Argat Noyan was the victim in A Mongolian Tale (Case #26 of Travel in Time).


Argat was a village chief with brown eyes and long brown hair tied back into loops, as well as a mustache and thick stubble. At the time of his death, he wore a red kimono lined with a gold floral pattern over blue undergarments. Additionally, he wore brown boots and a white metal hat internally lined with red cloth and topped with gold coils and a ruby.

Murder details

Argat was found dead at a yurt village with his neck stabbed. Janis deduced that he was stabbed multiple times in the neck. Due to the clean and deep wounds, she assumed that the murder weapon was a dagger. Additionally, she found an element around his wounds, which turned out to be yak's milk, allowing Janis to conclude that the killer drank yak's milk.

After investigating the crime scene again for more clues, Zara and the player found a bloody dagger in a pile of horse waste. Theo confirmed that the blood was Argat's. He also found a mixture of rash-treating herbs on the dagger's handle. Theo deduced that the herbs came from the killer since they were poisonous to horses, allowing him to conclude that the killer had a rash.

Relationship with suspects

Argat's father, Toduun argued with him due to him submitting to Ogedei Khan's rule, thinking that he was more loyal to the Khan than his tribe. Argat banished his friend, hunter Mergen, from the tribe as he was caught drinking by him after telling him to change his drunkard ways. Argat wished to marry path finder Erhi but she rejected him as she felt he was boring. Spanish explorer Santiago Sanchez threatened Argat not to reveal his pouring water into yak's milk (which was against the local law) to the entire village to preserve his reputation. Camel herder Sorhon broke Argat's shield to warn him to have silver coins for purchasing her camel.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Erhi.

Erhi said that although she had rejected Argat's proposal to her, she was informed by a foreigner staying at their camp who had gotten close to Argat that he was planning to force her into marriage. Valuing her freedom, she followed the foreigner's advice and killed Argat by stabbing him in the neck multiple times. The team presented her to Toduun, who said he needed time to decide on her punishment.

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