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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 12 September

My fanmade characters (Part 1)

my characters I made it. See this one.

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OtterFan4830 OtterFan4830 29 April

A Confession.

I need to start playing this game more.

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Faithlikeshearts123 Faithlikeshearts123 15 April


Welcome to my page! As you see...My 'About' page is blank but why?

A: that's because I'm a blogger but I can tell few information on 'About' and 'Blog' pages

Quick fact: I am planning my fanmade series called "Maywood" (It's not on this wikia)

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DynamitePowder2000 DynamitePowder2000 27 March

Marketland West Island Teasers

Alright, soon I will start posting CC fanmade cases on the Criminal Case Fanmade Wiki. The first season is the Marketland West Island or just West Island.

  • 1 The Characters
  • 2 The Murder of Nelly Dupuis
  • 3 Commedia death'arte
  • 4 A Trash Murder
  • 5 The Thirst for Death
  • 6 Queen's Best Play
  • 7 Last Out
  • 8 Max White Period.

I haven't drawn my characters yet, so it might not be for soon.

HOWEVER, this blog is where the case teasers will be posted. Well, I say teasers, they are not drawn yet (Yes, I challenge myself to draw teasers and crime scenes. The crime scenes will only have the clues and not the other objects) too, so here is the descriptions of the case for now. A resume for each case. How simple is that?

Nelly Dupuis, plane pilot, was found dead in the plane repa…

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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 26 March

Can Valereea Valz need to know her height, weight, and age

Greetings. Can Valereea Valz's height, weight, age, and birth year is need to know?

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Alfex Alfex 13 February

Criminal Case leaderboards

  • 1 Youngest characters
    • 1.1 Grimsborough
    • 1.2 Pacific Bay
    • 1.3 World Edition
    • 1.4 Mysteries of the Past
    • 1.5 The Conspiracy
    • 1.6 Travel in Time
    • 1.7 Supernatural Investigations
    • 1.8 City of Romance
    • 1.9 Whole game
  • 2 Oldest characters
    • 2.1 Grimsborough
    • 2.2 Pacific Bay
    • 2.3 World Edition
    • 2.4 Mysteries of the Past
    • 2.5 The Conspiracy
    • 2.6 Travel in Time
    • 2.7 Supernatural Investigations
    • 2.8 City of Romance
    • 2.9 Whole game (human only)
    • 2.10 Travel in Time
    • 2.11 Supernatural Investigations
    • 2.12 City of Romance
    • 2.13 Whole game
  • 3 Lightest killers
    • 3.1 Grimsborough
    • 3.2 Pacific Bay
    • 3.3 World Edition
    • 3.4 Mysteries of the Past
    • 3.5 The Conspiracy
    • 3.6 Travel in Time
    • 3.7 Supernatural Investigations
    • 3.8 City of Romance
    • 3.9 Whole game
  • 4 Heaviest killers
    • 4.1 Grimsborough
    • 4.2 Pacific Bay
    • 4.3 World Edition
    • 4.4 Mysteries of the Past
    • 4.5 The Conspiracy
    • 4.6 T…

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NakaWaka35 NakaWaka35 22 January

Random Art

This is some art that i draw and I'm not that much at drawing humans :( I'll post them when I'm ready due to me trying to find out how to put my art in ;-; I know it's to add a picture, but as soon as i do they just freeze for some reason so it will hopefully be here i promise you guy✨

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Louisgustavo Louisgustavo 22 January

The End

Criminal Case finally comes to an end.

When I received news of the end of the game, I realized that I should write a reflection about it. And now, I think that this is the perfect time for me to do that. Well, I was inactive for several months because I admittedly lost interest in Season 8. Well, despite that, it doesn't make me lose interest in those previous seasons. Well, I accept that and I understand that, as they are still managing to release a case biweekly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is so fast. As I recall, I started playing this game in 2015. And now, I just wanna thank to the developers for developing this detective-simulation game. Thank you for filling me up with the best cases, Blaze of Glory, The Darkest Hour, The Final …

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CoolCCMystery CoolCCMystery 21 January

NOMINATIONS: Criminal Case Wiki Awards 2020-21

Good day! It's your favorite administrator standing in for our ever-busy bureaucrats, here to present you the grand finale, the big bang, the explosive ending, also known as the

We're officially entering the final case, the final chapter, the final awards, of Criminal Case! With the grand finale of our eighth season of a beloved game by a diverse fandom, we're here to conclude the wiki awards, with one last nominations, voting, and ceremony! In the seventh and final edition of these awards, we award cases, characters, moments, and others for achievements in the year.

Due to the prior year and the circumstances of Criminal Case coming to an end, we'll be having a HUGE award ceremony this year. A fun factoid for you wiki-browsers: 2014 hosted …

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KittyFan37 KittyFan37 20 January

How I started making posts

All I did was send random images from random pages, and sent this. If you want to see my posts then click on a random post, then you click mine.

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TheCCWriter TheCCWriter 4 December 2020

Goodbye for now

Hello everyone, if you are reading this, then here is why I'm saying goodbye to Criminal Case original and fanon wikis.

First of all, I have been a fan of Criminal Case since 2015 or 2016 (I was 9 years old in 2015 and 10 years old in 2016; I know, not a good game at someone's age) after watching Pitchingace88's World Edition videos. As the years went by, I became a huge fan of the game. I don't play the game anymore but I watch videos of the new cases.

Now back to the blog title, as you may have noticed, the title says "Goodbye for now". You might be wondering, "What! You're leaving the wiki... why?!" I'll explain why, when Covid or Corona Virus became a serious thing in 2020, I started to get bored and angry of the last 3 cases in Supernat…

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LvnceKoala LvnceKoala 20 October 2020

A koala's art gallery

Hello, this is where you can check out my fanmade Criminal Case characters, my artworks/fanarts, and more. If you have a suggestion for my artworks, you can comment here or you can message me on my koala-ish message wall, thank you and have a great day ^-^

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FatalFanatic FatalFanatic 16 October 2020

The End of Criminal Case

Hello fellow Criminal Case enthusiasts, it has come to my attention that Criminal Case is truly ending (even though I received the news in advance). This blog post is neither a rant, a commentary, nor a criticism on Pretty Simple's decision. I write this blog post to commemorate what Pretty Simple has done through Criminal Case.

I understand that it truly is dreadful for such a beautiful game series to end so abruptly. We all have shared such ups and downs, the good times and the bad times, memories to be cherished forever.

Who can forget that time we first met Jones in the The Death of Rosa Wolf? When we caught the Rorschach Reaper in the university? How about our meeting Amy in Pacific Bay? That time when we save Pacific Bay from a digital…

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AD ASTRA 55 AD ASTRA 55 4 October 2020

Fave Characters

Rozetta Pierre Sue Xiong SILVERee Joe Warren Robyn Ash Riaja Somalinggi Christian Bateman Aicha Ben Malek Fiona Flanagan Julia Brine Amy Young Justin Lawson Cathy Turner Duncan Young Adrienna Brassiere Mia Loukas Freddie Alonzo Maddie O Malley Doris Black Holly Hopper Nefertiti Courtney Guerra Pearl Montana Maylin Park Polly O` Brien Sergei Yablokov Margaret Littlewood Meera Kat Felicia Steppingstone Madison Springer Judge Powell Lizzie Dion Penelope Rivera Rosamund Wilcox Russell Crane Taylor Kirby Chelsea Bloom Marina Romanova Alden Greene Vicky Lopez Asal Hawaa Kim Aoki Megan Lucas Tsukada Chieko Elvira Milton Lola Vallez Kayla Pieterse Tess Goodwin Kitty Young Marshall Metcalf Roman Harris Rupert Winchester Sofia Of Girona Alec Howard …

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CoolCCMystery CoolCCMystery 1 August 2020

Summary of City of Romance

After going across two cities, around the world in more than one way and investigating what comes out when night falls, we return to good old crime solving in Paris, the City of Romance. With the Parisian Police Squad, we investigate seventeen cases in six different sectors of Paris, each named after various romantic phases.

  • 1 Fantasy: “An American Cop in Paris”
    • 1.1 Corpse Chic
    • 1.2 Murder à la Mode
    • 1.3 Making the Cut
    • 1.4 Party Like It's 1699
    • 1.5 Death by Design
  • 2 Attraction - “Walk on the Wolf Side”
    • 2.1 The Show Must Go On
    • 2.2 Beastly Behavior
    • 2.3 Dressed to Be Killed
    • 2.4 Die in the Sky
    • 2.5 Juggling With Death
  • 3 Obsession - “Follow Your Hearts”
    • 3.1 A Priceless Murder
    • 3.2 Inglorious Batard
    • 3.3 Queen of Hearts
  • 4 Jealousy, Separation & Engagement - “We'll Always Have Paris”
    • 4.…

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CoolCCMystery CoolCCMystery 1 August 2020

Summary of World Edition

After solving crimes and schemes across two different cities, the player becomes an elite agent in the worldwide top police force known as The Bureau. The player then solves fifty-six different cases across nine regions of the world, ultimately uprooting a worldwide criminal organization.

  • 1 Europe: "Europe in Crisis"
    • 1.1 God Save the Prince
    • 1.2 Off with Their Heads
    • 1.3 Auf Wieder-Slain
    • 1.4 Murder's Cheap
    • 1.5 When Shadows Fall
    • 1.6 The Impossible Dream
  • 2 Sahara Region: "Crossing the Desert"
    • 2.1 Murder by Proxy
    • 2.2 Death in the Desert
    • 2.3 Killing Spring
    • 2.4 I Spy a Mummy
    • 2.5 The Parting Shot
    • 2.6 Die by the Sword
  • 3 Eurasia: "Darkness Descends"
    • 3.1 Moscow Mole
    • 3.2 Only Truth Remains
    • 3.3 O Deadly Night
    • 3.4 Fast Track to Murder
    • 3.5 Horseback Mountain
    • 3.6 Countdown to Murder
  • 4 South Asia: "…

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CoolCCMystery CoolCCMystery 1 August 2020

Summary of Pacific Bay

After the adventures in Grimsborough, a newly full-fledged police detective headed to Pacific Bay to continue their career at the Pacific Bay Police Department, eventually investigating fifty nine cases across a metropolis of ten diversely unique districts in Pacific Bay.

  • 1 Ocean Shore: "Life of the Party"
    • 1.1 Shark Attack!
    • 1.2 Death on Wheels
    • 1.3 What Dies Beneath
    • 1.4 Dead Girl Rolling
    • 1.5 The Ice Queen
  • 2 Bayou Bleu: "Secrets of the Bayou"
    • 2.1 Bayou Blood
    • 2.2 Easy Prey
    • 2.3 The Root of All Evil
    • 2.4 Death by Moonshine
    • 2.5 Smoke and Mirrors
  • 3 Inner City: "Melting Pot of Inner Chaos"
    • 3.1 Heartless
    • 3.2 Payback
    • 3.3 Eastern Promises
    • 3.4 Spineless
    • 3.5 Murder-Go-Round
    • 3.6 Killing Time
    • 3.7 Under the Skin
  • 4 Jazz Town: "Calm Before the Storm"
    • 4.1 After the Storm
    • 4.2 Cloudy with a Chance of Murde…

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CoolCCMystery CoolCCMystery 1 August 2020

Summary of Grimsborough

In the roots of the rookie player's career, the new detective begins their adventures in the ominously dark city founded by William Cooper, investigating fifty-six cases across six different and uniquely diverse districts in the city.

  • 1 Industrial Area: "A Rookie in the Making"
    • 1.1 The Death of Rosa Wolf
    • 1.2 Corpse in a Garden
    • 1.3 The Grim Butcher
    • 1.4 The Dockyard Killer
    • 1.5 A Russian Case
    • 1.6 Good Cop Dead Cop
    • 1.7 Death by Crucifixion
    • 1.8 Beautiful No More
    • 1.9 Burned to the Bone
    • 1.10 Under the Knife
    • 1.11 Into the Vipers' Nest
  • 2 Financial Center: "Time is Money"
    • 2.1 Blood on the Trading Floor
    • 2.2 Bomb Alert on Grimsborough
    • 2.3 Fashion Victim
    • 2.4 Family Blood
    • 2.5 The Kiss of Death
    • 2.6 The Last Supper
    • 2.7 In the Dead of Night
    • 2.8 Innocence Lost
    • 2.9 A Deadly Game
    • 2.10 The Secret Experime…

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RobloxPinewood RobloxPinewood 30 July 2020

Alternate Future in CoR: AI 4/5

I got bored, so I'm writing this short storyline.

Case 19 in City of Romance. There has been a terrorist organization being known in Paris, terrorizing all citizens alike. The Parisian Police is now trying to find the leader of the organization. After a while, Carrie and the player went to a nearby cafe to search for evidence of the Parisian Mob's involvment.

Carrie: So, anything good to unearth the mob's activities?

Carrie: You think this camera can provide some clues? Alright, let's crack the password! There's not a second to lose!

(Unlock the camera.)

Carrie: There's a clip here, we can watch it now!

(Start of the clip...Elenonora is talking with one of her friends, who is 49 years old and has brown hair.)

Elenonora Macaron: Well what do you t…

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RobloxPinewood RobloxPinewood 15 July 2020

Criminal Case Records

Alright, since if I add these on an actual page I'll just get it reversed, so I'll do it here.

  • 1 Height:
  • 2 Weight:
  • 3 Age
  • 4 Appearances

Tallest Suspect: N/A

Tallest Killer: Wendall Goh (S7), 6 ft 6 (201cm)

Tallest Human Killer: Gunnar Burns (S5), 6 ft 5 (199 cm)

Shortest Suspect: Albert Tesla (S2), 2 ft (60.96cm)

Shortest Human Suspect(s): Mohammad Souleyman, Sarah Mills and Isaac Hersberger (S1), 4 ft 1 (125cm)

Shortest Killer: Tiffany (S7), 4 ft 4 (134.1cm)

Shortest Human Killer: Mary Lou Hong (S2), 4 ft 9 (149.3cm)

Lightest Suspect: Albert Tesla (S2), 0 lbs (0 kg)

Lightest Human suspect: Mohammad Souleyman and Sarah Mills (S1), 57 lbs (25.9kg)

Lightest Adult Suspect (i.e Over 18): Anya Ivanova (S3), 105 lbs (47.6kg).

Lightest Killer: Julian Ramis (S1), 90 …

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RobloxPinewood RobloxPinewood 15 July 2020


Alright, all of my edits on this wiki so far, despite sometimes being true facts, all got reversed. Can somebody tell me why is that, and how can I edit posts properly?

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RobloxPinewood RobloxPinewood 14 July 2020

Pretty Simple: The most ruthless Game Developers

Hello Guys, so as you can see from the title, I'm going to rant about why Pretty Simple is one of, if not the most ruthless game developers on Earth.

Pretty Simple, a very good French Indie Game company. What drags tens of thousands of people playing this game is the deep storyline it has, and the twists and turns of the story. However, their developers, I suspect, are probably born without a heart. They are one of the most ruthless game developers I have seen. Now, I understand that killing off major characters and making fan-favorites killers is actually good for the company in general, as it is what makes the storyline even thicker. However, season 4 and 5 (Mysteries of the Past and Conspiracy) are peak-ruthless for Pretty Simple.

What ch…

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RobloxPinewood RobloxPinewood 13 July 2020

My CC characters Tier List

The debate starts now.

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Retro32 Retro32 13 July 2020

Criminal Case Series

Welcome to Criminal Case Series walkthroughs!!! This page is dedicated to provide walkthroughs of ALL SEASONS of Criminal Case, as we play through them one by one!!! If you like the videos, be sure to follow us on Youtube!!!

  • 1 Criminal Case
    • 1.1 Grimsborough: Case #1 - The Death of Rosa Wolf
    • 1.2 Grimsborough: Case #2 - Corpse in a Garden
    • 1.3 Grimsborough: Case #3 - The Grim Butcher
    • 1.4 Grimsborough: Case #4 - The Dockyard Killer
    • 1.5 Grimsborough: Case #5 - A Russian Case
    • 1.6 Grimsborough: Case #6 - Good Cop Dead Cop
    • 1.7 Grimsborough: Case #7 - Death by Crucifixion
    • 1.8 Grimsborough: Case #8 - Beautiful No More
    • 1.9 Grimsborough: Case #9 - Burned to the Bone
    • 1.10 Grimsborough: Case #10 - Under the Knife
    • 1.11 Gri…

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Elijahvp55 Elijahvp55 3 July 2020


Coolest Killer ever

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Elijahvp55 Elijahvp55 3 July 2020

I Hate Utopians But i love their leader Holly Hopper

I hate Utopians but ilove their leader Holly Hopper

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ChaosTheory4275 ChaosTheory4275 25 June 2020

The Players of Criminal Case!

Hi there! Recently, there's been some confusion about which players are in which seasons, and why some characters remember us, while some others don't. While none of this is confirmed, I'd like to create a blog post containing, what I think is, the best possible solution to this conundrum. I hope this clears up any questions!

  • 1 Player One: Grimsborough, Pacific Bay, World Edition, The Conspiracy & Travel in Time.
  • 2 Player Two: Mysteries of the Past.
  • 3 Player Three: Supernatural Investigations.
  • 4 Player Four: City of Romance
  • 5 Conclusion

We start off in Grimsborough, a dark city based primarily on New York. We're introduced to our team, the Grimsborough Police Department, before defeating the Crimson Order. Later, we decide to take a job in Pacific Ba…

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Emikodo108 Emikodo108 18 June 2020

📚✨👑 A "Criminal Case" fairytale season 📚✨👑

  • 1 Those who imagine of a fairytale themed season, I agree with you.
  • 2 🔍 Fairytale Detective Agency 📚
    • 2.1 player (you)
    • 2.2 human partner
    • 2.3 Blythe (my ideal character detective)
    • 2.4 Police chief
    • 2.5 Little Jack Horner
    • 2.6 Lab chief
    • 2.7 Tech Expert
    • 2.8 Little Miss Muffet
    • 2.9 Field Expert


Meeting classic fairytale characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Pinocchio, you name it.

Explore Grimmsbook (that's what I decide to call the fairyland map)

  • Homicide detective

  • Detective
  • partner

  • Detective
  • female elf partner

  • Chief Medical Examiner

  • Profiler

What does anyone else imagine if there was ever to be a Fairytale Detective Agency?

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FatalFanatic FatalFanatic 18 June 2020

An Update: A Promising Redemption

Previously, I have written a blog on this wikia about the downturn of the Criminal Case series (written through my perspective/based on my opinion). Last week, the first case of City of Romance (Season 8) has been released, and it looks like a promising season after the two low points from previous seasons.

I like how Pretty Simple had set up their game plan here, most noticeably the characters' positions:

  • Carrie's storyline involves finding her missing brother who suddenly had connections with the French Mob.
  • Hugo going through a divorce - there is potential for great character development from here.
  • The dating app Emile is involved in could be quite similar to Rupert and DreamLife, I would love to see how Pretty Simple can be creative about …
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ChaosTheory4275 ChaosTheory4275 14 June 2020

Regarding the PS Backlash

Recently in the community, I, and others, have noticed a massive amount of backlash and criticism against the developers, Pretty Simple. While I am no staff member, I feel like I need to say something, if only to vent and get this off my chest. This has to stop. The following message isn't directed at anyone, but at the community as a whole.

People are, and always should and will be, allowed to have their opinions. I am fine with this. But the recent backlash against PS hasn't been constructive nor fair. I understand people disliking parts of the game and the writers' direction, but what we also have to remember is: PS are people too. They work incredibly hard for us, working even throughout a pandemic to create content on a weekly basis, fi…

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Alexlesuagz Alexlesuagz 14 June 2020

Pretty Simple's Ruining the Game

Now, this is not supposed to offend anyone, including Pretty Simple. I am only expressing my opinion, since it's not illegal. Sure, no one's perfect; not even Pretty Simple.I'm only stating my honest review...

Now, let's talk about the series. Apparently, the community is starting to hate the seasons that came up recently, and I see why. In my opinion, this is because of the fact that there are now only 30 cases in one season instead of around 60.

But why? What does the number of cases have to do with the quality of the whole season?

Well, this can affect the two main things holding up the season's structure. If these two things are shattered, the whole thing comes crashing down. And these two things are

  1. Character Development
  2. Plot Development


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FatalFanatic FatalFanatic 4 June 2020

Could It Get Worse: An Honest Criticism on Progress of the Criminal Case series

Disclaimer: This criticism is written as a matter of a personal opinion on the progress of the Criminal Case series. It is not my intention to violently attack Pretty Simple for their actions, I am simply observing and analysing how the series is going from my own personal view, so I'm sorry if I may appear harsh but it's honest criticism. I may have been inactive in the canon wiki, but I still keep tabs on how the series and the community is doing.

I will get straight to the point here - for me, the Criminal Case series ended in The Conspiracy (Season 5). This may be an unpopular opinion, but it is how I perceive it. To me, Travel in Time (Season 6) and Supernatural Investigations (Season 7) are the downfall of the series and, excuse my bl…

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Batman129 Batman129 31 May 2020


I have made some very cringe worthy and rude comments in the past on this wiki and i apologese for these comments 

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CoolCCMystery CoolCCMystery 29 May 2020

About Pretty Simple: The Backlash

Ever since To Hell and Back aired, a few users and I have witnessed the canon wiki explode in a mess of commentary, and not all of them are nice.

I get it that a lot of people aren't fully happy with what Pretty Simple did for the finale, including rushing it at certain points, not ensuring certain characters have had their development, wrongly choosing fates that could've been better for other characters and leaving questions unanswered.

I get it. You're upset.

But to make rude commentary on how Pretty Simple could've done better just because you don't like it? That's a bit out of line. You probably wouldn't know what is going on with the company, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with what could be going on for them.

I mean they have enough on t…

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Emikodo108 Emikodo108 29 May 2020

What do you imagine for a next "Criminal Case"?

I've watched walkthroughs of season 5-7, and seen other Criminal Case games.

And I'm already prepared for season 8, and many more.

  • Intergalactic Police 🚀✨👽 Solve murders and protect the galaxy.
  • Fairytale Detective Agency 📚✨👑 Solve murders, meet some classic fairytale characters, and earn your happily ever after. (inspired by "Fairytale Police Department" show and "Fables" comic)
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This blog post was recommended by”مستخدم ابن المجهول”, it is basically just a post where you can says your opinions have my OCs, hehe..

This page is for anyone who is planning to do fanmade cases, it contains characters which anyone is allowed to use for their fanfics.

NOTE: All these characters are actually made by me, I am not leaking any future characters, if you don’t believe me, well are a bish, and I hope you burn in hell (just kidding).


NOTE: Any appealing unique patterns such as the zigzags in Lucretia’s clothings, or …

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An apology and a favor

EDIT: I should have never written this, I’m so sorry for anyone I hurt, Please forgive me, for this, and all the terrible things I done in the past. As I see, I never changed, I’m still the terrible piece of shit I was, and you guys have every right to hate me for it, and I don’t blame you. Staff, if you are reading this, you can ban me if you wish, I know what I done was wrong and I understand there are consequences for it.

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Brooklyn survivor Brooklyn survivor 13 May 2020

we should have a party to celebrate the end of a crazy season

just an idea  it should be held on discord

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Alexlesuagz Alexlesuagz 23 April 2020

If Criminal Case had a TV Show...

Hi, everyone!

So this is my first blog post, so I didn't know what exactly to write about. However, I then remembered a conversation with a family member and friend about a topic tossed around the Criminal Case Fandom:


I've seen people talk about this topic, and decided to talk about it myself in this post.

When would Criminal Case get a TV show? And what kind of show would it be?

Let's look at some more famous crime shows:

-CSI (live-action)

-Hawaii Five-O (live-action)

-Criminal Minds (live-action)

And now, let's look at some games that turned into shows.

  • Angry Birds [Angry Birds Toons; Angry Birds Stella; Angry Bird Blues; Angry Birds: Summer Madness {coming 2021}; Piggy Tales] (cartoon)
  • Fruit Ninja [Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force] (CGI anima…
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Hasuro Haku Hasuro Haku 17 April 2020

Hasuro's Character Galleryyy xD

So hi guys it's me Hasuro again xD After resting a little bit for months (I guess) I am back with my OC editing and my fanon series UvU Andddddddddd since that old blog's comment section got deactivated (meh), I decided to create a new oneeeee hehehehe :D Enjoy them ;)

And please do not take out without permission, if you want to take them out, please leave a message in my message wall.

Also, about how to make the characters, I will keep them as secrets that I don't want to tell :D So if there are still some curious users who ask about how I do it, sorry, you will get no answers :D

Here they are XD Enjoy. I will add more soon.

Hasuro Haku

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Agentapollo28 Agentapollo28 16 April 2020


Who are your top 5 favorite killers? I would love to know! Write in a format like this.

1 2 3 4 5

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Brooklyn survivor Brooklyn survivor 13 April 2020


i am doing a project with some team members

i need you guys to vote for what chaters to use       chsooe  6 in first poll and 3  n the second poll 

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Jadesyv Jadesyv 4 April 2020

making a new friend

hi I like criminal case because it is an awesome game,

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Jadesyv Jadesyv 3 April 2020

I love Criminal case

This is my first time to log into the CC wiki

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Thatawesomecat Thatawesomecat 25 March 2020

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Criminal Case Wiki, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here:

I will be around to check your RecentChanges occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

Thatawesomecat (talk) 15:51, March 25, 2020 (UTC)Thatawesomecat

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GrubbyGrubster005 GrubbyGrubster005 8 March 2020


New Mexico, USA... Chief Jacob Arrow: , it turns out the late Dr Aculus was right to be worried! Chief Arrow: The "malevolent force" sucking the life from livestock is real! Apparently, animals have been mysteriously dropping dead for five years in the Southwest! Ben: Thing is, the force does no physical harm to them - they just die, and their bodies have sulfur residue on them... Felix: Yo, I gotta clue you guys in on those animal deaths Hope told us about here in New Mexico... Felix: ... I've got bad news and good news - the bad news is that the livestock deaths happening in THIS part of New Mexico have nothing to do with the "malevolent sulfuric evil." Felix: But the good news is that I know what IS killing the animals in this area. It's a ch…

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Stevie888 Stevie888 5 February 2020

CC: Travel In Time Individual App

Does anyone know when the CC: Travel in Time individual app is coming out? It's been 'Coming Soon' for a few months now and I'm just wondering if anyone has any information on the release date for the standalone app.


- Stevie

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TomasTrutnov2 TomasTrutnov2 31 January 2020



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K7U4i2X K7U4i2X 28 January 2020

Something to say

Uhm...hi there! As you guessed from the title, yes, I have something to say.

I think that the best for me is that I leave this wikia (canon wikia) for good. It's not the same place is used to be, and I honestly don't feel very comfortable being here. There are also few other reason that I don't want to mention because they are kind of "lame" I guess XD...However, there is a small little request that I have. My real name was posted on my profile page, so if you please could, not mention my full name anymore? Someone from my private life found out that I'm here, so if you could just forget I posted my last name here? I will be thankful to you.

About fanon wikia...I will still be there and update my fanfiction, so if you ever feel like talking …

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Smileygurlie Smileygurlie 26 January 2020

My favorite characters will die

Joe warren


Ammon bast



Leaders in ad artsa


Annette strong

They will wakes up in fake world now

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