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(Jack and Amy are seen wearing their privateer uniforms throughout the case.)
Amy Young: <Name> that was a close brush with Ammon! I can't believe he followed us back in time!
Jack: Yeah, clearly the Ptolemys' lackey knows about our plan to undo the changes he and Nebet - or Princess Nefertiti - made to the timeline...
Jack: ... by beating him at the auction for the trade routes! Luckily, we've managed to put some distance between us and him. There's no way he's coming after us now!
Jack: And it's all thanks to Mary Read that we managed to escape! If she hadn't intervened, we'd probably be dead!
Amy: But now that we've escaped thanks to our pirate friends, we must turn our focus back to the auction of the shipping routes!
Amy: The auction isn't for another few days. But first, we must remove the so-called "curse" from that gold we need to win it!
(Zara is seen wearing her privateer uniform throughout the case.)
Zara: Don't forget about removing the "curse" from me, too! I never would've laid hands on that treasure if I knew I'd end up covered in scales!
Zara: Theo swears it's just some sort of chemical reaction from the gold having been buried for so many years...
Zara: ... but the itching is becoming unbearable! That calamine powder I've been using helps to calm it down, but only a little!
Mary: I have good news on that front! I know someone who can rid you, and the treasure, of the curse!
Mary: I can introduce you to a voodoo priestess who lives on Skull Island! Nobody knows curses like she does!
Mary: I've ordered the crew to set course for the island. We'll be there by nightfall!

A few hours later...
Mary: Here we are, Privateer <Name>. This is where the voodoo priestess lives with her apprentice!
Zara: I'm suddenly nervous. I mean, what if she can't cure me and I'm stuck like this?
Mary: Don't be so lily-livered, woman! Now, the priestess isn't keen on strangers, so let's me do the talk-
Agwé: Who goes there?
Mary: It is I, Captain Mary Read! We seek the priestess' assistance!
Agwé: I'm afraid the priestess cannot be disturbed. She has entered a holy trance from which she shall not awaken for another three days. Any attempt to do so would incur the wrath of evil spirits!
Mary: Blast!
Zara: Three days?! I can't spend another three days like thi-
Mary: You heard the man! Trying to wake the priestess would be terrible bad luck!
Mary: We've got no choice. We must return to the ship and wait for the priestess to awake from her trance!

Two days later...
Zara: <Name>, these past few days have been the longest of my life. I barely remember what I look like without scales!
Jack: Well, there's only one day left until the priestess wakes up. Hopefully she'll have you back to normal in no time!
Mary: Privateer <Name>, you need to come quick!
Jack: What is it?
Mary: It's the priestess' apprentice... He's been murdered!
Jack: What?! This won't help put us in the priestess' good books... Zara, you stay put. <Name> and I will deal with this. Let's investigate the bay!

Chapter 1

Investigate Skull Island Dock.
Jack Archer: <Name>, that's definitely the priestess' apprentice, Agwé. He's been bashed over the head!
Jack: And he's missing the necklace he was wearing the other day, you're right!
Jack: But who would've killed him? Someone from Mary Read's ship, or someone from the island?
Jack: Either way, if we want the priestess' help once she awakens, we'd be wise to find his murderer. Let's examine the clues!
Jack: Well spotted, that makeshift stall definitely wasn't there when we arrived. Whoever owns it can't be far - maybe putting that sign back together will lead us to them!
Jack: And since Mary discovered the body, we need to talk to her, too! Let's do this!

Ask Captain Read about finding the body.
Jack: Captain Read, can you tell us the circumstances in which you found the body?
Mary: I was stretching my legs on the beach, when I saw something on the edge of the water!
Mary: I went to take a closer look and realized it was Agwé, the priestess' apprentice!
Mary: I hoped we'd appease the spirits by leaving the priestess undisturbed while she completed her trance...
Mary: ... but if someone on my ship is responsible for this heinous crime, it'll bring bad luck on us all!
Mary: I implore you, do what you must to solve this murder, but do not awaken the priestess!
Jack: Fine, but we need to learn more about Agwé. Let's take a look around the swamp by his and the priestess' hut, <Name>!

Investigate Voodoo Priestess' Hut.
Jack: We might not be able to investigate the priestess' hut while she's in her trance, <Name>, but we know the victim must've passed through this swamp on his way to the beach.
Jack: And that necklace is the one he was wearing when he saw him alive, you're right!
Jack: Judging by the blood on it, the killer must've dropped it here after the murder. That yellow substance might give us a lead, if you can collect a sample!
Jack: And that matchbox with the playing cards inside has Agwé's name written on it! Can you recover the rest of the writing?

Examine Necklace.
Jack: <Name>, let's get that substance from the victim's necklace to Theo!

Analyze Yellow Liquid.
Theo: <Name>, have you made any progress? Zara's worked herself up into a terrible state. She's scared the priestess won't cure her if you don't find whoever killed her apprentice!
Jack: It's early days, but you can help by telling us what you've got on that yellow substance from the victim's necklace!
Theo: Well, the substance was an oil made from the leaves of the Cymbopogon plant, otherwise known as lemongrass.
Theo: This oil is known as citronella and it's primarily used for repelling mosquitoes!
Theo: Janis confirmed that there was none on your victim's body, so it's definitely your killer who left the citronella on the necklace!
Jack: So, our killer uses citronella oil! <Name> won't let them slip out of their grasp!

Examine Box of Cards.
Jack: So, someone was keeping score on this box of playing cards, <Name>!
Jack: And whoever they are, they were playing with Agwé!
Jack: Judging by that doodle, this handwriting belongs to someone on Mary Read's pirate ship, <Name>. Let's get a writing sample from everyone to see if we can find a match!

Examine Handwriting.
Jack: <Name>, this handwriting belongs to Jorge de la Cruz, that pirate we met whilst investigating the murder of that naval officer!
Jack: Jorge's part of Mary Read's crew. And judging by this, he knew our victim!
Jack: Let's see what Jorge can tell us about Agwé, <Name>!

Ask Jorge de la Cruz how he knew the victim.
Jack: Mr de la Cruz, we understand you were acquainted with the priestess' apprentice. We're investigating his murder!
Jorge: Yes, I heard about his death. He was a nice kid. I can't imagine why someone would murder him!
Jorge: I met him shortly after we docked. He jumped at the chance when I asked if he wanted to play cards!
Jorge: We got talking and he told me that life on the island was pretty lonely, so he was glad of the company.
Jorge: We met up again the next day to play a few more games, and we were due a rematch this evening, but he didn't turn up!
Jorge: And now I know why! Such a tragic waste of life...

Examine Broken Sign.
Jack: <Name>, this stall which popped up this morning is clearly a trading point...
Jack: ... and it's owned by somebody called Derek!
Jack: With any luck, this Derek might've seen something! Let's question him!

Find out what Derek Trollope knows about the murder.
Derek (holding a teapot): Wot can I do for ya, ladies and gentlemen? How's about this fine teapot? I'll swap it for half a crown!
Jack: No, thank you. We wanted to ask you about the priestess' apprentice. Your stall happened around the same time he was killed. Did you see anything?
Derek: You mean Agwé? He's dead?!
Derek: The boy were like a son to me! The priestess took him in when he were no bigger than a kitchen, so I seen him grow up over the years!
Derek: As for me stall, I'd just returned from stocking up on another island when I saw yer ship in the bay...
Derek: ... and since there ain't nobody but me, Agwé and the priestess on the island, all me business comes from passing ships! So I set me stall up in a jiffy!
Derek: I'm afraid I didn't see nuffin', though. Maybe if I had, I coulda stopped it!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: <Name>, I used to dream of spending my retirement sailing around the Caribbean... but now I'd give anything to go back home!
Jack: Let's just hope that after we've removed the curse from Zara and the treasure, we can win that auction and return to the original timeline!
Janis: Indeed. Now, I suppose you want to hear about the body. It presented a number of wounds, but there was one which preceded the murder - a small cut on his cheek!
Janis: I found traces of a plantain poultice he'd used on it, to reduce the swelling. And the shape of the cut suggests an altercation!
Jack: So Agwé was involved in a fight prior to the murder! But what about how he died?
Janis: The absence of water in his lungs confirms that he was dead from his head injuries before he even hit the water.
Janis: What's more, the glass shards I found embedded in his skull suggest he was struck with a bottle of some kind...
Janis: ... and those glass shards had traces of hardtack on them, a cheap, long-lasting cracker otherwise known as ship's biscuit!
Janis: For the hardtack to have ended up on the bottle, it must've come from your killer!
Jack: Our killer eats hardtack, do they? They'll take it hard when <Name> arrests them!

Later on...
Jack: <Name>, thanks to Mary Read swooping in and rescuing us on her ship, we've managed to lose Ammon for the time being.
Jack: Mary has brought us to Skull Island, so that the voodoo priestess who resides here can rid the treasure, and Zara, of its so-called "curse"!
Jack: The only trouble is, we found the voodoo priestess' apprentice bashed over the head not far from our ship!
Jack: But who had motive to kill him? We met local stallholder, Derek Trollope, who claimed Agwé was like a son to him...
Jack: ... and we also learned that someone from our ship, Jorge de la Cruz, played cards with the victim in the days before his death!
Jack: Whoever did it, we need to find them before the priestess wakes up from her trance-
Jemimah: Privateer <Name>! What's this I hear about my apprentice being murdered?!
Jack: Priestess Mabayo! You're... you're awake!
Jemimah: I want answers... now!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, we came to Skull Island to ask the voodoo priestess to lift the "curse" from Zara and the treasure.
Jack: The only problem is, we found the voodoo priestess' apprentice, Agwé, bashed over the head not far from our ship!
Jack: But who had motive to kill him? If we're to convince the priestess to help us when she wakes up from here trance, we need to-
Jemimah: Privateer <Name>! What's this I hear about my apprentice being murdered?!
Jack: Priestess Mabayo! You're... you're awake!
Jemimah: Yes, and I want answers.. NOW!
Jack: Of course, Priestess Mabayo. We'd be, uh... happy to talk to you!

Speak to Jemimah Mabayo about the murder.
Jack: Priestess, we're glad you're awake. Not only do we need to ask you about Agwé, we also need your help removing a curse-
Jemimah: Ha! My apprentice is murdered two days after you show up, and you expect me to help you?
Jemimah: Now Agwé is gone, there's nobody to continue my family's centuries-old legacy by becoming the island's voodoo priest once I die!
Jemimah: This is a most terrible omen. Not only did I foresee grave developments during my trance... but I also sensed a malevolent presence in this hut Agwé and I shared!
Jack: Is there's any chance that presence might've been Agwé's killer, we need to search your hut!
Jemimah: ... Fine. But don't even think about asking for my help until you've gotten to the bottom of this!
Jack: Understood. <Name>, let's take a look around this hut!

Investigate Hut Interior.
Jack: Man, that priestess gives me the heebie-jeebies, <Name>. But we need to get on her good side so that she'll help remove the "curse" from Zara and the treasure!
Jack: The priestess said she sensed somebody in here while she was in her trance...
Jack: Right, whoever was here might've knocked over that plant! Can you get a sample of that substance on the pot?
Jack: And if you think that gift box might be a lead, let's get it unlocked!

Examine Gift.
Jack: <Name>, that gift box contains a slice of fruit cake... and it has victim's name on it!
Jack: Whoever gave this cake to Agwé clearly liked him a lot. Cake isn't easy to come by in these parts!
Jack: Perhaps Theo will be able to tell us who gifted the cake to Agwé. Let's send it to him!

Analyze Fruit Cake.
Theo: <Name>, what with the whole Zara situation, it was all I could do not to take a bite of this cake to cheer me up.
Theo: But it's a good thing I didn't, since it was laced with castor oil, a common laxative at this time!
Jack: What?! Somebody gave Agwé a cake laced with laxatives?
Theo: Yep, and know who - Jorge de la Cruz! I found some of his hair on the cake!
Jack: Jorge said he and the victim had struck up a friendship when we spoke to him earlier... but he didn't mention any kind of dispute! Let's question him again!

Ask Jorge de la Cruz why he gave Agwé laxative-laced cake.
Jack: Mr de la Cruz, can you explain why you gave Agwé cake laced with laxatives?
Jorge (sweating): How did you know there was laxative in it?!
Jorge: Look, everything I told you earlier was true. I enjoyed spending time with Agwé. But he'd started getting too needy, acting like he was my new best friend or something!
Jorge: He wanted us to spend every waking minute together! Even the other pirates noticed. They started teasing me, asking if I even had him reapply my citronella for me!
Jorge: So I decided to take him out of action for a few days by giving him that cake!
Jorge: It broke my heart to waste perfectly good cake. I'd been saving it as a treat for when I got sick of hardtack!
Jorge: But I promise that I didn't hurt Agwé. I know better than to displease the voodoo spirits like that!
Jack: You'll have bigger problems than evil spirits if we discover you're lying, Mr de la Cruz.
Jack: And you're right, <Name>. We know the killer passed through the swamp, so let's take another look there!

Investigate Garden.
Jack: <Name>, we urgently need to get to the bottom of this murder if we're to convince the priestess to cure Zara, or who knows what she might do out of desperation!
Jack: It's strange that this money pouch was left lying around. Can you recover the note attached to it?
Jack: And if you think there might be something hidden among those reeds, I won't stop you from looking!

Examine Reeds.
Jack: Is that a voodoo doll you found among those reeds, <Name>?
Jack: Oh, you're right! That doll looks a lot like our victim!
Jack: But who could have made this doll? The priestess is an obvious culprit, but we can't just go and accuse her - we need to get on her good side!
Jack: Good thinking, let's send the voodoo doll to Orlando before we jump to any conclusions!

Analyze Voodoo Doll.
Jack: Orlando, can you tell us if that voodoo doll of our victim came from the priestess?
Orlando: Not necessarily, no. Since the design of the doll is not overly intricate, it could've been made by a total amateur, or the priestess, if she was in a hurry.
Orlando: However, I can tell you that the doll was made by your killer!
Jack: How can you be sure?
Orlando: well, a voodoo doll always contains something from the person they represent. And this one contained some of the victim's bloody hair!
Orlando: What's more, the doll must've been made after the murder, because the clay is still fresh!
Jack: So, the killer walked away with a handful of the victim's bloody hair and made a doll of him after committing the murder?
Orlando: Precisely. And then they buried the doll among those reeds in a symbolic bid to ensure Agwé's soul had safe passage to the afterworld!
Orlando: Your killer clearly feels remorse, <Name>. And not only that, they're obviously superstitious!
Jack: So, our killer is superstitious! Their luck is about to run out with us on their tail!
Jack: And you're right, <Name>. The priestess is clearly a believer...
Jack: ... and pirates are notoriously superstitious! So let's add Mary Read and Jorge de la Cruz to the list, too!

Examine Note.
Jack: The note on that money pouch reads, "Agwé, I took back what you owed me!"...
Jack: And it's signed by Derek, the stallholder!
Jack: So Agwé owed Derek money? He conveniently failed to mention that earlier. Let's question Derek again!

Question Derek Trollope about his note to the victim.
Derek: Tell me yer looking to buy something this time, Privateer <Name>? Business is so slow, I'm livin' off nuffin' but hardtack!
Jack: That's strange, since we know you "took back" money that Agwé allegedly owed you!
(Derek sweats, embarrassed.)
Derek: Nuffin' gets past you, does it, Privateer <Name>? I might've had a soft spot for the boy, but I couldn't risk him putting me outta business!
Derek: Agwé made me a bunch of protective talismans to sell, see. They were a right hit with the pirates!
Derek: But then I started gettin' complaints! Pirates saying the talismans weren't no good!
Derek: Nobody wants an angry pirate on their tail! I only just managed to slip out of one's grasp 'coz I were oiled up with citronella!
Jack: So, let me guess: Agwé refused to admit the talismans were fake, so you lost your temper and killed him. Is that it?
Derek: 'Course not! I just stole back the money I gave 'im for the talismans. Now I'll be able to reimburse any pirates who come knockin'!

Examine Plant.
Jack: <Name>, let's hope putting that powder from the plant pot under the microscope will shed some light on our mystery intruder!

Examine Pink Powder.
Jack: <Name>, this substance you collected from the plant pot in the priestess' hut is calamine powder...
Jack: Why does that sound familiar?
Jack: Right, calamine powder is what Zara has been using to stop her scales from itching!
Jack: But surely Zara wouldn't have broken into the priestess' hut, <Name>?
Jack: You're right, there's only one way to find out. Let's speak to the woman herself!

Question Zara Tien about breaking into the hut.
Zara: What is it, <Name>? I heard you spoke with the priestess? Will she help me?
Jack: At the moment, she's too angry about Agwé's death. But she might change her mind if we can solve his murder!
Zara: I guess that's all we can hope for. What leads have you got?
Jack: Funny you should ask, since we found traces of your calamine powder in the hut they shared!
Zara: I... I can explain! See, I'm sick of eating nothing but hardtack and having to slather myself in citronella so the mosquitoes don't eat me alive!
Zara: So I decided to go wake the priestess from her trance and demand that she cure me and the treasure at once!
Jack: I can't imagine Agwé would've appreciated that. Did he try to stop you?
Zara: Agwé wasn't there... And seeing the priestess in her trance was so freaky that I decided to get out of there at once!
Jack: I hope you're telling the truth, Zara. In the meantime, you'd better stay on the ship!

Later, on the ship...
Jack: <Name>, we came to Skull Island hoping the voodoo priestess would remove the curse from Zara and the treasure.
Jack: Instead, we found her apprentice with his head bashed in, and the priestess is refusing to help us until we solve his murder!
Jack: Worse still, we've learned that Zara broke into their hut while the priestess was in a trance! I hate having to treat her as a suspect, but we have no choice.
Jack: And then there's Jorge, who was so sick of the victim's clinginess that he tried to put him out of action with a laxative-laced cake
Jack: We need to get to the bottom of this-
Zara: There's no point, <Name>.
Zara: I... I've made my peace with it. I'm going to be a fish forever!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, we came to Skull Island hoping the voodoo priestess would remove the curse from Zara and the treasure.
Jack: Instead, we found her apprentice with his head bashed in, and the priestess is refusing to help us until we solve his murder!
Jack: We need more leads if we're to-
Zara: There's no point, <Name>. You might as well just give up now.
Zara: I... I've made my peace with it. I'm going to be a fish forever!
Jack: Don't be silly! We just need to know how to reverse whatever chemical reaction occurred when you touched the treasure-
Zara (crying): No. I've accepted my fate. I... I'm going to go live in the sea!
Janis (with Zara): <Name>, I'll take over from here. You just focus on solving this murder and convincing the priestess to help us!
Janis: Come on, Zara. Let's go have a nice cup of tea, eh?
(Zara and Janis leave.)
Jack: <Name>, the sooner we find Agwé's killer, the sooner we can get Zara back to normal! Let's take another look around the hut Agwé shared with the priestess!

Investigate Workbench.
Jack: That chest has our victim's name on it, <Name>. Can you crack the lock so we can see what's inside?
Jack: As for that torn up paper, let's put it back together if you think it might be a clue!
Jack: And if you want to look through those voodoo supplies, I won't stop you!

Examine Torn Parchment.
Jack: <Name>, that paper has Agwé's name on it! Can you recover the faded writing?

Examine Faded Parchment.
Jack: This appears to be a list, <Name>...
Jack: It shows the names and faces of the island's voodoo practitioners, from centuries ago, up until the present day! Look, there's Priestess Mabayo!
Jack: But someone has burned Agwé's face away!
Jack: You're right, <Name>. Only one person could've done this - Priestess Mabayo!
Jack: We might need to stay in the priestess' good books, but we've got no choice but to question her! Let's tread carefully!

Ask Jemimah Mabayo about erasing Agwé from the voodoo ancestry list.
Jack: Priestess, we need to ask you about, uh... this list we found. Are you the one who burned away Agwé's face?
Jemimah: Yes, but he deserved it! After all the centuries' worth of voodoo secrets I confided in him...
Jemimah: ... Agwé decided he didn't want to follow in my footsteps!
Jemimah: I reminded him that the island has had a voodoo practitioner for centuries, and that legend has it that permanent darkness will descend if the chosen one shuns their destiny!
Jemimah: But Agwé just laughed and said he didn't believe in any of it!
Jemimah: So I took that parchment and held his face over a flame! I wanted to erase any trace of his betrayal!
Jack: Let's just hope you didn't take it upon yourself to erase him from this world entirely!

Examine Victim's Chest.
Jack: This hat in Agwé's chest looks a lot like a pirate hat, <Name>...
Jack: Oh, you're right! I know where we've seen this hat before - it belonged to Blackbeard!
Jack: We know Mary Read commandeered Blackbeard's ship after his murder... She must've taken his hat, too!
Jack: But how did Agwé end up with it? We need to ask Mary!

Ask Captain Read how Agwé ended up with Blackbeard's hat.
Jack: Captain Read, can you tell us how Blackbeard's hat ended up in Agwé's possession?
Mary: That Agwé fellow stole the darn thing, that's what happened!
Mary: Just earlier, I was munching on some hardtack when I saw Agwé sneak onto the ship.
Mary: I wondered what he was doing, so I followed him. But then I accidentally knocked over my citronella oil!
Mary: I was so busy cleaning it up that I forgot all about Agwé... until I returned to my cabin and found Blackbeard's hat missing?
Mary: That hat was symbolic of everything I've fought for - to become the world's greatest pirate! The kid's lucky I didn't catch up with him before someone else got to him!
Jack: Let's hope you're telling the truth, Captain Read. Because if you're not, <Name> will find out!

Examine Voodoo Supplies.
Jack: Ewww, is that a dirty bandage you found among those voodoo supplies, <Name>? Why'd you pick that up?
Jack: Right! Janis mentioned the victim had sustained an injury in a fight prior to the murder...
Jack: If you think this bandage might tell us who he fought with, let's send it to Theo. Just don't expect me to touch it!

Analyze Dirty Bandage.
Jack: Theo, what've you got for us on that bandage <Name> sent you? Was it the victim's?
Theo: Yes... I checked with Janis, and it's definitely the one Agwé used to treat the bruise he got in the fight before the murder!
Jack: Great! Did you find anything which might tell us who he fought with?
Theo: Yes, but before I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad!
Jack: Go on...
Theo: I found scales on the victim's bandage! They must have come from Zara!
Jack: So... Zara is the one who gave Agwé that injury?! But she said he wasn't there when she broke into the hut!
Jack: <Name>, I think we need some answers from Zara!

Ask Zara Tien about her fight with the victim.
Jack: Zara, you told us you didn't cross paths with Agwé when you broke into his and the priestess' hut...
Jack: ... but we found evidence that you fought with him! Please tell us you have a good explanation!
(Zara sweats, embarrassed.)
Zara: Alright, I lied! I did bump into Agwé. I explained to him that I couldn't wait any longer, I needed to wake the priestess!
Zara: But he flat out refused. Said that once the priestess heard that I'd tried to interrupt her trance, she'd never cure me!
Zara (crying): I... I'm not proud of it, but I lost my temper and I... I hit him, <Name>!
Jack: You hit a 17-year-old boy?!
Zara (crying): I'm so ashamed! I apologized over and over again, but Agwé wouldn't listen! He said I'd mortally offended the voodoo gods and that I'd be cursed forever!
Jack: We understand this has been a difficult time for you, Zara... but we can't condone assault. We just hope it didn't lead to murder!

Later, on board the ship...
Jack: <Name>, when we found Agwé floating dead in the water, I never thought one of our own would be a suspect!
Jack: Zara lost her temper when Agwé claimed the priestess would refuse to cure her, if he told her about the break-in!
Jack: Zara admits she hit Agwé, but is there a chance she followed him later to finish off the job?
Jack: We also learned that Priestess Mabayo was angry with Agwé for not wanting to follow in her footsteps. But would she have killed him for it?
Jack: And then there's Mary Read, who was furious with the victim for stealing Blackbeard's hat. Could she have killed him to get it back?
Jack: <Name>, we need more clues if we're to get to the bottom of this. Let's return to the scene of the crime!

Investigate Derek's Shop.
Jack: Nice catch, <Name>, that bottle has blood on it!
Jack: Janis said the victim was struck with a glass bottle... so this could be our murder weapon! You'll need a vacuum up some of that bloody sand to be sure!
Jack: And why'd you pick up that rabbit foot?
Jack: Right! We know our killer is superstitious - this rabbit foot must belong to them! Can you collect some of that grass on it?
Jack: Agwé's killer won't elude us for much longer, <Name>. Let's get to work!

Examine Broken Bottle.
Jack: <Name>, let's get that bloody sand you collected from the bottle to Janis. She'll know if the blood is a match for our victim!

Analyze Bloody Sand.
Janis: <Name>, Zara is still inconsolable. She's scared that she's ruined any chance of the priestess curing her!
Jack: All we can hope is that finding whoever killed Agwé will convince the priestess to help us! What've you got on the bloody sand <Name> collected from the bottle?
Janis: Well, I can confirm that the blood is your victim's, which means the bottle is your murder weapon!
Janis: But your victim's blood wasn't the only thing on that sand. I also found minute traces of a second blood type...
Janis: It wasn't enough for me to establish a full DNA profile, but I can tell you one thing: your killer has O+ blood!
Jack: So, our killer has O+ blood, eh? This is a positive development in our investigation, <Name>!

Examine Rabbit Foot.
Jack: We need to get that grass you collected from the killer's rabbit foot to Theo, <Name>, quick!

Analyze Grass.
Jack: Theo, did that grass <Name> found on the killer's rabbit foot give you any leads?
Theo: Well, you'll be surprised to hear that the "grass" you sent me is not actually grass at all...
Theo: ... it was cotton fibers which had been dyed green. In other words, they come from green clothes!
Theo: And since your victim wasn't wearing green, they must've come from your killer!
Jack: Our killer is wearing green, are they? They'll be green about the gills once they realize <Name> is onto them!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: <Name>, you've collected all the evidence to arrest Agwé's killer. Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Mr de la Cruz, you're under arrest for the murder of Agwé! What do you have to say for yourself?
Jorge: Me, murder Agwé?! I wanted him to give me some space, but I didn't kill him!
Jack: Don't lie to us! We know that you struck Agwé on the head with your cognac bottle, killing him before he even hit the water.
Jack: Then you ran away, dropping your lucky rabbit foot in your haste to flee the crime scene!
Jack: But you felt remorse for your actions, didn't you? That's why you buried that voodoo doll of the victim among those reeds, to wish his soul safe passage!
Jorge: You... you must've been gifted with a vision from the voodoo gods to see things so clearly!
Jorge: I confess, I killed Agwé. But I only did it to protect myself!
Jack: What do you mean?
Jorge: I didn't lace that cake with laxatives because I wanted him to leave me alone...
Jorge: I did it because I was scared of what would happen if we spent more time together!
Jorge: I'd started having... feelings... for Agwé. I tried to ignore them, but it was impossible with him following me around!
Jorge: What I didn't realize was that Agwé felt the same way... until he tried to kiss me on the beach!
Jorge: But there's no tolerance for such unnatural acts among pirates, Privateer <Name>! If anyone had found out, they'd have killed the pair of us!
Jack: So your solution was to beat a 17-year-old to death with a bottle?!
Jorge (crying): Violence is all I've ever known. But I didn't mean to kill him, just to scare him off! I... I didn't realize I'd hit him so hard!
Jack: Be that as it may, I'm afraid we have no other option but to place you under arrest and inform your captain of your crimes!

On board the ship...
Jack (with Jorge): Captain Read, we're pleased to report that we've found Agwé's killer.
Mary: Jorge, it was YOU who killed Agwé?!
Mary: How dare you bring the wrath of the gods upon MY ship by committing such a crime!
Jorge: It was a mistake, Captain! I... I was scared of what'd happen if people learned the truth about me and Agwé. Please, don't make me walk the plank!
Mary: I'm not one for judging people's personal lives, Jorge. All that mattered to me was that you were a good crewman.
Mary: But I can't allow you back on my ship! You'll stay on this island for the voodoo gods to punish you as they see fit!

A short while later...
Jack: <Name>, it's heartbreaking to think that a 17-year-old lost his life all because Jorge de la Cruz feared any romance between them would get him killed.
Jack: But now that Captain Read has dealt with him, it's time to turn our attention back to why we originally came here.
Jack: We need to convince Priestess Mabayo to remove that so-called curse from Zara and the treasure!
Jack: And we need to do it fast, because we've gotta get to Tortuga in time to win the auction which'll allow us to put history right!
Jack: Let's get down to work, <Name>!

Sink or Swim (4/5)

(Penelope is seen wearing her privateer uniform throughout the case.)
Penelope Sage: <Name>, I've heard you solved the murder of that poor boy! How sad that a young life was cut short because of a forbidden romance!
Penelope: Clearly, the Age of Sail was not a time for the faint-hearted. Every day here is filled with danger and adventure!
Penelope: Between us, <Name>, I'm rather thrilled to be a part of this! The sun, sea and swashbuckling is inspiring me to write again!
Zara: I'm happy to hear SOMEONE is enjoying all this. I guess it's easy when you're not blue and covered in fish scales!
Penelope: I'm sorry, Zara. I know you're desperate to speak to Priestess Mabayo and find a cure for your condition.
Penelope: But I was wondering if you could spare <Name> to come with me to see Captain Read? I would dearly like to interview her about her life on the high seas, for my book!
Zara: <Name>, if you must take Penelope to Mary Read, please be quick! But then we really must see Priestess Mabayo about lifting this stupid curse!

Ask Priestess Mabayo to lift the curse on Zara.
Jemimah: <Name>, you found my apprentice's killer. You've proven yourself worthy. What is it that you require?
Zara: Priestess, I... I touched one of the coins in Rackham's fabled lost treasure, and... well, you can see for yourself!
Jemimah: By the devil's toadstool! You poor child! Let me take a closer look.
Jemimah: Hmm, I see. You say touching them coins did this to you? I'm not surprised, for Rackham's treasure was cursed by the dark spirits of Damballa-
Zara: But there's a cure, right? Please tell me I don't have to live out the rest of my life looking like this?
Jemimah: Fear not, dear. All you need is the blue flowers of the Midnight Magnolia. Luckily for you, they grow aplenty in the swamp. You just need to fetch a handful.
Jemimah: And Privateer <Name>, for allowing Agwé's spirit to move to the afterworld in peace, and ridding my island of bad mojo, take this payment as well!

Investigate Voodoo Priestess' Hut.
Zara: <Name>, this must be the Midnight Magnolia Priestess Mabayo told us to find! She said we needed the blue flowers, so let's collect some!

Examine Planter.
Zara: <Name>, I really hope these blue flowers are what Priestess Mabayo needs to lift the curse! Better send them to Theo so he can check!

Analyze Blue Flowers.
Zara: Theo, please tell me these flowers can turn me back into an ordinary human!
Theo: You were never ordinary to me, Zara, no matter
Theo: But yes, these are indeed Midnight Magnolia flowers. A fascinating species! Their pollen is one of the most toxic substances I've ever seen!
Zara: Toxic? You mean if this voodoo mumbo-jumbo doesn't work on my skin condition, I won't just stay a fish forever? It can also kill me?
Theo: Don't worry, Zara. I'll run a full toxicology test on whatever concoction Mabayo comes up with. You'll only take it if it's safe.
Theo: But first, you need to see Priestess Mabayo. I have already sent the flowers to her. Good luck!

See if Priestess Mabayo has prepared the cure.
Zara: Priestess Mabayo, are you completely sure that these blue flowers will help me?
Jemimah: Are you doubting me, child? If you don't want me to lift the curse, just say it.
Zara: No, no! Of course I want to be cured! It's just that our... friend thinks these flowers are toxic, and-
Jemimah: They are very powerful indeed. But only a powerful antidote stands a chance against the curse of Damballa.
Jemimah: Anyway, I prepared a powder by mixing the Midnight Magnolia's pollen with ground snake skin and some mangrove oil. Now the mixture needs to dry.
Jemimah: You will find the mixture on a cutting board outside on the deck. Dissolve it in water and drink it - you'll be as beautiful as ever! And have something to eat too to regain your strength!

Investigate Garden.
Zara: <Name>, that cutting board must be the one Mabayo mentioned... which means that substance must be the cure! Let's vacuum it up!

Examine Cutting Board.
Zara: <Name>, Theo said he'd analyze Mabayo's powder before letting me drink it, to make sure it's safe. Let's send it to him!

Analyze Blue Powder.
Theo: <Name>, I've tested the powder Mabayo made to cure Zara, and the results are amazing!
Zara: So you think it will cure me?
Theo: It will, and I can even tell you how! You see, most ancient "curses" have a scientific explanation, and so does that of Rackham's treasure and your mysterious fishiness.
Theo: What happened is that the treasure was buried in an airtight box for centuries... until it was suddenly exposed to salty sea air when we dug it up!
Theo: The result was an instant chemical reaction, similar to oxidation, forming a toxic residue on the gold's surface. Unfortunately this toxin causes a form of skin dystrophy: scales and discoloration.
Theo: In other words, the "curse" was nothing more than a natural reaction triggered by opening the treasure chest. Anyone touching the gold coins would've suffered the same fate!
Zara: That's fascinating, but what about Mabayo's concoction? Is it going to reverse the reaction?
Theo (holding a coin): Yes, the priestess' concoction can neutralize this toxic film. I've already tried it on the coins, and look! They're safe to touch now!
Theo (holding a cup with blue water): The powder is soluble in water, so the easiest way to take it is to drink it. Here, Zara.
(Theo leaves.)
Zara (drinking): SLURP!
Zara (holding a cup): <Name>, it worked! Oh man, I can't tell you how good it feels to be back to normal! Now I'm ready to face everyone again!

Go with Penelope to interview Captain Read.
Mary: Ahoy, Privateer <Name>! It's a cryin' shame that it turned out to be my crewman who done in that boy!
Penelope: A sad story indeed! But we aren't here for Jorge. If you can spare a minute, Captain Mary, it is your wisdom that I seek.
Mary: My wisdom? Miss Penelope, you must have a thousand books in your quarters! You're a learned lady! All I know is swordfights, swashbuckling and drinking rum!
Penelope: But that's exactly what I want to hear about! Tell me: what does it take to be a pirate? To be as fierce and brave as you?
Mary: Well, the most important thing is to never worry what the future might bring! Just hold your course no matter if the wind blows or the waves are high!
Mary: And the best way to learn that is to pick a fight with someone!
Penelope: Pick a fight? You mean... provoke someone for no good reason-
Mary: Forget "reason," just let yourself get carried away! You might take a few punches, but it will be exhilarating! You'll be a new person after that, I promise!

A few moments later...
Penelope: <Name>, do you think I should take Mary's advice and pick a fight with someone?
Penelope (holding a statuette): Hey, I know! I'm going to take this jade statuette from the stall...
Penelope (holding a statuette): ... And smash it to pieces! Mary said not to worry about the consequences!
Penelope (dropping the statuette): ... SMASH!
Penelope: Hey, that wasn't too bad! It actually feels quite-
Derek: Hey, what the heck are you doing?
Penelope (sweating): Oh no! I'm so sorry, sir! Was that statue yours?
Derek: It were one of me most valuable wares! And you smashed it for no reason!
Penelope: I... I will make it up to you, I promise! I'll gather all the pieces and fix them up! You'll never know it was broken!
Derek: You'd better do as you say, lady!
(Derek leaves.)
Penelope: Oh dear, <Name>, I'm shaking! I think Mary was right, this IS exhilarating... Maybe too exhilarating for me. I don't think I like broken things and... angry people.
Penelope: You're right, we'd better pick up the statue pieces from the floor before Derek comes back!

Investigate Skull Island Dock.
Penelope: <Name>, thank you for finding the pieces of the broken statue! Do you think you can help me restore it too?

Examine Jade Pieces.
Penelope: <Name>, now that you've restored Derek's statuette, I'd like to explain myself to him. Will you accompany me?

Help explain Penelope's actions to Derek Trollope.
Derek: Privateer <Name>, thanks for restoring my statuette. I must admit it looks as good as new!
Penelope (sweating): Derek, I apologize again for breaking it. I only did it because... I wanted to know what it felt like to be fearless, like a pirate!
Penelope: You see, I'm writing a book about pirates, so I must learn everything about them!
Derek: You wanted to know about pirates, Miss Penelope? Why didn't you say so?
Derek: Pirates from the four corners of the world come to me stall and tell me all about their adventures!
Derek: Why don't you stay a while and I'll tell you all my best stories? Like when Blackbeard fought a legendary battle against a Portuguese buccaneer who...
Penelope: Really? I'd love to hear more! <Name>, I'll meet you back on the ship, alright?
Derek: Before you go, take this as a memento of your time on the island, Privateer <Name>!

Later, back on the ship...
Penelope: <Name>, I've spent a very inspiring afternoon talking to Derek about pirates!
Penelope: I have enough material for several chapters of my new book!
Zara: And I finally feel like a human again, not a sea creature! Thanks for helping me get rid of that curse, <Name>!
Zara: This also means our gold coins are now safe to touch! We can use the money to place a bid at the Tortuga auction!
Amy: Some much-needed good news! That gold is our best shot at buying the ports and plantations the French king is selling...
Amy: ... before Ammon can snag them for the Egyptian Trading Company, helping the Ptolemys to power and changing history as we know it!
Zara: With any luck, winning that auction will fix the timeline and we'll finally be able to go back to our version of 2029!
Mary: The auction is only a few days away, so we'd better set sail, me hearties!
Mary: Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, we're off to Tortuga!

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