Beckett Blanton was the victim in Buzz Kill (Case #16 of The Conspiracy).


Beckett was a skincare entrepreneur with black hair, dark brown eyes concealed behind a pair of black sunglasses, and a faint mustache. At the time of his death, he wore a bright yellow T-shirt under a black blazer with a rose motif. He also wore a badge of his company logo.

Murder details

Beckett was found on a rooftop beehive, stung to death by bees. Per Martine, he suffered close to 3,000 bee stings, confirming said bees as the murder weapon. She also found bruising on his face, consistent with being hit by a wooden object. Furthermore, the killer had grabbed his clothes during the struggle, leaving traces of kombucha—a type of fermented tea with health benefits—on Beckett's clothes. As there was no kombucha in the victim's stomach, Martine concluded that it must have come from the killer, meaning that the killer drank kombucha.

Relationship with suspects

Beckett had stolen his mother Carol Blanton’s savings even though she had encouraged him to build his business and make it big. Beckett also had a rough relationship with beekeeper Archibald Ashworth because Beckett only cared about his company as he had harvested all of the honey and gave the bees high fructose corn syrup to live off instead, which killed a lot of the bees. Beckett’s company’s DIY skincare workshop was trashed by skincare customer Daisy Woods because she was convinced that the company had caused her to have mercury poisoning despite all the results revealing there was not. Beckett also had affections for his business partner Prisha Chandra, who claimed that it was purely professional after they slept together once despite Beckett believing that they were a couple. Beckett also accused coworking café owner Theo Zane of the loss of his possessions because the former believed that the latter did not supervise the cafe enough which led to him losing his stuff.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Prisha.

Admitting to the murder, Prisha said that she had lured Beckett to the rooftop to talk to him. She said that they had been sleeping together, but Beckett wanted to actually be in a relationship, to the point that he had replaced Prisha's contraceptive with a placebo to try to get her pregnant and force her to start a relationship with him. While they were talking on the rooftop, however, they started arguing and Prisha hit Beckett too hard with a brush. Beckett then stumbled and fell into a beehive, whereupon he suffered thousands of bee stings. Judge Powell sentenced Prisha to 5 years in prison, with eligibility for parole in 2.

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