Aileen Greene was the victim in Family Blood (Case #15 of Grimsborough).


Aileen had long brown hair and green eyes, and at the time of her death, she wore a short pink dress. During the investigation of her murder, it was discovered that her blood type was O+.

Murder details

Aileen was found tied to her baby's crib and had been beaten to death with a baseball bat. The baseball bat was struck multiple times to her forehead. After completing the autopsy report, Nathan revealed to the player that the killer used to drink whiskey. It was later discovered that the killer wore running shoes and had brown hair. It was also discovered that the killer's blood type was A+ and was a baseball fan.

Relationship with suspects

Five years prior to her death, Aileen was apparently a junkie getting into schemes with her husband at the time, Tom Hunt. When she was arrested for larceny, she decided to change her life, filing a divorce with Tom and leaving for Grimsborough. She later met Paul Greene, whom she later married. When Paul found out about his past through a "background check" (as his father did), he considered calling the wedding off but decided not to as she was already pregnant with his son, Oliver. When Aileen gave birth to Oliver, Paul decided to entrust housekeeper Irma Fusslepot with the baby as he felt she would not be a good mother and caretaker, which proved true.

Aileen would eventually come into contact with Tom once again after he went to the city to stalk her. She started buying him groceries for old times, though Tom speculated it was only to show off the wealth she acquired through her marriage. This would involve stealing money and hiding it in Oliver's toy chest. A week prior to her death however, Aileen stopped coming to see him.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Aileen's stepson, Scott Greene.

Scott felt that Aileen was a bad step-mother, being abusive to both him and his stepbrother, and stealing money from the family to help her ex-husband, Tom Hunt. When Scott asked for his baseball card (which was a sentimental card given to him by his grandfather) back, Aileen ripped it to pieces. Deciding that enough was enough, Scott beat Aileen to death with a baseball bat.

Judge Hall sentenced him to 20 years in prison.


  • Aileen's death at the hands of her stepson is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Grimsborough.

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