Agnes Leek (1934–2020) was a suspect in the murder investigation of witch Belinda in Scry for Help (Case #20 of Supernatural Investigations), prior to which she appeared as a quasi-suspect in The Ghost of Murders Past (Case #10 of Supernatural Investigations) and This American Death (Case #16 of Supernatural Investigations). She was later murdered in Hocus Pocus (Case #23 of Supernatural Investigations).


Agnes was an 85-year-old witch. She had brown eyes, wrinkles and long gray hair littered with twigs, tied back in a large bun. She wore a dark green cloak tied at her waist with a brown cord. She sported a necklace made of sticks, bones and stones, as well as mismatched earrings. Additionally, her face was slightly reddened. It is known that Agnes used chamomile, had a pet owl and had a tattoo.

Height 5'2"
Age 85
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

The Ghost of Murders Past

After discovering the identity of R.J. Fielding's killer, Gwen and the player interrogated prisoner Justine Bankston about her summoning the demon. She revealed that she had gotten a spellbook from a "self-proclaimed witch" with a fondness for cattail pollen paste. After Priya made the paste, Gwen and the player visited Agnes. Agnes revealed that she had helped the college students summon the demon so that they could learn from their mistakes. She told the team that the demon was most likely still in the world as only another demon could send it back to the Netherworld. She also revealed that demons could assume a human form and drained the life force of others in order to fuel their powers.

This American Death

After arresting Dan Kelly's killer, Luke and the player discovered (per waitress Heather Night) that Agnes was in town. They asked her if she knew how to build a golem, prompting Agnes to admit that she had made the golem for Dan. When Luke questioned why she did it, she told the team that she needed the money. She then told the team that she would help the team deactivate the golem for everyone's safety. She instructed them to remove the golem's hair and look for the Hebrew word "Emet" etched on her forehead. They then needed to remove the first letter of the word to change its meaning from "truth" to "death".

After they deactivated the golem, Luke and the player requested a protection spell from Agnes. She told the team that the mind protection spell was very complex and that only worthy minds could withstand it. She explained that they needed to prove their capacities by going on a quest and told them to remember the words "Strong winds blow you to the land where hearts fall to become crimson below". She then informed them that there was a magical golden compass that would help shown them the way, although she had lost the compass on Main Street. The team found the compass and followed it to Chicago.

Scry for Help

Agnes became a suspect after Chief Arrow and the player found her effigy of Belinda inside of a miniature coffin. She called Belinda a goody-two-shoes and told the team that Belinda had once stolen her whole collection of rare snake venom and replaced it with Rocket Cow, saying that she was concerned for her safety. Agnes then explained that the effigy was only designed to give Belinda gas.

Agnes was spoken to again about her cursing the crystal that asphyxiated Chief Arrow. She told the team that the crystal was the team's last test and informed them that they had proven themselves worthy of the mind protection spell. She understood Chief Arrow's anger, but told them to stop accusing her of murder as they needed her help to cure Gwen.

Agnes was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Heather Night for Belinda's murder. Later, Luke and the player asked Agnes for the mind protection spell. She told them that she needed one final ingredient: the extract of the False Deathcap mushroom. After Luke and the player found the mushrooms, they sent them to Agnes and Priya so that they could conjure up the spell. Agnes instructed them to slip Gwen the cure inconspicuously as the demon in her mind would attempt to resist it. They slipped the cure in a matcha latte and gave it to Gwen, absolving her mind of the demons. Agnes then performed the spell on the entire team.

Hocus Pocus

During the investigation into her murder, Agnes' ghost appeared before the team. She tried to speak to them, but was unable to because of her missing tongue. She then possessed Gwen in order to inform the team that the killer had attacked her from behind, so she did not know their identity. However, she was relying on them to catch the killer and bring them to justice, otherwise she would haunt them forever. Later, demon Arthur Darkwood informed the team that Agnes' ghost had visited him and told him to give the team a present.

Murder details

Agnes' body was found hanged by a rope in the gallows display of the Hocus Pocus Museum with blood all over her face. Ben revealed that Agnes' tongue had been sliced out of her mouth post-mortem. Blunt force trauma to the back of her head indicated that the killer had knocked Agnes unconscious prior to her hanging. Ben also found black cat fur around Agnes' neck. Since he could not find any traces of fur anywhere else on her person, Ben concluded that the killer owned a black cat.

Later, Gwen and the player found Agnes' severed tongue in a garbage can. Ben confirmed that the tongue belonged to Agnes based on the blood and the wounds. He found miniscule fibers on the tongue. With help from Priya, he was able to identify them as cotton used to make ties. This allowed Ben to conclude that the killer wore a tie.

Relationship with suspects

Agnes had sold receptionist Janie Sanders a weight-loss potion in order to prove to her that she was a real witch. However, she did not tell Janie that the potion would cause her to lose her hair, infuriating her. Museum actor Joseph Hardcastle wanted Agnes banned from the museum after she sabotaged one of his performances whilst inebriated. Agnes had discovered that supernatural hunter Dolores Harper was a witch and attempted to blackmail her to stop her hunting. Agnes had mocked young witch Avery Mitchell for being too nice, believing that she did not have it in her to be a real witch. In retaliation, Avery cursed Agnes, giving her insomnia for two weeks. Agnes also cursed werewolf Zander Stark and his pack, who had set up camp next to her cottage, after they made too much noise while she was asleep.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Joseph.

Joseph said that his ancestor, Gregory Hardcastle, was an inquisitor during the witch trials who was cursed to die by the age of 65 by one of the witches he had sentenced to death. Since then, all his descendants had died by a tragic accident on their 65th birthday. Discovering through his research that the witch was Petunia Leek, Agnes' ancestor, Joseph killed Agnes in order to break Petunia's curse so he could live past 65. The team then handed him to the proper authorities.


  • Agnes is one of the non-main characters to physically appear in three different regions in Supernatural Investigations.
  • Agnes is one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect twice.
  • Agnes resembles The Witch from the 2012 Disney animated film, Brave.

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