Anjulie Cruz was the victim in Leap of Death (Case #25 of Pacific Bay).


Anjulie was a popular ski jumper until her demise at the first ever Woman's Ski Jump event in the Frosty Cup. She had long brown hair, brown eyes, and wore a purple jumpsuit with a pit of yellow below her chest.

Murder details

Amy and the player watched as Anjulie was sliced in half after completing her ski jump at the Frost Cup. They sent her body to Roxie, who said that a taut wire at the end of the ramp cut her in half after she launched off at an incredible speed. After the team concluded that the killer took down the wire before they started the investigation, Roxie said she also found traces of snow mobile oil where Anjulie was cut, meaning that the killer used a snow mobile.

Later at the ski ramp, the team found a wire, which they immediately sent to Roxie, who confirmed it as the murder weapon. She was able to isolate small molecules at the ends of the wire, which the team identified to be from lip balm, meaning that the killer used lip balm.

Relationship with suspects

Anjulie was dating Bobby Prince before she broke up with him because she as a celebrity did not want to be seen dating him. Nevertheless, he wished her luck at the ski jump event just before her death. Claire Cambridge signed up for an expensive ski jump course taught by Anjulie, who told her to not pursue the class as she was "too old" to become a professional athlete. Anjulie sued Sven Blattner and the International Skiing Association to include women in the Frosty Cup, a demand to which they caved in. Anjulie was working with Sharon White for women's representation before Anjulie was featured as Woman of the Year. Suspecting that Anjulie was only chosen over her because of looks, Sharon confronted Anjulie about it, but she refused to talk to her. Anjulie was sponsored by King Dairy and Calvin Ono, who had discovered her talent when she was just a child. However, she ended her contract and signed up for Rocket Cow instead, infuriating Calvin.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Sven.

Sven said that he killed Anjulie to stop the Women's Ski Jump event because he did not want women to participate in the sport event. Sven told Judge Dante that he took a stand for athletics as a true act of heroism intended for men only and that the victim had threatened to sue him. The judge sentenced Sven to 25 years in jail.

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