is also the adoptive sister of Charles Rayman,the current CEO of Rayman Company.Cynthia is a cheerful,positive and friendly girl.Her sens…

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  • Llouw11

    After seeing various characters from seasons 1 and 3 make returns in Season 5, is there anyone else from seasons 1 to 3 you want to see make a return in Season 5?

    (Seadon 4 has a 05 chance no matter how great it would be)

    This is just matters of opinion so not asking for any spoilers

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  • Bestfriendswheneverfan20067

    Old Town Finale

    Victim: Jerediah Cob (EDIT: I meant to say Steven Crow but thought the higher truth leaders name was jerediah cobb. no idea why i called Steven jerediah. Whoops my bad.)

    Suspects: Skylar Sage New Character Grayson Rosewater Margaret Littlewood Gabriel

    Killer: Skylar Sage (Grayson is my second guess)

    Other possible but less likley suspects: Ray Parker Jerry Miller Ally stillinger Jack Cannity

    I LOST MY HEART IN XERDA UPDATE: Victim: Steven Crow Suspects:

    Ray Parker Gabriel New Character Zoe Kusama/Grayson Rosewater/Olive Powell/Skylar Sage (two out of these four characters would be in the case as suspects)

    Killer: Ray parker

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  • Mememe2

    Hi all,

    I was once wondering if the crimson order will reappear in the conspiracy, this could be as an organization or just get a few references. Do you think anyone, in particular, will appear e.g. Milton Grimes?

    I think that the crimson order shouldn't appear as a major part of the story, but I do believe that Milton Grimes should appear in the final district.

    How do I think Milton will appear:

    I think that in Case 59 he should appear as a quasi-suspect and that the additional investigation should focus a lot on him.

    Case 60: I think that he should be the victim and should be killed by the leader of the new organization in the conspiracy.

    Just remember this might not happen, it is only a thought.

    Leave your thoughts in the co…

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  • StarlightAkira

    This is goodbye from Criminal Case Wikia. I know it's sad to go, but I mainly focus my music and voice acting careers from the classes. I will miss you all. Special thanks to Kian, and all of the other. Post the friendly comment below. Can anyone please put the resign roles on my profile, Thank you. Regards Akira.

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  • Skyline97

    My old account was Spiritwaters, and I decided to close it because I was well stressed out with the recent leaks here. And decided to close my old account and not be in this wiki this much. Though I regretted my decision.

    TLDR: My old account was Spiritwaters and I regretted closing it, so I made a new account.

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  • RubyWGC

    For those of you who don't know who I am

    I am making a new series on Criminal Case that will walkthrough the game from start to finish (from case 2 and onwoard there will also be text-to-speech narration), mainly focusing on delivering the story rather then gameplay. I will accept friend requests on the account that I am using.

    Feel free to comment and let me know if it is a good series, how I can improve etc.

    Oh yeah and I will also be here. It's not a blind playthrough.

    First Episode


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  • Llouw11

    Need Help

    March 4, 2018 by Llouw11

    I want to turn the image on my profile into a table that's like the characters, but i have no idea how to

    Can someone help me or tell me how to do it?

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  • LinkinPark23


    February 25, 2018 by LinkinPark23

    How does one add a GIF to a user page? :>

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  • Jalfaro14



    Big Fun

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  • Kimberley Jia Ee

    Do anyone of you have the same thing as I do? It is due to the fact that I played on the regular mode for Death in Space (Case 43 from Pacific Bay) on my tablet and I don’t see the clothing reward on the avatar clothes section, after completing the case. So, I played the Elite Mode, hoping the glitch may resolved. And yet the same thing happened again. I tried disconnecting the app from Facebook and reconnect, but nothing happened.

    Can anyone tell me how should I solve this problem?

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  • LinkinPark23

    Leaks are starting to get on my nerves, especially when they appear on the related tab on a recent case's video on YouTube. Everytime the leaks are posted, some of the audience type spoilers on videos of the recent case, which is really not a good thing. Is there really nothing we can do with these leaks, or at least take the hackers' channels down? :(

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  • Reg Boy

    Hello, everyone! Now normally, Tux is the one who does all the god-awful hosting, but he's gone AWOL this time (probably because he's a giant nerd) so I have to take over. Also, this should've been posted like two days ago so thank you all for your patience and understanding.

    Anyways, it's time. Welcome to the...

    The polls are closed, the votes tallied, and the winners selected. We asked you what the best cases, districts, characters, moments, etc. of 2017 were, and you guys responded in kind.

    Here are your picks for the 2017 Criminal Case Wiki Awards.

    109 votes
    24 votes
    21 votes

    138 votes
    19 votes
    8 votes

    131 votes
    19 votes
    11 votes

    77 votes
    47 votes
    39 votes

    83 votes
    18 votes
    17 votes

    x 119 votes
    x 30 votes
    x 26 votes

    83 votes
    17 votes
    13 votes

    95 votes
    27 votes
    26 v…

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  • Tuxedo!

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  • Bludger040

    Jerry Bigwall's Journey

    January 11, 2018 by Bludger040


    Jerry was a friend of Mayor Johnson and the owner of his club, The Livingstone Club. At the time of his death, Jerry wore a white shirt and a black shirt with a white tie underneath it. He had brown hair and also brown eyes. Murder details Jerry, eating cake

    Jerry, eating the cake rigged with the razor blades which killed him.

    Jerry was found dead in Mayor Johnson's campaign garden party, after eating the cake which was rigged with razor blades. In the morgue, Nathan Pandit found out that Jerry did not chew his food, because if he had, then he would have felt the razor blades and would not eat them with the cake. Nathan also confirmed that the killer played tennis, since fibers of a tennis ball was found in Jerry's throat.

    Nathan talke…

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  • Bordacris

    Case 60 predictions

    December 26, 2017 by Bordacris

    Hi guys, as the title says, make predictions for case 60 pls

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  • CutePets95

    Mayor Justin Lawson: Shadow

    Kieran Quinlan - Bowser

    JC Officer Jim Kollner: Silver

    Lawson's Nephew Jake Lawson: Sonic.

    Ghost Chief- Satoshi Takakura - Dr Eggman

    Ghost of Christmas Past: Seamus O'Neil- Knuckles 

    Ghost of Christmas Present: Bridget Baker - Amy Rose

    Ghost of Christmas Future: Abigail Baines- Cream and her sidekick Omochao.

    Justin's Ex-Wife Taylor Holmes- Rogue

    Kollner's Wife Mia- Blaze

    Kollner's Son- Jack- Tails

    Jake's friends: Espio, Vector, Mario, Peach, Metal Sonic, Luigi, Yoshi.

    Lawson: Get back to work, Kollner!

    Kollner: But sir! It's Christmas Eve!

    Lawson: You're lucky I am forced to-

    Jake: Hey buddy o'pal!

    Lawson: Mr, GET OUT OF HERE!

    Jake: But uncle! We were about to invite you to our party!



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  • Juan Antonio10

    Well, we are getting into the last district of Concordia! The 1st case will be released on December 7th! Do you have any idea who will be the next victim? We will see it next week!

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