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But I can see that you aren't easily deterred. You're intent on doing the right thing, even at great personal cost.
—Arthur Darkwood

Arthur Darkwood, appearing as a recurring character in Season 7 of Criminal Case, was a suspect in the murder investigations of three different people over the course of the season and a quasi-suspect in Winter Murderland (Case #14 of Supernatural Investigations), where his true identity as the demon Aratoth was revealed. He later appeared as a quasi-suspect in six more cases in Supernatural Investigations and made minor appearances in two other cases. He was then murdered in To Hell and Back (Case #30 of Supernatural Investigations).


Aratoth was a demon rebel assuming the guise of a 34-year-old novelist named Arthur Darkwood, known for his hit supernatural novel series Weirder Stuff.

In his human form, he had brown eyes and short, wavy black hair and sports black glasses. He wore a dark blue shirt under a red plaid jacket with two pockets and a white fur collar. He was also seen holding a stack of documents, except in his third and fifth quasi-suspect appearances. He was also seen wearing a pair of camouflage gloves and a gray scarf in his third suspect and second quasi-suspect appearances.

In his demon form, he had dark blue skin, pointed ears, wings and red eyes. He was bald and sported a pair of black horns.

In his first suspect appearance, it is known that Arthur ate trail mix, wore hiking boots and used bug repellent.

In his second suspect appearance, it is discovered that he was scared of the dark and listened to Billie Kelson.

In his third suspect appearance, it is revealed that he ate waffles, used snowshoes and played Dragons & Dungeons.

Height 5'8"
Age 34/
Weight 158 lbs
Eyes brown/red
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

One Bigfoot in the Grave

Arthur became a suspect after Luke and the player found a signed copy of his novel at the bigfoot museum. After talking about Arthur's novels, Luke brought up a hypothetical dead bigfoot, prompting Arthur to reveal that he was planning to write a bigfoot series one day.

Arthur was spoken to again about his "bigfoot problem". He revealed that the fans had denounced his latest book as cruel to the image of Bigfoot. His publisher had arranged a stunt for him to go into the wood to "research" bigfoot, threatening to drop Arthur if he did not go. On the walk, he saw an actual bigfoot acting gentle as could be, contradicting his book. In order to resolve his problem, he needed to revise the entire series in order to make the evil bigfoot an anomaly, which would take months.

Arthur was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Elwood Grimes for Bigfoot's murder.

The Ghost of Murders Past

Arthur became a suspect again after Luke and the player found his flashlight at the crime scene. He told the team that he had gotten lost on the road and blown a tire. After he asked the team for a wrench, Luke explained that there had been a murder. After Luke revealed the victim's identity, Arthur told the team that he had heard of Fielding before on the news.

Arthur was spoken to again about his gag order from Fielding. He informed the team that he had bumped into Fielding several nights ago and had gotten drunk with him. Fielding started to tell Arthur about his life, prompting him to jot it down as he thought that Fielding's story would be an interesting idea for his new season of Weirder Stuff. However, Arthur received a gag order from Fielding's lawyers. When Luke asked if Fielding had mentioned Abigail Riley or ghosts, Arthur claimed that they had not been mentioned.

Arthur was found to be innocent again after the team incarcerated Axel Bross for Fielding's murder.

Weirder Stuff

Arthur became a suspect for the third time after he ran into Gwen and the player at the film set. He informed the team that he was at the set as the studio had wanted him there for a publicity stunt. He then told the team that he did not know the victim well and hoped that the team would figure out who had killed him.

Arthur was spoken to again about him being angry at the victim. He believed that Rex was portraying the character of Stanislav Yakovich completely wrong, playing him as a hackneyed, stereotypical buffoon instead of charismatic and suave. He then told the team that nobody meddled with the integrity of Weirder Stuff.

Arthur was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Ruby Rees for Rex's murder.

Winter Murderland

After arresting Wyatt Ewing's killer, Priya called Luke and the player to inform them of her suspicions that Arthur was the demon that alpha werewolf Annette Strong had made an alliance with. After they found his diary, they discovered (per Hope) that he had written about a magical tree at Yellowstone. Following this, they confronted Arthur about his demon identity. Initially denying his true identity, Arthur admitted that he was a demon and told the team that he had been keeping an eye on them ever since they first met. He warned the team that there was more to demons than they knew, revealing that he was not the one who had been summoned in Amarillo five years prior. Arthur warned the team that the magical tree was dangerous and urged them to drive as far away as they could, before teleporting away.

The Tree of Death

After discovering the demon identity of Annette Strong's killer, the team confronted Zeke in his demon form. Zeke had the upper hand on the team, but in the middle of their confrontation, a mystery demon appeared and banished Zeke to the Netherworld. The mystery demon turned out to be Arthur, who told the team that he needed to talk to them.

Arthur told the team that he had sent Zeke back to the Netherworld. He revealed to them that their minds were vulnerable to attack by any one of the demons roaming the Earth. Arthur told the team that he would only tell the team his purpose for being on Earth after they protected their minds from demon attacks. He suggested that they sought out a coven of witches in the Midwest, before teleporting away.

Over the Edge

After arresting Sharon Decker's killer, the player accompanied Arthur as he informed Gwen that a demon was attacking her mind and scouring her thoughts. After Gwen told him about her visions of a war in the Netherworld, Arthur revealed that there had been a civil war among the demons that had ended with the demon queen's defeat. He explained that she was being attacked because she had made eye contact with a demon, making Gwen wonder who said demon could have been. Arthur then urged caution in dealing with the witches and revealed that he had heard rumors that they were kidnapping children.

Scry for Help

After arresting Belinda's killer, witch Agnes Leek casted the mind protection spell on the team, absolving the demon from Gwen's mind. At the end of the investigation, Chief Arrow and the team were able to contact Arthur and finally ask him about the demon war without the risk of having their minds read.

Arthur informed the team that he had fought on the rebel side of the demon civil war. He was badly injured in the battle, and when he finally came to, he discovered that the rebels had succeeded in weakening the queen, who had been locked up in a magical cage and suspended somewhere between Earth and the Netherworld. However, he had heard rumors that the queen's supporters were planning on restoring her to power. When he started investigating the rumors, he learned that there were five keys that the demons needed to unlock their queen's cage. They already had four of them, including the tree core that Zeke had killed Annette for. Nobody knew what or where the fifth key was as the maker of the keys, rebel demon Rathimael, had been hunted down, tortured and killed years ago. However, Arthur's search had led him to discover that Rathimael used to live on the East Coast, so he advised the team to head East.

Hocus Pocus

After arresting Agnes Leek's killer, Felix and the player found a demon ring hidden in the attic of the Hocus Pocus Museum. They consulted Arthur about the ring, who revealed that it used to belong to Rathimael. He revealed that, despite the ring not being the final key to unlocking the demon queen's cage, it had a magical inscription on it that was not there before. He informed the team that they needed the Eye of Sparron to read the inscription, which was on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. He then mentioned that Agnes' ghost had come to visit him.

Scarab to Death

After arresting Dan Quang's killer, Gwen and the player asked Arthur about the fifth key to the demon queen's cage after they discovered that it was a baby. He calculated that if the key was a human baby, they would now be twenty five years old. Arthur was unable to go into the specifics, but suggested that the team searched the archives of the Smithsonian Museum for another clue.

The Third Degree

After discovering the demon identity of Theresa Rosenthal's killer, Chief Arrow and the player strategized with Arthur about finding the fifth key. After Chief Arrow informed Arthur about the events of the case, Arthur hypothesized that Reggie got what he needed from Theresa's information. As such, he suggested that the team searched Theresa's possessions for a lead.

After the team discovered that Hope was the fifth key, Luke and the player informed Chief Arrow that the demons had Hope. Arthur told the team that the demon queen's cage was in another dimension and that the forces in said dimension ebbed and flowed, making the cage stronger and weaker at different times. In order for the team to go with Arthur to the other dimension, they needed a jumper artifact. After finding the artifact, the team made the jump into the other dimension. Arthur welcomed the team to the between-dimension and swore that he would defend them at the first sign of danger.

The Hunted Hunter

After discovering the identity of Dolores Harper's killer, Luke and the player discovered (per Priya) that Arthur had crossed paths with Chief Arrow at the swamp. He told the team that he had tried to stop him as it was too dangerous to track down the demon queen on his own. However, he had been too late as Chief Arrow had already pledged his loyalty to her, convinced that there was some part of his late wife that remained in the queen. Arthur then swore to help the team find Chief Arrow. Later, Arthur informed the team that he had been asked to moderate the Supernatural Alliance's emergency meeting in Mississippi.

Divided We Fall

After arriving in Mississippi, Arthur told the team that the meeting was to be held in the Supernatural Alliance's stronghold. He excused himself to prepare before the meeting.

Mid-investigation, Arthur was reported missing after he failed to show up at the stronghold.

After arresting Roxanne Vega's killer, Priya started the meeting in Arthur's absence. Later, young witch Avery Mitchell informed Priya and the player that Arthur had allegedly been seen outside the stronghold, prompting Priya and the player to look for him. In Arthur's stead, they found his torn jacket. This prompted the team to conclude that Arthur had either been killed by the demons or had been taken to the Netherworld.

Murder details

In his demonic form, Arthur's body was found slashed in two in a Netherworld cell by the team after being taken to the same cell. Ben deduced that the cause of death was being sliced in two with a blade identical in shape and size to his own, confirming the demon guard's claim that Arthur had been killed with his own sword. Ben noted that Arthur had been completely drained of blood. He had also found traces of human tears in Arthur's wounds. After learning that demons had a taste for human tears, Ben concluded that the killer drank human tears.

At the River Styx, Luke and the player found Arthur's sword buried under a pile of oars. Priya found an unknown sediment on the handle and was unable to identify it on her own, forcing her to consult with the demon guard. The guard determined that the sediment came from the mudflats of the Styx, revealing that the mudflats were a popular spot for demons to bathe. This prompted the guard to conclude that the killer bathed in the River Styx.

Relationship with suspects

Because of Arthur's notoriety as a traitor to the demon queen, all of her supporters (including demon Maetheron and witch Morgana Blackhawk) wanted to capture or kill him in order to prove their worth. However, because of his importance to the demon queen's plan of ripping the veil between the Netherworld and the Earth, it was vital that they kept him alive.

Before his betrayal, Arthur was a loyal servant to the demon queen, competing with Zeke Davis to gain the title as her right-hand. At some point, Arthur told the queen that Zeke was disloyal so that he could gain her trust, eventually succeeding in doing so, much to Zeke's chagrin. However, when the queen suggested invading the Earth to renew the Netherworld's resources, Arthur betrayed them and led the rebellion. When he disappeared, the queen's supporters tortured Reggie Pratt, his brother, for information, although he had no idea where he was. During his time on Earth, Arthur wrote Weirder Stuff and made fun of demon Edwinata through a character he named Edwina, angering her.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Zeke.

Zeke told the team that the queen needed to drink Arthur's blood in order to gain enough power to rip the veil. He explained that he had grown attached to the Earth and its resources during his time there and that he was searching for a way to come back since his banishment. Afraid that the demon's queen's plans would leave the Earth razed with nothing left, he killed Arthur to drain his blood. Consequently, the demon guard stabbed Zeke for his treachery.


  • Arthur and George Mathison are the only non-main characters to physically appear in all regions of Supernatural Investigations.
  • Arthur is one of the characters to appear as a suspect thrice.
  • At an infinite age, Arthur is one of the oldest characters in the game.
    • He is also the oldest victim in the game.
  • Arthur is one of the non-human victims in the game.
  • Arthur is one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect eight times.
    • He is also one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect in two consecutive cases in Supernatural Investigations.
      • He is also the only character to appear as a quasi-suspect in three consecutive cases in Supernatural Investigations.
  • Arthur is one of the characters who animate (or move) during at least one cutscene in the game.

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