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Back in the present, 2029...
Kai Malano: <Name>, according to the time circuits, we're home: New York, 2029!
Jack (with Zara & Nebet): Awesome! We're finally back!
Amy: I can't wait to see the Chief and tell him everything; about our sabotaged time machine, about Leonardo da Vinci fixing the-
Theo: Can the official briefing wait until tomorrow? I'm ready for a shower, and the longest nap in history!
Janis: Let's go outside, everyone! To breathe the sweet air of 2029 again!

Outside the time machine...
Orlando (with Penelope): Home, sweet home, <Name>!
Jack: Wait... some of these buildings look familiar, but is that a giant pyramid in the middle of Manhattan?
Zara: What's been happening in New York since we've been gone?
Egyptian Guards: You! Stop there!
Jack (with Zara): Who are you? And what-
Egyptian Guards: Silence! You're under arrest by order of the Pharaoh!
Amy: Under arrest? Sir, we're agents of the Temporal Crimes-
Egyptian Guards: We know who you are! Enemies of the Ptolemy Dynasty! We have orders to seize your time machine and take you to the New Cairo Penitentiary!
Nebet: New Cairo? What are you-
Egyptian Guards (grabbing Nebet): You, girl! With the Egyptian facial markings! You're coming with us to the palace!
Jack: Take your hands off Nebet, she's-
Egyptian Guards: Quiet, outlaws! "<Rank>" <Name>, your adventure's over! Your cell awaits. Let's go!

Jack: <Name>, what's happening? Why are we prisoners?
Theo (with a black eye): I tried asking those guards, but they gave me a black eye instead of answers.
Jack: We were ambushed, <Name>! Those guards were waiting for us to return, to seize our time machine and arrest us!
Marina: What about this "palace," where they've taken Nebet? What if they discover she's from the past? Or if they hurt her?
Orlando: Those guards looked Egyptian... and they said New York was now called New Cairo. Nebet being Egyptian might work in her favor.
Kai: But... I don't understand! My readings confirmed we landed in New York, 2029... except this isn't the 2029 I remember!
Amy: Something's very wrong. We must find the Chief and figure out what's happened. Which means we have to get out of here!
Amy: <Name>'s right, let's search our cell for anything that might help us escape. Come on, team! We can do this!

Chapter 1

Investigate Jail Cell.
Amy Young: <Name>, I think one of the guards dropped that piece of paper. It looks like a to-do list!
Zara: Luckily I grabbed the forensic kit from the time machine. Let's recover the faded text and see if it'll help us escape!

Examine To-Do List.
Amy: The guard's paper has "password" written on it, <Name>! This could be a way out of here!
Orlando: There's a drawing of an Egyptian deity. Perhaps it we type their name into that security panel, it'll open the cell door!
Amy: It's worth a try. <Name>, can you reach that security panel? Careful not to touch those laser bars!

Examine Security Panel.
Amy: That drawing's of Anubis, <Name>! That's the password, and it's deactivated the laser bars... we're free!
Amy: Alright, everyone, let's get out of here before-
Guard: Not so fast!
Guard: Did you think you could-
Guard: WHACK!
(Penelope hits the guard, making him collapse.)
Penelope: Ha, it worked! I learned that trick from Alexandre in King Francis' court!
(Penelope leaves.)
Amy: Good job, Penelope!
Amy: Let's hurry to T.I.M.E. headquarters! If there's anywhere we'll find answers, it's there!

At Times Square...
Jack: <Name>, this is Times Square... expect it's not. Everything is different somehow!
Kai: And there's hieroglyphics everywhere. The city looks like a strange mix of modern New York, and... ancient Egypt!
Zara: I have a bad feeling about this, <Name>. Where's T.I.M.E. headquarters? All I see here is an apartment building!
Marina: But we're definitely at the right address...
Marina: ... and <Name>'s right! One of the residents of that building is "Christopher Scott"! The Chief must live here!
Amy: Well, those guards are after us, so we can't stand here talking. Let's go upstairs and find the Chief. He'll explain everything!

Investigate Chief's Living Room.
Amy: My God, <Name>... the Chief... he's dead!
Theo: Someone's slashed his throat with that electric knife! Look at all this blood!
Amy: No! How can the Chief be gone! Why would anyone do this?!
(Amy cries.)
Jack: This is a nightmare, <Name>! First we're arrested, and our time machine is drastically altered...
Jack: ... and now our Chief's been murdered?! What the heck is going on?!
Orlando: I think deep down we all know what this means. There's clearly been a major disruption of the timeline!
Penelope: This is not our 2029. We're in New Cairo, ruled by a strange Egyptian dynasty. We have no way to contact T.I.M.E., and for some reason, we're wanted criminals.
Amy (angry): Well, we might be fugitives, but we're also the best detectives in history. We must get to the bottom of this!
Amy: Janis, Theo, I want you to set up makeshift labs in the Chief's apartment.
Janis: I'll examine the body straight away, <Name>. I won't have my equipment, but I'll do my best.
Amy: <Name>, Jack, you examine that electric knife. It must be our murder weapon! Go ahead and collect some of that strange substance from the blade.
Amy: And we should search this apartment for more clues. We must learn everything we can about our Chief in this alternate timeline. Let's get to work!

Investigate Chief's Living Room again.
Amy: <Name>, you found a photograph of the Chief! He's very young, but I'd recognize him anywhere!
Jack: That's his graduation from the New Cairo College of Science... which means the Egyptians already ruled when the Chief was young.
Amy: But it also means not everything is different in this timeline. Our Chief also studied science, he was a nuclear physicist before he joined T.I.M.E.
Jack: Who's the other guy in the other photo? Do you recognize him?
Amy: No. But now that we're back in 2029, we can probably find this guy through social media.
Amy: And putting that torn paper back together should be easy, <Name>. Come on, team, let's do this for the Chief!

Examine Graduation Picture.
Amy: <Name>, the guy in the Chief's graduation photo is his brother, Emmett! I found him on FriendNet and sent him a message.
Amy: He's agreed to come here and talk with us! Hopefully we can convince the Chief's brother to help us find the killer!

Inform Emmett Scott of his brother's murder.
Emmett: Whoever you people are, you're telling me my brother's been murdered? That's insane!
Amy: You don't know the half of it.
Emmett: And what are you doing in Chris' apartment?
Amy: We're your brother's friends. We came for a visit, and found him dead. Believe us, we're just as dismayed!
Amy: We're trying to understand what happened, before the cops... I mean-
Emmett: I don't blame you for not trusting the cops! They're a bunch of corrupt bullies with no interest in helping anyone!
Emmett: But I can't tell you much about my brother, I didn't see him very often. Especially after he got fired.
Amy: Fired? From the T.I.M.E. agency?
Emmett: What "time agency"? No, from the research institute. Physics or something. That's what he's been doing ever since he graduated.
Emmett: But they let him go about a year ago, and Chris got depressed. Stopped going out, hardly returned my calls. It's sad to say, but I bet his landlord knows more about my brother than I do!
Emmett: Anyway, I'd better go. You look like a decent bunch... let's have a drink one day to honor his memory.

Amy: <Name>, my head is spinning! Apparently, the Chief never worked for T.I.M.E. in this timeline! He was a scientist all his life!
Kai: Yeah, his brother's never even heard of the agency!
Amy: <Name>'s right, we should talk to that landlord Emmett mentioned. There's a directory by the front door, his name is Abrax Tiakken, he lives on the top floor.
Amy: But we'd better pretend to be private detectives. We don't want Mr Tiakken calling the real cops!

Talk to the Chief's landlord about the murder.
Amy: Mr. Tiakken, we're private detectives, investigating the murder of one your tenants, Christopher Scott.
Abrax: What? That guy in 257B is dead? Do you know how hard it'll be to find a new tenant?
Abrax: Anyway, go ahead and ask your questions.
Amy: Was there ever a government agency in this building? Something called-
Abrax: Government agency? No, it's always been an apartment building. My family's owned it for years.
Amy: I see... and what about Mr Scott. Did you know him?
Abrax: No. He was always pretty quiet, exactly the kind of tenant I like. Although he's been late with his rent recently, since he lost his job.
Abrax: Anyway, I better start putting an advert together, now that I have a vacant apartment!

Examine Torn Card.
Amy: <Name>, I can't believe the Chief's dead! I thought we'd be giving him a debrief, not solving his murder!
Jack: I know, things are pretty bleak. But we've got another clue: the torn paper <Name> found is a taxi driver named Lenny Saunders.
Amy: Let's call Mr Saunders and have him meet us out front of the building!

Ask Lenny Saunders what he knows about the Chief.
Lenny: Somebody call a taxi? Where are you folks headed?
Amy: We don't need a ride. We're after information about one of your passengers.
Lenny: Information? If you're not paying for a ride, I don't have time for talk!
Amy: Please, Mr Saunders, we need your help. Our friend's dead, and we need to know that happened to him. His name was Chris Scott.
Lenny: Mr Scott? Yeah, he's a regular. I drove him home last night.
Amy: Last night? Where did you pick him up?
Lenny: Well, it was over by those... look, I ain't done nothing wrong!
Amy: Mr Saunders, we-
Lenny: Forget it! I don't wanna get mixed up in any funny business!
Amy: Let him go, <Name>. We can contact Mr Saunders if we need him!

Examine Electric Knife.
Jack: Nice work collecting that substance from the electric knife, <Name>! Let's see what Theo can make of it!

Analyze Creamy Substance.
Theo: I found an old microscope the Chief had lying around, <Name>, so I've set up a makeshift lab in his bathroom.
Theo: But you won't believe this! I looked up my family, to see whether they are okay in this timeline...
Theo: I found them online, but our entire family fortune has disappeared! My parents run a small bakery in New Cairo!
Theo: I wish I could contact them, but while we're wanted fugitives, it's too dangerous!
Jack: We're all concerned about our loved ones. But right now, we must focus on our investigation. Like that creamy substance <Name> found on the murder weapon!
Theo: The compound is a mixture of beeswax and tallow... the primary ingredients of leather conditioner. Or more specifically, crocodile skin leather!
Jack: Crocodile skin?
Theo: Yes. Crocodiles are sacred to the Egyptians, and are considered a symbol of power. In New Cairo, wearing crocodile skin shoes must be a real status symbol!
Theo: If the killer smudged this leather conditioner on the murder weapon, they must be wearing crocodile skin shoes!
Jack: <Name>, you'll have to hold me back from skinning them alive, once I get my hands on the Chief's killer!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: Isn't this terrible, <Name>? Not only has our world been turned upside down, the Chief's been murdered!
Janis: Who knows what's happened to our timeline! I hope my grandchildren are okay!
Amy: We'll find answers to all our questions, Janis. But first, we must catch the Chief's killer!
Janis: Well, I don't need my lab to tell you the Chief's throat was cut with that electric knife you found, <Name>. It's a nasty wound!
Amy: Who would do such a thing?
Janis: While I can't tell you exactly who, I've started to build a profile of the killer.
Janis: I found traces of carbonated liquid deep in the wound, splashed there by the killer during the murder. I suspected it was some kind of soft drink.
Janis: There was nothing in the apartment, so I went and bought every fizzy drink I could find from the shop downstairs.
Janis: After cross-referencing them all, I've determined the killer splashed Rocket Sphinx into the throat wound! It's an energy drink!
Amy: The killer will need they can get to stay ahead of you, <Name>!

Outside the Chief's apartment...
Amy: <Name> we've faced incredible odds getting back to 2029... only to find everything's changed!
Amy: The New York we know is gone, replaced by the bizarre New Cairo!
Amy: Our time machine's been confiscated, we're wanted criminals, and Nebet's been captured!
Amy: And worst of all, Chief Scott is... dead!
Jack: So far, our investigation has been almost fruitless, <Name>!
Jack: The Chief's brother, Emmett, said that in this timeline, he was a nuclear scientist. But Emmett knew nothing about T.I.M.E.
Kai: I've done some searching on the Internet, <Name>, and from what I can tell, the agency, and even time travel itself, don't exist in this timeline!
Jack: That's nuts! Meanwhile, the building's landlord hardly knew anything about the Chief's personal life, and that taxi driver was afraid to even talk to us!
Jack: We must find out what caused this mess... starting by solving the the Chief's murder!
Anna: Did you say murder? You're the people asking questions about that dead guy upstairs?
Jack: Maybe... what's it to you?
Anna: For the right price, I might have information you'd be interested in...
Anna: I saw the killer run out of the building!

Chapter 2

Amy Young: <Name> we've faced incredible odds getting back to 2029, only to find everything's changed!
Amy: ... and the Chief's been murdered!
Jack: We've hit rock bottom, <Name>. Our time machine's been confiscated, we're wanted fugitives, and Nebet's been captured!
Kai: Not only that, the agency, and even time travel itself, don't exist in this timeline!
Jack: We must find out what caused this mess... starting by solving the Chief's murder!
Anna: Did you say murder?
Anna: You're the people asking questions about that dead you're gonna upstairs?
Jack: Maybe... and who might you be?
Anna: The name's Anna Blanchard. And for the right price, I can tell you who did it.
Anna: I saw the killer run out of the building!
Jack: You saw the killer?! You've got our attention, lady! Tell us everything!

Get a description of the killer from Anna Blanchard.
Amy: So, Ms Blanchard. You claim you saw the killer?
Anna: How 'bout coughing up a couple of dirhams first?
Amy: We don't have any... dirhams.
Anna: Well, I don't give anything away. I'm outta here!
Amy: Not so fast! If you know something about this murder, you're gonna spill it!
Anna: Alright, alright!
Anna: I was rummaging through the garbage, when somebody threw a blood-stained glove in the trash!
Amy: A blood-stained glove? <Name>, that must've been the killer! Did you see what they looked like?
Anna: No. When I looked up, they'd already run off!
Anna: You'll find that glove in the garbage can on the corner, but I'm not fishing it out for you!
Amy: Do you know Christopher Scott, the man who was killed? Or anyone else from this building?
Anna: Nah, I just hang out here asking for change!
Amy: Alright. C'mon, <Name>! If the killer discarded evidence in the street, we must find it!

Investigate Street.
Amy: This must be the trash can that drifter mentioned. Let's dig in and look for the killer's glove!
Amy: But what's so interesting about that book, <Name>? 1987, by George Torwell. That sounds almost familiar, but not quite.
Amy: Something's written on the inside cover, "257B." That's Chief Scott's apartment number! This book must be his!
Amy: Let's retrieve the rest of what's written here!

Examine Faded Text.
Amy: <Name>, there's a dedication written inside this book... in the Chief's handwriting!
Amy: It says: "Rehema, I think you'll like this - the guy from 257B."
Amy: You've seen this name before, <Name>? Right, the building's directory of tenants lists a Rehema Tamun in apartment 258A - she's the Chief's neighbor!
Amy: Clearly the Chief and this Rehema Tamun were acquainted... which means we should speak with her!

Talk to the Chief's neighbor.
Amy: Ms Tamun? We're friends of your neighbor, Christopher Scott. We have some questions about his murder.
Rehema: Isn't it awful? I can't believe it happened right next door!
Amy: Did you know Mr Scott very well? We found this book and-
Rehema: Put that away! 1987 is banned, regarded as a manifesto against the Ptolemy Dynasty!
Amy: Sorry! We're not here to get you into trouble!
Rehema: That wasn't Chris' intention either. He was fascinated by history, collecting books about the past.
Rehema: We'd chat in the hall sometimes about literature, and quickly realized we were kindred spirits. So he trusted me to show me that book.
Rehema Watch out, it's a dangerous world out there. For whatever reason, Chris ended up dead. Be careful you aren't next!

Examine Trash Can.
Amy: Jackpot, <Name>! This glove you've found in the trash is covered in blood!
Amy: The killer's glove could go a long way towards solving the Chief's murder, so let's get it to Theo's "lab"!

Analyze Bloody Glove.
Theo: <Name>, this glove's a valuable clue! It definitely belonged to the killer!
Theo: A rudimentary analysis of this blood has confirmed it's the Chief's.
Theo: Unfortunately, apart from the blood, there are no other traces of any kind.
Amy: Then how's it a valuable clue?
Theo: Well, this section of clear plastic is unusual. It looks like a small window.
Theo: I did some research, and it turns out this window allows the glove's wearer to use a subcutaneous microchip!
Amy: Subcute... a what?
Theo: A microchip, embedded under a person's skin. Apparently, citizens of New Cairo can use these chips - called a GyptChip - for anything from digital payments to accessing their homes.
Theo: This window allows people to swipe their GyptChip, even while they're wearing gloves. Which means your killer-
Amy: ... has a GyptChip! Well, it won't be long before we're under the killer's skin!
Amy: And if they discarded evidence outside, <Name>, maybe they left other clues inside the apartment. Let's look around again!

Investigate Chief's Desk.
Amy: Even in this dystopian world of New Cairo, you can trust the Chief to have a messy desk!
Amy: Wait, <Name>, that letter you've found addresses the Chief as... the Chief! How's that possible? T.I.M.E. doesn't even exist here.
Amy: And that handwriting looks strangely familiar. Let's clear away this residue to see who wrote this letter!
Amy: And if you think that broken device is important, <Name>, go ahead and reassemble it!

Examine Dusty Letter.
Amy: No wonder that handwriting's so familiar, <Name>... it's mine! This is the letter we left for the Chief... 60 years ago!
Amy: "Dear Chief. Our time machine was sabotaged, we are stranded in 1969" this was our call for help!
Amy: But in this alternate timeline, Christopher Scott wasn't our Chief, and had no idea who we were!
Amy: This letter must've been pure nonsense to him. Do you think he might've shown it to anyone else?
Amy: Perhaps that gray residue will give us a clue. Let's put it under the microscope Theo found!

Examine Grey Powder.
Amy: That gray residue you collected off our letter to the Chief is cigar ash, <Name>.
Amy: Wait! The Chief's brother Emmett was smoking the cigar... is it possible he's read our letter?
Amy: He claimed he'd never heard of T.I.M.E., but maybe he knows more than he's letting on!
Amy: Let's invite the Chief's brother back for that drink he suggested. We can slip the letter into our conversation!

Show the Chief's brother our letter from the past.
Emmett: I'm glad you invited me for that drink. Hopefully my brother has something in the house, all I had at home was Rocket Sphinx!
Amy: Thanks for coming, Mr Scott. While you're here, we wanted to ask you about this letter.
Emmett: Argh, my crazy brother and that blasted letter!
Emmett: I told you Chris had become a recluse after losing his job. But it was much worse than that. He was losing his mind!
Emmett: Chris kept going on about how this world wasn't right. New Cairo wasn't supposed to be this way!
Emmett: He was so paranoid, he wouldn't even let me use my GyptChip while I was around!
Amy: Did your brother talk about time travel before he received this letter?
Emmett: Yes! And he claimed the "letter from the past" proved everything!
Emmett: Corresponding with people about time machines, calling him "Chief"! It's madness!
Emmett: We got into a huge argument. Before things go violent, I turned on the heels of my crocodile skin shoes and left.
Emmett: I wish my brother had listened to reason. I just hope this lunacy didn't get him killed!

Examine Broken Machine.
Amy: This device looks like a modem. The Chief would've used this to connect to the Internet!
Amy: We can analyze this modem to learn more about the Chief, and maybe get a lead on his killer!
Amy: Let's have Kai dig into the modem's databank!

Analyze Modem.
Kai: The Chief's done a bang-up job of concealing his online activity on this modem, <Name>.
Kai: There's no browsing history, no email records, nothing. Even my best recovery algorithms are useless!
Amy: I wonder why the Chief was so cautious? Do you think he had something to hide?
Kai: Apparently, he had reason to be suspicious. This wiretap was planted inside his modem!
Amy: A wiretap? Someone was spying on the Chief?
Kai: Exactly! The security protocols the Chief had in place are rock solid, so the bug couldn't trace anything.
Kai: But the IP address of the wiretap links back to the top floor of this building!
Amy: The top floor? That's where the Chief's landlord lives! Why was he tracking the Chief's online activity?
Amy: Let's ask Mr Tiakken and find out! But tread carefully, <Name>. He may not be forthcoming about tapping the Chief's modem!

Interrogate Abrax Tiakken about spying on the chief.
Amy: Would you help us with something, Mr Tiakken? We're cleaning out our friend's apartment and found this. Do you know what it is?
Abrax: Not that it's any of your business, but that's a device that monitors online communication.
Abrax: As a landlord, I have every right to ensure my tenants aren't breaking the law. It's mandated by the Dynasty!
Amy: Do you suspect Mr Scott was up to something?
Abrax: I can't prove anything, but the guy was obviously a misfit! He had no regard for the Ptolemy Dynasty, and he didn't even believe in Ra! He scoffed at the worship of "mere animals and golden idols"!
Abrax: Now, if we're finished, I need to order a new pair of crocodile skin shoes with my GyptChip!

Amy: The more we learn about the Chief's murder, <Name>, the more questions we uncover!
Amy: We know Chief Scott received our letter from 1969, which his brother said reinforced the Chief's belief that his world wasn't as it should be.
Amy: The fact that our letter exists means that although our timeline has been overwritten, some elements of the past have survived.
Amy: The Chief in this reality was also considered a misfit, which is why his landlord had wiretapped his modem.
Amy: Rehema Tamun also said the Chief shared literature outlawed by the Dynasty with her. Could this subversive behavior have made the Chief a target for murder?
Zara: Well now we're the targets, <Name>! Our pictures are all over the news...
Zara: ... a bounty is out on our head!

Chapter 3

Amy Young: Returning to the present to find the Chief murdered is only part of this waking nightmare, <Name>!
Amy: 2029 isn't the home we remember; our time machine's been seized, Nebet's been captured, and we're fugitives from the Egyptian guards!
Zara: We're fugitives from the whole city now, <Name>. Our pictures are all over the news, a bounty's been put on our head!
TV News Report: Citizens of New Cairo! Pharaoh Ptolemy is offering a reward for the capture of these malevolent apostates!
TV News Report: These renegades should be considered extremely dangerous. They're to be seized and brought to the authorities!
TV News Report: May Ra's light shine upon you!
(The TV News Report is turned off.)
Zara: As if things weren't bad enough! What'll we do?
Amy: <Name>'s right. We shouldn't be seen outside right now.
Amy: Since we're stuck inside, we might as well search the Chief's apartment again!

Investigate Couches.
Amy: <Name>, that old-fashioned cell phone must be the Chief's!
Amy: If you can crack the password, we might learn something about the circumstances surrounding his murder!
Amy: And the diagram on these handwritten notes look like the ones in Da Vinci's treatise on time travel!
Amy: But this Chief wasn't working for T.I.M.E., it doesn't even exist here. Let's retrieve the rest of this page to figure out what this means!
Amy: And if you think it's worth sifting through that flowerpot, <Name>, I won't stop you.
Amy: The Chief's killer has eluded us long enough! I'd really like to get my hands on them, so let's get to work!

Examine Flowerpot.
Amy: How strange, <Name>. There's a half-heart pendant buried in that flowerpot. Aren't those things couples give each other?
Amy: There's no name, only the number "258A." That's the apartment of the Chief's neighbor, Rehema Tamun!
Amy: She never said anything about being romantically involved with the Chief! Let's find out why Ms Tamun kept this from us!

Ask Rehema Tamun about her relationship with the Chief.
Rehema: Oh, it's you. I thought you were delivering my Rocket Sphinx. I order it using my GyptChip from the same store as my landlord!
Amy: Why didn't you tell us about your relationship with Mr Scott? You clearly did more than discuss history and literature.
Rehema: I didn't mean to deceive you. It's just that... I never knew where our relationship was at!
Rehema: One minute, Chris was acting all gentlemanlike, showering me with attention. He even bought me these crocodile skin shoes!
Rehema: Then out of nowhere Chris broke it off!
Rehema: He never even told me why! Just some lame excuse that it was for my own good!
Amy: I imagine that must've hurt your feelings.
Rehema: Bah, I'll get over it. When someone treats you like that, maybe I AM better off without him!

Examine Faded Documents.
Amy: These are quantum theory computations, <Name>. Isn't that Da Vinci's conditional probability formula? Maybe the Chief was doing research into time travel!
Amy: Apparently, he had a research assistant named Anna Blanchard.
Amy: Wait! Isn't Anna Blanchard that homeless girl we met outside?
Amy: She claimed she knew nothing about Chief Scott, but she actually worked with him? Ms Blanchard needs to explain this!

Confront Anna Blanchard about working with the Chief.
Anna: Back with a couple of dirhams after all? I could use a can of Rocket Sphinx right about now!
Amy: Anna, we know you worked with Chris Scott. Why didn't you tell us?
Anna: That was months ago, and it didn't end well. Why dig up the past?
Amy: Because our friend's been murdered and we need to understand what happened!
Anna: Mr Scott was a funny guy to work with. He'd always be mixing his metaphors. "A watched clock never boils" was my favorite.
Anna: But then he started researching particle physics. He was convinced that time travel was possible.
Anna: The institute directors disapproved, and warned him to stop. But he ignored them.
Anna: Eventually they fired him, putting him on a political blacklist. And because I was his assistant, they fired me too!
Anna: I had a good life and a prospering career. My GyptChip account was loaded! Now I sleep in a dumpster, and it's all Christopher's fault!

Examine Locked Phone.
Amy: You've unlocked the Chief's phone, <Name>! Let's get it to Kai!, pronto!

Analyze Chief's Phone.
Kai: This phone is another example of the Chief covering his tracks, <Name>.
Kai: It's a burner phone, and the text messages only go back a week. So it's likely the Chief replaced his phones on a regular basis.
Kai: Nevertheless, there's something interesting about those messages.
Amy: We're all ears.
Kai: Almost every day, the Chief sent pick-up requests to that taxi driver you spoke to, Lenny Saunders. And each message included GPS coordinates.
Kai: But the coordinates just correspond to a bunch of empty warehouses.
Kai: And the final message is an angry reply from Saunders: "Stop calling me, Scott! I'm not making any more of your pick-ups!"
Amy: The Chief can't tell us what this means, but Lenny Saunders can. Looks like we'll be calling him again after all!

Ask Lenny Saunders why he was angry with the Chief.
Lenny: You again? I can't waste time talking all day, I've got dirhams to earn! These crocodile skin shoes aren't cheap!
Amy: You weren't exaggerating when you said Mr Scott was a regular customer. He messaged you every day.
Lenny (sweating): Well, I...
Amy: Then there's this last message. What made you so angry?
Lenny: Mr Scott had me driving him to some dodgy places! I didn't feel safe!
Lenny: Not to mention the company he kept. Some of the shady characters he'd ride with, you don't wanna know!
Amy: Actually, we do. We must know who these "characters" are!
Lenny: Well, you won't hear it from me, I'm done talking!
Lenny: I don't wish nothing bad on anybody, but I'm glad Mr Scott's off my back once and for all!

Inside the Chief's apartment...
Amy: We're slowly getting a clearer picture of Chief Scott's life in New Cairo, <Name> And it's pretty complicated!
Amy: Apparently, research the Chief was conducting into time travel ultimately got him and his assistant Anna Blanchard blacklisted.
Amy: After he was fired, he isolated himself, staying off the grid with burner phones.
Jack: The Chief abruptly broke up with his girlfriend in order to protect her...
Jack: ... while his mysterious journeys with shady characters were enough to freak out Lenny Saunders!
Amy: He was clearly up to something. The question is, did it get him killed?
Amy: As much as we should stay out of sight, <Name>, we must go outside and hunt for clues! It's the only way we'll find answers!

Investigate Newsstand.
Amy: That empty can of Rocket Sphinx is stained with blood, <Name>. We know the killer drinks that, so they must've discarded this can!
Amy: Even without his lab, Theo can use that saliva around the rim to establish a DNA profile of the killer! Let's take a sample!
Amy: And that CCTV camera would be an excellent clue, if it wasn't broken. It has a perfect view of the Chief's apartment entry, which the killer used to flee the building.
Amy: You think you can repair the damage to this camera, <Name>? Then let's do it!
Amy: C'mon, let's get these clues back inside. With our faces all over the news, we're sitting ducks!

Examine Broken Camera.
Amy: You've repaired that CCTV camera, <Name>. If there's any usable footage of the killer, Kai will be the one to find it!

Analyze Camera.
Kai: I've tried my best to recover footage from this CCTV camera, <Name>. And I've got good news, and bad news.
Amy: You might as well give us the bad news first.
Kai: I isolated some footage of the killer as they exited the Chief's building - you can see them throwing away that blood-stained glove you found.
Kai: But the damage to the camera was too severe to make a positive identification. The film is too pixelated.
Amy: So what's the good news?
Orlando: That's where I come in, <Name>! Although we couldn't identify the culprit, I recognized a distinct shape on the killer's clothing.
Orlando: This shape is unmistakable, consistent with a symbol often worn by the ancient Egyptians... the killer is wearing a scarab brooch!
Amy: The killer can try to hide behind their lies, <Name>, but their scarab brooch will be as plain as day!

Examine Rocket Sphinx Can.
Amy: Let's rush this sample of saliva from the killer's can of Rocket Sphinx to Theo, <Name>!

Analyze Saliva.
Theo: It's frustrating, <Name>. The killer left behind a prime sample of saliva on that soft drink can, but I haven't got the suitable equipment to do a thorough DNA analysis!
Amy: Did that sample give you any lead at all, Theo?
Theo: There were just enough genetic markers to clearly isolate an X and a Y chromosome.
Theo: And I don't care what timeline you're in, and X and a Y chromosome indicates only one thing... you can be certain the killer is a man!
Amy: And that man will face our tough justice for killing the Chief!

After completing all the tasks...
Amy: You've done it, <Name>! We've got all the proof we need to bring down the Chief's killer!
Amy: T.I.M.E. may not exist in New Cairo, but they'll pay for their crime, one way or another!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Abrax Tiakken! YOU were the one who killed your tenant, Christopher Scott!
Amy: You entered his apartment, slashed his throat with an electric knife and left him to die!
Abrax: You think I committed murder? That's a fascinating theory!
Amy: We know you did it! We have a witness who saw you run out of the building, throwing away your blood-stained glove!
Amy: You murdered our friend and we want to know why!
Abrax: Very well, telling you is of no consequence. I did kill your friend!
Abrax: I've been monitoring him for a while now. A real subversive, he was. Constantly refusing to toe the line, reading forbidden literature.
Abrax: I wasn't surprised when the order came down to eliminate him!
Amy: You got an order? From whom?
Abrax: Have you been living under a rock? From the Ptolemy family of course! They promised me a handsome reward to kill your friend!
Abrax: Mr Scott had failed to grasp that the only path to success and prosperity is unconditional obedience to the regime!
Abrax: And I've seen you on the news, you're wanted criminals! Now I can turn you in and claim a hefty bounty!
Abrax (holding a sword): So, let's go. And don't try anything, or I'll-
Kai (choking his throat): I'm afraid we're not going anywhere!
Abrax: I'm... choking...
(Abrax collapses.)
(Kai leaves.)
Amy: Nice work, Kai! Now that Tiakken's unconscious, let's get him tied up. Then we'll decide what to do next!

Moments later...
Amy: Now that Abrax Tiakken is locked away in the Chief's bathroom, <Name>, let's gather our thoughts.
Amy: Apparently, Tiakken was ordered to murder the Chief by the Ptolemy family, because he was seen as a subversive element!
Jack: But as far as we know, the most subversive thing he did was research time travel! That's what got him on the government's blacklist!
Amy: The government obviously knows time travel is possible, because those guards were waiting to throw us in prison the second we arrived!
Amy: Which can only lead to one conclusion: the Ptolemy Dynasty masterminded the manipulation of the timeline, and they'll crush anyone who stands in their way!
Jack: If they think murdering the Chief and putting a price on our head will stop us, they'd better think again!
Amy: Maybe this isn't the first time the Dynasty has tried to stop us, <Name>. Someone DID sabotage our time machine. Could they have been operating under the Dynasty's orders?
Jack: One thing is certain; if we're to repair the damage to the timeline, we need answers. And we won't rest until we find them!
Jack: And find Nebet... to rescue her!
Amy: We've got our work cut out for us, <Name>. Let's get to it!

Time is a Lie (1/5)

Jack Archer: Although we've captured the Chief's killer, <Name>, our problems in this altered timeline aren't over!
Jack: Our time machine's been seized, so making an escape is impossible!
Jack: Nebet's been hauled off to the Pharaoh's palace...
Jack: ... And there's a price on our head, meaning we're virtually trapped inside the Chief's apartment!
Amy: But we can't stay here. The Pharaoh hired the building's landlord to murder the Chief... someone will eventually find us here!
Zara: I have an idea, <Name>. The Chief was under the watchful eye of the Ptolemy family because of his subversive behavior.
Zara: And Lenny Saunders said the Chief associated with shady characters in questionable parts of the city.
Zara: Maybe we should seek out these characters? The Chief clearly trusted them.
Amy: It's risky, but under the circumstances, it's a chance we have to take.
Amy: <Name>, you and Zara grill Lenny Saunders for any information you can. We won't take no for an answer this time!
Amy: The rest of us should stay out of sight.
Jack: What? We can't sit around while Nebet is being held by those monsters!
Jack: And if the Ptolemy Dynasty is responsible for manipulating the timeline and stranding us in the past, we must learn everything we can about them!
Amy: Alright, Jack. But <Name> is going with you! Don't venture too far afield, so start your search at the newsstand! Zara will call Mr Saunders as soon as you're ready!
Amy: Don't attract any unnecessary attention, and keep your wits about you!

Grill Lenny Saunders about the Chief's questionable acquaintances.
Zara: You're in no danger talking to us, Mr Saunders. We know our friend wasn't killed by those shady characters you told us about. But we must find them!
Lenny: You guys aren't gonna let this go, are you? I might as well tell you.
Lenny: Those people belong to an underground organization called the resistance, individuals determined to undermine the Ptolemy government.
Zara: Resistance? There are people out there actively opposing the Dynasty? That's great ne-
Zara: I mean, that's a great blight on society! Do you know how we can find these... traitors?
Lenny: Probably in those warehouses your friend had me drive him to. But they change location every week, so I can't help you.
Lenny: But now that I think about it, your friend was always fidgeting with something in the back seat. Looked like a key or something.
Zara: A key? That sounds promising, <Name>! And the good news is we can search for that inside the Chief's apartment!
Lenny: Now, I've told you everything I know! Please, take these dirhams and leave me alone!

Investigate Chief's Desk.
Zara: The key Lenny Saunders mentioned could be anywhere, <Name>. I guess sifting through this pile of clutter is a good place to start looking!

Examine Desk Clutter.
Zara: That's more like it, <Name>. This "key" you found on the Chief's desk is actually a USB drive!
Zara: Which is more likely to give us a lead on the resistance. Let's get this USB drive to Kai!

Analyze USB Drive.
Kai: It's funny how this USB key was practically under our noses the whole time, <Name>!
Kai: And it might literally be the "key" to understanding the resistance!
Zara: How so?
Kai: This drive is a diary of the Chief's involvement with the resistance. He wasn't their leader, but he's been aligned with them for months.
Kai: Apparently, the Chief always believed something was wrong with history, but he never had proof. Until the day he received our letter!
Kai: Once he realized that time travelers from an alternate timeline were stranded in the past, who somehow knew an alternate version of himself, he joined the resistance and showed them our letter!
Zara: Wait! The resistance knows about us? Are they rebelling against the Ptolemy Dynasty because they know this timeline shouldn't exist?
Kai: Yes! Which means we're not alone!
Zara: Just as we'd hoped, <Name>! If we can cooperate with the resistance, maybe we can fix this mess and restore the timeline!
Zara: But the Chief's notes about the resistance don't explain how to contact them. And Lenny Saunders told us everything he knows.
Zara: You're right, <Name>! Anna Blanchard worked with the Chief when he was researching time travel.
Zara: Maybe she knows something about the resistance? C'mon, <Name>, hopefully Ms Blanchard is still out front!

Ask Anna Blanchard about the resistance.
Zara: Ms Blanchard, when you were working with Mr Scott, did he ever mention the resistance?
Anna: You can't go blurting out that word like that! I don't wanna have anything to do with them, just talking about them can get you into trouble!
Anna: But if you're looking for the resistance, that locked box over there - with the infinity symbol on it - that's how they send messages to one another.
Anna: But you need the key, and I can't help you with that!
Zara (holding a USB): I think we've got that covered. Right, <Name>?
Anna: If you guys are gonna meddle in resistance business, you'll need all the energy you can get. And don't worry, I didn't dig this out of the trash!
Zara: I could use something to eat, <Name>. But then it's straight across the street to unlock that box!

Investigate Street.
Zara: This must be the resistance's locked box, <Name>. That infinity symbol is identical to the one on the Chief's USB key!
Zara: I'll slot the key into the box... and...
Zara: Hmm. Nothing's happening. I guess you also need a password.
Zara: Go ahead and crack that encryption, <Name>. I'll make sure nobody sees you!

Examine Locked Box.
Zara: You've opened that locked box, <Name>! Now we can leave a message for the resistance!
Zara: What should we write? How about: "We're friends of Christopher Scott. We sent him the letter from 1969. Please contact us. You can trust us."
Zara: I guess that's all we can say, <Name>. We just have to hope the resistance will respond!

Investigate Newsstand.
Jack: Judging by those ceromonial robes, <Name>, I bet that's Pharaoh Ptolemy and his Queen on the New Cairo Times!
Jack: If the Ptolemy family were responsible for manipulating the timeline, we must learn all we can about them.
Jack: So let's get this newspaper back upstairs and retrieve the rest of that faded article!

Examine Faded Newspaper.
Jack: That headline reads: "Annual 5th of July Celebrations!"
Jack: Wait, <Name>! That's only a few days away!
Jack: Whatever these celebrations are, they're connected to the Ptolemy Dynasty.
Jack: So there could be information about them in this article. Let's have Orlando delve into it!

Analyze Newspaper Article.
Orlando: The New Cairo Times, 5th of July celebrations... it's all very surreal, <Name>.
Jack: It sure is. Did you learn anything about the Ptolemy Dynasty from that article?
Orlando: The 5th of July celebrations commemorate the Ptolemy family's rise to power.
Orlando: Apparently, Pharaoh Ramses XLIII and his wife, Queen Shabaka, are direct descendants of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.
Jack: So how come they're ruling in this timeline? How did this happen?
Orlando: I don't know. And this article obviously regards this version of history as completely normal. Nobody's aware things should be any different.
Jack: Darn it! Is there anything in that article that might help us rescue Nebet?
Orlando: Our best opportunity could be the 5th of July celebrations themselves. Attendance is mandatory for all New Cairo citizens.
Orlando: The article also mentions the "offering of tributes." But without explanation, I don't know if that's relevant.
Jack: I don't relish talking to him, but Abrax Tiakken must know plenty about the Ptolemy Dynasty. We could ask him what happens at these celebrations.
Orlando: I'll accompany you, <Name>. You never know if Mr Tiakken will give you any trouble!

Interrogate Abrax Tiakken about the 5th of July celebrations.
Abrax (tied up): You won't get away with this! When the Pharaoh finds out, you'll be fed to the crocodiles in Central Park!
Jack: We're not here for monologuing, Tiakken! What do you know about the 5th of July celebrations? And the offering of tributes?
Abrax (tied up): I refuse to answer!
Jack: We could always have Kai muscle an answer out of you.
Abrax (tied up): Alright, I'll tell you!
Abrax (tied up): The offering of tributes is a marvelous tradition! As part of the celebrations, slaves willingly - or unwillingly - offer themselves to the Ptolemy family!
Abrax (tied up): The Pharaoh is then free to... do with them as he wishes!
Jack: So tributes are slaves?
Orlando: Slaves, <Name>! That's the link! When we first met Nebet, she was Cleopatra's slave!
Jack: My God, you're right! And if the Pharaoh figures out Nebet served Cleopatra, he'll do anything to have her serve in his palace!
Orlando: It would be a travesty to see Nebet return to the bondage of slavery after tasting freedom!
Jack: If Nebet is to become one of these tributes, then she's safe for now. The celebrations aren't for a couple of days.
Jack: Which gives us time to formulate a rescue plan!
Abrax (tied up): And what about me?
Jack: I think we'll leave you here after we're gone. Once the royal guards arrive, you can explain how you let us slip through your fingers!
Abrax (tied up): No! You can't! Don't leave me here!

Amy: For the first time since we arrived in this alternate 2029, I feel we're finally getting answers, <Name>!
Amy: We don't know exactly how the Ptolemy Dynasty rose to power, but it's obvious they manipulated the timeline to create this version of reality.
Amy: And while most people are unaware that anything is wrong, there are those who understand this reality shouldn't exist, and are opposing the family's reign.
Amy: The Chief was part of this resistance. Having reached out to them, all we can do now is await their response.
Jack: But Nebet's still out there, possibly to be sold into slavery - or worse - on the 5th of July! We must figure out how to rescue her before that happens!
Amy: We have a lot on our plate, <Name>. But we can't risk getting cau-
(There's a knock in the door.)
Jack: Someone's at the door, <Name>! What'll we do?
Zara: Quiet everyone! It could be the Egyptian guards!
Amy: Wait! I've checked the peephole. There's a woman outside, and she doesn't look like a guard.
Amy: I'm inclined to open the door, <Name>. This could be the answer we've been waiting for!
Amy: But be ready for action if this turns into a fight! Let's see what this woman wants!

Find out what the woman at the door wants.
Isabelle (aiming her gun): Alright, who are you? And what are you doing in Christopher's apartment?
Amy (holding a sword): Who are YOU? You are the one bursting in, guns blazing!
Isabelle (aiming her gun): I got your message... if that really was you.
Amy (holding a sword): That was us! You're from the resistance?
Isabelle (aiming her gun): Yes. We've been watching you, scurrying around with your investigation. There's a bounty on your head!
Isabelle (holding a gun): So I figured, if you're wanted by the government, maybe this isn't a trap. I'm Isabelle Huxley, the leader of the resistance. But I still don't know who you are.
Amy (holding a sword): We are Christopher's friends... in a manner of speaking. We're from an alternate timeline!
Isabelle (holding a gun): You claim you left that letter in 1969. If that's true, tell me something only the people who left it would know.
Amy: We posed as Christopher's parents, leaving that letter in a vault at the Grand Manhattan Bank.
Isabelle: It really is you! You ARE from another timeline! We've always believed it was true, but to have you here in the flesh...
Amy: We're just as overwhelmed by all of this! We were stranded in the past, and when we returned, our world was unrecognizable!
Amy: In our timeline, we're from a law enforcement agency solving temporal crimes. Christopher is our Chief!
Amy: And where we're from, the Ptolemy Dynasty doesn't exist. Some of Cleopatra's descendants are probably alive, but they aren't in power.
Amy: We believe the Ptolemy family tampered with the timeline to engineer this version of reality. We suspect they sent someone to the past to deliberately sabotage us, so we couldn't prevent it!
Isabelle: Now that you've returned to the present, we have a chance to overthrow the Ptolemy Dynasty! Join the resistance, <Name>, help us put things right!
Amy: I agree, if we're to have any chance of restoring the timeline, we must work together!
Isabelle: We should go now, the government will be here any minute. And with your permission, we'd like to take Christopher's body. He'll be buried with the honor he deserves!
Amy: Yes, of course. That's very kind!
Isabelle: Put on this wig so nobody recognizes you on the way to our headquarters. Welcome to the resistance, <Name>!

At the resistance headquarters...
Amy: Our world might've turned upside down, <Name>, but at least we're among people who can help us put things right!
Jack: While it's nice to have a place to hide from the Pharaoh's guards, we know very little about this resistance. I don't know if we can trust them.
Amy: The Chief trusted them, and Isabelle. So that's enough for me!
Amy: Hopefully together we can make sense of what happened to the timeline, and find a way to repair it!
Amy: But right now, <Name>, get a good night's sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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