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Chief Andrea Marquez: So <Rank> <Name>, are you ready for your first day in Bayou Bleu?
Chief Marquez: As I've told you, it's a really unique place, and it's not all about murky swamps and alligators!
Chief Marquez: You'll also find old steamboats, amazing fauna...
Frank: ... and some downright strange people! But at least we'll get a chance to eat some great cajun food down there, I guess. And let's not forget about their gator rum!
Chief Marquez: Now Frank, remember the pep talk we had about maintaining a professional attitude? Hmm?
Frank: Oh alright... I'll behave. <Name>, ready when you are. I'll get the car and we'll be on our way!

At Bayou Bleu's swamp pier...
Frank: Well, here we are, <Name>! Bayou Bleu, in all its glory! Man, I can't say I've missed the musty smell of the swamps!
Frank: But there's no better place to get acquainted with life in the Bayou than at the swamp pier. There's all kinds of unusual wildlife here. Alligators, wild boars and... uh...
Frank: ... <Name>, can you please have a look at that tree over there and tell me you're seeing the same thing I'm seeing?

Chapter 1

Investigate Swamp Pier.
Frank Knight: Darn, whoever this guy is, someone sure wanted him to have a painful death! Look at the way they pinned his shoulders with those skewers!
Frank: Hey, you're right! There's a third wound, right in that guy's heart! Ouch! Must have been done with a third skewer, but it's missing...
Frank: Well let's hope Roxie can tell us more once she's had a look at the body. What else have you found, <Name>?
Frank: Hm, this tin of chewing tobacco's covered in... blood? That'd be a stroke of luck! Care to take a closer look at it?
Frank: Aha! And I think you might just have picked up our victim's name badge! I'll leave the deciphering to you, though. My head's reeling from this awful stench!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Oh my! Well... I can tell you've been down to the Bayou! Your victim's clothes have swamp water stains all over them!
Roxie: And the grisly wounds inflicted by the skewers you found in your victim were perfect pools of bacteria! I found something extra fishy in them...
Roxie: Namely: shrimp juice! It was transferred from the skewers into the flesh wounds at the moment of the murder.
Roxie: Which means that your killer is in contact with shrimp! Nice job, <Name>. I know you'll have this red herring of a case solved in no time!

Examine Tobacco Tin.
Frank: Well, alright, <Name>, that blood sample you collected from the tobacco tin you found in the swamp pier isn't too shabby... But that was an easy one.
Frank: Anyway! I'll get that blood shipped to the lab straight away, alright?

Analyze Dried Blood.
Yann: I see you're discovering the charms of the Bayou, <Name>... Make sure Frank takes care of you down there, it's a strange place!
Yann: Anyway, the blood you collected from that tobacco tin belongs to your victim!
Yann: Which is quite strange, because the toxicology scan revealed no trace of nicotine in his blood.
Frank: Hm, so if that tobacco tin doesn't belong to the victim... That means it belongs to the killer!
Frank: So our victim's killer chews tobacco! I have to admit, your instincts worked a treat, <Name>! I might have left that stone unturned...

Examine Name Badge.
Frank: Well aren't you a forensic whizz? You've completely restored the writing on the name badge you found next to the victim!
Frank: So our victim's name is Lee Dupree, and he worked at the Gumbo Jumbo restaurant!
Frank: What do you say we go have a look there and see where this new lead takes us, <Name>?

Investigate Restaurant Terrace.
(Before investigating Restaurant Terrace)
Frank: Hello? ... Hello? Anyone here?
Frank: Hmm, that's weird... Well, you're right, <Name>. Let's not waste any time and start looking around this joint for more clues!
(After investigating Restaurant Terrace)
Frank: Why did you pick up that cook's jacket, <Name>? Thinking about switching your police badge for an apron maybe?
Frank: Oh come on, I'm just teasing! I guess having a look inside these pockets won't take long anyway.
Frank: And I see you've also picked up an order pad... Don't tell me, you want to see what was last written on it, right? Time to get your powder out, then!

Examine Order Pad.
Frank: Hey, the message you've just recovered from the restaurant's order pad was addressed to our victim, Lee Dupree! "Leave me alone or you'll be sorry, Lee!"
Frank: I don't know what Lee did to the note's writer, but they sure weren't happy about it!
Frank: You want to send this over to Russell? Oh come on, that guy's such a fake! I sure could read criminal minds too if I was on his salary!
Frank: Alright, alright, let's get this message to him. But I don't trust the guy... And I don't like the way he sneers at me with that saccharine smile of his.

Analyze Handwriting.
Russell: How nice of you to send some handwriting to me, <Name>! I hadn't exercised that skill in a while, but the person who wrote this threatening note to your victim had very marked handwriting!
Russell: I can tell you straight off that this person is a woman... and that they are between the ages of 15 and 18!
Frank: How'd you figure that out, Einstein?
Russell: Oh, I love your surly idiocy at times, Frank! It's so 80's action hero!
Russell: Only young women in this age gap accentuate the tips of their "L"'s... I won't get into the details of why... But it has everything to do with the birds and the bees!
Frank: Okay, so that means we need to get a list of all the people who've been in that restaurant over the la-
Russell: Ahem, Frank, the note was written on an order pad... And there's only one waitress working at the Gumbo Jumbo, Shawna Knox... Do you see where I'm heading with this?
Frank: Uh, well... Yeah... I mean... I would have thought of that too if you'd given me a minute! Ok, <Name>, let's go talk to this waitress!

Ask Shawna Knox about her message to the victim.
Frank: Hi Shawna, we believe you and Lee Dupree knew each other?
Shawna: Knew each other... Yeah... You could say that...
Frank: Well, we'd be interested in hearing why you wrote a note to him saying that he would be "sorry" if he didn't "leave you alone"...
Shawna: Because the jerk needed a scapegoat and he chose me. Nearly got me fired by blaming me for his mistakes with the cash register!
Shawna: And if I lose this job I lose everything... You know, since my Pop passed away I'm the main breadwinner at home... That's a lot of pressure!

Examine Cook's Jacket.
Frank: Okay, surprise me... What did you find in the cook's jacket you picked up in the restaurant?
Frank: An egg timer? What in the hell are we supposed to do wi-
Frank: ARGG! The darn thing's going off! How do I make it stop, <Name>?!
Ignatius: Whu... What! I'm awake! I'm awake!
Ignatius: Who the heck... What are y'all doing with MY egg timer! Nobody touches that but me!

Talk to Ignatius Dupree about the victim.
Frank: Sorry for waking you up from your nap, Chef, but <Rank> <Name> is here on very important business. We've found one of your waiters, Lee Dupree...
Ignatius: My nephew? Dang, what trouble has that boy got himself into now! Haven't seen him for days... Kinda hoped he'd gone for good, to be honest!
Frank: Uh, well... He's past being in trouble, actually. Your nephew's dead!
Ignatius: Dead! Oh holy jumbalayah! What am I goin' to tell his mother?
Ignatius: She sent him down here from the big city to work with me, hoped it would keep him out of trouble... And that I'd shake a bit of sense into him.
Ignatius: Doesn't look like I did much of a job, does it? Dang, I better go before my next batch of customers arrive... Life goes on and there's gumbo to be served!

Back at the station...
Frank: Well, I'm glad we came back here for a break... Even without a rotting corpse under our noses, the Bayou sure stinks!
Frank: Now, how close do you think we are to figuring out who killed Lee Dupree by skewering him in the heart, <Name>?
Frank: Hm, you're right, since both that cook and Shawna work at the Gumbo Restaurant, we know they're both in contact with shrimp, just like our killer...
Frank: And if we see any of our suspects chewing tobacco, we'll know we're probably getting closer to the culprit, too!
Roxie: Uh guys, someone just stopped me outside the station and handed me this package. I started to open it but then realized it was addressed to <Name>!
Roxie: I'm sorry to say I didn't see who brought it because I was wearing my pre-caffeine, hangover sunglasses... But here is the box. Open it up, <Name>!
Frank: Well, here goes nothing, <Name>! Let's see what's inside that box!

Examine Anonymous Package.
Frank: What in the... Who would be sending a voodoo doll to you, <Name>?! I don't know how we should take this!
Frank: What d'you mean, I should take a closer look at the pins? They're in the doll's shoulders and heart, and so...
Frank: Oh crap! Shoulders and heart, exactly like the skewers on Lee! We've been sent a voodoo doll of our victim!!

Chapter 2

Frank Knight: I can't believe it, <Name>! Someone's sent you a voodoo doll of our victim!
Frank: This doll has pins in exactly the same places than the skewers we found on our victim's body. Does that mean he was killed by some voodoo obsessed psycho?
Frank: <Name>, I really don't know what to think about this, but I don't like it. The world of voodoo is pretty dark, whether you believe in it or not!
Frank: You're right. We should try and find out where this doll came from first of all. Maybe it will help us figure out who sent it to you!
Frank: Aha! Well spotted, <Name>, there's a shop tag on its side... This doll was bought from a shop called "Bill's Voodoo"!
Frank: I agree. Let's go down to the voodoo shop and get this mess straightened out!

Investigate Voodoo Shop.
(Before investigating Voodoo Shop)
Bill: And a very good mojo morning to y'all! I'm Bill, supplier of all things voodoo in the Bayou!
Frank: Hey Bill, this is <Rank> <Name> and they're investigating a possible voodoo related murder. A doll that was bought in your shop bears a striking resemblance to our victim...
Bill: Oh dear me, uh... I think that's my telephone ringing in the back room. I'll be back with you in a minute, but have a look around the shop if you want!
(After investigating Voodoo Shop)
Frank: I see you've definitely made yourself at home <Name>! You've gone straight for the trash can! Ha!
Frank: I'm just yanking your chain! That's not a bad idea at all, there's always something lurking in the trash! I'll let you do the honors though...
Frank: And that weird glass bottle looks like one of those mumbo jumbo potions they sell to tourists... You want to dust it for prints? Well, be my guest!
Frank: And when you're done, can we please go grill Bill about his wares? I'm sure he's hiding something!

Talk to Bill Farnham about the Voodoo Doll.
Frank: Hey Bill, thanks for giving us a minute of your time... I'm sure you must be dead busy in your line of trade! Ha!
Bill: Oh, I wouldn't laugh if I were you: those varmint voodoo spirits don't take so kindly to mocking of the great spiritual arts!
Frank: Whatever. Do you recognize this doll? Its tag says it was purchased at your shop...
Bill: Oh my, ehhh... Uhm... Oh my Lord... Uh...
Bill: Oh I know! There's that swamp dwellin' freak who bought some dolls here a few days ago! Darn it, what's his doggone name again?
Bill: Can't remember, but you can't miss him. Guy's got the shaggiest blonde hair and the most crooked mouth I've ever seen!
Frank: Alright... <Name>, do you think that description's enough for you to knock up a quick ID drawing for us to go by? I can't draw for nuts and I've seen your skills!

Examine Suspect Description.
Frank: Great job, <Name>! I'd say this is as accurate an ID drawing we could get from the description Bill gave us! So our voodoo doll enthusiast is named Eugene!
Frank: Man, he ain't a pretty one though! Well, nothing to be done about it. Let's go stake him out!

Talk to Eugene about the voodoo doll.
In the heart of the Bayou...
Frank: Hello? Helllllooo? Eugene? Come out, come out, wherever you are! There's no need to worry, we're from the police and we just need your help for a minute!
Eugene: Police? Are you going to arrest me for hunting raccoons? Oh, I swear I won't do it again! Booohoohoo!
Frank: Uh, no, Eugene, <Rank> <Name> just wants to know if you're the one who bought this voodoo doll.
Eugene: Oh, sir, I never wanted to touch those devil's toys... But there was just no other way... They were the only thing that would scare the local kids away!
Eugene: But I never put no needles in them! I just hung the dolls around my hut so the kids would stop coming to throw stones at me...
Frank: So this doll isn't yours... Wait there a sec, why are the local kids throwing stones at you?
Eugene: People in the Bayou have shunned me ever since my grammy took me in as a foundling. And now Grammy's dead, I'm left to cook shrimp dishes on my own...
Eugene: I used to cook for her and then we'd spend the evening chewin' tobacco and watching the pretty fireflies from our porch...
Frank: Uhh... Right, well... Thank you, Eugene. I think you've explained everything to <Rank> <Name>. We'll leave you be.

Examine Strange Vial.
Frank: You uncovered perfect prints on that potion bottle you found in the voodoo shop? Well yay for you, I guess.
Frank: Seeing as you're such a whizz with prints, maybe you can see if they match any of those we've already got on file?

Examine Fingerprints.
Frank: Alright, you've shut me up, <Name>! I can't believe the fingerprints you found on that potion bottle belong to our victim! How did you know?!
Frank: What would a city slicker like Lee Dupree be doing with a potion from a voodoo shop?
Frank: Hm, good idea, <Name>. Let's send Yann a small sample of the potion and see if he can tell us what it's used for.

Analyze Vial Sample.
Yann: <Name>, you're spoiling me! That potion sample you sent me is one of the most exciting analyses I've done in years!
Yann: I mean... I just felt as if I were back in Haiti with the old voodoo priestesses all over again!
Frank: Voodoo priestesses? Haiti? Man, Yann... There's a lot you don't tell us at happy hour!
Yann: Well, that's because Roxie does most of the talking! But to get back to this gem of a potion... It's a very powerful aphrodisiac, also called a love potion!
Frank: So our victim wanted to make someone fall in love with him? Hm, I wonder who it was... How d'you think we can figure this out, <Name>?
Yann: If I may, the person who concocted that potion for the victim might be able to help you out. And I'm pretty sure I know who made it!
Yann: I hear the Bayou's most notorious voodoo priestess is Erikah Mabayo. She's quite feared in the community!
Frank: Well, that's just what this kooky case was missing, I guess! I'll get the car ready, <Name>, and then we can go talk to Ms Mabayo.

Talk to Priestess Mabayo about the love potion.
Erikah: I was expecting you, <Rank> <Name>! How do I know your name, you ask? All eyes in the Bayou are an extension of my own...
Frank: Cut the kooky spooky routine, Ms Mabayo. <Rank> <Name> has a few questions about a potion you made for Lee Dupree...
Erikah: It's Priestess Mabayo to you, you puny mortal!
Erikah: Lee Dupree, you say? Hmm... I'm not quite sure if that rings a bell or not. I would need to confer with the spirits to see if-
Frank: We don't have time for spirits, but maybe a spell in the Police cells would help jog your memory, "Priestess"?
Erikah: Alright, I'm the one who made that potion for him. I'm fond of his uncle's shrimp gumbo and luckily money isn't the only means of payment in the Bayou...
Frank: See, that wasn't so hard, was it? And do you know who Lee was intending to give this potion to?
Erikah: Ha, half of the Bayou, probably! That kid made himself out to be a real Casanova! Not a girl in sight he didn't try to woo.
(After talking to Erikah Mabayo)
Frank: Hm, that priestess's got a fiery temper, doesn't she? Wouldn't mind her putting a spell on me...
Frank: Right, now's not the time, I know. Who knows what she might have done to Lee if he got on her bad side?

Examine Garbage.
Frank: Alright, so you've found a napkin from the Gumbo Jumbo restaurant in Bill's trash... What now?
Frank: Oh, right, those shrimp tails mean Bill eats shrimps!
Frank: Alright! Let's go back to the restaurant for another look around!

Investigate Indoor Tables.
Frank: Hmmm... I found nothing of interest on my side... How about you, <Name>?
Frank: You found a BBQ? What are you planning on doing with that? Grilling suspects? Hahaha!
Frank: Now's not the time for a great joke, I get it, <Name>. Well, let's have a look inside that BBQ, shall we?

Examine BBQ.
Frank: Hey, you've just found a skewer in the Gumbo Jumbo restaurant's BBQ...
Frank: Nice catch, <Name>, I gotta say! Let's get this skewer to Yann!

Analyze BBQ Skewer.
Yann: <Name>, I got a real hankering for some Bayou cuisine after analyzing the skewer you found in the BBQ at the Gumbo Jumbo restaurant!
Yann: The skewer had been cleaned, but a few simple procedures helped me retrieve three distinct substances that will interest you. First of all, a layer of Chef Dupree's famous shrimp marinade sauce...
Yann: But there were also tiny crusts of dried blood on that skewer... Blood from Lee Dupree!
Frank: Which means <Name>'s just found the missing skewer, the one that was planted in our victim's chest! We've got our murder weapon!
Yann: And that's not all! There were also traces of foot cream on that skewer, and according to my chemical deposition calculator, this can only have been left by Lee's killer!
Frank: I guess I should give your instincts a little more credit, <Name>. I never would have guessed we were looking for a killer who uses foot cream!
Frank: Good thinking. Seeing that we found the missing murder weapon in Chef Dupree's restaurant, we'd better have a word with him immediately!

Talk to Ignatius about the BBQ Skewer.
Ignatius: You say one of MY cooking utensils killed my nephew! Now, what in the name of crab legs are you tryin' to insinuate?
Frank: That you might have been the psycho that planted the fatal blow to your nephew's heart... Hmmm?
Ignatius: Now you listen here, sonny! Just about half the Bayou passes through my restaurant doors every day... Anyone could have swiped that skewer!
Ignatius: I won't deny I'm mighty relieved to get rid of that no good excuse for a nephew, but that don't mean I was the one who killed him.
Ignatius: Heck, he caused so much trouble down in the Bayou that everyone wanted rid of him. Even that weedy Bill wanted his guts for garters the day he ladled my foot cream into his takeaway gumbo!
Ignatius: Phew, you've made me so angry my mouth's gone dry! Now, where's my chewing tobacco? That always wets my whistle a bit.

Later on, at the Police Station...
Frank: Alright, <Name>, I guess it's time for a little recap! We've got a city kid who moved to the Bayou and swiftly met his death.
Frank: He had a knack for getting on the wrong side of people, but we know that his killer eats shrimp, chews tobacco...
Frank: ... and uses foot cream. Not the most glamorous killer we've dealt with, but I guess that's what's to be expected around here.
Bill: Oh my goodness... Oh my Lord... <Rank> <Name>, I need to talk to you! It's a matter of life and... well, no... just death actually!
Frank: Hey, what the hell is going on here, Bill!? You know you can't just walk in here and demand to see <Rank> <Name>!
Bill: I'm dang sorry <Rank> <Name>, I didn't mean to interrupt you... But I have something important to tell you...
Bill: I... I think... Uh... I'm pretty sure... I'm Lee's murderer!

Chapter 3

Frank Knight: What the heck do you think you're doing, Bill?! You can't just walk in here and demand to see <Rank> <Name>!
Bill: I'm dang sorry <Rank> <Name>, I didn't mean to interrupt you... But I have something to confess...
Bill: I... I think... Uh... I'm pretty sure... I'm responsible for Lee's death! I killed him by planting pins on that voodoo doll!
Frank: What in the... You're the one who sent that voodoo doll to the station?
Bill: NO! Someone must have stolen it from me and sent it to you! I was so afraid when you came to the shop and showed it to me!
Frank: Ok, this is getting weird again. You're right, <Rank> <Name>, we should discuss this in a more private setting. Bill, go wait for us in the interrogation room.
Frank: Good thinking, <Name>... We'd better take another look in Bill's shop and make sure this is the only thing he's been hiding from us!

Talk to Bill about his Voodoo Doll.
Frank: So, Bill... You made a voodoo effigy of Lee Dupree just because he put a little foot cream in your gumbo?
Bill: Lee tormented me! I'd been eating at Chef Dupree's restaurant for years, but now I barely dared go in!
Bill: He kept calling me a stupid, witchdoctor hick! I wanted to show him just what voodoo can do... But I never thought it would kill him!
Bill: My magic must be stronger than I thought... maybe... just maybe... I possess the "gift of gifts"!
Frank: I've had enough of this mumbo jumbo! Bill, apart from making a voodoo pincushion of our victim... Did you ever hurt him physically?
Bill: Oh, no! I never had the courage for fightin'! But I guess now I'll never need to fight, since I've got super voodoo powers!

Investigate Voodoo Display.
Frank: Did you have any luck, <Name>? I can only see voodoo stuff... But that doesn't help much because I don't know what any of it is!
Frank: You found some ripped paper? I suppose it's worth seeing what it was. But I'll be darned if I can piece it back together!
Frank: Hm, and that diary you picked up definitely isn't one of the shop's wares, I wonder how it ended up here. Can you make out what is written on it?

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank: What the heck is on that paper you found in the voodoo shop, <Name>? I can't make head nor tail of what's written...
Frank: But there's our victim's name on it, you're right!
Frank: Well, Yann seemed pretty familiar with voodoo... Good idea, let's send the sheet of paper to him. Hopefully he'll be able to tell us what all the writing on it means.

Analyze Mysterious Paper.
Yann: I have to thank you, <Name>. I hadn't seen a voodoo spell in years, and this one is particularly well-crafted!
Frank: The paper <Name> found in the voodoo shop is actually a voodoo spell? Heh, I guess it makes sense actually...
Yann: Frank, did you even bother to read the thing? "For he that lusted so great and intruded the secrets of the Great, I banish him to the underworld! Let Lee Dupree die unheard".
Frank: Alright, that's some serious cursing right there! Now I understand why you wanted to send this to Yann, <Name>!
Yann: On closer inspection of this spell sheet, I recognized several patterns typical of the Bayou's very own voodoo priestess. You see that symbol, <Name>? It means she is the owner of the spell.
Frank: So Mabayo cursed our victim to death?! Darn, people in the Bayou sure take grudges seriously!
Frank: I agree, <Name>, let's go find that kooky spooky priestess and ask her what her beef was with the victim!

Talk to Priestess Mabayo about her curse on the victim.
Frank: Come on, Ms Mabayo, we know you cast a death curse on Lee Dupree... <Rank> <Name> found the spell sheet in the voodoo shop!
Erikah: Mmm? Oh, quite possibly... I write many death incantations... Whenever someone crosses me, I always have a little excess of ire. But I usually change my mind afterwards...
Frank: Well... May we know what Lee did that made you want to kill him?
Erikah: Oh... Um... Nothing special... If I remember rightly, he interrupted my mystical tobacco chewing ritual...
Erikah: The ritual is thwarted if the sacred words fall on unsanctified ears... And that boy was the least sanctified person in the Bayou!
Erikah: Now, if you don't mind, an evening of voodoo pampering awaits me... I have a new alligator scented foot cream I'm dying to try out!

Examine Diary.
Frank: What in the world is THAT?! Oh, you're right, this diary must belong to Eugene! He's drawn himself there!
Frank: And there's also a drawing of Shawna... and our victim!
Frank: Alright, there are hearts around Shawna... And a drawing of our victim, dead. Guess you can't be clearer than that.
Frank: I agree, <Name>, it looks like Eugene's concocted a miniature romance starring him, Shawna and our victim as the villain! This warrants another chat with him!

Talk to Eugene about his Diary.
Eugene: Yes, those drawings you saw in my diary are of Shawna... She is so pretty and so nice, she's the only one who ever comes to see me!
Frank: We didn't know you were friends... What exactly are those drawings about, Eugene? <Rank> <Name> would very much like to know.
Eugene: Oh! Well last time I had an infected mosquito bite and Shawna gave me some of her foot cream to make it better, see?
Eugene:  But then Lee came and he made fun of her for being nice to me! And then he tried to kiss Shawna but she ran away!
Eugene: He was always bothering her and making her angry. So I swore to myself that next time Lee was mean to Shawna, I'd defend her!
Frank: By killing Lee?
Eugene: Well... I know killing is bad, so I'd never have done it... But I'm still glad Lee won't bother Shawna anymore! There, I said it!
(After talking to Eugene)
Frank: So Lee was actually flirting with Shawna... If you can call chasing her around "flirting", that is.
Frank: So maybe that love potion you found in the voodoo shop was intended for her...
Frank: You're right, Eugene mentioned Shawna gave him some foot cream, which means she uses it too! Nice catch, <Name>!
Frank: Well, I guess the course of action is clear. Let's go find Shawna and ask her about Lee's advances!

Talk to Shawna about her relationship with the victim.
Shawna: Are you serious? You think Lee was flirting with me just because Eugene says so? Look, Eugene's got this crush on me and he just gets carried away, that's all.
Frank: So you're telling us Lee never tried to get frisky with you?
Shawna: The guy had the moves of a 5-year-old kid! Thought that he could make my life hell and I'd fall for him!
Shawna: Look, Lee was an ass, but he... I'd never have let anything happen.
Shawna: Can I just go now, <Rank> <Name>? I need to go clean my teeth before work... I can't serve customers with chewing tobacco breath!
Frank: Woah... Aren't you a little young to be chewing tobacco?!
Shawna: I dunno... Aren't you a little old to be wearing that shirt?

Later on, at the station...
Frank: Ok, this is the perfect time to reconvene. Despite my previous doubts, you've really mastered the Bayou, <Name>!
Frank: Thanks to your instinct and skill we now know that our killer is a shrimp-eating, tobacco-chewing, foot cream-loving psycho! And that matches the profile of several suspects!
Frank: All we need now is one last lead on our killer, but where do you think we'd find that?
Frank: Oh, you're right, <Name>. We should return to the scene of the crime one last time. There's always something lurking in the swamps!

Investigate Swamp Boat.
Frank: Well... It still stinks like hell down here... But I see that hasn't put you off the scent of our killer!
Frank: You've found a pocket knife, and it has our victim's name on it? Now that looks promising! I agree... Let's have a closer look at it!
Frank: But a bird's nest... Really? I know my memory's not the finest, but last time I checked, our killer was wingless, eh?
Frank: Let me know if you find our killer nesting in it! Ha!

Examine Bird's Nest.
Frank: Um... Ok, you've found suspenders in that bird's nest... So what? Bayou bird will make their nests out of any old thing!
Frank: You want to send those suspenders to the lab? Man, you really take this whole forensic thing seriously! As you wish... We'll see what Yann has to say about them!

Analyze Suspenders.
Yann: <Rank> <Name>, I don't believe I've ever met anyone with your instincts! The suspenders you found in the bird's nest are a vital clue!
Frank: Wait, seriously?
Yann: Of course! Those suspenders show traces of the exact same batch of shrimp sauce that was found on the murder weapon and in the victim's wounds!
Frank: Are you telling us those suspenders belong to Lee's killer?!
Frank: Alright, <Name>, spit it out. How did you know it? Are you hiding stuff from me?
Yann: Now, Frank, <Name>'s just got good instincts! You used to as well, back in the day...
Frank: Hey, I still have the touch! Anyway, good job, <Name>. Now we know Lee's killer is a suspender-wearing freak!

Examine Pocket Knife.
Frank: That was a quick collect job, <Name>! You've found a powdery substance on our victim's pocket knife!
Frank: And you've also pricked my curiosity... Let's get this sample over to the lab and see what Yann makes of it!

Analyze Powdery Substance.
Yann: You say you found this powder on the victim's knife, <Name>? Hm, interesting...
Frank: Yann, if you don't mind, can we be made privy to what's going on in your head? We're kinda trying to catch a killer here!
Yann: Oh yes, sorry. Well this substance is actually residue from a cowrie shell. They're small shells typically worn as decoration in a person's hair.
Yann: Nothing out of the ordinary, but now you've told me it was found on your victim's knife, it changes everything!
Yann: You see, the only way this powdery residue could have ended on Lee's knife is if he struck a cowrie shell with it. And how could that have happened?
Yann: Exactly, <Name>: if he was defending himself against his attacker! Which also means that his killer wears cowrie shells in their hair!
Frank: Well, I don't know much about hairstyling, but thanks to you, <Name>, we're closer than ever to our killer!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: Well, you did it, <Name>... You battled through stinking swamps and charlatan sorcery to find Lee's killer!
Frank: I bet they never thought they'd be caught down in the Bayou... Let's go prove them wrong!

Arrest Killer.
Frank: Shawna Knox, you are under arrest for the brutal murder of Lee Dupree. You have the right to remain silent bu-
Shawna: No! You don't understand! One of us was going to get hurt that day and it wasn't going to be me!
Frank: Aha! So you admit that you killed Lee Dupree?
Shawna: Well, I... I can't really deny it now that <Rank> <Name> has caught up with me... But it was self-defense! Lee... He...
Shawna: He tried to force himself on me! What choice did I have? I couldn't live with myself if I didn't fight back... And he wasn't going to back down!
Shawna: Anyone who is as low as he was DESERVES a horrible end! ARGGHHHHH!
Frank: Ok... Uh, Shawna. That's enough talking for now. But you'll have to face up to Judge Dante and tell him exactly what happened. You're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Now Shawna, you've been brought before us today on first degree murder charges, but you have chosen to submit a plea of guilty to manslaughter...
Honorable Dante: But if it was self-defense, why did you have those three skewers on your person in the first place?
Shawna: The day Lee started working in the restaurant, I saw he had a violent streak. At first he just bullied me...
Shawna: But then he took a shine to me, and he wouldn't stop flirting even though I made it clear I wasn't interested! He kept trying to corner me!
Shawna: That's why I started carrying skewers from the restaurant in my bag... just to be safe! And when he trapped me in the swamp, I was ready for him!
Shawna: I killed him with the first skewer to the heart, but I added another two in his shoulders so it would look like one of the local voodoo freaks did it.
Frank: "Voodoo freaks"? Shawna... You're the one who sent Bill's voodoo doll to <Rank> <Name>?
Shawna: Um... Yes. I'm sorry for poor Bill, but when <Rank> <Name> turned up in the Bayou I was scared I'd be found out...
Shawna: I remembered seeing Bill making a voodoo doll of Lee that had wounds in exactly the same places and, well... I knew Bill would believe he was the killer too!
Honorable Dante: Well, as much as I pity you for the way Lee Dupree treated you, I must say that you have shown a cruel disregard for others in your cover up strategy...
Honorable Dante: I accept the plea for manslaughter, Miss Knox, but am forced to send you to an institution for violent minors. It will help you build better coping strategies and a new life when you are released.

Frank: People have rough lives in the Bayou sometimes. I'm sorry that girl found herself in that position, but the law is the law no matter where you are in Pacific Bay.
Frank: I'm not great with compliments, but I'm real glad you came to the Bayou with me, <Name>. No mystical mumbo jumbo can fool you and that'll come in handy!

Additional Investigation

Yann Toussaint: Hey, <Name>! I was wondering if you'd be up for some gumbo? I heard the restaurant you were investigating makes a great one!
Frank: Ugh, no way! Have you seen the state of this restaurant? The chef himself is a sanitary hazard!
Frank: I've been sporting the worst headache ever since I woke up, I don't want to get food poisoning on top of it! I'm not going back there unless it's for a health inspection!
Yann: Aren't you over-reacting? Look, why don't you come with <Name> and I, and we'll check up the place before we try eating anything.

Later, at the restaurant...
Yann: I don't see what's the problem, sure the place isn't the cleanest, but it's not that gross... It's the Bayou after all!
Frank: You say that now, but wait until you've met the chef! Seriously, <Name>, I'm not eating here until we've had a look around the place!
Yann: Suit yourself. But <Name>, could you introduce me to the chef when you get the chance? I'd love to hear about his gumbo recipe!

Talk to Ignatius about Gumbo.
Ignatius: <Rank> <Name>, you're back! Did something horrible happen again?
Yann: Actually I asked <Rank> <Name> to bring me here for the gumbo. I would love to discuss your recipe, I've heard it's the best around town.
Ignatius: You heard right! My persimmon gumbo is Bayou Bleu's best dish, hands down!
Ignatius: Keep this to yourselves, but it's the persimmons that grow near the pier that do the trick. They don't taste like any other!
Yann: That's the secret? <Rank> <Name>, would you mind accompanying me to the pier? I'm curious as to what makes these particular persimmons so perfect...

Investigate Swamp Pier.
Yann: I knew I could count on your eyes, <Name>! These must be the persimmons Ignatius told us about...
Yann: But I've never seen fruits with blue seeds before... This cannot be natural! I think we ought to collect a sample of those seeds, you're right.

Examine Persimmons.
Yann: I agree, <Name>. Maybe Frank was correct about the sanitary values of Mr Dupree's gumbo... Those blue persimmon seeds are worrying, I'd better bring them back to the lab!

Analyze Blue Seeds.
Yann: <Name>, I analyzed the seeds you extracted from the persimmons you found at the pier, and I have good news: the fruits aren't poisonous!
Yann: That blue hue is actually due to some of the minerals coming from the alkaline swamps water. That's extremely unusual, but not dangerous!
Yann: You're right, we should give Ignatius the seeds left. Do you think he'll agree to give us his gumbo recipe in return?

Give Ignatius some persimmon seeds.
Yann: Ignatius, <Rank> <Name> has brought you some persimmon seeds for your gumbo.
Ignatius: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! Those seeds will be a great help! I ain't got much time to replenish my stocks myself anymore...
Yann: Now, tell me, would you mind sharing your gumbo recipe? My wife, Jessica, has always loved gumbo, and our wedding anniversary is soon. I'd like to surprise her!
Ignatius: What a sweet fella! Must be nice havin a sweetheart to cook gumbo for... Sure, I'll give you my recipe, but only once you've tried it! Have a seat, I'll bring you a dish!
Ignatius: Also, take those gift vouchers, <Rank> <Name>! Buy them a shiny anniversary present for me, would ya?

Investigate Restaurant Terrace.
Frank: Are you sure, <Name>? You didn't find anything unsanitary? No rats, no cockroaches? I've got a hard time believing it!
Frank: Ah, you found a bag! I bet you there's some rotten food in there! I'll let you handle this, you know what you're doing...

Examine Groceries.
Frank: Another voodoo doll?! Voodoo is way too damn popular among the freaks living here!
Frank: This one looks pretty spiffy though... What? No, <Name>, it doesn't look like me! I mean, sure the shirt is a bit similar... And the haircut, alright, but-
Frank: Damn, it's really me! Someone tried to do some mojo on me! You're right, let's get this to Russell, this kind of crazy is right up his alley!

Analyze Voodoo Doll.
Russell: I've got to say this voodoo doll looks better than the model, don't you agree <Name>?
Russell: But I jest. Whoever made this doll isn't kindly disposed towards you, Frank. It's been created as a warning. Someone wants you t-
Roxie: Hey, where did you get a doll of yourself, Frank? That's so cool, I want one of me!
Frank: Ugh, I think my headache just got worse. I didn't make that doll, Roxie, someone tried to throw a curse on me, and if I find them, they'll bleed!
Roxie: A curse? What did Frank get himself into this time, <Name>? Did he get on the bad side of a voodoo priestess?
Russell: Actually, that's exactly what he did. Frank, this doll was clearly made by a professional practitioner of the voodoo arts. Whatever you did, you had better make amends.
Roxie: Curses, voodoo... This sounds fun! Can I tag along if you go see this priestess, <Name>?
Frank: We're not going anywhere! This is just a headache, it'll pass!
Frank: Seriously, <Name>? You think we should go see Mabayo? ... Well, if you say so. But she'd better not try any more mumbo jumbo on me!

Question Erikah Mabayo about the doll.
Erikah: I knew you would find the doll, <Rank> <Name>. I left it in your path as a fair warning, before you and your friend erred deeper into the swamps... I do not think you fully realize what you're getting into.
Frank: <Rank> <Name> knows exactly what they're getting into, thank you very much. Now lift this bloody curse so we can go back to civilization!
Erikah: Are you saying my "mumbo jumbo" is having an effect on you, Detective? Voodoo relies on faith. If you do not believe, you should not feel pain...
Frank: I don't believe but I AM in pain! You must have done SOMETHING! Undo it!
Erikah: Do not expect me to help you when you belittle my power and the power of the Spirits! Now leave me be, I have rituals to attend to!
Erikah: <Rank> <Name>, I will leave you with a warning and a gift. Bayou Bleu isn't a welcoming territory. Grab a snack, I predict you'll need it!
(After talking to Erikah Mabayo)
Roxie: Whoa, that was intense! I'd never really thought about voodoo before, but I have to say, I like the sound of it!
Frank: I'm glad you're enjoying my pain, Roxie. Now can we go? My head feels like it's going to burst.
Roxie: <Name>'s right, we'd better look for a counter-spell somewhere else, that's all! Didn't you talk about a voodoo shop? Maybe we'll find what we need there!

Investigate Voodoo Shop.
Roxie: Nice catch, <Name>! The voodoo manual you found will help us cure Frank from Franky-doll's curse!
Frank: Chanting some mumbo jumbo in Latin from that book will only make my ears bleed!
Roxie: Nonsense, voodoo isn't writen in Latin! And this ritual looks perfect, but the catalyst symbol is erased. Do you think you could retrieve it, <Name>?

Examine Voodoo Manual.
Roxie: The "Purification Ritual" is clear as day thanks to you, <Name>! Let's try it! We'll need some raven blood...
Frank: Wait! I don't want you to play witchcraft on me, Roxie! I wouldn't even trust <Name> with that!
Frank: Good idea, <Name>, let's ask Bill for help with that ritual. He's crazy, but if we don't do something I might have to knock myself out.

Ask Bill to help you with the ritual.
Bill: Oh I'm afraid I can't help you, <Rank> <Name>. My powers are too great. I might curse your friend further without meaning to do it!
Frank: Honestly by this point I'm willing to risk it. Just do the freaking ritual, okay?
Bill: Well it... it looks simple enough. Let's see, I'll need some candles, and...
(Half an hour later...)
Bill: And now all that is left to do is to take away the pin from the doll, like this!
Frank: OW!!
Frank: ... Hey, I'm good! My head doesn't hurt anymore! What the...
Bill: I cured you! My powers are growing stronger by the hour! Here, <Rank> <Name>, take those gris-gris! They'll protect you from any voodoo curses!

Later, at the station...
Yann: Thanks to you, <Name>, Frank's headache is gone, and I've got the perfect gumbo recipe!
Yann: It'll be the perfect gift to remind my beloved Jess of our honeymoon in Louisiana.
Roxie: Hey Frank, d'you mind if I keep your Franky-doll? There's some stuff I'd like to try...
Frank: Oh no! You're not trying anything on that doll! Aren't you supposed to be a scientist anyway? Don't let Mabayo's stuff get to your head!
Frank: Roxie, come back with that doll! I don't want that headache to come back, d'you hear?!
Chief Marquez: You have a headache, Frank? I guess your night at the whiskey bar to "celebrate an investigation well done" didn't turn out that well, then?
Frank: The whiskey bar... OH! I had forgotten that!
Chief Marquez: Maybe if you didn't drink so much, Frank, you wouldn't forget! You're lucky I'm not suspending you on the spot!
Chief Marquez: <Name>, I'm glad you're such a good <Rank>. I know Amy is really looking up to you. Now if only Frank could do the same!

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