Bernie Silverman was the victim in Death at a Funeral (Case #26 of Supernatural Investigations).


Bernie was a businessman who had brown eyes, slight wrinkles, short wavy black hair and a bushy mustache. He wore a black jacket over a white shirt with a black tie. He also wore black pants and black shoes. It is known that Bernie ate cherry pie and used Buzzer.

Murder details

Bernie's body was found at businessman Larry Zarus' funeral. Ben determined from the greenish tint to his skin that Bernie was poisoned. After examining the crumbs under Bernie's fingernails, Ben determined that the murder weapon was a black cherry pie laced with ethylene glycol, aka antifreeze. Ben also found hay fever medication under Bernie's nails. Since Bernie did not suffer from allergies, Ben concluded that the killer had hay fever.

Later, Luke and the player found the killer's bottle of antifreeze at the church. After they dispatched a white substance from the bottle to Priya, she determined that the substance was lens cleaner. This led Priya to conclude that the killer wore glasses.

Relationship with suspects

Bernie had a good relationship with Marilyn Bullock, his next-door neighbor. However, Marilyn ended up baking the cherry pie that had been used to kill Bernie. He had discovered that his daughter, college student Vicki Silverman, had been flunking her masters. His disappointment in her was exacerbated by the fact that she had been valedictorian in high school. Furious with her, he broke her valedictorian medal. Bernie's business partner, Larry, had been having an affair with Bernie's wife, Clarissa Silverman. After Larry's death, Bernie had discovered that Larry's brother, Jonathan Zarus, had gone on a spending spree with Larry's company credit card. Bernie threatened to call the cops on Jonathan if he did not return Larry's card. Bernie had also discovered that funeral director Beauregard Lomax had been reusing coffins for each burial.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Vicki.

Pressured by her father's expectations of her, Vicki decided to kill both Bernie and Larry in order to take over their company and prove that she was worth more than a receptionist as her father had made her out to be. She then cut the brakes on her father's car before, causing the accident that supposedly killed Larry. With Bernie surviving the crash however, Vicki then convinced Marilyn to bake a cherry pie for the funeral. She then slipped poison into the pie in order to finish the job. The team then handed her over to the authorities.


  • Bernie's death at the hands of his daughter is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Supernatural Investigations.

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