Director Balthazar Torres was a suspect in the murder investigation of convicted archaeology professor Theresa Rosenthal in The Third Degree (Case #25 of Supernatural Investigations).


Balthazar is the 63-year old FBI Director of Interrogation. He has short dirty blond hair, black eyes, and a moustache. He wears a formal white shirt with a purple tie underneath a light grey blazer with a name tag on the left lapel. It is known that Balthazar has access to experimental truth serum, eats fiddlehead ferns and rides a bicycle.

Height 5'7"
Age 63
Weight 163 lbs
Eyes black
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Balthazar became a suspect after FBI Agent George Mathison and the player found his mug in the interrogation room. He revealed that Theresa had shot herself before he had arrived to conduct his interrogation. He thought that questioning Theresa further was a waste of resources as the event in question had been ruled as an accident and Theresa had already accepted responsibility for it. He then asked if the player was a new recruit. George lied and told him that the player had been brought in to investigate Theresa's "suicide".

Balthazar was spoken to again about his history of threatening suspects in interrogation after George and the player discovered (per Felix) that a suspect whom Balthazar had inappropriately interrogated had killed himself. When George brought up the incident, Balthazar said that he had been proven innocent and had merely done his job, despite being a bit aggressive. He then claimed that he had been biking home with Agent Bucky Johnson when the suspect had killed himself.

Balthazar was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Reggie Pratt for Theresa's "suicide".

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