Afif Wahab (Arab: عفيف وهاب) was the victim in I Spy a Mummy (Case #10 of World Edition).


Afif was a hitman going undercover as a fruit vendor. He had short black hair, brown eyes, and a mustache. At the time of his death, he was wearing a light blue shirt.

Murder details

Afif was found in an Egyptian tomb mummified with fresh blood coming from his nose. According to Angela, the victim died due to mummification, where his brain was pulled out through his nose with a hook, while still alive. She told the player and Jack to keep an eye out for an ancient metal hook, as that may be the murder weapon. She also found traces of cyanoglucosides, which was transferred from pickled turnips through pink brine on the victim. This meant that the killer ate pickled turnips.

After a second investigation of the 1002 Nights hookah bar, they managed to find a metal hook covered in blood. A red substance from the hook was extracted and sent to Lars, and he confirmed it was red lipstick. Jack suspected the killer kissed the hook for good luck, which meant that Afif's killer wore lipstick.

Relationship with suspects

Archaeologist Ellen Redfern claimed to be a maternal figure to Afif, but turned out to have argued with the victim after he refused to hide ancient artifacts for her smuggling operation to a London museum. Meanwhile, Mossad spy Asal Hawaa was posing as a belly dancer to spy on Afif, who Mossad believed to be a spy for SOMBRA. Minister of Antiquities Zarah Salah, meanwhile, had determined that Afif was trying to steal from the pyramids and so tried to catch him red-handed, but it turned out that he had only tried to sell her fake antiquities. Meanwhile, Afif had tried poisoning fellow fruit vendor Jawad Rashad with laxative-laced sweets, but this poisoning attempt was only a test of the dosage for his real target: French spy Jean Connerie, who Afif tried to poison with laxative-laced tea, but the attempt failed as Jean had only taken a sip of the tea.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Zarah.

After denying involvement, Zarah admitted to the crime. She wanted to steal ancient artifacts from the pyramids to make profit out of them, but Afif was always one step ahead of her. She bribed him to make him refrain from stealing the antiquities, but Afif refused. Wanting to eliminate the competition, Zarah lured Afif to one of the pyramids and mummified him alive. Judge Adaku sentenced her to 50 years in jail.

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