Barbara Pickley was the killer of her daughter-in-law, roller derby captain Susie Pickley, in Dead Girl Rolling (Case #4 of Pacific Bay).


Barbara is the 61-year-old mother-in-law of the victim, being the mother to her husband, Howard Pickley. sporting short brown hair red lipstick. Barbara wears a beige blouse with plant drawings at the left side of her blouse and wears a charm necklace. It is known that Barbara plays the guitar and practices yoga.

Height 5'3"
Age 61
Weight 132 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Barbara was called into the investigation when Amy and the player found a book (The Woman Warrior by Constance Bell), forensically dusted the book for fingerprints, and matched those fingerprints to be hers. Prior to the first conversation, Amy mentioned Barbara being arrested 18 years ago for unruly behavior during a women's rights march. Barbara claimed Susie was once shy, but grew to think of Susie as a natural daughter, and to be confident in her own strength, which were the reasons as to why Barbara gave Susie the book.

Barbara was suspected of "snooping" on Susie when Becky Walden confessed to the team the blogging recognition company was a fraud and issued a USB Key for Hannah to analyze, revealed Barbara duped Becky to spy on Susie. Barbara abhorred roller derby as a scantily-clad sport not to mention women beating each other. Barbara was very protective of Susie because she feared the roller derby world would one day have Susie cheating on Howard.

Barbara was found to be guilty of the murder. Upon arrest, Barbara claimed that Susie's entry into the roller derby scene led her to engage in activities against Barbara's moral compass. When she realized that Susie was flirting with Lenny Spitfire, she feared that Susie would leave Howard. She then resorted to lacing Susie's drink with Rocket Cow, which induced an anaphylactic shock in Susie. Judge Dante sentenced her to 25 years in jail.


  • In her arrest image, her hair has a lighter color and her star charm is silver. This is likely a developer oversight.
  • Barbara is one of the killers who committed domestic homicide in Pacific Bay; in this instance, she turned out to be the killer of her daughter-in-law.

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