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David Jones: Alex! You look as if you've been up all night! Your date with Mademoiselle King must have gone well!
Alex: Oh, please don't! It was terrible! I spilled wine all over her lap at dinner, and then I nearly drove over her cat when I dropped her home!
Jones: Oh well, cheer up! I've a feeling it's going to be a good day in Grimsborough. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, our new cappuccino machine has arrived and...
Ramirez: A murder has been committed! They need you down at Grimsborough Elementary School right now, <Rank> <Name>!
Ramirez: I just got a call from Mrs Honeycomb, one of the teachers. There's a dead body in her classroom!
Jones: Eugh... I knew things were going too well. Please don't tell me the victim was a child, I don't think I could cope with that today.
Ramirez: No, thankfully it wasn't a child... But it's pretty grim all the same. You'll see for yourself when you get to the school, <Rank> <Name>...

Chapter 1

Investigate Classroom.
David Jones: Yikes! The victim's throat has been slit down to the spine! It's lucky you've got a strong stomach, <Name>!
Jones: Look, the girl in the passport looks exactly like our victim!
Jones: So, her name must be... Damn! The print has run. Can you make out what it says, <Name>?
Jones: What? You also found a gun?! But... there aren't any bullet wounds on the victim's body! Let's have a closer look at it, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: Lovely, I was enjoying a late breakfast when your latest murder victim rolled in! Luckily, nothing can put me off bacon... mmm...
Jones: Ew! How can you think of bacon at a time like this, Nathan?! Haven't you seen the state the victim was found in?
Nathan: Indeed I have... and I've never seen such messy handiwork! But if I stopped eating every time I saw a dead body, I'd end up as weedy as Alex!
Nathan: But let's get down to business: the thick tears in the victim's neck indicate that the killer tried to decapitate them using a dull blade of some sort.
Nathan: I've registered the official cause of death as blood loss, but I found something on your victim that has enabled me to partially reconstruct the murder scene...
Nathan: There was a thick layer of salbutamol on the victim's eyelashes... it's a chemical found in asthma inhalers.
Nathan: The killer must have sprayed an inhaler in the victim's eyes to stun them. Salbutamol would blind anyone in a second. If you want I can demonstrate on...
Jones: Uh, no thanks, Nathan! The important thing is that we know we're looking for a killer who suffers from asthma!

Examine Passport.
Jones: OK, according to the passport you found, the victim's name is Irina Nemovska. She turned twenty-one last week...
Jones: ...And was a Russian citizen! What would a young Russian girl be doing at Grimsborough Elementary?
Jones: You're right, <Name>. Irina's body was found in Mrs Honeycomb's classroom, so she might know what brought our victim here. Let's go find her.

Ask Miss Honeycomb if she Knew the Victim.
Jenny: Oh, I... I've... never seen anything so horrible in my life! Thank God none of the children were here when I found the body...
Jenny: Oh dear, oh dear... I can't get those images out of my head!
Jones: We know this is very upsetting for you, Miss Honeycomb, but <Rank> <Name> needs your help? Do you know anyone by the name of Irina Nemovska?
Jenny: Well... Let me think, Irina, Irina... ah, yes. She works as an au pair for the Mills, a vulgar new money family that moved here last year.
Jenny: Not the sort Grimsborough Elementary usually caters for, but their daughter has turned out to be my best student!
Jones: What about Irina, her au pair? Did you have much contact with her?
Jenny: Oh, I avoid all contact with those foreign au pairs... they're only step up from mail order brides, if you ask me!

Jones: Her name may be sweet, but that Mrs Honeycomb can pass some sour judgements on people... even in a state of shock!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we'd better search the house where our victim was au pairing. Let's ask Ramirez to look up the Mills' address in our files.

Back at the Police Station...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! I found the Mills' home address! They live about twenty minutes from the station!
Jones: Thanks, Ramirez. <Rank> <Name>, we can go to the Mills house whenever you're ready!

Examine Gun.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! Let's send the fibers you found on the gun to the lab! Maybe they'll help us understand how that gun ended up next to a stab victim's body!

Analyze Fibres.
Grace: The fibers <Rank> <Name> detected on that gun came from a stuffed toy... most likely a teddy bear.
Jones: A teddy bear? What kind of sick individual would use a teddy bear to shoot a gun? It can't have been practical, either!
Grace: If you'd just keep your brilliant comments to yourself for two seconds, Jones... <Rank> <Name> found the gun next to the body, right?
Grace: Well, I think the killer intended to shoot the Irina with this gun. But since you can't just walk into a school with a weapon, they hid it in a teddy bear!
Jones: But why would the killer stab Irina after going to all that trouble to get the gun inside?
Grace: Because the gun was broken! I found a manufacturing fault in the gun's firing chamber that rendered it totally useless.
Grace: When the killer realized that the gun was faulty, they must have used the nearest available weapon to complete the murder.
Jones: So, we're looking for a killer who owns a teddy bear and didn't know how to test their gun? Uh, is it me or is our killer starting to sound like a 5 year old?

Investigate Girl's Bedroom.
(Before Investigating) (Outside Mills' Home)
Jones: Ah, this is it... the Mills' home, where our victim lived!
Jones: Hmm... That's strange, the front door is wide open but nobody seems to be home. Do you think we should take a look around, <Name>?
(Inside Living Room)
Jones: Hello? Mr Mills?... Mrs Mills?...
Jones: Uh... anyone?
Jones: Wow, look at that flat-screen TV! Imagine spending Football Sunday with a beast like that!
(Inside Kitchen)
Jones: Well, there's nobody in the kitchen either... but the cookies on that plate are still warm! Let's check upstairs, <Name>!
Jones: This place is immense! Shame the decorator took his inspiration from the Playboy Mansion though. Ooh, look! I spy some cool toys in that room, let's check it out!
(After Investigating)
Jones: What a cute room! I'm almost jealous... I always dreamed of having a pink bedroom when I was a kid!
Jones: What? Boys are allowed to like pink too! Anyway, what did you say you'd found, <Name>?
Jones: A cellphone... and it has a Russian password prompt?! This can only belong to our victim!
Jones: But why would our victim's cellphone be in a little girl's room?
Jones: Oh, I know! Irina was au pairing for the Mills family so this room must belong to the little girl she looked after!
Jones: And what about this torn photo? It looks like there are several people in it...

Examine Torn Photo.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! The torn photo you just reassembled was a cute holiday snap of the victim and the family who employed her.
Jones: But who would rip up a perfectly nice photo?
Jones: Shhh! What's that?! I heard a noise in the corridor...
Sarah: Who are you? And why are you looking around my room?
Jones: Oh! Hello there, little girl! We are from the Grimsborough Police Department and we're here about, um... Irina, your Au Pair.

Talk to the Little Girl in the Corridor.
Jones: Your name is Sarah, isn't it? This is <Rank> <Name>, they urgently need to talk to your parents about Irina, your Au Pair.
Sarah: My Reeree? My teacher said Reeree has departed. We go to departures when we take the airplane... so she must have gone on holiday!
Jones: Um... Err... Where are your parents, Sarah?
Sarah: Oh, they came to collect me from school after lunch. Mrs Honeycomb must have told a good joke too because Mommy started laughing...
Sarah: But when we got home, she tore up my favorite photo! It's the one Daddy said Reeree looked hot in. I don't think she looked hot... her cheeks weren't red or anything!
Jones: I see. Are you parents here? <Rank> <Name> really needs to talk to them.
Sarah: No. They went to their coupled therapist. Mommy says it's going to "save their marriage". I have to stay in the house until they came back...

Jones: What a little cutie!
Jones: Her parents, on the other hand, must be real idiots. I can't believe they'd leave their child alone like that!
Jones: I agree, <Name>. Something was definitely amiss in the house before Irina's murder. I hope we'll be able to have a chat with Mr and Mrs Mills soon.

Examine Locked Cellphone.
Jones: You cracked Irina's phone password in record time! You are the master of all decoders, <Name>!
Jones: Let's check the phone's call history... Hmm, I can only see one number in here, but she dialed it just two hours before her death!
Jones: How about we skip asking Alex to trace the number and just call it ourselves? We can use Irina's phone!
Jones: OK, it's ringing...
Caroline: Hello, Irina?
Jones: Uh no, it's not Irina... But may I ask your name, Ma'am?
Caroline: This is Caroline Fitzgerald, and may I ask who are YOU? Why do you have Irina's phone?
Jones: Mrs Fitzgerald? The President of the Anti-Bullying Association?! You're the last person we expected to speak to!
Jones: Can you meet us at the station now? We need to speak to you urgently about Irina!

Ask Caroline Fitzgerald About her Relationship with Irina.
Jones: Unfortunately, Mrs Fitzgerald, Irina Nemovska has been the victim of a terrible crime... and you were the last person she called!
Caroline: Oh, poor Irina! How terrible! Where is she now? Is she ok?
Jones: I'm so sorry but Irina is dead! <Rank> <Name> is leading the investigation into her murder...
Caroline: Dead! But I saw her on the school bus this morning! She called me beforehand to ask if I was going to be on bus monitor duty...
Caroline: That poor girl was an accident waiting to happen! With looks like hers, she became the subject of such horrible gossip...
Jones: There were rumors about Irina? What kind?
Caroline: Oh, the usual. Talk of husband stealing and gold-digging... and all lies of course! Jealous wives jump into character assassination mode at the slightest threat!

Jones: Well, it seems our victim found an unexpected friend in Caroline Fitzgerald... I thought she was too snooty to befriend anyone with a less than perfect reputation!
Jones: Just goes to show, you shouldn't judge a book by a cover!

Back at Police Headquarters...
Alex: <Name>! I've got some exciting news for you!
Jones: You look chipper, Alex! Has Cathy called you back?
Alex: No, not yet. But that's not what I wanted to talk about...
Alex: I'm happy because I've got you a breakthrough lead on the au pair murder, <Name>!
Alex: On the day before she died... your victim was receiving death threats!!!

Chapter 2

David Jones: Wait a minute, Alex... you're telling us that our victim was being threatened on the day before her death?
Alex: Yes! My Uncle drives the Grimsborough Elementary school bus... and he heard the victim arguing with someone on her cellphone!
Alex: Irina was sitting at the back of the bus so my Uncle couldn't hear everything she said... but before she hung up, she apparently screamed "stop threatening me!" and "you're killing me!"
Jones: <Name>, this is just the lead we've been waiting for! And it can't be a coincidence that she was found dead a day later!
Jones: You're right, <Name>! There may be more clues in that school bus! After all, Irina took it every day with little Sarah!

Investigate School Bus Seats.
Jones: Kids these days! They leave such a mess behind them! I don't think these left-over sweet wrappers will tell us much about Irina's threatening phonecall!
Jones: What have you got there, <Name>? Hm, it looks like an un-posted letter!
Jones: Someone has spilt soda on the paper, but it looks like it was written in Russian! What do you think, <Name>?
Jones: Wait, do you see that lady across the street? She kind of looks like Mrs Mills, our victim's employer, doesn't she? Let's go talk to her, <Name>!

Question Janice Mills About Irina.
Jones: Excuse me, Ma'am, this is <Rank> <Name>, and I'm Detective Jones. Are you Mrs Mills by any chance?
Janice: Ah, so you're the ones who had the cheek to enter my house without a warrant!
Jones: Well, you did leave your front door open... and your seven year old daughter alone inside! But, we're not here to talk about your parenting skills unfortunately...
Janice: Look, wise guy, the school informed of what happened and I have nothing to say apart from that insolent Irina got what she deserved!
Janice: That sneaky Ruskie was about to... uh...
Janice: ...Well... She almost destroyed our antique teddy bear collection last week!
Janice: Those teddies are over two thousand years old... I know cause I got a genuine age certificate from the seller on WeBuy. Imagine, they might have belonged to Jesus!
Jones: Come on, Mrs Mills... you tore up a perfectly nice holiday photo after hearing about Irina's death! That's a strong reaction to have over a few teddies...
Janice: Urgh, whatever. I wouldn't expect you to understand such things... You could never afford such luxury objects on a detective's wage!

Jones: Uh, that was... surreal! I can't figure out whether Mrs Mills is really that shallow or whether she's using the teddy bear story to hide something...
Jones: But by mentioning those teddies, she's just given us a valid reason to search her house again, you're right! Not to mention Sarah's room was filled with them...
Jones: And what better place than a kid's bedroom to hide things you don't want to be found? What do you say? Shall we go have another look, <Name>?

Examine Letter.
Jones: That letter you found at the back of the bus is written in Russian! Which means it must have been written in Russian!
Jones: What would I do without your expert investigative nose, <Name>? Let's send this letter off for translation right away!

Analyze Russian Text.
Alex: The contents of that letter you found in the school bus are pretty troubling, <Name>. Your victim is definitely the author and she was writing to her sister...
Alex: In her letter, Irina says she has to leave her job and move out of the Mills house immediately... she sounds pretty upset but she doesn't say what happened, unfortunately.
Alex: She does mention another personal problem, though... she says she is madly in love with someone "unavailable"!
Jones: Wait... what do you mean by "unavailable"?
Alex: Her exact words are: "I have been forced to keep our relationship a secret because of my lover's position. But I can't take the guilt of living a lie anymore!"
Alex: I think she was on the verge of exposing her lover, because she ends her letter with "I must tell the truth soon... it's the only way to set my lover free so we can be together!"
Jones: So Irina did have a secret lover! But Caroline Fitzgerald insisted that all the rumors of Irina's love life were untrue!
Jones: I think we need to have another word with Caroline, don't you, <Name>?

Ask Caroline Fitzgerald About Irina's Lover.
Caroline: Oh dear, you've found out about Irina's secret lover, haven't you? It's written all over your face...
Jones: So the rumors were true?! Why did you lie to us? You realize this might have compromised our investigation?
Caroline: Oh, forgive me! But I promised Irina I would never tell a soul. I really liked that girl. And I empathized with her too. You know I was once young, and...
Caroline: Well, this stays between us, but I once was in the same situation as her!
Caroline: Luckily, all worked out for the best in my case. My husband left his first wife without anyone realizing I was the reason for their divorce...
Jones: So you think Irina was having an affair with a married man?
Caroline: She never admitted it openly... but we women can always tell, my dear. Why else would she have hidden her relationship?

Jones: Well... I said you couldn't judge a book by it's cover... but I never expected Caroline Fitzgerald to have such a racy past!
Jones: But you're right, that isn't the point. We need to figure out who Irina was seeing!

Investigate Little Girl's Bedroom.
Jones: Hey, what's that you found? Ah, it must be Sarah's pencil case!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, Sarah's in Mrs Honeycomb's class so the pencil case must have been at the crime scene when the murder took place. Can I rely on your expert eyes to inspect the contents?
Jones: Aw, have you looked in Sarah's school story book? It's so cute!
Jones: I wonder if Sarah wrote anything about Irina. Kids always let slip intimate details of their family lives in their school work...
Jones: I should know, my nephew showed a drawing of my aerobics workout to his whole class!

Examine School Story Book.
Jones: Wow! You've struck gold once again, <Name>! Sarah's written a story about her father and a fairy princess called Irina!
Jones: And look what she wrote in the last line: "Daddy hugged Princess Irina and told her to keep his secret. Otherwise the Mommy dragon would eat them up!"
Jones: Yes, I agree, <Name>, it's high time we meet Mr Mills! Especially since he's already got one piece of evidence against him: his wife did mention they were BOTH teddy bear collectors, you're right!

Question Dennis Mills About the Story Book.
Dennis: So you're <Rank> <Name>! My wife told me you were bugging her earlier...
Dennis: What are you doing with my daughter's story book, anyway? So Sarah wrote a little story about Irina and I... so what? Kids make up stuff all the time.
Jones: Mr Mills... What kind of relationship did you have with Irina, exactly?
Dennis: What d'you mean? She was our au pair, that's it.
Dennis: I mean, Irina was a little sweet on me, I could tell. I'm quite the catch, you know! But we never got frisky, if that's what you're asking!
Jones: So what was the secret then? Because you're daughter's story made it sound as if you'd be in a lot of trouble if your wife found out!
Dennis: Ah, that's just me sneaking the odd cigar when Mrs Mills is out. We all suffer from Asthma but I just can't resist a little Romeo Y Juliet from time to time...

Jones: What does Mr Mills take us for, complete idiots? I don't buy his explanation about his about Sarah's story for a second, do you?
Jones: Anyway, he's just given us fresh ammo to use against them. Now we know the entire Mills family suffers from asthma!

Examine Pencil Case.
Jones: You found a pair of child's scissors in Sarah's pencil case? Ooh, and they're shaped like a rabbit! How sweet is that?
Jones: But... what is that on the blades? Oh God, it's blood, isn't it? Quick, let's collect them!

Examine Child's Scissors.
Jones: Perfect precision as always, <Name>! Let's get the blood sample you collected from Sarah's scissors to Grace!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: <Name>, the tests are clear. The blood you collected on Sarah's scissors came from your victim!
Grace: <Name>, you just found your murder weapon!
Jones: Oh, dear lord... so we're dealing with a child killer? But that little Sarah is so sweet! How could she?
Grace: Don't get ahead of yourself Jones... I found traces of a sugar-based powder on the scissor handle. And it's the same powder used in the confection of Sweet Heart candy.
Grace: And what's interesting is, little Sarah Mills suffers from a type of diabetes which prevents her from eating sugar at all!
Grace: Which means... that your killer is a fan of Sweet Hearts!

Later on, at Police Headquarters...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! The Highway Patrol just found a bag a few miles down from the school... and it belongs to your latest victim!
Jones: I think this calls for your investigative know-how, <Name>! But be careful when you're looking through that handbag... you never what women keep in those things!
Jones: Oh, good thinking <Name>! Ramirez, go call Grace over so she can help with any quick analyses we might need!

Examine Victim's Handbag.
Jones: Ah, Grace! You're just in time! <Name> seems to have found something interesting in Irina's handbag!
Grace: I appreciate your trust in my analytical experience, Jones, but I think the dental dam <Name> is holding speaks for itself!
Jones: Dental... what?
Grace: A dental dam. I take it you've never used one before?
Jones: Uh, I don't think I have... Have I?
Grace: No! Dammit, Jones... it means your victim was a lesbian! Dental dams are mostly used by women who... um, like women!
Jones: But this changes everything! It means that Irina's lover might have been... a woman!

Chapter 3

David Jones: Hold on, Grace. I want to make sure I'm getting this right: the dental dam <Name> found in Irina's handbag proves that she was... a lesbian?!
Grace: Yes, Jones, that's what <Name> and I have been trying to tell you for the last hour!
Jones: But that means that Irina's secret lover must have been a woman too!
Grace: Yes! You're finally getting it... lesbians are generally women who like women!
Jones: I don't know about you, <Name>, but I wonder whether Caroline Fitzgerald knew that Irina was a lesbian?
Jones: Good idea, <Name>! Let's go down to the school bus and see if she's on afternoon monitor duty...

Investigate Driver's Station.
Jones: Ah, shucks... Caroline isn't on monitor duty today! But I see you've had time to inspect the bus again!
Jones: Ooh, you found a gift box! I wonder what's inside, shall we open it??
Jones: Wait, what are those pieces of paper you picked up, <Name>? Let's check them out!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones: The torn paper you found on the bus was actually a plane ticket! And there's Irina's name on it!
Jones: But wait... this is a one-way ticket back to Russia! Irina was supposed to leave today... forever!
Jones: You'd think Irina would have mentioned her travel plans in the letter to her sister! And that she'd have said goodbye to Sarah!
Jones: Great idea, <Name>! Alex should be able to tell us exactly when this ticket was bought... and by whom!

Analyze Airplane Ticket.
Alex: Well, as <Rank> <Name> already revealed, this one way ticket to Russia was reserved for the same Irina Nemovska that was murdered.
Alex: However, she wasn't the buyer of the ticket... it was her employer Mrs Mills who bought it the day before the murder!
Jones: How about that, <Name>! I wonder why Mrs Mills didn't mention that she'd arranged for Irina to return home?
Alex: I think it would be wise to ask her that because she also requested the immigration authorities to ban Irina from re-entering the country for 5 years!
Jones: I'm starting to smell a rat... Mrs Mills may be crazy about those over-priced teddies, but she can't have tried to ban Irina from the US because of them!
Jones: I agree, <Name>. Let's pay another visit to Mrs Mills. And this time we're going to get the truth out of her, no matter how long it takes!

Ask Janice Mills Why She Bought A Ticket To Russia.
Janice: Ok, ok! If you really want to know, I requested a Visa restriction to keep Irina out of the country and away from my husband!
Janice: He thought he could hide their affair from me, but I heard him speaking on the phone with Irina the day before the murder...
Jones: Ha! So you DO think your husband was having an affair with Irina?
Janice: I KNOW he was! He told her she'd better not tell me about their little secret or she'd pay big time!
Janice: So I went and booked a ticket for Irina to leave on the next flight to Russia... I wasn't about to let my husband be snatched up by a young hussy like her!
Janice: With that damned pre-nup, I'd lose everything... and I am not cut out to be a poor divorcee!

Jones: So it was Mr Mills who was threatening Irina on the phone the day before her death!
Jones: But wait, you're right, this doesn't make any sense. Irina was a lesbian, she'd have never slept with Mr Mills!
Jones: On the other hand... I'm sorry to say Mr Mills might not have asked for her permission.
Jones: This is getting too confusing to try and figure out... I vote we clear this issue up with Mr Mills himself! Are you in, <Name>?

Talk to Dennis Mills About His Phone Call With Irina.
Jones: Mr Mills, we've just been talking to your wife and we know you were the person threatening Irina on the phone the day before she was killed!
Jones: Your wife seems to think you were trying to cover up an affair with Irina...
Dennis: My wife thinks I was having an affair with the au pair? Ah, so that's why she booked us in for those infernal couple's therapy sessions!
Jones: I wouldn't look so relieved if I were you, Mr Mills, as far as <Rank> <Name> and I are concerned, threatening a murder victim makes you a major suspect!
Dennis: Whoah, you've got it all wrong... yes, I did "threaten" Irina, but not over something that I would be prepared to kill her for!
Dennis: The truth is that I'm broke... my businesses have all gone bust! I tried to hide it, but Irina answered a call from one of the debt collectors!
Dennis: I want to tell my wife the truth, but I have to sweeten her up a bit first... That's why I've bought this pack of Sweet Hearts, it's the candy we shared on our first date!

Jones: The Mills sure are the most trying couple we ever had to interview! I'm exhausted!
Jones: But let's not get discouraged... now that we know they're both Sweet Hearts fans, we're starting to have a pretty strong case against them!

Examine Gift Box.
Jones: So, <Name>, did you find the sender of the gift that was forgotten on the bus?
Jones: Can I see the card? "To Irina, Happy birthday XOXO"... Irina? So this was a gift for our victim?!
Jones: Ooh, sharp thinking, <Name>! Alex should be able to analyze the handwriting on the card and find the person who wrote it!

Analyze Gift Card.
Alex: I love it when you come to me with a challenge, <Name>! The person who sent that gift to your victim was unusually hard to find!
Alex: After analyzing the handwriting on the birthday card, I obtained a very large number of possible matches... too large to narrow it down to one person.
Jones: So you didn't find out who sent the gift to Irina?
Alex: Oh, Jones, never underestimate my resourcefulness! Of course I did! But let me tell you how I did it!
Alex: I traced the card's serial number to a local gift shop. Then I procured a list of the shop's credit card sales during the week before Irina's birthday...
Alex: Luckily, there was only one person who had recently bought that particular card... and they paid by credit card!
Jones: Alex, stop playing around and tell us who it was!
Alex: Jenny Honeycomb, the teacher you interviewed at Grimsborough Elementary!
Jones: What? But she said she avoided foreign au pairs like Irina! I think we had better ask her why she sent a birthday gift to someone she hardly knew!

Question Jenny About the Birthday Gift.
Jenny: <Rank> <Name>! I didn't expect to see you again... and what are you doing with that gift box? I thought I gave... I mean, uh...
Jones: Yes, you gave it to Irina. <Rank> <Name> found it on the school bus. We know you were the sender because your handwriting was on the card!
Jenny: Oh, I... oh, dear... alright, I give up! I'll tell you everything...
Jenny: It all started a few months ago when Irina came to my classroom with a bag of Sweet Hearts for me... they're my favorite treat, you know.
Jenny: Nobody ever does things like that for me so I asked Irina out for a cup of coffee to thank her. I didn't think we had anything in common but I was so wrong... it was as if we'd known each other our whole lives!
Jenny: I hadn't connected with anyone on the level that in years! I felt so alive! But that's when things got complicated because... because I ki.. kissed her!
Jenny: And then we... we became... Oh dear, I feel a bit... I can't... breathe!!
Jones: Mrs Honeycomb!!

At Grimsborough Central Hospital...
Jones: Thank God you had the presence of mind to call 911, <Name>! Jenny Honeycomb really scared me senseless by dropping to the floor like that!
Jones: Ah, she's back from seeing the doctor. Are you alright, Jenny?
Jenny: Yes, I feel much better. Thank you so much for your help, <Rank> <Name>! I was a, emotional, and it must have triggered my asthma!
Jones: We're just glad to hear you're ok, Jenny! But if there's anything else you think we should know, now's the moment to come clean.
Jenny: No. You know about Irina and I. I just beg you to keep my secret to yourselves. I can't risk losing my job, it's my entire life!

Later on, At the Station...
Jones: I don't know where to go next with this, <Name>... We've just discovered some pretty surprising facts about Irina's love life.. and had our suspicions confirmed about her messy relationship with her employers.
Jones: We're getting close to finding our killer... but we still need some more information about them! What do you think we should do next?
Jones: That's a brilliant idea, <Name>! I don't know why I didn't think of it! We should go back to the root of this murder... Mrs Honeycomb's classroom!

Investigate Hamster Cage.
Jones: So what did you find, <Name>? Another weapon? More blood?
Jones: A squashed ball of modeling clay? Well that's... both expected and totally unexpected, I have to say. I'm eager to see what you'll find on it!
Sarah: Oh! <Rank> <Name>!
Sarah: Eeee, I'm so sorry, please don't arrest me!
Jones: What? Why are you crying, Sarah?! <Rank> <Name>, we'd better see what's wrong!

See if Everything is Okay With Sarah.
Sarah: Oh please don't arrest me, <Rank> <Name>! I promise I won't do it again! I promise!
Jones: But why would we arrest you, Sarah? Have you done something wrong?
Sarah: I... I borrowed one of Mommy and Daddy's old teddies to bring to Show and Tell. They'd be so mad if they knew, I'm not allowed to touch them!
Sarah: I really wanted to win a gold star this week and I know Mrs Honeycomb loves teddies. She has one on her desk!
Jones: As long as you're careful not to damage the bear, I'm sure it will be okay, Sarah. But why are you here at school? Have your parents left you again?!
Sarah: Well, I wanted to make sure Mr. Chubby was okay.
Jones: Mr. Chubby? Heck, I know I've gained a little weight lately but I'm hardly--
Sarah: Actually, you ARE chubby, mister, but I'm talking about our pet hamster! I thought he might get lonely with the school closed, so I came to visit him!

Jones: Chubby! That little girl thinks I'm chubby!... You don't think I'm chubby, do you, <Name>?
Jones: Ooooh, I know that look, <Name>! You have a hunch, haven't you?
Jones: You want to check the hamster cage? You know, I hardly think he did it! Imagine that, a homicidal ninja hamster!
Jones: Ok, ok... I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist it...A homicidal hamster! What next?!
Jones: Well, let's have a look in Mr. Chubby's cage then! I think it was at the back of the classroom, shall we have a look at it?

Examine Modeling Clay.
Jones: You found tiny hairs in the modeling clay? Where did they come from?!
Jones: Uh, of course, you're right. We'll need to send them to the lab to find out!

Analyze Hair.
Grace: The hairs <Name> found in that modeling clay were eyebrow hairs...and I have strong reason to believe they belong to your killer!
Grace: Indeed, the eye socket shaped dent in the modeling clay suggests it was pushed into someone's face with great force.
Grace: Now, given the fact that the clay was covered in your victim's blood, my bets are that she tried to use it as a weapon in a desperate attempt to defend herself.
Jones: Ok, I follow your theory, but how can you be sure that the eyebrow hair doesn't belong to our victim?
Grace: Your victim had blonde eyebrow hair and these hairs are brown... which means your killer has brown hair!
Jones: You've outdone yourself this time, <Name>! And now we know we're looking for someone with brown hair among our suspects!

Investigate Hamster Cage.
Jones: Alright, we've found... a lot of sawdust in the hamster cage. So I'm guessing you suspect Mr. Chubby of hiding evidence?
Jones: Well, what needs to be done... must be done. Let's dig in, <Name>!

Examine Sawdust.
Jones: How in... what the? You found a bullet in the sawdust! Looks like my hamster joke wasn't so off the mark!
Jones: Let's get this bullet off to the lab and see where it came from!

Analyze Bullet.
Grace: The bullet you found was a perfect match with the gun that was left in the murder scene, <Name>!
Grace: So, not only can I confirm that this bullet belonged to your killer... I can also tell you the color of their eyes!
Jones: What? How can you tell that from a bullet?
Grace: Well, when I first analyzed the gun, there were no fingerprints so it was obvious that the killer used gloves to handle the gun.
Grace: However, they must have forgotten to wear their gloves when loading the gun, because I found skin cells on the bullet!
Grace: These skin cells were stable enough to provide me with a DNA reading which confirmed that your killer has blue eyes!

After Completing All Tasks...
Jones: <Name>! Your instincts have solved yet another case! Let's put that candy loving killer behind bars!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Mrs. Honeycomb, you are under arrest for the brutal murder of Irina Nemovska.
Jenny: Oh, good heavens! I knew it was only a matter of time before you caught me. Arrest me if you will, but please don't tell anyone my secret!!
Jones: Secret? Oh, you mean your relationship with Irina?
Jenny: Shhh! Someone might hear! I can take anything but the shame of anyone finding out about that! And I have the school's reputation to think of!
Jones: Mrs. Honeycomb... you can't possibly think being a lesbian is more shameful than murdering someone!
Jenny: Well, in my social circle it is... that's the way I was raised. I always knew I was attracted to women but I could never admit it to myself until I met Irina... Oh, Irina! My sweet love, what have I done?!?!?
Jones: Mrs. Honeycomb, if you truly loved Irina, do her the honor of standing her a just trial for her murder. She deserves your honesty after what you did to her.
Jenny: Boohoohoohoo! Yes, you are right... I do owe it to Irina. Oh, if only I had the courage to love her when she was alive!

Judge Hall: Mrs. Jenny Honeycomb, you are brought in front of this Court tod-
Jenny: Your Honor, I plead guilty to all the charges brought against me. But before you pass your sentence, I beg you to let me take to the stand one last time.
Judge Hall: Very well, Mrs. Honeycomb. You have five minutes to express your final thoughts to the court.
Jenny: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, citizens of Grimsborough, you have known me as a pillar of the community for many years and I know you are shocked by my actions.
Jenny: I would give anything to erase the past, but as I cannot do it, I feel it is important to tell you why I did what I did... the victim and I... were secret lovers!
Jenny: On the day of the murder, I asked Irina to meet me in my classroom during recess. I had prepared a gun, but all I really wanted to do was scare her...
Judge Hall: Mrs. Honeycomb, if you were in a relationship with the victim, why on earth would you try and scare her like that? It makes no sense!
Jenny: I wanted to end our relationship! Irina had started to betray her feeling for me in front of the children!
Jenny: I hated myself for having those feelings for Irina, I felt dirty! I knew that her feelings were as strong as mine and so the only way to make her leave Grimsborough was to threaten her!
Judge Hall: So why was the gun loaded? Mrs. Honeycomb, this is starting to sound like a poor attempt to win a last minute pity vote from the jury...
Jenny: No! I'm telling you the truth! I was going to shoot the gun... but not at her, just near enough to scare her. But it didn't work! And then Irina jumped at me!
Jenny: She was so scared, she thought I was really going to kill her! I tried to fend her off with my inhaler, but the pain only made her fight harder!
Jenny: As she pinned me to the wall, something dark came over me... I grabbed a pair of scissors from one of the children's desks... and I stabbed her!
Judge Hall: That is enough! Despite the doubtless veracity of your claims, your testimony confirms the verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree and a corresponding life sentence.

Jones: Of all the cases we've worked on <Name>, this is one of the saddest... if Mrs. Honeycomb hadn't been so intent on keeping up appearances, Irina might still be alive and happy today.
Jones: And as for the Mills... they might not be guilty of murder but they're still far from innocent in my book. Irina had to deal with jealous plotting and sleazy advances on a daily basis!
Jones: But it could always be worse, I suppose... the Mills' superficiality pales in comparison to the inhabitants of Grimsborough's rich district! I've heard some chilling stories about the crimes there!

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: Come in, <Rank> <Name>. Don't worry, I'm not going to talk your head off! You've brilliantly led this investigation, so I'd like you to take the day off! You deserve it!
Jones: The.. The whole day off? For real? Amazing! Thank you, Chief! Come on, <Name>! Let's enjoy our break!

Jones: That's awesome, <Name>! The whole day off! We could go for a walk, or we could try fishing in the lake or-
Sarah: <Rank> <Name>! Please, help meee! M-Mommy and Daddy... the- They're go-going t-to...
Grace: <Name>, I just found this lost kitten crying in front of the police station. She could only tell me your name... Come on, Sarah, the <Rank> is here, can you tell us what's wrong?
Sarah: I'm so-sorry! Mommy found out that I'd stolen that bear and she got mad at me! And then Daddy and her fought very hard! And... and...
Sarah: And Mommy went in my room to find the teddy, and Daddy said he'd talk to my new teacher! I wish Reeree could comfort me, but she's gone! I- I don't want them to divooorce!
Jones: Aw! Don't cry, Sarah, we'll help you! <Name>, can we go talk to her parents? They've got to start paying more attention to their child's well-being!
Grace: I agree! Don't worry, doll, I'll take care of you while they're away. But... maybe you could have a chat with <Name> and me, too? We need to make sure you're okay.

Talk to Janice Mills About Her Behavior Towards Her Daughter.
Jones: Mrs. Mills, we need to talk to you! Sarah is currently at the police station, crying her heart out because of your recent fight! As a mother, you ought to-
Janice: Sarah, at the police station? What are you talking about? I know we had a fight, but she wouldn't... She doesn't even know the way to the police station!
Jones: Your last fight drove her out of her own house! I may not have children, but I've been married once, and I don't believe any money problems justifies such a violent reaction toward your family!
Janice: You're right: you don't have children! So don't tell me what a mother ought to do! Do you think it's easy being told you don't have any money left? Sarah stealing that expensive bear was just the last straw!
Jones: Seriously? If finding that freaking teddy bear might put an end to this stupid fight, we may as well help you! Why don't we search it while you calm down?
Janice: Oh! Well, it's... very delicate, finding it should be easy for you! It has an authentic Roman outfit, with little accessories!

Jones: Getting upset over a teddy bear, really! Reminds me of the time when my ex-wife accused me of stealing her childhood stuffed giraffe... except SHE was kidding!
Jones: Why are you looking at me like that, <Name>? Oh, I know, I don't usually talk about Charlotte, my ex-wife. The subject is still a little sore, you see...
Jones: Anyway, this room is filled with teddies! How will we ever find the correct one? Do you remember the description Mrs. Mills gave us, <Name>?

Examine Teddy Bear.
Jones: Thank you, <Name>! Now I clearly know what we're looking for. I can't wait to see it for real! I'll guard the door while you search the bedroom, so Mrs. Mills doesn't bother you...

Investigate Girl's Bedroom.
Jones: You've already found Mrs. Mills' precious teddy bear, <Name>? You'll never cease to amaze me! Can I see this "Roman" bear?
Jones: Well, it does look old, and quite expensive I'd imagine, but it hardly justifies the drama Mrs. Mills caused... She really should think about her family before thinking about the money...
Jones: I'm glad my relationship with my ex-wife never turned like that! We may have fallen apart, but it was because Charlotte couldn't handle the risks my job entailed, not because of some money issues!
Jones: I wish Mrs. Mills realized she has a lovely daughter who deserves her attention... Sarah needs all of her parent's love right now!

Give the Bear to Janice Mills.
Jones: So, Mrs. Mills, <Rank> <Name> found your bear, maybe now you could tell Sarah you're not mad at her anymore?
Janice: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>, I guess I overreacted... But, as sweet as she is, Sarah has got to understand the limits!
Janice: I guess you're right though, I can't really blame her for wanting to play with my priceless collector's bears. Well, what If I got her one of her own? That way everybody's happy.
Janice: I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier, but can't be mad at me for getting upset when you imply I'm a bad mother! That being said, I'll... try harder.
Janice: Without our au pair, I guess we'll have to learn how to function as a family all over again. We should talk everything out together first.
Janice: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't give you any reason to help you with this, yet you took the time to find this old bear. Please, take this, I bought them on a whim but never used them.

Talk to Dennis Mills About His Behavior Towards His Daughter.
Dennis: <Rank> <Name>? What are you doing here? Is there another problem in my daughter's school?
Jones: No, there isn't any problem with this school, Mr. Mills, we're here because Sarah asked us! Your last fight with your wife traumatized her so much she walked to the police station by herself!
Dennis: What? The police station? But... But she was supposed to go to her room! Why did she go to the police?
Jones: As a child, she couldn't do anything about your fights, so she asked help from an adult she trusted. The fact that she has more faith in <Rank> <Name> than you speaks volume!
Dennis: I apologize if my daughter disrupted you! It's been... tense with my wife, due to our recent issues. She screams a lot... but I swear I'll make things better!
Dennis: I wanted to do something nice for Sarah, so I came here to fetch Mr. Chubby, the class hamster! It's her turn to take it home this week. But it escaped its cage!
Jones: Well, since it's for Sarah, we'll help you! Right, <Rank> <Name>? It shouldn't have run far...

Investigate Hamster Cage.
Jones: Seriously, even though it's called Mr. Chubby, this hamster is too small for this classroom... This trolley is the last place we have to search, let's hope it's inside and hasn't run out!

Examine Toy Trolley.
Jones: You're very observant, <Name>, this little ball of fur is moving! It's Mr. Chubby! Hey there, don't worry, Mr. Chubby, we're bringing out back to your cage!
Jones: Having Mr. Chubby at home could distract Sarah from her parents' stupidity! Especially if her father brings it home for her!

Give the Hamster to Dennis Mills.
Jones: Alright, you can stop fretting now, Mr. Chubby, <Rank> <Name> found Mr. Mills. Don't worry, I'm sure you're going to cheer Sarah up!
Dennis: Uh, thank you, <Rank> <Name>... But, Officer Jones, I'm Mr. Mills. Mr. Chubby is the hamster's name...
Jones: Actually, I WAS talking to the hamster, I consider it as more interested in Sarah's well-being than you are.
Dennis: Oh! Look, I know you have a bad image of my wife and me, but I promise I love my family! I'm going to take this hamster home, and buy it a new toy so Sarah can play with it.
Dennis: Hopefully, my wife will have calmed down by then, and we'll be able to have a calm discussion before coming to the police station to get Sarah back home!
Dennis: And I have good news: I've found a company to invest in, to save my finances. It's a revolutionary supermarket concept! Here is a voucher for a big discount, <Rank> <Name> if you want to shop there!

Reassure Sarah Mills.
Grace: Ah, <Name>, you're here! Sarah has calmed down, haven't you, sweetie? Now, do you want to tell <Rank> <Name> what's wrong? Afterwards, I'll show you the labs, okay?
Sarah: Thank you. I'm sorry about earlier, <Rank> <Name>. I know I shouldn't have come here alone. But, I... was very scared! And you're the only grown-up who could help me!
Sarah: Do you... think Mommy and Daddy will be angry at me when they'll... find out I came here alone? I'm... afraid they'll fight again... I don't want them to divorce... because of me!
Grace: Hey, it's alright! You've been really brave! But promise us you won't go into the streets alone again, okay? Good. Now, where's your inhaler? It looks like you have trouble breathing...
Sarah: Today was... P.E. day, so I brought it to school... I think I forgot it in the... bus... Reeree used to have my second inhaler with her all the time, but she's gone...
Grace: Okay, we should search it together, <Name>! Come on Sarah, I'll introduce you to Nathan, you'll stay with him while we're out. He's a bit weird, but really nice, you'll see!

Investigate School Bus Seats.
Grace: Well done, <Name>! This must be Sarah's inhaler! I was right, it's a prescription one. You can't replace a prescription inhaler with a regular one...
Grace: Wait! This inhaler is empty! And the canister's label is smudged!
Grace: If I could read the canister's label, I'm sure I could synthesize it in my lab... Can you do something, <Name>? I'm really scared Sarah will have an attack!

Examine Inhaler Canister.
Grace: Amazing! The label's legible now! I knew you'd do it in a blink, <Name>! I'm taking that inhaler to my lab, and then we can give it to Sarah!

Analyze Inhaler.
Grace: I'm relieved, <Name>, I had all the components require to synthesize the drug for the inhaler Sarah forgot in the bus!
Grace: I was asthmatic when I was a child, and I had attacks very often... I remember how frightening not having my inhaler was!
Grace: So, when I was in college, I learned everything I could about asthma and cures! This way, I wouldn't feel helpless when I had an asthma attack anymore!
Grace: Now, we know a little girl who needs her inhaler and probably a distraught medical examiner to rescue!

Give the Inhaler to Sarah Mills.
Nathan: <Name>! Grace! Thank God you're back! Sarah started to cry five minutes ago, and I don't know what to do! I'm sure she hates me!
Grace: You really have a problem with children, Nathan... Sarah, come here, sweetheart, <Rank> <Name> found your inhaler!
Sarah: I-I'm sorry! I just thought you had forgotten me here! Mr. Nathan's room smells weird and it's scary!
Grace: For the love of... Maybe we should have left her with Ramirez instead!
Nathan: Look, I'm sorry, but I'm really not good with living children! I make them uncomfortable or something...
Grace: It's all right, doll-face, Nathan didn't want to make you cry! Come on, we can grab a burger and then we'll show you how to make a mini-volcano with vinegar, would you like that?
Sarah: Can I? I'm sure Daddy would be very impressed if I could show him! And I love burgers! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! You've all been very nice with me, thank you very much!

The Next Morning, At the Police Station...
Jones: Well, <Rank> <Name>, I'm relieved! The Mills seem willing to work things out together! All's well that en-
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Jones! This is terrible! Look at this morning's headlines! The media have found out about the Rorschach Tests!
Jones: "The Rorschach Reaper: Serial Killer on the Loose!"?! Oh no! How did they find out? I had forgotten all about this serial killer! King is going to have my head on a pike!

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