Alan Cardwell was the victim in Under the Knife (Case #10 of Grimsborough).  


Alan was a plastic surgeon. He was married to Sarah Cardwell, but had an affair with a singer named Samantha Warner. According to his wedding ring, he and Sarah were married on August 5, 1982, which would mean that Alan and Sarah were together for 30 years before Alan's death. Alan had black hair and green eyes, and wore a sky blue shirt with a white lab coat.

Murder details

Alan was stabbed in the stomach by a candlestick and was left to die in an alley. Nathan discovered during the autopsy that Alan died fighting with his killer. Alan officially died from a punctured liver and shards of glasses were found in his hands. This proved that the killer wore glasses and then stuffed a piece of paper down Alan's throat.

Relationship with suspects

Alan was married to Sarah Cardwell, who not only was the beneficiary of Alan's life insurance but also knew of Alan's adultery with one of his customers, Samantha Warner. Alan's affair with Samantha was caught by writer Paul Oaster. Said affair would also lead to him getting into a fight with Samantha's other lover, Newman Technology CEO Curtis Newman. Alan was also known to frequent Joshua Kempe's barbershop.

Killer and motives


Paul's warning letter to Alan.

The killer turned out to be Paul.

Paul killed Alan because he could not watch Samantha Warner having an affair with him since Paul loved her too. As a result, Paul stabbed Alan with a candlestick and left the victim to die in an alley.

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