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Previously, on Criminal Case...
Chief Arthur Wright: <Name>, with the arrest of Horatio and Malcolm, you have sealed the downfall of the Rochester family!
Maddie: What a shame it took Leopold Rochester's death to bring about their demise! We'd do well to remember there were good apples among the bad.
Chief Wright: Such as my darling Bernadine! You know, <Name>, I never thought we'd find ourselves so in love!
Maddie: Chief, something tells me you won't be far behind Charlie and me in starting a family!
Chief Wright (blushing): Yes, well, let's not put the cart before the horse!
Chief Wright: For now, I say you've earned a round of congratulations, <Name>! I'm sure only good things lie ahead now the Rochesters' grip on the city has been terminated!
Isaac: Chief, the congratulations will have to wait! We've just received word from City Hall...
Isaac: Mayor Castletown has been assassinated!
Chief Wright: The Mayor's dead?!
Chief Wright: <Name>, Bontemps, you need to get yourselves to City Hall right NOW!

Chapter 1

Investigate Council Chamber.
Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, the Mayor's been shot in the head... with an arrow!
Isaac: And look at the smashed pane behind him. The arrow must have come through the window!
Isaac: We must get the Mayor's body to Richard immediately! We also need to ascertain who saw Castletown in his final moments. Perhaps the clues you picked up might help!
Isaac: These glasses look like they once contained sherry cobblers - the late Mayor's favorite cocktail! He'd clearly had a drink with someone very recently.
Isaac: Taking a sample of that gooey black substance on one of the glasses may help us identify his visitor!
Isaac: And did someone send this fruit basket to the Mayor? Perhaps uncovering what's written on the card can tell us who it was!
Isaac: <Name>, I cannot believe the Mayor was assassinated on our watch. Finding his killer must be our priority!

Examine Cocktail Glasses.
Isaac: <Name>, let's put this viscous black liquid from the sherry cobbler glass under the microscope!

Examine Black Substance.
Isaac: <Name>, the black residue you found on the sherry cobbler glass is oil...
Isaac: ... But it's not just any oil - this particular variety is used specifically to lubricate artificial body parts made from metal!
Isaac: You're right, we do know of one person sporting a metal appendage - our very own Rose!
Isaac: <Name>, I didn't know Rose was in the habit of having drinks with the Mayor! I agree, we had better talk to her!

Ask Rose about her drinks with the Mayor.
Isaac: Rose, did you meet with Mayor Castletown earlier today?
Rose: Yes, it's not secret I'd been meeting regularly with the Mayor. We'd been discussing how to roll out the bulletproof vest I'd invented across the Concordian Police Department!
Rose: It was a hard slog getting Mayor Castletown to concentrate on such matters, but we'd finally started making progress.
Rose: What a shame he died before our project was complete!
Rose: Talking of which, I assume you're going to have a look at that rooftop cafe on the building opposite City Hall? I believe it's called the Starlight.
Isaac: Why so, Rose?
Rose: Because the assassin took their shot from this very cafe! I had a look at your files, and the trajectory of the arrow that killed the Mayor leaves no doubt about it!
Isaac: If that's the case, <Name> and I had better visit the Starlight Cafe right away!
Isaac: And Rose, now you're a suspect in this investigation, please stay away from the case files, won't you?

Investigate Rooftop Cafe.
Isaac: <Name>, Rose was right. This rooftop cafe provides the perfect vantage point into the council chamber at City Hall!
Isaac: The killer must have aimed their arrow at the Mayor from here, which means the clues you found could prove highly useful.
Isaac: Talking of which, these broken pieces are curious, I agree. Let's fix them up!
Isaac: And I know it isn't polite to go through a lady's handbag, but these are dire times. We had better have a rummage inside!

Examine Broken Device.
Isaac: <Name>, this crossbow has to be what the killer used to shoot an arrow through the window and into the Mayor's head! It must be our murder weapon!
Isaac: You're right - unfortunately, we cannot give this crossbow to Rose for analysis seeing she's a suspect in our investigation.
Isaac: But I agree, perhaps Viola might still be able to discern something crucial about our killer from the crossbow!

Analyze Crossbow.
Viola: Oh, what a world we live in, <Name>!
Viola: I thought the Rochester conspiracy was the biggest threat to our fair Concordia, but now we have an assassinated Mayor on our hands!
Isaac: Indeed, Viola, which is why we need your help in catching Mayor Castletown's murderer! Did you find anything of interest on the crossbow <Name> sent you?
Viola: Well, Isaac, it seems your killer had time for recreational activities as well as murder!
Viola: You see, I found curious deposits of sand on the crossbow. My analysis further showed it was sand used to fill bunkers on golf courses!
Viola: This allows me to conclude that the Mayor's killer is a golfer!
Isaac: Is that so? Well, <Name>, it'll be worse than a triple bogey for our assassin when we catch them!

Examine Handbag.
Isaac: <Name>, this business card you found in the handbag... it's Marla's!
Isaac: You do remember Marla de Paradis, don't you? She's my... cherished companion, and owner of the Moulin Rose!
Isaac: I agree, if Marla was at this cafe, she may have seen our killer! Let's speak with her!

Ask Marla de Paradis if she saw anything suspicious at the cafe.
Marla: Isaac, what a delightful surprise to see you! I'm still waiting for our opera date...
Isaac: Yes, it was unfortunate Swan Lake was canceled - and under such unsavory circumstances. I'm certain it would have rivaled even the most thrilling evening of chess!
Marla: Dearest Isaac, I can think of plenty of activities you might find more thrilling than chess...
Isaac (blushing): Ahem, yes, well...
Isaac (sweating): Anyway! Marla, we're here because <Rank> <Name> found your handbag at the Starlight Cafe. Were you there earlier today?
Marla: Yes, I had breakfast there this morning! I go to the Starlight often to relax after a heavy night of entertaining at the Moulin Rose!
Isaac: Did you see anyone suspicious while you were there? You see, Mayor Castletown's killer was at the cafe, and-
Marla: The Mayor's been murdered?!
Marla: No, I'm afraid I did not notice anything suspicious. <Rank> <Name>, I hope you catch the murderer fast. Isaac, please stay safe!

Examine Note on Basket.
Isaac: So this fruit basket wasn't a gift to the Mayor, it was a gift FROM the Mayor! The note says: "Wishing you a speedy recovery, Deputy! Best wishes, Your Mayor."
Isaac: Ah yes, Mayor Castletown must have been planning to send this gift to Justin Lawson following the attempted assassination on him!
Isaac: Deputy Lawson must be busy dealing with the aftermath of the Mayor's murder, but we had better secure a few minutes with him nonetheless!

Talk to Justin Lawson about the Mayor's assassination.
Isaac: Deputy Lawson! It's wonderful to see you back on your feet!
Justin: Yes, yes, I'm perfectly well, at least physically-speaking...
Justin: Mentally, I'm outraged! All the righteous people of Concordia are being taken out, one by one!
Justin: Trying to harm me is one thing, but the city will not stand for its Mayor being assassinated!
Isaac: I wholeheartedly agree, Deputy Lawson, which is why we will not stop until the killer is behind bars!
Justin: <Rank> <Name>, I am in no doubt you are up to the task of apprehending the Mayor's assassin, but I urge you to catch them sooner rather than later!
Justin: That murderous culprit will not be permitted to escape the long arm of the law - not on my watch!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick: <Name>, I never thought I'd find the Mayor of Concordia on my autopsy table!
Isaac: We're still reeling from the shock of it, Richard! But time is of the essence - what have you discovered about his assassination?
Dick: Well, I don't need to tell you the Mayor was killed by an arrow to the head!
Dick: But what is surprising is that the assassin managed a shot that smashed through a window AND pierced the victim's skull! This isn't something just anyone can do...
Dick: ... Which means it was no lucky shot, <Name> - it showed clear skill and intent!
Dick: This indicates your killer is a talented marksman who knows how to shoot with power and precision!
Isaac: Well, <Name>, our killer won't be doing much sharp shooting when you put them in handcuffs!

Back on the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, I thought we'd put Concordia's troubles behind us after bringing on the Rochesters' demise... but now Mayor Castletown's dead and we're none the wiser as to who assassinated him!
Isaac: Our suspects so far include our very own Rose, who met the Mayor just before his murder, and Justin Lawson, the Mayor's Deputy.
Isaac: My dear Marla has also been questioned, as she was at the cafe where the killer shot their fatal arrow!
Isaac: I find it very difficult to conceive of any of these individuals committing mur-
Constable Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, <Rank> <Name>!
Isaac: What is it, Constable Ramirez?
Constable Ramirez: We've found Eleanor Halsted!

Chapter 2

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, we thought Concordia would be safe again once we'd exposed the Rochesters...
Isaac: ... And even more so after you thwarted their attempt at having Eleanor Halsted murder the Deputy Mayor!
Isaac: But as the Mayor's murder has just proven, we've let our guard down too soon!
Constable Ramirez: <Name>, we need you right away!
Isaac: What's the matter, Constable Ramirez?
Constable Ramirez: We found Eleanor Halsted! She's been spotted at the St Shamdrew's Golf Club!
Isaac: Finally, some good news! <Name>, there isn't a second to lose. Let's go arrest Eleanor Halsted!

Arrest Eleanor Halsted.
Isaac (aiming his gun): Eleanor Halsted! Don't move - you're under arrest!
Eleanor: No! <Rank> <Name>, how did you find me?
Isaac (holding his gun): You didn't really think you could try to kill Justin Lawson and get away unscathed, did you?
Eleanor: I didn't think LAWSON would get away unscathed! I must have been distracted by the thrill of liberty, else that bullet would NEVER have missed the Deputy's heart!
Isaac: You really do seem to hold human life in very little value, Miss Halsted!
Isaac: Talking of which, we know you're in the pocket of the Rochesters. Was killing the Mayor also part of your iniquitous deal with them?
Eleanor: The Mayor's dead?!
Eleanor: Oh well, I suppose he had it coming...
Isaac: And you have a trip back to jail coming! Let's go Miss Halsted!

Isaac (dabbing his forehead): <Name>, I feel safer now that Eleanor Halsted is once again behind bars!
Isaac: But you're right! Viola did say the killer plays golf, and we just happen to be standing in St Shamdrew's, Concordia's only golf course!
Isaac: Let's take a gander around the course!

Investigate Golf Course.
Isaac: <Name>, you found the Mayor's diary - look, there's his name!
Isaac: Most of the diary is filled with times of his fishing outings... But wait, this reminder to "pay 300 shillings" to a coded number is rather intriguing.
Isaac: I agree, we had better decipher those symbols right away!
Isaac: And there's something written across this golf bag, but it's unreadable for now. See if you can work it out, <Name>!

Examine Golf Bag.
Isaac: <Name>, that golf bag belongs to Thaddeus Mulroney!
Isaac: We've been looking for Mulroney ever since we got proof he'd been paid off by the Rochesters to release Eleanor Halsted! Now's our chance to get him!
Isaac: If Mulroney's golf bag is here, then he can't be far! Handcuffs at the ready, <Name>!

Arrest Thaddeus Mulroney.
Thaddeus: You again, <Rank> <Name>! Let me use this opportunity to thank you for firing me...
Thaddeus: ... Because it's given me all the time in the world to play golf - the only pastime worthy of my superior status.
Isaac (presenting his badge): Well, Mr Mulroney, you've just putted your last ball, because we're placing you under arrest!
Thaddeus (sweating): What?! But, but-
Isaac: We have undeniable proof that you orchestrated the release of Eleanor Halsted from prison!
Isaac: Were you also involved in Mayor Castletown's murder?
Thaddeus: The Mayor's been murdered?!
Thaddeus: Who would dare to kill someone of such high standing in the community! Certainly not I!
Isaac: Well, <Rank> <Name> will soon deduce whether or not you are telling the truth, Mr Mulroney! For now, it's police custody for you!

Examine Victim's Diary.
Isaac: <Name>, we need to figure out who the Mayor was sending money to, and why! Let's get these numbers from the Mayor's diary straight to Evie!

Analyze Numbers.
Isaac: Evelyn, were those numbers <Name> deciphered from Mayor Castletown's diary revelatory?
Evie (sweating): Well, er, I checked and double checked...
Isaac: Evelyn, what on earth is the matter?
Evie: Well... you see... these numbers relate to a bank account - in the name of Marla de Paradis!
Isaac: Marla de Paradis? The Mayor paid 300 shillings to my Marla?
Evie: Yes, and it appears this was not the only payment from the Mayor to Miss de Paradis... he had been transferring her the same amount on a regular basis!
Isaac: Well! I'm... certain there's a perfectly good reason for these payments, and Marla's sure to tell us!
Evie: I certainly hope you're right, Mr Bontemps...

Ask Marla to explain the payments from the Mayor.
Marla: Isaac, twice in one day - what a treat!
Marla: You're lucky you caught me. I'm usually playing golf or shooting at the range around this time, but today I was just too exhausted to do anything!
Isaac: Marla, we know about your payments from the Mayor, and-
Marla: Oh, Isaac! How did you...
Marla: I promise you, it meant nothing!
Isaac: Er, Marla, what are you talking about?
Marla: The Mayor and I... it was just professional! He wanted some company, and I needed the money! There were no feelings involved!
Isaac (sweating): Marla, I... I'm not sure I understand... Did you... you and the Mayor...
Marla: Yes, Isaac, the Mayor and I were intimate. But it meant nothing!
Isaac: I... intimate? No! Surely not!
Marla: I'm so sorry, Isaac. Will you ever be able to forgive me?
Isaac: I... <Name>, I need some fresh air. Please, let us depart.

Back on the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, please tell me I understood Marla wrong!
Isaac: No! I refuse to believe it! She can't have gone to bed with the Mayor! Not my Marla!
Isaac (crying): ..........
Isaac: I'm sorry, <Name>! I must pull myself together. We have a killer to catch!
Isaac: All shall be well. Let us continue our investigation by going back to City Hall!

Investigate Delegate Desks.
Isaac: Look, <Name>! Someone drew the Mayor's likeness on a shooting target! It looks just like him!
Isaac (blushing): I do apologize, I'm letting my emotions at Marla's... confession get the better of me! It shan't happen again!
Isaac: You're right, the arrow stuck in the middle of the target is identical to the one that killed the Mayor! This must be a threat from his assassin!
Isaac: We had better collect a sample of that ;owder on the target, I agree!
Isaac: And this must be the Mayor's safebox, which means looking inside it would also be wise!
Isaac: <Name>, I cannot lie... Knowing that the Mayor was intimate with my darling Marla is making this investigation difficult, but I shall NEVER allow a crime to go unpunished! Let's catch this killer!

Examine Target.
Isaac: <Name>, I shan't let my feelings about the Mayor cloud my judgment. Let's get this powder from the killer's death threat to Viola, post-haste!

Analyze Yellow Powder.
Viola: <Name>, did I ever tell you my grandmother was famous for her Southern cuisine?
Isaac: Viola, we have no time for idle chatter today, so I sincerely hope your grandmother's culinary skills have something to do with the powder <Name> found on the target!
Viola: Ah yes, dear Bontemps, I heard about your... amorous plight. I am sorry for your pain - it will improve with time.
Isaac: I haven't a clue what you're talking about!
Viola: Moving on, I spent a lot of time in my grandmother's kitchen, so I instantly recognized this powder as a mix of hickory smoke salt, paprika and garlic... the perfect marinade for pork ribs!
Viola: Richard confirmed there was no sign of pork ribs in the Mayor's digestive tract, which means it's his assassin who left traces of this smoky delicacy on the target!
Isaac: Pork ribs? But that's Marla's favorite dish! She always loved it when I cooked pork ribs for her!
Isaac: <Name>, I do not know what to think anymore! But if our killer eats pork ribs, I shall add it to their profile - and Marla's!

Examine Safebox.
Isaac: <Name>, why was the Mayor keeping this rusty penknife in his safe? What a strange little man!
Isaac: This seems to me like a wild goose chase, but if you wish to retrieve the faded text on the knife's tag, I shan't get in your way!

Examine Knife Tag.
Isaac: The note on the penknife reads: "30 years today. Never forget. R.Z."
Isaac: "R.Z."? Was this penknife sent to the Mayor from our very own Rose?
Isaac: Why would Rose have sent the Mayor a rusty knife?
Isaac: Not that I blame her, mind...
Isaac: Sorry! You're right, <Name>, such an ominous message warrants another talk with Rose, post-haste!

Question Rose about the knife she sent to the Mayor.
Isaac: Rose, what made you send a rusty penknife to the Mayor?
Rose: It was a memento of our time together in the Concordian Cadets... Although back then the Mayor was just little Cornelius!
Rose: One day, while trekking together down in Coyote Gorge, we got caught in a rockfall! Cornelius was safe, but a huge boulder rolled right over my arm. I couldn't move!
Rose: And do you know what cowardly Cornelius did? He got scared and ran off, leaving me all alone!
Rose: I was stuck without food and water for days... Eventually, I had no choice but to cut off my own arm with a blunt penknife so I could escape!
Isaac: Rose, are you saying the Mayor's the reason you lost your arm?!
Rose: Yes! I was filled with rage for years - indeed, I have him to credit for motivating me to learn to shoot so well!
Isaac: Yes, I now see that man's weaselly nature has been with him since childhood!
Isaac: But, Rose, I do hope your anger against the Mayor did not bring you to commit murder!

Later, in the Chief's office...
Chief Wright: <Name>, your partner was nowhere to be seen, so I had a look at your report on the Mayor's assassination...
Chief Wright: ... And it looks as though your suspects comprise mainly of former and existing members of Concordia's security forces... a sign of the deadly corruption that has permeated our city!
Chief Wright: They include Eleanor Halsted, who previously made an attempt on Justin Lawson's life...
Chief Wright: Thaddeus Mulroney is the second former member of the police force on your suspect list. I'm pleased to see you've put both of these unsavory characters into custody!
Chief Wright: Then you have your own team's Rose Zhao...
Chief Wright: Who would've thought the Mayor was to blame for her lost ar-
Chief Wright: <Name>, did you hear that? Is someone... singing?
Isaac (drunk): Alone, I'm so all alone... there's nobody else but yooooou...
Chief Wright: Bontemps? Are you... drunk?!

Chapter 3

Chief Arthur Wright: <Name>, my head's still reeling from the knowledge that Mayor Castletown, the most prominent politician in Concordia, has been ruthlessly assassinated!
Chief Wright: That the suspects for his murder include former and current members of Concordia's security forces highlights just how much corruption continues to infiltrate our fair city!
Chief Wright: This murder must be solved, and fas-
Chief Wright: <Name>, can you hear that wailing?
Isaac (drunk): Alone, I'm so all alone... there's nobody else but yooooou...
Chief Wright: Bontemps? Are you... drunk?!
Isaac (crying): How could Marla do this to me, <Name>? I gave her my... hic... heart!
Chief Wright: Detective Bontemps, what is the meaning of this?!
Maddie (restraining Isaac): There you are, Bontemps! I told you not to bother the Chief!
Maddie: I'm sorry, Chief! I'm afraid Bontemps has been sampling the contents of my liquor cabinet! I tried to stop him but it was too late!
Maddie: I believe he was trying to get over the news that his companion, Marla, was having intimate relations with the Mayor!
Isaac: I'll get that May... Mayor if it's the last... hic... last thing I do!
Chief Wright: The Mayor is already dead, Detective. Madeline, Bontemps is clearly in no shape to investigate the Mayor's murder! You shall take over as <Name>'s partner!
Maddie: Right you are, Sir - just after I put Bontemps here to bed! Come along now, old chap!

A few moments later...
Maddie: Cripes, <Name>, I've never seen Bontemps in such a state. He must really love Marla!
Maddie: Anyway, I finally managed to get him safely tucked up in bed - good practice for when my baby comes!
Maddie: Now, back to business! We have the Mayor's assassin to catch, so let's not waste a minute more!
Maddie: What say you we continue our search for the killer by taking another look around the golf course!

Investigate Golfing Green.
Maddie: <Name>, that discarded newspaper article's about the Mayor winning the state fishing competition!
Maddie: Someone's written something over the story, but it's illegible. Let's see if your dusting kit can help!
Maddie: And why was this photograph torn up? Let's tape it back together!
Maddie: Most curious of all is this medal! It looks like a prestigious award of some kind, so why has someone scrawled "Hypocrite" across it?
Maddie: I agree, checking the image on the medal against our records may well provide a lead! Hurry, <Name>, we have no time to lose if we're to catch the killer!

Examine Medal Insignia.
Maddie: <Name>, this medal is awarded by the Mayor for outstanding achievement...
Maddie: And the last person the Mayor offered this award to was... Eleanor Halsted!
Maddie: We need a conversation with Miss Halsted about what compelled her to write "Hypocrite" across her prestigious award!

Ask Eleanor Halsted about the medal.
Eleanor: <Rank> <Name>, unless you're here to bring me some pork ribs, I have nothing to say to you!
Maddie: Enough of your lip, Miss Halsted! We found your medal of honor from the Mayor... What did you mean by writing "Hypocrite" across it?
Eleanor: Do you really have to ask?
Eleanor: I sacrificed everything - my health, my sanity, even my freedom, for that blasted Mayor and his city!
Eleanor: I even learned to play golf because he told me it was the best way to hobnob with the top dogs in Concordia!
Eleanor: But when I got arrested, that pompous swine dropped me like a hot potato, and didn't lift a finger to come to my aid. It was HUMILIATING!
Maddie: May I remind you that you were arrested because of your corrupt practices, so it's no surprise you lost the Mayor's support!
Eleanor: Think what you want, I'll still blame that two-faced cretin for leaving me high and dry!

Examine Torn Photo.
Maddie: <Name>, this is a photograph of the Mayor at an opening ceremony...
Maddie: ... But his head's been replaced by... Thaddeus Mulroney's!
Maddie: Who knew Mulroney had such lofty ambitions as becoming Mayor! He had better have some answers for this... art project of his!

Confront Thaddeus Mulroney about his photo collage.
Maddie: Mr Mulroney, we found your little photo collage! Just how badly did you want to be Mayor?
Thaddeus: Ah yes, you found my photograph! Come now, don't you think I look dashing as Mayor?
Thaddeus: There was never any doubt, that with my superior attributes, my career path would propel me straight to the top position... just like one of my speeding bullets hitting a criminal!
Thaddeus: I like pork ribs as much as the next person, but I always knew I was destined for champagne and caviar!
Thaddeus: But then you nitwits went and got me fired! You crushed my ambitions like they were nothing!
Maddie: And so you thought, if you couldn't be Mayor, nobody else could?
Thaddeus: I shall not grace your unsavory insinuation that I killed the Mayor with an answer, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Faded Message.
Maddie: The newspaper article about the Mayor's been scrawled over with the words: "Beware, Slothful Cornelius! Procrastination is a SIN!"
Maddie: The Mayor's never been known for being hard-working, and his laziness has clearly riled someone up to no end!
Maddie: You're right, perhaps Diego will be able to discern the author by analyzing their handwriting! Let's send this article to him post-haste!

Analyze Angry Message.
Diego: <Name>, prepare to be astounded by my resounding talent!
Maddie: Diego, blow your own trumpet by all means, as long as you've discovered something useful about the person who berated the Mayor for being lazy!
Diego: But of course I have! To begin with, the angular shape of the "S" in "Slothful" and "SIN" shows that the author of this penmanship is a man...
Diego: ... While the rigidity of the letters reveals that he is well-read and highly educated!
Diego: Finally, the bold, heavy strokes indicate an individual with strong principles of justice and the law!
Maddie: You're right, <Name>! Diego, you have just perfectly described Justin Lawson!
Maddie: It looks as though Deputy Lawson was rather incensed by the Mayor. We must ask him why!

Question Justin about his unfriendly message to the Mayor.
Justin: <Rank> <Name>, I hope this is important! I'm up to my neck in it, as you can imagine!
Maddie: Er, yes Sir, we're here regarding the investigation into the Mayor's assassination... We want to know why you referred to him as "slothful"...
Justin: Oh, I'm not proud of that silly message, but you have to understand how infuriating it was to work with the Mayor!
Justin: That man never appreciated the gravity of his position. All he was interested in was cutting ribbons and drinking his blasted sherry cobblers!
Justin: The only way he'd even talk to me was if I joined him on his fishing trips or for nine holes on the golf course!
Justin: I ended up having to go clay pigeon shooting every weekend just to release all the pent-up frustration caused by that lazy good-for-nothing!
Maddie: Well, Sir, I see talking about the Mayor has brought up a lot of strong feelings! We'll leave you to your work for now!

Back on the airship...
Maddie: Lazy, cowardly, philandering... it seems our murdered Mayor was disliked for a plethora of distasteful reasons!
Maddie: But which of our suspects did he rile up enough to make them shoot an arrow through his head?
Maddie: Did Thaddeus Mulroney kill the victim because he thought he was the only one destined to become Mayor?
Maddie: Or did Eleanor Halsted expunge Mayor Castletown because he stopped supporting her as soon as she was arrested?
Maddie: We're so close to finding the Mayor's assassin, <Name> - we just need a few more clues to nail them!
Maddie: Great idea, let's have one last sniff around the cafe where the murderer took their fatal shot! Come on, <Name>, we have no time to lose!

Investigate Cafe Tables.
Maddie: <Name>, this is a spyglass! This particular version can be affixed to weapons - I remember Rose showing one to me a while back.
Maddie: You're right! The killer must have attached this spyglass to the crossbow so they could get a better visual on the Mayor!
Maddie: In that case, we had better quickly collect a sample of that clear liquid on the spyglass!
Maddie: And I wonder what's inside this locked cylinder? Let's open it!
Maddie: <Name>, these clues could be the key to unlocking the identity of the Mayor's assassin, so let's not waste a single second to examine them!

Examine Locked Tube.
Maddie: So this cylinder was in fact a quiver! And look, these arrows are identical to the one we found lodged in the Mayor's skull!
Maddie: Viola is sure to uncover any evidence the killer was clumsy enough to leave behind on their quiver!

Analyze Arrows.
Viola: <Name>, did you know scientists have discovered the color red can significantly affect our physical and emotional reactions?
Viola: This includes associating red with a threat or danger... rather fitting when it comes to the Mayor's killer!
Maddie: I do hope you're going somewhere with this, Viola!
Viola: But of course! You see, among the arrows nestling in the quiver you sent me were some red fibers...
Viola: My experiments confirmed these fibers were a cotton used primarily to make clothing... Which means your assassin will be garbed in red!
Maddie: <Name>, it'll be like a red rag to a bull when you arrest the Mayor's killer!

Examine Spyglass.
Maddie: <Name>, let's send the substance you collected from the killer's spyglass straight to Viola!

Analyze Translucent Substance.
Viola: <Name>, it takes nerves of steel to assassinate someone...
Maddie: I wouldn't know, Viola, I haven't killed anyone! Although, I'll admit I've wanted to murder my mother at times...
Viola: We've all been there, Maddie! In any case, the Mayor's killer was certainly lacking in mettle, because the substance you sent me from the spyglass was their sweat!
Viola: I ran the sweat through the DNA machine...
Viola: ... Which determined that the Mayor's assailant has brown eyes!
Maddie: However striking their brown peepers may be, the killer won't escape your arresting stare, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Maddie: <Name>, you've got all the evidence you need to arrest the Mayor's assassin. Let's go get them!

Take care of the killer now!
Maddie: Eleanor Halsted, it seems Justin Lawson's botched assassination wasn't enough for you... you also had to go and kill the Mayor!
Eleanor: <Rank> <Name>, I already told you - the Mayor's death had nothing to do with me! Now, please go away!
Maddie: Miss Halsted, the evidence is stacked against you! Now, we know you're a straight talker, so let me put it straight to you...
Maddie: Your murderous plan started to unravel from the moment you gave away your skills in marksmanship by shooting that arrow through a window and straight into the Mayor's brain!
Eleanor: Stop your claptrap! Every Concordian man and his horse knows how to shoot accurately these days...
Maddie: Does every man and his horse also wear red? Because we found fibers from your crimson shirt in the quiver from which you pulled the fatal arrow that killed the Mayor!
Eleanor: You're certainly making me see red with your infernal accusations!
Maddie: Funny you mention seeing, because your sweat-covered spyglass told us all about your brown eyes! Your game is up, Miss Halsted - it's time to confess!
Eleanor: ...........
Eleanor: Fine! What do I care, anyway? I'm already in jail! Yes, I did it - I assassinated the Mayor!
Maddie: Was killing the Mayor also part of your nefarious deal with the Rochesters to secure your release from prison?
Eleanor: Oh, how small-minded you all are! No vision whatsoever...
Eleanor: The Rochesters had nothing to do with this. That family has no more power than your dead Mayor!
Eleanor: Sending me to prison was the best thing you could have done for me, <Rank> <Name>. It showed me the light!
Maddie: The light? Whatever do you mean?
Eleanor: It made me realize justice is just an illusion, and people like you, <Rank> <Name>, who claim to be protecting our city, are deluded!
Eleanor: It is only the Finley Flanagans and Franca Capecchis who have the vision to transform our world!
Eleanor: This city and its false, limp leaders all need to burn so that the truly righteous can rise from the ashes and make Concordia great again!
Maddie: So what you're saying is Concordia would be better served by a bunch of gangster leaders, and every member of the justice system should die?
Eleanor: Indeed! The Mayor and his Deputy were just the first names in my very long kill list. You were next, <Rank> <Name>!
Maddie: We've heard of your nonsense, Miss Halsted, and you can leave he rest of your wittering for the courtroom. You're charged with the murder of Mayor Castletown!

Judge Takakura: Eleanor Halsted, we meet again!
Judge Takakura: Admittedly, we've all had our beef with Mayor Castletown, but you're the only one who went and murdered him!
Eleanor: The Mayor had to go! He represents all that is wrong with Concordia!
Eleanor: He was just one step in my masterplan to decimate the false veneer of justice suffocating Concordia!
Judge Takakura: To think I left the tranquility of my vegetable patch to listen to this nonsense...
Judge Takakura: Miss Halsted, I can assure you justice will prevail throughout the land, and even more so after I sentence you to life in prison!
Eleanor: Oh, if only I could have made my glorious vision come to pass!

In the Chief's office...
Chief Wright: <Name>, bravo putting Eleanor Halsted behind bars - hopefully for good this time!
Chief Wright: I knew Halsted was a nasty piece of work, but I never imagined she'd have the maleficence to assassinate the Mayor!
Chief Wright: Nor did I think she was so unhinged as to believe the leaders of Concordia needed to burn because justice was "illusory"!
Maddie: Ironically, her actions mean that Deputy Mayor Justin Lawson, the fiercest proponent of justice, will be taking over as Mayor of Concordia!
Chief Wright: I am confident the city will prosper under Lawson's rule!
Chief Wright: And on another positive note, we have your wedding to look forward to, dear Madeline!
Maddie: Yes, and I'd better start getting ready! <Name>, I'll see you in two shakes of a lamb's tail!

No News Is Good News (6/6)

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, please allow me to apologize for my horrendous and unprofessional behavior earlier.
Isaac: I haven't had a drop of alcohol since my younger days... I really do not know what came over me!
Maddie: Come now, dear Bontemps, we've all known the trials and tribulations of love...
Maddie: So let's let bygones be bygones and look onwards and upwards, beginning with the news that Justin Lawson's to be our new Mayor!
Maddie: I must say, he has seemed rather irascible recently... Let's hope he is able to de-stress a tad before taking on his mayoral responsibilities!
Isaac: I'm certain he will! But shouldn't you be getting ready for your wedding, dear Madeline?
Maddie: Indeed! I had better see to the final preparations, and make sure my mother isn't getting up to any trouble!
(Isaac and Maddie leave.)
Charles: Ahem, <Name>, do you have a minute? I need your help with a rather private matter!
Charles: Would you mind meeting me in my laboratory when you're free?
(Charles leaves.)
Diego: <Name>, I couldn't help overhearing Charlie asking for your help...
Diego: ... And I have a feeling his issue is to do with matters of the heart - my area of expertise! I shall therefore accompany you to speak with him!
Diego: Also, I heard Katherine's here and says she has something important to discuss with you!
Isaac: <Name>, once you've dealt with Charlie, I shall attend to Katherine with you...
Isaac: ... And I promise not to inebriate myself this time!

Talk to Katherine.
Katherine: <Name>, I know everyone's looking forward to Justin Lawson becoming Mayor and bringing justice to Concordia and all that...
Katherine: ... But I think I'm onto something and I need your help getting to the bottom of it!
Katherine: You see, I've heard from my contact at City Hall that there are rumors of Justin Lawson recruiting people for some sort of clandestine army!
Isaac: An army? Why would Deputy Lawson be secretly creating an army?
Isaac: Miss Woolf, everything that happened with the Rochesters is bound to make you expect the worst, but Justin Lawson is a good man! We know him well!
Katherine: You're probably right, but don't you want to know for sure? My contact has never let me down before!
Isaac: Alright, Miss Woolf, <Name> and I shall quell your fears by searching the depths of City Hall for any evidence of this army - if it actually exists!

Investigate Council Chamber.
Isaac: <Name>, that cardboard box has "J.Lawson" written across it! Its contents must belong to the Deputy Mayor!
Isaac: Which makes sense, since he must be moving his affairs to the Mayor's office in preparation for his inauguration later on today!
Isaac: I'm not comfortable rummaging through this box without Deputy Lawson's consent. But you're right, we need to make sure Katherine's claims of a secret army are not a mere flight of fancy!

Examine Moving Box.
Isaac: <Name>, what was this soldier's cap doing at the bottom of Justin Lawson's moving box?
Isaac: The insignia on the cap reads "Justice Corps"...
Isaac: Justice Corps? I've never heard of it before!
Isaac: <Name>, could Miss Woolf be right? Could Justin Lawson be raising a secret army?
Isaac: I agree, if anything untoward if going on, Rose is sure to know - she's always got an ear on the street! Let's send the cap straight to her!

Analyze Military Cap.
Isaac: Rose, what can you tell us about the Justice Corps insignia on the cap we found amongst Justin Lawson's belongings?
Rose: Well, <Name>, there are certainly no official records of the Justice Corps, that's for sure!
Rose: But word on the street is, if you're looking to be hired muscle, Justin Lawson's got a job for you!
Isaac: If this is true, then the Justice Corps does sound like some sort of militia group!
Isaac: This is rather worrying, I must say! <Name>, I do hope Deputy Lawson has a legitimate explanation for all this!

Question Justin about the Justice Corps.
Justin: What is it, <Rank> <Name>? As you can see, I am supremely busy preparing for my inauguration ceremony to become Mayor!
Isaac: We do apologize for the intrusion, Deputy Lawson, but this is not something that can wait...
Isaac: We've discovered you've been recruiting a significant number of people for some sort of militia group called the Justice Corps!
Justin: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I see you've had time to snoop into my affairs! I understand - due diligence is part of your role after all...
Justin: But I can assure you there's no need to be worried about my actions!
Justin: You see, the Justice Corps is no militia group! It's a new security force, just like the Flying Squad!
Justin: The fact that the Flying Squad was the only organization free of corruption made me realize we needed more overseeing divisions to uphold correct practices.
Justin: And this is where the Justice Corps comes in!
Justin: You'll see at my inauguration - everything's about to change for the better!
Justin: Now, I must get back to my preparations. Here, take some hansom cab money to make sure you arrive on time and don't miss a single second of my speech!

Find out why Charlie needs your help.
Charles: <Name>, I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a pickle!
Charles: You see, I wanted to make my and Maddie's wedding ceremony that bit more personal by writing my own vows...
Charles: ... But I've only gone and lost them somewhere! I haven't the faintest idea where they could be!
Charles (sweating): This is a sign, <Name>! Maybe I shouldn't get married - I'm just not cut out for this!
Diego: Now, now, calm down, dear friend! You're just having what they call pre-wedding jitters!
Diego: And while some men aren't cut out for marriage, you, my dear Charlie, are most definitely husband material!
Diego: Now, back to these misplaced vows. Try to retrace your steps back to what you did today!
Charles: Well, I do remember having breakfast at the Starlight Cafe... but that's about all I can recall!
Diego: Well then, I'm certain you left your vows at the cafe! Worry not, Charlie! <Name> and I will search high and low for them right away!

Investigate Rooftop Cafe.
Diego: <Name>, these papers are titled "Wedding Vows"... They must belong to Charlie!
Diego: But wait... it looks like someone spilled their coffee all over his words!
Diego: Charlie's already a nervous wreck about the wedding - he'll be distraught if we return his vows to him in such a state!
Diego: Good idea - let's see if your dusting kit can help recover poor Charlie's vows!

Examine Wedding Vows.
Diego: Fantastic work, <Name>! Charlie's vows are almost as good as new!
Diego: Now, let's see... "Dearest Madeline, You are the cog in my pocket watch... Whenever I see you, my brain short circuits!"
Diego: These vows are pretty adorable. Good man, Charlie!
Diego: Oh wait... I spoke too soon! <Name>, these vows also include three paragraphs of technical ramblings about Charlie's telephone company!
Diego: Egad! And in one instance, he's comparing their baby to a toaster!
Diego: <Name>, I know lovers are supposed to understand each other in ways not evident to the outside, but I'm not sure ANYONE will appreciate Charlie's vows!
Diego: I agree, Evie's our best bet at fixing these vows. Let's send them straight to her!

Analyze Charlie's Vows.
Diego: Evie, please tell me you've been able to ameliorate Charlie's wedding vows?
Evie (holding multiple papers): Well, <Name>, I must admit that Charlie did get carried away a bit with nervous technical ramblings...
Evie: However, these descriptions were intermingled with some truly charming tidbits, such as when he writes: "I'll never be able to invent anything as extraordinary as the little human that's growing inside you!"
Evie: The good news is, there were enough cute words to allow me to take away all the technical information and still have a decent and personal set of wedding vows!
Evie: I'm certain Maddie's going to be bowled over by them!
Diego: Excellent work, Evie! <Name>, let's go reunite Charlie with his vows!

Give Charlie back his wedding vows.
Diego: Panic over, Charlie boy!
Diego: We found your vows! And I hope you don't mind, but Evie shortened them a tad!
Charles: Ah yes, I did wonder if seven pages was too long! Thank you so much, <Name>!
Charles: I do hope Maddie will like them...
Diego: Worry not, Charlie, she'll be whirring and purring like one of your well-oiled machines once she hears your sweet words!
Charles: Well, I'll certainly need some dutch courage before I read my vows, otherwise I'll be a nervous wreck!
Diego: I know what will soothe your nerves! Why don't we all go for a boozy pre-wedding lunch! Come along, <Name>!

Later, at the office...
Maddie: <Name>, I'm so sorry to bother you but I'm in such a tizz!
Maddie: You see, I'm determined to wear a flower crown for my wedding, but I can't help feeling nauseous around anything even remotely covered with petals! It's the strong floral scents...
Maddie: Oh, this wedding is doomed - I just know it!
Viola: Maddie, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I believe I have the perfect solution for your predicament...
Viola: You see, I know just the flowers you need! They're exquisite, but have no scent whatsoever!
Viola: I remember seeing some growing on the golf course at St Shamedrew's while visiting my no-good biological father Horatio Rochester there!
Maddie: Oh, <Name>, I would be eternally grateful if you could bring back some of these flowers for me!
Viola: Worry not, Maddie, I'll accompany <Name> to the golf course to make sure we find just the right blossoms for your flower crown!

Investigate Golf Course.
Viola: <Name>, you found just the scentless flowers we need! Aren't they charming?
Viola: Say, I have an idea! Why not make the flower crown yourself? It can be your wedding present to Maddie! Let us try it!

Examine Flowers.
Viola: Oh, this flower crown you created is a thing of beauty, <Name>! Who knew you had such hidden talents!
Viola: Now, why don't you go get your gladrags on for the wedding, while I give the flower crown to Maddie. She's going to look delightful in it, of that I'm sure!

Later, in the office...
Viola (wearing garments): <Name>, I am happy to say all pre-wedding jitters have been banished and our loved-up couple is ready to get married!
Viola: I hope you're ready too, <Name>!
Isaac: We lost some time investigating Justin Lawson's Justice Corps, so I'll need a few moments to quickly freshen up!
Viola: Ah yes, a new police division does sound interesting! I wonder what else Deputy Lawson has got planned for Concordia!
Viola: But please do hurry, dear Bontemps. Otherwise, we're going to be late, and you know Judge Takakura doesn't like to be kept waiting - he's officiating the wedding after all!

Be in time for the wedding ceremony with Judge Takakura.
At the wedding ceremony...
Charles (wearing wedding suit): And I... I'll never be able to in... invent anything as extraordinary as the little human you're growing inside you! I love you, Maddie!
Maddie (wearing wedding dress): And I love you with all my heart, my precious Charlie!
Judge Takakura: Alright, alright, enough of the schmaltz!
Judge Takakura: Now, if there's any advice I can give you youth of today, it's to make sure you each have your own... er... section of the vegetable patch, so to speak.
Judge Takakura: Support each other but also give each other space to breathe... otherwise contempt will sprout in abundance, just like those pesky weeds I can never seem to get rid of!
Judge Takakura: I shall stop wittering on now. Mr Dupont, you may kiss the bride!
Charles: ...........
(Charles and Maddie kiss.)
Judge Takakura: Madeline and Charles, I now pronounce you man and wife! Now, where the buffet?
Charles: Oh, <Name>, this is truly the happiest day of my life!
Chief Wright: Here's to the new Mr and Mrs Dupont! Bravo!
Chief Wright: Now, I hate to rush you on such a marvelous occasion, but we haven't got long before Justin Lawson's inaugural speech to become Mayor!
Maddie: Of course, Chief! But I hope I still have time to throw my flower crown! Here, <Name>, catch!

At Justin Lawson's inauguration...
Justin (at a podium): Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor and privilege to stand before you as the new Mayor of Concordia!
Justin: Too long has our fair city been dragged into the fiery pits of hell by weak and corrupt leaders! Too long have we lost our way through crime and greed! Too long have we SUFFERED!
Justin: And we, the people of Concordia, will NO LONGER stand for it!
Justin: My inauguration today marks the dawn of a new era! An era of peace, of prosperity, and most important of all - of JUSTICE!
Justin: And I pledge to do everything... EVERYTHING... in my power to ensure we uphold the laws of the land, for the betterment of all!
Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, half-measures will no longer do - my conscience will no longer allow it!
Justin: Which is why my first action as Mayor will be to invoke a state of emergency across Concordia so that EVERY citizen is safe!
Justin: As Mayor, this state of emergency will also give me the power to stop the filthy lies that infiltrate our brains through the newspapers we read...
Justin: ... By abolishing freedom of the press!
Isaac, Maddie and Evie: What the...?! Abolish freedom of the press?!
Justin: From now on there will only be one newspaper in Concordia! I've called it The New Truth, and its name suggests, it will only contain information that is true and just!
Justin: Today, ladies and gentlemen, you have witnessed history in the making! Here's to a new and better future for us and for our children.

Back on the airship...
Evie: <Name>, please tell me I heard wrong!
Isaac: Did we really just witness Justin Lawson abolishing freedom of the press?!
Katherine: Oh, that no good son of a-
Chief Wright: No now, everyone, please let's all calm down!
Chief Wright: We all know Justin Lawson is a man of integrity. Surely there's an explanation for this!
Maddie: Chief, you were there, you saw him! I can't believe we kept the Rochesters from destroying Concordia, only for Lawson to do it instead!
Chief Wright: Well, <Name>, one thing is clear - we'll need to keep a very close eye on what happens next!

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