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Isaac Bontemps: Well, <Name>, here we are about to attend Mr Alastor's last party of the season, and we aren't any closer to revealing his true identity.
Isaac: Yes, I too believed we'd uncovered the sneaky chap at his last shindig.
Isaac: But that pompous George Buchanan was only pretending to be Mr Alastor to give himself more consequence.
Isaac: What we do know is that Mr Alastor's been throwing lavish soirées to bring people who have violent grudges together. Resulting in five murders in as many parties!
Isaac: We also know that each of the victims had somehow wronged Giulietta Capecchi, a mobster's daughter.
Isaac: She has to be behind this somehow. But how can we prove it?
Isaac: One thing is clear: tonight's party, to which we've been invited by Mr Alastor himself, is our last chance to find the answers we seek!
Isaac: <Name>, we must have all our wits about us if we're to finally put this miscreant behind bars. Off we go!

At the party...
Isaac: <Name>, it looks like Alastor's really gone all out for his last party!
Isaac: From the looks of these guests, the champagne's been flowing for a whi...
(Water splashes on Isaac.)
Isaac: Arghhh...!
Isaac: My suit!
Isaac: <Name>, some halfwit reveler has fallen in the swimming pool and now I'm completely soaked!
Isaac: What's that? You think you saw blood on the man who fell in?
Isaac: We should take a closer look at the swimming pool at once!

Chapter 1

Investigate Swimming Pool.
Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, that man is most definitely dead!
Isaac: And by the look of those gashes on his belly, he's been stabbed.
Isaac: But... you're right! This fellow is none other than George Buchanan!
Isaac: If we needed any further proof that Buchanan wasn't Alastor. I suppose we now have it!
Isaac: I see this bowl of patisserie has piqued your interest, and not just for the delectable sweets it holds. An unusual clue to be sure, but let's take a quick look inside!
Isaac: <Name>, let us embark on our murder investigation... I am positive it will be the key to finally uncovering the real Mr Alastor!

Examine Bowl of Sweets.
Isaac: What an ostentatious piece of jewelry you found among the cakes, <Name>! I'd have thought Mr Alastor's guests would have had better taste.
Isaac: But say, that monogram on the head of the ring looks familiar...
Isaac: I've got it! These letters are the so-caled monogram adopted by our resident gangster, Vittorio Capecchi!
Isaac: The last time we saw him was when his poor daughter Lucrezia was unceremoniously thrown off a lighthouse. Of course, we also know his other daughter, Giulietta, rather well.
Isaac: I agree, <Name>, we ought to return this ring to Capecchi and see if he can give us any useful information.

Talk to Vittorio Capecchi about the murder.
Vittorio: Ah, you found my precious ring, <Rank> <Name>! Grazie mille. It's a family heirloom.
Isaac: Signor Cappechi, a guest at this party was brutally murdered this evening. A Mr George Buchanan.
Vittorio: What? Signor Buchanan... dead?
Vittorio: Oh, he was a dear friend.
Vittorio: I was only speaking to dear Georgie Porgie earlier. My ring must have fallen off my finger then. I've been on a diet... can't you tell, officers?
Isaac: How did you end up being so close to such an illustrious media magnate?
Vittorio: Eh well, I've got many many friends in many high places. That's what going up in the world is all about, capisce?
Isaac: So you had nothing to do with his death?
Vittorio: Me? No-no-no-no-no... Why would I kill him? He was a dear, dear friend.

Isaac: Hmm, <Name>, I trust Capecchi about as far as I can throw him. Let's keep an eye on the fellow.
Isaac: And you're right, it's high time we headed into the mansion. No doubt our killer also went there!
Isaac: My suit's finally dried, so I shan't embarrass myself by squelching all over the grand hall.

Investigate Grand Hall.
Isaac: <Name>, there's something written on the leather tag holding the bunch of keys you found, but it's hard to read.
Isaac: If you can discern the words, they might lead us to another suspect!
Isaac: And you believe this gold cabinet looks intriguing? Well, it won't hurt to take a quick peek inside... That's if you can crack that lock, <Name>!

Examine Gold Cabinet. 
Isaac: This sword hidden in the gold cabinet is veritably awash with blood!
Isaac: If this isn't the weapon used to kill Buchanan, I'll eat my hat! Let's see what Rose has to say.

Analyze Bloody Blade.
Isaac: Rose, what can you tell us about the bloody blade we found inside the cabinet?
Rose: Well. to begin with, Viola confirmed that the blood on the blade matches our victim's. <Name>, you've found your murder weapon!
Rose: Secondly, this is no sword... It's a champagne saber! People with too much money on their hands use it to literally crack open a bottle of champagne.
Isaac: Ah yes, I've seen it. Quite spectacular, really!
Rose: And that's not all. I also noticed some powder on the saber handle, and I didn't need Viola to tell that it's the kind of chalk used in billiards.
Isaac: So our murderer plays billiards. Well, <Name>, their gaming days are numbered!

Examine Keys.
Isaac: The leather tag reads "Property of Mr Wentworth."
Isaac: Wentworth... That's the name of the Rochesters' valet! You're right, we met him with his young master at that Rochester Chocolate Factory debacle!
Isaac: Wentworth must be around here somewhere. Let's have a chat with the old fellow right away.

Talk to Wentworth about his keys.
Isaac: Mr Wentworth, we were rather surprised to find your keys lying around.
Wentworth: Oh thank you, <Rank> <Name>, I'd been in such a tizzy looking for them!
Wentworth: But I'm not sure why you're surprised. This is Mr Archie's mansion after all.
Isaac: Archie Rochester is hosting this party for Mr Alastor?
Wentworth: Oh yes, my master kindly agreed to rent his mansion to Mr Alastor for the evening.
Isaac: In that case, we'll need to have a word with your master!

Question Archie Rochester about this mansion.
Isaac: Mr Rochester, how often do you rent your property out to Mr Alastor?
Archie: This was the first time!
Archie: My dead Uncle Monty left me the house in his will. Mr Alastor inquired by letter about renting the place, and I acquiesced.
Archie: It's been rather entertaining, actually. Having all these people around... it's almost like having friends!
Isaac: Well, I'm not sure how entertaining it was for George Buchanan. I assume you are aware he was murdered at this party?
Archie: I heard. What a tragedy. Can't say I knew the poor chap myself, although Uncle Monty would no doubt have found it all quite thrilling!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick: <Name>, the results of the autopsy have revealed that the killer first hit the victim over the head with a blunt object.
Dick: They then stabbed him in the guts.
Dick: But the victim didn't succumb to his injuries immediately. The traces of blood on his palms show he held onto his belly and staggered some distance before plunging into his watery grave.
Isaac: Which means he probably wasn't killed at the pool! How intriguing.
Dick: And that's not all. I found a teeny tiny spoon attached to a chain which the victim had been clutching in his hand.
Dick: It looks like it was wrenched off a snuff box, and must've come off during his struggle with the killer.
Dick: This indicates that the killer is partial to a snort or three of tobacco!
Isaac: Excellent work, Richard! <Name>, with your detective skills, I'm sure we'll be able to smoke out this tobacco-loving murderer in no time.

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: Ho hum, <Name>, this case has got my head spinning as fast as those swinging dancers at the party.
Isaac: We find media tycoon George Buchanan, who'd falsely claimed to be Mr Alastor, viciously stabbed at Mr Alastor's last party of the season.
Isaac: Vittorio Capecchi's ring was discovered near the victim. Does this mean the mobster was involved, despite his claim that they were "dear, dear" friends?
Isaac: And what about Archie Rochester? He's renting his mansion to the elusive Mr Alastor, after all.
Isaac: <Name>, Buchanan must have been the final entry on Alastor's kill list. Not only do we need to catch the killer, but this is our last chance of unmasking the puppet master pulling the strings!
Charles: <Name>, I've been looking for you!
Charles: I've just seen Maddie head into the party, and I'm afraid she's in trouble!

Chapter 2

Isaac Bontemps: Six parties, six murders... all with the mysterious Mr Alastor pulling the strings by pitting enemies against each other at his deathly soirées.
Isaac: The common thread linking all the victims was that they were unfortunate enough to have wronged Giulietta, known mobster Vittorio Capecchi's daughter.
Isaac: Media magnate George Buchanan's untimely demise has been Alastor's grand finale at his last party of the season. How does it tie into this gruesome tale?
Isaac: <Name>. this is our final opportunity to uncover Alastor's identity and discover Buchanan's killer. We have our work cut out for us!
Charles: <Name>, come quickly!
Charles: Maddie thought she might help the investigation by going undercover at the party... but then she discovered the absinthe!
Isaac: Absinthe? That's Maddie's Achilles' heel! We had better find her, <Name>!

Back at the party...
Maddie: <Name>, I got bored on the airship, so I thought I'd give you a helping hand at this woooonderful soirée!
Maddie: Come dance with me!
Isaac: Madeline, I am unsure how much help you can be in your current state!
Maddie: Balderdash, Bontemps! You're simply jealous because you are a wallflower, while I am a... a rose in full bloom!
Maddie: A rose that's been watered by a chest full of absinthe I found in the billiards room!
Maddie: Now, <Name>, I'd better head off and mingle with the guests. Who knows what other delights, uh, I mean useful facts, I'll discover!
(Maddie walks away.)
Isaac: <Name>, I apologize on Madeline's behalf... Absinthe really is her one weakness! I do hope she won't get into any trouble!
Isaac: You're right, she did mention finding her bounty of absinthe in the billiards room.
Isaac: Our billiards-loving killer must have gone there... Let's find the billiards room post-haste!

Investigate Billiards Room.
Isaac: <Name>, that snuff box is missing its spoon! It must be the very spoon Dick prised out of our victim's hand, which means this snuff box belongs to our killer!
Isaac: The box is empty. But I agree, we should collect some of that brown residue.
Isaac: All this free-flowing champagne is certainly making the guests careless - someone even dropped their wallet.
Isaac: Wait, that's George Buchanan's initials engraved on the wallet! We should take a look inside.
Isaac: And those are also our victim's initials on top of this letter! What a shame its contents are all obscured.
Isaac: However, knowing you, <Name>, revealing the contents of this note won't be any trouble at all!

Examine Snuff Box.
Isaac: <Name>, the sample you collected from the killer's snuff box will be more than enough to send to Viola!

Analyze Brown Grains.
Viola: All that glitters is not gold, <Name>...
Viola: ...And never has that adage been truer than with what you have collected from the killer's snuff box!
Isaac: Do not leave us in suspense any longer, Viola!
Viola: The sticky brown residue is caviar, those delectable fish eggs so adored by the wealthy.
Viola: And I can only conclude that your killer, prince or pauper, has a penchant for this fine delicacy.
Isaac: Stupendous work, Viola! <Name>, I am in no doubt our murderer will be swapping caviar for prison slop in no time!
Isaac: Now, what say you to returning to the party? I'm certain there are plenty more clues to be unearthed!

Back at the party...
Isaac: <Name>, we've uncovered a lot of information, but I fear we are still far from knowing the identity of Buchanan's killer.
(Maddie shows up, looking drunk.)
Maddie: <Name>, you're back!
Isaac: Madeline, how much liquor have you imbibed?
Maddie: Remember that chest full of absinthe? Well, now it's a half a chest-full! Or is it chest-empty? Teehee!
Maddie: <Name>, want to help me finish the rest?
Isaac: My dear Madeline O'Malley, I urge you to go back to the airship and sleep off your inebriation!
Maddie: Yes, I suppose even a rose in full bloom needs its rest... Adieu for now, <Name>. Save me some absinthe for later!
(Maddie leaves.)
Isaac: <Name>, now that Madeline's safely back on the airship, what say you to taking another look around the swimming pool?

Investigate Poolside.
Isaac: There's a lock at the top of that cane!
Isaac: And see that symbol? It's Vittorio Capecchi's monogram again!
Isaac: I agree, this is our chance to discover what Mr Capecchi is hiding. Think you'll be able to crack that lock, <Name>?
Isaac: Were these broken bits of marble once a sculpture of sorts? <Name>, I'm sure you'll fix it up in no time!

Examine Broken Statue.
Isaac: Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a male bust of Wentworth, Archie Rochester's valet?
Isaac: It's not every day you see statues of servants... I wonder how it ended up broken.
Isaac: I agree, <Name> I think it's time we paid Mr Wentworth another visit.

Ask Wentworth about the statue.
Wentworth: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, you restored my beautiful bust! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Isaac: Wentworth, I don't mean to offend you, but surely a valet's salary would not stretch to commissioning a marble bust?
Wentworth: No indeed. This bust was a cherished present from my Master Archie, as a thank you for my decades of loyal service.
Wentworth: We've always been very close. Poor Master Archie doesn't have many friends, you see.
Wentworth: Master Archie and I play billiards together, go hunting. He shares everything with me... even his best caviar!
Isaac: So how did your bust end up broken?
Wentworth: Harumph! Mr Buchanan knocked the bust over in a fit of anger!
Wentworth: Just goes to show money doesn't buy you class!
Wentworth: But thanks to you, <Rank> <Name>, my bust can once again take its place alongside the statues of the prestigious Rochester family!

Examine Cane.
Isaac: <Name>, you've unlocked a secret compartment in Vittorio Capecchi's cane!
Isaac: There's a paper covered in numbers and figures hidden inside!
Isaac: Agreed, a document concealed inside a mobster's cane is definitely worth investigating! I can't figure it out myself, but I'm sure Evie will be able to decipher it.

Analyse Numbers and Figures.
Evie: <Name>, that document you found inside Capecchi's cane is an excerpt from some sort of accounting ledger.
Evie: It lists a series of very lucrative transactions between Vittorio Capecchi and our victim George Buchanan!
Isaac: So they were more than just friends - they were business partners!
Evie: In actual fact, I don't believe they could still have been friends.
Evie: You see, the numbers don't add up. Buchanan's very obviously been cheating Capecchi!
Evie: And seeing that these records were found in Capecchi's cane, he was clearly aware of Buchanan's duplicity.
Isaac: So the mobster knew the victim had swindled him! <Name>, we need to confront Capecchi immediately!

Confront Vittorio Capecchi about his dealings with the victim. 
Isaac: Mr Capecchi, we know that Buchanan cheated you out of quite a substantial amount of Concordian shillings!
Vittorio: Si, si, we had a business deal gone sour. I won't bore you with the details.
Isaac: Are we supposed to believe you discovered Buchanan's deception and didn't retaliate?
Vittorio: No-no-no-no-no! We just had words and I calmly demanded my money back!
Vittorio: I am not a violent man... my biggest vice is snuffing tobacco.
Vittorio: Now that's not so bad, is it, <Rank> <Name>?
Isaac: I find your protestations of pacifism hard to swallow, Mr Capecchi. We shall be keeping a close eye on you.

Examine Wallet.
Isaac: George Buchanan was carrying a photograph of himself in his wallet...
Isaac: Nothing suspicious about that, but I am intrigued by the woman next to him... They do look rather friendly, don't they?
Isaac: I agree, we had better find out this mystery woman's identity.

Examine Woman's Face.
Isaac: So the mystery woman in the photograph is Katherine Woolf, a journalist working for the Concordian Gazette.
Isaac: The very newspaper owned by our victim, George Buchanan!
Isaac: Let's pay Miss Woolf a visit and see how she copes with being in the interviewee's seat for once.

Question Katherine Woolf about the victim. 
Katherine: George Buchanan is dead? Yes, I suppose that's rather tragic.
Isaac: You don't seem very upset about the demise of your employer, Miss Woolf.
Katherine: Well, he was all right, for a type that hardly believed women capable of anything except being pretty.
Isaac: You did seem rather close to the victim in a photograph we found of you both.
Katherine: What can I say? Buchanan liked me being around him and I took advantage of his weakness.
Katherine: If getting chummy with chauvinistic men is what it takes to further my career, so be it!
Katherine: But I'd hardly call that a crime now, would you, <Rank> <Name>?

Examine Faded Letter.
Isaac: <Name>, I knew revealing the writing on that letter would be child's play for you!
Isaac: But what language is it written in? It could be Italian, but I'm afraid my grasp of the language is dismal.
Isaac: I concur, Evie's our best chance at translating Buchanan's letter!

Analyze Victim's Letter.
Evie: Oh, <Name>, this letter is simply gobbledygook! I'm afraid the victim was atrocious at Italian!
Evie: As for its contents, they are the sort of insipid words only someone who knows nothing about romance would write!
Evie: The gist of it is something like: "My beloved, I care not about your lowly beginnings and your father's mobster connections..."
Evie: "I simply cannot live without you - meet me tonight in the billiards room and I promise you won't regret it."
Isaac: Hmm, a note in Italian talking about someone's father's mobster connections...
Isaac: Fine deduction, <Name>! Buchanan could only have been referring to Vittorio Capecchi, which means this letter was intended for Giulietta!
Isaac: Wasn't the reason you suspected Buchanan of being Mr Alastor the string of anonymous letter he'd been sending Giulietta?
Isaac: It seems the poor Casanova thought he'd have a better chance if he revealed his identity.
Isaac: Indeed, <Name>, it always comes back to Giulietta! Let's find her immediately!

Talk to Giulietta about the love letter.
Giulietta: Oh, not that horrendous old note again, <Rank> <Name>!
Isaac: I take it you were not too keen on Mr Buchanan's attention?
Giulietta: Ugh, how could that geriatric think he had a chance with me! He was old enough to be my father!
Isaac: It appears Mr Buchanan's been courting you for some time. He was also behind those anonymous letters you've been receiving. Were you really unaware of it?
Giulietta: No, but he's certainly not the only one of my supposed suitors who can't bring himself to speak to me out in the open.
Giulietta: You'd think I was worth less than them!
Isaac: You seem rather upset, Miss Capecchi... Upset enough to kill, perhaps?
Giulietta: Don't be ridiculous, <Rank> <Name>! George was irritating, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Back on the airship...
Isaac: Hmm, <Name>, Buchanan seems to have riled up quite a few people recently.
Isaac: He swindled his supposed best friend, Vittorio Capecchi, out of a small fortune.
Isaac: And he infuriated Giulietta Capecchi, a girl half his age, by showering her with unwanted attention.
Isaac: We know Mr Alastor's victims all somehow wronged Giulietta. So could this also be the motive behind Buchanan's murder?
Isaac: I feel we're close to catching the murderer, but we just need to unearth some more evidence.
(Viola runs into the room.)
Viola: <Name>, we need your help!
Isaac: What's happened, Viola?
Viola: Someone's snuck onto the airship!

Chapter 3

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, our victim seems to have riled up quite a few people recently.
Isaac: We know one thing for certain: he must have wronged Giulietta Capecchi to have ended up in Mr Alastor's bad books... and I don't think love letters are reason enough.
Isaac: But unless Giulietta herself killed Buchanan, we cannot focus solely on her.
Isaac: <Name>, this is the final party of the season. If we cannot reveal Mr Alastor's true identity now, I fear we never will.
(Viola runs into the room.)
Viola: <Name>, you have to come right away!
Viola: We've just found that journalist Katherine Woolf snooping around Evie's library!

In Evie's library...
Evie: You snooping ninny! How DARE you rifle through my precious books. Get out of here at once!
Katherine: Look at you getting so angry! What a darling thing you are!
Evie: I'll show you "darling"! Touch one of my books again and I'll eviscerate you!
Katherine: Oh, the kitten has claws! I admire such spirit in a woman.
Evie: <Name>, if I have to stand this a second longer I'll do something I'll regret! Please get this woman out of my library!
(Evie walks out, slamming the door.)
Katherine: But we were having such fun! Please-
Isaac: Miss Woolf, what is the meaning of this intrusion?!
Katherine: I simply wanted to ascertain how you were progressing in solving the crime, <Rank> <Name>!
Katherine: After all, just because I'm a suspect in your investigation doesn't mean I can't break that scoop!
Isaac: Your insistence in determining where we are in the case only makes you more suspicious! Now please leave before we arrest you for trespassing!
Katherine: Alright, alright... it's clear I've overstayed my welcome, <Rank> <Name>. Please tell Miss Holloway I'll see her again very soon.
(Katherine leaves the library.)
Isaac: <Name>, I'm glad we stopped Katherine from getting her hands on sensitive documents, but now we've even less time to solve our case!
Isaac: I agree, we ought to head back inside the mansion immediately to see if there's anything we've overlooked.

Investigate Main Stairs.
Isaac: <Name>, does that notebook contain a photograph of Lady Upperton's dead body. She was murdered at Alastor's picnic party!
Isaac: And this is a picture of Philomena Highmore, right after she was killed at Alastor's séance! How did someone get hold of these photographs?!
Isaac: Even more ominous are the words scribbled next to the photos: "No one will believe the luck I've been having with these murders and the things I've been getting away with..."
Isaac: Perhaps the strange stain on the notebook will reveal something about its owner. Let's extract a sample, <Name>!
Isaac: And how about this incomplete Concordian Gazette headline? "Buchanan wrongfully accused of slander by"... This concerned our victim!
Isaac: We need to figure out who mad such a claim against Buchanan. Can you make out the name that was torn off, <Name>?
Isaac: And yes, I'm also curious to know what these broken shards of metal once were.
Isaac: We've got some work to do, <Name>, but we must leave no stone unturned if we're to catch this murderous villain!

Examine Notebook.
Isaac: Speedily extracted, <Name>! Let's put this black substance from the notebook under the microscope right away.

Examine Black Fluid.
Isaac: <Name>, the lab results reveal that the black substance from the notebook is an ink used exclusively in large-scale printing presses.
Isaac: As a matter of fact, it's the very same ink used to print the Concordian Gazette!
Isaac: Which means this notebook must belong to our overly-intrepid reporter, Katherine Woolf!
Isaac: <Name>, I propose we ask Miss Woolf how she got her hands on these photos of the murdered victims... and indeed what exactly she's "been getting away with"!

Confront Katherine Woolf about her notes on the murders.
Katherine: You just can't seem to get enough of me, <Rank> <Name>!
Isaac: Enough of your coquetry, madame! <Name> found your notebook.
Isaac: How do you explain those grisly images and your very incriminating annotation?
Katherine: What can I say? Tragic as they are, these killings have been good for me.
Katherine: I'm planning a dramatic exposé on the Alastor murders to finally make my mark as a journalist in Concordia!
Isaac: And how, pray tell, did you get your information?
Katherine: A journalist never reveals her sources, <Rank> <Name>.
Katherine: But I'll tell you this: if you know how to get people relaxes and off-guard, you'll simply be astonished by what they'll reveal!
Katherine: A little game of billiards here, a splash of single malt whiskey there, and they're yours for the taking.
Isaac: It seems you'll stop at nothing to get a story, Miss Woolf! Let's hope we don't discover your determination extends to murder.

Examine Newspaper Article.
Isaac: <Name>, the missing word in the newspaper was Rochester!
Isaac: So the headline reads: "Buchanan wrongfully accused of slander by Rochester."
Isaac: Archie Rochester might be able to tell us what his family had against our victim. Let's have another word with him, <Name>!

Ask Archie about his family's feud with the victim.
Isaac: Mr Archie, what did George Buchanan do against your family? We know you sued him for slander.
Archie: I didn't sue anyone, <Rank> <Name>! I couldn't give two hoots about my family's petty grudges!
Archie: I mean, yes, Buchanan did dig up some dirt on my Uncle Monty while he was alive. But then again, who hasn't?
Archie: I've always said you shouldn't stoop down to the level of buffoons like Buchanan.
Isaac: Well, Mr Archie, you are exhibiting rather strong emotions for someone who claims not to care.
Archie: Think as you wish, <Rank> <Name>. Now where's my valet? I need to pinch some of his tobacco.

Examine Broken Metal Pieces.
Isaac: I haven't a clue what this ghastly object is! And it's perforated with bullet holes!
Isaac: It also sports our victim's initials! Well spotted, <Name>!
Isaac: Let's send this gruesome thing to Rose. I wouldn't be surprised if she's encountered something like it on one of her forays into the more unsavory corners of Concordia!

Analyze Copper Object.
Rose: <Name>, the copper object that was sent to your victim is the most anatomically-correct rendition I've ever seen of a human heart!
Rose: It's what's known as a Kiss of Death. Mobsters use it to inform the intended recipient that their days on earth are numbered.
Isaac: Mon Dieu! How gruesome.
Rose: Evie checked the object for fingerprints, and aside from the victim's, the only other marks she found matched Giulietta Capecchi's.
Isaac: That young girl is responsible for this vile Kiss of Death? Like father like daughter, it seems.
Isaac: <Name>, we always suspected Miss Capecchi to have a serious grudge against our victim, and this Kiss of Death proves it. Let us confront her at once!

Confront Giulietta Capecchi about her death threat to the victim.
Isaac: Miss Capecchi, you said you'd never hurt George Buchanan, but we found the Kiss of Death you sent him.
Giulietta: And what if I did, <Rank> <Name>? It doesn't mean I killed him!
Giulietta: Look, sometimes you've got to go back to your roots! I love caviar as much as any other girl, but only a steaming bowl of pasta will be sure to fill your belly!
Giulietta: It's the same with George. I tried to rebuff him the "refined" way, but when that didn't work I chose a more obvious threat instead.
Giulietta: I slipped the Kiss of Death in his pocket when he tried to give me another of his ridiculous notes while I was playing billiards.
Isaac: So you admit you resorted to violent means when it came to Mr Buchanan!
Giulietta: No, <Rank> <Name>, it was just a piece of metal, not a knife! Now if you're done with your questioning, I'd like to snuff my tobacco in peace!

Isaac: <Name>, I'm wondering more and more if any of our suspects' stories can be trusted.
Isaac: But what we do know for sure is that plenty of them spent time in the billiards room this evening. I agree it warrants another look post-haste!

Investigate Cosy Corner.
Isaac: <Name>, this broken champagne bottle is speckled with blood!
Isaac: You're right, Richard did mention the victim had been hit over the head. This bottle must have been what the killer used!
Isaac: There's something caught on the shards. Let's examine it more closely.
Isaac: And I'll wager that box is what held our murder weapon!
Isaac: Its insides are covered in some sort of pink residue. Let's scoop some up.
Isaac: <Name>, I feel we're merely a couple of moves away from declaring checkmate in this case!

Examine Saber Box.
Isaac: I'm confounded by this curious-looking pink powder you scooped up from the saber box.
Isaac: But you're right, <Name>, this isn't the time for aimless pondering. Let's send this powder to Viola immediately!

Analyze Pink Powder.
Isaac: Viola, have you been able to make heads or tails of this pink powder <Name> found in the saber box?
Viola: It is less a question of heads or tails, <Name>, and more of the birds and the bees!
Isaac: My dearest Viola, where exactly are you going with this...?
Viola: My precious Isaac, this powder is the very stuff of life. It is pollen!
Viola: It derives from a rare red flower called Peony Aristocrat.
Viola: And since we extracted its pollen from the box that housed our murder weapon, you will find our perpetrator adorned with this regal blossom.
Isaac: <Name>, our killer won't have time for such floral activities after we lock them up!

Examine Broken Bottle.
Isaac: <Name>, we need to get these fibers from the bloodied bottle shards straight to Viola!

Analyze Bloody Fibers.
Viola: <Name>, once I managed to expunge the grime and blood from the fibers you extracted from the champagne bottle, I discovered they were the color of the sun!
Isaac: Viola, do you mean to say the fibers are yellow in color?
Viola: You are correct, dear Isaac! And further analysis revealed the fibers to be the highest quality silk you'll find outside of China.
Viola: Which allows me to conclude that the fibers come from a lemon-hued silk garment of sorts.
Isaac: They must have caught on the sharp edges of the broken bottle when the murderer used it to attack the victim.
Isaac: Well, our victim was not wearing any yellow silk, so the fibers must belong to something the murderer was wearing!
Isaac: <Name>, we can safely deduce that the killer is wearing yellow clothes!

After completing all the tasks...
Isaac: <Name>, I believe we have amassed more than enough evidence to arrest George Buchanan's killer. Let's not waste any more time putting the scoundrel behind bars!

Take care of the killer now!
Isaac: Wentworth, who would have thought a venerable valet like yourself would be capable of such a heinous crime!
Wentworth: The help is always the first to be blamed. I have done nothing!
Isaac: We found the spoon from your snuff box clutched in the victim's hand. No doubt ripped off as he tried in vain to escape your deadly clutches!
Wentworth: Harumph! That could have been anyone's snuff box!
Isaac: But it was yours! There were traces of caviar on the snuff box. You should have kept your white gloves more pristine!
Wentworth: <Rank> <Name>, I am far too cautious to taint my gloves.
Isaac: Are you really? Is that not a tear in that fine silk waistcoat of yours? It's the same shade of yellow as the fibers we discovered on the champagne bottle you hit Mr Buchanan with...
Isaac: Before delivering your final coup de grace with a champagne saber!
Wentworth: Alright, I admit it! I murdered George Buchanan!
(Wentworth takes out a bottle of poison.)
Wentworth: But you shall never know why!
(Isaac takes out his gun.)
Isaac: Wentworth, what are you doing? Put that bottle down immediately!
(Wentworth drinks the poison.)
Wentworth: I'll take Mr Alastor's secret to the gra...
(Wentworth collapses.)
Isaac: Mon Dieu, he's collapsed!
Isaac: <Name>, we must get Wentworth to the infirmary immediately! He cannot escape the law on our watch.

Back on the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, why would Wentworth murder someone in cold blood, and then go to the extreme of drinking poison to conceal his motive?
Isaac: He whispered something about taking Mr Alastor's secrets to the grave. We must persuade him to tell us more!
(Dick walks in.)
Dick: I'm afraid that isn't going to happen, <Name>. Wentworth died a few minutes ago from the lethal dose of poison he ingested.
Isaac: Wentworth's dead? Dash it! <Name>, how will we ever get answers now?

All That Glitters... (6/6)

Justin Lawson: <Rank> <Name>, I just heard that George Buchanan's killer committed suicide! What is happening?
Isaac: Unfortunately, Wentworth took some poison before we could stop him!
Isaac: However, before he died, he as good as confessed that he committed the murder to protect Mr Alastor!
Justin: What? <Rank> <Name>, does it mean he knew Mr Alastor's identity?
Isaac: Not only did Wentworth know Mr Alastor - he killed himself to protect him!
Isaac: <Name>, you're right! There's only one person Wentworth would go so far to shield; his beloved Master Archie!
Justin: But could this shy, awkward teenager really be the dazzling darling of society, Mr Alastor?
Isaac: Well... he has the money and the social standing to pull this off, if he wanted to.
Justin: If Archie's Mr Alastor, then he's facilitated six murders! <Rank> <Name>, we must bring him to justice!
(Charles walks into the room.)
Charles: Wait, <Name>, you're leaving> I was hoping to speak to you and Maddie rather urgently!
Justin: Mr Dupont, I'm afraid you must wait your turn! <Rank> <Name> and I have a pressing meeting with Archie Rochester!

Confront Archie about being Alastor.
Justin: Mr Rochester, it's time to drop the mask! We know you're the reason your valet killed George Buchanan!
Archie: <Rank> <Name>, won't you just let me grieve for Wentworth in peace? I know him, he'd never kill anybody!
Justin: Not even to protect YOU?
Archie: Me? Why would Wentworth need to kill someone to protect me?
Justin: Perhaps because he knew who you really are: Mr Alastor!
Archie: I... what? <Rank> <Name>, this is preposterous! How could I be-
Archie: Uh... I shouldn't get so agitated. My asthma, I...
(Archie uses his nebulizer.)
Justin: We'll let you catch your breath, Mr Rochester. But if you're Mr Alastor, <Rank> <Name> shall find proof of it!

Justin: <Rank> <Name>, I hate to say this, but could we have been wrong? Young Archie doesn't look the part of a cunning mastermind...
Justin: You're quite right: we're at his house, and it he is Mr Alastor, there will be some proof of it here! We'll start our search in the billiards room!

Investigate Billiards Room. 
Justin: <Rank> <Name>, we know that Mr Alastor keeps his anonymity by communicating entirely in writing... This type writer could be a vital clue!
Justin: The text seems to have been splashed with champagne, but I'm certain you can recover it!

Examine Typewriter.
Justin: <Rank> <Name>, this appears to be the draft of a romantic declaration... by Mr Alastor!
Justin: This speech is much more awkward than I would've expected. Hear this: "My dearest... no, better: loveliest Giulietta! No, this is stupid..."
Justin: "Tonight, I can finally tell you who I am. All these parties, they were for you. Mr Alastor is at your feet."
Justin: So this is the reason behind all these murders! Alastor is in love with Giulietta!
Justin: And he evidently planned to come clean to Giulietta this evening. If he's done so, and it's who we suspect, she'd better tell us!

Ask Giulietta about Alastor's message
Justin: Miss Capecchi, we know Mr Alastor planned to reveal his identity to you tonight. Has he approached you?
Giulietta: No one has approached me! But I'm glad you've dropped the ridiculous notion that I myself was Mr Alastor!
Justin: We have our suspicion as to who is behind this persona.
Justin: For now, we know Alastor organized these parties in an attempt to woo you. The murders may have been a way to attract your attention!
Giulietta: Attract my- is he a lunatic?! My sister died at one of these events, <Rank> <Name>!
Giulietta: I thought the people in my father's milieu were cruel, but these society gentlemen are worse! I can't believe I hoped for happiness here!
Giulietta: Given what you've told me, this Alastor is the worst of the lot, whoever he is. I'm glad I chucked his gift into the champagne fountain!
Justin: Mr Alastor sent you a gift?! Then you know who he is?
Giulietta: No, a messenger boy came to give me a package and told me it was from Mr Alastor. As if I'd accept jewelry from unknown men!
Justin: You should've informed <Rank> <Name> about this earlier, Miss Capecchi! As it is, we shall retrieve the gift from the fountain ourselves!

Investigate Grand Hall
Justin: <Rank> <Name>, you found the tiara Mr Alastor sent to Giulietta!
Justin: This piece of jewelry is a concrete link to Mr Alastor. Perhaps we can prove who hides behind the name by deciphering the symbols on the box!

Examine Tiara Box
Justin: <Rank> <Name>, these numbers could be a jeweler's reference! If we find out who purchased the tiara, we'll know Mr Alastor's real name!
Justin: Let us dispatch the numbers to Miss Holloway post-haste!

Analyze Numbers
Justin: Miss Holloway, have you managed to track down the reference number from Mr Alastor's tiara box?
Evie: <Name>'s hunch was correct: the number referred to the store where the tiara was purchased! It took a while to locate it...
Evie: ... and even longer to convince the jeweler to give up the name of his client.
Evie: But I finally learned that the tiara was purchased by Archie Rochester!
Justin: So Archie is indeed Alastor!
Justin: Buying this tiara for Giulietta under his real name was his undoing! We've got him! Nothing Archie can say now will help him avoid justice!

Confront Archie with proof he's Alastor
Justin: Archie Rochester, we know you're Alastor! We've found the words you wrote for Giulietta Capecchi... and the tiara you gave her!
Archie: Ratz! This isn't how people were supposed to find out!
Archie: I knew I shouldn't have rushed things at the last minute! But this was my last chance to woo Giulietta!
Justin: You call creating a whole new identity "wooing"?
Archie: I was Alastor even before Giulietta came along! Society never accepted me, you see. Poor awkward Archie Rochester, no social graces, no friends!
Archie: They never came to my parties, but when I created Mr Alastor, they suddenly flocked to me! Their strings were so easy to pull!
Archie: When Giulietta appeared, I knew she was meant for me! She, too, was an outcast! But I understood her!
Archie: I had to do something special to her, a girl who's used to violence!
Justin: So you arranged for anyone who'd wronged her to be killed at your parties!
Justin: You know very little of women if you think Miss Capecchi looks kindly upon you getting her sister murdered!
Archie: What do you understand of this? Giulietta will fall into my arms when the truth is revealed!
Justin: Only if she visits you in prison!
Archie: Prison? What would you arrest me for? I haven't killed anyone! My hands are clean. Poor Wentworth made sure of that.
Archie: He killed Buchanan because he thought I might do it otherwise... Buchanan dared court Giulietta, you see. He had to be taught.
Justin: And so do you! We're taking you into custody!
Archie: You do know what my name is, right, <Rank> <Name>? Care to place a wager on how soon I'll walk free again?

See what Charlie wants
Charlie: <Name>, I'm sorry to trouble you when you're so busy with Mr Alastor, but Maddie, you came to visit me when you were inebriated, and...
Maddie: Oh dear, I feel this will be embarrassing...
Charlie: No, no, you didn't do anything bad! Except sing... very loudly... you were actually kind of sweet, if very off-key...
Charlie: But then you ran away with a piece of equipment from my lab! And it was crucial for the machine Dick and I are preparing for the World Exhibition!
Charlie: You see, today is the deadline to submit inventions for the contest! We haven't even tested the machine yet... and now that piece is missing...
Maddie: Sweet mother of pearl! I'm so sorry, Charlie!
Maddie: I vaguely remember having a strange device with me by the pool... I must've dropped it there! <Name> and I will search the place immediately!

Investigate Swimming Pool
Maddie: <Name>, I think this broken thing is what I took from Charlie's lab! But it wasn't broken then. This is all my fault!
Maddie: I hope you can repair Charlie's machinery! I won't forgive myself if he can't enter his invention into the contest because of me!

Examine Broken Device
Maddie: <Name>, this equipment looks much better after your ministrations! Let us hope Charlie can fit it back into his machine!

Analyze Machine Part
Charlie (holding his machine): Thank you for finding the missing piece of our machine, <Name>! The mechanism works now! Look!
(Charlie turns the machine on)
Maddie: That's impressive indeed, Charlie! I'm so glad the machine has been fixed!
Maddie: But, ah... What does it do?
Charlie: We call it the Detection of Necessary Attributes machine - DNA machine for short! It helps identify people based on their unique biological traits!
Charlie: You see, everyone has a molecule inside their bodies that carries information about who they are, what they look like, and-
Maddie: I'm afraid this science is too advance for me, Charlie. What does your machine achieve in practice?
Charlie: Say you find a sample of hair on the crime scene. The machine can tell if the hair came from a man or a woman. It can detect age, or eye color-
Maddie: Oh! That's wondrous indeed! Such a contraption would greatly help us in our work!
Charlie: Yes, if we can get it certified for use! <Name>, could you tell Dick we're ready for testing? We must start at once!

Talk to Dick about the DNA machine
Dick: <Name>, I can't wait for the World Exhibition! Inventors will flock to Concordia to showcase the best of modern science and technology!
Dick: But, Maddie, I hear you nearly cost Charlie and me our invention! That's why drunkenness and machinery don't mix!
Maddie: I know. I'm really sorry about this, Dick. Charlie asked us to tell you that the machine is now ready for testing!
Dick: Then we mustn't delay, for the deadline is near! Now, to test the machine, we'll need a sample of material... some hair, or blood? Or nail clippings!
Maddie: Nail clippings?! How nauseating! But I can give you some of my hair, if you like!
Dick: What good will your hair do me? I already know who it comes from! No , I need a fresh, anonymous sample!
Maddie: Then <Name> and I shall return to the pool and find something for you double-quick! And perhaps we'll procure a pick-me-up on the way!

Investigate Poolside
Maddie: <Name>, the hair caught in this hat will be perfect to test Dick and Charlie's machine on. Let us collect a sample!

Examine Hat
Maddie: <Name>, let us get the hair from that hat to Dick and Charlie! They must test their DNA machine before the World Exhibition deadline!

Analyze Hair
(Charlie and Dick are both present)
Charlie: Thank you for finding us a hair sample to test the DNA machine on, <Name>!
Dick: According to our findings, the hair from that hat belongs to a dark-skinned woman! Do you have a notion of who this can be?
Maddie: A dark-skinned woman? The must be Katherine Woolf!
Charlie: Then we must find her and check if the hat is hers! If it is, the machine works and we can submit it to the World Exhibition!
Maddie: Go ahead, Charlie! You and <Name> can talk to Katherine together!

Check if the hat belongs to Katherine Woolf
Charlie: Miss Woolf, we believe this hat belongs to you?
Katherine: Indeed it does! But I'll be dashed if I know how you could tell, <Rank> <Name>!
Charlie: Then the machine worked! We did it, <Name>!
Katherine: Machine? What machine?
Charlie: The machine my colleague and I have just successfully tested for the World Exhibition!
Charlie: You see, Miss Woolf, you left some of your hairs on the hat... and our invention identified the hairs as yours! This will revolutionize criminology!
Katherine: My word, this does sound exciting! I'll require an interview with you about this.. and I'll certainly look out for your invention at the exhibition!
Katherine: I owe you thanks for bringing this to my attention, <Rank> <Name. Perhaps you'll fancy a dapper hat of your own?

Later, on the airship...
Chief Wright: <Rank> <Name>, congratulations on discovering Mr Alastor's identity!
Justin: This despicable young man thinks he's above the law, but I know justice will prevail!
Chief Wright: Actually... I'm afraid you'll find that Archie is not guilty of any crime.
Justin: Not guilty?! He may not have committed murders with his own hands, but there's a trail of corpses in his wake! His own valet killed a man for him!
Chief Wright: The circumstances are unfortunate... yet, Archie's own hands are clean. His parents have strongly suggested that we drop this matter.
Justin: But we can't! Chief Wright, I know you're a man of integrity, and-
Chief Wright: Mr Lawson, you have not worked in this city as long as I have. Sometimes... one must let go.
Chief Wright: Young Archie is being sent abroad by his parents. This is out of our hands now.
Justin: I cannot believe this! Is this truly the best this city can do? One cannot let go of justice!
(Justin leaves, slamming the door on the way out)
Chief Wright: Ah... I'm afraid Mr Lawson didn't take the situation well... but I hope you'll understand me in time, <Name>.

The next day...
Maddie: <Name>, is it true? We let Archie go despite knowing he was Alastor?
Maddie: The Flying Squad was formed to clean up the police, but this incident makes me feel like there's much more to clean up in the city of Concordia!
Charlie: It's frustrating, but we can't dwell on it, Maddie! Look on the bright side: the World Exhibition is coming up...
Charlie: And Dick and I met the submission deadline for our machine! We'll be taking part in the exhibition!
Charlie: Scientific marvels and technological breakthroughs galore! A steam-powered future taking shape right before our eyes! I can't wait!
Maddie: You're excited for all of us, Charlie... and you may have a point. Perhaps this is exactly what we need to lift our spirits.
Charlie: The World Exhibition is opening its gates soon. I'll see you there, <Name>!

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