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David Jones: <Rank> <Name>! Good thing you're here! You won't BELIEVE what I've found!
Jones: Look! There's a Friendnet group that's posting pictures of ME! I don't even know how they managed to take them!!
Jones: I look stupid on more than half of them! And people are calling me... oh, you don't want to know what they're calling me.
Ramirez: Good morning, <Rank> <Name>! Chief King would like to see you in his office right now.
Jones: Ah! He must have heard about that imfamy! Hopefully he'll order Friendnet to take those pictures down!
Chief King: Hello, <Rank>-
Jones: Chief King! What are we going to do about this? Can we legally shut Friendnet down maybe?
Chief King: ...what in the devil are you blabbering about, Jones?
Jones: The Friendnet group! The one that posts pictures of me! ... surely that's why you called us to your office?
Chief King: Sometimes I get so very tired...
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, I've called you over because something happened at the University. A student... a student committed suicide in the library.
Jones: Oh, how tragic!!
Jones: But wait, what does a suicide have to do with us?
Chief King: Inspector Jones, when a student commits suicide in the middle of College grounds, I'll damn well make sure it's not the beginning of a series!
Chief King: I want you to investigate this as seriously as if it was a murder! Now go to the library, both of you!

Chapter 1

Investigate Library.
David Jones: I'd never seen a suicide victim before. I didn't think it would feel so unsettling, considering some of the gruesome crime scenes we've worked on, but...
Jones: It's this place, too. I hate libraries. They're so eerily quiet.
Jones: Brr, you're right! I need to shake myself up, we've got a mystery to solve! The victim has been identified as Lisa Edwards. She's a freshman in the University. Withdrawn personality, spent a lot of time in the library.
Jones: Apparently she had asked her best friend, a certain Penelope Rivera, to meet up with her here this morning. We can go talk to this Penelope whenever you're ready.
Jones: But maybe we should start by getting a better look at this tablet computer you found next to the victim's body. Think you can guess the password, <Name>?

Talk to Penelope Rivera.
Jones: Hello, Miss Rivera. We understand you were the victim's best friend... Could you tell us a little about Lisa?
Penelope: I don't think I could, no.
Jones: What do you mean? Surely you knew her better than anybody else!
Penelope: That's what I thought, too, but now I'm not sure. The Lisa I knew would never have done something so... so stupid!
Jones: Well, people commit suicide often don't talk about it with any-
Penelope: No. No! Lisa and I told each other EVERYTHING! We've been best friends since second grade! A best friend doesn't keep such things to herself!
Penelope: She never mentioned having any problem at all! How could she do this to me?! How could she be so... so selfish?!

Examine Tablet.
Jones: Perfect job as always, <Name>! You cracked this tablet computer's password in seconds!
Jones: Y'know, sometimes I think you should just replace Alex, you're just as tech-savvy as he is! ... But I'd miss having you helping me in the field too much!
Jones: Anyway! Now that you've unlocked that tablet, let's send it to the lab. We've got to keep Alex busy, after all!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: Seeing such a young person on my autopsy table is always a bit heartbreaking, but knowing she took her own life makes this even more tragic.
Nathan: I've examined her body, paid special attention to the wounds on her neck. I cannot find anything that points towards an attacker.
Nathan: She got a bump on the head, but she could have easily bumped her head against the ceiling when she stood up on the railing to jump to her death.
Nathan: The rope is what killed her, and very cleanly at that. Her neck snapped, she died in seconds.
Nathan: Something's bothering me though, but I can't put my finger on it... I guess if anyone can figure it out, it's you, <Name>!

Analyze Tablet.
Alex: The tablet you found in the library belongs to your victim, <Name>! I was even able to check out her Friendnet account!
Alex: And what I found on it was... disturbing. Her last public post was a quote from Shakespeare: "To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream." This is a quote from Hamlet's soliloquy, when he is contemplating suicide.
Jones: So Lisa actually warned people about her suicide?!
Alex: It's not a clear cry for help, but considering what happened afterwards... There was something more on that tablet. A lot of games, as is usual, but also a single phone number.
Alex: You know me. I always get to the bottom of things. So I called the number and...
Alex: Remember the hacker who helped you investigate that musician's death? Well, the phone number belongs to them!!
Jones: What the... What did they say? Did they know the victim?!
Alex: You can ask them that yourself. They've agreed to talk to you through video chat, whenever you're ready.

Talk to The @rtist.
The @rtist: Hello, <Rank> <Name>. Nice to chat with you again.
The @rtist: Your tech guy asked if I could help you concerning the "suicide" of Lisa Edwards. What exactly do you need?
Jones: Anything that could help us make sense of her suicide... if it's a suicide at all. But first, why did the victim have your phone number?
The @rtist: Because I gave it to her, of course. Girls have to stick together. The day I saw that people were leaving bullying messages on her Friendnet wall, I-
Jones: Wait a second, Lisa was being bullied on Friendnet?
The @rtist: Yes, by anonymous cowards. I got into contact with her, asking her if she wanted help build a case against those cowards. She refused, but I still decided to keep a copy of every threatening message she got.
The @rtist: I saved the data on one of my hard drives... but my cat pushed it off the shelf and it shattered to pieces.
The @rtist: Everyone knows <Rank> <Name> can fix the unfixable. If you want to take a look at the hard drive, here's the address where you can find it.
Jones: You're... giving us your address? You're not afraid we'll figure out your real identity?
The @rtist: It's just a hideout I'm using these days. There's nothing in there that I don't want you to look at, detectives. I must go. Good luck!

Alex: So, <Rank> <Name>, what did The @rtist tell you?
Jones: She gave us directions to her secret hideout. She says we'll be able to find useful info about our victim there. I hope she didn't lie.
Alex: Whoa, her secret hideout! That's so nif- wait a second, did you say "HER secret hideout"? The @rtist is a GIRL??
Alex: Ohmygodohmygod I can't believe it! This is so exciting!
Jones: I... guess it is? Sorry Alex, but we're in a bit of a hurry here.
Jones: C'mon <Rank> <Name>, let's go check out that hideout!

Investigate Hacker's Room.
Jones: This must be the broken hard drive the @rtist told us about! Well, she didn't lie when she said it was smashed to pieces!
Jones: I guess it's time to show everyone that you can indeed fix the unfixable, <Name>!

Examine Broken Hard Drive.
Jones: Well I'll be... You managed to put that hard drive back together in a snap!
Jones: Now all we have to do is... sift through tons of data to fing the info we need.

Analyze Hard Drive.
Alex: The @rtist didn't lead you on, <Name>. The hard drive you found at her place was chock-full of data on your victim's bullying.
Jones: So Lisa was being bullied online?
Alex: Unfortunately, yes. Anonymous users would leave horrible messages on her Friendnet page, stuff like what a better place the world would be if she just offed herself.
Jones: What the... Why would anyone DO that?!
Alex: That's just the joy of the internet. People can become horrible when they're hiding behind screens and fake names.
Jones: And did the @rtist find out who the bullies were?
Alex: There was no info about it on the hard drive, so i'm guessing she didn't manage.
Jones: <Name>, if Lisa was being bullied, maybe... It wouldn't be the first time bullying ends in tragedy, unfortunately...

A While Later
Grace: <Name>? I'm glad I found you. Do you remember Luke Harris, my fiance? You met him when you were investigating that horrible painting...
Luke: Hello, <Rank> <Name>. Nice to see you again.
Grace: Luke has something he wants to tell you. About your investigation. Would you have time to talk to him now?
Jones: Of course we do, don't we <Name>? Let's go to the interrogation room.

Talk to Luke Harris.
Luke: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, <Name>. Grace convinced me to come forward. I have... something to say about Lisa's death.
Jones: Did you know her personally?
Luke: Yes. Lisa was in one of my classes, Movie History 101. She was very shy, very withdrawn. However...
Luke: Listen, I know you found her hanged up in the library, and I know it LOOKS like a suicide, but...
Luke: <Rank> <Name>, there's one thing i'm sure of: Lisa didn't commit suicide. It was a murder!

Chapter 2

Luke Harris: <Rank> <Name>, you've got to believe me. Lisa Edwards did not commit suicide. She was murdered!
Jones: But how can you be so sure Luke? Lisa was found hanging in the library. The autopsy found no traces of foulplay.
Jones: What's more, we know that she was the target of bullying, which might unfortunately explain why she took her life.
Luke: Listen to me! I teach a class about Movie History, and the last movie we studied, The Hangman Murders, was a murderer who disguises his crime to make it look like his victim hanged herself!
Jones: That's... a little uncanny, alright. But it might just be a coincidence.
Luke: Look, there's one simple way of checking if it's true or not. In the movie, the murder also takes place in a library. The criminal writes the victim's suicide letter and places it on the bottom row of a bookshelf.
Luke: <Rank> <Name>, please! Go to the library and check the bookshelves out!
Jones: Alright, I guess it's still a lead worth investigating. But I hope you're not making us lose our time, Luke!

Investigate Study Desk.
Jones: Alright, this IS spooky. What were the chances of you finding a letter right where Luke said we would find one?!
Jones: That's where our luck ends, though. The letter was written in pencil and half of it is almost erased. Time to sprinkle some powder, <Name>!

Examine Faded Letter.
Jones: Good. Now that you've recovered the missing sentences, we can read what was written on the letter you found in the library!
Jones: The letter says... "To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream... I'm sorry but I just can't stand this anymore. I hope the world will be a better place without me. Lisa."
Jones: This... This is horrible! How could anyone think that the world could be better without them in it?!
Jones: "To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream..." Hey that's the quote Lisa posted as her Friendnet status!
Jones: I guess we have our answer then. This letter can only have been written by-
Jones: What? You think we should send this letter to the lab, check whether Lisa really did write it? Alright. I know better than not to trust your judgement, <Name>.

Analyze Suicide Note.
Alex: Grace's fiance was right, <Name>! I did a graphological analysis and the results are crystal clear: your victim did NOT write this suicide letter. It was forged.
Jones: Exactly like in the movie Luke showed to his students!
Jones: Which means we're dealing with a murder! And we know Lisa's killer based it all on The Hangman Murders!
Alex: And there's more. The killer must have used gloves, because there were no fingerprints... but looking at the letter with a black light showed stains.
Alex: Didn't take long to figure out those were coffee molecules. The sad truth is that your killer enjoyed a cup of coffee while they were writing that letter!

Jones: Well, <Name>, it's official now: we're dealing with a murder case. And whoever killed Lisa must have been cold-blooded for sure!
Jones: I think the worst is that they wrote a fake suicide letter. And using the same quote Lisa posted as her last Friendnet status... "To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream..."!
Jones: But to have written this... it means the killer saw Lisa's last post and used it to make the letter sound authentic! Which means the killer uses Friendnet!
Jones: <Name>, I'm speechless. Thanks to you, we've gone from thinking this was a suicide to having three major pieces of evidence against Lisa's killer!
Tess: Ah-ha! So it IS a murder! I knew it!
Jones: What the... Tess! What are you doing here? We haven't seen you since that horrible hazing case...
Tess: Yes, and I still can't believe how fast you solved Rani's murder, <Rank> <Name>. That was so impressive!
Jones: Well, yes, we did a pretty good job.
Tess: I was actually speaking to <Rank> <Name>. Do you often take credit for others' success, Officer Jones? Fascinating...
Jones: Hey, <Rank> <Name> and I are a team! Anyway, what are you doing here?
Tess: I came to talk to you about Lisa Edwards' death, of course!

Talk to Tess Goodwin.
Jones: So, Tess. You wanted to talk to us about Lisa's murder?
Tess: Yes. I knew the victim a little. We shared Mr Harris's Movie History class, and we used to take the subway together afterwards.
Tess: Lately, Lisa was... acting strange. She'd spend hours sitting on that subway platform, watching the trains go past. Sometimes it felt as if she'd only get in a wagon if there were no students inside.
Tess: I tried to make her talk. I mean, I'm majoring in psychology, so I thought I might be able to help. I offered her to go for a cup of coffee, but she always refused.
Jones: Did you know she was being bullied? Did she talk about it?
Tess: I knew, I saw the messages left on her Friendnet page before she deleted them. But Lisa refused to talk about it with me.
Tess: See, when I heard she'd hung herself, I thought that was strange. Considering how much time she spent on that subway platform, I thought she'd have committed suicide by jumping on the tracks, for sure!

Jones: What a lovely mental image Tess has put into my brain. That girl's really morbid, don't you think, <Name>?
Jones: But at least we learnt quite a few things about her. And you're right, if she was in Mr Harris's class, then she obviously studied The Hangman Murders! Let's add this to her profile!
Jones: Anyway. Let's get a move on. If our victim spent that much time in Onion Street subway, we'd better go check it out, you're right!

Investigate Subway Platform.
Jones: <Name>, you found the victim's portfolio! There's her name scrawled on it in ballpen ink! We need to have a look inside!
Jones: And I trust the torn pieces of paper you found next to it will not take you more than two seconds to piece back together, will they?

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones: So! The paper you found torn in the subway was... hey, it's a school essay! And it was written by Lisa!
Jones: Whoa, the teacher's commentaries are really mean! "Even less inspired than the previous one. Your ideas have been used before, and better."
Jones: I don't know for you, but I'd have been pretty upset at getting such comments!
Jones: Hm, you're right, the copy's stained. And the stain goes over several pieces so it was there before the copy got torn! Can you collect a sample, <Name>?

Examine Copy.
Jones: Great. Now that you've collected a sample from Lisa's essay, we can send it to the lab!
Jones: Grace should have no problem telling us what stained that copy!

Analyze Brown Substance.
Grace: The substances you collected from Lisa's essay is coffee, <Name>.
Jones: You look... strangely put off by that, Grace.
Grace: ... Alright. Don't get the wrong idea, but... I know who left that stain on Lisa's copy. It's Luke.
Jones: You mean Lisa's essay was for his class? So he's the one who left those comments!
Grace: Yes. He always drinks coffee while correcting essays, and I always tell him that's it's just not respectful to rest his mug on his students' copies!
Grace: But that doesn't mean he's a suspect, d'you hear?!
Jones: Actually, it does. Sorry, Grace.
Jones: <Name>, we'd better go talk to Luke again. The comments he left on the victim's essay are pretty harsh, and she did tore her essay to shreds...

Talk to Luke Harris.
Jones: Luke, we found one of Lisa's essays for your class and, well, you were pretty harsh with her.
Luke: Harsh? I don't remember being harsh. I just think it's best not to feed students' delusions with false praise.
Jones: Still... She obviously took your remarks to heart. We found that essay torn up on a subway platform. Were you always this hard on her?
Luke: Look, I... If I had known my feedback was this upsetting, I would have talked to her in private!
Luke: Lisa was striving so hard to convince me she could work in the movie industry, but she just did not have the creative talent... or the maturity! What was I supposed to do? Feed her delusions?
Jones: You might have at least shot her down with a little more kindness.
Luke: I never know how to behave with the kids. I try to be their friend, so that they won't be afraid to talk to me, but it never seems to work.
Luke: I even created a Friendnet account so I could get to know them better! But I think they're screening all their posts from me.

Jones: Luke seems like a pretty tough teacher, don't you think, <Name>?
Jones: Still, I've got a hard time picturing him killing one of his students. After all, Grace wouldn't fall in love with a criminal... would she?
Grace: David Jeremiah Jones! What are you implying, exactly?! Of course I'd never fall in love with a criminal! Luke is a great guy, and you'd better watch what you say about him!
Jones: Eek! B-but of course, Grace! I'd never s-say anything b-b-bad about someone you love!

Examine Portfolio.
Jones: Our victim's portfolio contained all the usual student paraphernalia... and a pamphlet for an Anti-Bullying association?!
Jones: So Lisa was trying to take steps to stop bullying! There seems to be something written on the pamphlet...
Jones: I guess it's time for a little powder dusting, <Name>!

Examine Pamphlet.
Jones: Someone left their phone number on the Anti-Bullying pamphlet you found in Lisa's portfolio!
Jones: We need to figure out who that was! Let's send that number to Alex, <Name>!

Analyze Unknown Phone Number.
Alex: I tracked down the owner of the phone number you found scribbled on the Anti-Bullying pamphlet, <Name>!
Alex: And the owner is none other than the Anti-Bullying association's president, Caroline Fitzgerald!
Jones: You don't say. <Name>, we'd better go talk to this Mrs Fitzgerald about our victim!

Talk to Caroline Fitzgerald.
Caroline: Sorry if I look a little tense, <Rank> <Name>. I think I must have had ten cups of coffee since this morning. Such a young woman, taking her own life! My nerves are a wreck!
Jones: Actually, Lisa didn't commit suicide, Mrs Fitzgerald. She was murdered, and her murder was then staged to look like a suicide.
Caroline: Oh dear God! ... it's because of that atrocious movie, isn't it? It is, isn't it?!
Caroline: Oh I knew it! I told Mr. Harris that showing such a movie to impressionable young adults could only end in tragedy!
Caroline: As the president of the Students' Parents Association, I always watch the material studied by the pupils to make sure it's appropriate. I take my duties very seriously.
Caroline: And I knew, I KNEW this girl was in trouble! I told her to call me if she needed help, but she never did! I wish she had!

Later on in the Police Station...
Jones: Well, <Name>, what should we do next? We've got se-
The @rtist: <Rank> <Name>, nice to meet you.
Jones: Eek!!
The @rtist: Are you alright?
Jones: Gee, don't creep up on people like that! You're... you're the @rtist, aren't you?
The @rtist: How observant. <Rank> <Name>, I need to talk to you. It's pretty urgent.
The @rtist: I... I've been keeping some info from you. I'm sorry, but I needed to make sure you were trustworthy first. And to double-check my info.
The @rtist: I know who was harassing Lisa online. It was... It was Penelope Rivera.
Jones: WHAT?!

Chapter 3

The @rtist: Sorry I didn't tell you before, <Rank> <Name>, but I know who was harassing your victim online.
The @rtist: It was her so-called best friend. Penelope Rivera.
Jones: WHAT?!
Jones: But that... doesn't make any sense! Why would her best friend treat her that way?!
The @rtist: That's up to her to tell you, I guess.
The @rtist: When I saw those messages on Lisa's Friendnet wall, I set out to find who was bullying her.
The @rtist: And when I got the name... I contacted Lisa to let her know.
Jones: So Lisa knew that Penelope was the one sending her those messages?! <Name>, let's have Penelope brought to the station! We need to get to the bottom of this!

Jones: <Name>, we need to talk to Penelope, I know. But I also want to have another look at the @rtist's hideout. Who knows what else she's been keeping from us?!

Investigate Computer Station.
Jones: We're lucky the @rtist didn't change hideouts before coming to see us!
Jones: You're right, she even left one of her computers on! Let's see... Haha, her email box is opened!
Jones: It's asking for a password... Do you think you're up to cracking a hacker's password, <Name>?

Examine Laptop.
Jones: I can't believe it! You did it! You actually managed to crack a password on a hacker's computer!
Jones: But, wait... this isn't the @rtist's mailbox. This is Caroline Fitzgerald's, the woman in charge of the Anti-Bullying association!
Jones: So the @rtist was also investigating Caroline's life! Was it linked to Lisa's problems? <Name>, you're right, we'd better have Alex check out Caroline's emails!

Analyze Mails.
Alex: So I've had a look at Caroline Fitzgerald's emails, and boy, did she ever send a LOT of them to your victim!
Alex: She kept writing to Lisa to ask her to participate in a conference about cyberbullying. At first she was very polite, but after a while she started trying to guilt-trip the victim.
Jones: Guilt-trip?
Alex: Telling her that she should be ashamed of not wanting to participate, that her experience could help other victims of bullying come forward, that she was being selfish.
Jones: Wait, so the president of the Anti-Bullying association was bullying the victim?!
Jones: I can't believe it! <Name>, we need to talk to that woman again!

Talk to Caroline Fitzgerald.
Caroline: How DARE you accuse me of bullying this poor girl?!
Caroline: I'll have you know I've been fighting that fight for years. I even created a Friendnet account to try and get closer to the students and monitor what was happening online!
Caroline: Under no circumstance would I have EVER bullied anybody! My mails were strictly professional!
Caroline: And if I expressed my disappointment... Well, how else could I react?
Caroline: Lisa could have helped dozens, maybe hundreds of people by sharing her experience and showing them you had to step forward to stop the circle of abuse!
Caroline: But she wouldn't go through with it! She insisted running from her responsibilities!
Jones: "Running from her responsibilities"? Shouldn't YOU have helped Lisa? She came to you for help, but you do not seem to have given her any, Mrs Fitzgerald.
Caroline: Well... of course I was here to help her! I DID help her! The least she could have done was help me and the other victims in return!
Jones: And what better example for your crusade than having a victim of bullying commit "suicide", ain't that right?
Caroline: You are a preposterous little man. I'm not ashamed of admitting that Lisa will be of more help dead, but to imply that I would take a student's life... You're ridiculous!

Talk to Penelope Rivera.
Penelope: Alright, I confess. I'm the one who sent those horrible Friendnet messages to Lisa!!
Penelope: I was stupid, okay? It's just that we got to this big University, and we'd always been together, and I got... I got scared that she would make new friends and forget about me.
Penelope: She was already getting chummy with that Tess-girl that was in our Movie History class! They were always taking the subway together, and that girl is just plain weird, believe me.
Penelope: So anyway, I decided to make Lisa afraid of the other students. I'd drink ten coffees in one evening just to make sure I was awake to post those messages in the dead of night.
Penelope: Look, I know how horrible it makes me sound. I'm really not proud of what I did, but it worked!
Jones: How could it have ever worked, Penelope?! We know Lisa learnt that you were her tormentor!!
Penelope: Yes, she did. And she was angry... very angry. But we talked about it, we put everything on the table, and we decided to put this in the past and move on!
Penelope: I would have never harmed Lisa physically. Why would I ever hurt her when she forgave me for my biggest blunder?! We got out of this closer than we ever had been!

Jones: What kind of friend would put someone through hell to "strengthen their friendship"?
Jones: I really don't understand kids these days. And you won't make me believe Lisa was all fine and dandy with this, either!
Jones: Oh, and I'm sure you noticed, but Penelope mentioned Luke's Movie History class. Which means she must have seen The Hangman Murders, too! Let's add this to her profile.
Jones: Now, what should we do next, <Name>? Have another look at the subway station? Alright, let's go!

Investigate Subway Seats.
Jones: What's that book you found, <Name>? Can I have a look?
Jones: "Psychology of Death"... Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
Jones: Look, there used to be something scratched on the inside of the cover! Let's find out what it was!

Examine Book.
Jones: Haha! So the psychology book you found in the subway belongs to Tess!
Jones: Hm, there's a single page-marker in it. Let's see...
Jones: "Suicide by hanging: psychological roots and ramifications"?! What the... The title has even been circled!
Jones: Actually, that red circle looks strange. It's clearly not pencil ink. Maybe we should take a sample, <Name>?

Examine Book Page.
Jones: Perfect. The sample you've collected should help Grace tell us what exactly was used to circle the title of that "Suicide by hanging" chapter!

Analyze Red Substance.
Grace: This time you won't be able to pin this on my fiance! The substance you collected from the book was lipstick!
Jones: Lipstick? That's weird, Tess never wears any, and I can't see her putting makeup in one of her books either. <Name>, let's go ask her about this, shall we?

Talk to Tess Goodwin.
Tess: Oh, great, you found my book! I lent it to Lisa two days ago, I was afraid I'd never get it back.
Tess: Lisa had told me she was thinking about dumping her Movie History class. I told her she should try psychology.
Tess: I also thought it might help her deal with those messages people kept leaving on her Friendnet page, you know?
Jones: Were you the one who used lipstick on this page, Tess?
Tess: I certainly did NOT! I'd never write on a book, especially with lipstick!
Jones: Could it have been Lisa?
Tess: I don't see why she'd have done that. She never even wore makeup! And I can tell you, this wasn't there when I gave her the book!

Jones: So... where does this leave us, <Name>? If Tess didn't use lipstick on the book, and if Lisa didn't use lipstick on the book... It must have been someone else.
Jones: And considering the title that was circled... "Suicide by hanging"...
Jones: You're right, <Name>! This... this can only be a message from Lisa's killer!
Jones: Which also means her killer wears lipstick!
Jones: Well, this should shorten our suspect's list a bit!
Jones: Let's see... Penelope wears lipstick, and Caroline too. And that's... it, unless Luke's hiding some things from us!

A few minutes later...
The @rtist: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>. I hope Caroline's emails were of help?
Jones: Oh! So, um, you know we've been to your hideout then.
The @rtist: Do you really think you could have gone into the room if I didn't want you to?
The @rtist: I don't believe in holding grudges. The important thing is what people achieve, and I know your reputation, <Rank> <Name>. You never let a crime unpunished.
The @rtist: Plus, your tech guy's kinda cute. I thought I could drop by and see how he was doing.
The @rtist: Now, I've got some new information for you. But could we talk somewhere else? I'd rather not stay here longer than strictly necessary...

Talk to The @rtist.
The @rtist: Look, I know you're angry, but hear me out. I think I've found a video taken at the time Lisa was murdered.
Jones: WHAT?! Where, how, when?!
The @rtist: In the library, by using my wits, just ten minutes ago.
The @rtist: The computers in the library all have independent webcams. Top quality, definitely more to spy on students than to allow them to video-chat with China.
The @rtist: I think one of them might have caught the killer on-tape.
The @rtist: I tried to retrieve it for you, but somebody came in and I had to hide.
Jones: Why did you have to hide?
The @rtist: You're really awfully curious, Mr Jones. Anyway, the camera fell to the floor, and I wasn't able to get it back. Hopefully it's still in the library.

Investigate Library.
Jones: Gosh darn it! Why does everything in this town break like sugar?! We'll never be able to retrieve data from the smashed webcam!
Jones: You still want to give it a go, <Name>? Well... I guess if anyone can repair this mess, it's you. Good luck!

Examine Broken Cam.
Jones: It... looks good as new. That webcame was smashed to pieces, and now it looks good as new.
Jones: Well, no time to waste then! Alex should be able to tell us exactly what this little spy recorded!

Analyze Webcam.
Alex: That library webcam is amazing, <Name>! Hard to believe the University would invest money in such jewels, to be honest, but we're lucky they did!
Alex: Now, as you probably know, webcams usually can only record data on a computer hard drive. But these babies have an integrated hard drive, which allows them to be used on their own, with no other device attached!
Alex: And the webcam <Name> retrieved from the library was on when Lisa was killed!
Alex: Before you do your victory dance, Jones, the place was dark and the camera's focus was to the side. Not to mention, Lisa's killer had their back to the camera.
Alex: BUT... There was a weird flash of light against Lisa's shirt when her attacker knocked her out! I couldn't make out where the light could have come from... until I realized it was coming from the killer!
Alex: Or more precisely, from the light of the lamps bouncing off the killer's glasses!
Jones: So Lisa's killer wears glasses? Alex, I have to admit, that's pretty impressive! Let's write this down, <Name>!

Jones: <Name>, I'm glad this investigation is almost over. To think Lisa's killer almost managed to make everyone believe she had committed suicide!
Jones: But thanks to you, they won't get away with it! C'mon <Name>, let's go arrest them!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: How could you kill your best friend, Penelope? Wasn't bullying her online enough for you? Why did you want to see her destroyed so badly?
Penelope: You understand nothing. Nothing! I never meant to harm Lisa! I told you: she was all I had! I only wanted her to be scared so that I could comfort her!
Jones: Except it didn't work, did it?
Penelope: ... No. She didn't even talk about the messages with me. She just... shut down. She spent all her time by herself, or with that freak!
Penelope: I went to see that Tess, you know. She denied it, but I'm sure she was putting ideas into Lisa's head, turning her against me! That's exactly what I'd been wanting to avoid!
Penelope: Anyway. When Lisa finally asked me to come to the library, I was thrilled! I thought we would turn a new leaf, get closer than ever!
Penelope: But instead... Someone told her that I was the one harassing her online, and she was furious with me! She said she hated me!
Penelope: She kept shouting that I was a monster, a controlling freak, that I would end up alone and bitter and I just wanted her to SHUT UP, you know?
Penelope: Next thing I knew, she was on the floor, unconscious. I think I must have pushed her. And then I saw the rope under a desk. I don't know how it got there, but suddenly I knew what I had to do.
Jones: What you HAD to do?!
Penelope: Yes. It was like... like everything suddenly clicked together and showed me the solution, you know? Like in those movies.
Penelope: Lisa's Friend status, that movie we watched in class... When I searched Lisa's bag to find some paper, there was a book about death. When I saw the chapter about Hanging, it almost felt like a sign.
Penelope: I'm sure... I'm sure Lisa's better now, anyway, wherever she is. I'm the one left stuck here, after all.
Jones: ... Penelope Rivera, you are under arrest for the murder of Lisa Edwards. Whatever you say can and will be held against you. You may...

Judge Hall: Miss Rivera. You are brought before this Court for the murder of Lisa Edwards. Is there anything you would like to tell this Court before we hand our verdict?
Penelope: I'd just... I'd just like to say that Lisa was the best friend I ever had. I'm sorry that I... did this, but she was my best friend. My best friend...
Judge Hall: And how cruelly you rewarded her for the trust she put in you, if I may say so!
Judge Hall: You hurt her with words, and when words were not enough, you coldly took her life!
Penelope: But it seemed right! Right then, it seemed like the only thing I COULD do!
Judge Hall: Let us hope your stay behind bars will give you enough time to figure out why you should not have felt so, then.
Judge Hall: Penelope Rivera. For the murder of Lisa Edwards and the willful attempt at deceiving the Police Forces, this Court hereby sentences you to ten years in jail, with a chance for parole in six years. Court is adjourned!

Jones: Well, <Name>, I don't know what's worse. The fact that a young woman died, that her killer was her best friend, or that said friend doesn't even seem to know WHY she killed Lisa.
Jones: To think I thought working in the University District would be all parties and fun! Thank God you're there, <Name>; nothing's quite as bad when you're around!

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>! You did a good job once again. Anybody could have gotten their wires crossed, but you kept a good head on your shoulders.
Chief King: Nonetheless I'm worried about this hacker! It's the second time she helps us, but we still don't know who she is. I'm glad she assisted you, but trusting her is a big risk!
Chief King: Alex seems to know her the best, so you two will be in charge of discovering more about her identity for now. We have to know what her true intentions are!

A few minutes later...
Jones: Hey, <Name>, I know you're supposed to work with Alex right now, but I just walked past Grace's lab and... she glared at me!
Jones: Having Luke considered as a suspect really upset her. Grace is unhappy, and she knows everything about POISONS! I don't want her to be unhappy about us.
Jones: Could you please come with me to see how Luke is doing? Make sure we stay in Grace's... good graces?
Jones: Okay, that joke sounded better in my head...
Jones: Maybe we could also check up on Caroline Fitzgerald, what do you think? I heard she's distributing pamphlets at the subway station. She's so invested in her fight, we should make sure she's not overdoing it again.

Alex: <Name>! King told me we'd pair up to conver the @rtist's identity, isn't that great?
Alex: I can't wait to know who's behind that mask! King can say whatever he wants, I know she's an awesome and beautiful woman!
Alex: Uh, I mean... I'm sure she's a nice person, a beautiful human being, honest and everything... You know, she's a hacker, but I don't think she's really a criminal and...
Alex: Anyway, I have an idea! A hacker'd never back away from an intellectual challenge. Let's tempt her with a game: she can challenge us, and if we win, she had to tell us something about her! Just let me contact her!

Check up on Luke Harris.
Jones: Hello Luke. How are you holding up? I know being considered a suspect is hard. We're sorry you had to go through this during the investigation concerning Lisa's death.
Luke: Oh! No, don't worry <Rank>, I know it's your job. It was stressful, but I'm having more difficulties to come to term with the fact that my class was an inspiration for that murder.
Luke: I never thought one of my students would use what I teach them that way... I heard how popular TV shows have inspired some murders, but I didn't expect one of my students to die this way.
Luke: So I decided to stop showing this movie to the students, I'm going to show them a murder-free movie, something surrealistic with no connection to our daily lives...
Luke: Or I would if I hadn't lost the DVD... Could you help me while I prepare my class? I remember borrowing it from the library earlier. The DVD is rare, and noticable: it's a 1905's precursor movie, "Jump To The Moon"!
Luke: The jacket is as surrealistic as the movie. It shows no title, just a portrait of the creator, George Melias, above the most famous scene of the movie: the moon with a crying face, a rocket stuck on it's forehead. It's very unique!
Jones: Alright, <Name>, did you understand what he said about the moon and stuff? I'm not even sure what we're looking for... Weren't we supposed to find a surrealistic movie?
Jones: Really? You think you know what his DVD looks like? Very well, the library has a database of every DVD they store, it should help us know what it's supposed to look like!

Examine the unknown DVD.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! Now we know what Luke's DVD looks like! He was right: that's quite a unique jacket... I wonder what the movie is like, do you think he'll lend it to me, once we've found it for him?
Jones: Anyway, now you've figured out the DVD's jacket, we still need to find it! Let's have a look around in the library!

Investigate the Library.
Jones: Nice catch! I figured finding that DVD would only take you a handful of seconds! You're as efficient as ever, <Name>!
Jones: Luke's class probably starts soon. Let's go give him his DVD, shall we?

Give the DVD back to Luke.
Luke: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! I'm so glad you could find this DVD for me! I'll be able to hold an interesting class, one without any link to any murder whatsoever!
Jones: Yes, it seems quite special. That DVD jacket is curious, are you sure it will teach your students anything?
Luke: You sound just like that Parents' Association's President! This surrealistic move is an important piece of early cinema. One of the first science fiction movie, a work of art!
Luke: No computer graphics, no famous actor, and, more importantly, no murder! Just what me and my students need at the moment. Lisa's death affected us all and I think this will be a welcome break...
Luke: Anyway, I was just talking to Grace on the phone. She was happy to know you talked to me, and suggested we have lunch together later. Burgers are on me, she told me how much you like them, <Rank> <Name>!

Check up on Caroline Fitzgerald.
Caroline: What?! What do you want NOW?!
Jones: ... and hello to you too, Mrs Fitzgerald. Are you alright?
Caroline: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry <Rank> <Name>! I thought you were another one of those pesky students. They've been laughing at me all morning!
Caroline: I came here to hand out tracts. I know I shouldn't have pressured Lisa into helping the cause, but I'm still keeping my eyes open. I know my actions can help other victims!
Caroline: Do you know what I saw this morning? A young man dropped a note in a girl's bag. When she read it, she looked so distressed I thought she was going to cry! Oh, it broke my heart!
Caroline: I'm sure she's being bullied by that jock, I just need to find that note to prove it! She crumbled it and threw it on the floor, but it rolled away. Could you help me <Rank> <Name>?

Investigate the Subway Platform.
Jones: Here we go, I hope this crumbled paper is the note we're looking for, because the only place we haven't searched here is the bin, and I don't even want to know what could be inside...
Jones: Damn! The person who crumbled this into a ball must have been really upset, the ink is all smudged. I can't decypher it... Can you <Name>?

Examine the Crumbled Paper.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, that note is... terribly written! Listen: "Im sory Lena, I luv u! I promiz I wnt cheet on u agn! Pls let me mke it up 2 u! Greg"...
Jones: Okay, in grown-up language it'd mean something like: "I'm sorry Lena, I love you! I promise I won't cheat on you again! Please let me make it up to you." How can "Greg" be in college with such terrible writing skills?
Jones: You're right, <Name> it sounds like the guy who wrote this is just trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend after cheating on her... I'm not sure it's what Mrs Fitzgerald had in mind...

Give the Note to Caroline Fitzgerald.
Caroline: <Rank> <Name>, are you sure this is the note I saw the student drop in the girl's bag? It's not... I mean it doesn't seem very... aggressive.
Jones: Yes, your guy obviously slipped that note in his ex-girlfriend's bag to get back together with her. It wasn't harassment, just the usual college drama.
Caroline: Maybe, but that guy seems very pushy in this note, it could turn ugly! That couple comes to the station everyday, so I'll just keep an eye on them and...
Jones: Oh for the love of... Look, Mrs Fitzgerald, this is obviously not a bullying case, just give those students a break! They're young, they don't always act like grown-ups, and it's normal!
Caroline: I... You're probably right about this, of course. But if you had heard some of the stories I've heard... You would understand why I always think about the worst.
Caroline: But you're right, I'll leave those two lovebirds alone. Here, I won some gift vouchers at a tombola yesterday. Please, <Rank> <Name>, take some as an apology.

Challenge the @rtist.
The @rtist: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>. Alex just told me you were up for a game! I think it's a wonderful idea, I love that kind of challenge!
The @rtist: Of course, if you're not ready to give it your best, you might as well give up on knowing my real identity! And you'll have a hard time finding this information alone, I know how to cover my traces.
Alex: Don't underestimate us: <Name> is the best <Rank> ever, and we know what we're doing. We're not giving up, you'll just have to drop the mask sooner or later!
The @rtist: I'm sorry, Alex, I'm not that kind of girl. You'll have to at least buy me dinner before I drop any piece of clothing in front of you!
The @rtist: Concerning this little game you proposed, I'll hide a personal item... Let's say a memory card, with a personal information, in my hideout.
The @rtist: If you can find it and decrypt the information I put there, you'll get a big hint about my secret identity. You know the address, <Rank> <Name>, you can go there whenever you feel ready!

Before investigating the Hacker's Room.
Alex: So this is the @rtist's hideout! I love it!
Alex: Hey, say <Name>... This is a little bit embarrassing, but um, when she mentioned inviting me to dinner, d'you think she was serious?
Alex: Mind you, eating with that mask can't be practical...
Alex: Uh, you're right, we've got a job to do! I'm totally focused! Let's search this room!

After investigating the Hacker's Room.
Alex: How are we supposed to find a little memory card in this big technological mess... Seriously, it could be in this pencil case you found or anywhere else and-
Alex: Wait, you say this pencil case wasn't there during the investigation? Well done then, <Name>! The memory card may be inside! Let's dig into it!

Examine the Pencil Case.
Alex: Nice catch, <Name>! Finding this small memory card in that pencil case was a piece of cake for you! Now I'll work my magic! Don't worry, I'll find every single file hidden by the @rtist on this card!

Analyze the Memory Card.
Alex: <Name>! I've finally unlocked the code on this memory card you found in the @rtist's hideout! This girl turns programming into an art, she had divided the file into six parts, all hidden in a program which...
Alex: Sorry, I'm straying from the topic. Anyway, she used an ingenious way to hide the file in the memory card's data, but I managed to recover it!
Alex: But, now I've read it, the file is only made of two letters: C and K. I don't really see what it's supposed to tell us about her, and I've been working on this for the last hour...
Alex: Is that a reference to the brand Carry Klain? To the Cook Islands? To Hyperman's alter ego, Claus Kernt? Or just to the @rtist herself? It's frustrating! And that's the only thing on this memory card!
Alex: We won her challenge, since we found and decrypted her memory card, so she may agree to tell us more about that "hint" she gave us... Asking won't hurt anyway, because I can't figure it out!

Ask more about the @rtist's Identity.
The @rtist: I'm impressed by how fast you managed to find and decrypt my memory card, <Name>! You really live up to your reputation... and I've got to admit your tech guy isn't too bad either.
Alex: Yeah, so you can tell us what those letters are about, right? I mean that's a very cryptic hint, "CK". There's no way you think we...
The @rtist: Did I outsmart you with those letters? Maybe the hint wasn't just the memory card, did you think about this? Oh well, I guess you can always give up...
Alex: Are you kidding? I'm not giving up! Was the other part of the hint your pencil case? Are you a student? I'll keep working on it, I'll discover who hides beneath your mask!
The @rtist: And I salute the effort! I left a little gift on your desk, <Rank> <Name>, be sure to wear it when you say hello to your boss for me, I know he's the one who ordered this little investigation!

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