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Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, in Paris we’ve successfully discovered the Promethians are plotting their next attack here in Germany. You must stop them before it’s too late!
Chief Ripley: They almost got their hands on the sought-after Promethian manuscript, but thanks to you, <Name>, it’s safe with us.
Carmen: The Promethians are an ancient cult resurfacing after centuries of silence. We strongly suspect they’re responsible for two important people’s death so far.
Carmen: It’s also Oktoberfest. Coincidence? I think not!
Chief Ripley: Oktoberfest is a time-honored tradition in Germany where millions gather to drink beer and celebrate Bavarian culture.
Carmen: I’ve covered Oktoberfest before, it’s the perfect backdrop for an attack. We must keep a sharp eye out for anything suspicious!
Chief Ripley: Hans Vogel, the famous action movie star, is also in town. Bierburg is his hometown, but he left Germany fifteen years ago to make it big in LA.
Carmen: A celebrity of that stature will certainly attract a big crowd, something the Promethians might use to their advantage.
Chief Ripley: The center of the festivities is the village square. I suggest you begin there before the crowds arrive. <Name>, be safe and Godspeed!

Chapter 1

Investigate Village Square.
Carmen Martinez: Dang, <Name>, there’s a dead guy on this cuckoo clock!
Carmen: We got here early, but it’s still too late!
Carmen: Wait! That’s not just any guy. That’s… the movie star the Chief told us about, Hans Vogel! He’s been killed!
Carmen: A movie star dead on our watch! This is way too suspicious… I wonder if the Promethians are involved!
Carmen: I see you’re already onto something, <Name>! That faded postcard showing the victim’s name might reveal something after you dust it.
Carmen: What’s on that photo you found? A cardboard cutout of our victim?
Carmen: A man put his face in the hole to take his picture with Vogel. You’re right, <Name>! Let’s run this guy’s face through our database and see if there’s a match!
Carmen: Alright, <Name>, let’s get cracking! We have to get to the bottom of this!

Examine Unknown Man.
(Before examining Unknown Man)
Carmen: <Name>, let’s see if you can identify the man standing next to a cardboard image of our victim in this photo.
(After examining Unknown Man)
Carmen: The mystery man you identified in this photo is called Gunther Fritz.
Carmen: According to the database, he’s the National Sausage Eating Champion… and traveling nudist. Nasty! He comes to town every Oktoberfest for the sausage eating contest.
Carmen: He seems to be a fan of our victim. I say we pay Gunther a visit and see what we can find out!

Talk to Gunther Fritz about the fan photo with the victim.
Gunther: Was geht ab, <Rank> <Name>? Would you like some sausage?
Carmen: Absolutely… not! And for the love of God, put some pants on!
Carmen: Mr Fritz, we’re investigating the murder of the movie star, Hans Vogel.
Gunther: Hans Vogel’s dead?! That’s crazy!
Carmen: You must be a big fan. We found you smiling in a photo next to a cardboard image of him.
Gunther: He went to the Oktoberfest beer hall yesterday, but I didn’t pay attention. I’m a fan, but I was busy preparing for the big sausage contest.
Carmen: So our victim was at the beer hall before he was murdered? Come on, <Name>, let’s check it out!

Investigate Beer Hall.
Carmen: Whoa, <Name>! I’m surprised you found anything in this mess. The German sure know how to party!
Carmen: You think this torn poster can tell us something about our victim’s visit? Alright, <Name>, make it happen!
Carmen: And good idea grabbing that gift basket too! There’s got to be something in there.

Examine Torn Poster.
Carmen: Good work on that torn paper you found at the beer hall! It’s a poster with a photo of the victim standing next to what looks like the mayor.
Carmen: It says: “Mayoral Exclusive! A tell-all interview with Hans Vogel”!
Carmen: As a journalist, isn’t it strange for the mayor to do an interview? Unless she was doing it as a publicity stunt.
Carmen: I agree, <Name>! We need to talk to Mayor Nagel asap!

Question Mayor Nagel about her interview with the victim.
Carmen: Mayor Nagel, I suppose you’ve heard the news about Hans Vogel?
Mayor Nagel: Isn’t it tragic, <Rank> <Name>? Bierburg’s lost its hero! Who would do such a thing?
Carmen: That’s what <Rank> <Name> is investigating! Weren’t you planning to interview Hans Vogel? A bit strange for a mayor – isn’t that usually a journalist’s job?
Mayor Nagel: Ja, but Hans was like a son to me. When he told me he had an important secret to reveal, I decided I’d do the interview myself.
Carmen: What was the secret Hans wanted to share?
Mayor Nagel: I don’t know! He was killed before he could tell me!
Mayor Nagel: It was going to be a big event for him and our town, but now he’s gone! We will ALL miss him!

Examine Gift Basket.
Carmen: Good work getting through that basket you snagged at the beer hall, <Name>!
Carmen: Looks like you found a broken cookie. You know the drill. Let’s put it together!

Examine Broken Cookie.
Carmen: <Name>, the heart-shaped cookie you found in the beer hall has “Hans, I <3 you!” written on it. This was meant for our victim!
Carmen: It was signed by a certain Gretl. Whoever she is, she was clearly in love with our victim. A broken heart is never good… even if it’s a cookie.
Gretl: You found my cookie!
Carmen: You’re Gretl?! We’ll have to ask you a few questions about your broken heart… cookie.

Ask Gretl Beutelspracher about the broken heart cookie.
Gretl: I loved Hans my whole life! I can’t believe he’s dead. What will I do without him?
Carmen: We’re sorry for your loss, Ms Beutelspracher. That explains the broken heart cookie we found. Were you dating the victim?
Gretl: Words can’t define what we had. A match made in heaven! From the moment I saw Hans, I knew he was the one.
Carmen: Hans and Gretl. Cute. I don’t remember him mentioning you in his interviews.
Gretl: We kept our love private. Years of intimate history shouldn’t be exposed for the public.
Gretl: My love is gone! Now, I will have the kummerspeck!
Carmen: Yeah, I don’t know what that means… so, I’ll leave you to that.

Examine Faded Postcard.
Carmen: Pretty sharp, <Name>! You revealed a message on this postcard, addressed to the victim.
Carmen: The message reads: “Meet me here” and there seems to be some kind of code written on it. Any idea what it could mean, <Name>?
Carmen: Hmm, me neither. We should send this postcard to Elliot to see what he can dig up for us.

Analyze Postcard Message.
Elliot: Nice trying to stump me, <Name>, but that code on the postcard sent to the victim was a piece of cake.
Elliot: I plugged in the numbers written on the card, and it brought me to the MGRS in, like, seconds.
Carmen: The MGRS?
Elliot: MGRS stands for Military Grid Reference System. It’s the geocoordinate standard used by militaries mapping out the entire earth.
Elliot: And these coordinates lead to the exact point where you found the victim dead… the village square.
Carmen: So, whoever sent him this postcard is definitely the killer! Good job, kid!
Elliot: That’s not all… the last four digits on the card indicate a time, precisely eight o’clock at night, in military time.
Elliot: Since only the military uses this style it means your killer has military training.
Carmen: Our killer knew exactly what they were doing! Let’s go find them, <Name>, before they march someone else to their death!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Guten tag, <Name>! This is quite the high-profile case. How exciting!
Carmen: Interesting definition of exciting… so what have you got for us?
Angela: As you know, the victim was vertically impaled on the puppet pole, sustaining fatal wounds to his vital organs.
Angela: That puppet pole is your murder weapon!
Angela: Fun fact: victims of longitudinal impalement can survive up to eight days depending on the insertion angle of the object.
Carmen: That does not sound like fun… at all.
Angela: Don’t worry. Your victim died instantly. He was first knocked out by a heavy object creating the wound on his head.
Angela: I found some drops in the victim’s head wound. The analysis showed it was beer. Your victim was apparently hit with a heavy beer mug.
Carmen: So we can say our killer drinks beer! Nice work, Angela! Fast and efficient.
Angela: As a mother of triplets, that’s the only way to be.
Carmen: Come on, <Name>! We’ll give the killer a reason to drink once we find them!

Later, back at headquarters…
Carmen: Wow, this case is such a kuddelmuddel!
Carmen: Alright, <Name>, let’s see if we can make sense of it. Prodigal son comes home after making it big in the movies.
Carmen: Says he’s got a doozy of a secret to share but ends up dead before revealing it.
Carmen: Gunther’s just interested in sausages, while Gretl is kummerspecking over the death of her prince charming… whatever that means.
Carmen: And the mayor is sad to have lost her golden boy. We’re going to have to dig deeper if we want to solve this mystery.
Elliot: Hey, <Name>, don’t know if you’re interested, but I’ve got some info for you… I know where the killer was before the murder.
Carmen: What?!

Chapter 2

Elliot Clayton: <Name>, remember that postcard you had me check out earlier? The one sent to that famous guy, found dead with a pole shoved up his –
Carmen: Yeah, we know!
Elliot: I can tell you where the killer sent it from. I was really bored… so I tracked the postmark on the card to the originating postal center.
Elliot: I then hacked into their system to see which postal worker had it on their route… and then accessed their route logs.
Carmen: I’m not getting any younger here, kid!
Elliot: The card was picked up at some house in the Black Forest.
Carmen: House in the forest? The only thing out there is an abandoned castle. <Name>, do you think the killer sent the card from that beat-up castle on the hill?
Carmen: You’re right! There’s one way to find out! We have to go to the forest!

Investigate Abandoned Castle.
Carmen: <Name>, I’ve been in rough places before, but this one definitely gives me some funky vibes. Let’s hurry up!
Carmen: Good call picking up that military radio. It’s locked, but if you decipher the code, it could be useful!
Carmen: It’s curious to find an old storybook out here, no? The front page is faded, but our victim’s name’s definitely visible. Get your duster out and work your magic on that!
Carmen: That wooden chest looks full of junk, but if you want to rummage through it and see what’s inside, go for it!

Examine Locked Military Radio.
Carmen: I’ve never seen anyone unlock a radio faster, <Name>! Let’s get it to Elliot and see what he can tell about it.

Analyze Military Radio.
Elliot: Hey, <Name>. I have some info about that military radio you found in the Black Forest…
Carmen: Lay it on us, kid!
Elliot: It hasn’t been used since the night of the murder, which made accessing the radio’s data history much easier.
Elliot: Military radios serve multiple purposes, like mapping and global positioning, as well as shortwave communication for general use.
Elliot: I decrypted the last coordinates recorded on the radio, and they match the ones on the postcard you found.
Carmen: You mean the coordinates that lead to the village square where our victim was murdered? The radio must belong to the killer then!
Elliot: Apparently… but… the frequency the radio was tuned into at the time of the murder was a music station. A German folk music station. Pretty lame…
Carmen: Wait, so our killer murdered the victim while listening to German folk music?! Who does that?!
Carmen: <Name>, let’s go track this murderer down before they tune into another victim!

Carmen: Thanks to that military radio we found, we know that the killer listens to German folk music… but right now, that could be anybody.
Carmen: Good idea, <Name>! We should head back to the Oktoberfest beer hall. That’s the place to listen to German folk music – and find people who love it!

Investigate Dining Hall Table.
Carmen: So, <Name>, did you find any new clues? This torn photo could tell us something, but you’ll have to put it back together first!
Carmen: A restraining order complaint with the victim’s name on it? I’m curious to see how this fits in. All you need is to decipher the case ID number!

Examine Torn Photo.
Carmen: Glad you were able to restore that torn photo you found at the beer hall, <Name>! It looks like a photo of a sausage eating contest.
Carmen: Is this another photo with our victim and that naked guy, Gunther? He sure loves the camera…
Carmen: Only in this photo Gunther doesn’t look so happy. He’s crying with a mouth full of sausages… and our victim is holding a gold sausage trophy.
Carmen: It looks like the contest didn’t turn out as planned for our sausage champ. Time to have a chat with Gunther again!

Talk to Gunther about losing the sausage eating contest to the victim.
Carmen: So, Mr Fritz, it looks like you actually did see Hans here at the beer hall before he was murdered. You lied to us!
Gunther: Donnerwetter! I knew you’d find out!
Gunther: I was humiliated by that man! Sausage eating contests are my only purpose in life and he beat me!
Carmen: Were you humiliated enough to kill him?
Gunther: Nein! I didn’t kill him! Don’t get me wrong, I could have if I wanted to! I may look fat and useless, but I was in the military.
Gunther: However, I’m no longer the angry soldier I used to be. Now, my life is all about eating sausage and drinking beer!
Carmen: You can bet there’ll be a whole other kind of sausage in your life, Mr Fritz, if we find out you killed Hans Vogel! 

Examine Restraining Order.
Carmen: Now that you deciphered the case ID number on that restraining order filed by our victim, it might be good to send it over to Marina!
Carmen: She can contact the Bierburg PD for the case details, and then give us the profile of who’d merit a restraining order. 

Analyze Case ID Number.
Marina: Hallo, <Name>! Nice to see you.
Carmen: What can you tell us about the restraining order the victim filed? Primarily, who’s it against?
Marina: I’m fascinated by stories of unrequited love. Or, as in this case, erotomania.
Carmen: Eroto-what? You’ll have to break that down for me.
Marina: Erotomania is a psychotic delusion where a person believes someone, often a celebrity, is in love with them.
Marina: Erotomanics send letters or gifts, make unwanted visits to their “lover”. They’re utterly convinced the love is real and eternal, even if it’s strongly denied!
Carmen: Wait? Those symptoms sound familiar. <Name>, does that kind of obsessive love sound like Gretl to you?
Marina: An astute observation, as it turns out, your victim filed that restraining order against one Gretl Beutelspracher.
Carmen: I knew she had them crazy eyes! <Name>, we better find Gretl before she falls for someone else! 

Question Gretl about the victim’s restraining order against her.
Carmen: Ms Beutelspracher, you weren’t really dating Hans Vogel, were you?
Gretl: What are you saying? That our relationship wasn’t real? We were in love!
Carmen: Or better yet, YOU were. But Hans thought you were… a stalker! That’s why he took out a restraining order against you, isn’t it?
Gretl: Nein! He just didn’t understand our love. I went all the way to Los Angeles to explain it to him, but when I arrived, he didn’t let me in.
Gretl: He called the police on me! How dare he?! I LOVED him!
Carmen: You loved him so much you killed him?
Gretl: I would never hurt Hans! He was to be the father of my children. Together we were to have good times and sing German folk music!
Carmen: Well, Ms Beutelspracher, you’ll be singing a different tune if we find out you loved our victim… to death! 

Examine Faded Storybook.
Carmen: Smooth work on that book you found in the forest, <Name>! We can clearly read the dedication: “Hans and Johan pals forever.”
Carmen: Looks like our victim used to be good friends with someone named Johan. They must have liked to read fairy tales together.
Johan: Thieves! Unhand my property!
Carmen: Put down your weapon!
Johan: Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were police. Thought you were some drunk tourists messing with my belongings. I was ready to shoot you.
Carmen: So YOU’RE the Johan mentioned in this dedication. Perfect timing. You’re just the person <Rank> <Name> and I were looking for! 

Question Johan Schnee about his relationship with the victim.
Carmen: Johan, we’re investigating the murder of Hans Vogel. Judging from this book we found in the forest, I take it you knew him.
Johan: Hans is dead?
Johan: We used to be friends when we were younger. We’d camp and read scary fairy tales. You know… kid stuff.
Carmen: When was the last time you saw each other?
Johan: About fifteen years ago. He went off to become a movie star, I went off to military training. We just grew apart.
Carmen: And you still hold on to this book? Overly sentimental, don’t you think?
Johan: It’s got some good stories. Have you heard the story about the Black Forest, <Rank> <Name>?
Johan: There’s a dark legend about these woods. Those who dare enter are never seen again.
Carmen: That better not be a threat, Johan, ‘cause if it is, your days of playing make-believe in the woods will be over faster than you know it! 

Examine Wooden Chest.
Carmen: I can’t believe you found those dog tags in this large chest of junk we found outside the castle, <Name>!
Carmen: We should get these dog tags over to kid genius asap! Elliot may be moody, but he’s pretty dang smart. 

Analyze Dog Tags.
Elliot: Hey… again… <Name>. Can’t believe you’re still on this case…
Elliot: Anyway… I hacked the German military database and discovered that these dog tags you found in the forest were issued ten years ago to a Klaus Weissmann.
Carmen: Klaus Weissmann? Sounds familiar, <Name>?
Elliot: Klaus Weissmann was a suspect in the London case, but there he called himself Brother Klaus. He’s also a Promethian.
Carmen: Wait… you’re telling us this Brother Klaus was in the military?
Elliot: Yep. But he was discharged after a couple years for repeated confrontations with other soldiers.
Carmen: A soldier leaves the military and becomes a crazy monk… strange. Even stranger is that we found his dog tags all the way out here.
Elliot: Not as strange as you’d think, considering the fact he’s from Bierburg.
Carmen: He was born here? Maybe the Bierburg PD can help us track this nutjob down, <Name>, ‘cause we must question this Brother Klaus! 

Ask Brother Klaus why we found his dog tags in the forest.
Brother Klaus: You again, <Rank> <Name>? I thought I’d seen the last of you heathens in London!
Carmen: Not a chance, especially when you’re a suspect in another murder, Brother Klaus. Or should we say Klaus Weissmann?
Brother Klaus: How dare you call me that name! Klaus Weissmann is dead! I’ve transcended to the higher order of divinity!
Carmen: Are you talking about the Promethians? Does this higher order ask you to murder movie stars like Hans Vogel?
Brother Klaus: Infidels! I’m no murderer! I’m a messenger of the Promethians, shepherding in a new era of justice and righteousness!
Carmen: Listen, pal, we don’t have time for your new age mumbo-jumbo! Tell us why we found your old dog tags near this abandoned castle.
Brother Klaus: This is from whence I hail! I’ve returned home to prepare for the new order, subsisting only on warm beer and moldy pretzels.
Brother Klaus: But know this, <Rank> <Name>… once the Promethians take power, ALL the land will be ours!
Carmen: Well, until that happens, don’t go far, Klaus. We might have more questions for you…

Later, back at the village square…
Carmen: <Name>, this case has more twists than a Bavarian pretzel! Let’s organize our facts!
Carmen: Gretl was literally crazy in love with Hans, but he wanted nothing to do with her.
Carmen: Gunther was humiliated by Hans after losing the sausage contest to him.
Carmen: And Brother Klaus popped up out of nowhere, rambling incoherently about the Promethians, which is why we’re in Germany in the first place.
Carmen: I think we’ll have to – Wait, my phone’s ringing.
Carmen: Martinez here.
Ingrid: <Name>, there is an emergency. Mayor Nagel has disappeared! 

Chapter 3

Later, back at the village square…
Carmen Martinez: This investigation into Hans Vogel’s murder has more twists than a Bavarian pretzel! I think we’re going to have to-. Wait, my phone’s ringing.
Carmen: Martinez here.
Ingrid: <Name>, there is an emergency! Mayor Nagel has disappeared!
Carmen: Disappeared?! What do you mean?
Ingrid: She was last spotted into the Black Forest hours ago, and she’s been missing ever since.
Carmen: The mayor disappearing after a high-profile star is murdered… in her own town? Fishy, ain’t it, <Name>?
Ingrid: Fishy or not, we can’t let a town official vanish into thin air. <Name>, you must find her! Let’s get back to the Black Forest!

Moments later, in the Black Forest…
Carmen: I can’t see the mayor anywhere. <Name>, do you think the legend Johan told us about could be true?
Carmen: Trust me, I am not superstitious, but after being out in the forest all this time-
Mayor Nagel: Helllloooooo, <Rank> <Name>! Sloooovely evening for a waaalk, isn’t it?
Carmen: Mayor Nagel! There you are! Everybody’s looking for you!
Mayor Nagel: I juusst needed to cleear my head, isss allll.
Carmen: Hold on… are you… drunk?
Mayor Nagel: I only had a few beers. It’s Oktooooberfest!
Carmen: Mayor Nagel, I think you need some coffee. A lot of it. <Name>, you’re right. We might as well have another look around the forest while she sobers up. 

Ask Mayor Nagel why she was drunk in the woods.
Carmen: Feeling better after your drunken spree in the woods?
Mayor Nagel: Oh, <Rank> <Name>! I’m so ashamed! How could I be so irresponsible? After all my military training, I should know better!
Carmen: Now that you’re sober… what were you doing out in the forest?
Mayor Nagel: I was at the beer hall listening to some German folk music and drowning my sorrows, but I needed some air. So, I went for a walk.
Carmen: Into the forest? Curious destination. Are you that upset about the death of Hans Vogel?
Mayor Nagel: Of course I am! Now… I’ll never have the money for my project! My career’s ruined!
Carmen: Money? What money?
Mayor Nagel: Hans’ money! He had promised to fund my project: the world’s biggest Oktoberfest theme park! But he withdrew his support at the last minute and bought a helicopter instead!
Mayor Nagel: I thought I could convince him by offering to do his interview, but it didn’t work. After everything I’ve done for him. He owed me!
Carmen: So you decided to collect your dues by killing him? Money can’t buy you success, Mayor Nagel, but if we find out you killed Hans Vogel, it can buy you a nice stay in prison! 

Investigate Creepy Gate.
Carmen: What the… ? Is that a doll of our victim… impaled?!
Carmen: Wait… there are some white fibers on it. We should collect them to find out what they are!
Carmen: That old newspaper you found is in bad shape. Half the article has been ripped off!
Carmen: Hmm, it seems to be a photo of our victim when he was younger, standing next to two guys whose heads are torn off. We’ll want to read this, so get your duster ready! 

Examine Old Newspaper.
Carmen: Fancy work you did on that newspaper! Let’s see what we got here.
Carmen: The headline reads: “Shocking Disappearance: The Truth Behind…”. Hmm, too bad the rest is torn up. I wonder what disappearance they’re talking about.
Carmen: Apparently, our victim was involved in something tragic when he was young. You’re right, <Name>! We need to get this paper to Dupont asap to see what he can tell us! 

Analyze Newspaper Article.
Dupont: Bonjour, <Name>. You’ve finally brought me something worthy of my talents.
Carmen: I don’t have time for your intellectual jousting today, Dupont.
Dupont: I see patience is not a virtue of yours, Martinez. Très bien. I visited the Bierburg archives with your newspaper to find the original edition, dating back fifteen years.
Dupont: The two men standing with your victim in the article photograph are your suspect, Johan Schnee and his brother, Christophe.
Carmen: Johan had a brother? The article mentioned a shocking disappearance. Could it be him?
Dupont: Oui. Mr Schnee’s brother disappeared fifteen years ago during a hunting expedition in the forest, along with your victim and your suspect.
Dupont: He was never seen again. It is how the legend of the Black Forest was born.
Carmen: Johan’s brother goes missing and the only explanation is some mysterious entity in the woods? Pretty shady. Something else’s going on here, wouldn’t you say, <Name>?
Carmen: <Name>, I say we go pay Johan another visit, maybe he can shed some light on this legend! 

Question Johan Schnee about his brother’s disappearance.
Carmen: We found out about your brother’s disappearance, Johan. Care to tell us what happened that day?
Johan: You’ve heard the story. He disappeared in the forest. How is this relevant to your murder investigation, <Rank> <Name>?
Carmen: Our victim was with you and your brother the day of his disappearance. I’d say that’s pretty relevant.
Johan: If you must know… the three of us used to go hunting together. We’d steal our parents’ beer and come out here to hunt boar. It was our hobby.
Johan: One day, I went back to get a radio out of my bag to listen to some German folk music. When I returned, my brother was gone.
Johan: We searched like mad but we couldn’t find him anywhere! He just… disappeared!
Carmen: You want us to believe your brother vanished into thin air like a ghost?
Johan: Yes! And I blamed Hans! We’d always stay in pairs for protection but Hans trailed off to hunt down a buck. He wasn’t there for my brother!
Johan: I couldn’t forgive him. We went our separate ways. It’s his fault my brother’s gone!
Carmen: It’s hard to hold a grudge against a dead man. Unless… it’s because of that grudge he ended up dead! 

Examine Victim Effigy.
Carmen: <Name>, good work on collecting those fibers off that doll which looks eerily like our victim!
Carmen: Hmm… these aren’t white fibers. They’re fibers covered in a white substance.
Carmen: We need to uncover what this white substance is on the fibers! Let’s put a sample under a microscope! 

Examine Stained Fibers.
Carmen: Slick microscope work on that sample you collected, <Name>! You identified the zinc oxide molecule, which appears in a high concentration in this white substance.
Lars: What’s up, <Name>? Whoa… Looks like you’ve got yourself one potent sunscreen… like for an albino.
Carmen: An albino? Good call, <Name>! We DO know an albino… who happens to enjoy making murder effigies. It’s time we paid Brother Klaus another visit! 

Question Brother Klaus about the effigy he made of the victim.
Brother Klaus: <Rank> <Name>, when will you miserable creatures finally leave me in peace?!
Carmen: If you wanted to be left alone, I suggest you stop making effigies of dead movie stars!
Brother Klaus: It’s just a fortuitous coincidence! Besides, Hans Vogel was a wretched soul who deserved to meet his maker! I do not lament his passing! He tormented me for years…
Carmen: You knew Hans Vogel?
Brother Klaus: We were children together in this pathetic town. He and all the town’s children mocked me because of my looks. I was outcast because of him!
Brother Klaus: I spent many lonely years wishing his demise! I can’t even listen to German folk music anymore without flashbacks to that dismal period of my life. Death to all those heathens!
Carmen: You’ll be dealing with a lot more heathens if we find out you wished up Hans Vogel’s fortuitous death!

Later, back at headquarters…
Carmen: <Name>, I don’t know about you, but I’m stumped. Not only do we have no information on the next Promethian attack, we still don’t know who killed Hans Vogel.
Carmen: Between Johan’s brother’s mysterious disappearance and Brother Klaus’ bizarre murder doll, I’d say this town is certified cuckoo.
Marina: <Name>, sorry to interrupt, but have you been watching the news? The results of the latest polls in Germany are in. It’s alarming.
Carmen: Fire up the tube!
TV Reporter: I’m in front of Germany’s parliament where thousands are registering for the upcoming referendum which would unite Europe under one central government.
TV Reporter: Recent polls show a rise in popularity for far right extremists who are pushing for European unification.
TV Reporter: Officials confirm that should the referendum pass while the far right is leading, the new united government would fall under their control. This is Cooper Anderson with EuroOne News.
Carmen: Marina, you weren’t kidding! This is some seriously disturbing news.
Marina: Anyone who seeks to create a totalitarian state should be feared.
Carmen: I have seen what this looks like and it ain’t pretty.
Elliot: Hey <Name>, just came from the square and wanted to let you know the city is putting the cuckoo clock back up right now.
Carmen: What?! <Name>, we’ve got to get our behinds back to the village square before they destroy any last evidence! And Elliot… what are you doing drinking beer?! 

Investigate Cuckoo Clock.
Carmen: It’s a good thing Elliot tipped us off, or we’d have lost our last shot at this evidence! So, what did you find, <Name>?
Carmen: Good eye on getting that surveillance camera! If we’re lucky, it’ll have recorded the murder! If you can decipher it, we’re in business!
Carmen: What about that beer mug? Could it be the one Angela mentioned during the autopsy that was used to knock out Hans? There’s an indent on the bottom of it.
Carmen: You’re right! There’s some dried liquid on the rim. No time to waste! Let’s collect a sample! 

Examine Locked CCTV.
Carmen: <Name>, now that you’ve unlocked the camera, let’s rush it to Elliot so he can pull the footage of the crime scene! 

Analyze CCTV Recordings.
Elliot: <Name>, you’re back again? Aren’t you bored of this case yet? I am…
Elliot: Anyway, I was able to access the video footage recorded on the night of the murder.
Elliot: The shadows cast on the victim’s body and on the clock puppet allowed me to create a wicked triangulation formula. With it, I could determine the vertical axis of the murderer –
Carmen: You’re giving me grays here, Elliot!
Elliot: Geez… such a nagger. What I was saying was that I was able to determine the height of the killer. Your killer is exactly 6 feet tall.
Carmen: You heard the kid, <Name>! We’re hunting down one tall catch of a killer! 

Examine Beer Mug.
Carmen: Perfect sample you collected off the killer’s beer mug. We don’t have a second to lose! Let’s send it to Lars stat! 

Analyze Saliva.
Lars: Hey, <Name>! Did you get a chance to listen to my demo tape yet? Good stuff, right?
Carmen: Yeah. My favorite track was called: “Where’s the result of my lab sample ‘cause I don’t have time to waste?!”
Lars: Sarcasm. Dig it! Right, so the result of the sample you collected off that beer mug the killer used to bash in Hans’ head…
Lars: Darn. Can’t find my notes…
Carmen: Let’s hustle, Lars!
Lars: I found them! The chemical composition of the dried liquid found of the rim of the beer mug turned out to be the killer’s saliva.
Lars: With it, I was able to ascertain a crucial piece of information. Your killer has blue eyes!
Carmen: We’re hot on their trail now, <Name>! Let’s go catch us our bright-eyed killer!

After completing all tasks…
Carmen: <Name>, you’ve collected all the evidence we need to arrest Hans Vogel’s killer! Let’s do this! 

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: The mystery has been solved. Johan Schnee, you’re under arrest for the murder of Hans Vogel!
Johan: What are you talking about? I wasn’t even in town when Hans was there. I was in the forest.
Carmen: You mean, the forest from where you sent Hans the postcard asking to meet you at the village square?
Johan: I didn’t send that card, and even if I had, it’s not a crime to meet up with old friends!
Carmen: No, it’s not, but it is a crime to kill them while listening to German folk music. We found your military radio with the exact crime scene coordinates recorded in it.
Johan: Those coordinates must have accidentally been recorded during my last visit to the village!
Carmen: The visit where you quenched your thirst for revenge by drinking beer and murdering your old friend, Hans! We found your DNA all over the beer mug you used to bash in Hans’ head!
Carmen: That is, before you skewered him on the town clock like a roast boar ready for a luau! A brutal way to do in a friend, don’t you think?
Johan: He was no friend of mine! He promised he’d keep our secret, but he was about to share it with the whole world!
Carmen: Secret? What secret? Is it about your brother’s disappearance?
Johan: My brother didn’t disappear… I killed him!
Johan: It was an accident! I couldn’t see… I thought it was a wild boar! I aimed my bow and…
Johan: I buried him and never told a soul! Hans was there. He promised to keep it a secret! It was an accident!
Carmen: You killed your own brother and buried him in the forest?! How could you? And why kill Hans now after all these years?
Johan: He was about to tell everyone the truth! I saw posters for his interview with the Mayor, I knew I had to silence him! He brought it on himself!
Carmen: You killed your brother and your old friend. The town shouldn’t be afraid of a legend. They should be afraid of you! Johan Schnee, you’re under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Johan Schnee, you stand trial for the murder of Hans Vogel. Now, why did you have to do that? I liked his movies!
Johan: Hans was like a brother to me. If he’d kept his mouth shut, he’d still be alive! But they told me he would talk! I had no choice!
Judge Adaku: “They” told you? Who’s they, Mr Schnee? Are you hearing voices?
Johan: I’m not crazy! It was the Promethians! They told me Hans was going to reveal my secret and expose my lies!
Judge Adaku: I don’t know anything about any Promethians, but I do know you’ll be going to prison for a very long time. I sentence you to 25 years without parole!
Johan: Hans got what he deserved, but let this be justice for killing my brother. Now, I can finally atone. I loved my brother!

Carmen: What a case! A famous movie star dead at the hands of his friend. Makes me wonder if Johan was telling the truth about the Promethians.
Carmen: We knew they were planning an attack and Hans was an international star, but the question is: why would the Promethians want him dead?
Carmen: They couldn’t really care about Johan’s secret, so maybe Hans was going to reveal something else in his interview… whatever it was got him killed.
Carmen: <Name>, I know a juicy story when I see one, and this story’s got juicy written all over it! Let’s keep on moving ‘cause we’ve got us some Promethians to catch! 

Europe in Crisis 3

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: So yet another killer claims they were tricked into murder by the Promethians!
Carmen: I’m one step ahead of you, Chief. I got a fresh pair of handcuffs with Brother Klaus’s name on them! Me and <Name>’ll go arrest him as soon-
Chief Ripley: If the Promethians are planning murders we need hard evidence! We can’t strike without proof!
Chief Ripley: You’ve not let me down so far, <Name>. I trust you can find evidence of Promethian involvement back at the murder scene!
Ingrid: Ma’am, we’ve just received a message from local authorities. They’re requested assistance finding Johan’s brother’s body.
Chief Ripley: I suppose we’ll have to help. <Name>, interview Johan Schnee again and see if he’ll tell you where the body’s buried.
Carmen: Your choice <Name>: crack the Promethians’ plot, or hunt for a body that’s been decomposing for fifteen years?... I know which one I’d choose. 

Question Johan Schnee about the whereabouts of his brother’s body.
Carmen: Johan, we’re going to find your brother’s body. Can you remember anything about his death?
Johan: I remember everything. Like a nightmare I can’t wake up from…
Johan: Me, my brother and Hans were hunting in the forest. It was getting dark…
Johan: I heard something and I… I shot my arrow.
Johan: The arrow hit my brother… I had killed him.
Johan: Hans persuaded me to keep it a secret. We found an old well… that’s where we buried him.
Johan: He hated being alone in the forest… and we just left him there!
Carmen: We’ll find your brother’s body and bring him out of the forest, Johan. Come on, <Name>, let’s head back to the Black Forest.
Johan: Wait! I don’t want anyone else to know what you’re doing in the forest. Please, take these as a disguise. 

Investigate Abandoned Castle.
Carmen: <Name>, you think this might be the well Johan buried his brother in? I guess we should look inside… you do the honors. 

Examine Forest Well.
Carmen: Damn, there was a skull in that well! And it’s pierced with an arrow… could it be Johan’s brother?
Carmen: You’re right, let’s get this skull to Angela! 

Analyze Skull.
Angela: I’m sorry to say, but this skull you found in the Black Forest is Christophe Schnee’s. His dental records confirmed it.
Angela: But the rest will blow your mind! Johan didn’t kill his brother!
Angela: The impact wound and the arrow’s angle show that Johan’s brother was shot by a left-handed archer. Johan is right-handed!
Angela: You said Hans Vogel was hunting that day, so I looked into his records… he was left-handed!
Carmen: What?! You think Hans Vogel killed Johan’s brother?!
Angela: Most definitely! I even found traces of his DNA on the arrow tip! He’s the killer!
Carmen: We must tell Johan that it was Vogel who killed his brother! Come on!

Tell the truth to Johan Schnee about his brother’s death.
Carmen: Um, Johan… We found Christophe’s body… And something else. Listen… you didn’t kill him.
Johan: But… but how is that possible?! I shot the arrow, I saw him dead, I-
Carmen: It was Vogel’s arrow that killed Christophe all those years ago. You’re innocent of that murder, at least…
Johan: Hans killed my brother and made me think it was me! That utter drecksau!
Johan: But wait… that means… I’m innocent. The guilt is gone! I didn’t kill my brother!
Carmen: Um, you still murdered Hans Vogel, Johan. You’re not innocent of that one!
Johan: I don’t care! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! Here, have my prison lunch. It’s not much, but it’s all I have to say thank you!

Investigate Village Square.
Carmen: You think those broken pieces could prove the Promethians are involved in Vogel’s murder? Let’s put them back together and see! 

Examine Broken Pottery.
Carmen: So those broken pieces make up this vase… but what was this doing on the crime scene?
Carmen: You’re right, some of the design’s faded, why not clean it up and see where it leads. 

Examine Faded Greek Vase.
Carmen: Now we’re cooking! That vase you found on the crime scene has a Promethian symbol on it! Let’s see if Dupont can tell us more about it. 

Analyze Vase Paintings.
Dupont: My Swiss heart is beating a little heavier. Who would smash a priceless ancient vase?! Oh, the humanité!
Carmen: Calm down, Dupont, it’s only a vase.
Dupont: Only a vase?! It’s over 3000 years old! It depicts the legends of the Promethian cult in Ancient Greece!
Dupont: One legend may be of interest to you. When a member of the cult betrayed their brethren, they were impaled!
Carmen: Impaled?... Wait, you mean like Hans Vogel?!
Dupont: Perhaps the Promethians gave the idea of impaling Vogel to Johan?!
Carmen: There’s only one way to find out. Let’s ask Brother Klaus!

Question Brother Klaus about the vase.
Carmen: We found your vase, Klaus. Was it you who gave the idea of impaling Vogel to Johan?
Brother Klaus: We Promethians settle our scores. Vogel had it coming, he betrayed us!
Brother Klaus: Yes, I suggested to Johan that he impale Vogel on that clock. Hans was a Promethian! He knew the punishment for betrayal!
Carmen: Hans Vogel was a Promethian?!
Brother Klaus: Haha! For twenty years! You didn’t think he got famous because of his “acting talent” did you?!
Brother Klaus: But he turned his back on us! So I warned Johan that Vogel was about to reveal his dark secret. Inspiring him to murder! That pathetic creature was putty in my hands!
Carmen: Brother Klaus, it is my pleasure to arrest you for aiding the murder of Hans Vogel!

Later, back at headquarters…
Carmen: So, Brother Klaus confirmed the Promethians were involved in Vogel’s murder! Just as we suspected!
Carmen: But it turns out that it was Vogel who killed Johan’s brother, not Johan! So the big secret Vogel was going to reveal couldn’t have been that!
Carmen: I can’t quit wondering about that speech Vogel was going to make. What was his secret? The Promethians were involved in the murder, could it be something about them?
Carmen: Agreed! We need to find out what Vogel was going to reveal in that speech! Let’s go back to that beer hall!

Investigate Beer Hall.
Carmen: Okay, <Name>, did you find anything related to Hans Vogel and his betrayal of the Promethians?
Carmen: A mirror?! Why did you pick that up?!
Carmen: Wait, you’re right, this is no ordinary mirror. There’s a control panel on it! And it’s locked.
Carmen: Do you think you can unlock this… this device, <Name>? I gotta know what it does!

Examine Locked Screen.
Carmen: You’ve unlocked this weird mirror, <Name>, but we still don’t know what it is! I’m calling Elliot for advice!
Carmen: Elliot, we’ve got something weird. It’s like a mirror but with buttons and stuff on it, what does it do?!
Elliot: You got a Smart Mirror?!
Elliot: They’re like mirrors but they can change your clothes’ color, make a recording and stuff. They’re crazy expensive! Only millionaires can afford them!
Carmen: Millionaires… like Hans Vogel?! Do you reckon this is his?
Elliot: Um… Just press play and see the last recording.
Carmen: Come on, let’s see what happens!
(Carmen pushes play)
Hans: Friends, Germans, Countrymen, this is a very important speech…
Carmen: <Name>! This is a recording of Hans Vogel’s speech! That vain idiot must’ve practiced it in this mirror!
Hans: … It is also a confession. Since I was young, I’ve been a member of the Promethian cult.
Hans: I recently discovered a secret about the Promethians. A secret so terrible I can no longer be a member of this cult.
Hans: The secret is that the Promethians are planning to attack! We are all in danger! Europe as we know it will be destroyed! It will be-
(Mirror statics)
Carmen: The recording’s gone dead!
Carmen: So this is why the Promethians wanted Hans Vogel dead! He was going to reveal in his speech that they were planning an attack!
Carmen: We need to get the details out of Brother Klaus! And I know just the woman to help! Let’s get Marina to wheedle the truth out of him!

Question Brother Klaus about the Promethians’ goal.
After hours of interrogation…
Brother Klaus: And then the fiery sword of Zeus will slice through the belly of this rancid donkey you call Europe!
Marina: Yes yes, Klaus. You’ve told me four times…
Brother Klaus: We will rise and butcher! All sins washed clean in an ocean of torment!
Marina: Look, I want to understand the real you, Klaus. What do you want from all this? Power? Money?
Brother Klaus: Money? Ha! Money’s become worthless where I’m going!
Marina: Where do you think you’re going? You’re not getting out of this interrogation room…
Brother Klaus: That’s what you think! You should have searched my robe before arresting me!
Marina (coughing): <Name>! Klaus has gone! All he’s left is this pile of money…

A few minutes later…
Chief Ripley: What the hell happened, <Name>?! Are we The Bureau or The Goddamn Luxembourg Transport Police?! How did Klaus escape?!
Marina: It was my fault. He smuggled in a smoke bomb and escaped through an unguarded exit. I couldn’t predict it. He’s just so… mad!
Chief Ripley: We’ve clearly underestimated the Promethians. We need to act NOW!
Chief Ripley: Marina, send a Code-Red-Alert to every Police department this side of Siberia – “FIND BROTHER KLAUS.”
Marina: I’m on it Chief. What are you going to do?!
Chief Ripley: I’m sending <Name> to Greece!
Carmen: Greece?! Are you kidding?! That place is chaos! Since the entire country was declared bankrupt the economy’s imploded! There’s riots, looting-
Chief Ripley: A country in chaos is a perfect location for the Promethians to strike! Besides, Brother Klaus said he was going somewhere where “money had become worthless”. I bet we’ll find him in Greece!
Carmen: The only thing we’re finding in Greece is trouble!
Chief Ripley: Cults planning attacks, chaos across Europe and Bureau prisoners escaping? It sounds like we’re already in trouble, Martinez… A little more can’t hurt! Let’s get going!

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