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Previously on Criminal Case...
Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, I have terrible news! Tess Goodwin, the Rorschach killer... She's escaped from prison!
Jones: WHAT?! Tess Goodwin is out??
Jones: <Name>, we need to put her back in jail before she starts hypnotizing people again! Let's organize a manhunt!

During the manhunt...
Jones: Oh, you're here, <Name>! How's the manhunt for Tess Goodwin going on your side? I thought we need a little help to track her down!
Jones: With my old friend Astrid at our side, we'll find her in no time, I'm sure of it! Who's a gooood girl, Astrid?
Jones: Yes, yooooou're a good girl! Now search for the evil serial killer, Astrid!
Astrid: WAF! WAF! WAF!
Jones: You found something, Astrid? Where, near the river? Let's see...
Jones: Holy smokes, there's something on fire! It's coming from the Nautical Museum, it could set the whole city ablaze!
Jones: We have to secure the area before the arrival of the firefighters, <Name>! Let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Ship Replica.
David Jones: Holy bonfire, it's TESS! God, what a SMELL! It smells like burned pork chop! She escaped prison only to be burned at the stake!
Jones: That's not how I expected this manhunt for Tess to end! What do you think, <Name>, you think her murder has a link to her escape?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we'd better look through those burning planks from the bonfire, maybe we'll find a clue among them!
Jones: There's also this pile of ashes tracking back to the fire... It's as if they've been scattered by the killer! We should take a sample of it, <Name>! What do yo-
Camera: CLICK!
Jones: STOP!! Whoever you are, stop taking pictures of the crime scene! Don't move a muscle, <Rank> <Name> is going to interrogate you!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: So Tess was burned at the stake like the witches of ancient times? I didn't think I would ever see a witch on my autopsy table!
Nathan: Did you know that Grimsborough actually has a big history with witches? Rumors of gatherings by the rivers, plenty of executions, they hunted witches like Christmas turkeys!
Jones: Nathan? Really? I know Tess has done some horrible things, but no need to compare her to a turkey!
Nathan: Well, at least Tess was lucky. Just as it happened to the witches of the 17th century, the bonfire killed her, but the smoke got to her before the flames.
Nathan: But what I CAN tell you is that Tess didn't go down without a fight! I found damaged skin cells underneath her finger nails, which means she must have attacked her killer!
Nathan: And judging by the quantity of skin, I can tell you that your killer has pretty bad scratch marks!

Stop Rebecca Moire from taking pictures.
Rebecca: Move away! You can't be on the picture, it will suck away your soul!
Jones: What the hell are you talking about?
Rebecca: I was just trying to capture the souls of wildlife with my camera, when I saw the smoke. I ran over here, and then I saw Tess burning!
Rebecca: She was a little know-it-all, but she was a great murderess! She didn't deserve to die in such a horrible way!
Jones: And so, you took her picture... to capture her soul?
Rebecca: Exactly! And now it's trapped forever in the pictures! I couldn't let the soul of a great murderess go to waste, that would be criminal!
Jones: What I think is that <Rank> <Name> is gonna have a look at your pictures, Rebecca.
Rebecca: What?! No way! Get out of town, you're not getting anything!
Jones: Your pictures are evidence in a murder investigation! So give us your memory card right now!

Analyze Memory Card.
Alex: So I analyzed the memory card you confiscated from Rebecca, the girl who was taking photos of the crime scene, and I found a lot of diverse pictures!
Alex: There are several pictures of Tess burning... But apart from being gruesome, they didn't reveal anything. So I looked at Rebecca's other pictures and they were way more interesting.
Alex: Turns out she followed Tess since her arrest! Pictures at her trial, of Grimsborough's prison, everything!
Jones: So Rebecca is a fan of Tess?! I'll never understand how you can be a fan of a murderer...
Alex: Well, there was another woman on the pictures, and I managed to track her down! Her name is Luna Hecate!
Jones: It's great, thanks, Alex! You're right, <Name>, if this Luna is another Tess fan, she might know something about the murder! Let's go find her!

Ask Luna Hecate about her interest in Tess Goodwin.
Luna: How can I help you, wanderers of the night? Is it guidance you seek?
Jones: Erm, no, we're here to ask you questions about the murder of Tess Goodwin. We have reasons to believe you were a fan of hers.
Luna: Tess passed away? Oh, poor misguided spirit, lost forever in the realm of death! It is true that her life was of interest to me, she brought so much pain and misery to this town...
Luna: I wasn't a fan per se, but as an observer of life, I wanted to know more about her motives, about her reasons to disrupt the circle of life...
Jones: So, what are you, really? Some sort of... forest hippie?
Luna: HIPPIE?! Detective, you've just INSULTED me! If you don't leave THIS INSTANT, I will drown your sense with incense!
Jones: Okay, okay, we're leaving! Come on, <Name>, I can handle many things, but incense makes me dizzy!

Examine Pile of Ashes.
Jones: Great job, <Name>, the bones you collected from the ashes will help us find out more about our killer! Let's send this to Grace right away!

Analyze Bones.
Grace: So I looked at the bones you took from the bonfire ashes, and I found a mixture of bones from frogs, chickens and bats.
Jones: Holy menagerie! So you're telling us our killer barbecued some frogs along with the victim? Is it some sort of French cookout psycho?
Grace: No, Jones, I looked into some books, and I discovered those are ingredients commonly used in witchcraft spells!
Jones: So I can confirm that your killer knows a lot about witchcraft!

Examine Burning Planks.
Jones: Great job, <Name>, you found a pendant inside the burning planks used to kill Tess!
Jones: But who could be this girl next to Tess? You're right, <Name>, they look quite like eachother... as if they're relatives!
Jones: And there's something engraved on the back of the pendant... "Morgan and Tess"?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, it's Tess Goodwin and her little sister Morgan! I remember I saw her name in the files back when we first arrested Tess! Let's go see her!

Talk to Morgan Goodwin about her sister.
Jones: Hello, Miss Goodwin? We have some bad news, concerning your sister...
Morgan: DON'T TALK ABOUT HER! Don't say her name, don't mention her! I have no more sister, she's dead to me!
Jones: Well, now she's dead to everyone. She was murdered tonight.
Morgan: ...She's dead? But why, how...
Morgan: Nevermind, I don't care! She killed all those girls, she killed Madison! Everyone in town wanted revenge!
Morgan: My life has been hell since she was arrested! No one wants to deal with my family, everyone insults me as if I should have stopped her or something!
Morgan: Maybe it's better for everyone that she died! Maybe people will calm down, maybe they will leave me alone!

Jones: Morgan's reaction was a bit harsh, Tess was her sister! But then, I can't imagine what the poor kid has been through. Tess' actions have ruined her life...
Jones: You're right, <Name>, if we want to know why Tess has been killed, our best option now is to figure out who she escaped from prison.
Jones: Let's go to the Grimsborough Detention Facility, <Name>!

Investigate Warden Office.
(Before investigating Warden Office)
Jones: Where is the Prison Warden? If anyone knows how Tess managed to escape prison, it's him!
Jones: Look at this place! This ain't no regular office, it looks like a scene from the 17th Century!
Jones: I suppose the Warden wouldn't mind if we look through his office while we look for him, don't you think, <Name>?
(After investigating Warden Office)
Jones: What did you find inside the Prison Warden's office, <Name>? Yes, you're right, his laptop will tell us more about Tess' escape!
Jones: It's locked, but I know it won't be a problem for you, <Name>! Then we'll have a look at the surveillance files!

Examine Computer.
Jones: Great job, <Name>, you've unlocked the surveillance feed from the prison! Let's see what happened during Tess' escape!
Jones: Jones: Of course! She's hypnotizing the guard, like she hypnotized all those girls to commit murder! He didn't stand a chance!
Jones: So Tess really escaped on her own... But who found her and killed her? We need to talk to the Prison Warden as soon as possible!
Milton: <Rank> <Name>, sorry to keep you waiting, how are you doing? I'm Milton Grimmes, the director of the prison.
Jones: Milton Grimmes? Wait a second, are you related to the great Pilgrim Solomon Grimmes?
Milton: Indeed I am. And I'm flattered that you know of my ancestor.
Jones: Are you kidding? We know everything about Solomon's amazing love story with Inaya, the Aloki woman. It's inspirational!
Milton: Thank you, and I could chat about this for hours but I assume you're here to talk about Tess' escape. So whenever you're ready, <Rank> <Name>!

Talk to Milton Grimmes about Tess' escape from prison.
Milton: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>, I've heard so much about you! This prison is filled with the murderers you've caught... I'm sorry one of them escaped.
Jones: Unfortunately, someone found her before we did... We know that Tess escaped, but did you notice any suspicious behavior?
Milton: I must admit that we underestimated her cleverness. And I have only myself to blame for her escape.
Milton: I'd never seen anyone as hard-working as her. She was always in the prison library, buried in more books than you could imagine!
Milton: But starting today, this prison is going through major changes! Harsher rules, harsher controls, harsher curfew, harsher EVERYTHING!
Milton: I swear it on my ancestor's grave! No one will ever escape under my watch again! This situation is just so HUMILIATING!

Later, at the police station...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! <Rank> <Name>! You... You received... a letter!
Jones: Calm down, Ramirez! You look like you've seen a ghost or something! What's that letter about?
Ramirez: It's... a letter... from Tess Goodwin!
Jones: A letter from TESS?! How is that possible?!

Chapter 2

David Jones: What a case, <Name>! Tess was burned at the stake like they used to do to witches...
Jones: We actually met several witches, all into macabre, and then there's Milton Grimmes, the prison warden!
Jones: And now a letter from Tess?! Why would she send you a letter after her escape, <Name>? Let's read it!
Jones: "<Rank> <Name>, you're the only one I can trust..."

Tess' letter...
Tess: "<Rank> <Name>, you're the only one I can trust. And I know a seeker of truth and justice such as yourself will help me!"
Tess: "During my time in prison, I delved into the Pilgrims' history and, in particular, that of my ancestor Mary Goodwin"
Tess: "In the winter of 1649, Mary Goodwin was tried and burned for witchcraft on the Pilgrim docks...
Tess: "...But really she was killed because of what she had discovered on the Crimson Order! And now, I fear they will kill me too!
Tess: "<Rank> <Name>, what happened on the Pilgrim Docks 400 years ago was a despicable crime... You need to understand what really happened that day!"
Tess: "Go to Constance Bell, the librarian. She's the only one with access to the city archives, she'll find the records you need to access the past!"

Jones: So Tess was burned at the stake just like her ancestor...
Jones: And by the sound of it, the Crimson Order is connected to both deaths!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should follow Tess' advice and go see Constance. She might have some of the answers we're looking for.

Ask Constance about Tess' letter.
Jones: Constance? Sorry to bother you but we've received a letter from Tess Goodwin. She wrote that we should come talk to you.
Constance: The Rorschach Reaper? Why, is Tess apologizing for not returning that "Hypnotism for Dummies" manual. I knew my voodoo curse would work eventually.
Jones: We believe Tess was murdered because she was researching the Crimson Order's involvement in the execution of her ancestor, Mary Goodwin, in 1649.
Jones: We need to investigate the Pilgrim Docks as they were in 1649... And Tess wrote that the only way to do so was with your help.
Constance: And she was right! My family has been safekeeping all the official city documents since the time of the Pilgrims!
Constance: The documents relating to the Pilgrim Docks are so incredibly detailed, if I read them to you, it will feel as if you were really back in 1649!
Jones: How about it, <Name>? By listening to Constance's story, we'll be able to experience the past once again!

Investigate Docks, 1649.
(Before investigating Docks, 1649)
Constance: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, let me recount to you the events that took place on the Pilgrim Docks in 1649. Believe me, it will be as if you were truly there!
Constance: Then, all you have to do is tell me what objects you want from the Pilgrim Docks, and I'll go see if they are stored in the library's archives.
Constance: Now, just close your eyes and listen to my my story transports you through time...
Constance: Picture yourself on the Pilgrim Docks in the Autumn of 1649... On your right, the old fishnets are hanging out to dry until the next exit of the boats...
Constance: The sea is calm, but in the sky, a storm is gathering... In the back of the docks, you can see the bonfire, ready to make another victim...
Constance: The Witch! The Witch! From the hills, from the depths of Grimsborough, the crowd goes wild as Mary Goodwin is brought forward for her execution...
Constance: She bravely faces the crowd on the Pilgrim Docks and delivers her final words...

The Pilgrim Docks, 1649, in front of a yelling crowd...
Mary: My death will expel nothing, I am innocent! The sins you accuse me of are lies designed to silence me!
Mary: I will be avenged! I swear on my blood, may years pass by, but I will get my revenge on the Crimson Order!

Investigate Docks, 1649.
(After investigating Docks, 1649)
As the story ends...
Constance: Come on, <Rank> <Name>, it is time to come back to reality!
Jones: Wow! That was such a vivid description! It felt like we really were on the Pilgrim Docks ourselves!
Jones: Constance, that rope and the execution orders caught <Rank> <Name>'s attention, do you have them in your archives?
Constance: Indeed I do. This 400 year old piece of rope was used to bind Mary Goodwin to the stake... but mysteriously didn't burn! Maybe you'll find something to it!
Jones: And look at Mary Goodwin's execution records! The ink seems to have faded over the centuries, but do you think you could remedy that, <Name>?

Examine Faded Records.
Jones: According to the 400 year old records you restored, Mary Goodwin was arrested for witchcraft, judged and killed within 48 hours!
Jones: Even for the times, it seems more than strange... Like someone was trying to get rid of her! Do you think the Crimson Order really wanted Mary dead?
Jones: But look, <Name>! There's a mark on it! It looks pretty recent, and Constance would have never let anyone make a mark on her books, which means...
Jones: Someone had access to these documents without her knowing! Quick, <Name>, let's take a sample of that mark!

Examine Execution Records.
Jones: Great job collecting those hairs from Mary Goodwin's execution records, <Name>! Let's send them to Grace for analysis!

Analyze Black Hair.
Grace: So I took a look at the hairs you collected from the execution papers, and I can tell you that they don't come from a human being!
Jones: Not human?! Please don't tell me we're dealing with a chimera? Or worse: a werewolf!
Grace: Calm down, Jones! It's just cat hairs! From a black cat to be exact! I took a closer look at them, and I discovered they had been in contact with witchcraft powder!
Grace: Remember, <Rank> <Name>, you found the same powder on the crime scene, among the ashes from the bonfire! Which means it could only come from your killer!
Jones: First witchcraft, now a black cat? Our killer is a walking cliché! But now we know that they have a black cat. Great job!

Examine Rope.
Jones: Great job collecting those skin cells from the 400 year old rope that was used to burn Tess' ancestor, <Name>!
Jones: Those skin cells should help us learn more about Mary Goodwin's death and, according to Tess, about her own murder as well...
Jones: Let's send them to Grace for analysis!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Grace: So I took a look at the skin cells you collected from that 400 year old rope used to tie Tess' ancestor to the stake, and it was well preserved!
Jones: Well, that's Constance for you. She's an order maniac, but it pays off.
Grace: And I can tell you that two people touched that rope! In addition to Mary Goodwin's skin cells, I also found DNA related to Milton Grimmes!
Jones: Milton Grimmes?! Well, he couldn't be there 400 years ago, so it must be his ancestor's skin cells!
Jones: So Solomon Grimmes was present at Mary Goodwin's execution...
Jones: ...Maybe Milton Grimmes didn't want Tess digging into his ancestor's past! You're right, <Name>, we should take a look at the prison. Maybe he's hiding something from us...

Investigate Desk.
Jones: Great job searching the prison director's office, <Name>! Those torn newspapers might be of interest!
Jones: And those look like Tess' belongings! They must have cleared out her cell... Let's take a look!

Examine Tess' Belongings.
Jones: Great job looking through Tess' belongings, <Name>! What did you find?
Jones: What kind of letters are these?! Look at that: drawings of hearts, lipstick stains... You're right, <Name>: they're fan letters!
Jones: I'm curious to know what kind of person would write to Tess... Let's try and see who sent them!

Examine Letters.
Jones: Great job recovering the text on those letters Tess received, <Name>! So who sent those fan letters?
Jones: Rebecca Moire?! She told us she was a fan, but those look more like love letters to me! She better give us an explanation! Let's talk to her, <Name>!

Ask Rebecca about the fan letters.
Jones: Rebecca, we've found fan letters you sent to Tess Goodwin! Could you explain yourself?
Rebecca: Tess was an inspiration for me! She was so strong, so competent, she killed all those people with so much confidence!
Jones: Excuse me?!
Rebecca: She was my hero, so I tried to imitate her! But I didn't choose hypnotism, I chose witchcraft! That way, I could work with her, be her sidekick!
Rebecca: But she laughed in my face! She insulted me, saying I knew nothing! I got so enraged, I promised to the Gods I would get vengeance!
Rebecca: But as I was about to sacrifice my black cat to the spirits of the night, they answered my prayers! And here Tess was, burning in front of me!
Rebecca: So believe me, my little crush on Tess was short-lived. Now, my only loves are the dark forces of Grimsborough!

Examine Torn Newspaper.
Jones: Great job restoring those newspaper articles you found on Milton Grimmes' desk, <Name>! They all seem to be recent crimes, that's strange...
Jones: Wait, Stuart Huckabee? Rosie Gatewood? ...And Samuel King?!
Jones: These are all linked to the Crimson Order! Now why would Milton be so interested in that? You're right, <Name>, let's go ask him!

Ask Milton Grimmes about the newspaper articles.
Jones: Mr. Grimmes, we found articles in your office about some of the recent murders that took place in Grimsborough. Can you tell us why you have so much interest in those cases?
Milton: Well, since the last inmates you sent in my prison seem to be linked to the Crimson Order, it's only normal I do some research about them. I thought my black cat had reduced that research to pieces, actually!
Jones: As a matter of fact, we learned that Tess Goodwin was murdered because she was digging up on the Crimson Order's past...
Jones: And we discovered that your ancestor, Solomon Grimmes, was present at the witchburning of Mary Goodwin!
Milton: Solomon Grimmes has been the resident judge of Grimsborough from its foundation to his death! It's only normal that he would be present at an execution.
Milton: I must say, <Rank> <Name>, you also seem keen on digging up the past. You should be careful, you've seen firsthand how deadly it can be...
Jones: What's that supposed to mean?!
Milton: Nothing! It's just, we've all seen what the damned Crimson Order was capable of! I don't want <Rank> <Name> to be their next victim, who would keep Grimsborough safe?

Later, at the police station...
Jones: This case is not getting any clearer, <Name>! We have discovered that Tess felt threatened by the Crimson Order...
Jones: And that it all links back to the execution of her ancestor 400 years ago! But what does it mean?!
Jones: Plus the fan letters from Rebecca, the obsession of Milton Grimmes with the Crimson Order and Constance's links with voodoo and witchcraft, it's a lot to take in!
Morgan: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, please help me! I'm scared the Crimson Order is coming to kill me!
Jones: What?! But why?!
Morgan: For the same reason they killed Tess, because of what I know!

Chapter 3

Morgan Goodwin: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, please help me! I'm scared the Crimson Order is coming to kill me... Just like they killed Tess!
Jones: What?! Why do you say that, Morgan?
Morgan: Tess was killed because of what she knew about Mary Goodwin's past... But I think I know those stories too!
Morgan: You see, this whole story about Tess and my ancestor Mary burning at the stake... It's unlocked some forgotten memories from my childhood.
Morgan: I remember a date our grandmother talked about. The 17th of November, 1649, the day Mary Goodwin received help from the Bell family!
Jones: The Bell family?! Then Constance might know something about it! She'll help us go back to the past and investigate that date!
Jones: As for you, Morgan, stay here, you'll be safe! Let's go back in time, <Name>!

Investigate Drop-Off Point, 1649.
(Before investigating Drop-Off Point, 1649)
Constance: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, do you need help peering into the past again?
Jones: Yes, to be exact, we need to know what happened on the Pilgrim Docks on November 17th, 1649.
Constance: November 17th, 1649?! That... I don't know how you found out about that date, but this next bit concerns my ancestor Claire Bell!
Constance: You'll soon discover the truth for yourselves. Now just close your eyes and imagine you're on the Pilgrim Docks 400 years ago...
Constance: ...As Claire Bell risks her life to talk to Mary Goodwin on that early morning of 1649...

The Pilgrim Docks, 1649...
Mary: Mrs. Bell, thank you so much for being here, I know how dangerous it is for you to be seen with me.
Claire: What is it you want, Miss Goodwin? You know I can't help you, the Crimson Order is on to you! They will kill you!
Mary: I'm sorry I have to endanger you, but I need your help to take care of my notes! They have to be kept safe! It's the only way to bring them down!
Mary: I've hidden my notes in the docks. That's the last thing I ask of you. Let's hope the Crimson Order will have enough with one victim!

Investigate Drop-Off Point, 1649.
(After investigating Drop-Off Point, 1649)
As the story ends...
Constance: Come on, <Rank> <Name>, it's time to come back to reality!
Jones: Wow, that's one hell of a tale! Listening to the story, it felt just like we were there!
Jones: And so your ancestor Claire Bell was trying to help destroy the Crimson Order?
Constance: Not directly, but she agreed to help Mary Goodwin by preserving those papers that caught <Rank> <Name>'s attention.
Jones: The ink on these papers has been badly damaged in their 400 years of existence, but can you fix that, <Name>?
Jones: And yes, you're right, we should also talk to Morgan Goodwin about what we learned about her ancestor!
Constance: Before you go, <Rank> <Name>, could you look for my black cat? The damned thing ran away!
Jones: We don't have much time right now but maybe after this invesit-
Constance: WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Excuse me, <Rank> <Name>, but I thought I heard David Jones refuse to help me! I'm sure I must have heard WRONG!
Jones: Sorry, Constance, <Rank> <Name> has two pressing issues to deal with! Quick, let's get away!

Examine Ancestor Papers.
Jones: Great job clearing out the 400 year old records of Mary Goodwin, <Name>! What do they tell us?
Jones: Look at that! Mary Goodwin discovered that all of the Crimson Order's decisions were taken by just one person! Which means they have an all powerful leader!
Jones: According to Mary's notes, Theodora Hecate knew who the Crimson Order's leader was! But due to Mary's immediate execution, she didn't have the time to ask her about it!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, this Theodora Hecate must be Luna's ancestor!
Jones: Maybe Luna knows what her ancestor knew... Let's go ask her about the Crimson Order leader, <Name>!

Talk to Luna about her family's involvement with the Crimson Order.
Jones: Luna, we've just discovered that your ancestor knew who the Crimson Order leader was 400 years ago. Please tell me the knowledge that has been passed on to you.
Luna: My ancestor vowed to never reveal the truth about the Crimson Order leader the day that Mary Goodwin got killed. It was too dangerous!
Jones: We know it's dangerous knowledge, Luna... But please, try to remember, hasn't anyone in your family ever mentioned it?
Luna: I'm not even a member of my family anymore. They kicked me out when I revealed myself as a witch of the wilds!
Jones: Luna, lives are at stake here! Are you sure you don't know anything about the identity of the Crimson Order leader?
Luna: The only people who knew the name of the Crimson Order leader are dead! That's why me and my black cat are hiding in the woods. To escape them forever!

Ask Morgan about the notes from her ancestor.
Jones: Morgan, how much do you know about your ancestor's dealing with the Crimson Order?
Morgan: I know that she was brought down by the Crimson Order for trying to unmask their plans.
Morgan: She was a very brave woman, I'm proud to be her descendant!
Jones: So you're telling me she was wrongly accused like she claimed? That she wasn't a witch?
Morgan: Oh no, she was! I try to follow her teachings, it's incredible how much I learned thanks to them! But they used it as an excuse to get rid of her!
Morgan: You think the Crimson Order killed Tess like they killed Mary 400 years ago, <Rank> <Name>? But why? Did she learn something? Was she trying to warn us... To protect me?
Morgan: That her one attempt at redemption was cut short like that... It's unfair. It could have changed some things. Now the only things I have left of my sister are memories and a black cat.

After completing all tasks...
Jones: Is the Crimson Order really behind everything in Grimsborough?! And that unnamed leader, do you think we'll meet their descendant somewhere down the road, <Name>?
Jones: Yes, you're right: we need to take a step back and see the murder in a new light! Let's go back to the crime scene, <Name>!

Investigate Ship Entrance.
Jones: Great job looking at the crime scene, <Name>! I'm sure this garbage bag will be a goldmine, as always!
Jones: And those broken fragments might be a great clue! Let's put them back together!

Examine Broken Badge.
Jones: Great job restoring that badge, <Name>! It's Tess' prisoner tag, she must have lost it during the fight against her murderer!
Jones: And look, there seems to be blood on it! Let's try to collect it!

Examine Prisoner Tag.
Jones: Great job collecting the blood off Tess' prisoner badge, <Name>! Let's send it to Grace for analysis!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: I took a look at the blood you collected off Tess' prisoner badge, and I can tell you it's not hers!
Grace: And since Tess fought with her murderer before getting killed...
Grace: ...Then it must be your killer's blood! There's no doubt about it!
Grace: The blood in question is type A-. I hope this helps you catch your killer, <Name>!

Examine Garbage Bag.
Jones: Great job looking through that garbage, <Name>! The matchbox full of burnt matches must have been used to start the blaze that killed Tess!
Jones: Let's see if we can collect something on it!

Examine Burned Matches.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! Those burned matches you collected from the matchbox are gonna be a great help! Let's send them to Grace for analysis!

Analyze Matchsticks.
Grace: I took a look at the matches from the matchbox that you found in the garbage, and I managed to find some hairs on it!
Grace: They were partially burned, but a small part of it managed to be preserved... I compared them to Tess' hair, and they don't match! It must be from your killer!
Grace: So I analyzed them, and I managed to find out that it's a sample of blonde hair!
Jones: Great job, Grace! So our killer has blonde hair, we're making progress!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: This is it, <Name>! Time to end this witch hunt and bring Tess' murderer to justice!

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: So you're Tess' killer, Luna. I knew your apparent craziness was just a façade. Explain yourself!
Luna: You could never understand! You narrow-minded people, with your misplaced sense of justice, you failed to grasp the bigger picture!
Luna: Tess wasn't so smart after all, she stupidly threatened the Crimson Order! Our leader obviously couldn't let this go unpunished!
Jones: What? You mean you're a member of the Crimson Order, Luna?!
Luna: Like all my family before me! My mission given to me by our almighty leader was to bring the renegade witch down and eradicate the Goodwins once and for all!
Luna: I sent Tess a pendulum in prison to allow her to escape. Once she did, I finally cornered her at the Nautical Museum! She fought me, but I had JUSTICE on my side!
Luna: And she BURNED! The fire burned the little liar away! It's my mission to protect our leader, and I'll follow it, FOREVER!
Jones: So you know who the leader of the Crimson Order is! Tell us, Luna, who is it?!
Luna: I'll NEVER tell! I'd rather DIE, I'd rather go to prison for the rest of my life than betray our leader!

Judge Hall: Luna Hecate, you're on trial today for the murder of escaped convict Tess Goodwin. What do you have to say in your defense?
Luna: She was a serial killer, your honor, I did you a favor! I did the whole town a favor!
Judge Hall: As guilty as Miss Goodwin was, she was still a human being! You had no right to murder her, you're no better than she was!
Luna: And yet I stand here with a strong heart and a clear mind, for I know I did the right thing for our community!
Judge Hall: Luna Hecate, you're sentenced to twenty five years in prison! I hope you'll get to live your sentence like Miss Goodwin couldn't. Court dismissed!

Jones: Can you imagine it, <Name>, it's the closest we've ever been to the Crimson Order! We have to keep digging!
Jones: To think we were so close to uncovering the identity of their leader! But Luna won't say word about it, it's hopeless on her end...
Jones: But we will find it, <Name>. We will find the Crimson Order leader and we'll bring them to justice! They will pay for all the misery they've brought to Grimsborough!

Additional Investigation

David Jones: <Name>, I've heard that Cathy was here, I think she wants to talk to you... Oh well, here she comes!
Cathy: Hello, <Name>. I'm sorry to bother you but... I can't stop thinking about my grandpa and the mysteries he took with him when he died!
Cathy: Did you know his wife, my grandma, was killed 10 years ago? As far as I know, it was just a robbery gone tragically wrong...
Cathy: ...But something doesn't sit right. Shane Kolinsky, the murderer, was arrested, but he died 2 weeks later of "unknown reasons" A bit too convenient, isn't it?
Jones: I'm not sure if looking into your grandmother's murder will give you any answers, Cathy... But we're willing to help. We can go to the prison and ask for the murderer's record.
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Morgan Goodwin wants to see you! She says it's urgent!

Morgan: <Rank> <Name>, I've received another letter from Tess! It contained an audio cassette with a "valuable recording" of the Crimson Order... but it doesn't work!
Morgan: The Crimson Order murdered my sister because she researching them... I don't wanna die like her just because of some stupid tape!
Jones: Don't worry, Morgan, <Rank> <Name> will take it from here.
Jones: We should get this audio cassette to Alex to see what he can get from it, you're right. And while we wait for the results, why don't we check out the prison for Cathy?

Analyze Tape Recordings.
Alex: Ah, <Name>, I looked at the broken audio cassette you gave me... And at first, I thought it was irreparably broken...
Alex: ...But as it's an old audio cassette, I guessed the problem might just be what is known as the "sticky shed syndrome"!
Jones: Sticky what?
Alex: Well, I think the audio cassette took water. So I baked it for a while... Now all that's left is for you to synch the audio waves.
Jones: I... didn't get a word of what you just said, but those audio waves shouldn't be a problem for <Name>!

Examine Audio Tape.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! You managed to synchronize the audio waves from this audio cassette in no time!
Jones: Let's put it in the answering machine and play it, I'm burning to know what information Tess had on the Crimson Order.
Answering Machine: ...CLICK...

The secret conversation...
Mystery Voice #1: ...And what about Samuel King? I heard he questioned the Order's faith. Do you think he could leave us?
Mystery Voice #2: That's why I called you in the first place. King cannot quit, he is too valuable.
Mystery Voice #2: For now, she still seems to be loyal, but next time he makes a wrong move... You know what to do!
Mystery Voice #1: Yeah, I know how to make him return on the right path... Don't worry, Samuel King will never be able to leave the Crimson Order.

Answering Machine: ...CLICK...
Jones: I can't believe it, <Name>: King wanted to leave the Crimson Order?!
Jones: It sounds like the Crimson Order did something to make sure he stayed in their ranks... But what?!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, there's another question that requires a more immediate answer: how did Tess get a hold of this recording?
Jones: Good idea: we should go ask Morgan... After all, she's the one who gave us the audio cassette!

Talk to Morgan Goodwin about the cassette.
Jones: Morgan, we were able to listen to the audio cassette Tess gave you, and it belonged to the Crimson Order...
Jones: Now this is very important: do you recognize the voices on it and do you know how Tess got a hold of it?
Morgan: I don't know anything about it, I swear! I didn't talk to Tess anymore, and I have no idea how she found the audio cassette in the first place!
Jones: Okay, well... Thank you for bringing it to us, Morgan. You did the right thing.
Jones: You're right, <Name>: it seems we can't do much more with what we've got, but knowing King had issues with the Crimson Order changes the rules a bit. We need to find out more about this!
Jones: And I don't know about you, <Name>, but I'm running low on energy: what do you saw we go pick up a burger first?

Investigate Warden Office.
(Before investigating Warden Office)
Jones: Nobody in, <Name>? Well, I'm sure we'll be able to find the files on Donna King's killer without Milton's help.
(After investigating Warden Office)
Jones: That's one odd box to store criminal records in... but it totally fits in with the general look of the prison!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should have a look through the criminal records!

Examine Box of Records.
Jones: So, <Name>, did you managed to find the file of Donna King's killer in the prison's criminal record?
Jones: Hmmm, this one is all torn... But if you think this may be the file we're looking for, you had better piece it back together!

Examine Killer's File.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! You managed to restore Shane Kolinsky's criminal record in no time! So what does it say?
Jones: "Sentences to 30 years...", "Convicted for the murder of Donna King and attempted robbery"... and "Known member of the"...
Jones: What the?! Donna's killer was a member of the Crimson Order?! And he killed the wife of another member?!
Jones: Cathy mentioned a robbery gone wrong... But why would Kolinsky try to rob a fellow Crimson Order member in the first place?
Jones: Sadly we can't question this Kolinsky ourselves since it seems he died of food poisoning only 2 weeks after being incarcerated...
Jones: ...But maybe Milton Grimmes might be able to fill us in on the details. Let's go find him, <Name>!

Ask Milton Grimmes about Shane Kolinsky.
Jones: Mr. Grimmes, we have a few questions about one of your former detainees, Shane Kolinsky. His criminal record states he died of food poisoning in prison. Could you tell us more about this?
Milton: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, but I don't even know who this prisoner is.
Jones: This prisoner murdered Samuel King's wife in a so called robbery and seems to have been murdered in turn only 2 weeks later. Sounds kind of hard to forget.
Milton: Do you realize all the inmates I have to deal with? Now why would I bother remembering an inmate who was only here 2 weeks and died years ago?
Milton: And let's suppose his death was not an accident. Who knows, maybe Samuel King found a way to kill Kolinsky as retribution for his wife's death. Point it: there's no way of knowing.
Milton: Moreover, I don't like how you're questioning my working methods. Now please, leave my office!
Milton: And please take these clothes with you. Nobody got rid of Tess Goodwin's personal effects and this silly witch costume a "fan" sent to her.

Later, at the police station...
Jones: <Name>, I feel like we're close to finding out something huge about King. We just need more evidence... OK, let's recap.
Jones: On the one hand, according to Tess' recording, it sounded like King wanted to leave the Crimson Order but they were never going to let it happen.
Jones: And on the other hand, Shane Kolinsky, a fellow Crimson Order member, killed Chief King's wife...
Jones: ...And what is even weirder is that Shane himself was poisoned only 2 weeks after his incarceration!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: The Crimson Order blackmailed King and another member killed his wife... And yet, even after that, King remained another a loyal member. It just doesn't make any sense!
Jones: But by the sound of it, the blackmail and his wife's murder could be connected. Only we're missing a piece of the puzzle to prove it.
Jones: I agree, <Name>, the best option is to go talk to Constance. She knew King and could maybe give us some precious information. There's no time to lose, let's go!

Ask for Constance Bell's permission to look into her files.
Jones: Constance, we found out that Chief King's wife was killed by a certain Shane Kolinsky, a member of the Crimson Order. We're trying to understand how this could have happened.
Jones: Would you happen to have any documents of use in your archives?
Constance: Oh Lord, I'm sorry, but no. But I do remember that after his wife's death, Samuel often went to the Nautical Museum in his free time.
Constance: You see, his wife designed that project.
Constance: And I have the Nautical Museum design plan displayed in the library. It was King's... I bought it on auction after... You know. I'm a fan of old ships, so...
Constance: Anyway, it's old and badly faded... But I must say the fact that it's written "Secret Cache" on it leaves me intrigued.
Jones: Thanks, Constance. And you're right, <Name>, if this faded design plan can help explain the mysteries surrounding King, then we better recover it!

Examine Nautical Museum Plan.
Jones: Good job, <Name>, you revealed the plan for the Nautical Museum! And the red crosses indicate a precise location on the ship.
Jones: You're right, it's the main mast... Right where Tess was burned! Let's go check the ship and pray that what was hidden there didn't burn as well!

Investigate Ship Replica.
Jones: There's a cache in the main mast! It seems Donna King included some secret compartment when she designed the museum... Very clever!
Jones: Do you think King was aware of this cache, <Name>? Let's unlock the cryptex you found inside it: I'm really burning to know what's hidden inside!

Examine Cryptex.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! Let's see what's inside that cryptex you found hidden on the Nautical Museum... Hm, it's a letter... Written by King!
Jones: Let's see what it says: "To my Donna..."

King's Letter...
Chief King: To my Donna... I know you cannot read this, but putting it down on paper helps me. I knew I couldn't stop Kolinsky from taking you...
Chief King: ...But I will do anything to protect Cathy from the Crimson Order!
Chief King: I know what I have to do: <Rank> <Name> is on to me, and if they catch me alive, the Crimson Order will kill Cathy before killing me. It is their way.
Chief King: I just wanted to say goodbye to this place, your masterpiece, as you used to name it. .

Jones: "...I'll join you soon my dear, I love you"... So the Crimson Order killed Samuel King's wife because he wanted to leave the Order...
Jones: And King knew that you were going to catch him... And once arrested, the Crimson Order would have killed Cathy if he ever talked.
Jones: I knew it, I knew King wasn't pure evil: he killed himself to protect Cathy from the Crimson Order!
Jones: But why didn't he tell us anything? We could have helped him, <Name>! We could have worked together to bring them down...
Jones: You're right, <Name>, Cathy cannot know anything about this until we've brought the Crimson Order down. Who knows how she would react?
Jones: And since she knows where we've been, we'd better go ask Constance not to tell her if she comes asking!

Tell Constance Bell about your discoveries.
Jones: Constance, thanks to the plan you gave us, we've been able to locate a secret cache on the ship.
Jones: In this secret cache, we found a letter from Samuel to his deceased wife... in which he explains his suicide.
Constance: Oh my, so why did he do it?
Jones: He killed himself to protect his granddaughter, Cathy. He was afraid she was going to be killed by the Crimson Order, just like his wife was.
Jones: But we can't risk telling any of this to Cathy. She'll probably come here looking for answers, but you can't tell anything until all this is over!
Constance: I understand. And good luck with what's coming next, <Rank> <Name>, we need more people like you. Please, take these vouchers as a token of my appreciation.

Later, at the station...
Jones: <Name>, I just can't believe it. King was manipulated, forced to act for the Crimson Order all those years!
Jones: And the day he wanted to quit, they killed his wife!
Jones: At least now we know why he killed himself: to protect Cathy!
Jones: I still don't get why he killed Adam, though. Do you think Adam could have heard something about the Crimson Order that he shouldn't have? Just like so many others that are now dead?
Jones: The Crimson Order cannot continue to exist, cleaning their mess by killing people, using others in total impunity... It has to stop!
Jones: And you're perfectly right, <Name>! The only way to stop the Crimson Order once and for all is by unmasking their leader!

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