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Maddie O'Malley: Today is the big day, <Name>! It's time to take Lawson down!
Maddie: We'll leave momentarily for the town square, where the mass execution of political prisoners will take place just after sunrise.
Maddie: As agreed in our plan with the resistance, we'll hide in the building opposite the guillotine while they'll take cover under the scaffold.
Maddie: Then, once the prisoners are brought out and Lawson emerges, we'll ambush him and clap him in irons! Concordia will be free once again!
Charles: Maddie, sweetheart, are you positive you wouldn't rather rest here while we carry out the plan? You're due to give birth any day now!
Maddie: Charlie, Lawson plans to execute everyone who opposes his regime! None of those people deserve it, and some of them are our FRIENDS!
Maddie: Until our baby is born, I will do everything in my power to help the cause!
Maddie: And on that note, <Name>, it's time for us to head to the town square and get into position to take Lawson down!

Chapter 1

Investigate Guillotine Platform.
Maddie O'Malley: Egads, <Name>, that's Inspector Jaubert in the guillotine!
Maddie: It looks as if he fought with someone and was thrown into it! The killer didn't even bother to put Jaubert's neck in the stocks!
Maddie: At least the resistance isn't here yet! Hopefully that means they have nothing to do with this!
Maddie: But that also means our plans to ambush him are ruined!
Maddie: And Lawson will be furious his right-hand man's been killed! We'd better solve this before he decides to take these matters - and our lives - into his own hands!
Maddie: At least you've found some clues. Let's piece that torn card back together!
Maddie: And oh, I recognize this device! It's a knitting Nancy, used to braid yarn to make decorative trivets and appliqués.
Maddie: But what kind of deranged person brings a knitting Nancy to a public execution?! Good idea, let's dust it for fingerprints to see whose it is!
Maddie: <Name>, we don't know who murdered Jaubert or why, but we must lose no time in finding answers!

Examine Knitting Nancy.
Maddie: <Name>, let's put these prints in our archives and see who was at the crime scene!

Examine Fingerprints.
Maddie: <Name>, the fingerprints on the knitting Nancy belong to Judge Umbright!
Maddie: Judge Umbright definitely shares Jaubert's emphasis on extreme punishment to deter criminal behavior.
Maddie: But what was the Judge doing at the town square so early before the execution? Let's ask her!

Ask Judge Umbright why she was at the crime scene.
Honorable Umbright: Is it true what I hear, <Rank> <Name>? Inspector Jaubert is dead?! This is an outrage!
Maddie: Yes, we found his body on the guillotine. We also found something of yours. What were you doing there?
Honorable Umbright: I had taken my knitting to do yesterday as I watched the guillotine being installed. What a spectacle to behold!
Honorable Umbright: A spectacle only to be topped by today's execution, if it hadn't been postponed due to the murder!
Honorable Umbright: It must be those terrible resistance people who did this! They are committers of evil criminal acts! Find and arrest them all, <Rank> <Name>!

Maddie: <Name>, I don't agree with her opinions on the resistance, but we should check in with them.
Maddie: They're still at Lady Highmore's house. Let's make sure nobody follows us there!

At Lady Highmore's house...
Highmore: We're all at sixes and sevens here with news of Jaubert's murder!
Maddie: About that, we wondered if the resistance might know something about it.
Highmore: Well, I certainly don't, and I don't have time standing around gabbing, either! I didn't even have time to make my medicinal tea this morning!
Maddie: We need to speak to Giulietta, since she's the leader of the resistance. Do you know where she is?
Highmore: No, but you're welcome to look around, <Rank> <Name>. Please excuse the mess. My home has undergone many changes in adapting to serve the resistance.

Investigate Resistance Headquarters.
Maddie: <Name>, Lady Highmore was right about the changes! Her parlor looks like a makeshift hospital room now!
Maddie: And that wallet has the initials G.C.... you're right, it must be Giulietta Capecchi's! Searching inside might tell us where to find her!
Maddie: And in my experience, locked boxes hold important things... Let's get this one open!

Examine Locked Box.
Maddie: <Name>, there's an armband in this box...
Maddie: It belongs to Lady Highmore! It looks oddly familiar...
Maddie: You're right, it looks exactly like the armband Judge Takakura received when interrogated by the Justice Corps!
Maddie: So Jaubert subjected Lady Highmore to the same treatment?
Maddie: Lady Highmore said nothing about it! Let's speak with her!

Ask Lady Highmore about her Justice Corps interrogation.
Maddie: Lady Highmore, we found this armband. Were you questioned by Jaubert?
Highmore: Oh, that. Yes, Jaubert rightfully suspected me of harboring resistance members, so he sent his stooges to interrogate me.
Maddie: Why didn't you tell us he'd been bothering you?
Highmore: There was nothing to tell. I merely told Jaubert I opened my doors to anyone who needed help in these troubled times.
Highmore: He didn't believe me, but couldn't prove I was lying, so he kept sending his stooges to patrol here, trying to catch resistance members.
Maddie: Lady Highmore, this information would have been appreciated earlier! If you think of anything else, don't hesitate to tell us!

Examine Wallet.
Maddie: <Name>, it appears you found a coaster in Giulietta's wallet from a place called Smokey's Café.
Maddie: It looks like Giulietta has a rendezvous there at ten o'clock.
Maddie: Let's go there and talk to her!

Talk to Giulietta Capecchi about the murder.
Maddie: Giulietta, this morning we found Inspector Jaubert murdered, and-
Giulietta: Shh! Not so loud, <Rank> <Name>! We mustn't be overheard together!
Giulietta: But yes, I know. And his murder ruins all of our plans!
Giulietta: How can we get close to Lawson now? He was unapproachable before, but now he'll be more on his guard than ever!
Maddie: Giulietta, do you have any idea who might have done this?
Giulietta: Well, it's not like Jaubert had many friends, even among the Corps members. My hunch is someone did it to make the resistance look guilty.
Giulietta: This killer truly bungled things for us now! And we're in very real danger!

Examine Torn Card.
Maddie: <Name>, the torn paper you found was an invitation to the execution today. We all got one.
Maddie: But there is more written on this one. It says, "J, welcome to Ravenport."
Maddie: Was "J" meant to be Jaubert? And what is Ravenport?
Maddie: <Name>, Evie can help us puzzle out this message!

Analyze Invitation Card.
Evie: <Name>, I admit I won't mourn Inspector Jaubert. He locked up Katherine! And while the execution is postponed, it still hangs over her!
Maddie: I know, but we must solve Jaubert's murder nonetheless. Did you discover anything about that message written to him?
Evie: The words "welcome to Ravenport" clearly references the town of Ravenport, Mazunda, where a major battle took place in 1780.
Evie: Two armies fought over land. One was led by a famous general who was soundly defeated and then killed. For military historians, "Ravenport" alludes to his ignominious death.
Evie: So whoever wrote the message to Jaubert wanted him to know that his hour of death was at hand?
Evie: Yes, and it demonstrates that your killer has a knowledge of military history.
Maddie: Well, <Name>, our killer will have plenty of time to study history when we've put them in jail!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick: Hello, <Name>! Kind of an ironic turn of events, the murder of a man preparing for an unjust mass execution.
Maddie: I'm afraid the poetry is lost on me. What can you tell us about the science of the situation?
Dick: Well, Jaubert was dense and muscular, so the guillotine didn't chop him in half. But I can say for certain the blade is what killed him.
Maddie: What about all the fight marks? There's no way the guillotine did that!
Dick: Yes, I found significant bruising on your victim's neck and chest. There was definitely a struggle between Jaubert and his killer.
Dick: I can't tell you who started the fight, but the pattern of bruising on the body shows the killer knows how to defend themselves.
Maddie: Well, the killer won't be able to defend themselves against handcuffs when we catch them, <Name>!

Later, on the airship...
Maddie: Well, <Name>, I'm not sure what to make of Inspector Jaubert's murder!
Maddie: Judge Umbright is convinced Jaubert was killed by the resistance.
Maddie: But Giulietta's right: this murder ruins the resistance's plans, and ours too!
Maddie: We were supposed to ambush Lawson before the execution today! Who knows when our next chance to take him down will come?
(The telephone rings.)
Maddie: The mass execution is postponed, but-
Maddie: Oh, just a moment, I'll get that.
Maddie (picking up the telephone): Hello? You have reached the Concordian Flying Squad.
Highmore (on the telephone): Madeline? <Rank> <Name>? I'm afraid I've done something unwise!
Highmore: A Justice Corps Officer came to my house... and I knocked him unconscious!

Chapter 2

Maddie O'Malley: <Name>, I thought today we'd celebrate taking down Lawson, ambushing him at the mass execution...
Maddie: But instead, we're solving the murder of Inspector Jaubert!
Maddie: We found him dead at the guillotine when we went to the town square to prepare for our ambush.
Maddie: Hopefully the resistance isn't responsible for his death... after all, Giulietta is right, the murder upsets their plans, too.
(The telephone rings.)
Maddie: The mass execution is postponed, but-
Maddie: Oh, just a moment, I'll get that.
Maddie (picking up the telephone): Hello? You have reached the Concordian Flying Squad.
Highmore (on the telephone): Madeline? <Rank> <Name>? I'm afraid I've done something unwise!
Highmore: A Justice Corps Officer came to my house... and I knocked him unconscious!
Maddie: You've done what?! We'll hurry right over! Don't do anything until we get there!

At Lady Highmore's...
Highmore: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, thank God you're here! I'm going to need your help explaining my way out of this little escapade!
Maddie: Lady Highmore, what were you thinking, knocking out a Justice Corps Officer?!
Smythe (pointing to his concussion): Exactly! Look what this woman's done to me!
Smythe (with his cap on): I am Officer Smythe with the Justice Corps. I need your help apprehending this woman for assaulting an Officer with a frying pan!
Maddie: Lady Highmore, please explain yourself.
Highmore: I made a terrible mistake! He barged in, and I took him for an intruder! These are troubled times, <Rank> <Name>!
Highmore: Oh, please don't arrest me, officers. I'm just a helpless old woman who tried to defend herself! I never meant any harm!
Maddie: Officer Smythe, this is a dreadful misunderstanding. But we will give Lady Highmore a strict talking-to!
Maddie: And perhaps after that, we can discuss what brings you here and if there's anything we can help you with?
Smythe: Very well, <Rank> <Name>. Report to me as soon as possible.
(Smythe leaves.)
Maddie: Ugh, that was close...
Highmore: Indeed! Thank you for saving me from arrest, <Rank> <Name>!
Highmore: And it was closer than you think! He truly did barge into the house, and nearly discovered the war room I've installed in the wine cellar!
Maddie: You have a war room here? We'll need to see it straight away!

Talk to Officer Smythe.
Smythe (touching his concussion): Oh, my head... Lady Highmore will regret having done that! I hope you talked some sense into her, <Rank> <Name>.
Maddie: Certainly, Officer! Whatever we can do to serve the Corps!
Smythe (with his cap on): Glad to hear it! We need lawful people like you on our side, especially now that Inspector Jaubert is dead.
Smythe: I came to investigate his murder. I know he suspected this house of harboring resistance members. I've got my eye on them...
Maddie: Did you work closely with Inspector Jaubert?
Smythe: The Inspector was my cherished mentor!
Smythe: I was never in the military, but Inspector Jaubert made sure I studied a lot of historical conflicts, and that I knew how to defend myself against riffraff!
Smythe: If it's the last thing I do, I shall avenge him! His murderer will be found and put to death! The Justice Corps will have a bright and glorious future!
Maddie: Yes, Officer Smythe! Justin Lawson will never falter!
Maddie: You should continue your search elsewhere, cover more ground! We'll take care of things here and report to you as soon as we find something!

Maddie: Whew! We managed to convince him we're on his side. Hopefully he'll leave us alone.
Maddie: I can feel this situation making the baby anxious too! The poor thing is practically pacing in my womb!

Investigate Resistance War Room.
Maddie: This wine cellar has been converted into a very impressive war room for the resistance!
Maddie: Anyway, I agree, <Name>, this crate could be hiding something interesting. We ought to search it!
Maddie: And it appears there's an image rubbed away from this page of The New Truth. Let's see what it is!

Examine Crate.
Maddie: <Name>, you found a roll of photographic film in that crate! Let's get it to Charlie for examination!

Analyze Film Roll.
Charles: Hello, <Name>! Maddie, I have some ideas of possible names for the baby...
Charles: The first is "Encrofio"! It sounds adventurous and noble!
Maddie: I'm sorry, Charlie, but just hearing that bizarre name has given me acid reflux...
Charles: How about "Meleteos"? It was the middle name of one of my uncles.
Maddie: Your uncle's name was "Meleteos"? What was he, an insect? What's the next name?
Charles: It's, uh... Never mind. <Name>, you're probably curious to hear about the film roll you found at the resistance headquarters!
Charles: Well, the photos were exclusively of your victim! Your photographer spied on him all over town!
Charles: And in one photo, the camera caught the photographer's reflection in a shop window! And it was one Enzo Jonas!
Maddie: Enzo Jonas? We met him while investigating the baker's murder! He's a key member of the resistance!
Maddie: If Enzo was spying on Jaubert, we must speak with him!

Talk to Enzo Jonas about spying on Jaubert.
Maddie: Enzo, we found proof that you spied on Inspector Jaubert.
Enzo: I did, indeed! If the resistance is to stand a chance against the Justice Corps, we must know our enemy!
Maddie: So did you happen to be watching when Jaubert was murdered?
Enzo: No, but I wish I had been! I'm jealous of whoever got to see him die!
Enzo: Jaubert deserved death! He was Lawson's loyal dog! He made people's lives miserable!
Enzo: If he tried to do anything to me, I would've let him have it! His defeat at my hands would outshine the defeats of history's most formidable generals!
Enzo: But as it is, I only heard of his demise. Oh, well. At least he's dead.

Maddie: <Name>, Enzo is certainly lit with the fire of revolution!
Maddie: Anyway, I agree, we can't slacken our pace. Let's do another sweep of this place!

Investigate Hospital Room Tables.
Maddie: <Name>, what's this medal you found?
Maddie: Oh, you're right! It looks identical to the medal Jaubert always wore!
Maddie: But if the killer dropped it here, does it mean they're part of the resistance?
Maddie: You're right, we know the Justice Corps also come here. We can't rule out that one of them wanted to frame the resistance.
Maddie: Collecting a sample of that greasy substance on the medal is sure to tell us something about the killer either way!
Maddie: And I agree, it's also worth putting that torn cloth back together!

Examine Victim's Medal.
Maddie: Excellent, <Name>! Viola should be able to tell us more about this grease sample the killer left on Jaubert's medal!

Analyze Greasy Substance.
Maddie: Viola, have you identified the greasy substance the killer smeared on the victim's medal?
Viola: Well, at first I suspected it was some kind of sausage, but the presence of gelatin gave me pause...
Viola: Then I realized what your sample was: a canned pork product that was recently released in Concordia!
Maddie: Canned goods keep a long time, and are very practical in troubled times like these.
Maddie: The killer must have had canned pork in their hands when they tousled with Jaubert and tore the medal from his coat!
Maddie: So the killer eats canned pork! <Name>, this evidence puts us one step closer to canning THEM!

Examine Torn Cloth.
Maddie: <Name>, this is an adorably tacky sweater-vest!
Maddie: And you're right, that's Judge Umbright and Inspector Jaubert, surrounded by floating hearts!
Maddie: We previously learned of Umbright's passion for knitting...
Maddie: But it appears Judge Umbright also had a passion for our victim! We must talk to her at once!

Talk to Judge Umbright about the sweater-vest.
Maddie: Judge Umbright, when we first talked, you failed to mention you were romantically attached to Inspector Jaubert.
Honorable Umbright: Well, what business was it of yours?
Honorable Umbright: But I admired Jaubert greatly, it's true.
Honorable Umbright: We shared so much when it came to moral views and how to enforce them. Together we would have been the model Justice Corps couple!
Honorable Umbright: I made him that sweater-vest and gave it to him when we were strolling through the Highmore manor, trying to catch the resistance.
Honorable Umbright: It was a beautiful moment... until Jaubert destroyed my gift before my eyes! He said he was married to justice and didn't want me!
Honorable Umbright: Jaubert spurned me! But I was determined to win him over! He should've known I'm not a woman who gives up easily!
Maddie: Well, if your romantic passion pushed you to violence, Judge Umbright, you'll be the one judged next!

Examine Newspaper.
Maddie: <Name>, that drawing on the newspaper is of Giulietta!
Maddie: And her mobster Vittorio is next to her, with text saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
Maddie: So the regime's propaganda paper ran a front-page feature on how Giulietta was as bad as her criminal father?
Maddie: You're right, <Name>, this must have been the Justice Corps' doing. We'd better ask Giulietta about this!

Ask Giulietta Capecchi about the caricature in The New Truth.
Maddie: Giulietta, we found this illustration of you and your father in the newsp-
Giulietta: Get that out of my sight, <Rank> <Name>! It's like that rat Jaubert harasses me even after he's dead!
Maddie: Jaubert was the one who published this?
Giulietta: Ever since he was put in charge of the Justice Corps months ago, he'd waged a campaign to make me look like Attila the Hun!
Giulietta: He couldn't believe that the daughter of a mobster couldn't be anything but a criminal herself. So he hounded me, waiting for a reason to do me in!
Giulietta: But I couldn't defend myself against such cowardly accusations! And of course, punching Jaubert in the face would only have given him a reason to lock me up!
Giulietta: Instead, I quietly started the resistance. I wanted to show Jaubert that I wasn't some petty criminal, that I fight for justice!
Giulietta: Of course, he'll never see that now! Someone killed him before the resistance could have overthrown the regime!

Later, at Lady Highmore's manor...
Maddie: It troubles me, <Name>, that most of the investigation into Jaubert's murder has kept us here in the resistance headquarters.
Maddie: I don't like suspecting them. These people are on our side!
Maddie: But of course, neither Giulietta nor Enzo pretend they had any affection for Jaubert.
Maddie: Then again, we've also found unexpected visitors to the resistance headquarters... like Officer Smythe and Judge Umbright, sniffing for evidence of wrongdoing.
Maddie: And Umbright burned with passion for Inspector Jaubert... only to be spurned!
Maddie: Would that make her angry enough to kill? I agree, we can't know until-
Maddie (holding her belly): Ah! Ouch! Ooh, <Name>, there's a pain - I...
Maddie: Sorry, <Name>, I've been feeling it on and off all day, but-
Maddie (holding her belly): Argh! This one is even worse!
Maddie (holding her belly): Oh, no... <Name>, I think... I think I'm about to give birth!

Chapter 3

Maddie O'Malley: <Name>, we'd set out this morning to ambush Lawson, but instead we found Inspector Jaubert murdered!
Maddie: It's troubling that most of our investigation has taken place here in the resistance headquarters, given they're on our side.
Maddie: On the other hand, they make convenient scapegoats if the killer is not actually one of them.
Maddie: I agree, it's a conundrum we can't solve until-
Maddie (holding her belly): Ah! Ouch! Ooh, <Name>, there's a pain - I...
Maddie: Sorry, <Name>, I've been feeling it on and off all day, but-
Maddie (holding her belly): Oh, no... <Name>, I think... I think I'm about to give birth!
Highmore: Madeline, my dear! I heard you from down the hall! We need to get you to the hospital!
Maddie (holding her belly): I don't think I have time for that! The baby's coming RIGHT NOW!
Highmore: Alright! Go lie down on one of the beds! I'll call your husband!

Soon after, outside the makeshift hospital room...
Charles: <Name>, I wish I could be with Maddie right now! She sounded in so much pain! But they pushed me out the room!
(Maddie screams in pain.)
Charles: I hope Lady Highmore knows what she's doing. She's not a qualified midwife, whatever she says about "having seen things, young man!"
Charles: <Name>, I'm going to be a dad! Am I even ready for that?
(The baby starts crying.)
Charles: Are either of us ready for that? Is ANYONE ever-
Charles: Oh my God, <Name>, is that a baby crying? That's it, we're going to see Maddie right now!

Moments later...
(Maddie is seen without a hat on, with her hair a bit loose, and cradling a baby in her arms.)
Maddie: Charlie, <Name>, meet George Dupont!
Charles: Maddie, I... I have no words! He's beautiful!
Maddie: He is! I can't believe he's finally here! Charlie, it's our son!
Charles: Maddie, I love you. This is the most wonderful day of my entire life.
(Charles and Maddie kiss each other.)
Charles: And thank you, everyone, for all your help.
Isaac: I heard the news and rushed here! Congratulations, you two! And I'm enchanted to meet you, George Dupont!
Isaac: <Name>, unfortunately there's no time for festivities. If we don't catch your killer soon, Lawson will have our heads! I've come to help you continue the investigation!
Highmore: About that... Remember how Officer Smythe was here recently? I forgot to tell you he dropped his briefcase. I hid it in the war room...
Isaac: Did you, indeed? Then, <Name>, we should take another look around the war room!

Investigate Wine Shelves.
Isaac: <Name>, this must be the briefcase belonging to Officer Smythe that Lady Highmore mentioned! We'd better open it to take a look inside!
Isaac: This here appears to be a plaque, but there's something covering most of it. Perhaps cleaning it off will help us learn what it is.
Isaac: And let's reassemble this broken panel!
Isaac: <Name>, we have no time to dally! Lawson will have our heads if we don't solve this murder fast!

Examine Wooden Pieces.
Isaac: <Name>, this diagram looks familiar...
Isaac: You're right, it's a copy of the plan we made with the resistance to ambush Lawson at the execution!
Isaac: But this version has a skull drawn next to Lawson's position on the map! And Enzo Jonas is assigned to deliver a deadly strike!
Isaac: Did Enzo modify our scheme and decide to kill Lawson without telling us?!
Isaac: Who knows what else this young rebel is hiding about our investigation? He definitely owes us answers!

Confront Enzo Jonas about changing our ambush.
Isaac: Enzo, we found your modified plan! You wanted to assassinate Lawson?!
Enzo: Uh, you weren't supposed to find out until the deed was done!
Enzo: But yes, from the start I was against the plan to arrest him! Lawson deserves death!
Enzo; It won't be enough to shut him in prison; he's too dangerous!
Isaac: You can't enact vigilante justice! Our aim is to FIX the system, not break it further!
Enzo: I knew you'd say that, so I didn't tell you. I didn't tell Giulietta, either. You were all set on arresting him.
Enzo: Last night, after Giulietta and I had finished our dinner of canned pork, I stayed awake and drew up my plan.
Isaac: So what about Jaubert? Did he get wind of your plan? Or did he merely get in your way, and you ruthlessly removed that obstacle?
Enzo: No, he knew nothing! I already told you, I never saw him.
Isaac: Well, you're hard to trust now that you've gone behind our backs! You'll regret it if we find you committed this murder!

Examine Plaque.
Isaac: <Name>, now that you've cleaned all the green material, we can see this is clearly a funeral plaque...
Isaac: And the text reads, "Here rots Inspector Jaubert. May he rest in torment." Someone threatened Jaubert with death and torment!
Isaac: So someone in the resistance either rejoiced in Jaubert's death, or outright threatened him with it!
Isaac: Maybe the dry substance you collected will help us discover who made the plaque!

Examine Dry Substance.
Isaac: The dry substance you collected from the funeral plaque is a blend of dried hawthorn, cardamom, saffron, and milk thistle... common ingredients in medicinal teas!
Isaac: You say Lady Highmore mentioned earlier that she was taking such a tea?
Isaac: Does that mean Lady Highmore made this funeral plaque wishing torment on Jaubert?
Isaac: <Name>, I believe it's time to have another discussion with Lady Highmore!

Ask Lady Highmore about Jaubert's funeral plaque.
Isaac: Lady Highmore, why did you make this funeral plaque wishing eternal torment on Inspector Jaubert?
Highmore: Oh, you found that!
Highmore: The truth is, I had that made in response to the treatment I got during my interrogation at Jaubert's hands!
Isaac: So you created this funeral plaque when he was still alive? But earlier you told us the interrogation hadn't troubled you!
Highmore: Yes, but it's demeaning to tolerate manhandling from such an absurd little man! We Highmores are taught self-defense from an early age, and we take no guff!
Highmore: History shows that if you bow to an aggressor, their aggression grows; their thirst for power increases.
Highmore: It's bad enough this nonsensical regime has reduced me to eating canned pork! I planned to show that ninny I wouldn't be bullied!
Isaac: Well, hopefully your outraged dignity didn't lead you to murder!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Isaac: <Name>, Officer Smythe's briefcase is full of inspection reports!
Isaac: It would be good to keep an eye on what Officer Smythe and the Justice Corps know.
Isaac: Let's get these notes to Evie for analysis!

Analyze Inspection Reports.
Isaac: Evie, what can you tell us about Officer Smythe's reports?
Evie: I feel dirty after handling this many Justice Corps documents. It's all "Lawson is great" this, and "justice before all" that!
Evie: Anyway, Officer Smythe had tried to dig into the resistance, but he doesn't seem to know much.
Evie: More important are Jaubert's notes on his reports! They are elaborate and nasty!
Evie: On one, he wrote, "I'll suggest we test the guillotine on you before the execution - you're clearly not using your head!"
Isaac: That doesn't sound like a good mentor-apprentice relationship! Let's talk to Officer Smythe about this!

Ask Officer Smythe about his relationship with the victim.
Isaac: Officer Smythe, you told us you had a great relationship with Inspector Jaubert, but we learned he treated you like rubbish!
Smythe: Well, a respectful Officer never complains! I had to absorb his feedback and learn from my mistakes.
Smythe: But it's true the Inspector taught with a heavy hand, and it was difficult to withstand sometimes.
Smythe: It seemed my apprenticeship under the Inspector would never end! Nothing I did was ever good enough, and he never trusted me to do anything myself!
Smythe: I once interrupted him while he spoke to Judge Umbright, and he took her canned pork and threw it at me!
Smythe: Forgive me for saying so of a superior officer, but it's a relief he's gone.

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: Well, <Name>, I hope Madeline, Charlie, and baby George are getting a chance to rest after the birth!
Isaac: Meanwhile, we must race to solve Jaubert's murder before Lawson makes us guillotine fodder!
Isaac: We've learned that Enzo planned to assassinate Lawson. So who's to say he didn't kill Jaubert?
Isaac: Even Jaubert's own underling disliked him.
Isaac: I sense we're close, but we still lack enough information to close the case!
Isaac: You're right, <Name>, we must reexamine the crime scene!

Investigate Town Square Shops.
Isaac: <Name>, this canned pork has blood on it!
Isaac: We know our killer eats canned pork. The blood could very well be our victim's! Let's take a sample!
Isaac: And that trash can could hold a clue! Let's search it!

Examine Trash Can.
Isaac: <Name>, you found a glove in the trash bin? I admit I don't see the significance...
Isaac: Oh, you're saying the glove resembles what Jaubert used to wear? And he was missing one glove when his body was found?
Isaac: We have no time for cogitation! Viola can tell us whether this glove is his!

Analyze Glove.
Viola: Well, <Name>, you'll be glad to know the glove indeed belonged to your victim! The sweat I found inside proves it!
Isaac: Excellent! What more can you tell us?
Viola: I ran a series of tests and discovered a solution on the glove which contained witch hazel, camphor, and arnica.
Viola: In other words, the glove was stained with ingredients common in salves for healing bruises!
Viola: I checked with Dick, and your victim didn't have any solution of the sort on his body.
Viola: I would say you're looking for a killer with a bruise.
Isaac: Our killer has bruises! <Name>, it remains to be seen if their conscience is similarly battered!

Examine Canned Pork.
Isaac: Excellent, <Name>, now let's take this blood sample from the pork can to Viola for testing!

Analyze Blood.
Viola: O God! That one might read the book of fate, and see the revolution of the times.
Isaac: Yes, Viola, these times are indeed worringly unpredictable... but you'll help by shedding light on the blood we found on the can of pork.
Viola: The blood indeed belonged to your victim!
Isaac: So the can was definitely left on the crime scene by our killer!
Viola: Yes, and I managed to isolate some skin cells in the sample that didn't belong to your victim...
Viola: From those skin cells, I learned that your killer is female!
Isaac: You heard her, <Name>, we're on the lookout for a femme fatale!

After completing all the tasks...
Isaac: <Name>, we must remain on Lawson's good graces, at least until we can formulate a new plan to take him down!
Isaac: To do that, we must now arrest Jaubert's killer! Let's go to it!

Take care of the killer now!
Isaac: Giulietta Capecchi, you're under arrest for the murder of Inspector Jaubert!
Isaac: How could you? You told us you were better than this! You said you didn't want to be your father's daughter!
Giulietta: Of course I don't! Has the Justice Corps finally brainwashed you too?
Isaac: Certainly not, but you dropped Inspector Jaubert's blood-stained medal here at the resistance headquarters! With traces of your food on it!
Giulietta: Surely you don't think I'd bring evidence against me right to our doorstep!
Isaac: Well, some evidence you can't escape... Like that bruise on your face. Did you get it in a fight with Inspector Jaubert?
Giulietta: You think a resistance leader can get through life without some fights? It doesn't mean I'm a murderer!
Isaac: No, but you did plan the murder like a military campaign! We found your threat to the Inspector!
Giulietta: I was just venting my frustration when I wrote that! I never meant for him to see it.
(Giulietta stands, speechless and desperate.)
Giulietta: Fine, yes! I did kill Jaubert! But I swear it was an accident!
Giulietta: I intended to go forward with our plan to arrest Lawson. I went early to prepare, but then Jaubert showed up, and he saw us- I mean, saw me-
Isaac: Wait, "us"? You weren't alone during the murder?
Enzo: No, she wasn't! And if you want to arrest her, you'll have to arrest me too!
Giulietta: Enzo, what are you doing? Don't implicate yourself, you can go free!
Enzo: I'm not leaving you! <Rank> <Name>, I was there too! I helped Giulietta cover up the murder!
Isaac: Well, this just keeps getting better! What happened, exactly?
Giulietta: As I said, Jaubert attacked me. We fought, and I pushed him into the guillotine...
Giulietta (crying): Then the rope slipped, and the blade cut him in two! It was awful!
Giulietta (crying): I nearly lost my mind, but Enzo helped me escape!
Enzo: I wasn't sorry to see that pig die, but Giulietta was beside herself. She never meant to kill him!
Enzo: And if anyone found out, she'd be added to the mass execution!
Giulietta (crying): I know I must face justice for my crime, but I didn't want to die, <Rank> <Name>! I'm sorry I lied to you!
Isaac: <Name>, it's true that if we tell anyone it was Giulietta, she'll be executed for what seems to be an accident.
Isaac: But what should we do? She is a killer and innocent at once! We can't condemn her to death, but what-
Charles: <Name>, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is beyond urgent!
Charles: Our entire team has been arrested! Lawson's goons stormed the airship and rounded them up!
Isaac: What?!
Enzo: <Rank> <Name>, can we do anything to help?
Isaac: No! If Lawson's coming after us, there's no hope for you! Run, now! We'll deal with you later... if we survive this!
Isaac: And Charlie, tell us exactly what happened to our team!

Final Judgment (5/6)

Charles Dupont: <Name>, they came and they took them! Maddie and the baby! They're all gone!
Isaac: Slow down! What happened?
Dick: Foot soldiers from the Justice Corps showed up at the airship!
Dick: They said Officer Smythe reported we were hiding something from him during the investigation...
Dick: ...which led them to conclude that our team was sympathetic to the resistance! Only Charlie and I escaped!
Isaac: How did you and Charlie manage to avoid capture?
Charles: We heard them from the next room, and we laid under sheets in the morgue like dead bodies.
Charles: I didn't want to, but Dick convinced me I had to avoid capture in order to save Maddie and the baby!
Charles (crying): I should have helped them! Oh God, I could hear her screaming, the baby crying!
Isaac: Was anyone hurt?
Dick: We heard them knock someone out. I think it was Viola.
Dick: Whatever else we do, we can't go back to the airship! They'll hunt for us there!
Isaac: Oh, God, what fresh horror has befallen us? Do we know where they were taken?
Charles: The goons said our team will be held in a dungeon under the town square...
Charles: ...and they'll be executed with the other dissidents tomorrow at dawn!
Isaac: What?! Our team, to be executed tomorrow? We must stop this!
Highmore: <Rank> <Name>, I heard what happened!
Highmore: I may be able to help you plan a rescue! We need to talk!

Talk to Lady Highmore.
Charles: Lady Highmore, they arrested my wife and son! We need to get them back!
Highmore: Yes, this is terrible news. But you can only help them by staying strong.
Isaac: Forgive us for not seeing the bright side. Our team members are being kept in a dungeon under the town square, awaiting execution.
Highmore: This is precisely why I came! My great-grandfather was the architect who designed that dungeon!
Highmore: He gave it a nickname like "The Cave," or something... I'm almost positive there's a model he built of the place somewhere in the cellar!
Dick: That could be helpful! But that's not all. One of our teammates took a blow to the head. We'll need to prepare for other possible injuries too.
Dick: I'll need a pain reliever to concoct a safe concussion remedy!
Highmore: There should be adequate medicinal supplies for that here! I'll show <Rank> <Name> everything, if Bontemps would like to search the cellar!
Charles: And please hurry! Here, <Name>, take all our resources! I'll do everything I can to help!

Investigate Resistance Headquarters.
Highmore: <Rank> <Name>, this is my trunk of medicinal supplies! Let's search it!

Examine Trunk.
Highmore: <Rank> <Name>, it appears there's only one vial left in the trunk! Recovering the label will tell us if it's what we need!

Examine Vial.
Highmore: <Name>, this is acetaminophen! It's a pain reliever, which is exactly what Richard needs to make a remedy!
Highmore: Let's get this vial to him at once!

Analyze Acetaminophen.
Dick: <Name>, I've done my best with the supplies I took from the airship after the team's arrest...
Dick: ...and the acetaminophen has done the trick! I made the remedy!
Dick: This remedy should be safe for Viola's concussion, as well as any other injuries our team may have sustained!
Highmore: That's excellent news, Richard!
Highmore: Miss Pemberton is the only one capable of tending to Madeline and the baby's needs in captivity. With her injured, the new mother and child are in that much more danger!
Dick: Now that we've got the remedy, we'll be ready to treat Viola or Maddie, if necessary!

Investigate Resistance War Room.
Isaac: <Name>, what a dark day! I can't imagine how our team feels, locked away to await execution!
Isaac: You're right, we must remain focused. This appears to be a model of the dungeon, but is this the model by Lady Highmore's great-grandfather?
Isaac: This is a plaque with markings, but they're worn. Let's decipher them!

Examine Dungeon Model.
Isaac: <Name>, the plaque on the dungeon model says "The Grotto."
Isaac: "Grotto" is another word for cave! This must be the nickname Lady Highmore was trying to remember! That means this is the dungeon where our teammates are being kept!
Isaac: We'll need Charlie to examine it for a way in. Hopefully, he'll be able to concentrate despite his fear for Maddie and baby George!

Analyze Dungeon Model.
Charles: <Name>, we can't lose a second of time! The lives of my wife and son are at stake!
Charles: I examined the dungeon's floor plan in this model, and I believe our team is behind the reinforced door in this room!
Isaac: Excellent, so we know where to find them!
Charles: Not so fast, Bontemps. This enclosure is underground. The only entrance is through the door at the top of the staircase!
Charles: We must find a way to get through that door, and we'll need a key to enter the cell!
Isaac: Where are we going to get a key?! It's not as if it's just lying about!
Charles: No, but I know who we can ask! Remember Evie's brother Nicholas? He's an architect who helped us during the World Exhibition!
Charles: I've discreetly called him here. He should arrive any minute to help formulate a plan! Please go talk to him!

Talk to Nicholas Holloway about the dungeon.
Isaac: Nicholas, thank you for taking the risk to come see us! The Justice Corps are hunting for us everywhere!
Nicholas: Are you kidding? That's my baby sister in there, <Rank> <Name>! I'll help any way I can, even if it means my arrest too!
Isaac: Hopefully it won't come to that. But our team is locked in the dungeon under the town square, and we need a way to get in.
Nicholas: THAT'S where the team is being held?! It's impenetrable!
Isaac: Well, we've already made some headway. We've found the dungeon model here, because Lady Highmore's great-grandfather was the architect behind it.
Nicholas: Oh, God, yes! How could I be so stupid? Of course, we're in the house of architect Radcliff Highmore!
Nicholas: Highmore was famous for building special locks on the dungeon. When construction was finished, he was required to hand over the skeleton key...
Nicholas: But he was notoriously paranoid, and rumor has it he kept a copy for himself. The key might be hidden somewhere in this house!
Isaac: This gives us hope! <Name>, let us search this cellar again! And we must also nourish ourselves to avoid passing out from stress!

Investigate Wine Shelves.
Isaac: <Name>, why did you pick up this old clock?
Isaac: Oh, I see! There's a lock on the back! This could be Radcliff Highmore's hiding place for the dungeon key!
Isaac: We must unlock it at once!

Examine Locked Clock.
Isaac: <Name>, a key was hidden inside this lock!
Isaac: And the key fob says, "The Grotto"! Nicholas said it was the skeleton key, which should open all the dungeon doors!
Isaac: <Name>, this key gives us a real chance to rescue our team! We'll need to reconvene with the others and see what we do next!

Moments later...
Charles: <Name>, the time has come to rescue Maddie and the rest of the team from the clutches of the Justice Corps!
Dick: We've got medicine for Viola's concussion, and for anyone else who might be injured...
Isaac: And we've got the dungeon layout and key!
Isaac: But the question remains, what do we do? We can't just stroll in there; there will certainly be a guard at the door!
Dick: True, but I heard George Blanton has become a prison guard for the Justice Corps.
Dick: Blanton has always admired you, Bontemps. We can lie in wait until he begins his shift, and you can sweet-talk us into the dungeon!
Isaac: It's still highly risky! If he already knows the Flying Squad was arrested, he'll sound the alarm, and we'll be locked up with them!
Dick: Yes, but it's our only chance!
Charles: Okay, <Name>, Dick, Bontemps - let's go get into position!

Hours later, in the town square...
Dick: <Name>, I'm starting to wonder how much longer we have to wait here. What if Blanton doesn't have guard duty tonight?
Charles: Maddie and the others only have until dawn before they're executed!
Isaac: Lower your voices! Here he comes now. Okay, <Name>, let's go talk to him! The rest of you, stay hidden!

Convince Officer Blanton to let us into the dungeon.
Isaac: Officer Blanton! Fellow implementor of justice! We've come on official business.
George: Oh, Detective Bontemps! What an honor to see you!
Isaac: Yes, Officer Blanton, what an honor to see you too. Still fighting against crime and chaos, I see!
Isaac: That's why we're here, too. We've come because Mayor Lawson ordered us to move the dissidents to an alternate confinement!
George: He did, did he? Strange, I didn't hear anything about it! Rumor has it he's angry with the Flying Squad for something.
Isaac: How preposterous! But of course, with the Inspector's murder and all, the Corps administration is in shambles!
Isaac: We were only just given word of the assignment ourselves, and we hurried over!
George: I should say you were in a hurry! You're not even wearing the right uniform!
Isaac: Indeed. You don't happen to have an extra uniform, would you? These prisoners could use a reminder of who's in charge!
George: I do have a couple of extra uniforms, actually. Here they are. Will you require my assistance?
Isaac: That won't be necessary, Officer, thank you. We were told to give you the rest of the night off! Enjoy!

Isaac: Oh, thank God that worked!
Dick: <Name>, you and Charlie put these uniforms on, and if anyone sees us, you'll say we're your prisoners!
Charles: Maddie and George, I'm coming to save you!

In the dungeon...
(George is crying.)
Charles: If my analysis of the model is correct, the team should be-
Charles: <Name>, I can hear George crying! Quick, we've got to get this door open!

Moments later, in the cell...
(Every prisoner except George appears to have dirt on their face and bodies and have their clothes a bit damaged as well.)
Maddie: Charlie! <Name>! My God, it's so good to see you! I was so scared!
Charles: Maddie, I'm so glad you and George are all right! How are the others?
Dick (holding a bruised and unconscious Viola): <Name>, Viola is still unconscious. I'll give her the remedy we made!
Chief Wright: Thank God you made it, <Rank> <Name>!
Evie: <Name>, you won't believe it! We were put in the same cell as Katherine!
Katherine: Yes, everyone who was going to be executed was kept here. And now we're free!
Rockley, Mildred, and an unnamed prisoner: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! You saved our lives!
Rose: Don't think I'm not grateful to you, <Name>, because I am, truly! But we must hurry out of here!
Isaac: Agreed! We must flee before the Justice Corps realizes what we've done!

Soon after, in the town square...
Evie: Oh, God, we're really free! I could cry from happiness!
Rose: No time to cry now! The Justice Corps will surely be hunting for us!
Rose: We've got to get out of here. But we can't all stay in a large group! We need to split up and reconvene at Lady Highmore's!
Charles: Perfect! Maddie, darling, you and the baby will be safe there!
Maddie: What about you? Aren't you coming with us?
Charles: Of course I am! I just... I really need to get to the airship first.
Maddie: What?! But that's exactly where Lawson's goons will be waiting for us!
Charles: Believe me, darling, I wouldn't leave you and your son unless it was really important!
Isaac: This is madness! At least, let me come with you! We'll have safety in numbers!
Maddie: Yes, take Bontemps with you! And please... be careful.
Isaac: We will be! <Name>, let's meet at Highmore's in half an hour! Godspeed!


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