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David Jones: It feels so good to be back, <Name>! And I'm glad you could make it to the Mayor's speech. Thanks to your fame, we can crash all the fanciest parties in Maple Heights!
Jones: Did you know? A real King has come to Grimsborough and we're about to meet him! Isn't that great?
Chief King: Shhh. How many times do I have to tell you to remain silent when the Mayor delivers a speech!
Howard: My fellow citizens, I am standing right before you today, humbled and honored, to express my friendship with King Khalid Ben Omar Souleyman.
Howard: May our country preserve the peaceful and long-standing relationship it has towards the sovereign state of Sultanistan!
Mohammad: Booooring! When will this thing be over? I want some candy!
Jones: Have you spotted this kid, <Name>? He's the son of the King! He'll be the King himself when his father dies. I heard he already owns 45 collectible cars, and has a live giraffe as a pet!
Chief King: Jones...In your position, you should know better than to listen to rumors!
Howard: So please give a warm welcome to my friend, King Khalid!
Howard: ...King Khalid? ...Where is he? Hum... Please stay put, ladies and gentleman. King Khalid should arrive in a minute.
Chief King: Something's fishy here. <Rank> <Name>, take Jones with you and find out what's happening! The King was last seen at the Horse Riding League!

Chapter 1

Investigate Stables.
(Before investigating Stables)
David Jones: Well, <Name>. We've been looking everywhere and it seems the King cannot be found.
Jones: Wait... What's that noise?
Jones: It came from the stables right there! Come on, <Name>, let's go!
(After investigating Stables)
Jones: Oh no, <Name>, King Khalid Souleyman's dead! Someone's killed the King!!
Jones: This is horrible! The Chief will have our heads on a platter when he hears about this! We need to find who killed King Khalid, <Name>!
Jones: Thank God you're the best at gathering clues! That bloody footprint you found can only have been left by the killer! Let's run it through our database!
Jones: There's blood on that horseshoe, too. Something seems off about it, you're right, but I can't put my finger on what. Maybe we should send it to the lab.
Jones: And what about this torn photograph? Maybe it was dropped by this killer! The only thing to do is un-puzzle it!
Howard: <Rank> <Name>! What happened? Oh, my God, NO! The King, he's dead! I'm doomed! The campaign, my career, my life! Done, finished, kaput!
Howard: I'm terribly sorry, but I must leave! I have to deal with the press and young Mohammad! Somebody has to tell the kid his father has just died. God, why is this all happening to me?
Jones: Same for us, <Name>. The first person we must speak to is young Mohammad! Keep in mind that he is now the King of Sultanistan! We must handle him with care.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: I can't believe I'd say it one day, but this is a case of death by horse! The King's skull was smashed by a horse's hooves!
Jones: Wait, but it can't have been an accident! <Name> found a footprint smudged with blood on the crime scene. The King was killed by a human being!
Nathan: Of course he was. I only said the horse was the murder weapon, not the killer.
Nathan: King Khalid was a famous horse enthusiast. He'd actually brought the horse who killed him as a gift for Mayor Johnson! He knew how to act around stallions, he'd never have frightened it.
Nathan: No, someone else frightened that horse so it would rear up and smash the King's skull. Someone who wanted his death to look like an accident!

Talk to Young Mohammad Souleyman About the King's Death.
Jones: Hello, Mohammad. My name is David Jones and this is <Rank> <Name>. We're here to ask you a few questions.
Jones: It won't take long, and you don't have to answer all of them if you don't want to. Do you understand?
Mohammad: I am the King now, and that's "Your Highness", to you! I'll be an even greater king than my Daddy was! The greatest king of all of Arabia! I mean, the greatest in the world!
Jones: And what will be your first decision as the King, Your Highness?
Mohammad: I will have a BunnyBot park built only for me! And it will be twice bigger than the real one! And it will have the 3D space-pirates attraction! And a chocolate fountain!
Mohammad: Now, I must attend a conference call with your President, so get out of my room! Ever heard of protocol, dumbos? Scram!

Jones: That King has gone insane! It seems he doesn't really grasp that his father has just died. And... he just kicked us out of his room, for sanity's sake!
Jones: On the other hand, now he's gone, maybe we should have a look at his hotel room. It could give us some info on his father.
Jones: What the... Of course, it is secured with an electronic lock.
Jones: But, I'm pretty sure it will be a mere trifle to you, am I not right?

Examine Hotel Room Electronic Lock.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! You unlocked the door to young Mohammad's hotel room. Now we can get to know the Souleyman a bit more. Let's have a look at it!

Examine Torn Photograph.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! The photograph you found in the stables is a picture of King Khalid! And, he's with someone else, wait. It's... Archibald Ashworth!
Jones: I'm sure you remember that loony beekeeper, we met him when his grandson was killed! So, he was friends with our victim!
Jones: You're right, we must go and talk to him! Let's just hope he's in a chatty mood!

Question Archibald Ashworth About his Friendship With King Khalid.
Jones: Mr. Ashworth, we're here to inform you of the murder of King Khalid Ben Omar Souleyman. We have reasons to believe you were friends with him, is that right?
Archibald: Oh, really? Somebody got rid of that insufferable slubberdegullion after all!
Jones: Ok, that's not really the reaction we expected from you. You looked so friendly in that photo!
Archibald: That was before he went into the oil business and became the greatest threat to every honeybee in the world, including mine!
Jones: I'm not sure I understand. How could he have threatened the bees from another country?
Archibald: What, have you never heard of a canopy collapse disorder, you poppycock? It means the honeybees are dropping like flies, because of pollution!
Archibald: And Souleyman Petroleum Consortium is the biggest greenhouse gas supplier on the planet! So, I don't see any reason why I should mourn the death of this swine!

Jones: Remember how Archibald grieved for the death of his bees more than the death of his grandson?
Jones: If he saw King Khalid as the greatest honeybee genocider, he would have had no qualms swatting him like any bothersome fly!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we must keep loony Archibald on our radar.

Examine Shoeprint.
Jones: It's like you cannot fail at these things, <Name>. You found the right pattern: the shoeprint you noticed in the stables was left by riding boots!
Jones: That shoeprint was covered in blood, and the King wasn't riding boots, so thanks to you, we know that the killer wears riding boots!

Analyze Horseshoe.
Grace: You really have perfect flair, <Name>! The horseshoe you found in the stables, the one covered in your victim's blood... It was touched by your killer!
Jones: Really? Great! But, how can you be so sure?
Grace: Because I also had a look at the door on which <Name> found that horseshoe, thanks to the crime scene photos.
Grace: You see this shape on the door? This shows that for a long time, the horseshoe was hanging right side up, like an inverted "U".
Grace: But the irregular blood splatter around it shows that the horseshoe was turned around after the King was killed! And the only person to be in the stables at that time was... the killer!
Grace: And why did they do it? Because a horseshoe hanging right side up is considered bad luck. Whoever turned it around is deeply superstitious!
Jones: So the King's killer is superstitious! Well, I'll be! Didn't they realize actually killing some would bring them bad luck?!

Investigate Child's Bedroom.
Jones: Amazing what they did with the bedroom, this is like a waking dream! I mean, look at that giraffe and the arcades! Oh come on, <Name>, just a few min-
Jones: Hum, you're right. We're not here to play, are we? Hey, you found a royal decree! But, what's it doing in a child's bedroom?
Jones: The document must be quite old, the names on it are faded. Could you do something about it?

Examine Royal Decree.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! So the royal decree you found in young Mohammad's room concerns a certain Hilda Tipton, who was hired as a nanny to look after the young King.
Jones: That warrants a little more digging, so what do you say we send this decree to Alex before we go any further?

Analyze Royal Decree.
Alex: So, I've been getting some info on the Miss Tipton mentioned on the decree you found, <Name>. She was only seven when she left England, and arrived in Sultanistan when Khalid Souleyman had just been named King.
Alex: She went to the best schools to become a high-class nanny, while her family provided for her from England.
Alex: More recently, she committed herself to look after Mohammad. She is responsible for his well-being, safety and education. All this even in the case of a parent loss.
Jones: And she must be right here in Grimsborough, given she's in charge of the kid. All right, <Name>, let's go find this Hilda Tipton!

Talk to Hilda Tipton About Her Duties as a Nanny.
Jones: You were born in England, is that correct, Hilda? How did you end up working as a nanny in Sultanistan?
Hilda: I was very young when I arrived in Sultanistan, didn't know any word of language or customs. I earned this position by working very hard.
Hilda: Later, I was entrusted with His Highness' responsibility. It's been an honor ever since, and it will be an even greater honor to support him when he will be a King.
Jones: Wait a minute. But, he's the King already!
Hilda: Precisely! May be guidance help him face his new duties. But my assignment is to make sure King Mohammad receives a proper education.
Hilda: I have no say in his political decision, whatever they can be. Not to say His Highness needs any advice on this matter, and certainly not from me.

Later, at the Station...
Jones: I don't know for you, <Name>, but I could really use a recap.
Jones: Khalid Ben Omar Souleyman, King of Sultanistan and mogul of Souleyman Petroleum Consortium, was killed.
Jones: His only son, Mohammad, seven, is now the King of Sultanistan and his royal nanny Hilda Tipton will look after him. And teach him some manners, I hope...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Here you are. You'll never believe it! Do you remember Tony Marconi? He just made a statement from his cell!
Jones: Duh, Marconi... The big cheese of the Grimsborough Mob <Name> arrested a while ago. Just hearing the name is giving me goosebumps. What about him?
Ramirez: He wants to make a deal with you, <Name>! Pretends he know stuff about the dead King!
Jones: Wait... WHAT?!

Chapter 2

Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Marconi wants to make a deal with you! Says he will tell you exactly why your victim came here in Grimsborough during the Mayoral campaign!
Jones: Marconi? The brain of the Italian Mafia? There's no way we're gonna cooperate with him, I'm afraid.
Jones: Nah, I guess you're right, <Name>. Any tip-off on our Kingly victim would be good to take. But, I'm warning you, if his conditions are crazy, there's no way we'll cooperate with him!
Jones: And, hey, we could drop by City Hall, too! After all, we still haven't spoken to the Mayor, maybe he's done dealing with the press now. Let's check it out!

Talk to Tony Marconi About the Victim.
Tony: Ah! My favourite top cop! Just in time to share my exquisite Cranberry Bean Pasta Fagioli! Aren't you lucky?
Jones: What's going on here? Is this is a prison cell or a cooking class? Who did you bribe to get all this stuff, Marconi? Speak!
Tony: Come on, I didn't bribe anybody! So have you thought of my little bargain? Wanna know what I know of the Arabian King's intention?
Jones: It depends. You must be having requirements, I suppose.
Tony: Well, I'd go for simple things. Complete freedom, that's obvious. Diplomatic immunity, and a new house in Maple Heights, with the jungle themed man's cave and a grotto.
Jones: Are you kidding? You had us come here to hear such nonsense? <Rank> <Name> can find information on the King's aim on his own, you'd better remember that, Marconi!
Tony: So you won't bargain with me? What a bummer. When you're ready to hear what I know about the King, you'll know where to find me. And something tells me you will!
Jones: You seem pretty overconfident for someone bound to stay in prison for 20 years, Marconi. Aren't you afraid some thug beats your pawns eventually?
Tony: I'm not. Because I always have my tiny golden Eiffel Tower with me. It's my lucky charm, just to keep the Devil at bay.

Jones: Come back to him for help? Well, he'd better check the temperature in hell first! What a waste of time!
Jones: I agree, <Name>. Let's leave Marconi alone for a moment. By ignoring him, he will be the first one spilling out.

Investigate City Hall Entrance.
Jones: No sign of the Mayor, but I can see you've found something, <Name>! I'm sure you'll be able to fill back the blanks in that document in no time at all!

Examine Bank Receipt.
Jones: The page reads "Fund Transfer"... With the Horse Riding League logo and... the Red Party?
Jones: You remember the Red Party is Howard Johnson's party, right? That sounds promising. Let's send this paper to Alex and let him sort it all out for us!

Analyze Bank Note Data.
Alex: The document you found lists the recent donation made by the Horse Riding League to Howard Johnson's party, the Red Party, <Name>!
Alex: A very handsome sum, too! The Mayor must have been pleased.
Jones: You mean Howard Johnson received money from the Horse Riding League to finance his campaign? Is that even legal?
Alex: It is! Any private association is allowed to give away their money to endorse a candidate on the campaign trail. That's what they call buying influence.
Alex: No, the interesting thing is that, right before they invested in the Mayoral campaign, the Horse Riding League received an equally handsome sum... from your King Khalid!
Alex: Now call me suspicious if you want, but this really looks like the money went from the King to the Mayor by way of the League... Which would be perfectly illegal if it was true.
Jones: So you're telling us that the King might have given money to the Mayor's campaign? You're right, <Name>, busy or not, Johnson will have to talk to us!
Jones: And since this all seems to be tied together by the Horse Riding League, let us go have another check at the Stables!

Ask Howard Johnson About His Campaign Funding.
Howard: Sorry, I don't have much time, <Rank> <Name>. Since Khalid has died I must juggle the President, the Sultanistan representatives and now, you!
Howard: That poor Khalid, old chap! Being killed by the very horse he had bought be as a gift! It will haunt me forever! And as much as I like riding horses, I just can't mount the one who killed my old friend!
Jones: We grieve at your loss, Mr. Mayor, but <Rank> <Name> discovered that the Horse Riding League recently made a donation to fund your campaign and--
Howard: It is true. The League is a remarkable institution that spanned many generations of our city's history. I've been riding horses there all my life! I just couldn't turn down their donation!
Jones: The thing is, it seems the money actually came straight from Sultanistan, from the pocket of the King. Were you aware of that?
Howard: What? I don't know what you're talking about. Well, that would be an utter shame if a candidate would be given foreign money. I surely would never do that. I'm afraid you're mistaken there!
Howard: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to call my mother about the tie I'll be wearing at election night. And it might take several hours...

Jones: Well, figured Johnson would slip away. If King Khalid DID fund his campaign, Johnson would be forced out of office!
Jones: Plus, he said himself he often went to the League to the ride horses. And he's often been seen around town wearing his boots.
Jones: Geez, do we really have to add Johnson to our suspect list? You're right, <Name>. Let's keep tabs on him and stay very cautious.
Jones: We'd better keep a lid on this for the moment. The Chief will obliterate us if we add any more scandal to the curriculum.

Investigate Saddle.
Jones: What did you hoover this time, <Name>? This beehive? It was smashed to pieces. But what was it doing here in the first place?
Jones: Something's not right, we need to give it a closer look!

Examine Beehive.
Jones: Nice job, <Name>! So someone put a firecracker in this beehive to blow it up! How cruel!
Jones: But wait, you're right! This must be what drove the King's horse mad! The noise and the sudden swarm of bees must have scared it to death!
Jones: <Name>, you've just found the key to the puzzle! Now we know exactly how the King was killed!
Jones: ...And I can't help thinking this looks like a childish prank gone wrong, don't you think? Could the young King have killed his dad by accident?
Jones: No, you're right. It won't do to speculate. Let's have a closer look at this firecracker first, and see if the killer left anything on it.

Examine Firecracker.
Jones: Found something interesting on the firecracker you picked inside the beehive, <Name>?
Jones: Well done! You isolated bits of golden dust from the rest! That sounds promising, let's send it to Grace for analysis!

Analyze Golden Dust.
Grace: The residue you isolated from the beehive's firecracker was not part of the firework powder composition, it pertained to a hookah charcoal briquette!
Grace: You know what a hookah is, right? It's an oriental water pipe used to inhale flavored vapours. Looks like your killer used one before manipulating the firecracker!
Jones: Oh yes, I know what they are! I smoked from one, once, when I played the caterpillar at the elementary school musical!
Jones: Hum, sorry, everyone. I meant our killer has a taste for smoking water pipes! That's one thing we should remember!
Jones: Hey, <Name>! You found the firecracker in a beehive, right? Beehive as in honeybees, as in... You got it, Archibald Ashworth! Let's go and have a chat with him!

Ask Archibald Ashworth About the Beehive.
Archibald: Shh... be quiet! I don't want you to startle my bees! This is pollinating season, for God's sake!
Jones: Speaking of honeybees, Mr. Archibald, <Rank> <Name> has determined that the horse that killed King Khalid got crazy because of bees.
Archibald: I would never do this to my bees, nor to a horse! Wonderful creatures, horses, I've been riding them all my life! And I just love a nice pair of horse riding boots!
Archibald: If there is one thing that I've learned from animals, it's that I could trust them way more than my own family of greedy rascals and disturbed harridans!
Archibald: Now, let me smoke my honey tobacco in peace, you loblollies! You're stressing out my honeybees!

Later, at the station...
Jones: Well, <Name>, this investigation is getting thicker by the minute!
Jones: On the one hand, it looks like the Mayor and the victim may have been involved in illegal money transfers.
Jones: And on the other hand, our "murder weapon" was triggered by bees, which puts strong suspicions on Archibald Ashworth, who begrudged the King for polluting the planet!
Jones: I don't know for you, but my head's hurting from all these discoveries! What do you say we take a quick cookies and TV break, <Name>?
Jones: Hey, look, little Mohammad is speaking on TV!
King Mohammad Souleyman LIVE: Everybody listen up! I, Mohammad Ben Khalid Souleyman, King of Sultanistan, demand justice for the killing of my daddy!
King Mohammad Souleyman LIVE: If the killer isn't caught within 24 hours, then I shut down every trade business between Sultanistan and America! Yes, you heard me people! I close the valve! Cut! Cut!
Jones: Shut... Shut down the oil trade?! Did he just say that?! But.. the country would collapse!
Jones: <Name>, what are we going to do?

Chapter 3

David Jones: Look, little Mohammad is speaking on TV!
King Mohammad Souleyman LIVE: If my Daddy's killer isn't caught within 24 hours, then I shut down every trade business between Sultanistan and America! Yes, you heard me people, I close the valve! Cut! Cut!
Jones: Shut... Shut down the oil trade?! Did he just say that?! But... the country would collapse!!
Jones: But we're only criminal investigators, <Name>. How are we supposed to deal with an oil crisis?
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>! So you've heard young Mohammad! Step into my office right now, this is a state of emergency!

Chief King's office - Two minutes later...
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, I will be honest with you: if the young King goes through with his threats, the economical consequences could be catastrophic for our country!
Chief King: The stakes have never been higher, I'm afraid. And the murder of a King in our fine city cannot remain unpunished. The whole world is watching you, so I hope you'll be up to the task to catch the killer!
Jones: Hum, yes, of course! We will succeed, right, <Name>? I guess we need to find the young King Mohammad first.
Jones: The last two places where he has been seen are the City Hall and his personal bedroom. What do you say we head there, <Name>?

Investigate City Hall Steps.
Jones: This is where Mohammad gave his speech. He left already, but it doesn't matter, did you find anything?
Jones: The writing on this document you've found has faded. I'm pretty sure it will give us something to go on, could you try and recover it?

Examine Mysterious Document.
Jones: Nicely done, <Name>! The folder you found has the name of Tony Marconi on it!
Jones: What are the odds of finding something that concerns Marconi right after he contacted us? Let's send this to the lab!

Analyze Marconi's File.
Alex: I've been studying the document you brought me from City Hall. It is proof that Tony Marconi was recently granted a temporary release.
Jones: Say whaaat?
Alex: Wait, there's more! The only place he declared he's been to is... the Grimsborough Horse Riding League stables! Right where the late King Khalid was killed!
Jones: Now what are the odds of Marconi sharing the same hobbies as King Khalid? The likelihood of this just being a coincidence is quite remote. Let's go talk to him!

Question Tony Marconi About His Temporary Release.
Jones: Alright, Marconi. No time for games. Did you kill Khalid Omar Ben Souleyman? We know you were out of jail and near the stables when he died!
Tony: And? I've been riding horses for decades! The only reason I asked for this temporary release was so I could continue going to the League every Saturday!
Jones: Cooking pasta, smoking hookah, temporary release... Why would you want to leave prison when you've turned it into a retirement home!
Tony: You've got it wrong, it's all perfectly legal. Our dear Mayor himself signed the documents.
Jones: I'll only believe it when I ask him myself! Anyway, how could you ever put him in your pocket, huh?
Tony: You'd be surprised. I taught him everything I know!

Jones: At lease not we know Marconi is a horse rider too. Which means the boot footprint you found in the stables could be his.
Jones: But I really can't believe the Mayor would grant Marconi such a favor as a temporary release. We need to talk to him about this!

Question Howard Johnson About Tony Marconi.
Howard: <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad to see you! Have you found who killed King Khalid yet? His kid and his threats are having a terrible effect on my campaign!
Jones: Uh, are you all right, sir? You look a little... green.
Howard: Oh, that. King Khalid brought me a hookah as a gift, so I thought I'd give it a try, to please Mohammad. But it's making the room turn...
Jones: Um, sir, we came to ask you about Tony Marconi's temporary release. It seems you personally signed it.
Howard: Oh well, I don't know, maybe I did. People keep dropping paperwork on my desk, I can't be expected to read them all!
Howard: Wait, you don't assume I would seek favors from Mafia lords like Tony Marconi to advance my career, do you?
Howard: Good! Now if you please, I have to call my mother back. It's about that tie, again...

Investigate Sandbox.
Jones: Hm, young Mohammad isn't here. But the pieces of paper you found look promising! I guess it'll be child's play for you to piece them back together, <Name>!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones: Great, <Name>! You restored this paper! Oh, look, and it's full of BunnyBot drawings. Ah, all this cuteness will kill me.
Jones: So it goes: "If you can't find my daddy's killer, I will --" Hey! It's the speech he delivered on TV!
Jones: Someone wrote corrections in red, look! "No, your Highness, you cannot mention BunnyBot when you deliver an official speech"... But who could have--
King Mohammad: What are you doing here, peasants! Have you transformed yourselves into housekeepers or what?
Jones: We're sorry, King Mohammad! We were looking for you, we need to talk to you!

Try and Reason with Mohammad Souleyman.
King Mohammad: Why are you in my room? I've had enough of you! I've had enough of this place, I want to go home! At least there's a BunnyBot park there! You don't even have one!
Jones: Oh, you will have to answer our questions first, Your Highness! Otherwise <Rank> <Name> will confiscate your favorite BunnyBot toy!
King Mohammad: No, please don't do this! My BunnyBot is my only friend! He brings me good luck, I will DIE if you take it away from! You can't take it, you can't, you can't, you can't!
King Mohammad: I'll tell everything to Hilda anyway. Hilda, she's sweet, she corrects my speeches, she teaches me everything about horse-riding with these funny big black boots!
King Mohammad: She even teached me how to smoke the hookah and do the tchoo-tchoo like BunnyBot when he's angry! Do you want to see my BunnyBot figure do it? It's awesome!
Jones: All right, Your Highness. You show us BunnyBot do the tchoo-tchoo and you cancel your threat against the oil trade agreement you made on TV. Is that a deal?
King Mohammad: You really thought I would fall for this? You gotta be stupid! Get back to work and find my Dad's killer, minions! The clock is ticking! Tic-toc, tic-toc!

Jones: Fooled by a kid! The joke's on us if we can't find his dad's killer, <Name>.
Jones: You're right. If we can't bring Mohammad to see common sense, we should try and talk to his nanny.

Ask Hilda Tipton to Try and Bring Mohammad to Reason.
Jones: Hilda, <Name> found the notes you left on Mohammad's speech. You obviously have SOME influence over his political actions.
Jones: Surely you could convince him to renounce the oil embargo he's threatened the U.S. with?
Hilda: I only helped His Highness with his phrasing. And I would not presume to judge his political decisions.
Jones: Oh come on, you're like a mother to that kid! Surely you care about his future?
Hilda: Well, I... I won't lie, I've always felt strong ties to Mohammad. I too grew up without the love of a mother. I wouldn't wish this on any kid.
Hilda: That embargo... Mohammad is just doing what he thinks his father would do. And I will let him take the right decision... But I shall make sure he doesn't do anything foolish.
Hilda: Anyway, I've got my lucky charms with me. I know everything will turn out for the best.

Later, at the Station...
Jones: <Name>, if we can't find the killer soon, Mohammad may cause a global financial crash!
Jones: And we know Marconi visited the stables quite recently, so he could be the one who set up the deadly trap on the King.
Jones: But frankly, I can't make sense out of whatever was going on between King Khalid and Johnson? I think we--
Chief King: I was coming to see if you had made any headway, and here I find you gossiping! This isn't how you'll find King Khalid's killer! You need solid evidence!
Jones: Yes, sir! Good idea, <Name>! Let's go back to the stables. Going back to where it all started, maybe we can find the right trail to the killer.

Investigate Stables.
Jones: What did the search yield, <Name>? Some metal pieces? Oh, I get it! You intend to repair it!
Jones: And a rabbit foot, fancy that! You're right, we're looking for someone super suspicious! It has to belong to our killer! I suggest you take a closer look at it.

Examine Rabbit's Foot.
Jones: Found anything, <Name>? You're right, this fiber you isolated doesn't match the rabbit's foot's color. This must be coming from something else, but what?
Jones: You've said it, <Name>! The best way to be sure is to sending the hair to Grace!

Analyze Fiber.
Grace: You did very well, <Name>! The fiber you isolated from the rabbit's foot turned out to be genuine cashmere wool, and the purest!
Grace: This wool has been used to make afghan pashminas shawls for centuries.
Jones: A good thing you are up to date on fashion, Grace. And given that only our superstitious killer could have dropped the rabbit foot, we know we should be looking for someone wearing an afghan pashmina!

Examine Pieces of Metal.
Jones: Well done, <Name>? The broken item you found was a "VOTE RED" badge!
Jones: You heard the Chief, we need solid evidence! What say we send this item to Grace for analysis?

Analyze Vote Red Badge.
Grace: <Name>, I've had a look at the badge you found in the stables, and weirdly enough, I found faint traces of pollen on it!
Jones: Pollen? Oh, good call, <Name>! Grace, could someone carrying a beehive have got honey on their hands, by any chance?
Grace: Well, yes, that would be one way to go about it.
Jones: We know the King's killer brought a beehive in the stables, to frighten the King's horse! They must have lost their badge when they ran away!
Grace: Well, I'm sure losing it won't have tempered your Killer's enthusiasm about the elections! I bet you they got another badge by now!
Jones: Good point. Everybody in town seems to be wearing those. <Name>, let's keep an eye open. Our killer's wearing a "VOTE RED" badge!

After completing all the tasks...
Jones: Let's call it a wrap, <Name>. You've gathered enough evidence to determine our killer's profile!
Jones: Let's arrest the killer and put an end to the political crisis. That should be enough for a day's work, I think.

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Packing already, Hilda? I'm afraid you'll just have to cancel your flight, because you have a lot to answer for!
Hilda: Why? Why, <Rank> <Name>? Everything was going so well! I did it for the boy's sake, can't you see?
Hilda: Can't you see there are bigger things happening here than your foolish laws and procedures? The boy needs guidance!
Jones: And by "guidance", you mean...
Hilda: He needs someone to tell him what to do! And that someone should have been ME! I've EARNED it!
Hilda: I worked so hard to earn the King's trust! But what for? The only decisions I could take were which toys the young Prince should play with! Such trifles!
Hilda: I was born for greatness, I've always known it! Why shouldn't I be the one counseling the King?! I'm as good as anyone!
Hilda: King Khalid would have never listened to me. But Mohammad trusted me! I knew I had to get rid of the father to counsel the son!
Hilda: Coming to Grimsborough was the perfect opportunity to make it look like an accident. Without the security staff around, I could easily sneak away to rob a beehive from an orchard next to the stables.
Hilda: I knew Khalid spent most of his time in the stables, so I joined him to deliver my daily report on his son, lit the firecracker and let the bees, and the horse, do their work.
Hilda: It still pains me that I had to startle this poor horse with even more startled honeybees. But without you sniffing around, it would have all been perfect!
Jones: Call it bad luck, Miss Tipton. <Rank> <Name> is the best sleuth in town, you just couldn't have won! Now follow us, you're under arrest.

Judge Hall: Miss Tipton, you are brought before this court today to answer for the murder of King Khalid Ben Omar Souleyman, King of Sultanistan.
Hilda: And what a glorious day! All the people of Sultanistan should celebrate! Thanks to my guidance, they will now have a better, wiser, greater King!
Judge Hall: Are you even concerned with King Mohammad's well being? Because of you, he is now parentless and in a position of power too great for a child to bear!
Hilda: He wasn't supposed to bear it alone! I should have been there for him, to tell him what to do! But <Rank> <Name>'s ruined everything!
King Mohammad: Why, Hilda? You always told me not to be mean, why are you being so mean now? You murdered my Daddy! And you lied to me, you dirty crone!
Hilda: I wouldn't expect you to understand just yet, Your Highness. But, I did it in the name of the greater good. In time, you'll see.
Judge Hall: The King has a point, Miss Tipton. You pretend you care for him when your only concern was to seize power!
Judge Hall: I will fill in my report and will let you to the hands of the International Court. They will determine how deep down your failed coup will drag you.

Jones: Gosh, am I glad this is all over! And not only did you catch a murderer, but you saved the country from an oil crash disaster!
King Mohammad: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! Congratulations for bringing my Daddy's killer in prison! As you Americans always say: "Justice prevails"!
King Mohammad: Hilda, she thought she could make me her pet, but she forgot who the King was! I am the King, and no one else!
King Mohammad: My dad always said that power drives people crazy... Maybe he was right... Anyway, for now, I just want to make plans for my new BunnyBot Land resort.
King Mohammad: I have to stay for a while to sign some oil contracts, what a bore. And then, I'll return to my Kingdom! Farewell, soldiers!
Jones: Well, young Mohammad may only care about toys today, but maybe he'll grow up into a generous and watchful King! Only time will tell...

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: Great work, <Name>! You prevented one hell of a national business crisis.
Chief King: I just had a call from Mohammad Ben Khalid Souleyman's staff, and apparently, there was some kind of accident. He expressively asked for you to intervene on this, <Rank> <Name>.
Chief King: Grace will go with you, she feels concerned about him after all that happened. And, no offense, Officer Jones, but I'm pretty sure she deals with kids better than you do.
Jones: Don't worry sir, I'm more than happy to let her handle that little King!
Chief King: Moreover, the Mayor is going to visit the prison as part of his campaign effort, and I want you both to go with him.
Chief King: No need to say I don't like the idea of a political representative walking among all these criminals...
Chief King: And, I don't want you to bother the Mayor with more gossip, Officer Jones, understood?

Jones: Well, <Name>, I know King doesn't want us to talk to the Mayor about his campaign's financing, but say we happened to... find some documents, by chance? We couldn't be blamed for that, right?
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, Archibald Ashworth has just called to request your help! He's at the stables, and he sounded frantic!
Jones: Thanks for the tip, Ramirez. I guess we should check what's going on with him, when we're done with the Mayor and His Highness... Let's go, <Name>!

See what you can do for Archibald Ashworth.
Archibald: Finally, <Rank> <Name>, you're here! Time is of the essence in such dreadful situations!
Archibald: Well, I spotted a really rare variety of acacia behind the stables, so... I put some beehives there to gather some refined, high quality honey...
Archibald: For some reason, the bees totally ignored the flowers, and went to the stables. Something here is attracting them...
Archibald: But I couldn't find what! Please, I really need help, I don't want any horse to be harmed by my bees!
Jones: Alright, <Rank> <Name> is sharp-eyed, and I'm sure they'll find what attracts your bees to the stables in no time!

Investigate Stables.
Jones: Congratulations, <Name>! You've found where all the bees are converging in the stables: to that feeding trough you've just picked up!
Jones: Huh... If you could have a look at it... Not that I'm afraid of the bees... but... PLEASE!

Examine Feeding Trough.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! So, the bees had a crush on candies... No doubt they did... I love candies!
Jones: Let's go tell Archibald what attracted his bees to the stables!

Give the Candy Bag to Archibald Ashworth.
Jones: Archibald, <Rank> <Name> found what attracted your bees to the stables. Here, it was this candy bag...
Archibald: Candies? Let me look at those... Ha, that explains why the honey made by those bees was multicolored! Interesting.
Archibald: Did you know, I tasted it, and it's absolutely delicious? Almost... addictive... Look at this color...
Archibald: And... I've been thinking about bees lately. I mean, even more than usual, and I've taken an important decision.
Archibald: I'll leave all my fortune to the Happy Bees Foundation, so the art of beekeeping will be perpetuated for long, I hope.
Archibald: My only regret is being unable to see my greedy grandchildren's face when they'll read the testament. Thanks for what you did, <Rank> <Name>, here, take this for Grim's P.D.

Mohammad Souleyman Requests Your Assistance.
Grace: It's an honor to meet you, Your Highness! I am Grace Delaney, I work with <Rank> <Name>. We heard you asked for our hel-
King Mohammad: I don't have time for introductions! It's over, can't you understand? My reign is over! My kingdom is doomed!
King Mohammad: <Rank> <Name>, you solved my father's murder! You're the only one here able to help me!
King Mohammad: My BunnyBot vanished! I was playing with it and my remote helicopter, but there was a crash and... now I can't find it! I'm supposed to leave soon, I can't go without it!
King Mohammad: I beg you, <Rank> <Name>, find it! Without it, I'll probably before even going back home! My BunnyBot is my best friend! My lucky charm!
Grace: Calm down, Your Highness, please. I'm sure your life isn't endangered! <Rank> <Name> is the best, finding your precious toy will be easy, even in this vast room of yours!

Investigate Child's Bedroom.
Grace: Well done, <Name>! Those pieces of metal you found look like they belong to a toy! I bet it's Mohammad's toy!
Grace: I'm really bad with this kind of mechanism, could you try and fix it?

Examine Broken BunnyBot.
Grace: That's impressive, <Name>! You restored His Highness' toy, I can barely see any cracks!
Grace: Let's give it back to its owner! This child will need his lucky charm more than ever now that he's King... I can imagine what bearing this burden at such a young age is like!

Give the Toy Back to Mohammad Souleyman.
Grace: Your Highness, I think <Rank> <Name> found something that belongs to you...
King Mohammad: My BunnyBot! Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! You've really saved my life! You're the best, <Rank> <Name>!
King Mohammad: And, thank you too, Miss Delaney. You know, you're very kind and beautiful! Tell me, would you come home with me to be my new nanny? It's a very prestigious position in the kingdom!
Grace: Aw, that's very generous of you, Your Highness, but I have to decline. My heart is set in Grimsborough!
King Mohammad: As you wish. It doesn't matter, My BunnyBot and I will conquer the world anyway!
King Mohammad: Please, <Rank> <Name>, take these clothes as proof of my royal gratitude. They'll be useful if you ever visit Sultanistan.

Escort Howard Johnson.
Howard: You're here, <Rank> <Name>! It might seem a bit silly, but my mother insisted I should not go to the prison without any escort.
Howard: People are worried about insecurity these days. So I am visiting the prison facility to ensure that criminals are safely locked up.
Howard: Anyway, I'm ready, we ca-
Howard: Oh dear, where is my folder? I could have sworn I had it in my bag just a second ago!
Howard: This is a document of the highest importance, I cannot visit the prison without it! <Rank> <Name>, could you please look for it for me? I must have lost it somewhere around here!

Investigate City Hall Entrance.
Jones: Alright, <Name>, this attaché case you found on the steps could belong to Johnson.
Jones: But, you're right, we'd better check what's inside, just in case it was booby trapped. D'you think you could open it?

Examine Briefcase.
Jones: Nice job, <Name>, you've unlocked Johnson's attaché case in no time! There's a big folder... With newspaper cuts...
Jones: ...About Grimsborough's mafia related murders?! What the... Is that a joke?!
Jones: I had some doubts about the Mayor's campaign financings... But, mafia?
Jones: Yes, you're right, <Name>, I shouldn't draw such hasty conclusions. We should have a more precise look at this file, let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Johnson's Documents.
Alex: Alright, I had a look at the folder you found in the Mayor's attaché case, <Name>, and the only thing I can say is: first impressions are often wrong.
Jones: What do you mean? All those newspaper cuttings were about mafia lords and corruption! Why would the Mayor carry suc-
Alex: If you'd let me finish, Jones... Here's the thing: those articles about the mafia were always improperly cut. There were always some sentences missing, sometimes an entire paragraph!
Alex: So, I had a look at the other side... and I found what the Mayor had REALLY wanted to preserve: Italian recipes!
Jones: What the... What?! You're telling us the "document of the highest importance" the Mayor sent us to look for was a cooking scrapbook?!
Jones: I can't believe it! Let's have a little chat with him, <Name>!

Give Howard Johnson the Recipe.
Howard: <Rank> <Name>, you're here... Do you have my precious documents?
Jones: Yes, we do. But if you don't mind, we'd really like to know why a collection of Italian recipes was so important you needed <Rank> <Name>'s help to find it!
Tony: Italian cuisine is always important! And it keeps me busy in the rathole...
Jones: Marconi? It was for YOU?! Mr. Mayor, did we somewhat help you sneak in recipes for a known convict? I bet you did it before already.
Howard: Erm... Well... You haven't tasted Mr. Marconi's refined cuisine for sure...
Howard: Ahem! And, Officer Jones, it has been proved that prisoners who eat well tend to be less violent under detention. It's a chance our prison has such a maestro in their kitchens.
Jones: But... He's...
Tony: Come on, Jonesie, no hard feelings, right? Here, have a burger, <Rank> <Name>, it's my special recipe and I guarantee you've never tasted anything like it.

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