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For the list of items that are rewarded to the player during the Additional Investigation of cases, see Additional Investigation/Rewards.

A typical Additional Investigation cover art pre-World Edition (Eurasia).

Additional Investigation is the post-indictment chapter of each case, and is considered to be the last chapter of the case.


In every single case after the killer is arrested, with the exception of the tutorial cases, you must complete a post-indictment chapter to unlock the next case.

For Grimsborough, the player must check up on some of the characters who were suspected but turned out to be innocent. The tasks range from helping out innocent suspects who are in need of something, learning more information about the most suspicious, or even catching post-murder findings (such as drug-dealing).

In some circumstances, there will be innocent suspects whom the player will have to help by examining an item before investigating a scene. The player must examine an item before investigating a scene where their help is required. Sometimes the innocent suspect already has something in mind and will tell the player a list of tasks he/she will need help on, so the player will only need to investigate, examine, analyze (if necessary), and report back to the innocent suspect.

Only one suspect needs to be spoken to in Case #1, and two suspects will be spoken to in Cases #2, #51, #52, and #56, but in Case #56, one suspect has to be dealt with at a time. Cases #3-#50 will have three suspects whom the player needs to talk to for the tasks aforementioned. For Cases #53 and #55, there will be three innocent suspects to check up on, but one of them cannot be checked up on until the other two are checked up on first. For Case #54, there will be two legs—one with the killer and one innocent suspect, and the other with another innocent suspect.

For subsequent seasons, the Additional Investigation shifts its focus from helping innocent suspects to investigations that do not involve the murder. In fact, findings made during the Additional Investigation may even hold a greater overall significance to the story's plot than findings made during the main investigation. There is no telling how many suspects need to be checked up on and/or which ones will reward the player for helping them out and/or after the player gained more information about them.

In certain circumstances, there is a requirement for killers to be interrogated once again during the Additional Investigation. As of World Edition, the player may also be required to interrogate suspects appearing only after the main murder investigation (quasi-suspects). These suspects may also be the ones to reward the player.

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Starting from the sixth district of Pacific Bay, the Additional Investigation chapters have been named differently in an effort to ensure that all chapters of each case are tied-in with the game's story and its related canon.

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