Anita Diaz was a suspect in the murder investigation of her boyfriend, Bloom heir Mason Bloom, in Behind These Walls (Case #27 of The Conspiracy).


Anita is the 21-year-old girlfriend of the victim and Bloom family maid. She has black hair in a bun and green eyes behind a pair of brown glasses. She is seen wearing a standard red maid's dress with a white collar and white lace linings. She also wears a pair of ruby earrings. It is known that Anita shoots clay pigeons and knows Latin.

Height 5'3"
Age 21
Weight 138 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Anita became a suspect after Gloria and the player found her apron in the victim's bedroom. Anita explained how Mason only allowed her to clean his room as she did not disturb any of his possessions. After they asked if she knew any secrets that could have led up to the murder, she hushed up and told them that they would need to ask the Blooms themselves.

Later, the team found out that Anita was pregnant with Mason's child after finding her pregnancy test in his duffel bag. Anita was very surprised that they found out their secret, and she said that they loved each other and Mason's cold outer mask was just a shell for his soft and sensitive interior. They did not tell anyone as Mason knew his family would disapprove but they spent a lot of time together. But then Anita got pregnant and the two had decided it could not stay quiet and that Mason said they should run away and elope. She wept over how he loved her and now she would have to raise their child all alone.

Anita was found innocent after the team incarcerated the victim's grandmother, Bloom matriarch Violet Bloom, for the murder. But she was soon called to the station by Chelsea, who really wanted to help her. After the player helped Chelsea retrieve Mason's baby rattle for Anita, Chelsea swore to help Anita and her child so they would have to not suffer before thanking the player.

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